December 3rd, 2012

Guido’s Daily Star Sunday Column Now Online

Guido’s column in the Daily Star Sunday will be regulated if Labour get their way. No wonder Chris Bryant was so smug:

“Labour MP Chris Bryant, who has campaigned against the Press for years, seemed pretty smug, sneering at a lift full of reporters: “Ah journalists, the ones that are still alive, for now…” His smirk was soon gone, though, and he had a face like thunder when he got up in the Commons a few hours later to whine that the Prime Minister was selling out by sticking to the principle of no state control of newspapers.”

This week’s column, full of wee puns, is now online here.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Curious that so may want the state to regulate the press that investigate politicians….


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    ‘If Labour get their they Guido’s column in the Daily Star Sunday will be regulated if Labour get their way.’

    Jesus wept. If you can’t even be arsed to read your own writing why should we?


    • 8
      Zurbledunk says:

      Who cares about regulation. This chap Guido told me the the dead tree press was dead anyway. Can’t see any problems in regulating a corpse myself.

      If I was getting a regbular cheque from The Star though I might change my mind.


    • 10
      Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

      “If Labour get they way”???? What sort of ststement is that se tory? The people want it, even if the press are handcuffed, rather than be shoved into prison that they should have been, but they know too much, and if they went down, the tory Rome they would have brought down, which they know what the torys when in opposition know what they got up to. The modern Tory Party is the most corrupt element in modern British society – get it now all?

      You fecking numbnuts!


  3. 3
    chris bryant says:

    It’s not about the money I got from Murdoch. Why do people think that I am a greedy little two faced lying hypocritical shit?


  4. 6
    Jed Clampett says:

    Wee doggies!


  5. 7
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    The road to press freedom is the road to perdition.The Political Class have their own agenda,they will look after themselves.You only have to look at France and their regulation which allowed the likes of Mitterand,Chirac and Strauss Kahn to get way with all sorts of things undiscovered.If it had not been for the Telegraph expose in 2009 Chaytor,IllsleyMorley,Devine,Moran and others would still be stealing our money,This is the litmus test for me regarding Cameron if he caves in to Ed,any bandwagon will do,or Calamity Clegg then the game is over for the Tories.


  6. 9
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

    Guido for fuck sake, the media is too suck in the se of that engurland, even geordies say it, let alone brummies. they live in their own warped media world, and that is all they can talk about is their street on Islington or of when they last took their doggie (daily street walked by a paid polish female dogwalker paid pence) on Hamstead Teeth. They know the way to Gatwick/Stanstead/Heathrow, but any further in Britland their own mind satnav in their brains would have a conneption fit.

    With doggie walking, seen this – rumour has it filmed on Hampstead Teeth, but fair play, vewy vewy funny. What’s a four gee phone again old boy?

    come by, t-rex….


  7. 11
    Furious in Fulham says:

    Are you sure the Deputy Gov of the BoE is not a certain Mr Bean-Counter?


  8. 12
    XXXxx says:

    Guido what does Dirty Des think about you writing for a rival paper owned by the Dirty Digger, namely the Sun. When is Dave going to offer you the chance to stand for the Tories as a placeman, maybe say Beverley, that should be a nice Tory seat lots of money in the area and near your old student days haunt, Hull.


  9. 13
    ANNE HAYWOOD says:

    Sally twit What are you talking about you stupid moo. Facts supporting such rubbish should be listed, I can only think your one of the nasty,peevish left parasites that bring shame and repell decent people.


  10. 14
    XXXxx says:

    This is low comment page Guido, how come?


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