December 3rd, 2012

Bring It On Hodge

Margaret Hodge told the Daily Politics that she will be taking action against anyone that points out that her  family firm Stemcor pays very little corporation tax on a billion pound turnover. Yet, she will still not explain the exact nature of her “tiny, tiny, tiny” shareholdings worth several million pounds and the trusts involved. Where is our writ? Where is the letter before action? Guido says: Bring it on.

Video via @LiarPoliticians


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    Gussy Fink-Nottle says:

    I’m not coming to visit you in the Scrubs again.


    • 15
      Anonymous says:

      In UK top 10% own 50% of the wealth. Bottom 50% own less then 10% of wealth. But loads in the bottom 10% vote conservatives. Its almost like voting against yourselves when it comes to money.


      • 32
        Sir William W says:

        So you mean better-off people have more than less-well-off people? Well, souse me for a herring and call me Mary!


        • 49
          Anonymous says:

          Issue is, poor voting against themselves.


          • The issue is that Labour are not the party of the poor. Under B£iar/Brown the poor got poorer, the MP’s got richer, debt exploded and social mobility collapsed.

            While the Tories are in a muddle, at least they are trying.

            Labour on the other hand, were the problem, are the problem and Ed² is most definitely NOT the solution.

            Despite the best assurances from Labour trolls, like anonymous (or BellEndInNelli as we know him), you cannot solve a debt crisis with more borrrowing – ask the Japanese – 23 years of recession and counting


          • Anonymous says:

            Chuckus Yamoney; debt crisis can only be solved with growth. Osborne’s plan A is like cutting off the blood supply and saying patient is becoming worse and he / she is unable to get up.

            In the short term UK need to borrow more to kick start the economy and money need to be targeted in areas where there are potential for real employment growth.

            Also reducing immigration to the minimum as possible for few years will help. UK has to produce more of what it consume, as the world market is, UK will not be able to grow just by export as globe markets are becoming weak.


          • Growth only comes from being more efficient with what you have got or get more people to do stuff. As companies are already very efficient, B£iar and Brown’s answer was to secretly open our borders to grow the population.

            Anonymous, you are one of these idiots that believe growth has to be constant and continuous. Unfortunately, in the real world outside the Westminster and Whitehall village growth never happens forever.

            Government debt is £1trillion, PFI liabilities £300 billion, Bank bailouts 850 billion and according to the ONS in 2010 the unfunded state and civil service pension liabilities were £5.01 trillion. That is total UK debt and liabilities of over £7 trillion which is £238,000 for every one of the 30 million tax payers in this country.


            So all we can do is join the international competitive round of currency devaluation for decades so our debt becomes nothing.

            Maggie had it right “”The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”

            So privileged public school buy trustafarian, Ed Balls wants to borrow more money – he wrecked the economy with Gordon Brown’s Treasury – why give this arch incompetent other opportunity to say sorry (when he never has for his first attempt)


          • Anonymous says:

            Osborne is borrowing almost the same as Labour borrowed in 09/10. Deficit as a % of GDP is same now as 09/10. It is true that deficit went down in 10/11 mainly due to time lag for Osborne’s plan to materialise. But now things are becoming worse and worse.

            Pension liability is much less than what you state. Other liabilities once netted of with BOE assets it falls as well. After WW2 debt to GDP was much worse but with proper plans UK over came the problem.


          • Typical Labour Party statistics troll – deny the inconvenient truth like Balls did to Marr on structural deficits.

            Osborne, Danny, Nick and Dave do not hate the poor and screw over people on benefits like Labour would have the BBC believe they are just trying to put everything right after the irresponsible spend, spend, spend of the ironically named iron chancellor and his two lieutenants called Ed.

            While the coalition is still spending as mollycoddled civil service and unions still think they are hard done by and resist any spending cuts at the expense of those in real need and private sector tax payers.

            The Office of National Statistics said in April 2012

            “In summary, the estimates in the new supplementary table indicate a total Government pension obligation, at the end of December 2010, of £5.01 trillion, or 342 per cent of GDP, of which around £4.7 trillion relates to unfunded obligations”.

            So anonymous “Pension liability is much less than what you state” is as the ONS say on page 4 of their report below “complete bollocks”.


            and see the bottom of page 4



        • 157
          Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Why can’t we go back to the boom years of 1997-2008?


          • The boom years ended in 1999, everything since then has been government manipulation of borrowed money to paper over cracks that are now too big to hide.

            Ever heard of the Fourth Turning?


          • Realist says:

            The 1997 through 2007 era was an illusion.

            In short, people in the UK felt they were getting wealthy, when they were in fact getting into debt. As it progressed, the marginal returns on key assets diminished, capital was not replaced, and then the system broke: The liabilities remained though.

            No wealth was created, debt was: It was all credit / smoke and mirrors.

            You can track back the ‘fake’ economy starting roughly at the time Brown relaxed regulation of the city in 1997. If that had not been done, the mini-recession of 2000 would have likely started earlier and have been deeper. A better outcome as it would have allowed the economy to rebalance, but would have destroyed Lab re-election chances.

            What happened next we are dealing with the effects of now: A credit bubble was inflated.

            Pure speculation – but one suspects that there may have been method to the madness, in that it may have been assumed that the UK would be in full monetary and political union with the EU by now, and the liabilities shared with other member states and written off into a sovereign ECB.

            Thankfully – the UK stayed out of full EU integration.

            The economic carnage in Europe, even though clearly planned, was likely not intended to start when it did: Ie. The economic collapse should have occurred after political and monetary union was sealed in order to allow the next step of the EU evolution to proceed.

            On that note – one can view the current mess in the UK – as in Europe as another good lesson for the history books showing how political forces will always be defeated by economic: Reality always wins over ideology.

            The lessons of the Soviet Union evidently were not enough.

            The problem for government now though are the unfunded liabilities, in particular pensions. These are coming due as the boomer generation retires and cannot be covered.

            Unless average longevity can be reduced significantly, there is a very nasty situation in the making: That is not on monetary grounds, but simple lack of resource, or rather resource which is deemed available at this point in time.

            One would expect state endorsed euthanasia to be introduced fairly soon. There is evidence to suggest that such practice is already being implemented in hospitals in the form of removal of care earlier in terminal cases than before, in particular for geriatric cases.

            The Werther effect can also be utilised: Suicide statistics at present are indicating hot spots around the country – there does appear to be a correlation with certain arts events being put on which feature death and suicide as predominant themes.

            That BBC Three is launching a fun sit com about some guys setting up an assisted suicide clinic is another step in the socialization of this concept.

            The economy will eventually return to the boom years, but not for a few generations. There is a lot of re-balancing to be performed first, and dealing with the aging demographic bump humanely is really the first order of business now.


      • 37
        great british public says:



        • 92
          Burnley is a labour free zone says:

          Labour are the party of the poor. They certainly made much of the country poor, so that they would vote Labour.


      • 105
        Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

        The bottom of the top 1% own most of the wealth, while the top 99% of common sense own… – hang on, let me get ny casio calcuator out, hang on, I get there in a minute, pi over square, and divide that, calculus, area of a circle, egyptions, and casio says – GAWD KNOWS! : )

        Little Boots/Victoria Hesketh, have you a better idea, since my casio has burnt it’s chip out, it seems?

        Hot Chip? no no noooo, not the latest footie one for gawd sakes….. : )

        Up the Swans! And Michu the Asturian walks on water for us, butts!


        • 128
          Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

          Anyone seen Katsen from Brighton, with their Let’s build a City? It is quite amusing, and includes Victoria’s tenorian from above – that electonic musical thing in front of her in theat vid above, geeks, and non-geeks,

          Banging ey? AHEM!


          • Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

            Threat??? where did that word appear from Guido? “there at” tpo swad


        • 144
          Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

          Notice the 1969 Itallian Job brit movie in that Hot Chip one? No?

          Let me educate yews,

          “arf jast fort of samthink” – gawd ‘elp us! Small Faces, in some european town for that fecking father Xmas again – he gets me that geezer does, turning up in mid winter like he fecking does, the slag!

          Any good all? no? fuck you then you closed mind torys.. idiots.


          • its bleak in sunderland says:

            I thought ID listnen to yoy reasoning


          • Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

            black cat, no hope of that with these torys from se engurland, ey pal.

            Seen this vid pal, from Holy Island/Linderfarne up your way, ok, viking like you bothered, maybe,

            Know you have your problem with geordies north of the tyne, and those Hartlepool supporters, let alone those Misserable on tees ones, but after all is said and done, hope you shake their hands? We have an a level in gritted teeth with the London torys here in Wales, ten steps forward, nine back it is with them pal.

            All the best. Got several female connections up there – Heaseland Place, up the end, Newcastle, and others, say no more….


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I have noted the comment Re Polanski / Hodge that was disappeared here just sceonds ago. How interesting is that?


      • 203
        Seasons Greetings says:

        Turkeys and Christmas!


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      What is true unemployed number in UK? Most of you will be surprised. There are around 40m people between 18 and 65 of this 29m have a job (lots of part timers as well). 40m less 29m is 11m; of this 2.5m are unemployed according to government. Does this mean 8.5m are students and disabled?

      There were 5.9 million working age benefit claimants at February 2012. This is an increase of 116 thousand in the year to February 2012.


      • 55
        It's only someone elses money says:

        So, the people who choose not to work (stay at home mums), don’t need to work (those well off, or supported by another), and those not on the radar (for some reason), don’t figure into your calculations?


        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          So do you mean we have 8.5m disable who cannot work, full time students and stay at home parents (their partner works)?

          Its more like 2.5m unemployed are fiction and the true number is around 6m.


          • Sir William W says:

            So that’s 3.5 million who could claim Jobseeker’s Allowance but choose not to do so? How likely is that?


          • Anonymous says:

            Sir William W, they might be in some form of benefits but not counted as unemployed for the numbers government publish.

            Read this


          • Sir William W says:

            Not actually unemployed, then.


          • Daytime TV Addict says:

            I’m unemployed. But cos I made the unfashionable choice to live within my means while working I have enough savings to mean I can’t claim any money, so why bother signing and putting myself on several more government databases? Plus I don’t have to visit the chav-infested zoo that is the job centre and explain to a DSS-employed chav why I don’t want to apply for warehouse jobs.


        • 164
          The savant8.5 says:

          Stay at home mums ???

          Let s call them by their correct name. —pramfaces.

          They have one illegitimate child once every ten years thus absolving them from the requirement to find work for the next ten etc .

          They thus arrive at pensionhood not having done a smidgeon of paid work for 45 years.

          Unless you call shoving pampers –and the odd sprog — down the toilet , paid employment …


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        u forgot about illegals


      • 58
        Liblabcon trick says:

        Well Anon, I think it is quite clear from those figures that what we need are more migrant workers.


        • 87
          Anonymous says:

          Problem with migrant workers is, once they can claim benefits and bring their families, they also end up in benefits.

          One doesn’t know whether benefits is reducing poverty or increasing it in the long run.


    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      daily politics is obviously on side – why was hodge not asked specific questions about the detail?


      • 84
        Peeker Boo says:

        Must be because she a Liebore Lordess. You also forget her despicable behaviour while in charge of children in Islington (before being made up to Minister responsible for ALL the children in England). Truly the lunatic have taken over the asylum.


      • 114
        A Banker says:

        Does she have a Hodge Fund to invest in?


    • 136
      Margaret Openheimer MP (a.k.a. 'Loads-o'-Money') says:

      I am a wronged woman. My accusers are all extremely disturbed! They want to throw you and everyone here out of an aeroplane! ArgHhHH!!!


    • 173
      A Droyd says:

      Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?


  2. 2
    Jeeves says:

    No sir, I will visit for you


    • 21
      Cats Meat says:

      If it’s all right with you chaps best I’m not seen near a prison!


    • 33
      Stilton Cheesewright says:

      As a former member of the constabulary I think it would be advisable for me to give visiting a prison a wide berth.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Right wing tax avoidance = evil

    Left wing tax avoidance = perfectly fine


    • 59
      It's only someone elses money says:

      No, you only avoid tax if you’re right wing.
      Left wingers simply pay their fair share……..


      • 111
        Face Arse says:

        You have that arse about face..

        Right wing tax avoidance = perfectly fine

        Left wing tax avoidance = the evils of hypocrisy.


        • 165
          It's about hypocricy you muppet says:

          It is perfectly fine because right wing politics advocates paying less tax.Are you thick or what.


  4. 4
    Lord Lucan says:

    She is threatening action but not answering the question. Typical ZaNuLabour ploy.

    She is a tax avoider in the same league as Starbucks, Google and Apple. Period.

    However she is worse due to the appalling hypocrisy of benefiting financially from it, while loudly condemning it when others do it.

    Add this to her prior complicity in child abuse scandals and you have a hugely repulsive, nasty piece of work from the Blair mould.


    • 66
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      I’m at a loss as to how she can even threaten legal action (let actually take such action) against anyone who merely points out a fact, a fact that can be proved merely by going through the company’s accounts. She’s clearly trying to bully the rest of us into shutting up and scraping and bowing before our “betters”. As you say, Lord L, she’s a thoroughly nasty bit of work.


    • 134
      Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

      That all we ask, all us in britland, for all, is to “Go to your basic duties”, and fuck the tory numbnuts with their warped games, just ignore them from SE of that Tory part of Engerlund, ey queenie?

      more for Kate, the lover of son of our placed father-in-law prince,

      Sush Carlo – your bread is buttered fine – put up with it…


  5. 5
  6. 6
    Wee Lee Bynne says:

    Grotty-looking little weasel that she is . . .


  7. 7
    Tom Tomos says:

    Since when has being scurrilous been an actionable tort?


  8. 8

    She keeps *threatening*, but doesn’t *do it*.

    I say, if you want to sue people for saying you’re a grasping, tax-avoiding, hypocritical, corrupt, lying, child-abuse-covering-up old bitch, my name’s at the top of this post.

    Chin chin.


    • 9
      Sally from down our alley says:

      Margaret Hodge, Stemcor and Corporation Tax? *innocent face*


    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      i wonder when ppl threaten whether they go thru with the threat.
      that takes guts.


      • 45
        doubt it says:

        has that mongy toothed boot from UKUncut been protesting outside the front door of Hodge’s house yet?


      • 61

        It’s bluster. Tim Worstall has looked at Stemcor and their published accounts – they’re paying 0.01% of revenues booked through the UK to HMRC in tax. I’ve never known Worstall to screw up on such matters before.

        maybe I’ll just pop the house in the wife’s name, to be on the safe side…


  9. 10
    YorkshireLad says:

    What action can the dimwit take especially as it’s true


    • 60
      Legal Eagle says:

      Libel does not mean untrue.

      It would be much safer to bring Stemcor into the debate for examination. If they are operating in the UK and can be shown to be using the same tax avoidance schemes, it is eminently reasonable to ask why the PAC has not considered this company in its investigations. If there is a case for bringing Stemcor to the attention of the PAC and the PAC fails to do this, then it is fair comment to question why.

      The danger with the other path is the issue of imputing wrong doing.


    • 62
      Atilla the Hunni says:

      its only true from one side..


      • 156
        Blowing Whistles says:

        She is especially protected by the fact that her husband just happens to be JUDGE. Hello! favours for friends …


  10. 11
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Hodge seemed unequivocal in her denial fpr Guidos sake and for Frank I hope Im wrong


  11. 12
    Anon says:

    Taking Action…. could mean anything. Scratching her (Ed) balls?


  12. 13
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    It’s “scullirous,” too.
    Here’s a thought: Try using words you’re familiar with when you app*ear on the telly, you daft old woman. That little bit sounded like you’d rehearsed it so many times, and still stumbled through, on account of a word you’d only just learned. A Spoonerism whilst you’re defending yourself might strike some people as a Freudian slip.


    • 26
      Barry says:

      Suggest you check out the definition of a Spoonerism, as opposed to a slip of the tongue.


      • 73
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Well, excuse me for MY slip of the tongue. OK, a “mispronunciation,” happy now, pedantic little nitpicking “cavil-eer”? Technically, it’s called “metathesis,” in case an anorak like you might like to know. Deal with the point– she came off looking ridiculous tripping over her own words.


    • 36
      Denture adhesive says:

      Her dentures slipped at a bad time that’s all


    • 63
      Rev says:

      Spook funerisms.


    • 77
      Legal Eagle says:

      It’s legalese. I suspect meant in the sense of one of dis-respectful, insulting, salacious or opprobius.

      If she used a more direct language she would likely have admitted liability.

      Also – note that she said in response to the charge that it was ‘completely wrong’ : This is not actually a denial of the charge, but can be read that she agrees that the matter of the charge is indeed wrong.


      • 158
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And don’t forget that when she and all her ilk – state “I Think …” or “I believe …” [the lie comes next] – It means that they are being frugal, equivocal, obfuscatory, evasive and ambiguous with the actual facts.

        Either someone in her position “knows” x, y and z to be a fact or they don’t – hence the use of Think / Believe.


        • 191
          Legal Eagle says:

          Yes Whistles – you are indeed correct.

          I suspect another word to soon vanish from the lexicon will be ‘understand’

          Both herself and our secretary of state for health appear to have switched on the talk recently.


  13. 14
    Aricolza Narzole says:

    Magritte Hedge’s stance is truly surreal. Did she learn her trade from the Gruinard or vice versa ?


  14. 17
    Raving Loon says:

    The sad thing about all this is that it is no longer enough to simply obey the law anymore, we must now bow before whatever witch hunt politicians are on.


  15. 18
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Hodge is doing the Robert Maxwell defence, ask any difficult questions and I’ll set the lawyers on you. Just answer the questions Hodge and be done with it.


  16. 19
    Dixon of Dock Green says:

    Who doe she have as a PR company?

    And is she using Carter or Sshillings?


  17. 22
    Hodge your bets says:

    Well, at least no one could accuse Guido of shying away from pursuing crooked politicians who happen to be J*wish.


    • 172
      Blowing Whistles says:

      + 6,000,000 or is it 12,000,000 – I am rather unsure(ish!) about what I have been force fed for decades about so called historical facts and statistics?


  18. 23

    I was watching DP was she with J.Norman? Missed the v important clip thanks for the op to view. I’m following your dogged efforts.


  19. 24
    Kara Thrace says:

    Is begging with menaces legal in the UK these days ?


  20. 25
    Alastair Campbell says:

    Private Eye reported about this too this week…. Let’s just say, it doesn’t look good for Guido… If Private Eye says it’s bollocks, then I’m inclined to believe them…


    • 46
      Bollocks spotter says:

      Dear UK Expert on bollocks,

      Thank you for your input. We’ll get it checked by someone who doesn’t have a forked tongue.


    • 56
      Sir William W says:

      Analysing the piece in the Eye, it was quite right to criticise the Torygraph for comparing Stemcor’s corporation tax liability with its turnover, which is indeed nonsense. However, a 0.01% tax rate on turnover implies a net UK profit of only 0.04% of turnover, which is remarkably low. It could just be bad luck, but it could very well be caused by alienating profit in a similar way to Vodafone etc.. It definitely looks fishy, especially as the Eye admits that those ace tax ‘mitigators’ PwC were seen leaving the premises in an unmarked white van.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      This did make me chuckle…now who would ever believe anything that Alastair Campbell writes or says!


      • 121
        bumboys and nonces says:

        Certainly not David Kelly (deceased).


      • 122
        Fiona says:

        I must.


      • 174
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The answer Anonymous is – The duplicitous mongrels – who ‘still’ give him air and press time in the MSM British Media. Why? Because as a ‘trade group’ Alky entrapped them all into his and his Masters’ dirty world of digging. Aren’t they all especially the old senior journo types entrapped into their own “living lie”?


  21. 27
    genghiz the kahn says:

    So is this piece of low life also in favour of statutory unpinned press, or a supine press unwilling to investigate her tax status?


  22. 28
    Our Nads says:

    The Chief Old Etonian has just efrocked me Guido

    Help !

    He is an out of touch toff

    Let the grass roots decide….


  23. 30
    Who Want's Some? says:

    Another two faced politco, she is reducing her tax bill through methods that are only open to the very wealthy. Just ‘fess up and admit you like having as much money a possible and not paying taxes at the rate you would if this was a straight forward wage. We know you’re a lying c_nt anyway so you might as well stop the pretence. Labour the People’s Party!

    If this is the calibre of Millebeans team then within 2 weeks of getting into power in 2015 they will be f_cked for good. Winner for me that way the elites of both Lab and Con will be revealed as utter shite and in the case of the Tory Party replaced with one that is small government, small tax and EU free! Labour will just vanish up its own arse hole.


  24. 34
    Pull my finger says:

    pull my finger



  25. 38
    Lady Gaga's arse says:

    Can she go for a super-gagging order?

    Have they been abolished yet?


  26. 41
    Reminds me of someone ... says:


  27. 43
    Lord Justice Brian. In exile says:

    She should complain to the PCC


  28. 47
    Airey Belvoir says:

    She won’t be taking action. It’s a classic ploy to avoid giving an answer and discouraging any other attempts to question her.


    • 102
      Diary Secretary says:

      Then it is our bounden duty to enquire weekly for an update.


    • 175
      Blowing Whistles says:

      She and her Tory Ministers have all “Entrapped” themselves into one big living lie. That the Tory Party nor anymong in the Labour party dare to question her levitation to being Chairman of the PAC – speaks of that “they’re [Labour/Tory] all in it [the game of dupe the public contrary to the Public Interest *] together – to dupe the public.

      * Sold on by a compliant and duplicitous MSM UK Press & Media – save that the Telegraph outed her ‘connections’ via Stemcorp – yet all them MP’s remain silent!!! I wonder why that is?

      “Keep your friends close – keep your enemies even closer” – the time to expose the lifetime of lies by some [MP’s] has passed – the public are now going to do what – expenses cheating MP’s – would not – for their spinelessness and pitiful subordination.


  29. 48
    Labour Websters Dictionary says:

    Scurrilous – See hypocrisy

    Taking Action – See Ken Livingstone re: publish accounts


  30. 50
    Bill says:

    guido she wont sue as the skeletons will be out of the closet and other matters re her tax affairs


  31. 53
    Concerned of Hastings says:

    WTF does Hague think he is doing by siding with Terrorists?


  32. 54
    You looking at me? says:

    What a horrible like crusty Hunt


  33. 67
    @Sally Bercow says:

    Margaret Hodge trending on Twitter *Arse Face*


  34. 71
    Battletar Galactica says:

    Ill have a double decaf mocca-choca venti with hazelnut praline and butternut squash please with a side of 30 tons of pig iron.


  35. 75
    Gonk III says:

    What’s a decolletage and can you buy them in John Lewis ?


  36. 78
    Flatcap Army says:

    so which comments *exactly* does she claim are scurrilous and defamatory?

    remember also that Private Eye led the “Vodafone underpay tax” charge and as Tim Worstall asserts here, the much-bandied-about £6bn was simply made up. On HIGNFY last week Hislop also leapt to the defence of Common Purpose and derided the stories about it on the grounds that it came from the Mail. See how it works yet?


    • 109
      Diary Secretary says:

      I think it is time we all cancelled our subs to PE like I did a few weeks ago. Complete waste of time and money these days.

      Oops! Is that scurrilous (or scrofulous?)


  37. 79
    Roscoe Rules says:

    She’s wearing ethical knickers so her conscience must be clear.


  38. 80
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatist umplre says:

    I’m trying to recall the essence of the issues about (neglected) children in care when Ms Hodge was the person-in-charge on her local council.

    Can someone remind me?


    • 115
      Web Info Services Ltd says:

      Gugel is yor fren.


      • 132
        8illy 8owden, the world's greatist umplre says:

        Ah yes.

        “The Evening Standard then began reporting on the allegations of abuse in Islington’s children’s homes, shortly after which Hodge resigned to pursue a career with Price Waterhouse.

        “In 2003, … Following a media campaign conducted by several national newspapers calling for her to resign from her new post, she responded to (someone who had complained about being sexually abused whilst in care) by letter, in which she referred to him as ‘extremely disturbed’.”


        • 141
          Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

          It’s worth noting that she didn’t say anything along the lines of, “his story was completely untrue”, or that his allegations “were completely false”. She covered her arse very carefully.


  39. 81
    Biff says:

    The only action she’ll be taking is wetting her pants


  40. 82
    Jimmy says:

    What’s the point in suing someone who just declares b@nkruptcy when he loses?


    • 89
      None of the above says:

      So he looses his line of credit at Oddbins?


    • 99
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      But he won’t lose, will he, Jimmy?

      Even by Labour’s astonishing standards of hypocrisy, Hodge is a Grade-A hypocrite. She is a liar (qv “tiny, tiny, tiny.”) She is vermin. She won’t sue, because she’ll lose.

      Even you know that, Jimmy.


      • 107
        Jimmy says:

        You think the stories on here are real?

        That’s so sweet.


        • 176
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Your comment underscores that you are so “desperate to deceive” – Mongs like you are in The Last Chance Saloon.


          • Jimmy says:

            At least I’m not Whistles.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Thanks for the Comment Jimmy – You ought to take heed of Silent Bob – and learn when to shuit your gob – however and as ever – I am flattered by you intelligence. Are you Right-wing Intellignetsia or Left-Wing Intlligentsia – both of whom are Right & Left Wing(nut) Propagandists.


  41. 83
  42. 86
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

    What a load of duckhouses!

    Talk about shooting a mouse to feed oneself. And Starhunts mocha coffee with extra choclate powder are so so sorry! Give me strength!

    I’ll have just a tea bud, Twenty Twelve. What, whaaarrrrt?

    …and any chance of some welsh cakes, yah? …


  43. 88
    The Waft of Hypo Crisy says:

    No doubt a scholar of Common Purpose or more accurately Pocket Liners Inc.


  44. 91
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    She was quite sharp and appeared aggressive at any suggestion of wrong doing ;)


  45. 94
    Socialist tax dodging exposed says:

    And yet Hodge the hypocrite can make the same defamatory statements and accusations about Starbucks, on the BBC toady show she was encouraging a boycott of companies going about their legal and lawful business. If I was the head cheese of those companies I would be having a chat with my lawyers.

    There will be no legal action from Hodge the dodge, if you remember McShame threatened legal action as did other crooks on the take and on the make. You have to hand it to Hodge the dodge, brass neck or what?


    • 129
      Legal Eagle says:

      Given the impact which statements of opprobium have had on Starbucks retail sales, the corporation may have a very strong case. Their reputation in the UK has been seriously damaged.

      The statements have imputed wrong doing to the company by the misrepresentation of its perfectly legal tax avoidance arrangements. This is both libelous and defamatory.

      If there were to be any direct action taken against Starbucks outlets of a criminal nature, the nature of the libel will indeed be criminal.

      STBX should be in consultation with its lawyers.


    • 161
      Rip van Wrinkle says:

      Which reminds me. Has Mr Plod finalised their investigation into Mr McShane? Or have they even started one yet?


  46. 95
    Labour MP says:

    I wish to post a comment on here but before I do I have one question.

    What’s in it for me?


  47. 96
    Cash in Hand says:

    Don’t these organisations have to publish stuff like tax paid in company accounts or am I being incredibly naive?.


    • 98
      PWC says:

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


      • 104
        Cash in Hand says:

        I’ll take that as a no to the first and a yes to the second then, (sits in corner wearing a dunces hat).


    • 116
      HMRC says:

      Sorry mate haven’t got a bloody clue.


      • 126
        Cash in Hand says:

        HMRC is a tax haven.


      • 177
        Blowing Whistles says:

        So – You’re [HMRC ness] is doing a ‘deal’ now with $tarbuck$ – what!! like the deal you did with that dirty bank who didn’t pay their proper taxes as well – but who you gave a ‘slap on the wrist to’ – whereas any old joe public would be ‘banged up in prison’ – UNLIKE FRED THE SHRED – you Effing ‘stablishment hypocrites!


  48. 110
    Lord Macalwhine says:

    ..and if you say anything about me, my little boy will sue your fucking arse off.

    …..and I will watch.


  49. 112
    Deafening Silence says:

    How many people in MSM received letters from Hodge’s lawyer this morning.


  50. 118
    enver hodge says:

    Litigation, Litigation, Litigation.


    • 178
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Child abuse cover up, child abuse cover up, child abuse cover up – She is as “equally culpable” * in law as the child abusers – she failed to indict.

      * As a co-conspirator.


      • 187
        Socialism is generalised National Socialism says:

        She did actually derail a police investigation at the time which was jointly investigating the sh*t that was going on in Jersey.


  51. 124
    Chairman Mao says:

    Our Marge is a paper tiger


  52. 130
    I'm Shami Chakrabati and I didn't need to grow a moustache for Movember. says:

    I am going to be taking this Hodge woman to court for her human rights abuses against her workers.


  53. 137
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

    Puppets our elected ones seem to be taught when they get in power, it seems to “simple” us. They get bought after they take their oath, in front of that mace, the shitehouses.

    Yank money talks, and does the walk, for our basic Wesrminster H o C Mps – lining their own coat/skirt pockets. Ey Steve?


  54. 138
    Victor says:

    *I was the one who e mailed the Daily Politics whilst she was on screen and dared them ask her about Stemcor – to my utter amazement JoCo. actually did. * * *


  55. 139
    knnochio says:

    When are all the red foreigners like milliband and hodges going to pay their way?


  56. 140
  57. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Mad old Hunt.


  58. 143
    Little Johnny says:

    I am sick and tired of all this bullshit about it being immoral to pay as little tax as you possibly can .

    What I find morally reprehensible is simply paying over the tax without detailed questioning and then doing nothing as at best tax money is completely wasted and at worst pilfered.

    That to my way of thinking is the truly immoral act .

    People who do not manage their financial affairs efficiently have my utmost contempt.


  59. 148
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

    Guido. and all of you, to sppok you all, I have been invited to a meeting on Dec 13 – and for those that do not know what Dec 13 2912 means, let me educate you. I am not shitting my pants, honest!

    calm down calm down – oh fook – RUN TO THE HILLS!


    • 149
      Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

      2012 even, in a few weeks. Get your tins of baked beans and pudding rice in now, there is not much time…. : )))


    • 168
      Margeret Hodge Ate My Hamper says:

      Still “masn’t gramble” as my cockney Gran would say! :)


    • 180
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Nostradamus – is and has been but a whole big Money-making Financial SCAM. Guess who created it and proliferated it and profited from it – Only one gues now?


  60. 152
    keredybretsa says:

    Perhaps the lady meant tiny as in Tiny Tim.


  61. 154
    Schlomo Oppenheimer says:

    Stemcor have their steel trading office office in Zug, where the corporate rate is 7.5%.

    Starbucks have their coffee trading office in Lausanne, where the corporate rate is 12.5%.

    I am sure both companies do this for purely business reasons, and nothing to do with tax avoidance.


  62. 162
    FCAer says:

    Let’s be clear:

    Hodge does not say that Johnny Foreigner is evading tax on its profits. That would be defamatory and HMRC would have noticed anyway and taken action.

    She is saying that the percentage of tax compared to the turnover is so small that it is suspicious and that she believes there are charges to profits which should be investigated. She thinks they are immoral (though only a politician could call someone immoral without curling up like a salted slug).

    She is saying that she will take legal action against anyone who says that Stemcor does not pay the correct amount of tax. This is OK because as I said above, she is not saying that about Johnny Foreigner.

    BUT if you use the terms of her argument, then you can easlly apply them to Stemcor.

    Turnover 2011 £6.3 billion. Net profit £95 million (2% – should have liquidated the company and put the assets in a building society!) Tax paid £27 million (28% of profits, which is fine, but 0.4% on turnover right down there with JF). So Stemcor would be immoral based on her own arguments, so how can she sue me?


    • 184
      jaded jean says:

      Well said sir/madam

      What does she have in common with the Tchenguiz brothers who are threatening to sue the SFA?

      Wait a minute…there’s a theme running here.

      Hint – it’s not making idle legal threats.


    • 185
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Note in the comment – by FCAer

      1 “She believes ” line 4
      2 “She thinks” line 5

      These are the classic and most used words by Tony Blair and so many of his legal confidants … FFS people wake up to the Rhetoric of the legal fraternity and its shysters.


  63. 163
    fitzfitz says:

    Just thinks of the threats which will be at Podge’s disposal when what we must call DEVINE’S LAW is rammed through …


  64. 167
    Margeret Hodge Ate My Hamper says:

    Hmmm trying to do a McAlpine ehh well someone should tell the daft bint that only works when you have been wronged!


    • 182
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And where are the MET police, the CPS, the Serious Fraud Squad when there is clear and unequivocal ‘publicly made statements’ and ‘published articles’ [Telegraph] pointing directly at her criminal activity?

      Yates – no evidence!!! Huh

      The Telegraph article – and the facts therein cause a ‘public controversy’ – and along with her public statements thereafter are more than enough evidence – therefore PLOD – GET YOUR FINGERS OUT FROM UP YOUR RSES. [n.b. You went in for Damian Green under Labour – now get in there IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.


      • 196
        Bumfluff in comfortable ethical knickers says:

        En passant and apropos of nothing, has anybody ever heard a word about anything from the recently appointed Head of the Met Police? Of have ACPO told him to shut it and play dead?


  65. 198
    Taxfodder says:

    When Madge said tiny, tiny. tiny,

    she was of course referring to her brain unlike her mouth which is big, big, big….
    and her arse which is FAT FAT FAT.

    That would be yer typical fat arsed loud-mouthed gormless politician then…


    • 202
      Max By Graves says:

      very true


    • 207
      Slugged her with me lead pipe in the library says:

      It is well known the Thatch was on drugs/pharmies. And she had that strange way of walking, like a duck, wallowing side to side. And she had legs the size of a Sumo wreastler, short.

      And she was on happy pills of some sort – that is the only way you could explain why her eyes eventually looked as if they were popping out when the Tory Party finally sectioned her and sacked her. She was mad by then, raving mad – I have it on good reliable authority, but it was d-noticed by the establishment for reporting.


  66. 199
    Taxfodder says:

    UK Taxes Highest…..

    A new study has revealed that households in Britain pay some of the highest tax in the developed world leaving the country “in the worst place to facilitate the creation of an aspiration nation” according to charity, CARE.

    Research by the Social policy charity CARE illustrates that families with two adults and two children, and with one earner are taxed with some 73 percent of their income. That figure is comprised from income tax, national insurance contributions and the loss of some benefits.

    By comparison, families in Ireland pay 64 percent tax, while in Germany families pay about 40 percent tax. In France this figure is only 20 percent. According to CARE’s research, Chilean families with one earner pay only 7 percent, the lowest in the developed world.

    The researchers blamed the British tax system for such a heavy tax burden on married couples.

    “It is unfortunate that the Coalition Government has not introduced the necessary legislation. Our tax system remains very individualistic and insensitive to family responsibility, compared to other Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries,” Nola Leach, chief executive of Care stated.

    “Recognizing marriage in the tax system, as promised by the Coalition Agreement, would help bring the UK back into line with its international counterparts and go some way to address the problems highlighted by the research,” Leach added.

    The authors of the report also reveal that single parents and one-earner families are also worse off under the current UK tax system than they were 20 years ago.


  67. 200
    Lord Flashman says:

    Ask the fragrant Margaret how many visits she made to South Africa before the end of Apartheid and what she was doing there. The answer may be of interest.


  68. 201
    Dave says:

    You appear to b a typical tory lying cheating look forward to seeing you lose your seat at next election


  69. 204
    Mandy from Glencore says:

    I hear Kashoggi bankrolled Stemcor…


  70. 205
    Anonymous says:

    Seems like the obscenely wealthy are getting very tetchy these days with threats of legal action at anyone daring to mention anything negative about their practices. Looks like macca the b’s Machavelian stunt has given them confidence.


  71. 208
    Anonymous says:

    she proves the point about a smokescreen all bluster while pinching every thing that is not nailed down the lot of them ars pure scumm


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