December 2nd, 2012

See Guido’s Column in the Daily Star Sunday

Daily_Star_Weekend_2_12_2012In this week’s column read all about what sent Chris Bryant from being smug with reporters to ranting about them, Harriet Harman’s latest u-turn and how Tory whips are bribing rebel MPs on expenses. Also find out which Tory MP says the PM is disappointing and has fragile prospects of forming a majority (it’s not Nadine!) and see how Gordon Brown marked the first anniversary of the last time he spoke in parliament.

All this and more in today’s Daily Star Sunday, just 90p…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    I hope it is as good as last weeks outstanding column!


    • 2
      Kebab Time's F5 key says:

      Slurp slurp


      • 6
        ibrahim says:

        Shami Chakrabati takes some time off from supporting terrorists to say something that’s not complete bollox shock!


        • 71
          Sado says:

          I would like to think that 81lly is actually not the complete huhne that he appears to be – the fact that his spelling and grammar improved when he changed his name from 8illy to Kebab suggests that the last laugh may be his.
          Maybe he is not real, and is an experiment into social anthropology by an academic studying sados like us that spend our time commenting on blogs.
          However and unfortunately, I think he probably is a horrible little cretin, sitting all day at his computer, claiming to work as a security officer but in fact only leaving his squalid bedsit to cash his giro, claiming to be a homo because he cannot talk to women and denying that in fact he has no social interactivity with any person, making inane comments and adoring Guido because it gets him attention any any attention is better than his real life.
          Should we pity him – fuck no, let the miserable huhne rot.


        • 74
          thanks for not mentioning it chakers says:

          so she was an adviser to Lord leveson but didn’t mention the concerns she raised today about human rights should he be suggesting legislation.

          don’t laugh


          • Brown out and pay me damages says:

            Sham thinks Terrorizts rights are more important than Joe Bloggs right to for a peaceful ride on a London bus. So there you have it.


      • 17
        knickers, knackers and knockers says:

        8illy is Guido’s Wormtongue.


      • 268
        Duty Pedant says:

        Is your moniker claiming that he is a f5 key?


    • 10
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t you get enough of Guido’s column as it is 8illybob?


    • 159
      duh says:

      no one reads the daily star, especially on sunday. we’ve got better things to do, like wanking into our inlaws’ roast lamb.


    • 290
      CarryHole is a Complete Hunt says:

      Lib Dems Joined Government
      Carry Hole Joined order Order
      Similar result


  2. 3
    Gordon the medicated says:

    I commemorated the 5th anniversary of my saving of the world by attending a world thank you GORDY day held in my imagination.


  3. 4
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Not many chosen ones in UKIP I notice…coincidence?

    I’ll get my neocon chums at Chatham House to sort it out.


  4. 5
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Taxpayers, see – George does indeed have a canny knack for managing your money!


  5. 7
    White hat geek says:

    Completely O/T : Anyone else noticed that certain ex Tory Wikipedia entries have been undergoing an awful lot of revision lately ? Access some and check the revision histories. Certainly seeing a lot of ‘updates’ in particular since the Savile story grew legs. If you read and think it looks different – it most probably is now.


    • 16
      Man without tinfoil hat says:



      • 37
        White hat geek says:

        Worth a look and perhaps checking revision history if using for reference. It isn’t just entries related to conservatives – seems to be lots of activity across a lot of government related entries.

        Anyone with doubts about your online activity not being private – iplocation . truevue . org is useful for getting a rough geographical fix on IP address.

        A whois lookup on the IP will lead you back to the ISP.

        The ISP records would indicate precisely which subscriber had that IP at that time – those should be available via an FOIA.

        Wiki history does detail the IPs which were used when the edits were made so you can get a fix.

        Just FYI.


  6. 8
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:



  7. 9
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    Britain the US and France condemn Israel for “granting permission”
    for new z i o n i s t colonies

    Bibi’s fascism knows no limits

    He is now cutting off tax revenues legally due to the Palestinians
    as “reprisal for UN vote”

    So 139 countries were wrong ?

    I s r a e l is the pariah of the world

    And where is your s i o n i s t propaganda on all of this Guido?!


  8. 12
    Arthur Foxache says:

    Ther is plenty of money in the pension funds to pay for all the infrastructure spending plans…ok so itmight not be paid back..but its there for the taking..soo go on george take it and spend it…


    • 39
      george is a creative thinker .. says:

      you never know he might at some point remove the quasi compulsion to purchase an annuity and allow anyone to self administer their own pension fund which can then invest .. with perhaps tax free income accruals… in infrastructural investment programmes and others.

      he will probably restrict the reliefs on pension contributions by implementing a ceiling.. this is an old bone of contention

      the one unforgiveable action on pensions was Gordon’s tax changes…it spelt the end of the nation’s backbone retirement mechanism. Now the pension sector is viewed in no better a light than the banks and indeed most are so inter-invested they are very much in it together…the general public just don’t realise quite how deeply.


      • 201
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Just when we seem to be the destination of French, and possibly American, tax exiles, Georgie Porgie seems to think taxing them till their pips squeek is a nice welcome for them. He seems to be a prisoner of the Limp Dums who seem to be stuck in a Leninist time warp regarding national economies.

        There seems to be a nasty puritanical streak emerging in this country where entrepeneurial success is seen as evil and the rich are only there to provide funding for this county’s freeloaders and workshy. Those tossers in Parliament will soon kill the goose that lays this golden egg. Tax revenues will decline because those with any money or savings will go to live in countries with more favourable tax regimes and where they will be appreciated.

        If freedom of the press and freedom of speech comes under the Left’s jackboot how can our politicians pontificate about democracy to other countries?


  9. 14
    Ed Balls says:

    We need a “jobs and growth plan” and must “change course from the failing “muttering idiot”Osborne plan”


    • 21
      Roscoe Rules says:

      Ed Balls launches his latest initiative and it’s called ‘The big Job’


    • 60
      green ink says:

      long on neck and as ever short on remedy..
      the eddie boys are running short of lines ..
      growling about the economy but no
      credible alternatives..risible.

      harriet’s back tracking on birdshit boy’s statemnt in the house on leveson
      just so naturally offered up now its a complete joke.

      there was a time most of us would acknowledge the labour party’s tenure of power since 1945 in the uk has produced a better country…NHS etc etc etc….debateable but conceded by most in some sense.. the current version of the labour party is spin led spin based and lacks any vision except a pseudo social conscious alternative to what they’ve already proved doesn’t work over 13 years. Their economics still come from the ‘forget the past’ library.

      the Eddie boy’s vision is completely bandwagon driven …and harriet and yvette the old boilers are deep in the great unwashed heartlands with them.


    • 81
      green ink says:

      sorry forgot its sunday


      • 339
        FYI says:

        Nope; you sinned by using the verb used to described locomotion. Starts with ‘d’ and ends with ‘n’. Remember that (and any/all of its derivatives) and all will henceforth be plain sailing.


  10. 15
    Jimmy says:

    Do you have an update on your exciting story in praise of Conservative Friends of Russia? Only their site seems to be down.


  11. 22
    Legal Beagle says:

    Guido (if you are ever on this blog any more!)

    I always agreed with your multiple attacks on bent spin doctors and lobbyists…

    How do you reconcile this with your side kick being a spindoctor for sale himself


  12. 23
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Net immigration this week reported as ~ 170000 and The Tories are telling us what a good job they have done. To adsorb that many people we need to build a town the size of Blackpool, Bolton or Balckburn every year along with schools, hoispitals etc. So no problem then.

    Where is the money coming from

    Has anyone done an analysis of the people who have left i.e. how many doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses etc and what is the skill set of the 170000.

    Someone needs to sit down with Cameron and point out to him that in the Rotherham by-election The Tories were behind UKIP,BNP & Respect and that at the moment he is being prevented from running the country by the party that came 8th


    • 237
      Anonymous says:

      We are witnessing ethnic cleansing in all but name.

      Sure, the profiteers of mass immigration and the anti-English elements tart it up as diversity, but it’s ethnic replacement which ever way you look at it.


    • 252
      Marion the cat says:

      Somehow, I don’t think he would listen to plebs like us. He has his own ideals that are far removed from the electorate.


    • 294
      CarryHole is a Complete Hunt says:

      Immigration subsidies =
      Rents up,
      Wages down.

      Wonder what group that helps?


  13. 24
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Does anyone know how many postal votes there were in Rotherham and how many labour received.


  14. 25
    Legal Beagle says:

    Micro Gouido’s partner organisation

    First named client HSBC

    The world’s greatest money launderers (US Senate Report)

    Who are you trying to kid Guido?


  15. 26
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Did anyone actually manage to make sense of what Hattie Harman was saying on the SP show with brillo? First she said they supported Leveson in full, then she said it was only the main thrust, then she didn’t think Leveson had come to the correct decision over Hunt and so on and so on.

    Does she not realise what an utter idiot she looks?


  16. 29
    Jack says:

    Guido’s PR associates


    • 31
      The truth says:

      Another public relations firm taking cash from criminal bankers


    • 32
      Jimmy says:

      Major’s ex press sec, Simon Heffer and the woman who masterminded the tories 2001 general election campaign.

      Dream Team or what?


      • 189
        Guido's PR "partners" says:

        When you have a losing dream team, why change it?

        But, as you see, we are now swinging towards UKIP which
        will divide the Right and leave an avenue open to the Labour Party

        We will repeat our previous performance

        Good strategy what…


  17. 38
    I'm Shami Chakrabati and I didn't need to grow a moustache for Movember. says:

    Harriet Harman the woman who wants legalise kiddie fiddling.
    Even I’m not that disgusting.
    Allah Akbar.


    • 41
      Harriet Harpie says:

      I was only interested in photo’s if it didn’t harm the child. In any case, Hewitt made me do it. ** pouty face **


      • 45
        I'm Shami Chakrabati and I didn't need to grow a moustache for Movember. says:

        Ah the Nuremberg defence.
        It doesn’t work now.
        You should be hung from a lampost


        • 106
          Juno hoo? says:

          The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

          She also wants to gag the press from reporting such activities as PIE in the SKY.


      • 51
        Harriet Harman says:

        I even prepared to post photo’s of my privates before they got hairy and my balls dropped.


  18. 40
    BBC News 24/7 says:

    Despite the fact that the Mcann petition has attracted less people to sign it than who voted to keep Eric Bristow’s arsecrack in the Jungle on ‘I’m a celeb’,
    We will keep making it a newsworthy item for however long it takes to gain traction.


    • 83
      Selohesra says:

      Why no counter petition wanting free press? Also how many of those wanting full implentation of Leveson have actually waded through all 2,000 pages?


      • 89
        BBC News 24/7 says:

        Don’t worry as to what its about,this thing is going to be bigger than Gangham style and you know how you kicked yourself when you missed that boat.


      • 307
        Anonymous says:

        Well i certainly cant see Milliband having read it in the short time after it was released until he got up in the House and was all for it, it was something like 2 hours i think ! Its frightening that he would want to curb the press just to score one over the PM (as he would see it !)


    • 100
      huge grunt says:

      Looking forward to seeing the signature of $50 blow job when they print it out


      • 113
        Huge Grunts Lawyer says:

        I would remind you that pleading ‘nolo contendere’ has the same legal standing as pleading ‘guilty’ in LA, and you do have a criminal record.


    • 107
      Juno hoo? says:

      The traction statistics are not due out until the middle of the month.


    • 255
      Marion the cat says:

      Whilst I would NEVER, NEVER level criticism at someone who has lost a child under terrible circumstances (I have children), I would fully expect to be taken to task by the authorities if I had left 3 kids under 4 years old alone in an locked or unlocked ground floor flat (no matter how near or close to where I was dining). Similarly, in my mind that would make me pretty much the last person to complain about the reporting of the incident. Please read the comment carefully before criticising its content. I am speaking for just me and what I feel I would have expected.


      • 304
        Anonymous says:

        I completely agree,they have manipulated the media so much nobody has ever come out and “social services” Im amazed considering the wall to wall coverage of the case how they have the cheek to complain about the press, Mrs Mc Cann published her own account for thousands. Imalso not sure how her diary was supposedly stolen.


  19. 42
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    Rotherham is my first step towards world domination.


    • 55
      Rotherham SS (Social Services) says:

      Our department would kindly remind Ms. Middleton that this department reserves the right for world domination. This is in line with our Common Purpose directive to lead beyond authority.

      Frau Thacker would further take this opportunity to encourage our staff to continue stridently in their efforts towards creating a more harmonious community by meeting their revised quotas for child protection orders in time for the planned Christmas offensive.

      Think global, act local.


      • 85
        Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

        I am your leader worship me.


        • 108
          Juno hoo eye yam? says:

          The Mayans said the world will end in a couple of weeks. Perhaps they had you in mind?

          Or perhaps they just ran out of wall or were all wiped out by the Spaniards before they could finish their opus.


          • BBC Press Release: CP Directive - World Domination (Unredacted) says:

            We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.


          • Quetzalcoatl, The Great Winged Serpent Deity says:

            Actually, you’re thinking of the Aztecs who were wiped out by the Spaniards. The Mayans wiped themselves out about 600 years before the Spanish arrived. But their mythology lived on with all the Red Indian peoples of Meso-America, which is why their legend of a great god returning circa 1500-odd AD got the Aztecs to believe that the Spanish were in fact my emissaries. When you believe something is bound to happen in a particular time-frame, you seize on what actually DOES happen then as being somehow a sort of fulfillment. Something’s bound to happen on the 21st that someone will interpret as the heralding of the coming of the end of time. Remember that clown who predicted the Rapture to occur in May 2011, based on a lot of fuzzy Biblical prophecy which he tied to current events? I rest my case, folks.


          • Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

            I have infiltrated this country and now run it with common purpose.
            The Frankfurt school are amateurs compared to me.


          • T. P. Fuller says:


            I’ve got a dentist’s appointment on the 21st, just a checkup, but could it start the concatenation leading to the implosion of the planet?


          • Sir William W says:

            The ‘Red Indians’ were further north.


          • Juno etc says:

            Quetz, Thanks for correcting my historical knowledge – never my strong point, but at least my words evinced a couple of follow ups to the point I was trying to make. I have just sent my car in for servicing and some new tyres, so I am hoping that it won’t be a waste of money!


    • 158
      Gooey Blob says:

      The way to protect yourself against CP muppets is to stick a video spy pen in your top pocket whenever you have to deal with public sector officials. They cost less than fifty quid on the high street.


  20. 54
    Sir William W says:

    Guido’s Column – to be erected in Parliament Square, come the revolution.


  21. 59
    Rupert Murdoch running for cover says:


    Now that the world knows how I operated my newspapers to make a fortune…

    I want you tyo know that I am getting rid of them

    The Newscorp newspapers have a new chief executive, too young to be tarnished lby all this ciminality like all my older executives,

    As one of my stringers, keep up the good work, cover up for all the filth, discredit Leveson and tell all my hacks in London that the beanfeast is over…


  22. 65
    Gordon Brown says:

    ‘It wassne my fault’ say it,
    ‘It wassne my fault’
    Good,repeat it again,
    ‘It wassne my fault’

    Excellent,say it enough Gerry and after a while you’ll believe it yourself.


  23. 67
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst says:

    I won’t even read The Star tomorrow for free.


  24. 78
    Taxfodder says:

    I can think of many ways to spend 90p and the Daily Star ain’t one of them.

    In truth they would have to pay me more than that to read it.

    30 seconds to read the news stories (such as they are), 30 seconds reading about silly celebs making fools of themselves…and 5 mins gawping at the totty.

    Sorry Guido it don’t add up to 90p i’m afraid…but if you like I will give it a go for a Tenner!


  25. 80
    Digger Murdoch says:

    Of course Cameron isn’t in bed with the newspaper industry.I mean, just ask Coulson and Brooks.This trio would never lie about anything. Ever


  26. 84
    IMHO says:

    The EU law of unintended consequences; compulsory regulation of the press would be in breach human rights legislation. That’s you stuffed then Leveson & Co.


  27. 86
    I.P Blacklist says:

    The EU law of unintended consequences, statutory control of the press is illegal under Human Rights Laws.


    • 110
      Juno hoo eye yam? says:

      Th EU have precisely sod all to do with the Council of Europe under whose auspices the Yooman Rites thingy operates. Do try to keep up at the back.


  28. 99
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    Come the revoution All you thought criminals will be killed.


    • 111
      Juno hoo eye yam? says:

      D’yew know, I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick here.

      By the way, when are you getting your promotion to Ms Upperton?


  29. 101
    Baldrichmondtory says:

    Just thowt ah,d let thee know,ah,ve giin those ayrabs an, israelites a reet good talkin,to they wur feighting ovver gazza ,summat abhat is strip.ah telled em theres nowt wrong wi gazza e,s agood boozin, mate o mine,okay e sometimes busts out crying if e loses at cards but e,s alreet,e,s as tuff as me after 14 pints er strong yorksheer ale.Anyroad its opnin time ahll sithee later.


  30. 114
    Ed Balls says:

    Only 30 of the 1500 Remploy workers made jobless by the Bastard ConDems have found new employment.


  31. 123
    M.Hassan says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes has apologised after being photographed wiping his bum with £20 notes.
    The right wing political blogger was pictured using the cash to, ahem, help him in his ablutions in a bathroom whose floor was covered in bundles of £20 notes.


    • 150
      Anonymous says:

      who said money is s.h.i.t.

      it is a means of appreciation.
      when we don’t appreciate it,

      should our taxes be voluntary? given that the rich appreciate secrecy, that is where their money goes…offshore.


    • 160
      Gooey Blob says:

      If Ed Balls were ever to become chancellor, that’s all twenties will be any good for.


    • 230
      Becky's ginger minge says:

      You’ve got that wrong – it’s not £20 notes, it’s 20p pieces.


  32. 130
  33. 132
    Arthur Foxache says:

    Only 9 days 19 hrs 51 minites 44 secondes to the magic date……………12/12/12 12 12 12..when all will be red it hear first..


  34. 133
    Limpdicks says:

    We are polling almost 8% and therefore we demand a bigger say in Government policy.


  35. 134
    Arthur Foxache says:

    Only 9 days 19 hrs 51 minites 44 secondes to the magic date……………12/12/12 12 12 12..when all will be red it hear first..:-)


  36. 140
    I don't want to share the same as the Edinburgh dogshite says:

    Another week wasted.


  37. 141
    Sharma Kebaby says:

    I totally refute that my husbands planned move to a lawfirm Link.laters which News International has recently chosen for representation in any way affects my impartiality or principals on proposed statutory press regulation.


    • 147
      Anonymous says:

      why are ppl holier than thou…it is a physical impossibility.


      • 157
        Sharma Kebaby says:

        I am the sister of the Messiah, Muad’dib. You shall never know of my conflicting interests, or see through the thin veneer of liberty I falsely bring to such anti-libertarian heresy. Praise be upon Shaitan.


    • 342
      Juno hoo eye yam? says:

      Sharmelshake, you mean ‘principles’. But not to worry – oh, by the way, can you enlighten us as to whom your ‘principals’ might be?


  38. 143
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    Anyone know how Rolfie got on?


  39. 148
    English Voter says:

    Tim Stanley on the right hand side of the page says ‘UKIP are now a national populist party’.

    I’m always amused by the sneering tone adopted by some (not all) journos and politicos over the word ‘populist’. It implies, “poor plebs they may want these policies but they’re just dim, WE know what’s best for them…”


    • 249
      LibLabCon says:

      We don’t want any of that populism here thank you very much. What do you freaking hell think this is, a democracy?


  40. 162
    Digger Murdoch says:

    At lunchtime today our petition had 100000 signatories. Thanks to everyone who has added their voice so far! More here:


  41. 163
    Frankie says:

    WTF is a “year anniversary”? As opposed to what, a day anniversary? (Hint: the “ann-” bit means something – check out “annual”, “annals”, “Anno Domini”, etc. etc.)


  42. 165
    Stating the bleeding obvious says:

    A Sikh solider is set to become the first to guard Buckingham Palace while wearing a turban.

    It’s political correctness gone mad. He should be made to wear a bearskin like his colleagues, or else he’ll look ridiculous.


    • 187
      PC Dave says:

      It is the politically correct thingy in our wonderful multicultural society. Next week the LGBT Guards will be on duty, in their new pink kilts.


      • 204
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Sikh soldiers fought with great distinction on our side in two world wars. On a par with the Gurkhas for bravery in combat. Can’t recall them wearing steel helmets during the heat of battle in those conflicts.

        I’ve no problem with them wearing their turbans. At least they look smart when in uniform. Good luck to ‘em I say!


        • 276
          Marion the cat says:

          Every Sikh I have ever met has always tried to adopt English values, they spoke well and strove to integrate. I can’t say the same for every other ethnic group however.


        • 344
          Just a quick reminder says:

          They also looked determined and resplendent in their turbans when defending their corner shops during the riots a while back.


        • 360
          Funambulist says:

          Readers of Fred Spencer Chapman’s WW2 memoir The Jungle is Neutral will recall that many Sikhs were rather keen on catching British soldiers to hand over to the Japs for bounty money. COM is not yet cynical enuf.


    • 200
      Anonymous says:

      sikhs are warriors.
      is the the mona.are.chi getting protective.
      why they seek our energy?

      chi is also spelled ki.
      so we have
      they are not energy, they feed of us.

      no need to explain what it produces.


  43. 167
    anon. says:

    Troughing more BBC £ cash?


  44. 169
    Daveid Icke says:

    Bloody reptiles everywhere..


  45. 175
    Incapable Vince says:

    I will be defecting to Ukip.


    • 194
      Sir Nige Garage -- Defender of the Reaim says:

      FFS — Get the drawbridge up! Pots of boiling oil up on the battlements! Portcullis ready! Pikemen in the murder holes!


    • 206
      Wavey Davey's Side Parting says:

      U kip if you want to, me and Nick are not for turning ducky!


    • 214
      Empty Ed Milliband says:

      Well done Vince

      UKIP will ensure that I win the next election by default…

      You can always be my under-chief bottle washer and bag carrier….with govt car, chauffeur, grace and favour residence and all the trappings you are used to…

      (And I will send Calamity Clegg to Brussels if you like so you can become Head Honcho of the non-existent LimpDems…)


      • 232
        PC Dave is a Disaster says:

        We will need to vote UKIP twice.

        The first time Ed Millitwat & Ed Bollux will get in and complete the ruination of the economy quickly. Then we will get UKIP in the second time to sort things out properly.

        The other way is to drag on with the incompetent corrupt PC LibCons that will also ruin the country but take much longer to do it.


    • 256
      Vince Cable, Minister for (giving all of us the) Business, says:

      Yes, I said it, UKIP are to be taken seriously. You’d take it seriously if someone were setting up shop down the road from you and selling a better line of the kind of product you sell, and making more than you are. I may not know SFA about business for the most part, but a six-year-old child could figure this one out: You either up your game, or you fire-bomb their shop in the middle of the night. And if you find what I’ve said to be rather shocking, here’s what I have to say to you:


  46. 198
    I don't want to share the same air and the Edinburgh dogshite says:

    Taking Liberties.


  47. 203
    Arsehole MP says:

    We need to build affordable housing on the green belt in order to provide accommodation for the 1 million eastern Europeans which we will import to build the affordable housing.


    • 233
      Ethical Caring Dave says:

      It is our morale duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


      • 272
        Richie Rich says:

        more people means more growth, more profits and more importantly, more bonuses
        drinks all round in the City.


      • 313
        Sincere davieboy. says:

        That is those that have only just got their first million.Iknow it can be frightening but hang in there just keep focussed on what matters ME ME ME.


    • 245
      Run into the ground by vested interests says:

      But we’ll need to import even more immigrants to pay for the pensions of the million eastern Europeans we imported who do the jobs the lazy blacks and asians won’t do, who were imported to do the jobs the lazy English wouldn’t do.

      In a few generations Britain will run out of people to import!


  48. 205
    Julia Middleton's last tweet was over a year ago says:


  49. 208
    Moral Collapse Blair, watching the rockets flying overhead says:

    Hello Gudio

    I am Tony Blair, the famous star of screen, stage, influence peddling, illegal wars, Ponzi schemes and the collapse of the Middle East peace process…

    I am scuba diving in the Indian Ocean while I s r a e l screws the Palestinian people

    I have nothing to say about Lord Leveson where I was also a star

    Because Rupert Murdoch’s son is my god son…And I am a holy man (part time)

    I leave any comments to my professional liar Aly Campbell…


  50. 231
    Just asking says:


    Is this guy your boss at the Daily Star Sunday?

    “Tom Savage, deputy news editor of the Daily Star Sunday

    Arrested on 11 July 2012 on suspicion to corrupt and of conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office”


  51. 236
    Peter Hitchens your Kebab Media Correspondent says:

    The good ship ‘Tory Party’ is finished – please keep calm and head for the lifeboats


  52. 239
    BBC NEWS Pedophile Ring says:

    From the top of the hour.

    Leveson Report
    Regulation regulation regulation
    Leveson Report
    Huge Grant
    Leveson Report
    Milly Dowler
    Leveson Report
    Baby eating tories
    Leveson Report
    Cuts cuts cuts
    Leveson Report
    OFCOM for everyone else and not for us
    Leveson Report
    The PCC is NOT like the BBC Trust
    Leveson Report
    Lets speak to a Guardian reporter
    Leveson Report
    Man made Globle Warming is real
    Leveson Report
    Look the polar ice caps are melting
    Leveson Report
    The EU is perfect is every way and deserves a 5% increasing
    Leveson Report
    Pay your TV tax.

    Rinse and Repeat and don’t mention Jimmy Saville.


    • 257
      Leveson Report says:

      Leveson Report
      I don’t think you spelled Paedophile right.
      Leveson Report
      You will now be terminated
      Leveson Report
      End of Bulletin
      Leveson Report


    • 279
      Feel the Enrichment says:

      For slightly less unbiased news reporting I’d try SKY or maybe RT.


  53. 240
    Julia Middleton's last tweet was over a year ago says:

    For someone who is supposed to be influential, her blog attracts zero comments, if only to tell her to fuck off.

    This is from her latest effort in March of this year.

    “At the last moment the Chair leaned over and whispered in my ear: “Would you mind terribly if I made a slightly sexist remark when I introduce you?”

    I turned to the guy on my right due to follow me and said: “Our chair would like to know if you would mind terribly if he made a slightly racist joke when he introduces you?

    That shut the Chair up.”

    Yep, definitely a twisted, fucked up, witch.


    • 246
      She see's dead people says:

      If she thought what the chair said was bad she should have heard what the cushion had to say


      • 253
        Common Purpose is a serious mental health problem says:

        Googling around Common Purpose / Libya – I think the following quote from a blog sums it all up in terms of this screwed up cult and why it should be culled.

        Context: Going for a walk in the countryside outside Benghazi after the carnage had settled down a bit, remarking on flowers:

        ‘I saw maybe a dozen different varieties. Some looked like cousins to flowers I know back home and others were completely new to me! The diversity both surprised and inspired me.

        The inspiration comes from my knowledge that diversity is a strength. In my experience ecosystems that have diverse flora and fauna also tend to be the healthiest. I hope the people of Libya can learn the lesson I learnt from the hills outside Benghazi. As they build a new country for themselves, their strength lies in the many views and opinions they have – they should cherish and guard these just like a field of wild flowers.’

        – WTF ? Foreign flowers with cousins, the inspiring diversity of flowers and the Libyan’s are a bunch of wild flowers who should build their arid country in the image of a garden ? Has the guy been smoking the flowers ?

        PC brainwashing has over spilled the cerebral washtub here, and what is revealed is just how distorted their reality is. If you don’t find the blog, I promise that this is not lifted completely out of context – the drivel around it is just as weird.


        • 337
          CarryHole is a Complete Hunt says:

          Without choice, diversity is a synonym for lack of quality.


          • Just a quick question says:

            So what is ‘university’? A bouquet of similarity? All in it together and no extraneous thoughts allowed?


  54. 247
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Ed Balls has no answers.
    Ed Millionaireband uses the MacCanns and Dowlers to vent labour’s hatred of the Murdochs.
    Harriett Harman would sell her own mother.

    Chris Bryant is a vile little man.
    Tom Watson is a vile fat man.
    Does anyone really have sympathy with Grant, Coogan, Church and Mosely?
    Its amazing how they all took Murdoch’s money, ah but its not about the money.


  55. 267
    • 274
      It ain't half hot Mum says:

      We are all being in it together, isn’t it.


    • 278
      Feel the Enrichment says:

      1. Dr Shiverdorayi Raghavan
      2. Dr Inderjit Marok
      3. Dr Vijay Bathla
      4. Dr Mukesh Sinha
      5. Dr Mohamed Walji

      I can’t see any difference, but they’re all thieving bastards that’s for sure.


      • 321
        A.Dolph. says:

        Thats the spirit mein kinders you make me weep with pride.


        • 325
          All Colours have crooks. says:

          So we can’t tell the truth because it’s WACIST.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Who are the most racist racists of all?


          • Right-Wing Intelligentsia says:

            Those who fixate on the most divisions between the people are the most racist racists. In ideology this would be the liberals.

            Any notion that the center right is the most racist is false.

            This is of course contrary to politically correct thought.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Right Wing Idiot – your argument fell over the minute you stated ‘politically correct thought’ – If you are a political mongrel from from the outset from either side and always fall into and back one or the other side – you promote the whole corrupted political system without being able to ‘admit’ that it is “all corrupted and a big fat lie” – from the top down.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            P.S. By calling yourself “Right-Wing Intelligentsia” – you ain’t intelligentsia – you are a Right-Wing Propagandist – just like there are Left-Wing propagandists. Spinning bull5hit and excusing sleaze by both the right & left is part of your problem. The public have cottoned on twat.


  56. 271
    A few short circuits amongst your neural pathways says:

    Earlier today I was reading comments in the previous thread about Shami Chakrabarti’s interview on Andrew Marr’s show discussing Leveson. There were the usual “leftie ‘uman rights c-unt bitch” posts. Except that she actually said she rejects the idea of state regulation of the press and agrees with Cameron’s resistance to it. You racist righties aren’t very bright are you? Even when someone says something you also believe, you still manage to hurl abuse. One of the posts even quoted her opposition to state regulation and called her a leftie c-unt, and the reply said it’s all about human rights with her, which would lead one to conclude that the commenters actually WANT state regulation. Like I said, not very bright.


    • 275
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Ms Shammy Leather hide of a Rhino – is a duplicitous, obfuscatory, lying low-life scum shyster.

      She is an ‘expert’ at spinning all manner of 5hit about ‘uman rights – she is FOS.

      Full O


      • 285
        jaded jean says:

        She’s a star player for the cosmopolitan ones. I wonder if she realises this?
        Think useful idiot


        • 332
          Blowing Whistles says:

          She’s as useful an idiot as trevor philips has been – condi rice is another example – ego’s overboard – as for Diane fatbutt … ughh. Chukka is of course their latest dupe.


    • 277
      green ink says:

      I think the critical question was whilst she was a special advisor to the judge why did she not raise the human rights issues with him were he to be considering legislation.
      Not too much to expect surely ?


    • 283
      Operation Crossbow says:

      She and her lefty group have no political mandate and have a membership of 10,000 yet she’s never off Question Time, she gets to sit in the Met police control room when there are demonstrations on. She has the ear of politicians who for some reason listen to her, let’s be honest Fergie at Man U get nearly 80,000 a week, yet no one would consider him to have a mandate to tell our politicians how to run things.

      I’m sick of people like her on the left who can’t get elected or have never stood for office thinking they have some god given right to tell us how our democracy should be run.

      If she wants to change things stand for Parliament or shut the fuck up.


      • 286
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Shammy Leather Headed expert made a statement toady on her s(h)ite 2day

        What she does not declare is her (and many others’ of her trade) ‘inherent bias’ while she posits her opinions, assertions and views in that she is of the ‘legal fraternity’ – who themselves appear to be beyond the reach of the law. Legals don’t like it up ‘em – and they also have “SELF REGULATION” – WELL KNOCK ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER (sorry for the shouting) So there is an inherent bias to protect the self regulation of those who have self regulation – oh dear, oh dear me … SPIN ME UP SOME MORE OBFUSCATORY BULL5HIT.


    • 293
      Ex-Labour voter says:

      “Except that she actually said she rejects the idea of state regulation of the press”

      How nice of the unwanted immigrant scum to explain what she accepts and rejects. In our country.

      Now she’s expressed an opinion, perhaps she’d be kind enough to fuck off to whatever 3rd-world cesspit she came from.


      • 327
        Right-Wing Intelligentsia says:


        Ms. C was born in Belsize Park London, 16 June 1969. Her ethnic background is Bengali, however her parents were Catholic, and Shami attended Baptist Sunday school when young. She has never publicly stated her religion, however did do a Lent talk for Jesus on Radio 4 on Wed 21 Mar 2007 – she is often assumed to be Hindu due to her ethnic background, but some mistake her for being muslim, neither possible due to her parents religion. (And she has not converted to Islam)

        Her upbringing was English through and through, she attended a comprehensive in Stanmore before 6th form in Harrow Weald. It was her fathers explanation of miscarriage of justice in Capital cases which shocked her enough at age 12 and sealed her decision to become a lawyer. She attended the LSE where she obtained a Bachelor of Laws, in 1994 was called to the bar at middle temple.

        Will not go on as the rest is in the PD – but she was very born and bred here.

        In 2008 she threatened to sue the then Culture Secretary Andy Burnham for libel over comments she perceived as defamatory in a left wing magazine ‘Progress’ – the questionable statements relating to intense late night telephone discussions she was having at the time with then Shadow Home Secretary David Davies over the 42 day terror detention issue. Ms. C accepted a formal letter of apology from Burnham and did not proceed with the threatened action.

        Now that does not mean she is not bad, but the more direct comments on here are not helping.


        • 331
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The right wing depend upon the left wing and vice versa – for both of their existences. They are both ‘corrupted’ – but have to continue to “live the lie” for both of them to exist. The left / right division is but how their overlords continue their mis-rule. Divide and rule – it really is simple when one can think properly about it.


          • Right-Wing Intelligentsia says:

            Liberty requires a healthy balance between the two poles. Getting caught in the mono-polar dialect which the left has opened is not good to that end. We are seeing quite clearly now where that path will lead.

            One thing the left and right can agree on though, is that making factually absurd statements when trying to counter a well constructed yet fundamentally anti-libertarian argument does not help.


  57. 280
    Ed Milliband (Special Needs) says:

    Honestly Guido I don’t know how you do it – I’ve tried repeatedly to secure a column with The Star on Sunday, I’ve even offered to pose for Page 3, and they won’t have any of it.


  58. 282
    Badgers of Britain says:

    Bring it on, Cammo!


  59. 288
    A Column In The Libertarian Star , FFS ?? says:

    OMG !!!

    Shameless fuckwits , I thinks .

    E x x


  60. 298
    Saffron says:

    Chakrababty or whatever her name is seems to be the defender or apologist for most issues that the majority of this land don’t agree with.
    I agree with Blowing Whistles she is FOS.
    I think the powers that be should stop giving this publicity seeking clown the oxegen of publicity that she seeks.
    The media are too often involved in what what will sell rather than serious down to earth unbiased discussion of what goes on.
    There are many issues at the moment as to which way this country will proceed,and I would suggest to people that what Chakrababaty says is really rather irrelevent.


    • 299
      Saffron says:

      I’m not pissed you know.


      • 305
        Beast of asian babes says:

        She also happens to be of the corner shop persuasion (as is our host)
        I say kick her out NOW!
        Like its difficult to either go to the cash and carry, make your own baked beans and bread or groom vulnerable young girls ?
        Pack them all back to where they came from
        We do not need these carpet weavers, cotton pickers and kiddie fiddlers


      • 326
        Auntie Depressant. says:

        Iknow your,e not da,hling but if you have a drink it is supposed to make you happy not melancholy try to lighten up a bit .I will be sending you my happiness diet which is based on chick peas and figs ‘yummy’ that should cheer you up.


  61. 300
    David Cameron says:

    When the oik at the Job Centre told me I had to attend a course to build my self confidence I was livid and let the staff know that I found it patronising and unnecessary.

    After giving him a piece of my mind he replied- “I’m sorry Mr Cameron, but I can’t hear you from underneath the desk.”


  62. 302
    UKIP says:

    Fuck the LibLabCon!


  63. 303
    Beast of asian babes says:

    Did Dirty Dick pay the spoonfaced single parent slag to get her tits out?

    If not he f*&c)i$g should have !

    “Get your Guidos out for the lads”

    Pau1 you have better tits


  64. 322
    shove it says:


  65. 328
    Typical Right winger says:

    Kill all blacks!

    As you were.


  66. 334
    Blowing Whistles says:

    At 8PM sky news ran the story of Starbucks backing down on their lack of paying tax to HMRC. Mentions were made of Starbucks and a few other corporations domiciling themselves in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

    However what Sky appear not to want to mention are a couple of Newscorp companies who were domiciled in the UK – but who also jumped over to luxembourg! I am sure that Bircham Dyson Bell know of one particular company that Rupert and son – suddenly moved to luxembourg for ‘various reasons’ – it is of course a taxing thought.


    • 347
      Just a quick reminder says:

      They also seemed to forget to mention that the “chairperson” of the Committee, which found such behaviour ‘outrageous’ and ‘insulting’, has also been up to exactly the same scam. Odd that…


  67. 349
    abunnga says:

    Gerry McCann appears to be very vocal about state regulation of the press.

    He has used the press enough when lookiing for his daughter who went missing when Mr and Mrs McCann left their infant daughter whilst they went out socialising.


    • 358
      Synic says:

      Quite so. He and his wife were at least partly responsible for the tragic loss of their daughter.

      Similarly Huge Grant and all the other luvvies are desparate for publicity for their exhibitionist posing, but not when the Press does a good and vital job exposing them as lying hypocrites.

      A lot of the adverse publicity about the Clifton ex-schoolmaster was due to the incompetence and inherent bias of the plods. Why isn’t more flak being directed at them?

      Plod love using the Press and TV when searching for supposed suspects, and many of the supposed victims seem to revel in the chance to be on prime time TV.


  68. 350
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    This is yet another scandal of the Conservative led coalition.

    Since 2008, real wage growth in US, +1.6%; France, +1.9%; Germany, +2.2%. UK figure: -6.4%

    Boot them out in 2015.


  69. 351
    David Cameron says:

    Hospitals are “full to bursting” in England, creating a potentially dangerous environment for patients, an analysis by experts suggests.

    Hospitals should run at about 85% capacity to give them room to cope with surges in demand, and figures show the NHS average hovering around that mark.

    But analysts Dr Foster said the figure was skewed by quiet periods and rose higher if they were stripped out.

    David Cameron agrees that the NHS is overcrowded and said “You just can’t trust the Conservatives with the NHS”


  70. 352
    Moishe Kebab says:

    Reuters Jerusalem bureau chief,Moishe Kebab has confirmed Britain’s considering a recall of its ambassador to Israel. Story soon.


    • 359
      Dimpled Mat says:

      Jolly good; that’ll save a couple hundred thousands for the petty cash box. Might as well bring the rest home for all the good they do.


  71. 353
    F***ing s*** newspaper says:

    Never gonna buy it.


  72. 361
    lycanthrope says:

    scratch that


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