November 30th, 2012

Guido’s Christmas Drinks

santaGuido’s Christmas drinks this year will be on Wednesday 19th December at 5pm, bringing together readers, co-conspirators, Westminster wonks, weirdos,  movers and shakers, and seasoned drunks.

If you fancy coming along then make sure you’ve subscribed to the Guidogram for details of the SW1 location nearer the time. Save the date…


  1. 1
    Ministry of Truth says:

    Where the fuck is kebab?


    • 15
      Solution to homelessness! says:

      Here’s a fascinating glimpse inside the shipping container homes set to be used as temporary accommodation for homeless people.

      A housing trust in Brighton wants to use the 36 adapted containers as a stop-gap for people without a permanent home.

      It is the latest plan aimed at tackling Brighton and Hove’s ‘desperate’ housing crisis.

      Read more:
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      • 36
        Anonymous says:

        If its done properly government could be able to cut housing benefits.


      • 37
        Pleb says:

        Have you not seen the Homebase adverts?


        • 73
          Anonymous says:

          As Conservative lead government cannot afford to house the poor in houses they might end up housing them in containers. It not as bad as houses poor live in, in the 3rd world.


          • the stench of hypocrisy says:

            Perhaps some Labour MP’s may like to give up some of their second homes to house the poor?


      • 79
        Hariet Harpie says:

        This was the propaganda we were going to use as evidence against UKIPs immigration policy. Who leaked it ?


        • 142
          rocknrolla says:

          Read it and weep. The comments are for the most part just as bad – they see Leveson as their chance to stop any newspaper saying anything bad about immigration.



          • Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

            Hilarious! They’re complaining about the media portraying “muslims in a negative light”, and then they’re screaming “Say no to Misogyny” and “Stand up for equality”.

            God almighty, I knew the Left were mongs but this takes it to a new level. Do these fucking left-wing cretins not understand they can’t have it both ways?

            They’re either for Islam, or against misogyny. Either, or. Not both.


          • The British public says:

            Despite propaganda from the Hacked Off campaign- we agree that state regulation of the press must be stopped.


          • Zyclon B - you know it makes sense says:

            This is great! Some retard going by the moniker ‘3genders’ wrote:

            “Well, the ‘news’papers are particularly notorious for demeaning transpeople which is why Trans Media Watch were given a hearing at Leveson. I don’t see the presses behaviour as having changed, though. People who happen to be transsexual, transgendered and also gender variant are still being singled out for invasion of privacy, mockery and abuse by the tabloids.”

            ‘Gender variant’? What a fucked-up little fucking mong.


          • Interested Public says:

            In the article / Leveson – this is the significant line:

            ‘Although papers had the right to an opinion about such people, they also had a duty to community cohesion and telling the truth, he said.’

            Regulation may be brought in on the principal that the behaviour of the press constitutes a violation against the community – in some schools of thought due process is not the same for dealing these transgressions and the burden of proof is on the accused.


          • Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

            Rubbish rocknrolla. Immigration is good, We will take as many immigrants as you can send us in Portsmouth. My boys will house them, and they will all vote for me, and my boys and I will continue to get very very rich. Boaz.


          • Anonymous says:

            So does that mean post-statutory press legislation, newspapers would be forbidden from reporting that women living under fundamentalist Muslim regimes are prevented from having an education, working, driving and are subjected to forcible genital mutilation?


    • 16
      The dashing hero. says:

      In the kebab shop chatting up the hunky Stavros?


      • 41
        Bumboys and nonces says:

        He prefers a mouthful of pork and a fistful of arsehole.


        • 117
          Kebab Time says:

          sticks and stones may break my bones but I have more than 1000 firsts


          • T. P. Fuller says:

            Not from Cambridge, I’ll be bound. University of Hemel Hempstead or somesuch, eh 8iLLy?


          • Kebab Time says:

            University of Life


          • XXXxx says:

            Well said Billy, you have not been a drain on the education budget, I always wondered why when going to night school and day release I and/or my employer had to pay quite large sums, while students at uni were getting it free and payed as well (grants)


          • who why what where when says:

            Guido- the internet doesn’t make Leveson irrelevant.

            Much as I enjoy your blog, I also read a variety of daily and Sunday newspapers and I don’t want to lose either.Newspaper circulation is falling, but there will still be a demand for years to come.

            The dead tree press and internet is censored in countries like China- who’s to say it couldn’t happen here? Next weeks UN conference of International Telecommunications may herald the start of internet regulation.


    • 23
      Selohesra says:

      Free drink?


      • 26
        Selohesra says:

        Why have most of my comments disappeared into nowhere today – yet that got through?


        • 51
          Tachybaptus says:

          He thought it was an offer, I suppose.

          But I have lost two comments today, and have just unplugged and reconnected my modem to get a different IP address in the hope of doing better.


          • Kebab Time says:

            crap comments are now deleted automatically – it is a bit of a worry


          • T. P. Fuller says:

            Tachybaptus has been here for donkey’s years, is literate and funny, and therefore fair game for modding. Since most readers, I suspect, prefer the comments to the posts, is it not daft to annoy the unpaid contributors like that?



          • XXXxx says:

            S you have not been a naughty boy have you, there are certain words motty-botty flags up, I noticed it day or two ago, there is a slight change in colour on the flagged words.
            KT it is no skin off my nose if anything is deleted, I come on here for a bit of entertainment and put my peneth in
            TPF I prefer the comments yes to a point, it is a bit of compulsive reading, I don’t agree with everything , sometimes it goes a bit far but I still come on


      • 47
        extraordinary rendition services corps says:

        hope so we’ll be there… always nice to put a face to the name…ooops


    • 136
      rocknrolla says:

      Can I just ask – does anyone else think Steve Coogan is a monumental twat?


    • 237
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I am not coming that’s for sure. Boaz.


    • 242
      Evie says:

      Kebab has probably had enough of the mindless bullying he gets from some trolls.


    • 243
      Chris Bryant says:

      I’m there. I’ll come dressed as Tarzan in a tight fitting leopard skin thong , swinging a giant inflateable banana. Game on. Thanks.


  2. 2
    Selohesra says:

    Free drink?


  3. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am in London quite a lot, how do I subscribe?


  4. 4
    Ebenezer Scrooge says:

    Bah humbug


  5. 5
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Damn, I am in London the week before. Would have been good to have come along.


  6. 6
    Meanwhile says:

    You paying ???


    • 46
      fruitcake says:

      see, you’re just like everyone else, in it for a free ride, oh wait….


    • 137
      Leveson, Lord says:

      If everyone buys Guido a drink, he’ll be pissed all year and my job stifling the media is done.

      Hugh and Steve will be so pleased with me, I just love those high moral celebrities.


  7. 7
    Strong painkillers says:

    Not allowed to drink. Doctor’s orders.


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Bottoms up !


  9. 9
    Lard Prescott says:

    Is it a free bar? and will their be nibbles?


  10. 10
    Common Purpose says:

    One of our operatives will be there taking pictures of the attendees. Just for posterity.


  11. 11
    Ed Millibland says:

    I thall athk Mr Balls if I can cum


  12. 12
    Hunky Santa says:

    Guido is very dashing in his Santa’s hat.


    • 178
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      He’s even growing a beard again in his old age.
      He got tired of people asking him when he’d return to the Vandyke look, I suppose. I don’t know about “dashing,” but it DOES make him look vaguely roguish (and considering the current circumstances, “roguish” is probably the sort of look he should be after):


      • 236
        Buddy Hackett says:

        My son, the famous British blogger, on the news show!
        We can discuss it now, P-a-u-l. Everyone knows by now; the eyes give it away. Though to be honest, I was thinking of taking out a writ against that Cow woman What’s-her-name. She didn’t say anything about it, but I figured, she Tweets so much dreck she can’t keep track of everything, and she might just pay and get it over with. Then I realized they’d probably want to do a DNA test, and that’s the end of that brilliant idea. Can’t blame a “Guy,” or his father, for trying, though.


  13. 13
    The dashing hero. says:

    Does Guido model himself on Errol Flynn?


  14. 17
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    People often ask me ‘Dave, – why are you such a fucking stupid bastard? Was it something you had to work at, or were you born like it?’ and I say, ‘I think it came naturally, – but my Oxford Degree helped!’ – and then they offer me a drink – like what I hope Guido will do. Which reminds me, – would he like me to bring Nick Claggy and Herr von Rumpy?


  15. 18
    A mover and Shaker in my Dreams says:

    “wonks, weirdos, movers and shakers, and seasoned drunks”

    I’m sure I can meet some of those crteria but sadly will not be able to make it.


    • 199
      The Insurance Firm Of Kray & Kray says:

      “Wonks, weirdos, etc.”

      And in that motley assortment, guv, there’s bound to be a bad apple or two ‘oo’s only lookin’ to cause trouble. Fortunately, we carry a line of coverage against such an ‘appenin’ as that. For a reasonable premium, we can insure that nobody gets in wot doesn’t look kosher, i.e., sober as the judge, and we can insure you ain’t gonna ‘ave any “Jimmy Savile/Cyril Smith and the like” problems of underage guests. We will provide for the security at the event, and a gratuity at the end of the evenin’ to our mate Coshy won’t go amiss eevva, boss.

      Wouldn’t want all your Christmas cheer to turn to grief based on the actions of a few chuckleheads, now would we, Mr Fawkes?


  16. 19
    Ultra says:

    Can we smoke ?


  17. 22
    The dashing hero. says:

    Ding Dong.


  18. 28
    Cyril Smith says:

    Is there an age limit?


  19. 29
    B1lbo says:

    Careful, Guido. B1lly/Kebab might turn up and want to spend the whole evening chatting to you.


  20. 31
    Leroy Jenkins says:

    Awww, Guido you’ve arranged drinks on my Birthday you sly fellow, and I’ll be down that neck of the woods, may well have to give it a go :-D


  21. 33
    Supply him with as many bangers as possible says:

    My favorite brit xmas pop song, and I have seen a few, so know what is tragic, and might as well post a personal extra afterwards too, and why not?

    The extra, with Xmas and his reindeers coming to visit us again, to fiddle with our kiddies again, the dorty barstardo he is!


  22. 34
    marvin tpa says:

    i’m just too depressed


  23. 35
    Calamity Clegg says:

    We have banned binge drinking.


  24. 38
    Mr Humphrey says:

    I’m free…


  25. 40
    David Scameron says:

    Don’t forget you must charge at least 45p per unit.


  26. 42
    Cameron's patent lie detector says:

    Jane Winter, the director of a human rights charity who discovered that emails and documents she had sent had been illegally accessed after the recipient’s computer was hacked, was disheartened by the Leveson report in general and the prime minister’s refusal to accept its key recommendation in particular.

    Winter, head of the British Irish Rights Watch, was one of 60 victims who signed a letter to the PM last October asking him to implement Leveson’s suggestions.

    She said: “His response was, ‘As long as it’s not bonkers, I’ll implement that’. Well I saw the report this morning and it doesn’t look bonkers to me and I think he’s gone back on his word and I feel betrayed.”


    • 62
      underpinning could be built upon ... says:

      tell the deaf cow to listen to what he said.. he said it would need some careful consideration….he did not rule it out..he simply pointed out some of the issues that will need resolving..there will doubtless be others.


      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        Actually it would be totally bonkers for Britain to abandon hundreds of years of press freedom.


        • 110
          UKIPman says:

          When British people were asked to join the Common market it turned out to be a scam to turn Europe into an Empire.

          When Britain signed the European Human Rights Act to cater for refugees it turned out to be a charter for mass immigration and for criminals to escape justice.

          When Britain passed the Health and Safety Act it turned out to be a way for scheming underhand lawyers to make money.

          Now Britain is being asked to make the state regulate the press and we are asked to believe it will not damage the freedom of the press. We know who is bonkers on this and it isn’t Cameron.


          • Expat Geordie says:

            Can you imagine what would happen if there was legislation and then Labour got back into power? You could guarantee that they would make it retrospective and start chasing the press for stuff that was legal at the time. They’d close down the Telegraph for exposing MP’s expenses, the Mail for (re)exposing Common Purpose, the Express for opposing EU membership, and all we’d be left with is the Guardian and the Mirror.

            Think that they wouldn’t do it? Labour has form with retrospective legislation. Brown particlarly liked it with tax regulation.


          • R Sonist says:

            Well that would leave a lot less to burn down then wouldn’t it!


      • 100
        green ink says:

        absolutely but the message going out is cameron is against legislation and is betraying victims…that is just not true.

        unquestionably statute can be subsequently amended to do all sorts of things media related that is very much not in the public interest. Any sort of ‘thin wedge’ effect of legislation that can lead to restriction of press and speech freedoms is completely untenable and cameron recognises the complications therein.


        • 157
          South of the M4 says:

          There lies the root of this governments problems. An ex PR professional is being consistently out-witted by the Labour PR machine. And to the long-term detriment of the British people. Wavy needs to get a grip.


          • T. P. Fuller says:

            @green ink — no no, you are wrong, Cameron is heartless and laughs evilly at the victims … I heard it on the BBC.


          • green ink says:

            the bbc …a biased law unto themselves and risible lack of some basic rules of journalism.


  27. 44
    Oliver Cromwell is alive and well in PC World says:

    Christmas is banned. Season Greetings to all nationalities, religions and atheists. And mustn’t forget the devil worshippers.


    • 84
      A Harbinger of Doom says:

      Sure you are not mistaken? Currys and PC World are one and the same these days


    • 95
      WiccaWarlock says:

      (Cough) Or the Wicca.


    • 98
      Buy him a box of bangers and a packet of sparklers says:

      PC World? Seen this?


    • 114
      Bonkers Leveson says:

      It is essential that Christmas must be regulated by the state so people can only drink two units of alcohol over the Xmas period.


    • 263
      Santa's whippet says:

      I’ve been queuing and waiting for the Focus DIY store sale to start. Don’t want a repeat of what happened last year at Woolworths. Still, I’ve got my Zavvi gift vouchers to spend and will have to see if there’s a copy of “Two Little Boys” on cassette. Always liked that one. Can’t remember who sings it though. If not, then “Sun Arise” played on a Stylophone by that bloke with a beard that painted a weird looking woman.

      Have got my eye on a new television at Comet with teletext and a FarePak Christmas hamper thrown in for £199. That’s my bargain of the year. Free delivery by 2020 so long as stocks last.

      There’s caviar at Lidl (or was it Aldi?), so it should be a right royal Christmas feast at home this year.


  28. 48
    Political Scrapbook says:

    Iain Duncan Smith told a boy to ‘go to the Jobcentre’ when his disabled father died a day after after being declared fit for work by the DWP. Kieran McArdle claims that the stress caused by the results of an Atos test contributed to the death of his dad, who was left half-blind and paralysed following a stroke.

    When the 13 year-old wrote to IDS, however, the response from the work and pensions secretary concluded with a ’cut and paste’ invitation to make an appointment with a Jobcentre to “discuss the outcome of your father’s claim”.


  29. 50
    Postal Voter says:

    Nigel claims that Libor’s postal voting system is open to fraud….but I only voted 372 times this year.


  30. 52
    The Truth behind Dave's minimum. says:

    Dave is a liar.

    8 cans of Aldi pear cider costs £4.58 now.

    Minimum priced at 50p a unit they will cost £9.20p

    That is over 100% inflation.

    Of course the plonk that Dave drinks will NOT be affected.


    • 146
      The Rich Tosser in No 10 says:

      I can afford the best! – only common people whinge about the cost of champers!

      What’s ‘sider’ anyway?


  31. 53
    Pleb says:

    Last year Cameron kept telling us he wanted to give Coulson a second chance, now he wants to give the rest of them a second chance.
    For the same reason. They have got him by the goolies.


    • 57
      Malice In Wonderland says:

      Cameron has made a massive mistake on this one. The Dowlers and McCanns of this country, the ordinary people whose lives have been shattered by a market driven rabid press won’t allow it. He made the choice to side with Murdoch over the Dowlers and he will pay a very high price for such stupidity.


    • 92
      Dave's Goolies says:

      Form an orderly queue please and a bit less of the alcohol rub ta.


    • 122
      I am not Bonkers Leveson says:

      If you are against second chances you presumably want anyone convicted of a crime to serve life imprisonment and no appeals to any criminal convicted of a crime and no prevarication of sending criminals back to their home country. Is this what the left wing thinks? Or are they just as hypocritical on that as they are on everything else?


  32. 58
    Some Twat up North and his celebrity gerbil says:

    I’ll take a stroll down from Jarrow. What times the cab home?


  33. 60
    Diane Abbott says:

    Do you want a singer at the end of the night?


  34. 63
    Lord mandlebum of Fondleboys says:

    Is there a boy band booked for our delight and delictation?


  35. 68
    Cherie Blair says:

    Are the drinks free?


  36. 69
    Silly Sally B13 COW says:

    SW 1 ? Stop off at ours afterwards for a nightcap.


  37. 72
    Jimmy says:

    Who’s designated driver?


  38. 81
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Even the left are begining to see the light.


    • 105
      Buy him a box of bangers and a packet of sparklers says:

      State the bleeding obvious. It baffles me how the germans still hang around with us total fuck ups, it really does.We couldn’t organise fuck all these days, let alone a piss up in a brewery. Ey Franzl, agreed?


  39. 101
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Thanks but no thanks. I prefer to remember Londistan as it was in the 1960’s.


  40. 106

    The venue in SW1 is KFC, 115 Buckingham Palace Road.


  41. 107
    STROPPYCOW says:

    If I can be arsed might come for the craick (er.. crack?) but you’re off my Christmas list G’ weed o for sending my caption into oblivion earlier …..FFS ….hic


  42. 108
    Danny Alexander says:

    I’m a C*UNT


  43. 113
    Kebab Time says:

    I will be there – lick last year I will sitting and the back just watching


  44. 124
    Riggsy Brown says:

    I ‘ll be there. There’s a few regulars here that I’d like to meet. Can I bring a guitar?


  45. 127
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Make that `who I’d like to meet’. Started earlier than usual today ;).


  46. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Keep an eye on Ed Balls.


    • 133
      its bleak in sunderland says:

      As I said on this blog yeterday best bit of the HoC yesterday a double whammy to gobshite Docherty and Waaaa.r Balls


    • 139
      Jimmy says:

      Such statesmanship. You must all be so proud.


      • 154
        Big Brother is watching you says:

        What? Are you saying Dave is wrong?

        Didn’t your darling Gordon call a woman who questioned the amount of immigration into this country a ‘bigot’? Is that not a smear? If not, why did he go straight round her house with a grovelling apology?


        • 184
          Jimmy says:

          I’m sorry if I was unclear. My point is that a PM at the despatch box should refrain from acting like a petulant teenager. This is a habit of his and it seems to be getting worse. I’m not a big fan of the tory party as you know but there was at least a time when they behaved like adults.


    • 180
      rocknrolla says:

      haha, made me laugh, wish the camera lingered a bit longer on the labour front bench – christ what a set of useless twats – Miliband, Harperson, Balls – if you put the 3 of them in charge of a fish n chip shop they would screw it up and they want to run the country.


  47. 135
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    I gather that Mc Shame will maken an appearence together with Oscar the Ironing Board aka Margeret Moron


  48. 144
    “Butch” (trousers in socks) Mitchell says:

    So very terribly sad that my Overseas Aid Scam to RawUnder has been rumbled! What next I wonder? I know – I’ll see if I can sponge off Guido!


  49. 149
    Nissan Main Dealer says:

    I really admire George Galloway. Will I still be welcomed for a few drinks?


  50. 152
  51. 153
    E says:

    Hmmm .

    Wenesday ain’t sooo good for me , honey ;(

    Can u do it the next day , or Thursday , petal ???

    Ta ♥

    Plus , if u unbans my moniker , Ewa might buy a drink , mightn’t she ???

    Plus +1 : Get the movers and shakers to fuck off somewhere else , hun :( Seasoned drunks can stay , I spose .

    Plus +2 *mops cider offa keyboard an cat*

    Plus +3 : Has u got rid of that ridiculous weirdy beardy yet , darlin ??

    Plus +4 : No talkin bout politics , an that .

    Plus +7 : No talkin .

    Plus +8 : Is William Botty goin ???

    How much is tube fare to SW1 these days , anyways ??

    Fuck nose – probly a tenner , wotever , ain’t it ??

    I find u guys an debunk ya *burrp*

    Laters , Ewa x x x


  52. 161
    Buy him a box of bangers and a packet of sparklers says:

    SW1? let me guess the Shakespeare opposite Vicky station? or….


  53. 166
    Rasta Bob, your friendly supplier says:


    I already supply many in SWI

    I have the finest products

    The finest crack wrapped in Davidoff leaves…

    I even used to deliver to N Scotland Y if you know what I mean

    Until the Sun blew my cover

    But I am sure that I can supply your Christmas drinks party and have everyone rolling around happy and totally out of control…


  54. 168
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Can I put you on a retainer fawkes?

    SInce I have already given you a platform in the WSJ and now the Sun

    A retainer would be cheaper for such a good whitewashing and disinformation job you are doing for me…


  55. 182
    HOHUM says:

    Guido’s Christmas Drinks:
    Bring your own. :-)


  56. 183
    not a machine reloaded says:

    mmm see if I can make it ….. Ill be the one with the black trench coat and empty pint glass , asking if Old holbourn has turned up to enquire who does his graphics .

    had a few wha wha whaaas from labour , but I get the feeling they are a bit more uncertain behind the winning smiles , I have always been fascinated why even an educated Labour conscript , has a bit of miscompute when faced with the fact , healing the economy will almost take as long as the time they were hosing the walls with tax payer champagne joy, when in office . Nor the truth about the wastelands they created while spending for vote dillusion . As ever they shout and talk about a lot about anything but the inherent fraud of there own ideaology .

    So we have chancellors pre budget speech and then its onto round 2 of EU robbers disguised as indiferent beaurocrats in jan , after that its anyones guess if USA has fiscal cliff and Euro has fiscal truth .

    I dont think I will post much , to put it mildly , the liars are running out of runway if they havent worked out what to do , it will wash them all out there seats .


  57. 190
    Lol says:

    That so appealled to my childish sense of humour. Lol


  58. 196
    Billy from Swansea Dockers Club says:

    Me and the boys will be paying a visit .

    I hope the count has remembered to lay on plenty of that Fullers.


  59. 205
    OAP I'm Bloody Cold Just Put My Tenth Coat on before getting int bed says:

    I can’t afford to go drinking with you guys, can’t afford to keep me heating on.


  60. 211
    I remember when there were public toilets in the Rhondda says:

    7,000 people in the Rhondda have been left for hours tonight without water .

    No fucking visit from David Cameron .

    In fact no fucking Conservative to be found anywhere near the place .

    Thank Christ for Peter Hain .


    • 215
      its bleak in sunderland says:

      Wheres Bryant ?


    • 216
      Joss Taskin says:

      Isn’t Wales a Libor enclave ??


      • 223
        Saffron says:

        To 204.
        Yes it is,based on coal.
        Liebour seem to forget that they closed down more mines than the Cons under Weggie woody benn.
        Liebour are a young party as politics go and are by far the party who have consistently let the people of this land down in many ideological ways.
        This party are for state control of peoples lives as was the USSR until it was put out of business.
        When are the red rose brain dead voters going to cotton on that the party that their ancestors voted for years ago,is not that same party.
        They are a party of political opportunists as are the other two in it for what they can get.
        When oh When are voters going to wake up to reallity and get rid of these parasites who for long enough have exploited us for their own ends.


    • 218
      Vote labour, get labour treatment. says:

      “Thank Christ for Peter Hain ”

      Does he glow in the dark?


    • 221
      its bleak in sunderland says:

      Help me Rhonnda


    • 222
      Expat Geordie says:

      So if Cameron turned up now, as in this very instant, and all the water came back on at his command. If he then found well paying jobs for everyone there. And if he turned the Rhondda into heaven on earth. If he did all of this, would he get any credit from the locals for it? Would he get any thanks? Would he get any votes?

      The answer to all three is “no”. The locals would still vote Labour, who would then go and bugger everything up again, whilst blaming “the Tories” for their corrupt incompetence.

      By voting Labour, despite everything, people (I use the term loosely) in Rhondda, Rotherham, Middlesbrough, Croydon North, and other crap holes, break the first rule of civilised behaviour in humans and animals – DON’T SHIT ON YOUR OWN DOORSTEP!


    • 224
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      “No fucking visit from David Cameron .”

      Like everyone else, he probably has no idea where Rhondda is.

      I take it it’s just a Labour shit-hole. Speaking of Labour – did they build public toilets in Rhondda? NO? Not in 13 years of Labour government? No toilets? But Labour blew a trillion quid!?

      Maybe Labour doesn’t give a shit about Rhondda, either.


      • 227
        Saffron says:

        To 212.
        Liebour are quite adept at blowing other peoples money,they have a history of it.
        Their financial grasp of things over the years ammounts to financial incompetence.


      • 249
        Ailingstare Campybull says:

        I ran this Huntry – don’t you forget it!


  61. 228
    Fat Presley says:

    Prescott what will you name the baby!!! he did kick!!!!
    i am not pregnent. i am only a fatty.


  62. 229
  63. 235
    the poor bloody tax-payer says:

    mine WAS a largshh won


  64. 239
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I’ll read this lot tommorrow.


    • 256
      User Manual Vol 37. says:

      Damned decent of you, I’m sure.


      • 261
        Trefor from Treherbert says:

        Last night I was in The Maerdy geting ratarsed .

        I knew nothing about all this until I got home .

        The Tories dont give a fuck about us .

        I remember when it snowed in February 1978 .

        At least Labour sent a snow plough stuck on the end of a tractor .


  65. 240
    Polly Pot says:

    Sometimes I feel it would be better to gouge out my eyes so I don’t have look upon a Tory Britain.

    When I get that depressed at the poverty and hopelessness of a class riven, prospect zero, youth unemployed, coal fired, Thatcher legacy UK society,
    I fly to Tuscany for the winter


  66. 241
    albacore says:

    You know how Dave was so grieved by the press
    He told Leveson to sort out the mess?
    I wonder what snooper he’ll get to nose
    Into the risks that local councils pose
    If every oik’s tablet’s stuffed to the brim
    With what they know about you, me – and him


    • 244
      Chris Bryant says:

      I’m there. I’ll come dressed as Tarzan in a tight fitting leopard skin thong , swinging a giant inflateable banana. Game on. Thanks.


  67. 246
    Cameron is a Cunt! says:

    No! – I love Hunts – any shape – any size! At the very least they give you pleasure and interest! Cameron is just a waste of space and time, – in fact – a horrible little slimy shit! – and who needs that?


  68. 258
    User Manual Vol 37. says:

    Just remember that wee Johnny only drinks half-pints (or is that some undefinable amount in litres or Millidrops?)


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