November 29th, 2012



Lord Justice Leveson slams press saying “behaviour can only be described as outrageous” across all papers and says criminality was ignored. The police get off relatively lightly, but politicians are slammed for years of turning a blind eye and getting too cosy.

The PCC is a goner. Brian recommends parliament legislate to set up a body to regulate the press that has the power to force due prominence apologies and corrections and fine up a million pounds or 1% of turnover. It should have investigative power.

The press will have to come up with their own body and pay for it. The new body will be “validated” by Ofcom. The body will have no power to make organisations and titles join it but those that do not will be seen in the eyes of the law as negligent and showing wilful disregard for standards and thus face far high costs in civil claims. He says government might want to consider Ofcom regulating those that refuse to join and should be considered as overseeing body if new system fails.

Leveson dresses up new legislation as enshrining freedom of the press and closes with a quote from Sir John Major saying its now or never. Leveson says this is not state regulation but an independent body given powers by the state.

The police are to stop using the term “off the record” and politicians should publish all relationships with senior media figures and brief notes of what was discussed. Estimate of all forms of contact including emails and texts should also be published

On a political note Leveson says there was no deal with the Tories and News Int, criticises but does not name politicians for being too close to media, turning blind eye and failing to get a grip sooner. All too close. Hunt is cleared of bias, though Cable gets a slap for letting his own views get in the way.

More follows…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Underpinned by state legislation?

    So politicians that dont want the press exposing there dodgy deals will make the rules?

  2. 2
    Leveson says:

    Trebles All Round!

  3. 3
    St Vince of Cable says:

    The Cable Fable is over.

  4. 4
    Voodoo Roy says:

    For “statutory measures”, if they are as Guido describes they are fairly mild.

    Hopefully Labour will now apologise for the hysteria about Hunt/Murdoch, which was as irresponsible and flimsy as anything News Intl have ever published.

  5. 5
    I'd love to see the look on Harpic's face right now says:

    Ha ha! Labour will be spitting blood over the report declaring there was no deal between Tories and News Int and clearing Hunt of bias!

  6. 6
    Kiss me Prisoner Hardy says:

    Looks Like Fraser Nelson is off to Pokey then.

  7. 7
    Snaplegs says:

    Leveson report has landed…..

    …..and the world keeps turning

  8. 8
    Cut the Cable says:

    Will Cameron now finally sack Cable?

    Course not! That would take balls!

  9. 9
    PBT says:

    then thats all right then – gongs all round – SNAFU!

    bill please?

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t sound that unreasonable….

  11. 11
    Fishy says:

    BBC- criticism of politicians made in the broadest sense over a number of years- nothing in the executive summary that pins anything on Cameron….but we haven’t read the report in full, so well keep looking !!!!!

  12. 12
    Jimmy says:

    Either Guido is a very quick reader or he got his talking points from someone who had the report earlier. I’m going with quick reader.

  13. 13
    Wrong, wrong, wrong m'lud(dite) says:

    This can only be the thin end of the wedge.

    Still, Sally back on Twitter, so we need to rely on her for mentions of unsavoury goings on. *innocent gulp*

  14. 14
    Good afternoon says:

    I don’t think I like Brian. Pompous git.

    And as for the Mcann’s They used the press day after day for six months. It was only when the English blood hounds told the portuguese plod that there was a dead body in their flat and car and the British press reported several weeks later that they started complaining.

  15. 15
    Rob says:

    So, follow the State line and cosy up to fellow thinkers and get an easy ride, but believe in a free press, not join and they’ll screw you.

    My prediction: mysteriously, right leaning papers will be hit harder and more often than left-leaning ones, regardless of the offence…

  16. 16
    Peers blankly says:

    Maybe someone hacked the Report?

  17. 17
    Plato says:

    If criminality was ignored, how can the police get off lightly?

  18. 18
    The Last Post says:

    How long will dtp papers actually last?

  19. 19
    Steve Coogan says:

    I should control the press as I’m a comic genius and staunch Labour voter. Down with the Tory scum!

  20. 20
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    If as Guido reports ther is to be state reugulation of the press this is a bad day for democracy and freedom of expression,without the press thieving crokks like Chaytor,Devine,Morley,Illsley and Moran together with McShame would never have been exposed.The criminal law and the laws governing libel are enough to protect the public we dont need anymore legislation.

  21. 21
    Oooh Err says:

    Is it true that Fatson has just Spontaneously combused

  22. 22
    Cable nit(ter) says:

    A con man called Vince met a fairy
    And was granted just one wish.
    He wanted to be seen as a great sage
    And not as somebody’s bitch.

    The wish was granted readily
    For Vince had plans, no fear
    But poor Vince did not hear the warning
    That the wish would last just 2 years.

    The times up for the wizened old man.
    His mission that started with zeal
    Was truly demolished by Andrew –
    That is Paisley’s own Andrew Neil

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Leveson comes up with an analgoue solution for the digital age. The money spent might as well have been stacked up and set alight.

  24. 24
    Whistleblower says:

    If we have a Free Press which newspaper will have the balls to run this story.

  25. 25
    $50 for a quickie Hugh? says:

    A Divine result.

  26. 26
    Molotov Chucker says:

    Possibly, I couldn’t comment.

  27. 27
    Gordon Brown says:

    There WAS a deal between Cameron and News International! There WAS! This report is bigoted! Noooo!!!! Wibble wobble!

  28. 28
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    This is fucking outrageous. Why should the newspaper that pays me £500,000 a year to advise them have to fork out for an organisation to fuck them.

  29. 29
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    A fine of one percent of turnover will have become vanishingly small before the legislation is even on the books.

  30. 30
    IMHO says:

    Ironic that the report looks like 5 years worth of BT telephone directories and just as interesting to read.

  31. 31
    Happy Endings says:

    No corruption in the police?! Ha ha! Brian clearly got his orders for this report!

    That’ll be some more massages and happy endings at the coppers’ “health spa” of choice.

  32. 32
    mre says:

    #sillycow is back on twitter, lol here we go again…..

    2 tweets and she has already upset blunket,cameron and clegg… go girl.

  33. 33
    Gordon Brown says:

    Would you like to read my magnum opus Beyond The Crash?

  34. 34
    Apologise? Labour? says:

    Labour’s mistakes: innumerable.
    Labour’s apologies: 0.00.

  35. 35
    Gonk III says:

    Undesirable but acceptable.

  36. 36
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    My Lord, rest assured that any regulator will soon be seeing things our way.

    £500,000 is a paltry amount. You need to renegotiate. The Cayman Islands, so beautiful. Leveson and I often meet there.

  37. 37
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Has Cable resigned yet?

  38. 38
  39. 39
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Shortage of officers due to the cuts, perhaps?

  40. 40
    Did Leveson mean to say says:

    Who will guard The Guardian?

  41. 41
    Unintended consequences come a callin' says:

    I’m not so sure.

    “The press will have to come up with their own body and pay for it.”

    How do you define ‘Press’? What if you start a blog? Or a small online local newsletter? Is that ‘the press’? How much will Ethel Peabody aged 82, blog writer, have to pay? And if Ethel doesn’t pay, will she be “seen in the eyes of the law as negligent and showing wilful disregard for standards”? Will she get threatening letters from faceless bureaucrats?

    I see a major f*cking mess in the making.

  42. 42
    not a machine reloaded says:

    For some reason I kept thinking of Robbin Williams parody of Walter Kronkite on good mornin vietnam …..

    Guido got mention on sky as being one the reasons why statutory wont work as can be out of jurisdiction.

  43. 43
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Back of the net ?

  44. 44
    not a machine reloaded says:

    we found no bias …. :)

  45. 45
    not a machine reloaded says:

    Is it called, one year on , or manageing annual speaking well ….. :)

  46. 46
    Plato says:

    Possibly the police ‘suggested’ they might reveal what really happened in all of this if they were criticised too much?

  47. 47
    Tom says:

    Read the summary again. FN will run a higher risk.

  48. 48
    Tom says:

    What, like *savoury gulps* ?

  49. 49
    smoggie says:

    One swallow does not make a summons.

    No wonder our Hugh is hacked off for being collared.

  50. 50
    Well is it legislation or not? says:

    A finger of fudge is just enough to give the plebs a cheat.

  51. 51
    Archer Karcher says:

    “I see a major f*cking mess in the making.”

    A major f*cking mess was nailed on, the day Brian Leveson was appointed.

  52. 52
    Summary for those who missed it says:

  53. 53
    Harman is a proven a LIAR by a judge lead inquiry says:

    So will Harriet Harman apologise to the house for blackening the name of Jeremy hunt?

    “Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman says the Culture Secretary “evidently” misled Parliament over his dealings with Murdoch’s BSkyB and should resign for breaking the ministerial code. ”

  54. 54
    Miliboy says:

    We need a clean sweep. Close down all of the press and start again.

    The new ‘paper will be called, “Gas the Fuckers Now”. Anybody or anything that disagrees with me will be gassed.

    My Dad tried to get me gassed to save his own skin but found this impossible because I had not been born.

    The press will not break the law because I am the law and I will make it up day by day.

  55. 55
    Plato says:

    Only if he libels someone? Seems fair enough?

  56. 56
    Ruffbadger says:

    1% of turnover. I shit more than that each morning.

  57. 57
    Vomit inducing says:

    You think THIS will apologise for anything?

  58. 58
    Mark Oaten says:

    Ooh, you know how to turn me on!

  59. 59
    33rd degree masonic judge says:

    Of course the police are innocent!

    …nudge, nudge, funny handshake and pyramid shape made with the forefingers etc.

  60. 60
    Pc Plod 666 says:

    cor stryke a lite that was close

    now we can get back to the business of informing the press when we are planning to arrest someone – but for no benefit to plod, just becoz we luv press freedom and coz thaz the kind of guyz we izz

  61. 61
    Calm down dear says:

    This isn’t about blogs and it never will be. However if a big time blogger like dear Guido wants to join up he can if he sees an advantage.

  62. 62
    Rab Butler says:

    Maybe they have leather aprons that protect them from criticism.

  63. 63
    Come on Porpoise says:


  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    One of the real horrors is recommendation 38 (page 37 of the Executive Summary): “In conjunction with Recommendation 11 above, consideration should also be given to Code amendments which, while fully protecting freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, would equip that body with the power to intervene in cases of allegedly discriminatory reporting, and in so doing reflect the spirit of equalities legislation”. That is, newspapers really ought to be politically correct.

  65. 65
    Free Englishman says:

    Leveson is only entitled to make ‘recommendations’. One hopes that they are kicked into the long grass immediately.

  66. 66
    ? says:

    who are these newspapers which Leveson called ‘honourable exceptions’?

  67. 67
    Free Englishman says:

    Oh yes?
    Recommendation 38 : “In conjunction with Recommendation 11 above, consideration should also be given to Code amendments which, while fully protecting freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, would equip that body with the power to intervene in cases of allegedly discriminatory reporting, and in so doing reflect the spirit of equalities legislation”.

  68. 68
    The Insurance Firm Of Kray & Kray says:

    No, Mr Landlord, you don’t HAVE to pay us, but you might end up having to call the Old Bill every night to break up the barroom brawls which will undoubtedly take place in your failure to do so. And we know plenty of rozzers who might want to require a small stipend from you to assure quick response on their part. It’s your call. A small illustration of what can happen:

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly, their courting of the press was shameless, and in the case of the Dowlers, whilst having your daughter murdered is appalling, i never really understood why having a text message on her phone deleted was seen as a lot worse.Was it because Dads “hobbies”were outed in the press i wonder.

  70. 70
    Really? says:

    Nothing and I mean nothing, is beyond the crooks who run ACPO.

  71. 71
    Ann Widdecombe says:

    Go away Steve you irritating smug git. You were good as Alan Partridge, but you wouldn’t be anything without Armando Iannucci.

  72. 72 says:

    Anything pinned on Brown or Blair, since all this happened when they were in government?

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Labour are becoming steadily more nasty as they see themselves becoming ever more irrelevant, some of their antics wouldnt be believed.

  74. 74 says:

    Leveson’s pin number was 1234?

  75. 75 says:

    Yes how could they manipulate the press so cynically in order to get them to help find their daughter? Utterly shamless.

  76. 76
    Unintended consequences come a callin' says:

    “This isn’t about blogs and it never will be”

    Famous last words.

    So what’s the definition of “the press”?

  77. 77
    James Gillray 1756-1815 says:

    I am turning in my grave. 300 years of a free England and now this…

  78. 78
    Honest View says:

    If…. but there isn’t to be state regugulationess. I thought Leveson was balanced and sensible, which I know isn’t good for thrilling blog entries, but there you go…

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Well spotted.
    That’s shocking.

  80. 80
    MP says:

    I have just wiped my arse on the Guardian because they have run out of bog roll at Strensham Motorway Services.

    Does this count as “CONTACT WITH SENIOR MEDIA?”

  81. 81
    Honest View says:

    Want an interesting read, go to a bookshop and choose.

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve just taken out a sub to The Spectator.

  83. 83 says:

    Can’t we have some statutory regulation against hypocrisy?

  84. 84
    JH1 says:

    I didn’t know they had an undersea base.

  85. 85
    green ink says:

    pragmatic report

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Im never watching anything with Hugh, steve, sienna, charlotte etc in again. Total morons, if they hadnt behaved like kiddies in a sweetshop cos they aquired money, they wouldnt have been outed.

  87. 87
    Mc Shamed says:

    And in Rotherham Lab seems to be onto a loser. Hattie went there didn’t she? There are only so many laptops you can steal, only so many ‘parachuted’ candidates are acceptable, and only so many garages that you can use as your office.

  88. 88
    Brian says:

    Hey nonny noh.

    I’m orf to the Southern Hemisphere to pick up many £££££££££ for a talk or two.

    Bye plebs.

  89. 89
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    FFS that is shocking !!

  90. 90
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    That is disgusting, but good choice on paper.

  91. 91
    Admiral Lord Nelson says:

    Para 318 of Part F:

    This evidence does not establish that Mr Morgan authorised the hacking of voicemails or that journalists employed by TMG were indulging in this practice. What it does, however, clearly prove is that he was aware that it was taking place in the press as a whole and that he was sufficiently unembarrassed by what was criminal behaviour that he was prepared to joke about it.

  92. 92
    De-illusioned says:

    Haven’t read all the comments (who’s got the time?), but G, that’s not what Leveson said. He recommended that THE PRESS set up a regulatory body [to replace the PCC, and WITHOUT any serving journos sitting on it], and then parliament should legislate to give that body powers to hold members to account. If parliament is not satisfied with the new body’s independence, no deal.
    This “statutory underpinning” has been spun to mean “government editing of the press” since day 1 of this inquiry, but unfortunately Leveson argues for something more nuanced than you (plural – this inquiry has accounted for almost 100% of media coverage today) thought he would, and so all the pre-prepared arguments against a Mugabe-style Hitler-inspired Stalinist state control of the media fall rather flat.
    [in italic font and coloured red:] Read the report first, then comment on it Fawkes.

  93. 93
    MB. says:

    “The body will have no power to make organisations and titles join it but those that do not will be seen in the eyes of the law as negligent and showing wilful disregard for standards and thus face far high costs in civil claims.”

    Why can’t the same be used to support a voluntary body? Anyone not complying with their decisions will be considered negligent and get high costs in civil claims? The courts could also be told to hit news papers harder if the voluntary body (which they support) is not doing its job.

    It will be made clear to a voluntary body that an external body will be quickly brought in if they do not do their job with perhaps plans for such an organisation being planned so could be completed quickly if needed.

  94. 94
    nickleaton says:

    Cable gets a slap for letting his own views get in the way.


    Hmmm conspire to break the human rights act, and you’re given a slap.

  95. 95
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Its all crap Anyone who believes all they read in DTP is nuts anyway.

    Also I’m beginning to lose sympathy for the Dowlers particularly as they are alleged to have been paid £1,000,000 by Murdoch AND its been found that the NoW did NOT hack their daughters phone as 1st thought. The voicemail was ‘cleaned’ by the automatic system. So will they be returning the ‘compensation’

  96. 96
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Super injunctions have already had stifling effect on the press this, if enacted by the politicians, will make ALL reporting sterile.

    It ain’t great but leave them alone. What the politicians could do is reinstate legal aid to the little people so they & not just the rich can defend their reputation.

  97. 97
    fitzfitz says:

    What’s the latest Super Injunction news … ??

  98. 98
    hwrgy says:

    can’t tell you…….ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

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