November 27th, 2012

BoJo Does Mobot


  1. 1
    EC1 PhD says:

    Marvellous Boris – less fat too


    • 23
      Aunt Mat says:

      We all think that Boris is so lovable.

      We have not got bored with his buffoonery.

      How wonderful if he and that nice Mr. Berlusconi could have been a double act.

      How happy we would have been.


  2. 2
    Dick Scratcher says:

    What a fucking prick.


    • 12
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      He does this because he thinks that this is what the electorate wants – clowning, rather than rational, just, efficient and effective politics.

      And the sad thing is, he’s probably right.

      So we have an elite of troughing clowns.


      • 20
        digitaltoast says:

        Quiet Bat Person wrote:

        “He does this because he thinks that this is what the electorate wants”

        Right below the fucking video, the first thing is says is:

        “Boris Johnson, London Mayor, does the Mobot for the Mo Farah Foundation”.

        3 seconds on Google:

        “We provide life saving aid to some of the millions of people facing starvation and disease in East Africa”.

        Might not be your cup of tea, but don’t be such a fucking retard about it, eh?


        • 26
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          No mention of Mo or Farah in the video.

          So a failure to get any message across there.

          Of course, every wiggle of a ‘celebrity’ saves a starving child. Or at least makes someone in the west feel somehow cozy for watching a charity video, without addressing any of the fundamental issues of world economics behind global poverty and starvation.

          Still, a little dance makes it look like he fucking cares and keeps the plebs happy.

          Perhaps if Boris waas earnest about helping solve world poverty, he would be encouraging the vultures in the City of London to stop being bankster parasites.

          Perhaps Boris should have a word with the Lord Mayor of London about it.


          • digitaltoast says:

            Would it help if they had a huge banner before, during and after the video explaining exactly what was going on for those too thick to glance a whole centimetre below the video and click the which would have explained why the video was made like that?

            Maybe some skating cats or something might suit your attention span and intellect better.

            New to this interwebs thing, are you? And isn’t it past your bedtime? If you’re still up, what’s your prefence? More monotonous nasal whining from Ken as he pisses cash into a variety of scam community projects and whiles away his time invite a seemingly never-ending string of fascist hate preachers and anti-Semites to London?


          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            Would it help if they had a huge banner before, during and after the video explaining exactly what was going on

            >Yep, you got it in one.

            for those too thick to glance a whole centimetre below the video and click the which would have explained why the video was made like that?

            > What about people who are to thick to realise that if I watch it on this website, rather than going to Youtube, the explanation isn’t there? Oh, I get it, I have to follow EVERY SINGLE FUCKING LINK on EVERY website because the person trying to put a message across hasn’t the nous to put it in the main content.

            As for Ken, I can’t stand him. That doesn’t make Boris a genius though.


    • 57
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      I think he aspires to be a fucking prick but hasn’t got what it takes to become as good as that.

      Good job no fucking idiots have given him an important job to do.


  3. 3
    IHMO says:

    Not a full shilling is he?.


    • 5
      Anonymous says:

      fun. but has boris johnson betrayed the nation.
      he has shifted from a to a maybe on the subject of eu.


      • 11
        Boris Johnson says:

        Yes, the EU’s jolly good actually. I didn’t realise just how good it is until it dawned on me I wasn’t going to take over from Dave. Then, actually, I realised I’d better pally-up with the folks in Brussels and see what job opportunities might arise over there for me. Lots, as it happens, with lots of wonga.

        This is what really counts, actually, so stuff you lot!


      • 14
        Anonymous says:

        does he have shifty eyes?
        or is he just shifty?


        • 22
          bumboys and nonces says:

          It’s not just his eyes that are shifty.

          His cock has been all sorts of places that it shouldn’t have.


        • 25
          The savant8.5 says:

          Of course he has shifty eyes he s a johnny. Turk for goddssake

          What do you expect a hail fellow wel met bright eyed bushy tailed open and honest faced british pumpkin

          As my friends in murder mile clapton would say

          Pull the middle leg

          It s got balls on …


  4. 4
    Everyone in Chingford says:

    He’s perfect as a mobotist.

    Pity he’s turning out to be a bit of a dud as mayor.


    • 38
      Archer Karcher says:

      Turning out?

      Have you not been paying attention? He has always been a dud mayor, the only reason he got elected was because Livingstone was so ghastly.


  5. 6
    Riyadh Issa says:

    This man is the Mayor of London!! What an Idiot!


    • 29
      Tessa says:

      I am back with my darling hubby and only ignorant plebs would ever suggest that I left him as a career move, knowing that we’d be back lovey-dovey when I’d had enough of being an MP.


  6. 7
    Kebab Time says:

    Boris is against Benefit cap, against 3rd runway and backing Dave on a in/in referendum.

    and some think he is more of a Tory than Dave.


    • 9
      Dick Scratcher says:

      …and the stupid fat slob wants to Gov to relax the rules on overseas student visas FFS.

      Next leader? Bollocks.

      Gove will piss it.


    • 17
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Boris is not against a 3rd runway, he just doesn’t think it should be at Heathrow. In this, he is joined by the electorate of west London and all those passengers who have been subject to the unofficial inspection and confiscation of personal belongings of Heathrow’s vigilante customs officers in baggage handling Boris has always been pro-Turkey rather than pro-EU, which given his antecedents is unsurprising, and you don’t need to be a mindless raving Lefty to realise that the Benefit cap as envisioned would markedly affect the wellbeing of London’s poorest. – which Boris just happens to represent. As the next Leader of the Conservative Party, Boris is in the same position as Good Queen Bess, ie that of doing nothing to excite the emotions of one whose Crown lies uneasily upon his head and will assassinate him at the first wrong move.


      • 42
        Archer Karcher says:

        London’s poorest?

        That would be those stupid enough to work for a living instead of scrounging. Johnson is an out of touch, posh public school, multi millionaire, elitist socialist, just like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

        If he ever became Tory leader, he would be on the first plane to the next Bilderberg meeting to swear his allegiance to the global elite.


  7. 8
    Sir William Waad says:

    Wait till you see his “I’m a Little Teapot”


  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    I like (E)U … I like (E)U not … I like (E)U … I like (E)U not …


  9. 13
    Kebab Lord Watch says:

    What’s this I read about Cameron creating 100 Lords?

    What the fuck for?


    • 18
      8illy Smart says:

      Cameron knows he is a one term prime minister and so is making sure the Tories keep power through the Lords.

      Time to disband the Lords, there is no earthly reason for them other than placating the Aristocracy.


    • 19
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The GDP is suffering due to lack of expenses stimulating the economy.


    • 27
      The savant8.5 says:

      Wot for ??

      280 pounds a day. Signing in fee and then sodding off to the gastronomic delights of south ken and later the fleshpots of the upper echelon bordellos of curzon street.

      That s wot for !!


    • 33

      “What’s this I read about Cameron creating 100 Lords?

      What the fuck for?”

      gay marriage


      • 45
        Archer Karcher says:

        Cameron must have had a lot of takers for his £250,000 suppers, who require the appropriate reward.


    • 35
      Are you listening 2 jags? says:

      I am willing
      To take Cameron’s shilling
      And parade in ermine
      With the other vermin.

      All will be fine
      But I do draw the line
      At playing lawn croquet
      With Lords who like pokey.


      • 52
        2 Jags Half a Brain with large boot for all the Pies says:

        When they watch the croquet. I fill me boots an pig the pies down.


  10. 15
    FFS says:

    Perhaps he could sort the fuckin m0db0t…


  11. 16
    CCHQ says:

    UPDATE: that ‘spoof’ sex-for-fees site is registered to an LSE professor! Almost certainly a malicious spoof.


  12. 21
    Mark Carney says:

    Curried Chicken. Fuck it. I’m having a Pot Noodle.


  13. 31
    a wolf in clowns clothing says:

    Boris Johnson is a charlatan and a chancer. Some idiots on the right still think he’s on their side but Johnson is against a referendum on the EU, he wants Turkey to be brought in to the EU thus allowing millions of Turkish Moslems to live in Britain,and he wants an amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal third world immigrants in London.


    • 48
      Archer Karcher says:

      + 68,000,000

      Johnson is a very dangerous man underneath his clown suit antics, he is Bliar, McBust, Cameron continuum.

      He is NOT a conservative in any way, shape or form.


  14. 32

    Anyone know a public figure who isn’t a paedophile?


  15. 36
    Mrs Mills says:

    The mobot was so last season. BoJo should be dancing Gangnam Style if he wants to latch on to a fad [albeit a dying one].


  16. 39
    if you dont mind says:

    I lost all support and respect I had for Farah’s achievements once he started with that Mo-bot nonsense.
    Just fucking run, run well and stop being a twat afterwards.


  17. 40
  18. 41
    Alan Shagger says:

    Electing Boris Johnson the first time as Mayor was a slightly funny joke, but the joke has now worn too thin.
    He is a fucking embarrassment.


  19. 44
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Mo ??

    FFS Mo says he should win BeeB Sports Personality of the year and he lives in the US…. fails on both fronts !!


  20. 50
    Reimer says:

    I suppose Gerald Nabarro’s death left a void for a Wodehouse cartoon figure that needed to be filled in the rolling-news era. GN, another fellow of foreign origin, stopped at once merely driving the wrong way on a roundabout IIRC – not doing all he could to invite the rest of the world to apply for the job of cleaning his kitchen and ferrying birds to his love nest.


  21. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Looks more like a euro shuffle to me.


  22. 56
    Sir Mary Flappes (MD) says:

    Classic case of the worms. OTC medication is available.


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