November 26th, 2012

Who Is Most Obsessed With Leveson?

What will they write about next week…

Via @MillDollarSlide


  1. 1
    Charlie Brown says:

    ‘What will they write about next week…’ Presumably much the same, since even in the Mail Leveson hasn’t even occupied 1% of articles. Didn’t Disraeli say something about statistics?


    • 3
      Kebab Time says:

      Fuck it Guido, are you losing your memory

      First you forget that Al Fayed sold Harrods

      Now you forget that nobody is more obsessed with Leveson that

      Next you will be forgetting to credit me for helping you become so popular


      • 5
        Ex-Consverative voter says:

        Forgetfulness seems to be catching. The Conservative Party forgotten that I terminated my membership in 2008 and today they’ve sent me an email (from a Lord Fink), saying:

        “The Labour Party have not apologised for the mess they left the country in. They have showed that they have not learned a thing from their mistakes and would jeopardize the future of our country with more spending, more borrowing and more debt.

        So Lord Fink’s forgotten that One-term Dave, having not learned any lessons from Labour’s mistakes, has so far increased Britain’s debt by £300 billion, and intends to increase it by a further £400 billion by 2015.

        One-term Dave has also forgotten the disaster of Labour’s immigration policy and is going to allow uncontrolled immigration from Romania and Hungary in 2014. Additionally, Dave has obviously forgotten that one year into that sorry mess of rising unemployment and falling wages and creaking infrastructure, he’ll have to fight a general election.

        Do you know, I think I’ve forgotten why I ever supported them.


        • 11
          Anonymous says:

          it is time for ukip.
          out of eu. out of migration in. we need of breather to digest where we are.

          it is time ro switch the pressure.


      • 15
        Anonymous says:

        Oh do fuck off you sad little stalker – there’s a good boy.


    • 4
      Samuel Langhorne Clemens says:

      “Lies, damned lies and statistics”?
      In fact, I do attribute the quote to him, but it first app*ears in print in my writings.
      Modesty prevented me from taking the credit for ALL the good lines. After all, I wasn’t Oscar Wilde, you know:
      Wilde: “That’s a good one– wish I’d written it!”
      The Other Person: “Knowing you, you will!”


  2. 2
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Leveson, Bell, Common Purpose, BIJ, etc etc should all be taken out and shot.

    That will leave more space for my twaddle and I can buy a second villa.


  3. 6
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Ansawer: – The neo Nuts and Murdoch Mongs

    The hypocrisy is beyond belief.

    “””Don’t intervene, keep speech free etc etc”””

    But if someone posts a message that you don’t like on Twitter, a blog or in the Guardian YOU neo nuts start foaming at the mouth. You finally shut Sally up forever, and you rejoiced.

    What you REALLY mean when you say “”Don’t intervene, keep speech free etc etc”” IS Let neo nut fu*ckwit loons at NI say and do as they like, coz the neo nut fu*ckwit loons say stuff we like, and it helps our neo nut fu*ckwit ways.


  4. 7
    Anonymous says:

    inverted spike of culpability?


  5. 8
    Gewyne says:

    Probably nothing as Leveson will be so draconian. Hints of a misrepresentation or untruth in the papers will result in editors being sent to the Tower, forced to read the Guardian until their heads implode, and parts of their bodies posted to other editors as a warning.


  6. 9
    Superman says:

    Leveson will be toothless.the criminals(Maxwell,Black,Murdoch et al)will continue to lie and libel at will.
    Also no journalists will be jailed and corrupt normality will be resumed.


  7. 10
    rabid hamster says:

    I’m surprised that the grauniad writes anything other than EVIL NAZI TORY … a unique 3 word keyboard for their reptiles.


  8. 16
    Russian Oligarch in London says:

    WOT NO INDEPENDENT – and I gave a personal speech to the BBC on Leveson and press freedom which was broadcast.


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