November 26th, 2012

Panic on the Streets of Rotherham
Under Siege Candidate Pulls Out of BBC Hustings

Following Guido’s revelation earlier that Labour are diverting resources north to shore up their struggling Rotherham campaign, it now appears the wheels are really coming off. BBC Sheffield is reporting that their candidate has pulled out of tonight’s hustings.

Their correspondent James Vincent says Labour claim this has nothing to do with the council mess.

Of course not…


  1. 1
    The Public says:

    What is the Labour Party for?


  2. 3
    Bill says:

    labour fears that if they turned up all the question might be about the fostering issue and asian sex gangs in rotherham.

    its not going to be pretty labour.

    I would piss myself senseless if ukip win this seat, as it will be a pock in the eye to all 3 main parties


    • 9
      Mike Hunt says:

      I would too but the brain-dead labour voters will still vote for the red-rosette wearer regardless.


    • 16
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      Bigotry and bigots, my kingdom for a bigot :)


    • 30
      The BBC says:

      We are here to help the Labour party continue their valuable work in modernising British society. No questions will be allowed contrasting the lenient, laissez-faire attitude adopted for years towards Muslim prostitution gangs preying on young English girls versus the rapid removal of children from UKIP voting homes. Rotherham is a beacon of progressive labour modernising.

      First question for all candidates – are you in favour of more multiculturalism or are you instead a racist?

      And UKIP will not be appearing on any of our shows, we are too busy with the Green candidate.


    • 133
      A Mullah Writes says:

      Surely a win for gorgeous george’s candidate in Rotherham, will do nothing to sort out the asian noncing gangs issue, anymore than a labour win, many of the muzzies will be voting ‘respect’ probably more than once if possible.


  3. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m an Official ParliamentarybArtist – I draw my salary.


  4. 8
    chris1943 says:

    Sarah Champion is Common Purpose as is the infamous Joyce THacker


  5. 11
    auth0r says:

    Perhaps they regard Croydon North as a lost cause.


    • 22
      Lost in Clacton says:

      Where is Croydon?


      • 40
        Sally up our alley says:



        • 81
          A cabbie says:

          And then take the second left. When you get there you will realise that you ought to have stopped in hell.


      • 125
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

        Back in the 1960’s it used to be a fairly pleasant place 10 miles south of Londistan (or London as it was known back in those days).


    • 33
      Bill says:

      croydon north is a strange constituency as it is not inner city or suburbia.

      last year one of worse areas of rioting was croydon, in terms of the area it has been in decline. It conprises norwood and thornton heath and has had gang problems recently. it also has had isssues with gangs coming over the border from lambeth,

      the labour party has not doen anything about this,

      Also since being recreated this has been held by malcolm wicks since 1997. so much of the swing was down to his popularity.


  6. 12
    Hank the Cat says:

    Sarah Champion the liebour candidate has pulled out because of the need to be re briefed by the local Stasi commandant


  7. 14
    Jeffy says:

    I like the fact that your post can be read as ‘The BBC’s candidate has pulled out..’ – but of course


  8. 15
    Bluebottle says:

    Do they sell bananas in Rotherham ?


  9. 17
    Ali Barbra says:

    I vote Respect he still promise to turn the blind eye.


  10. 19
    Gordon Brown says:

    The Chancellor will appoint me as the next Guvnor of the Bank at 15.30. I will not be there as I have an important engagement in the Far East (St Andrews).


    • 123
      Isusseditout. says:

      I could campaign in Rotherham for any of the Parties, for my usual fee of £8 million.

      Tony B. (Next President of the EU).


  11. 20
    Snaplegs says:

    I’m so hoping/wishing UKIP win this, it’d make the next two years very interesting from a sidelined spectators view (living abroad for two years).

    (It probably won’t happen admittedly, it’s a labour safe area)


  12. 21
    Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

    Panic on the streets of Rotherham!?! don’t think so somehow. Guido, you are another of these tory puppets, aren’t you, creating fury when it is not there? Play with oop north for your own perverted London ends? If it doesn’t return Labour, then call me an actual kiddie fiddler!


    • 31
      I don't nee d no doctor says:

      Surely it should be Del Shannon’s My Little Runaway.


      • 43
        Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

        Ladytron is more today. Thanks for noticing friend.


        • 51
          I don't nee d no doctorrow. Who cares. says:

          Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Who cares.


          • Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

            I do.

            Sorry, changed my handle mangle, with all this climate change rain. Hope you like, you tory obvious Lahdahn Westminster lost in space numbnuts! : )


          • Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

            oops, should have included you oxbridge educated to be tax dodgers, but I forget, but there we go.

            Fascist non-Britland hunt! Over educated see? or a puppet set upped.

            What do you say Howard Marks, Balliol,


    • 60
      Hank the Cat says:

      I cannot stand the phucking Smiths, garbage


      • 75
        CarryHole is a Huge Hunt says:

        Go to hear some tunes, instead listen to some hectoring fuckwit drawl on in front of the stage.

        Would you take musical advice from an economist? So WTF do people take economic advice from a rent-seeking musician?


    • 94
      TheIconvenenientTruth says:

      You are quite right.
      Scag on the streets of Rothertham.

      Now if UKIP were promising free scag to all benefit scroungers..


  13. 23
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    This calls for one nation leadership, so where is Millionaireband hiding?


  14. 27
    Hang The Bastards says:

    I predict a UKIP landslide


  15. 28
    Steve Miliband says:

    Deploy the diversity co-ordinators


  16. 34
    Common Porpoise says:

    F*ck mist nets, f*ck fishermen and f*ck those smug sodding dolphins.


  17. 35
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:


    Farage wants The Gimp as Tory Leader

    …ohh yes please !!!!!!


    • 46
      Hank the Cat says:

      er,er,er,er, mmmmmmm, lol,lol,priti patel,priti patel!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol,lol,lol, Did you understand that mousa


  18. 36
    Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

    And furthermore, BBC Sheffield is run by their local tory faggots, manipulating thing for themselves closed shop, the Hunts they are, song for actual Sheffield and Rotherham, 53 degrees north, latitude,

    And if anyone wants to argue with me, see you in the car park outside. Bring your gloves.


  19. 37
    UKIP Can Win in Rotherham says:

    Cameron loves Common Purpose:

    The British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the launch of a new, dynamic and self sustaining network of British and Indian young leaders in his speech at Infosys, Bangalore, India today (28 July 2010).

    The aim of the initiative is to expand, enrich and energise relations between India and the UK by investing in the next generation of leaders. The UK India Future Leaders will develop shared approaches to 21st Century political, economic and social challenges.

    Twenty exceptional young people from diverse fields – civil society, arts, media, politics and business from both countries will be identified to start this initiative, which will commence in Autumn 2010 and will be delivered by the international leadership development organisation, Common Purpose


  20. 38
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    ‘Cos they give us tax credits


  21. 39
    Justine Thornton QC Wife of Millonaire Ed says:

    I will defend Joyce Thacker, that poor,poor persecuted Lady. Keeeeerching


  22. 41
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Tom Watson is quiet again.


    • 69
      JH4 says:

      Twatson will have had legal advice consisting of the following instruction:


      The stupid bovine arsehole has come very, very close to getting his copious arse sued off, and he knows it.

      Not to mention the harm he has indirectly done his beloved BBC by setting them off straight into a minefield.


    • 78
      Harriet Harman says:

      He will be spending the next couple of weeks hard at work working on a series of important questions to ask the patrons of the Bell in Walthamstow at their quiz night on the 12th December. Entry £12.


  23. 47
    Rotherham labour voters says:

    It benefits us to vote labour.


    • 52
      Gala Bingowings says:

      I’d sell my daughters virtue for an iphone and a packet of fags.


      • 66
        East India Company Wallah says:

        That is disgusting
        Smoking is bad for your health


        • 86
          Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

          Grandad died at 85, smoked like a chimney since nine. But yes, he was hoping for his telegram from the Queen. If only, the silly fool.

          PESWCH! (trans – cough in welsh) Song for my grand,

          More tea Vicar? oops, the song for my grand tatcu, enjoy all,

          Bob Hope? Sorry, don’t partake myself, but thanks for offering Vicar….


      • 96
        Cloggy says:

        Sew wood i if shee had enny to start wiv


        • 102
          Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

          ??? bluddy Landahn tories the lot of you are!


        • 104
          Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

          Missed due to age ’40, being young not put up against the wall,
          by krauts child I was a generational jump thankfully,
          with new Prussians, playing games with us conquered,
          but still here, to sing my song.

          Iff yoo don’t get the ibive video, son na pe? More Jacques, on oliday,

          mon qui! EU? – load of Tati!


  24. 49
    Hank the Cat says:

    He is quiet because he working undercover as a hot air balloon


  25. 50
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    I have always maintained that if the BBC took away their support the labour party would colapse in a year or two. They are as bogus as ed’s sincerity.


  26. 53
    It doesn't add up... says:

    If they could elect Shaun Wright as PCC, why not Champion?


  27. 56
    Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

    Some old goat said her inspiration was The Wedding Present from Leeds. Fucked I am to ggogle her to remind me of her name, but might as well post some Wedding Present with wotsishame Dave wotsit for her anyway, 53 and a bit degrees north,

    And Allan “Sniffer” Clarke was a classic Leeds footie player, even though he was from Willenhall where the door locks all used to come from, in the midlands.


    • 61
      Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

      Allan Clarke here, when I was ten, nodding in from “at least fifty yards” against that London Arse in 1972, FA centenary cup final – great young memories, non-Skyed arse coverage, with the brilliant commentator Brian Moore, with Jimmy Hill with his goaty as his arse breath alongside him,

      Classic old Britland footie.


      • 62
        Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

        oops, forgot to say, Leeds won against the Arse that day, one-nil.


    • 65
      Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

      ok, Dave Gedge – so knew his name all along, and I was just being mysterious.


  28. 57
    It doesn't add up... says:

    How it went last time out, as reported by the BBC:


  29. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Wrong @SarahChampion ? ;-)


  30. 67
    Braindead in Rotherham says:

    Labour forever!


  31. 72
    Denis MacShame says:

    I know that the voters of Rotherham will vote for the candidate who looks after their interests rather than his own.


  32. 89
    It's not our's the law innit ??? says:

    The latest spin coming out of Rotherham Children’s Service is that they had a statutory regulation under the law to ensure that foster parents actively encouraged and supported multiculturalism particularly when the children or of different ethnicity to those fostering…….that may be so(even though I doubt the legislation actually says that verbatim)but where does it say that a persons political beliefs should be taken into account in arriving at a decision whether they be suitable foster parents They really WILL have to do better if they are to avoid an action under the Equality Ac and Human Rights Act. Methinks that council tax payers of Rotherham will be picking up some hefty legal bills in the new year


    • 97
      Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

      Well, they would say that now, won’t they?


      • 98
        Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

        and anyway, anyone spotted that this woman is an actual living hardcore tory in Rotherham yet? If not, you were all birn testerday, which the torys always hope.


    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      How many Socialist Worker supporting foster parents are there in Rotherham? Can the figure of 6 be confirmed?


  33. 99
    Anonymous says:

    I have absolutely no respect for Respect but nevertheless I hope they win on thursday as it will be a just punishment for Labour not just for the problems related to childrens services but for the way in which they supported the thief McShame over the past few years.I suspect that the Labour candidate is in over her head ,reprtdly only joined Labour a year ago and a trades union three weeks reap what you sow!


  34. 110
    Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

    Bugger it, a song from a person that likes her pet cats, Carole King, an amazing yank, wrote songs since tinpan alley 1960 as a kid, incredible lady, girls. And yes, she likes, like me, likes her cats, as in the four legged variety,

    Any good ladies? Dog lovers like Victoria Stliwell even? Queen Lillibet and her “dorgies”?


  35. 115
  36. 118
    cynic says:

    When will Labour learn. A female candidate = say 25% of the Muslim vote gone straight away – as well as about 50% of the CoE traditionalists appalled that she’s not pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen


  37. 132
    Anonymous says:

    If UKIP take Rotherham on Thursday that would be the dream result because it would be one in the eye for the lefty bureaucrats, and for David Cameron. A double whammy!


  38. 134
    Proud to be a UKIP member says:

    We are hoping for a good result. A GREAT result would be even better.
    It has been very wet in Rotherham today which has curtailed open air canvassing somewhat.
    UKIP office very busy: people joinng the Party and donating, too.


  39. 135
    Proud to be a UKIP member says:

    Doh! – JOINING, not joinning!


  40. 137
    Anonymous says:


  41. 138
    Anonymous says:


  42. 141
    Obama Beach says:

    This belongs in ‘Up the Arse Corner’ in Viz.

    It looks as though he’s giving that mangy old bag one.


  43. 143
    Man Flu says:

    Let me guess. He has man flu.

    Needs to grow a pair and face his critics head on.


  44. 148
    Don Qui-jacket says:

    Should have selected Joyce Thacker from an all-wimmin shortlist.


  45. 162

    I cherished up to you will obtain carried out proper here. The cartoon is attractive, your authored material stylish. however, you command get got an shakiness over that you wish be handing over the following. sick without a doubt come further before once more since precisely the same nearly very regularly inside of case you shield this hike.


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