November 26th, 2012

Labour Panicking About Rotherham
HQ Diverting Resources North

Labour insiders are getting nervous about Rotherham after this weekend’s Labour council omnishambles. With Respect’s Yvonne Ridley now at 5/1, Labour HQ are diverting resources from Croydon and Middlesbrough, fearing a Bradford style upset. All Labour politicians, staff and volunteers are being told to head to Rotherham instead of the other two constituencies. Buses are being laid on. Guido understands that Harriet Harman was meant to go campaign for Steve Reed in Croydon today, but is instead heading north. Sounds like they’ve been watching too much Homeland…

With Ladbrokes offering exactly the same price for Respect’s Lee Jasper upsetting Labour’s Steve Reed in Croydon, someone is going to get it in the neck if the upset falls there. Reed, a Marmite candidate from the start, is losing local support fast.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    I have a feeling we may see an increased turnout for this one.


    • 15
      Jess says:



    • 80
      Anonymous says:

      Joyce Thacker – Common Purpose member
      Sharon Shoesmith – Common Purpose member
      Sarah Champion – Common Purpose member

      Sarah Champion is the nationally imposed Labour candidate for rotherham. The Local constituency choice of candidate Mahroof Hussain is NOT a Common Purpose member.Are we seeing the connection yet people?


      • 95
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        Has Shoesmith had her payoff yet. Thanks to Ed Balls she will walk away with 6 figures.

        No matter how odious you think this woman is she was not given access to due process to defend herself which is a great pity because it would have all come out about exactly how bad the Children’s Dept was and that Baby was proboably not the only one.

        People like Thacker and Shoesmith would prefer children be abused or left to rot in care and exposed to pimps, drugs and grooming gangs as long as it met their political objectives


        • 101
          Mr Nobody says:

          If she had been given due process it would have all come out about exactly how bad the Children’s Dept was and that Baby was proboably not the only one.

          Why do you think she wasn’t given due process? Do you really think they want all that spilling out? Plus this way she gets compensation.


          • Julia Middleton says:

            Remember Shoesmith’s defence was that her department had been given a high mark by the inspector’s saying her department was doing a good job while this was going on unobserved that would have led people to question how good at inspecting the (CP infilitrated?) inspectorate were.


      • 107
        chris1943 says:

        Mahroof Hussein MBEis a graduate of Common Purpose sorry


      • 110
        stygian says:

        please email and print here showing evidence that Sarah Champion is a member / graduate / associate / supporter of Common Purpose


    • 83
      Mahroof Hussein says:

      Joyce Thacker – Common Purpose member
      Sharon Shoesmith – Common Purpose member
      Sarah Champion – Common Purpose member

      Sarah Champion is the nationally imposed Labour candidate for rotherham. The Local constituency choice of candidate Mahroof Hussain is NOT a Common Purpose member.Are we seeing the connection yet people?


  2. 2
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Conservative party Treasurer Lord Fink writes to members asking them to donate to the party


  3. 3
    sproggingforbenefits says:

    Is this not Labour monkey territory?
    Labour MP, Council and PCC?
    Its the core of the client state


    • 65
      The Ghost of Matey-Jaszek says:

      I understand that the whole keeboodle is being run from someone’s garden shed, replete with several computers and a pile of yet-to-be completed invoices.


    • 71
      XXXxx says:

      What I would really like to know, if the job of mp was so arduous and badly paid (their words not mine, a tory mp was reported as saying that they were paid less than basic min wage(was he any good at maths)), why do they scratch each others eyes out to get into parliament


  4. 4
    UKIP Can Win in Rotherham says:

    I wish I could get up there myself to watch the ‘clusterfuck’ that is Labour have their arses handed to them.


  5. 5
    NE Frontiersman says:

    A strong, decisive move: Harman is just the person to reassure the public that Labour is serious about child protection.


  6. 6
    Matt says:

    Party sends campaigning politicians to town in by-election shocker!


  7. 7
    Call me Dave says:

    In conclusion,let me say just this,

    “The bottom line is this:

    The crack between two bum cheeks”


  8. 8
    JH4 says:

    I’m all up for Labour having their arse handed to them, but do we really want to see Lee Jasper as an MP?

    Apart from for the comedy value, obviously.


  9. 9
    dorothywilson says:

    If Harman is heading for Rotherham that’s sure to generate a big dip in Labour’s vote.


  10. 11
    Ed Milibandwagon says:



  11. 12
    Jimmy says:

    But will the Looney vote be split between Yorkshire Jihad and Absolutelynotthebeeyenpee?


  12. 13
    Hank the Cat says:

    Steve Reed is described as being openly gay, so he ticks one box.


  13. 16
    DIY Drones says:

    Does this make Rotherham a ‘target rich environment’?


  14. 17
    Common Purpose Stasi says:

    Harriet knows that failure is not an option.

    Respect were our comrades until they became too powerful to control.


  15. 18
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Harriet Harman, that should be the last nail in the coffin for labour in Rotherham. Does she needa lift?


    • 22
      JH4 says:

      You pick up Harriet, I’ll get Gordon and drop him off in a bigoted white working class area.

      Job done, with a vengeance.


      • 58
        Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

        You pick up Little Dynamite,
        I’m gonna pick up Little Gun.
        And together we’re gonna go out tonight
        and make that highway run.


  16. 21
    Penfold says:

    lets hope they lose both Croydon and Rotherham.

    Rotherham is an omiclusterfuckedupshambles, and lets hope that lots of heads roll.


  17. 23
    rothpol says:

    Reblogged this on Rotherham Politics and commented:
    Panic setting in!!!


    • 78
      XXXxx says:

      With the Tories panic is setting in with the rise of UKIP especially in certain marginals, even some seats what or not marginal, we are living in interesting times.


  18. 25
    JH4 says:

    In all the by elections UKIP have far better odds than the Conservatives.

    Are you listening yet Dave? Are you fuck.


    • 79
      XXXxx says:

      The reason for that is that UKIP is taking members fronm Liebore and the Tories, they are the rising protest party


  19. 27
    Dame Edith Evans says:

    To lose one by-election is a misfortune, to lose TWO looks like carelessness.


  20. 28
    Bob Fleming says:

    Rarely have I enjoyed politics in this country so much. All my natural instincts being proved correct. The truth about the EU, Common Purpose, left wing councils, incompetent mediocrities at all levels of public service, the BBC, mass immigration…it’s all coming home to roost


  21. 34
    smoggie says:

    Does the Respect Party have any real muslims among its prospective MPs or are they all plastics?


  22. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Running scared


  23. 44
    cynic says:

    I am amazed that they believe that having the niece of a Countess turn up in Rotherham will help Labour. Right on bruvvers


  24. 50
    m3topaz says:

    Harriet knows a bit about looking after children, with her selective grammar and grant-maintained school selection experience. I’m sure that is readily extensible to Rotherham and she’ll fit in superbly for the Labour campaign.


  25. 51
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    LibDems to lose their deposit again.

    All the major parties are so far away from the views of their core supporters and are so arrogant they have no idea what is going on.

    At the next election the protest vote will decide who rules us

    * UKIP will get 10-14% of the vote in Tory seats
    * Respect in inner cities with large Asian Populations 15-20% of the vote
    * Tories to lose 5-7 seats to independents along the HS2 route.
    * Libdems to be wiped off the political map; back to 5-6 seats.

    The general public whether left or right leaning have just had enough of the hypocrites.


  26. 52
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    Harriet Harman is one of my favourite useful idiots


    • 64
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      Ms Middleton, did you go to a private school, inherit wealth that’s been in your pampered family for generations, send your kids to private schools, avoid tax, etc?


  27. 53
    Bill says:

    rotherham the council that lets asian men abuse white girls and turns a blind eye to this abuse for years, but if a couple who have been fostering for years show non labour political leanings children are taken off them.

    You could not make it up, tryingto set up an enquiry will only make it worse rather than kick it into the long grass until after the election.

    meanwhile if a asian couple had a few white children taken off them in a tory borough the guardian would have endless articles about it.


  28. 55
    I dont believe Vaz is squeaky clean says:

    If Harperson is being sent then I think it is worth a five pound bet that Libor are going to lose.


  29. 56
    Nonce watch international says:

    Should be as easy as PIE for Hattie to pick up some votes from the child loving community in Rotherham.


  30. 57
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    I am very please with all the brain washing I had do there.


  31. 61
    Anonymous says:

    “Mo” Mohammed Ansar the go to face of British islam was on Radio 5 live this morning. Throwing the race card around as usual. Far left fruit loop Nicky Campbell can’t get enough of him for some reason? No surprise that Campbell would have have “Mo” on his show to decide who is fit to foster.

    Here’s “Mo” :


  32. 72
    Jerf says:

    All this bodes well for my “Bring Back The Stocks” campaign. We’ll have these looney fuckers pilloried before too long.


  33. 85
    Anonymous says:

    the result will be well within the margin of corruption


  34. 88
    Tom tWATSON says:

    Anyone taking bets about how long this “investigation” into the Rotherham “Foster” scandal will take?

    I reckon any announcement won’t be made before Friday at the earliest!

    Any other guesses?


  35. 89
    Oh the irony.... says:

    So UKIP believe it’s outrageous if their members can’t foster but ‘unhealthy’ if gay couples adopt


    • 90
      Should be good for a laugh says:

      UKIP says it will respond to Croydon North candidate @WinstonMcK comments on gay adoption/marriage in 20 minutes


  36. 93
    Harbinger of Doom says:

    Tough shit, you southern metro wankers. Trains from London to Yorkshire severely disrupted owing to floods.


  37. 94
    Michael says:

    Friends like Harman, who needs enemies?


  38. 96
    The savant8.5 says:

    Sorry. Guido. But what exactly. Do you mean by a. Marmite candidate. ???


  39. 97
    NE Frontiersman says:

    At Sunday’s hustings,’..Labour’s candidate Sarah Champion said Mr MacShane’s actions were “shameful” and she wanted to be the one to “bring respect back into Rotherham” (BBC news)

    She might just achieve that, allowing for punctuation.


  40. 100
    Where Do we Go Now?? says:

    Anyone who thinks this is political is not looking at the real picture. . first UkIP then who is next is just a symptom not the problem See the agenda and do not be distracted by the political ‘punch and judy’ show some are trying to turn this into!!- – Is there a war on Parents? Where Do we Go Now


  41. 106
    p.cialfi says:


    Patricia Cialfi


    Message flagged
    Tuesday, 27 November 2012, 11:46

    Will you please issue a clear and unequivocal statement condemning Common Purpose ?

    Your reply, or lack of a reply, shall be distributed nationally.


  42. 108
    Athena says:

    I find myself in the interesting position of hoping that Lee Jasper wins an election. Why? only to see the unpleasant smirk wiped off the obnxoious Reed’s face. OTOH, if Reed is elected we may get a better leader of Lambeth Council……ooooh dilemma.


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