November 26th, 2012

George Eustice’s Letter to Recruit Press Haters

Cameron’s former Press Secretary George Eustice is leading the charge for state intervention on the back benches. Here is what he has just sent Tory colleagues:

From: EUSTICE, George
Sent: 26 November 2012 13:50
To: EUSTICE, George
Subject: A brief history of “last chances” for the press

Following speculation that the government might be about to offer the press, “one last chance” to make self regulation actually work, I thought colleagues might be interested in the history of previous “last chances” over the past 65 years. Parliament has not always been good at learning from its mistakes, so has condemned journalism to suffer crisis after crisis. Here is the record:

1. 1953. Four years after a Royal Commission told the press to start regulating itself, nothing had been done. Only the threat of legislation forced them to create the General Council of the Press. Withdrawing his Private Member’s Bill, C.J. Simmons MP told the Commons: ‘I give warning here and now that if it fails, some of us again will have to come forward with a measure similar to this bill.’

2. 1962. A second Royal Commission told the press to make self-regulation effective: ‘We think that the Press should be given another opportunity itself voluntarily to establish an authoritative General Council . . . We recommend, however, that the government should specify a time limit after which legislation would be introduced.’

3. 1977. The third Royal Commission on the Press urged radical changes to the Press Council and said that if nothing was done parliament should act. The report said: ‘We recommend that the press should be given one final chance to prove that voluntary self-regulation can be made to work.’

4. 1990. Parliament backed the Calcutt Committee recommendations for radical improvements to self-regulation, including the establishment of an effective Press Complaints Commission. Papers were given a ‘year of grace’ to make this work and the Home Secretary, David Waddingston, told the Commons: ‘This is positively the last chance for the industry to establish an effective non-statutory system of regulation.’

5. 1993. The Calcutt Review concluded that the PCC was ‘not . . . an effective regulator of the press’. It recommended a Press Complaints Tribunal backed by statute. A Major government with a slender majority failed to implement this.

6. 2011. Amid public outrage over the revelation that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked, David Cameron told the Commons: ‘I accept we can’t say it is the last chance saloon all over again. We’ve done that.’

If you are interested in doing your bit to try to break this cycle of failure but would like further information or want to discuss the issue more fully, please do not hesitate to make contact.

George Eustice MP
Member of Parliament for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
020 7

It’s said he has never forgiven the papers for nicknaming him “Useless Eustice”.


  1. 1
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Lovin the last week… This Leveson chap has put the sh*t up the lot of ya !!!!!


    • 13
      Chutney Carmicheal says:

      Fascist twat


      • 22
        V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

        If the press is muzzled MPs can trough away for ever!


        • 37
          ancientpopeye says:

          That is the real reason Eustice is pontificating about this. They would love to have investigative journalism muzzled, purely for their own selfish ends.
          The number of times I’ve seen the Milly Dowler quote, beggars belief, since even the ‘phone company declared that the thing self deletes.


          • says:

            Surely the cycle of failure is the failure of the state to uphold and enforce the existing laws. If they had been strictly enforced Leveson would never have been needed.


          • lojolondon says:

            I guess he totally forgot that Milly Dowler’s phone was never hacked, the mobile provider deleted the messages….. more emotional message, eh?


          • Chimping Keith says:

            Georgies majority 66 votes, he will loose 2 votes as me and mrs will not be obliging this socialist next time round. We will camp our votes with any UKIPian.


          • stopeatingme says:

            @lojolondon – er, the phone was definitely hacked – one belonging to a murdered girl, remember – even if the messages weren’t deleted.


      • 65
        lola says:

        …or arrogant authoritarian c**t


    • 14
      David Cameron says:

      I give you all a cast iron guarantee – I am a modern man, I read the Guardian and I will protect the celebrities and the murdered children by regulating the press. From now on before anyone is allowed to write for a newspaper they must be given a licence by a board at the new “Free Press Organisation”. The board will include an MP, a local councillor, an equalities activist, a representative from the Equalities Commission, a representative from a major feminist campaigning group, a BBC employee, a Guardian journalist, a trade union representative and a non-political laywoman as chosen with the same criteria as BBC’s Question Time.

      Any articles that are complained about or about which the BBC and Guardian can whip up a twitter storm will be referred to this new, modernising board. If the journalist is found guilty of phone hacking, patriotism, arguing against multiculturalism, writing nasty stories about celebrities or other undisclosed proscribed stories he will be sent for diversity re-education at the Harriet Harperson Centre for Freedom and Equality. If the journalist has implied in any way support for UKIP or for leaving the EU their children will be taken by the state to Rotherham for diversity re-education.


    • 20
      Only in the Graun says:

      Freedom of speech is being slowly but surely strangled in this country.


    • 58
      Hank the Cat says:

      er,er,er,er,mmmmmmmm,lol,lol,lol,priti patel,priti patel,lol,lol,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. 2
    Common Purpose Stasi says:

    Eustice is our kind of Tory.

    I agree with Moussa.


    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Just like Obama, the anti-American`s American, Eustice is the anti-Tory`s Tory.


    • 56
      Sir William W says:

      Have any of you seen that film Rise of the Guardian? It’s a rather scary of a fantasy world where all-knowing supernatural beings have to prevent an ignorant world from plunging into personal autonomy, if I understand it correctly.


  3. 3
    Bodger says:

    “Useless Eustice”.
    Well he is only like all the rest who voted for their “non-effective” schemes.


  4. 4
    Jay-Z says:

    Georgie porgie pudding and pie hated the papers coz they made him cry!


  5. 5
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Would an Evil Tory ™ government censor my twaddle?


  6. 5
    Well it's a thought says:

    Is the House of Corruption going to give themselves one last chance, no , it’s within the rules, we have had enough of the rules that MPs give themselves, time they obeyed the laws that already exist before cooking up some more useless one’s.


    • 35
      The General Public says:

      Ok Useless – now let’s have a summary of sleaze and wrongdoing committed by MPs over the same period.

      It would take you six months to write it all down, you pompous c*nt. Now f*ck off.


      • 82
        Anonymous says:

        and what what about prince charles.
        is that another d.notice?

        he is maybe the law maker teling the politicians what to do. and then the PM tells “mummy” every week how he is getting on. The firm is being run by a matriarch.


  7. 7
    Nadine Dorries says:

    Remember: the fork goes on the left, the spade on the right of the lawn-mower, the little fork far left, trowel far right, shovel up top.


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    This is word for word what Tom Watson has posted on his blog today. Seems Useless and Tommy are in cahoots!


  9. 9
    PastyMan says:

    It wasn’t the papers that nicknamed him that. Down here in sunny (!) Cornwall, he’s been called “Useless Eustice” since he first left school


  10. 10
    zinoviev says:

    what about my letter?


  11. 11
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Useless at adding up too. The first “last chance” seems to have been in 1953 which isn’t 65 years ago (if it is where’s my pension!).


  12. 12
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Nice to seek the jackals of the press experiencing the laxative effects of scrutiny. Unfortunately the reptiles in Parliament haven’t got the backbone to do anything to control the jackals.

    If we had stopped buying the papers that acted badly we wouldn’t have a press by now.


  13. 15
    keredybretsa says:

    It will be a sad, bad day if ginks like this get their way.


    • 18
      Harriet Harman says:

      Just another nail in the coffin of the UK. We have plenty more where they came from.


      • 32
        BBC,Guardian,Labour party revolving door job club says:

        The BBC know how to play the game it’s time the popular press were made to follow suit.
        When it comes to the EU.immigration and multiculturalism.
        The less said the better.


  14. 16
    Brent Fraser says:

    After reading the history of last chances, maybe he has a valid point?


    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t be sensible around here.

      It upsets the vermin.


    • 45 says:

      And so we should have system as they have in France where no politician can be exposed for the crimes he has committed? The fact this demand for press censorship is coming hotfoot after the MP expense fiddles is no coincidence.


      • 86
        2112 says:

        You’re trying to make a rational argument against people who describe those who disagree with them as “vermin;” it hardly seems worth the effort.


  15. 17
    Tom Watson says:

    UKIP would make a pact with Tories if someone “grown up and sensible like Bill Cash” was in charge – Nigel Farage


  16. 19
    Synic says:

    How many times having the thieving M.P.s and Lords been told to stop stealing taxpayers money?

    Leave the Press totally free. It will make some fuck ups, but they will be more than outweighed by the exposures of corrupt kiddy fiddling lying politicians and celebrities.


    • 29
      Engineer says:

      The best way to keep the press ‘in line’ is the occasional big public stink when they transgress. Such as the present events.

      State regulation of press = loss of free speech. Those calling for press regulation want the press gagged so that they can control it. It won’t work – the British people don’t like being dictated to. They’ll just read blogs instead.


  17. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Poor Greedo.

    Must be scary to think you might be accountable for the shit you churn out to help your rich mates steal everything from the poor.

    Maybe next time you could grace some more deserving country more to your liking. Zimbabwe, perhaps.


  18. 28
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Wow… the hypocrisy is beyond belief.

    Don’t intervene, keep speech free etc etc.

    But if someone posts a message that you don’t like on Twitter, a blog or in the Guardian YOU neo nuts start foaming at the mouth. You finally shut Sally up forever, and you rejoiced.

    What you REALLY mean when you say “”Don’t intervene, keep speech free etc etc”” IS Let neo nut fu*ckwit loons at NI say and do as they like, coz the neo nut fu*ckwit loons say stuff we like, and it helps our neo nut fu*ckwit ways.


    • 31
      Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

      ….errrr NOT ANY MORE !!!!!!


      • 54 says:

        You f5ckwit. What is there to prevent the press, Guido or anyone else being prosecuted for breaking the law? If the state is so incompetent it can’t do the job it has a responsibility to do how is that the fault of the press, big companies avoiding tax, welfare cheats, illegal immigrants,etc? Why is the left always so blatantly hypocritical?


    • 36
      Sunday Sport says:

      Sally Bercow’s tax funded lifestyle meant her speech wasn’t exactly ‘free’ was it?


    • 87
      2112 says:

      There’s a world of difference between challenging an opinion we don’t agree with and wanting it shut down; not difficult to comprehend really.


  19. 34
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    May be will have a period of the newspapers reporting the truth.

    Guido mate at the Torygraph James DingDongPole writes reams of dross on a daily basis

    For instance his claim to run as an Independant in the Corby By election…..LOL


  20. 38
    dr says:

    I think that George Eustice has made a very good case for the current system of regulation.
    He has claimed that there have been six major f**k ups by the press in the last sixty years, about one a decade.
    I think that many of the systems in our society have considerably more than one screw up per decade.
    It would seem to me that the system of self regulation needs tweaking rather than a total replacement.
    It seems that it would be easy to stop these mistakes by banning investigative journalism, but I think that we would all be worse off for it.
    I would suggest something along the lines of, the PCC clarifying the investigative methods that are seen to be acceptable for investigative journalists to use. eg. Phone hacking would be ruled not acceptable, but undercover filming of coversations, or posing as activists to infiltrate an organisation, might be ruled as acceptable. In other words to clarify how journalists are supposed to obtain information.
    Create a mechanism, whereby if new methods are created, they can be sent to the PCC for decision on appropriateness.
    Maybe also give the PCC more teeth to act against obvious breaches of the guidelines.
    This seems to be a case where the expression “Don’t just do something, stand there” is more appropriate than its more usual expression.

    In summary, if you bought a car and ran it, and it broke down once every ten years, you wouldn’t tell everyone you know, that your car was unreliable would you, despite the fact that you may desire a more reliable car?


    • 57 says:

      In summary if you took your car to a car-mechanic to fix and they kept cocking it up as the state does with the law then you wouldn’t change the car, you would get a new mechanic who knew what he was doing. The problem is that the state has failed badly to properly enforce the laws that already exist. What was the state justice system doing when all this was happening under a LABOUR government?


      • 80
        Bewildebeest says:

        So you’re saying ‘Don’t punish the criminals for low morals’, blame the lawmakers for not enforcing the law ? Who has actually committed the offence ?

        To the previous poster you are making a common mistake in assuming that the PCC is a body with good intentions which could be given teeth. Neither is the case as it is largely made up of current and ex career media types and is funded by…wait for it….The Press. The man who pays the piper…..?
        The PCC is nothing but window dressing which fools few and serves only the lying weasels who fund it. There is a good case against statutory regulation but history – and the PCC – makes a better one against self regulation. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle if that is possible.
        Another solution would be for all the Gentlemen of the Press to behave like..well…Gentlemen, with honour, integrity and respect for themselves and others. Ah, I’ve just seen a problem with that.


  21. 39
    The decimated middle class says:

    This is a brave piece wrtten by Jeff Randall in the Telegraph…

    Del Boy Blair peddles immigration myths

    At last some journo’s are starting to grow some balls to say it how it is

    The comments section lots are saying that the same comments are even being siad in the Guardian.

    At last the tide is turning…


  22. 41
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Disambiguation Service says:

    The main difference between George Eustice and Farmer Eustice is, although they are both looking to push someone around,

    (A) George Eustice sets out to put the fear of God into journalists, even though he may need their help.
    (B) Farmer Eustice sets out to put the fear of God into a small cowardly dog, even though he may need its help.

    No implications are made, and no inferences are to be drawn, that journalists in any way resemble small cowardly dogs.


  23. 44
    Anonymous says:

    So, what’s this shifty little git got to hide?


  24. 53
    Sir William W says:

    Did anybody else spot Mr Eustice’s debating trick? It was tacitly to assume that self-regulation is only ‘effective’ if nothing ever goes wrong. We don’t apply that standard to the police, the NHS or Parliament. Why should we apply it to the media?


    • 60 says:

      Exactly. You could also have added the BBC. The state always likes to think it is perfect even though we all know it is anything but remotely competent. And it is the state that needs reforming far more urgently than the press.


  25. 55
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Mark Carney… Mark Carney FFS another foreigner.

    Cosby last week and now this !!!!

    Do Dave and Gidders ever employ someone from the UK


  26. 59
    Lord Beaverbrook says:

    More and more people now get there news from online news media sources these days. Newsprint media is dying by the day. Even if Leveson does come down hard on the press and recommends regulation it will be bypassed as people won’t bother with the MSM. If he does recommend regulation and the Govt implements it could speed up the demise of the the broadsheets and the tabloids even faster. It would be a God send to Order-Order.


  27. 64
    Hank the Cat says:

    Pound to a penny the mp’s will try and get in a clause to gag all the blogs. Lets face it if the papers are gagged they will just go to the blogs with an overseas server


  28. 66
    Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:


    • 69
      Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

      sorry, tried above, since that tory Ross Kemp is a brit fascist blocking me on commenting. Now try and get back what point I was naking there, Ross the fucking tory south-east fucking puppet, try to be working man withyour millions in your tax haven. TWAT, and your friends here,

      See through tory south east england bastard, Ross.


      • 71
        Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

        bastard friend and spare part numpty Ross, wrong fecking vid, the actual first VC,

        Legionaores estange,

        FUCK YOU ROSS WITH YOUR SUDDO HARDMAN CRAP ON BRIT TELLY, you ponce. Winds me up he does – I could take him down and screw his neck before he says “where’s my agent”. Twat tory se London acting soft pillock.


        • 73
          Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

          Been offered to move to Marseilles to help run a pub/bar/cafe for estrangeres – says give us a shout when times are available. Mon garcon, I will be there like a shot, after with my present times mon ami.


  29. 74
    kinnochio says:

    I’m totally and utterly disgusted that any Tory should be muzzling the press. That is the job of Euro socialists like me.


  30. 75
    Sarah ( a beard is for life not just for charity) says:

    Fuckin Labour Slap Head !

    No wonder Rebekah knocked the c*nt out !


  31. 76
    jimbo says:

    Eustace is useless just like David Cameron.

    No Free press,the dimwit takers will trough even more !


  32. 78
    Caligula says:

    A brief list of press regulators:

    Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Josef Stalin

    Benito Mussolini

    Adolf Hitler

    Nicolae Ceausescu

    Erich Honecker


  33. 81
    The Laughing Cavalier says:

    The list of admonishments that Useless Eustace has come up with amounts to no more than one a decade. Nothing to see here.


  34. 84
    Ballymore says:

    This Eustace monkey. Beyond the Pale the snotty Norman pup. Time these people pissed off back to France !


  35. 95
    Tom Catesby says:

    Maybe we should ask burglars to work according to a system of ‘self regulation’, it has more chance of being successful. If only because we are probably talking about a more honourable ‘profession’.


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