November 26th, 2012

Fabricant Files: A New Pact for 2015

Back in August Guido pointed out that

“the Cameroons like to remind the disgruntled Tory right of a simple bit of coalition electoral arithmetic: Tories on 34% + LibDems on 8% = 42%, just about enough to form a government again in 2015. Well UKIP have been also been polling between 6% to 10% for over a year now. If those right-of-centre voters could be brought back into the Conservative Party embrace they would have a good chance of forming a majority government. UKIP have no MPs in Westminster under first past the post, they do however have plenty of voters for Westminster elections.”

The Indy’s John Rentoul said Guido was mad. Today his paper is front paging a report written by Mike Fabricant, the Conservative Party’s vice-chairman for Campaigns, making the same case for a Tory-UKIP pact:

Guido also reported Charles Tannock MEP producing a briefing note making similar points last month.  Increasingly Tory MPs see activists, especially young activists, shifting their allegiance to UKIP. Without the boundary review and a rapprochement with UKIP voters the Tories are going to lose in some 20 seats – unnecessarily. Downing Street is kidding itself if it believes Andrew Cooper’s claims that UKIP votes are going to melt away at the general election…


  1. 1
    Tuscan Tony says:

    “The Fabricant deal seems to be based on buying me off. UKIP is bigger than that.”

    Nigel’s words, 8 minutes ago.

  2. 2
    Kent Constable says:

    hmm, why would Farage want to deal with looney left wing fruitcakes, fairies and racists?

  3. 3
    paul says:

    UKIP should not stand against anyone from any party that is committed to a referendum. It should also target working class Labour voters with it’s ‘firm but fair’ immigration policy. That and pressure from Respect and the B&P should squeeze the Labour vote a bit.

  4. 4
    nadia says:

    Farage should be careful with his war rhetoric with the Conservatives. UKIP is largely a protest vote and a war between centre right parties is not what UKIP supporters want.

  5. 5
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Spot on.

  6. 6
    Well it's a thought says:

    First they show hate, then they show love, then they takeover, then they destroy, fck-em, it’s obvious the LibLabCon party is scared they may get thrown out from the troughing.

  7. 7

    Farage would be mad to even consider polluting UKIP by association with what Cast Iron & Boy George have done to the Conservative Party.
    Independence of any of the EU corrupted other political parties is his strongest selling point.

  8. 8
    Liarpoliticians says:

    Conservatives (and Labour) are running scared that UKIP will take even more “Conservative” votes. Ha ha ha.

    UKIP should tell the treasonous LibLabCon where they can shove their electoral deal – up their collective behinds.

  9. 9
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

    I’m quite in favour of UKIP adopting children but running the country? Give me a break.

  10. 10
    ukiplocal says:

    The difficulties for the Conservative Party are deep and varied.

    If a large majority of their own supporters support leaving the EU then any default on a deal with UKIP would bury the current leadership and probably also the party.

    However, by contrasting the Cameron promise reported on page 12 with the demands by Farage on page 15 one can see how difficult it would be to conclude a deal.

    The prospect of UKIP abandoning all contests with the Conservatices for such a deal is not likely. The coalition deal which handed Cameron certainty of the Premiership did not contain any such clause so why would a deal involving a single policy require UKIP to step aside.

    More possible might be a deal between the parties on who had a clear run at particular seats. This might also solve the democratic outrage that a party whose candidates achieved a million votes in 2010 has no MP whereas the Greens with a quarter as many votes has one. And that single MP allows the BBC to give Greens excess air time, such as at the London Assembly and Norwich North elections.

    Given Cameron’s personal commitment to Britain remaining in the EU and the certainty he would be deposed by Europhile forces if he resiled on that, what confidence could UKIP or the voters have in any promise to hold a referendum AFTER a general election. The Conservatives might well still lose and if they won their Europhile wing might band together with Lan-LibDem to stop it (as with LibDems and constituency boundaries).

    Altogether it is more interesting for disclosing the depth of concern in the Conservative Party than being a realistic campaign option.

    A beter deal might be selected deals at constituency level so UKIP could oppose the LibDems without their vote being split by the Conservatives.

  11. 11
    FrankFisher says:

    If the Cameroonies think they can win back UKIP votes on the *promise* of an in/out vote they’re deluded. Dave’s promises mean nothing. Give us the real vote, or nothing.

  12. 12
    Fabrication says:

    “With the exception of perhaps one or two MPs,there is little doubt that today the Conservative Parliamentary Party is aconstructively‘eurosceptic’ party”

    Arf Arf!

  13. 13
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Cameron: I’ll give EU a vote


    Last Updated: 08 Oct 2007
    Add a comment (1)

    ON Monday The Sun’s image of Gordon Brown sticking two fingers up to the British public was provocative. But it was right.

    What a difference to Churchill. When he made that salute, it inspired this country to wipe the scourge of fascism from Europe.

    But for Gordon Brown, it’s a gesture to the British people saying: “I know best. Your views are irrelevant. Get used to it.”

    Make no mistake, that’s the reason he refuses to give the British people a referendum on the EU constitutional treaty — he simply doesn’t trust them. It’s the arrogant belief that he — and only he — has the right to decide what’s best for Britain’s future.

    Well, Prime Minister, I’ve news for you. The old politics that you grew up in no longer reflect the new world we live in. It’s a world where people are demanding — and getting — more power and more control over their lives.

    Dave’s stamp … Cameron’s signature

    Take America. Over there, twice as many people get health information online than from their doctor. And in some towns, you can look at online crime maps before deciding where to buy a property.

    And in the UK, the internet has transformed lives. At the click of a button we buy insurance, holidays and access information on just about anything. Gordon Brown just doesn’t get this. With him, freedom and control is fine — but only if he has the freedom to control your life.

    Take Citizens Juries. He says he wants to listen to people. But they are just glorified focus-groups, hand-picked and cloaked in secrecy. Believe me, if they really reflected the will of Britons the message would be loud and clear — we want a referendum.

    It doesn’t have to be like this. Giving people freedom and control over their lives is one of the things that makes me a Conservative.

    And it is why from the moment the EU Constitution was dreamt up by elites in Brussels, the Conservative Party’s squadron was first in the air, demanding a referendum in this battle for our country’s future.

    Since then, we have been keeping up the fight, looking out for the interests of Britain.

    There is a second reason why I want a referendum on the treaty.

    One of the great challenges we face is rolling back the tide of bureaucracy that is drowning our country in regulations and forms.

    And you can’t do that without targeting one of the main sources of this bureaucracy — Brussels.

    Because it is Europe that ties our businesses up in red tape.

    And it is Europe that ties the hands of our courts. We won’t be able to deal with any of this unless we have a referendum.

    The final reason we must have a vote is trust. Gordon Brown talks about “new” politics.

    But there’s nothing “new” about breaking your promises to the British public. It’s classic Labour.

    And it is the cancer that is eating away at trust in politics. Small wonder that so many people don’t believe a word politicians ever say if they break their promises so casually.

    If you really want to signal you’re a break from the past, Prime Minister, do the right thing — give the people the referendum you promised.

    Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations.

    No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t mention the second most important reason for voting UKIP; they’ll get rid of the wind turbines.

  15. 15
    XXXxx says:

    In the words of the Blessed Margaret, “They ‘re frit”

  16. 16
    Jimmy Savile says:

    How does David Cameron remove a condom ? He farts.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    A common misconception amongst Tories, repeated by the author of this report, is that there was a caveat on a referendum regarding whether Lisbon had been ratified by then. No such clause existed.

  18. 18
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s interesting that all the big political ideas now come from the libertarian Right. The authoritarian Left merely wants to consolidate and defend the status quo.

  19. 19
    Fleas of a thousand camels says:

    Cameron is an untrustworthy tosser..plain and simples..I think Farage has decided that going it alone is the only course until the useless Tories grow some and find a better leader…preferably one that is a Tory next time

  20. 20
    Selohesra says:

    Imagine the fuss from Labour/BBC if Dave had gone for referendum post ratification. Waste of money at the same time as savage too far too fast cuts etc – since decision already made

  21. 21
    XXXxx says:

    Ah, troughing, isn’t there a little chappie who knows how to wang the exe’s in the European Parliament, he makes a lot of noise, has a cheeky little smirk, let me think now, Farage that’s his name as reported in the past on this blog by Guido Fawkes.

  22. 22
    Hang The Bastards says:

    After a 2014 UKIP landslide in the EU elections, you can be your arse that UKIP will be polling some 15%+ at the general election

  23. 23
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    DC and the other closet LibDems infiltrating the Conservative party seem to be blithely unaware of the rising resentment to their policies of appeasement of the EU and the deliberate over-pricing of power for vested interests using the fantastical excuse of the Chimera of CAGW at the onset of a global cooling period. Farage is aware that he will be in a strong position in Brussels after the next EU parliamentary elections and can afford some blustering rhetoric in the run-up. Nobody with any sense trusts cast-iron Dave to bring home the bacon over the EU budget, though whoever thought of the wheeze of proposing a cut in Brussels admin budgets deserves a knighthood at the very least. UKIP’s perennial problem is the translation of nation-wide public support into UK parliamentary seats. At some stage UKIP and the Conservative leadership will have to reach an accomodation if the Socialist cancer is to be kept under control. This may well mean a Conservative in charge of the Conservative Party.

  24. 24
    XXXxx says:

    Removes it from his head

  25. 25
    A retired shop steward says:

    I remember Ted Heath and the three day week .

    Conservative ineptitude this time round could make this earlier episode look like a stroll in the park .

  26. 26
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    +1. For all their “progressive agenda”, the Left are stuck in a mythical golden age of Marxism which can realistically only be counted by the 150,000,000 dead left behind.

  27. 27
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Maybe somebody in CCHQ will finally see the light at last.

    We live in hope don’t we Lynton Crosby :)

  28. 28
    Jen The Blue says:

    I would agree if you could honestly call Cameron’sTory Party a “centre right party”. Gay marriage, tax rises, deficit rising, spending barely down, big brother checking your e-mails, promises onEU referendum broken. What is centre right about that?

    There is only one centre right UK party now and that is UKIP.

    UKIP prostest voters returning to the Tory fold at the next election depends on a them believing a Cameron led Tory Party is better than a Labour government. In my opinion there is little difference.

  29. 29
    Snaplegs says:

    In all honesty, could they really do a worse job than the current or previous govt?

  30. 30
    Desperate is as desperate does says:

    It’s hardly a contest, even if your desperate smeers are true.

    Farage exe’s – V – EU Billions.


  31. 31
    Buster Gut says:

    where can I go ?

    I voted labour all my life because it seemed unfair for the rich to get richer, by taking from the poor.

    Well, cameroons are currently doing this with the feed in tariffs for their landed gentry bum chums wind mines.

    millipede INTRODUCED the climate change act which started all this reverse robin hood stuff. Feeding the rich from the poor. How can I vote for a supposed ‘SOCIALIST’ who advocates taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

    They both believe in a super state called europe, which is corrupt to its core!

    I want change, so I’m thinking UKIP

  32. 32
    jaded jean says:

    Cameron playing the race card has really upset Farage…

    What with that and Boris’ u-turn on an ‘in-out’ referendum…it really does look like ‘a war’ now!

    Also looks like Boris is now back with the L i ber tarian programme re Europe

  33. 33 says:

    Surely a cast iron guarantee of a Referendum from Dave will be enough for UKIP? Oh hang on UKIP voters are not as stupid and gullible as the Liblabcon sheep.

  34. 34
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    ‘Progressive’ is the new conserve (ative)

  35. 35
    Winnie the Pooh says:

  36. 36 says:

    UKIP does not exist to help the Tories win elections. UKIP exists and thrives because the Tories have betrayed their core voters and there is no sign of them changing. The only way Farage should enter any agreement is by the Tories not competing against UKIP in a similar number of seats.

  37. 37 says:

    The SNP was a protest vote once. Now they are running Scotland.

  38. 38
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    If UKIP look like taking the LibDem vote at the next election and forming a coalition with the Tories then I will be joining UKIP before the next election. Got to keep troughing, troughing! Boaz.

  39. 39
    Dino says:

    I’ll be voting UKIP after a lifetime of voting Tory. Please no deals with that snake Cameron and his spineless toadies. He has no intention of allowing any EU referendum, else he would have already done so and romped home in the next election with us out of the EU. But he doesn’t care about his survival, or that of the Tories, only the continuation of the 3 party’s EU agenda. And now we get Boris saying he is against a referendum, against democracy (so very EU of him), so don’t think he’ll be rescuing the Tory brand. Its dead, wave bybye.

  40. 40
    Dave can not be trusted says:

    Farage won’t fall for it. Dave’s cast iron guaranntee is worthless.

  41. 41 says:

    Could it be because they are now more popular than the Lib Dems? Why do the Lib Dems get so much attention? The only hope for the Tories at the next election is if they do what is going on in Spain, where the people of Catalonia (Barcelona,etc) have voted for a referendum for independence from the rest of Spain (Madrid,etc). Let the English people have a referendum to secede from the UK and the EU. Then Wales and Scotland will have to scrounge off the EU.

  42. 42
    The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

    This is pie in the sky..Why would UKIP even consider this ? Cameron has not conceded a referendum even after 2015(IF he wins)The Tories KNOW what they have to do if they have any hope of forming a government after 2015…Cameron has to concede an in/out referendum in 2013 not 2 years hence…he won’t so that’s the end of it

    UKIP is probably on track to do extremely well in the 2014 European Elections putting further pressure on Cameron

  43. 43
    Gay Fawkes hero Boris says:

    Will no one think of the poor billionaire Indians? poor Big Bankers? poor 20 million 3rd world immigrants illegally invading UK? poor Boris and his need to get to No.10 and sell out the indigenous English, like Blair, Cameron, Brown… ?

  44. 44
    Do Nowt DAVE The Downing street Doormouse says:

    Sky news reporting that “Boy George” Osborne may have to implement yet more cuts and raise taxes even more to balance his books
    one thing he’s looking at is raising VAT to 25%
    His austerity measures will have to run an extra year till 2018 !
    what a load of bollocks ! , we all know that the Tories won’t be in office after 2015 and that labour will be on yet another unchecked spending spree until at least 202-0 !

  45. 45
    Call me Dave says:

    I am sick to death of repeating the fact that my flagship proposal is legalising the marriage of poofs.

    To hell with the economy,austerity,NHS,education,Europe.

    The poofs must get a fair deal.

  46. 46 says:

    Arm, leg or neck?

  47. 47
    albacore says:

    Holy cow! The Tories are on the right?
    That ain’t arf goin’ to give Dave a fright
    In fact, he’ll be so gut-wrenchingly frit
    He’ll probably have to take to his pit

  48. 48
    Really? says:

    You know full well that Farage’s ALLOWANCES are the same as every other MEP’s and are paid every month to every MEP.
    Now if you are attempting to make an honest point, which you are not, your ‘outrage’ regarding MEP’s ridiculously high salaries and allowances, would be aimed at every one of them, not just Farage.

  49. 49
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Obvious flaw. The Tories will be wiped out in 2015.

  50. 50
    TheIconvenenientTruth says:

    Indeed. Its not just immigration policy that originates in Brussels.

  51. 51 says:

    Yes how could non-Etonian toffs run a country?

    How could people who believe spending should be kept under control run the country?

    How could people who believe in low taxes run the country?

    How could people who believe mass, uncontrolled immigration is damaging the country and creating high unemployment, energy crises, housing crises, school problems, language problems, crime problems, traffic problems run the country?

    How could people who believe the £10million every year we give in charity to the EU not be better spent in this country run the country?

  52. 52
    Ex-Conservative voter (one of about 4 million) says:


    Vote ‘Dave’ for more immigration. Vote ‘Dave’ for more terrorists on our streets. Vote ‘Dave’ for more foreign domination of England.

  53. 53
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Farage MUST insist that Cam goes as part of any deal. He is damaged goods. Toxic.

  54. 54 says:

    Sorry that should be £10billion (maybe more).

  55. 55
    Don't do a deal with the fruitloop party Nigel says:

    Not sure Farage would do a deal a party who think homosexuals should become partners in marriage, the country’s energy policy based on windmills, and the BBC is the envy of the world.

  56. 56
    Netcontributor says:

    Should the conservatives offer Nigel a ministerial position such as …Primeminister….i think as a ukip supporter I could stomach that.

  57. 57
    The Tit in No 10 says:

    Herr von Rumpy will best advise us what to do.

    Meanwhile … we shall make every effort to convince voters that it is only because of Wind Farms that the UK has managed to survive the drought!

  58. 58
    simple as that says:

    fuck the Tories.

  59. 59
    Often less is better. says:

    The three day week was fantastic productivity actually went up as people found they could do as much in 3 days as they could 5 and some more.

    %0 mph speed liimit didn’t increase journey times either.

  60. 60
    Linda Hudson says:

    British people are a very sad people indeed, and its taken 40 years to get to this state. You can lie to the people sometime, but not all the time, as my dear father used to say. The people of the U.K. are well and truly AWAKE!

  61. 61
    Really? says:

    Let’s look at the alternative choice’s.

    Cameron, socialist, big government, green agenda progressive, EUphile.

    Clegg, socialist, big government, green agenda progressive, EUphile.

    Miliband marxist, big government, green agenda progressive, EUphile.

    So that’s a vote for either the devious drip in a red rosette, a liar in a yellow rosette or a lying coward in a blue rosette, who completely ‘coincidently’ agree on everything.

  62. 62
    Gawd Help Us says:

    You would think the rest of his party would see this wouldn’t you? It seems to be taking a long time to sink in.

  63. 63
    Yet another ex-Conservative voter says:

    + 1

    has ‘Dave’ uttered a single word about CP / Rottingham yet?

  64. 64
    Ex-Conservative voter (one of about 4 million) says:

    “How could people who believe the £10million every year”

    Ten billion. And that’s a conservative estimate. Without including the collateral economic damage inflicted on us by EU membership, it’s about £19billion. An absolute outrage, and the reason I haven’t voted Conservative since 1992.

  65. 65
    Being honest says:

    I think that if Falange gets anywhere near the levers of power in the Uk then a lot of people will soon learn what the phrase ‘capital flight ‘ really means .

  66. 66
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Fabric.unt makes no mention of The Democracy Movement for some reason. Lots of funds & significant membership – all vote UKIP.

    Also, what’s this shit about “increased support from all ethnicities” in the overview? Once again, metropolitan thinkers come up with the opposite of what the largest floating segment wants. White van tories want another Thatcher, not another wet fart like Cam or Um Bongo.

    Spend some time out of London you fuckwits.

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Doubtless there would have been fuss, but the fact that the previous administration would have made a stink about the prospect if having to face up to the unpopularity of the decision they took without consulting anyone is not a good enough reason for failing to carry it out.

    Besides, if it was a ‘lack of fuss’ he was after, the present situation shows how well that course is working out.

    Cameron could have used a referendum result to his advantage (whatever the result turned out to be) but now he’s in a muddle which won’t go away, and which some in his party are now belatedly starting to appreciate could realisticly cost them the next election.

  68. 68
    Synic says:

    Don’t forget the NHS is also admired worldwide for it’s ability to waste taxpayers money.

  69. 69
    Schrodinger's Dog says:

    Sorry, too late, ‘promises’ in election manifestos are non binding as was established some years ago.

  70. 70
    brucepleb says:

    I’m a UKIP voter. If it looks to me like they’ll help in any way to keep Dave and his chums in power, I’ll stay home that day or vote tactically.

    Is it a wind-up?

  71. 71
    One-term dave, leading the Tories to their grave, says:

    I give the EU £53,000,000 every day, whilst closing hospitals!

    How about that for ‘capital flight’?

    Toodle pip!

    PS: I’m going to let 29 million Rumanian/Hungarian immigrants into Britain in 2014, and I’m pushing really hard for 75 million Turks to come over, too. Enjoy!

  72. 72
    Really? says:

    Is that why Cameron still to this day, done nothing regarding the reprehensible corporation of bum bandits, assorted perverts, liars and left wing propaganda merchants?

    Are they his ‘exempt me from blame’ firewall?

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    You need top thank Joyce Thacker and her fellow Common Purpose nutters for all the attention UKIP are getting.

  74. 74
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    I would like to see a few more UKIP voices, they need more than Nigel F. flying the flag, at the moment they can accuse it of being a one man party.

  75. 75
    Really? says:

    It’s not immigration anymore it’s population replacement and ethnic cleansing. Both of which are crimes against humanity, according to the UN.

  76. 76
    Eric Hobsbawm says:

    That’s the problem! If only we’d killed just a few more million, the new dawn would have been upon us.

    Never mind. We seem to be heading in the right direction to give it another shot.

    Go Ed!

  77. 77
    Really? says:

    +1 and +1 SWW and GOM.

  78. 78
    horehound says:

    UKIP need to up their game, a few defections of from the Tories doners realistically

  79. 79
    Do Nowt DAVE The Downing street Doormouse says:

    “Why is the media giving UKIP yet more attention?!”

    Because they are the only party to offer a referendum and not lie about it ?

  80. 80
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    I’m making plans for Nigel :)

  81. 81
    Fact Hunt says:

    Tell em to go swivel Nigel. No deals, no accomodations, no sell outs.

  82. 82
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    This is a better version…….. for Nigel :)

  83. 83
    JH4 says:

    Ironic, isn’t it.

    Has to be said, it’s been a bloody awful couple of months for the left. Their media wings are in turmoil, and the loony Common Purpose cult wing is under scrutiny.

    Joy. A drink will be had this Christmas to celebrate.

  84. 84
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    I hope you are not considering fostering any need kids…… racist !!

  85. 85
    Gawd Help Us says:

    They’re here already, my local High Street resembles Bucharest some days.

  86. 86
    Taxfodder says:

    I’m not happy about it, but on current government performance it’s obviously going to be a pretty easy Labour victory next GE. All labour have to do is buy the pop corn and sit tight through the Tory meltdown pending an GE wipe out….

    Methinks the Tory Party needs UKIP more than the reverse..and I can’t see what’s left of the Libdems making much difference to Tory fortunes and I doubt they do either assuming they even wanted to.

    Despite that sobering thought I would still rather see a properly elected government than the unelected car crash fiasco we have at the moment.

    In any case these days I am pretty much past caring as I realised many years ago I don’t have a say only a vote and that’s no good to anybody if the ruling class think they know best as to what I want and need and act on it regardless…in which case my vote can only be for more of the same…

    So…despite the huff and puff, like many more I won’t be bothering to vote somebody into a well paid job to ignore my requirements…I have better things to do…

  87. 87
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    Why don’t the Tories just do a deal with Labour. After all they’re the same people, they just wear different colour rosettes.

  88. 88
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    All with the right to use our services that we as tax payers pay for….. NHS, education, benefits etc etc.

    Great idea…… let ‘em all in ‘cos every other f*cker is here :)

  89. 89
    Sun shine says:

    A doubling of CO2 from presnt levels will reduce (not increase) the surface temperatures by less than 0.1 C. Seems that the the big heat source in the sky is what controls the temperature. Funny that.

  90. 90
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    Apparently representational democracy is no longer binding either. 56% want out.

  91. 91
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

    I’ve voted Tory twice. In the first 1974 election because I had sympathy for Mr Heath and (to my eternal shame) in 1987 mainly because I had no time for The Boyo.

  92. 92
    Taxfodder says:

    spot on!

  93. 93
    Raving Loon says:

    That’s what happens when you poll higher than the Libdems and have policies that people outside the Guardian/BBC set actually support.

  94. 94
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    We don’t think of you as a centre right party. We think of LibLabCon as a ruling elite. Vote UKIP get Labour? We don’t care because THEY’RE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

  95. 95
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

    I’d never heard of Common Purpose until now.

  96. 96
    Border Terrier says:

    Leave it out Guido.

    This conservative activist wants nothing to do with the crazy, atavists that comprise UKIP who want a bonkers version of a better yesterday.

    Better to fight and lose than compromise for a grubby win that could only bring disaster.

  97. 97
    Gordon's rocking horse says:

    He’s riding me hard, night and day. That’s why he’s never in Westminster.

  98. 98
    The Golem says:

    +1 All three branches of liblabcon work to the same agenda, which can be summarised as a big government, marxist corporatist suffocation for us all. Any apparent differences between them are entirely a matter of style.

  99. 99
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    You know you’re right, at the moment we’re a small party without careerist politicians and we’re gonna make some mistakes. But that is because we’re trying to put ordinary people into positions where they can start to shake things up a bit.

  100. 100



  101. 101
    P l e b says:

    O/T but why did we hear nothing more about the Ben Fellows allegations?

  102. 102
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    Pick a random Minister from the Shadow cabinet. Do a google search and find out who their extended family is, where they went to school/uni, what ‘clubs’ they are in and what jobs they have done. Then, as a Labour voter, ask yourself what has this person ever done to warrant the claim to be representing a person on £6.09p an hour.

  103. 103
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Surely that should be “he has his future in Tata Steel”?

    I once bought a 12″ of XTC’s, black cover. The shittest record I ever bought.

  104. 104
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Isn’t Proportional Representation what you are hoping for?

  105. 105
    Confirmed ex Tory voter says:

    No. He is a useless PC tosser

  106. 106
    The party names change, the policies remain the same says:

    Vote ‘Dave’ for more Global Warming scams. Vote ‘Dave’ for more concocted wars and interventions. Vote ‘Dave’ for more EU in your face.

  107. 107
    Deep Froat says:

    As a UKIP’r may I be the 9997th to tell Rusty Dave to feck off and die.

    The only Tory deal I would be happy to see is the where he resigns and lets a proper Tory (if there are any still in that party) take over. Maybe Carswell. Certainly not the current crop of geniuses.

  108. 108
    Dickhead Dave says:

    The UKIP is full of ghastly waycists.

  109. 109
    Hugh Janus says:

    Harsh, but fair. There is no way that this former Conservative voter would ever support One Term Dave again, after his betrayal of his party and his supporters. It’s perfectly simple – UKIP next time, after 40+ years. Any referendum promises from the present shower would be worthless.

  110. 110
    Hugh Janus says:

    And another +1. It’s time for a real shake-up, in the hope that our complacent and misguided so-called Conservative party are given a right good kicking, right where it hurts. They deserve nothing less.

  111. 111
    Hugh Janus says:

    Unfortunately the reverse also appears to be true – One Term Dave says he wants to make gay marriage the centerpiece of his premiership, even though it wasn’t in the last manifesto. I would gain more by reading the tea leaves than anything from this shower of sh*t.

  112. 112
    Buster Gut says:

    About the same as the champgne socialist Polly Toynbee.

    Now that I’ve mentioned the name,
    let the games begin…

    and … a former labour voter.

  113. 113
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    With stupid thinking like this Mr FabriHunt should have the Conservative Whip withdrawn immediately .

  114. 114
    Bluebottle says:

    Why is that man wearing a wig on top of his head ?

  115. 115
    Sir William Waad says:

    David Cameron is a Tory. Unfortunately he is not a conservative.

  116. 116
    cynic says:

    The one issue no-one in the Conservative Party is mentioning is ‘what do the bloody voters want?’ They are divorced from public and voter views

  117. 117
    restore the monasteries says:

    I have always detested our european mis adventure.I voted “NO” in 1975,when i was 22.The only people to benefit,are those that work in the EU,and those that get EU subsidies.Look at kinnock and his ,Keep it in the family, dodge,nepotism,which is probably rife within the EU.To belong to a club that has not signed off its accounts for years,seems odd.I am at the end of my tether with the present political parties,re their stance on EU.Our costly membership of this ruinous club,has destroyed our once great country,and i have not seen evidence of ANY benefit to britain,that we couldn,t do for ourselves.I am at a loss to know who to vote for,(it wont be labour)come the G.E.May not bother.
    For 37yrs i have detested our membership of this corrupt institution.AMEN

  118. 118
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    A former Labour voter. Were you just experimenting or did you form a habit?

  119. 119
    Captn P says:


  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Now they’re *ruining* Scotland.


  121. 121
    Martin Day says:

    In the recent police commissioner nonsense i voted UKIP without even knowing the candidates name and will always vote the same from now on, i have put a sign on my front door saying ” waiting for UKIP, the rest of you fcuk off”

  122. 122
    Disillusioned Portsmouth Constituent says:

    Hey Handy, I saw you the other day in Portsmouth,

    Driving around in your Range Rover Evoque
    Looking for young girls to pick up and poke

  123. 123
    Captn P says:

    There are only two parties benefiting from Coalition and deals…
    Labour and Tories … The status quo

  124. 124
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Surely the Lib Dem experience must have taught even the slowest learner that a small party has more control over an incumbent minority government outside that government than in coalition with it?
    The most Farage should offer is a pact for the either party to stand aside in two dozen seats where they cannot win.

  125. 125
    Jimmy says:

    Go for it!

  126. 126
    Malcolm McDowell says:

    I have switched, no not ponzi electricity charges, allegiances from the multi cultural/worthy/handwringing Tories to the hard nosed and ebullient Nigel Farage Party. Even joined. And yes, Cameron can feck off, I am voting UKIP as long as a candidate is put forward. Sad for my (Tory) MP because he is old school eurosceptic.

  127. 127
    Malcolm McDowell says:

    I am not gay and I am already married, why should I vote Tory?

  128. 128
    Reality Strikes without a flying picket about says:

    Do you know, if it wasn’t for the UKiP if you want to, I’m fully awake, I would love to be Nige’s pal. Join the Labour Party Nige – you know it makes sense. Stop playing with political history deadends Nige, the advice I would give Nige, as here, back in ’36. We’ll re-educate you Nige, with kid gloves, it’s never too late,

  129. 129
    Rufus Stone says:

    Agree – and give us it NOW.

  130. 130
    Honest View says:

    I visited London the other day (from the rural North) and was surprised by the extent to which it has become a third world city, with hordes of depressed and shabby people weaving between the beggars and down- and -outs. Shameful demise of a once great city.

  131. 131
    Going forward Camnam style says:

    They’re such gems, makes us plebs proud to see the chaps in blazers in charge.

  132. 132
    Going forward Camnam style says:

    I wish they were. Mostly they’ll vote for the donkey with the rosette.

  133. 133
    pleb says:

    True, that’s why I’ll be voting UKIP this time, and to hell with the consequences.

  134. 134
    Dave says:

    What’s this got to do with modern inclusive homophile Tories.

    We went to the best Public Schools, so pipe down.

    Wait until you’re spoken to in future.

  135. 135
    Archie says:

    Hello Frank!

  136. 136
    Archie says:

    Yeah. Let’s re-elect Cameron! Brill!

  137. 137
    Archie says:

    That was in reply to Border Terrier, by the way.

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