November 26th, 2012

BIJ Try to Have Their Cake and Eat It

Following reports over the weekend that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism invoiced the BBC £3,250 for that Newsnight report, this morning the BIJ confirmed to Guido that they have yet to receive payment. If they have been expecting the cash this directly contradicts their claim yesterday that it wasn’t a BIJ story: “We are satisfied the Bureau was not itself directly responsible for the content of the programme”. The BIJ are trying to have their cake and eat it, either they weren’t responsible for the story or they shouldn’t be charging for it. They should donate the fee to a charity of Lord McAlpine’s choice. 


  1. 1
    The Tit in No 10 says:

    I’ll make sure the Law is changed to protect them providing they protect me! – and anything to do with CP PC for that matter.


    • 24
      the next tit in No.10 and Gay Fawkes' hero, Boris says:

      What Britain needs is a good flood – of ‘student’ Indians!


    • 28
      Lord Sacks of Shit says:

      Funny that. no sign of AC1 and his civil partner smoggie since the two Y*d army members got stabbed last week in Rome.


    • 33
      David Cast Iron Cameron says:

      I give you all a cast iron guarantee – I am a modern man, I read the Guardian and I will protect the celebrities and the murdered children by regulating the press. From now on before anyone is allowed to write for a newspaper they must be given a licence by a board at the new “Free Press Organisation”. The board will include an MP, a local councillor, an equalities activist, a representative from the Equalities Commission, a representative from a major feminist campaigning group, a BBC employee, a Guardian journalist, a trade union representative and a non-political laywoman as chosen with the same criteria as BBC’s Question Time.

      Any articles that are complained about or about which the BBC and Guardian can whip up a twitter storm will be referred to this new, modernising board. If the journalist is found guilty of phone hacking, patriotism, arguing against multiculturalism, writing nasty stories about celebrities or other undisclosed proscribed stories he will be sent for diversity re-education at the Harriet Harperson Centre for Freedom and Equality. If the journalist has implied in any way support for UKIP or for leaving the EU their children will be taken by the state to Rotherham for diversity re-education.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    I like the way that everyone just accepts Lord M is innocent.

    and yes, you can accuse me of needing a tin foil hat.


    • 6
      John Adlington says:

      Do you think he’s guilty then?


    • 36
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Look, B!lly/moniker thief, whoever it is, you’re going to have to come up with, oh what is it called again, oh yes, EVIDENCE that Lord Mac either did (A) that of which he was recklessly accused by those who didn’t have, what do you call it, EVIDENCE, or (B) that he covered up for his cousin. Of the two possibilities, I’d concentrate on the latter. I think Lord-Mac-as-abuser’s ship has sailed. It would behove someone who is the wearer of a tinfoil hat to go with the weaker proposition to be proved, as one tends to look less barking mad doing so, and it might be marginally easier to come up with some vaguely plausible scenario that Ali Mac tried to keep Jimmy Mac’s indiscretions secret, lest it somehow affect his political career and the subsequent financial fortunes of his relatives, either proactively, or as a result of extortion.


      • 43
        Engineer says:

        Actually, the case against Jimmy Mac is pretty damned thin, too.


        • 45
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          As opposed to the case against Lord Mac, which is non-existent.

          Jimmy Mac, however, is dead. We’ll get no more out of him, yea or nay. He is not likely to be what the French call an “‘evil dog’– how dare he bite when he is attacked!”, and you can pretty much say what you like about him now (unlike his cousin Ali). All you have to do is mention the surname and people who are knowledgeable about Party politics of the last few decades will recognise it, and it will always be a matter of speculation, so long as there are conspiratorial types out there, as to how much Ali knew, assuming there was anything to know, and what he did about it, assuming there was something to be done if there was something for him to know. Unfortunately, not much Ali can do about that, which is the point I was trying to make.


    • 56
      NE Frontiersman says:

      As many who comment here know, his was not the only big name from the 80s being bandied around freely for years on the web.
      Personally, I’m impressed with Lord McA’s restraint in holding back from suing over these foul allegations for at least 12 years: Magnanimity? Strength of character? You decide.


  3. 3
    CarlosTheJackal says:

    You seem to be awfully upset about this report Guido going by how aggressively you’re going after the authors.

    Does this investigation have the potential to impact you or people you’re connected to in some way?


    • 9
      spang says:

      Hole in one.

      Guido is always happy to promote the interest of Rupert Murdoch.


      • 11
        Sir Gin says:

        And you have a big problem with that Polly?


      • 14
        Really? says:

        That’s right, it is all Murdoch’s fault. He forced the BIJ to concoct a load of tosh and then forced the BBC to buy it from them and air it.

        Is there no end to the monster Murdoch’s evil powers?


      • 16
        Gala Bingowings says:

        Say what you like about Murdoch and NI but you got to admit the institutionalised kiddy fiddling and cover up at the BBC is fucking outrageous.
        Even up to recently where the BBC chose,despite mounting evidence,to go with promoting the myth of Jimmy Savile as a good guy rather than the reality.
        The whole issue has shown a lot of BBC fanboys out by the way they try to excuse the inexcusable.


    • 55
      CarlosTheJackal says:

      Never mind, answered my own question as far as connections go. The nature of these I’ve no idea but evidently the story hits somewhat close to the ‘home’ of this blog and EOS Media.

      owner: Guido Fawkes
      address: Guido Fawkes
      address: C/O Global and General Nominees Limited
      city: —
      state: Nevis
      postal-code: —
      country: KN


  4. 4
    Common Purpose Stasi says:

    The BIJ provide an invaluable service to progressive mainstream reporting.


  5. 5
    Marmite says:

    All I want is for the BBC to be shut down. Not sold off, not pay as you view, just SHUT DOWN!

    Thank you.


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Guido is wrong.

    Just because you supply some material for a project doesn’t make you overall responsible for the project. Look at the quote,

    “We are satisfied the Bureau was not itself **directly responsible** for the content of the programme”


    • 27
      Engineer says:

      “I know that the boiler I designed blew up and killed several people, but the boiler was only a part of the overall project run by my employers, so I am not responsible.”

      Hmm. Can’t see the judge buying that one.


      • 34
        Piggy Moran says:

        I said I was too sad to be sent to jail and the judge accepted it.


      • 42
        Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

        More importantly, it’s unlikely that the jury would buy it. Mind you, juries have reached some strange verdicts over the years, when the evidence more or less proved that they should have gone for the opposite verdict.


      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        but you are a thick twat


  7. 8
    spang says:

    Guido is wrong.

    Just because one supplies one part of the content of a project doesn’t make one ultimately responsible for the whole project. NewsNight are adults and should be satisfied before they broadcast.

    “We are satisfied the Bureau was not itself ***directly responsible*** for the content of the programme”


  8. 10

    They should donate the fee to a charity of Lord McAlpine’s choice.

    The Sally Bercow anonymous foundation for former and recovering tweeters?
    The Gordon Brown ‘cure for all cancer’. Its current £7.56p needs a big top up.
    The Mad Nads Shelter organisation, for poor wretches who have lost their second or third homes.


  9. 12
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Are you trying to silence the press Guido….LOL


  10. 15
    I type with my toes says:

    What do you call a news editor who doesn’t know the news?


  11. 17
    Arthur Foxache says:

    hitler diarys..get em now get em cheep..speeshull offer for too..job lots caytered four..


  12. 18
    Gonk III says:

    Excellent lefty journalism. Spend £3250 – sorry invest £3250 to lose at least a million in compo, redundancy, damages etc.


  13. 20
    Never knew my pet cat can do the breaststroke says:

    Bit rainy today in the parts, ey? Thank god I live on the side of a hill – flood plain?What is one of those?


    • 32
      Engineer says:

      Careful with the smuggery. You can get flooded on hills, too.


      • 57
        Knees of Mother Brawn says:

        Not where I am, a good mile from the nearest stream. The whole house is on a 30 degree hill, and good drainage on it’s lower side. If we get flooded, it will be a national disaster, the whole country will be ten foot under. We have cheap insurance, which is nice.


  14. 21
    Marcus says:

    What is your problem Guido?

    The BIJ themselves were not DIRECTLY responsible for the content of the programme.

    The deal was that, for a fee of £3,250 they would second Angus Stickler to the BBC to work on the programme.


    • 30
      Licence fee payer says:

      As the BiJ supplied the faulty goods (Angus Stickler) we can take it the BBC wont be using their services again?


  15. 23
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    It’s not my fault that the FTSE is tanking.

    I just don’t have a Plan B,simples.

    FTSE 100 5788.44
    -30.70 -0.53%


    • 31
      Big Bankers says:

      VAT up to 25% on the plebs to pay for the bankers welfare fund, Gideon, asap, or else the kiddie photos get ‘mislaid’.


  16. 25
    GeoffM says:

    If BIJ was not involved then why has their editor resigned over the matter?


  17. 38
    concrete cunt says:

    Heaven forbid that any associate of the saintly Mrs Margret Thatcher should be accussed of kiddy fiddling. Anyone associated with her was clearly as clean as can be. That woman was a Saint and her devotees will crush anybody who implies otherwise.


  18. 39
    Quintain says:

    Don’t forget the peadoes in the B B C – Don’t let them sweep it under the carpet.


  19. 41
    Gordon's rocking horse says:

    He still insists she was a bigot ….


  20. 46
    Anonymous says:

    “either they weren’t responsible for the story or they shouldn’t be charging for it”

    Astounding logic. All leprechauns will be proud.

    Guinness all round.


  21. 49
    MB. says:

    Would the BBC be able to make a counter claim for all the costs they have incurred because of the BIJ’s work?


  22. 50
    Braindead says:

    Do they mean “the BBC should have stopped us, they know what we’re like”?


  23. 53
    Anonymous says:

    All of the “costs”, compensation, redundancy, etc. that the BBC has incurred over this issue will be paid, in full, by the TV Licence Fee payers.

    That’s what lefty journalism is all about. Get someone else to foot the bill …


  24. 54
    Man Flu says:

    McAlpine supports children in need. Bless.


    • 58
      Knees of Mother Brawn says:

      Like to see the breakdown of contributions of beebs chikdren in need night from the other week – would make good reading. Bet off the cuff Joe Public contributions was next to nowt.


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