November 23rd, 2012

LibDems Say Tata to 900 Jobs as Energy Deal Bites

Just hours after George Osborne’s capitulation to the LibDems over green subsidies the first casualty of the green energy price hikes has been announced. Tata Steel has been forced to cut 900 jobs, citing green policies for damaging their competitiveness with European rivals. Well done Davey.

A senior treasury source insists to Guido that it could have been far worse: “People were pushing for at least a £10 billion subsidy. Given existing obligations already entered into we couldn’t have got it any lower unfortunately – but we made it better than it was.” Tough one to sell to bill-payers though.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Taxpayers gets screwed by those climate global warming change bollocks!

    Off with their Eds!


    • 16
      Plato says:

      Osborne says, “fuck this, I might as well take all my clothes off and climb a statue”.


    • 35 says:

      Shale gas for fecks sake. It is saving America.


      • 104
        yeah, right... says:

        Yes, this climate chance guff is a mere sideshow compared to how bad things get once we start shutting down our coal fired generators.

        Net imports of gas from other liberal democracies such as Russia, Qatar etc and increased global demand for the same resource and our current (for Europe, low) prices will seem like a golden era.

        Forget carbon – it’s energy security which should be driving government policy. Problem is, a coherent energy policy requires a twenty year time-frame and investment plan. Politicians only have eyes for the next election.


        • 120
          V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

          We need to go back to burning coal, f”ck the climate alarmists.


        • 124
          Average F*!kwit MP says:

          Next election?

          We’re too busy making fortunes and securing lucrative directorships out of climate scare scams, to think that far ahead.

          Must dash, I have to get my broker to increase my green share portfolio on the news that billions more subsidy, is going to be poured into the pork barrel.


      • 146
        Geologist says:

        I am a geologist who supports fracking and have spoken directly with Cuadrilla. Unfortunately the reserves which we currently know about are nowhere near as extensive as has been reported and amount to about 4% of our annual requirement for thirty years. Still well worth doing but not the windfall we were hoping for.


    • 64
      Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

      As an MP, I am planning to put all the extra costs on expenses…


  2. 2
    Jimmy says:

    “citing green policies”

    You have a link for this?


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Pollution or jobs?


  4. 4
    neilfutureboy says:

    Since IPCC boss Pachauri is connected to Tata (its a small world isn’t it) it is astonishing that they were so honest as to say it was Greenness that was causing them to move.


    • 25
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      They’ll move production to India, just like last time.


      • 34
        Indian says:

        Well, why not, after all, you’re reneging on the backhander ‘aid’ deal that was set up in exchange for us taking Jaguar Landrover off your hands.


      • 40 says:

        Or America where energy costs are far less than Europe thanks to shale gas. America is now almost self-sufficient in energy.


        • 44

          “Just last week, the International Energy Agency made headlines across the globe as it predicted that these reserves will make the US the world’s biggest gas producer by 2015, and the largest oil producer two years later.”

          Cheap energy means cheap production costs means a competitive edge against rivals. What is stopping people understanding this?


          • BBC,Guardian,Labour party revolving door job club says:

            Too simple and cost effective we want PAIN,WE WANT WHITE MAN SUFFER.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            They understand alright.

            Unfortunately our political class are vandals as well as crooks and seemingly, want to destroy rather than build. While getting filthy rich in the process of course.

            More subsidy Mr. Energy-Provider?

            Why of course Mr. Politician and heres a cozy share option and a seat on our board.


          • Anonymous says:

            vandals destroy.
            we can stand up?
            need to encourage and support.

            corruption i am afraid is a much deeper issue. there is no remedy, just stay out of the way. focus on your integrity, at least the baddies are robustly detached then. blood suckers, the lot of ‘em.


          • Red Ed Millibandwagon says:

            Tribal Follower Mentality (TFM) – remember it as it is my and our future.


  5. 5
    ancientpopeye says:

    Now let me think…. who was it “sold” the steel company to TATA?


  6. 7
  7. 8
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Get those ta-ta’s out for the lads, ladies!


  8. 9
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

    This is going to become a major vote loser

    And is already a major scandal

    When you start supercharging energy bills you fuck not only energy intensive businesses but every person in the country

    This green shit is madness


    • 36
      Really? says:

      + £400 per annum and rising fast. The cost of wind subsidy, to every taxpayer.


    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      And a money making con. Is anybody actually stupid enough to pay a voluntary carbon tax when flying on Virgin


      • 134
        Anonymous says:

        the best thing about virgin is that it has clear longterm goals. and nothing come sin the way. it is virgo, the virgin. it has good daily routines and is health conscious.

        we could all do with a bit of virgovirginity in us. we have enuf ofwallowing un global suffering.
        get of our backsides. the virginal way.
        it has never been done in modern times.


  9. 10
    Jack says:


    “Given existing obligations already entered into we couldn’t have got it any lower unfortunately …”

    Were these the commitments made by the Maximum Imbecile and his “Energy Secretary” the Empty Idiot Ed Milliband by any chance?

    Why does the Treasury not blame the people who imposed all this shit on us…

    Where is the fuckign Coalition PR machine?

    We pqy enough people to expect the truth FFS


  10. 11
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    “””senior treasury source insists””””

    Translation = Neo Nut James Delingpole, at The Telegraph made the quote up, then told Borisido Boriswkes


  11. 12
    One World says:

    All you fucking gas guzzling righties who want to consume and consume but don’t give a shit about the environment!


    • 23
      Wunashun says:

      I take it you are not one of the 900 then?


    • 27
      smoggie says:

      Nothing quite so good for the environment as fields and fields of oversized windmills and mile upon mile of pylons. Estuary barrages are great as well.

      I’d rather those subsidies were spent on protecting the environment not defiling it.


      • 76
        Anonymous says:

        best energy is in nature. lets be mature. lets have more nature or atleast spend more time.
        with big mama, mamabigboobsnature.
        you know that nature is mature.
        it is not manure.
        it is mature.


    • 41
      Plato says:

      Yeah, I always open the windows when I put my heating on, ‘cos I don’t give a toss.


    • 54
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Get off that energy guzzling computer you greenut, you’re killing the planet / polar bears / fish / plankton / causing earhquakes / storms / some other ill informed bollocks.


  12. 13
    IMHO says:

    At least three major scams going on then, the Green lunatics Pushing the price of energy generation so high nobody can afford to use the stuff and the cosy cartel and price rigging (fuel Libor) of the Utility companies.


  13. 14
    I´m stark bollock naked says:

    We´re only now just beginning to see GREEN shoots of unrecovery.


  14. 15
    Universal Hiss says:

    Yet more government bollocks. Will it never end?

    If they carry on in the same vein there will be dancing in the streets shortly but with pitchforks & piano wire.


  15. 18
    Is there a pilot in the plane says:

    The Government’s energy policy is not only economically suicidal

    The lights will actually be going out in 2015


    • 30
      IMHO says:

      They have a been sat on their arses for the last 15 years, nuclear and coal fired plant being run down and de-commissioned with no replacements under way so even if they started tomorrow you are talking ten years construction time. The National grid will start crashing anytime soon.


      • 32
        Is there a pilot in the plane says:

        Especially in the middle of the winter

        Just when ordinary people (voters) really need it


        • 52
          Anonymous says:

          What is a young boy or girl to do :

          1. Go to University for three years and get what may be a worthless degree and debts of over £30k


          2. Leave an economically increasingly uncompetitive country seemingly obsessed with gay marriage as a serious issue of the day


          • Anonymous says:

            be economically competitive.

            there is something unique about everyone.
            construct something relevant from it. we can all be appropriate.
            something that is relevant to us. something that is appropriate will have to link with goodness…good for us…good socially.

            the idea of debt is false. everyone does what suits em.
            no on is indebted,
            no one is incredited. so even 7 magic rules of steven covey are naff.


        • 128
          Bumpkin says:

          I have a woodburner (which I can cook on) and a virtually limitless supply of wood. Pity about all those city dwellers, hahahahahahaha…


  16. 19
    Bob Dixon says:

    The USA are exploiting shale gas and their energy cost will make them competitive on world markets.
    We have shale gas but we are going for windfarms?


    • 26
      Sir William W says:

      And even – it would be hilarious if it weren’t so stucking fupid – solar panels!!!


      • 132
        Dildo Boggins says:

        I’ve got solar tubes on my roof. In the summer they heat the water so hot you can’t put your hand in it. Not so good ATM as the day length isn’t too good and the sun doesn’t shine a lot.


    • 29
      smoggie says:

      The US will be energy independent but we’ll be in hock to Putin.


    • 39
      The USA says:

      Yes, we’ve kept the news that, via shale, we will be self sufficient in oil and gas for at least the next 50 years pretty low profile. And yet it’s the most important thing of all.


      • 53
        MOD says:

        So we really can scale down the army because you won’t be invading anyone?


        • 63
          USA says:

          You’ll do what you are told and upgrade Trident you insignificant little pricks. Do what you like to your squaddies we do not give a shit.


  17. 21
    Just interested says:

    Who’s Davey?


  18. 24
    HenryV says:

    The steel works near my parents was shut because of EU quotas. The EU loved by them lovely Lib Dems.


  19. 31
    Gaia sick of listening to this shite says:

    Bollocks to this. Cows and pigs produce as much greenhouse gas as industry so lets all eat fucking lettuce.
    Then we can all be a bunch of right on tofu munching fecking layabouts smoking rollups (coz smoking doesn’t fucking count)


  20. 33
    John Prescott says:

    I love ho fun and pad prik.


  21. 37
    John Prescott says:

    I also love Choo Wun Twaht, Suk Mee Pork, Likmai Slit and Fook Sum Wan.


  22. 56
    Old Nick (Clegg) says:

    900 souls, mwwwaaaah mwaaah mwaah cough cough splutter


    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      If intelligence can be measured by exams, the All Souls Fellows by examination are the cleverest people in the country.

      — New Statesman[10]…wiki.

      It is thought to be the hardest exam in the world.
      — The Guardian[2]…

      fellows include,
      Leo Amery (1897),[17] politician
      Isaiah Berlin (1932),[10] philosopher
      George Earle Buckle (1877),[17] journalist
      Lord Curzon (1883),[10][17] Viceroy of India
      Geoffrey Dawson (1898),[17] journalist
      Matthew d’Ancona (1989),[10] journalist
      Quintin Hogg,[18] politician and philosopher
      Douglas Jay (1930),[19] politician
      Keith Joseph,[4] politician
      Cosmo Gordon Lang (1888),[17] Archbishop of Canterbury
      Jeremy Morse,[10] banker
      John Redwood (1972),[10] politician
      A. L. Rowse (1925),[10] historian and poet
      Marcus du Sautoy,[4] mathematician
      Lord Chancellor Simon (1897),[17] politician
      William Waldegrave (1971),[10] politician
      Richard Wilberforce,[2] jurist
      Bernard Williams (1951),[20] philosopher
      lets be objective.
      are these the oldest souls in the land.


  23. 67
    Le Monde correspondent says:


    Who is responsible for this massive cluster fuck?

    Is there no accountability left in the UK?


  24. 78
    Liblabcon trick says:

    We propose to cut our carbon footprint by increasing the countries population by 10%


  25. 90
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ken Clarke Watch – where is he this weekend – has he booked a trip to Rome yet?


  26. 91
    The BBC are cnuts says:

    ‘Dicky’ Nicky Campbell – looking for his £ 500,000 golden parachute.


    • 111
      Nicky Campbell says:

      ‘I think it’s in the BBC’s interest to discuss something other than Jimmy Savile and our new DG,who of course was around when rumours about Savile were rife’


  27. 93
    Calamity Clegg says:

    LibDems – on a mission to impoverish everyone.


  28. 94
    bergen says:

    If the current cooling cycle of the world’s climate continues, things are going to look increasingly difficult in about 8 years time. Then all the carbon targets will be junked and shale gas and opencast coal will have to be exploited because they will be the only energy sources available and ready to work.


    • 103
      The Green Party says "Year Zero" says:

      We can still flap our arms around like wondmills and pretend to be Green, though, can’t we?


  29. 102
    old nalgo-nutter says:

    Well buggar me with a feather! I just put a few names/locations/organisations in to the search facility on the common purpose exposed website and I found three people I know, but never suspected, who are members of this shadowy Stasi like outfit, currently infiltrating the banks, criminal justice system and the civil service etc all over Europe but particularly in dear old Blighty.
    Try it, you’ll be amazed at who’s a member……


    • 116
      Polly Toynbee says:

      Bet it’s a bag of laughs down the common purpose social club.
      No Booze, no fags,no jokes which some may find offensive.
      Shoot me now.


      • 148
        Anonymous says:

        if common purpose is elitist then how is it common.
        corrupt few lead the masses on to the common land.

        one day will any land belong to us?
        fictious debt thru fictious paper.
        the clevers ppl in the land have more tricks up their sleeve to confiscate our assets. stand up and fight.


    • 118
      Bookcase says:

      I tried. It was a useless site. Does not include some publically known members


    • 135
      bergen says:

      I’ve seen some interesting local names on it.Many thanks for the link.


  30. 113
    Cwis Bwyant says:

    Infamy ! Infamy ! They’ve all got it in for me !


  31. 114
    Nick Looneytunes Clegg says:

    I firmly agree with the Green agenda. I know it will mean we (well you non-politicians) will end up living in teepees, rubbing sticks together for warmth and scratching a living from a small kitchen garden. I know that this will only support a tenth of the current UK population but that is the advantage. We can have a referendum on who should be disposed of. We can in one fell swoop get rid of all reactionary capitalist lackeys, and the aged, and the infirm to make room for true believers in a liberal society. Ja, und ve can place some of zem in a concentration camp to make zum clothes for us to vear. Ja.


  32. 115
    Lance Armstrong with EPO for blood says:

    I have a carbon fibre bicycle. Should I turn myself into the nearest Police station for realignment training?


  33. 130
    Economics is for donkeys says:

    This green nonsense is just bad for business. Will we ever learn?


  34. 131
    Dougie says:

    Why believe what Tata says? You’re usually more sceptical, Guido.
    In any case, all their European competitors have the same carbon reduction targets as the UK and therefore similar environmental policies.


    • 139
      not a machine reloaded says:

      not forgetting , carbon trading and carbon tax , make money out of dirty energy idea , and you wonder how cheap energy should be , hard to tell isn it with these add ons


    • 149
      Average F*!kwit MP says:

      I like your thinking.

      Who needs the rest of the world for trade?

      So what if millions are living in energy poverty?

      Who cares if poor people are forced by law to subsidise multi-billion pound corporations?

      Let’s all swirl down the plughole of uncompetitiveness into poverty for all.

      At least that way we can all be equally poor and society will be much fairer for that eh?


  35. 136
    not a machine reloaded says:

    mmm seem to be missing the salient data on what is meant by cheap energy , do you mean energy that the tax payer indirectly has subsidised such as nuclear , or via this route ?
    Of course gov could have done it as 50/50 investment project and split profits .

    You also have to bear in mind what you are going to do when the cheap energy is no longer cheap .


  36. 142
    Cicero says:

    Ed Davey is a lunatic – should never have been let anywhere near the levers of power.


  37. 147
    Hank the Cat says:

    Am I missing something, we pay this green tax through our energy bills,that goes into the bank accounts of the energy companies. What then, what are these green projects,who allocates the money to them, what is the “green economy”, has there been an audit done? it seems that we being taxed for an imaginary green economy and imaginary green projects. What we really need to know who handles the money (names) and who gets it.


  38. 152
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    No services in thirty years. Try not to alarm your fellow passengers.


  39. 153
    Jobs for the boys yet again says:

    What a fucking joke Cameron is turning out to be



  40. 155
    BBC directorate of the enviroment says:

    What a triumph for green economic policy, those 900 eco criminals can now look forward to being employed in the fast growing eco environmentally sustainable green economy. As we speak millions of jobs are being created every day in the modern green economy. No sooner than the antisocial planet killing jobs in the Satanic mills of death have been eradicated will those 900 be employed straight away in the many and varied state subsidised renewable energy sector.

    Tim Yeo has around half a dozen jobs in the renewable green sector and he is just one person, if one person can get six jobs in this booming sector there should be more than enough jobs for the 900 freed slaves of the death factories. Yes, the new subsidies regime has truly paid off in fantastic style, and there is much more great news for lovers of the planet to come, in the months to come the planet killing factories of death will start to close en masse freeing tens of thousands of former slaves to enter the green economy.

    Head of BBC sustainability, social justice, equality and diversity and prolatarian fairness.

    Lady Jocasta T Hardone KGB FBI MI5 PFI and bar


    • 156
      Cicero says:

      ‘ … to enter the green economy …’

      And turn blue (with cold).


      • 157
        Jobs for the boys yet again says:

        One thing they forgot to factor into the equation
        They need the factories of death and the slaves
        to make their poxy fucking wind turdbines


  41. 158
    Anonymous says:

    And the twat who signed us up for massive unjustified carbon reductions is an ALLEGED perjurer!


  42. 159
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    This reminds me of the time Ebbw Vale steelworks lost jobs many years ago and Michael Foot as the sitting MP nearly got himself lynched when he tried to appease the workers using a microphone.

    The only thing that has changed is that the overpaid inflation proofed pension proofed political leader is wearing a blue as opposed to a red tie .


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