November 22nd, 2012

IPSA Boss Says Piggy MPs Deserve Our Trust Again

A laughable interview on the Today programme this morning by Sir Ian Kennedy, the head of IPSA and the man in charge of a review of MPs’ pay. Kennedy says it is time to trust MPs again on expenses:

“Two and a half years ago Parliament was mired in controversy about expenses scandal and looks what’s happened in those two and a half years: an independent body has been created, we’ve addressed business costs, we’ve addressed expenses, we’ve got a good system in place which works. What we’ve got to do is say, look, 2009 is not back with us. MPs are not in a situation where they’re not to be trusted and that there’s no system in place. Quite the opposite, there’s a new system and it’s quite unfair to say that MPs are not to be trusted.”

He must have forgotten all about Stephen Dorrell, Denis MacShane, Margaret Moran, Linda Riordan, Meg Munn, Andy Burnham, Chris BryantHelen Grant, Bill Cash, John Whittingdale, Peter Luff, Jessica Lee, David Amess, Kevin Barron and Don Foster. And that’s just during the last month…


  1. 1
    Kebab for the chop says:



  2. 2
    A financial advisor (lightly regulated by the FSA) says:

    Would Sir Ian like to buy some magic beads or very high yielding shares in Madoff Inc?

    (Never give a sucker an even break).


    • 44
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Sir Ian has the support of all MP’s including me. He is doing a fine job and was an inspired appointment by the Grand Master. Boaz.


      • 65
        Hugh Janus says:

        The interview was more than laughable; it had me shouting at the radio “The silly old sod’s gone native”.

        They really are all in this together, aren’t they?


        • 67
          Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

          Yep. Either that, or Kennedy must be doing some very dangerous and illegal mind-altering shit.


    • 45
      Gordon Brown says:

      Got extra bills to pay this month? Do what I did. I borrowed £500 billion from Wonga which you’ll all be paying back for the next 89 years.


    • 71
      fruitcake says:

      Message for Sir Ian… talk complete bollocks sir.


  3. 3
    dunstall says:

    The trouble is that Kennedy is part of the problem he is cowed by the bullying nature of MPS exemplified by McShame what we need is someone who will act on the abuses which Guido highlights.The idea that the publci trust MPS with expenses wll be treated with risible laughter and disbelief,if it wasnt for blogs like this and a free press which is about to be neutered they would still be getting away with the excesses of 2009 and Chaytonr,Morley,Devine and Ilsley would still be still be members of parliament instead of being ex cons dont get me started on McShame or Moran.


    • 18
      I don't nee d no doctor says:

      What about George Entwhistle , wouldn’t he make a good ipsa boss?


      • 42
        dunstall says:

        George Entwhistles spokesman says he never applied for the job and if he did hes forgotten and if you can excuse him he wants to close the door!!!


        • 46
          George Entwistle says:

          I only found out this morning that my name is George. Now, some of you have been asking why I never tried to find out what my name is all these years. But you must understand that, as DG, I simply don’t have the time to go into all the details.


    • 19
      Archer Karcher says:


      Kennedy was hand picked to be the looters apologist and enabler. While people like him are anywhere near the problem of corrupt MP’s. Nothing will change.


  4. 4
    a non says:

    2009 never went away


  5. 5
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    I heard the interview and he was bullish about the attitude to MP’s and how it’s all rosy in the expenses garden now.


    • 17
      Plato says:

      He lost his rag as well, never a good sign.


    • 24
      A Droyd says:

      The only reason he was on Today this morning was to shout down the interviewer and to try to justify all the cock-ups he has made so far – and to set us up for more and more and….


      • 63
        Men shouting at each other says:

        Makes a change – usually on Toady (not that I listen to it any more) the interviewer shouts down the interviewee.


  6. 6
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:

    I think these fuckers think that we believe them. THIEVING C*NTS


  7. 7
    old lady says:

    Shame!! certain people have very short memories


  8. 11
    PETER MANGLEDBUM (lord of the rings) says:

    The bloke is a Cock !
    I wonder who’s apartment or house he rents ?


  9. 12
    Blimey says:

    Do we really look so gormless Sir Ian?


  10. 13
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    There are none so blind as an IPSA boss.


  11. 14
    Mr Monkhopton says:

    “……it’s quite unfair to say that MPs are not to be trusted.”

    absolute horse shit bollocks mate, you want to get out more and see what is happening


  12. 15
    Roscoe Rules says:

    So Basically,we can trust MP’s again not because they are decent folk but because there are systems in place to prevent them nicking our money?


    • 25
      Roscoe Rules says:

      Or put another way,
      You can trust Ahmed the child rapist because I’ve fitted your teenage daughter with iron knickers.


  13. 16
    Peter says:

    Peadoes in the B B C and profiteering pillocks in the H O C


  14. 20
    YorkshireLad says:

    How much are the troughers paying him to say that?


  15. 22
    Not surprised says:

    No expense issues? Have I turned over two pages at once?


  16. 23
    jimbo says:

    Ian Keneddy needs sacking for such a foolish idiotic remark. Trouble is that nearly all politicians and idiot Kennedy think that the Public are fair game when it comes to stealing our taxes, a very rude awakening is coming to them, that is for sure.


  17. 28
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    I think he’s been hitting some of the same stuff CHARLEY Kennedy used to hit, and pretty hard, at that, by the sound of that fatuous remark!


  18. 29
    AnalStatistician says:

    The Forces of Parliament are clearly at work to reverse the Broon-induced expenses bureacracy and this is just the latest manouvre. The scheming encompasses all concerned with only a few genuine “honourable” members opposed. Basically they all regard Broon’s interventions as a tiresome over-reaction, designed to throw a bone to the slavering masses, which could and will be reversed in due course with a full return to business as usual.

    The truth is – they will succeed.


  19. 30
    Ranter says:

    If he looks like a c*unt and sounds like a c*unt, then he must be a c*unt!


  20. 32
    Loreal shampoo MP (Because I'm worth it) says:

    A member of the US congress earns far more than me which I don’t think is fair.
    The fact his constituency is the size of a small country shouldn’t have anything to do with it.


  21. 33
    Margaret Moran says:

    Yipeee! Finally I can stop pretending to be an ironing board and telling people my name is Oscar! I want to be an MP again! Bring me back, Ed! One nation!


  22. 37
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    If this IPSA chap say’s it is ok to trust then I trust them.

    I also think that Jimmy Savile was a good all round egg and a real snappy dresser :)


  23. 39
    keredybretsa says:

    I mean do me a favour where does this geez live in cloud cuckoo land? He’s definitely deaf in one eye and blind in the other ear. Trust and politicians are two words light-years apart!


  24. 40
    One of the Great Unwashed says:

    If ever there is a real pressing need for a revolution against these para*sites, lee*ches & pim*ps the time is really now……

    The sooner this stinking heap of excre*ment is dealt with & removed

    for good the better !!


    • 80
      Marion the cat says:

      Who do we look to this time?. MPs change the rules to a form they can happily accommodate, without losing a bloody penny. MPs with the connivance of the body making the rules. They all must think we are total and absolute stupid c@nts. But how do we sort it, this time round the papers are a bit hamstrung – upset the MPs and get regulated to death.


  25. 47
    The BBC employs a man called Jihad says:

    “independent”? dont make laugh, he is about as independent as my arse is from me. The regime can always count on their legions of bought off lickspittles, court hangers on ready at the drop of a hat to cast off any scruples and do what is required of them. He is just another regime stooge brought in to cover up for the criminality and venal looting still going on. The Mr Kennedys of this world are the reason why such systemic corruption can exist and flourish, these crooks have a skill in surrounding themselves with his kind.


  26. 48
    Col. Nut says:

    He’s an idiot. IPSA facto.


  27. 49
    dunstall says:

    Dennis McShame says i applaud Sir Ians forgiving nature I have finally be absolved!


  28. 52
    All aboard; get your expenses claim forms at the front door. says:

    Did anyone ask him if little Jonny B13 C0N wrote his script? Little Johnny would be very furious indeed if any of his shenanigans on all this reached the ears/eyes of the general public.


  29. 56
    its tough out there says:

    quis custodiet IPSA custoadies?


  30. 57
    neilfutureboy says:

    And that his own cosmetic department is costing us more than all the frauds said to have been found by these bozos.

    Whatever happens the taxpayer loses more money and the non-productive parts of the state gets it.


  31. 72
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    What planet does this guy live on?


  32. 74
    Synic says:

    IPSA equla IPCC equals Whitewashes R Us.

    Both outfits are fucking useless.


  33. 76
    Sue Brown says:

    It is disgraceful.


  34. 77
    Truthteller says:

    What planet is he on?


  35. 78
    Tom Catesby says:

    Earth calling Ian Kennedy, come in…..!


  36. 79
    Spank Sinatra says:

    I heard him also this morning – vacuous. Six million quid to get 650 people to fill in a form truthfully. ‘Nuff said frankly…….


  37. 81
    Plato says:

    If it looks like a wanker, and talks like a wanker, it probably is a wanker.


  38. 82
    Anonymous says:

    C’mon you guys, why do you think he was appointed and who did the appointing?


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