November 22nd, 2012

HuffPo Abreast of Page 3

Guido has been greatly enjoying the Huffington Post’s coverage of I’m a Celebrity, in particular their entire posting “Helen Flanagan Shows Off Weight Loss As She Strips In Jungle Shower (PICS).” Not even the Mail would also include a gallery of 29 “Almost Nude” shots that leave Page 3 looking like a walk in the park. Talking of the Sun, it seems the lefty liberals over at HuffPo are hardly consistent in their policy:

How long before they join their US counterparts and have a whole section of the site devoted to “sideboob”?

UPDATE: HuffPo UK Editor Carla Buzasi is very passionate about this subject:

There’s been an awful lot written about women’s bodies recently. What with the endless articles devoted to Kate’s boobs, the revelation that the ‘average’ woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet, not to mention the ongoing political battle about who gets to decide when she keeps or doesn’t keep her unborn child. All in all, that’s a lot of column inches devoted to fatness, thinness and everything in-between. No wonder we’re all so f*cked up about our figures. The fascination with bodies, celebrity or otherwise, isn’t exactly something new, of course, and shows no sign of abating. But here’s a thought: why don’t we just stop?

No comment.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Now Guido, as with tax avoidance, its ok as long as the left do it!


  2. 2
    Ivor Grumble says:

    Cave Beasts


  3. 3
    Fenric says:

    I’d give her one


  4. 4
    Rupert my Hero says:

    That reminds me, I have run out of Milk… thanks for the reminder


  5. 4
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “A walk in the park”? More like “over hill and down dale” (as opposed to “Dale…”)


  6. 7
    Tom Watson says:

    Hello mummy – can I still be breastfed please?


  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    “Prejudice in Briefs” says it all.


  8. 9
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Never complain that our host doesn’t give us enough tittle.


  9. 10
    Enter your full name here says:

    last time I checked page 3 was topless and these are all bikini pics?


    • 37
      JH says:

      Oh, that’s alright then.

      As long as there is flimsy, sparse, wet material over the heaving breasts and pudenda, it’s not exploitative at all. OK.

      As usual, anything goes when lefties are doing it. They are going it for such worthy reasons you see, empowerment and information etc etc


  10. 11
    You're born: You live: You die. That is all. says:

    Who is, or what does, Ms. Flanagan do?


  11. 12
    That man staring at your boobs says:

    Well the Huffpo is always making a bit of a tit of itself.

    ( I know, I’ll get my coat)


  12. 17
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Thanks, I remember I need to pick up a couple of melons on the way home tonight


  13. 19
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    Trust Guido to keep us abreast of the news…


    • 59
      I've been gone too long says:


      • 95
        Connaisseur says:

        I see you are rightly obsessed by French backsides

        Do you know why they are different?

        Because most of these girls take claisscal dansing classes when they young and that nicely rounds “les fesses”


      • 138
        JH says:

        I don’t like it with subtitles. Without them you can imagine she is murmuring observations on the human condition worthy of Voltaire.

        Finding out that she’s babbling about bubble bath spoils the illusion a bit.

        Back to my female-presenters-of-Coast obsessions.


  14. 20
    Get yer tits out for the boys says:

    I knew a page 3 girl once -Tracy -who ended up on heroin as she could not cope with her sleazy past.

    The page3 world is a dark one full of sleaze and exploitation. What we see is a sanitised version of the truth.


    • 26
      SAS-moussa's many anons says:

      Is that you Polly? Come and give us all a good hard lecture. You know you want to get the juices flowing.


    • 48
      Matthew Weiner says:

      ” -who ended up on heroin as she could not cope with her sleazy past.”

      Says the Heroin dealer who got her to give him sex for smack.


      • 89
        Get yer tits out for the boys says:

        I don’t know the ins and out
        of the story. Pretty sad
        though. She did tell me that
        her boyfriend at that time
        forced her to continue to go
        topless even though she
        wanted to stop, because of
        the big money and she was
        too young and naive to take
        control of her own life. She
        ended up homeless, addicted
        to heroin and in an abusive
        relationship. Sad but true.
        This is the side of the coin
        that we never hear about
        because it is multi billion
        dollar market and to be
        protected at all costs using
        freedoms and rights to defend
        this murky business.


  15. 21
    BournemouthDP says:

    i think the Huff Post need some like a proper DC who actually has proper handle on policies.


  16. 23
    PC Dave the Gays Luvver says:

    Why don’t we get pics of nice pretty boys on Page 3 ?

    Some of their gay wedding photos and honeymoon shots will be available soon as well.


    • 45
      Anon bum boy says:

      May I respectfully point out you’ve forgotten the word “Legal” &

      I will leave you to decide where is the correct place to insert it

      for maximum effect !!


    • 56
      XXXxx says:

      I am sure 8i££y could oblige you in that matter if you are that desperate


  17. 24
    As No One Else Has says:

    Huffpo has its knockers but it always keeps abreast of things.


  18. 25
    Sue Brown says:

    It is skanky. But at least she is not FORCED against her will or KNOWLEDGE to get her baps out. She gets paid tonnes for it. Unlike some who are forced into being exploited, some without their CONSENT or KNOWLEDGE even. That is unacceptable. Two sides to every story. This one has a nasty, dark side that we will never know about. Time for the truth to out.


    • 28
      Yawn says:

      Please go to the huff puff for any serious, hand wringing, angst driven, guilt ridden, ashamed to be affluent, liberal moralising.

      Over here we just like to look at totty.


  19. 29

    Lot of liberals on here all of a sudden.
    Has a moonbeam powered, lentil serving, lattefrappachinomocha transgender bar just got wifi?


  20. 30
    BrEast says:

    I bet she is diffcult to handle, like most actresses


  21. 31
    Call me Dave says:

    I came home late from the pub last night.

    As I staggered through the front door I said to my wife, “Get your arse upstairs, I want a shag.”

    “Bloody hell Dave,” she said, “How many have you had tonight?”

    “Just the one.” I slurred.

    She said, “I can tell by your eyes that you’ve had more than one.”

    “Ok, two.” I said, “But I didn’t cum with the last bird.”


  22. 32
    Listen to this song says:


  23. 33
  24. 36
    Ed Moribund says:

    Any good bandwagons about today?


    • 120
      Lurker says:

      You wait and wait and then three come along together.


    • 152
      The Eddie Boys One Nation Tour... says:

      second division out on question time tonight


      • 153
        constituency trainbound says:

        owen… labour placeman worn script
        kennedy….spent force but inocuous
        yvette… vile sneering hypocritical of labour’s worse exponents
        IDS… tough brief with no easy solutions at the margins.
        debra…waste of space.


  25. 39
    Anonymous says:

    The picture of Fatima Whitbread cums (sic) at just the wrong time!


  26. 40
    44 DD Cup says:

    Now you perverts are looking at me.


  27. 41
    Nonjob says:

    Nakedness! Disgusting!!

    If god had wanted us to go around like this, we would of been born like that.


    • 92
      bumboys and nonces says:

      If God hadn’t wanted us to be bumboys, we wouldn’t have been born with arseholes.


      • 151
        Aunt Hilda says:

        thanks for that insight … can’t say your observation has ever crossed my mind nor frankly would I have thought anyone elses either.


  28. 42
    Not a Rt.Hon Member says:

    Nothing like burying your head between a nice naked pair of them & often !!!


  29. 43
    JH says:

    The Huffpo has these images because they know something.

    Sex. Sells.

    They know it. We know it. Richard Desmond knows it. So does Murdoch. So did Paul Raymond. Etc.

    Trying to get on their high horse about page 3 is just the usual default lefty hypocrisy in action. They probably claim these shots they show on their site are ‘empowering’, or some shit.


  30. 44
    Operation Crossbow says:

    So the BBC appoint another white left wing middle class male as DG and the BBC spin it as a great day for the new leader.

    Same BBC attack Tories and church for doing exactly the same thing!


  31. 46
    Fact Hunt says:

    Wonder what Mad Mehdi and his mates think about this???


  32. 47
    Matthew Weiner says:

    What else do you expect from braindead lefties.


  33. 50
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Helen Flanagan….. a big let down with those nicotine stained fingers !! Not a good look !!

    Nice pair of susu but overall a downgrade from me :)


  34. 51
    Mr Griffin says:

    I don’t know why people are always complaining about the British weather, it does have its uses!

    Like today, the roof of a Birmingham mosque was ripped off, causing substantial damage inside.


    • 80
      An atheist says:

      It was an act of God


      • 132
        CarryHole is a Total Hunt says:



      • 141
        JH says:

        You won’t find the Mussies pondering that.

        If they thought about it too much they’d realise that God, should he exist, must obviously fucking hate their guts considering that wherever they go in numbers rapidly degenerates into a miserable shithole.


      • 158
        Observer says:

        Why couldn’t He wait until lunchtime Friday when the place would be full of arse in the airers on whom to rain the tiles?


  35. 52
    Gordon Brown says:

    Who’d like to see me take a shower?


  36. 53
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sick of the tits in the House of Commons.


  37. 58
    Question Crime says:

    Fancy having your blood boiled to the point of smashing in your TV? On tonight’s Question Brine there is the gruesome one-two punch of Yvette Cooper and Owen Jones. Also on are IDS, Charlie “make mine a triple” Kennedy and Dragon’s Den businesswoman Deborah Meaden. Think I’ll give it a miss.


    • 66
      Owen Jones says:

      I hate Tories and tax avoiders. And tax avoiding Tories. And the church are just avoiding, bigoted Tories.
      Watch me get so angry I get all squeaky voiced.


    • 67
      Owen will end up working in KFC if he doesn't stufy. says:

      I’ve never seen QT, but on a different note; doesn’t Owen Jones have to be in bed soon? Doesn’t he have school tomorrow?


    • 81
      TV set with no Licence says:

      My owner has lost the will to live now.


  38. 61
    Audience at muslim strip club says:

    Show us your face!


  39. 62
    Huffie, Puffy, Spotty Poofie Woofie Arriana says:

    Do as I say

    Not as I do


  40. 63
    Sir William W says:

    Dear old Arianna Stassinopoulos! Always lands on her dainty feet! Attagirl!


  41. 64
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m justified and I’m ancient and I drive an ice cream van.


  42. 70
  43. 72
    Sally Bercow says:

    I’ll be back on twitter soon. *totes exciting* *cum face*


  44. 79
    MB. says:

    As bad as the Daily Mail for calling someone in a bikini “almost naked”, did they have the Mail’s usual “leaving nothing to the imagination”?


  45. 83
    Get yer tits out for the boys says:

    I don’t know the ins and out of the story. Pretty sad though. She did tell me that her boyfriend at that time forced her to continue to go topless even though she wanted to stop, because of the big money and she was too young and naive to take control of her own life. She ended up homeless, addicted to heroin and in an abusive relationship. Sad but true.

    This is the side of the coin that we never hear about because it is multi billion dollar market and to be protected at all costs using freedoms and rights to defend this murky business.


  46. 94
    PPE student at Oxford says:


    I love your blog..wa at Oxford, the future of this great country, follow your blog closely

    But we are confused

    How many public inquiries are going onto in all these multiple scandals?

    There seems to be a new one every day…

    In England, is it possible to have an inquiry into an inquiry. How long to they take and who redacts them?



  47. 96
    Richard Timney says:

    Tonight, while Jacqui’s at bingo, I’ll be watching Forrest Hump, Star Whores: The Empire Licks Crack, Booty and the Beast, Men in Black Women and Die Hard-On.


  48. 98
    Margaret Beckett says:

    I wear nothing to bed except a g string.


  49. 100
    I don't want to share the same air as the Labour voting dogshite in Edinburgh says:

    No need to get all Andrea Dworkin about it. The truth will have it say.


  50. 103
    Susan Sontag says:

    When will the media stop feeding women tripe? Day in and day out.


  51. 106
  52. 112
    I am not living a lie for a fucked up lying gaybo who has absolutely no respect for my rights says:

    ” But
    here’s a thought: why
    don’t we just stop?”

    P*rn, hard or soft is a multi billion dollar industry. How can you possibly stop that?


  53. 114
    albacore says:

    The premier place for a surfeit of tits
    (And it’s a mercy that they keep on their kits)
    Is the hallowed Mother of Parliaments
    Where lunacy long ago ousted sense
    England’s suffered some pretty hard knockers
    That soft lot must park their brains in lockers


  54. 115
    Saffron says:

    I like GWEEDOS blogs,but can we get away from the trivia and talk about the things that really matter.
    Trivia IMHO belongs on other sites.
    Today Pickles said weekly bin collections should be the norm.
    Cammoron is going to stick up for us as regards the EUSSR.
    Parliamentary guy says that we should trust MP’s on expenses.
    BBC appoints ex bbc employee as DG.
    How much are we paying for disaster of windfarms.
    Peedo’s/kids explotation,who are mainly involved in this.
    Bankster’s exactly what schemes are they involved in.
    Police commissioners,is this another jobs for the boys.
    Ossibourne and selling houses,and other deals.
    Yeoha and his dealings what are they about.
    Hoggie and conflicts of interest,how about that one.
    Yes there are many things going on which are shady to say the least,but we seem to fixate on trivia.


    • 183
      HappyHour says:

      We have… there’s more than one thread here…

      And sometimes it good for the boys to let of… keeps their humours balanced.


  55. 116
    Cock juice says:

    I’d love to shoot my man milk up Helen Flanagan.


  56. 117
    Horatio Chinless says:

    Speaking as one of the characteristically fat, ugly and humourless order-order commentators, I have to concede that I would have absolutely no chance.


    • 163
      The Obsessive Who Always Tries To Post First says:

      Some of us arent into girls any way
      Youll not get no compitition from me
      Whats the worst she can do but say Naff orf


  57. 121
    Fish says:

    Titsing, er I mean testing


  58. 125
    BBC biased...oh no, not at all... says:


  59. 126
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Tonight C4 news had a ‘debate’ on Britain membership of the EU with 5 invited guests, and Snow as anchor.

    They prefaced the discussion with the headline that 56 per cent of voters wanted Briton out.

    Was this percentage reflected in the guests?

    Was it fuck, with 4 to 1 pro EU, and that’s not including Snow.


  60. 130
    Wickled Pizard says:

    Question time – I reckon Kennedy is pissed….


  61. 131
  62. 133
    surely we're not reduced to red top page 3 stuff are we ? says:

    nice girl …shame about the clear light between her ears


  63. 134
    Jobs for the boys yet again says:

    Tony Hall who only four months ago told the BBC to fuck off , has now become the new director general
    Four months ago he even refused to be one of hundreds of people interviewed for the position
    now like something out of a banana republic he is imposed on us without one other person getting a sniff of an interview
    yet again Lurking in the background is Chris Paton another useless twat who has just about fucked up every position that has been handed on a plate to him
    and still has the gaul to hang around the BBC as if he is the saviour when
    in fact he is part of the problem
    there has never been a better chance to close this cash gobbling dinosaur down and rid the tax payer of these people who give away our money to their friends and family even more so than the vermin MP’s that infest Westminster


  64. 136
    Gordon's trainees says:

    yvette the ascerbic true to form on question time tonight…double talking politically expedient weasel still spinning the same crap…shes got more neck than the white house turkey.


  65. 137
    Tachybaptus says:

    Amazing idea the the ‘average’ woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet. For ‘average woman’ read ‘the obsessional fashion victims in my narrow circle’.


  66. 140
    Fact Hunt says:

    Seriously, what is wrong with Owen Jones? Even people who agree with him must surely despair when he goes off on one of his shouty, pathetic rants. One can only draw the conclusion that he is off his fecking rocker.

    For once Dimblebore did the right thing by ending QT when he did. I swear IDS was just about to chin the ridiculous little shit.


    • 143
      Woof Woof says:

      He is a nerd that needs to get laid.


    • 149
      Pentangelis says:

      Trouble is that if you had, the shit would have enveloped the entire audience, so the rapturous applause you would so richly deserve would have been somewhat muted by the ‘Mr. Creosote effect’ upon those long suffering people.


    • 154
      Anonymous says:

      Nothing wrong with him, other than trying to make a living like other socialist bullshitters. They all know that at least 40% of the population will believe all of their bullshit all of the time. Unfortunately for Owen his mouth works faster than his brain so he just comes across as a clown.


    • 167
      not a machine reloaded says:

      mmmm you could rather tell IDS was not having any end of show , oppertunism rants . EU meeting on going , no news yet shame QT wasnt treated to some of gems on NN ,EU spent 192,000 EU on a puppet play , its also building a £50mn new building (all without your say) , best one on sky was some of benfits beurocrats get £300 payment for a child .

      Just to clarify on the great scare of leaving the EU , the EU will still want to sell , cars and washing machines etc in the UK , we will just be at least £45mn a day better off per day once you take out minor beurocrcay requirements … bit misleading on QT on that question


  67. 144
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve got big moobs.


  68. 147
    Pentangelis says:

    Well, after a detailed examination of all 39 pictures, strictly in the public titerest, I can attest to there being neither nipple, nor pubic hair – single or otherwise to be peeked!
    Come on Guido, I thought you had graduated from the Academy of Health & Efficiency.
    As to Huff, well they are American aren’t they?


    • 150
      Tachybaptus says:

      I remember Health and Efficiency from when I were a lad. Not a nipple or a strand of pubic hair either: they were airbrushed out (literally with an airbrush in those days), creating a very odd idea of adult human anatomy in a child’s mind — Mummy, when I grow up, will I be blurred too?


      • 166
        not a machine reloaded says:

        mmm lots of ordinary images get pixelated too , perhaps we need a new catoagory alongside VIP … VUP Very Unimportant Person , although thinking about just the shear ammount of what we see and process has its own worries for me , as i believe words are to do with intelligence and not symbols , which I think offers a rather bleak future for humans . We will be no better than chickens pecking at shiney things as we know no difference .


  69. 169
    Rembrandt, Botticelli and Rubens says:

    So what is so wrong about admiring the beauty of the female body?


  70. 170
    Call me Dave says:

    UK – YouGov/Sun: CON 31%, LAB 43%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 9%

    I suppose this means I’m toast !!!!


  71. 171
    a non says:

    Friday on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it the thought of Dave’s negotiations , or Rich and Mark’s impending offering?


    • 179
      JH says:

      I remember the fuss about that video, how high tech it was.

      It’s one face faded into the other, for Christs sake.


  72. 174
    Aricolza Narzole says:

    I’m a libertarian – get me out of here.


  73. 175
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ says:


  74. 182
    Bluebottle says:

    So the Hiffington Post have now discovered sex.

    I have a pink condom .


  75. 187
    fitzfitz says:

    The Greek Pudding will stop at nothing to drive traffic to her ad ridden pages …


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