November 20th, 2012

Who is Britain’s Third Party?

The LibDems collected not far off ten times what UKIP managed in Q3 donations. The whole ‘new third party’ dogma gleefully pushed by Farage’s team following last week’s by-election results was good for a laugh but it’s time to get real. Money talks, and the truth is they are still a long way behind…


  1. 1
    Abu Qatada says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 4
      Archer Karcher says:

      You sure Abu?

      If UKIP were anywhere near government, your hairy arse would have been long gone.
      Stick with the LabLibCon trick, they give you lots of free money, a mansion becoming of someone of your social standing, 24/7 police guards and fawn to the EU, who tell them what they can or can’t do with you.


      • 8
        Abu Qatada says:

        Not true my friend. I will always vote for a none transparent organisation even if I am in prison.


        • 22
          Mrs Farage says:



        • 28
          Archer Karcher says:

          You can say what you like Abu, the fact is your pals, enablers and funders, are on the left in the LabLibCon old chum, nowhere else.


          • Perhaps it’s time to cash in some of that Channel Island “Education Trust” and make it look like a donation?

            Chocks away, chaps!


          • Anonymous says:

            Well if UKIP got as much money from the taxpayer’s as Labour they’d be laughing all the way to the bank!


          • Archer Karcher says:

            Couldn’t care less actually.

            The garbage in westminster stink to high heaven, so it’s more than a little rich, that the crooks from the HoC and their buddies throw shit around while pretending they are all innocents at an orgy of corruption.


          • Or more to the point, UKRAP want in on the orgy before the current crooks and hucksters have jizzed it all away!!


          • Archer Karcher says:

            Ha ha ha, Farage and UKIP may well have scammed some money away, I don’t know and don’t care much either way.

            Because it’s nothing compared to the LabLibCon men, they have scammed an entire country away.


          • Anonymous says:

            orgy of corruption.

            global looting is in. having said that it looks like the last days of the russian communist system and we saw something similar.

            the future belongs to global oligarchs now. however, all the pre ’08 energy is protected, when baddies took advantage of the less bad.
            if the establishment stay on the right side of public opinion then their pre ’08 vices are protected….but regardless of what they do everything did change on 1.1.08.


          • Divide and Conquer says:

            Yes, vote Ukip. Farage is a genius, even though he is shy of flying these days for some reason. I’ll take you up in my two seater glider Nige, yes, a plane without an engine. Take off? Weellll, my mates there will just push us off the top of our welsh hill, and we will be alright, honest. Here’s your parachute Nige? Nige NIGE, come back Nige, I was only joking, the elastic band will take us off… oh damn, he’s done a runner, no balls see.


    • 10
      The smart money is on the yellows says:

      Well given the current political situation where there are no real differences between the so called Tories and Labour the Liberals look set to be in government at the after the next election but no one can be sure if their partners will be red or blue.

      So if you are going to donate money in exchange for political influence then the yellows look like the best place to put it in and it won’t cost as much as a red or blue bung.


      • 26
        Anonymous says:

        I don’t understand LD they are implementing loads of policies now. They are happy to form next government with Labour.

        If they end up being in the next government with Labour will they be voting to reverse what they are implementing with Labour?


      • 183
        Outraged Constituent says:

        Donating money for political influence has become an art form here in Portsmouth. Handycock’s boys have been most generous in their contributions and have done rather well with their planning consents and a blind eye to building regulations. As a consequence Handy himself became the third highest contributor to the Liberal Democrats and his council colleagues (under a variety of (declared) names) have contributed over £52,000 locally.


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      it is reported that … has asked his … to sue the … government for 10m.
      seems like he is having a bigger larf than
      bills are not us.

      no more bills,
      they are not


      • 85
        Arthur Foxache says:

        How reasonable I think he should go for £50,000,000..his lawyers deserve it..


        • 121
          Anonymous says:

          wankers. the lot of them. but will they sue?
          Lord Mac, is now settling for a fiver each
          not forgetting the humiliating apology. but then is it less humiliating when you de.personalise it.

          the apology is to system.
          we also benefit from the system
          bit of cognitive dissonanace will do the trick.


          • Jagman84 says:

            How about a pound per Twitter follower for each of the offending tweeters. About £59,000 for a certain Mrs Bercow before her account was binned. Sounds OK to me!


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      I used to support EU but now I think it might be better to leave EU.


    • 132
      old git says:

      UKIP third at Corby with over 14% of the vote and the Limp-Dems loosing their deposit. Cameron’s arrogance has torpedoed ANY chance of a Tory victory for at least a decade it’s time he went. Ferage must be pissing himself with laughter for in spite of the deliberate efforts by the media to ignore or ridicule UKIP they are not only stitching up the Tories but are making the Liberals look as popular as a fart in a space suit he’s got both parties now on the ropes and it serves them right
      If the electorate do not get a binding in/out referendum before the next general election the Tory party is toast. Look at the results of the recent election in Maidenhead, Tories gone Liberal in massive loss of votes to UKIP. In 2013 this Tory government will allow unfettered access to Rumanians and Bulgarians who will automatically be entitled to benefits, free health care, free education, housing and jobs. Meanwhile we have more than a million unemployed and are under funding the NHS and closing old folks homes. If a political party was ever contemplating political suicide today’s Tories are setting a benchmark. You couldn’t make it up
      Just think about this, UKIP only really came to the fore after Brown signed the Lisbon treaty. However in spite of the fact that the Tories are the most established political party in the UK and both they and the Liblabs have far more financial support and better structured organisations the Corby results are significant for the following reasons

      UKIP had never fielded a candidate in Corby before and from a standing start took 14% of the popular vote. This was more than half of the 26% won by the Tories and almost 4 times the votes won by the Libdems who in spite of their cash and organisation lost their deposit. This UKIP result is breathtaking under the circumstances and only an idiot would fail to see their potential for clearly cash does not necessarily convert into votes

      Vote UKIP YIPEEEE!


    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      Has Nigel got somebody in his attic sending these silly UKIP comments out 24/7 ? because i have never met anybody in real life who says they will vote for them !


      • 136
        old git says:

        “Has Nigel got somebody in his attic sending these silly UKIP comments out 24/7 ? because i have never met anybody in real life who says they will vote for them !”

        Well go to Corby because 5108 UKIP voters are there, however you wont find many Liblab voters and less than twice as many Tories


      • 142
        God's Holy Trousers says:

        You must live a sheltered life, or you are a moron. Just as well you choose to remain anonymous. If peope knew who you were they would point you out in the street. “Look Mummy that man’s a moron!”


      • 152
        h says:

        I have and will do so again. So shove that .’133


      • 159
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        “Has Nigel got somebody in his attic sending these silly UKIP comments out 24/7″

        No! Labour have many disguised as UKRAPPERS though. The “right-wing” blog comments world is stuffed with ‘em. Best way to attack the Conservatives without losing all your credibility, by being seen as a Lefty twat instead.


      • 190
        Knowall says:

        133 – anonymous: You must have been in hiding not to know what’s going on.
        Ukip is higher than the Severn Surge!


    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      I see the person in Nigels attic is at it again !


      • 145
        nezza says:

        What real life is that. All my mates are thoroughly pissed off with the three main parties and would vote UKIP in a flash if the vote wouldnt help Labour. As for the Illiberal democrats every policy they support is either wrong or irrelevent.


    • 178
      Nutter Party part n. says:

      I am. OK, so I am a bit paranoid, join me, you KNOW it makes sense.


    • 184
      old git says:

      Cameron looking for face-saving miniscule tweaks to the EU budget so he can come back home looking as if he accomplished something.
      Well I keep posting this because it will come true shortly,
      Cameron WILL capitulate on the EU budget and British tax payers WILL stump up even more cash to the EU, There will of course be lots of posturing to give the impression that Cameron is dictating terms but its all bluster so dont be fooled.
      Cameron has claimed that Villans will NOT get the vote but he is allready talking of a fudge and some convicts WILL get the vote, so its even more bluster. His ploy is to throw the issue into the long grass instead of telling the ECHR to get stuffed
      Cameron will soon promise a referendum on the EU AFTER the next election and may well promise to put it into law. But there will be several caviates based on spurious renegotiations that will eventually deny an in/out referendum so do not fall for it.
      Cameron is a dyed in the wool Europhile and whilst his Eton cabal run the Tory party you will NEVER get out of the EU. And we can now look forward to vast numbers of immigrants from Rumania and Bulgaria who wil be entitled to benefits, housing, education and health care all at our expense.
      Remember this

      So vote UKIP at every opportunity


    • 189
      Knowall says:

      Abu: VOTE UKIP! Surely they haven’t promised YOU a good time? You’d be on the first banana boat, to wherever you came from, if they were in charge. They’re patriots, not idiots.

      After all, you couldn’t put a ‘fag paper between the other 3 failed old parties!


  2. 2
    Mike Newland says:

    Big deal. The Lib Dems are part of the approved circle of power. UKIP is not.


    • 36
      Sandra in Accounts says:


      So UKIP have not been bought by vested interests?

      Can we break those figures down into:

      * Small donations from real people

      * Big donations from big business & lobby groups

      Who wins then? Which party is more representative of the people then?


      • 58
        CarryHole is a Hunt says:

        They’re not donations, they’re advance purchases of rent-seeking.


      • 157
        JabbaTheCat says:

        “So UKIP have not been bought by vested interests?”

        Lol…UKIP have been bought and sold with the key to the EUSSR petty cash box, except the UKIP sheeple are too dumb to work this out for themselves…


  3. 3
    Sue d'Nymme says:

    Say something . . .


  4. 5
    kilkeal says:

    Big companies and rich investors are pro Europe, so can be a good fit for Libdems. Most of the rich and powerful establishment have no time for an anti EU party so UKIP will have to rely on the little voters.


    • 11
      jimbo says:

      This is very true, Big business has a very important say in Politics for that reason.


      • 20
        Archer Karcher says:

        It’s the corporates who benefit massively from EU legislation that squeezes out competition, who support pro-EU parties.
        The end users, the person on the street at the bottom, pay a huge price for the rigged markets, that the subsidy junkie corporations demand in their quid pro quo, backsctratching arrangements with the corrupt EU.

        Little wonder they pour their ill gotten gains back into a system, that enables their wholesale theft from the public purse.


    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      If UK come out of EU trade will not be affected but it might affect how much cooperation tax they pay in UK. In other-wards they cannot claim a room in an EU country as their head quarters.


      • 148
        The World's gone Mad says:

        They don’t now.

        What they claim is a broom cupboard in Geneva as their HQ.

        Maybe it’s escaped your notice that Switzerland is not in the EU


  5. 6
    Thank God says:

    A least they’re pounds and not euros.


  6. 7
    Bluto says:

    Time to get rid of that tacky UKIP logo too. Looks like something above the door of a thrift shop.


  7. 9
    Hamish says:

    Maybe it’s time that value for money counts.
    When it comes to bang for buck, UKIP is way ahead of the rest.


    • 14
      jimbo says:

      They even tell the truth.


    • 16
      The Liberal Dimocrats says:

      We like to spend our money on fair-trade sandals, incense, windmills and beard trimmers. The rest we just fritter away.


    • 55
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Just remember that political contributions, like any other financial transactions, are in theory (and practice, if you’re lucky enough) quid-pro-quo. The point is to get as much “quo” in return as possible for the fewest quid paid out. The Three Big Parties generally produce as much value as these three parties:


    • 123
      Anonymous says:

      Perhaps Hamish we need a UKIP goverment if only to get rid of the other 3 parties.
      It would show whether we were better off out of the EU/ECHR combo plus providing an opportunity for the public to learn if we have a political party prepared to implement its manifesto.
      If they foul up it won’t matter;we are on that road anyway.


      • 164
        left wing, right wing, tis all the same birdy! W@~kers says:

        This is what i’m saying to people i know,
        VOTE UKIP Granted they don’t know what they are doing, nor do any of the others, but it’ll give the main three a kick up the proverbial and we’ll ALL BE BETTER OFF!

        i suspect the “a vote for UKIP is a vote for LAB/CON/LIB*” (*delete as applicable)
        is really a reverse psych exercise played by all sides.

        VOTE UKIP just for the laff

        Very apt lyrics i feel


    • 126
      Anonymous says:

      it is very true.
      i you ain’t getting much for your money, why hold on to it.


  8. 12
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Al-Beeba reverts back to type, Gaza deposed as number one news item, Kearney couldn’t wait to mention Coulson/Brookes/Cameron on WatO !!


    • 29
      Selohesra says:

      Did Hodge get a mention?


      • 32
        EdButLookBalls says:

        Early days yet, probably scheduled for Wed 25th December 2013!


        • 102
          Anon says:

          PLEASE Don’t forget the 100 year rule will be invoked so 2113

          @ earliest & also add in the ECHR etc etc


      • 33
        Anonymous says:

        hodgepodge …. there is a children’s rhyme. what is it.

        the brroke, coulson saga is intesting.
        th want info.
        then use it to levearage, if the establishment does not lay ball, then print and be damned. murdoch is 2nd tier royalty,
        but he
        knows a lot.
        and hence now news int is crawling all over the bbc tent. but it is not core. good for us.


    • 154
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      The BBC cannot mention the words Brooks or Coulson without the word Cameron in the same sentence.


  9. 15
    Fact Hunt says:

    Don’t know who gave the LimpDumbs £578k but I do know they were robbed.

    Vote UKIP.


  10. 17
    Bean Flicker says:

    £578k buys a lot of Raffia tea and chants to Gaia


  11. 18
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Bearing in mind the difficulties the LibDems have in getting their numbers to add up correctly, I’d like to see the audited accounts before jumping to conclusions.


  12. 19
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Catch me and the legend ,Guido Fawkes tonight about the economic meltdown 7.30pm, Grand Committee Room, Parliament. Admission free. All welcome


  13. 21
    Mrs Farage says:

    well to be fair… we collected a whole lot more, but just didn’t spend it on those stupid election thingies.

    after all, we have a court-losing history in ‘disappearing’ funds and donations


  14. 24
    When will we ever learn? says:

    Legal Warning …. Please watch out for re-tweets.

    Queen in hideout over pedophile Jimmy Savile;*dophile-jimmy-savile-why/ … …


  15. 27
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:



  16. 35
    Nigel Farages Alter Ego says:

    Well it just shows how a proper professional party – UKIP – can get better election results than the Lib Dems at one tenth of the outlay.

    There is a moral in there somewhere.


    • 38
      Political correctness says:

      Please remove the word moral from any future posts. Readers of political blog sites are not used to such words and may need medication when seeing it used.


    • 62
      CarryHole is a Hunt says:

      It’s not the input, it’s what happens with it that matters.

      Maybe the “civil” “service” can learn?


  17. 39
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:

    I used to have really silky fur


  18. 42
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Id say this is most unkind on UKIP. Donations are not the measure or a parties size.


  19. 43
    Anonymous says:

    “The campaign by Mr Webb, who is a top 20 Lib Dem donor, having given the party £25,000 in the past 13 months”

    “Asked at the Lib Dem conference if his policy was being influenced by Mr Webb, Mr Foster said: “I’ve met Derek about three times in my life. If there’s anybody who insinuates that his contributions to the party influences what I am doing”


  20. 48
    neilfutureboy says:

    The LibDem’s taking have, they boasted, increased vastly since they became part of government. Since their popularity plummeted this can only be because donors believe, presumably correctly, that they are buying political power.

    Put it the other way round – the fact that we are clearly the electorally more popular party despite not getting the backhanders, show a far greater underlyinmg strength.


    • 113
      Realist says:

      Yes, the relative donations do make the power of illegal backhanders pretty obvious don’t they. What a bunch of trash Labconlib are.


  21. 49
    What a c-unt says:


  22. 50
    Kebab travel update says:

    Lane 2 of 2 is blocked s/b A202 Bressenden Place at A302 Victoria St due to accident, Approach with caution.


  23. 52
    A Boner says:

    A woman in western Sweden who was arrested after police found skeletons in her apartment has now been charged for using the bones as s ex toys, a hobby she claimed was motivated by an interest in history.


  24. 56
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:

    There was never any light at the end of my tunnel


  25. 57
    Owen Jones says:

    The window cleaner just walked past me whistling and balancing a ladder on one shoulder, a bucket of water on the other and a bike on his head, I said, “Wow. How do you do that?”

    He said, “I just hold my lips together and blow.”


  26. 63
    ah! monika says:

    Bercow has just refused to reveal his address!


  27. 75
    Kaz Forquestions says:

    Lib Dems are in govt, so hardly surprising big business want to “buy some influence”.


  28. 78
    Steve Miliband says:



  29. 80
    Sir William W says:

    In politics, success attracts money, rather than vice versa.


  30. 81
    Cheryl Grow says:

    Will UKIP have to change its name once Scotland leaves?


    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      FFS Party?
      Free From Scotland.


    • 115
      Englishmen says:

      Why? It will still be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. North of Hadrian’s wall is only occupied by heathen savages whom we currently have to pay for, so they don’t count.


  31. 87
    Michael Fucking Parkinson says:

    Text pen to 84400


    • 100
      Old dear Insurance says:

      I hereby authorise you to debit unspecified amounts at unspecified intervals from my bank account. I certify that I am of sound body and mind.

      Please Sign …………………….

      Date ………………..


    • 182
      Grimy Miner says:

      If it weren’t for the likes of Michael Parkinson the Parker Pen Company would have gone bust years ago.


  32. 90
    Scott says:

    Greens have less donations than either, but we have a MP, the administration in Brighton and Hove, the opposition in Norwich, MSPs, and AMs in London.


  33. 91
    Anonymous says:

    UKIP is the only politically honest party in the `top four` and they will soon be firmly in the `top three`.


  34. 95
    H@rry C0le is a useless fat fuck who has reduced this once great blog to a thought free zone says:

    The basis of this page is so badly wrong it is not even worth criticising.


  35. 101
    Slow day in the Westmister Blubble says:



  36. 104
    Fraud again in the UK says:


    But must UK companies and banks systematicaly fraud?

    Is it in the genes?!


  37. 106
    Cyril Smith says:

    UKIP are pro smoking and anti high education value foreign employees.
    Both mad policies.
    So they don’t get my vote


  38. 107
    You're born: You live: You die. That is all. says:

    We do a lot with a little!
    Vote UKIP.


  39. 111
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Perhaps Ed Miliband is really in need of care in a secure home for the emotionally disturbed.

    Yesterday he thought he was Margaret Thatcher, yet he found time to pose next to a Labour Councillor who wanted to dance on her grave.


  40. 112
    @Owen Jones says:

    Without you Sally I’m now trending as No1 arsehole on Twitter.


  41. 116
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    I see that honourable (sic) members are debating having job shares for MPs.

    Bit bloody cheeky thinking that a job share for a part time job is reasonable!


  42. 124
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:


  43. 131
    Michael Parkinson says:

    Can I interest anyone here in Third Party Car Insurance cover?


  44. 138
    Moley says:

    Money talks; it says “Corruption”.

    The Lib Dems are in Government and are in a far better position to implement “Suggestions” backed by donations than are UKIP who have no MPs.

    What would be more telling is the number of donors for each party; I suspect that UKIP has hundreds of small ones and the Lib Dems 5-10 big ones.

    I don’t believe any donor is supporting the Lib Dems for anything other than short term influence in this Government.


  45. 139
    LibLabCon says:

    We are not going to reform political party funding laws, they work just fine for us.


  46. 143
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    UKIP are the second biggest party in the country.

    They are second in the Brussels parliament which makes, sorry rubber stamps, more than 80% of our laws.

    They are the only alternative to the liblabcon political elite in this satellite state.


  47. 162
    wonkotsane says:

    Let’s “get real” – despite having only a fraction of the funding of the Lib Dems, UKIP are still polling at or above the level of the Lib Dems and comprehensively beat them in the PCC elections and the Corby by-election. Now imagine what UKIP could do with just half of the funding of the Lib Dems (who are also part-funded by the taxpayer, remember).


  48. 163
    Anonymous says:

    I have never voted for wallet size. What do you get if you do?


  49. 166
    cockend says:

    If UKIP were in government they’d get ‘donations’ as well


  50. 168
    Lord H says:

    Your donation will be returned in the post Guido.


  51. 169
    Alex Salmond says:

    Based on 2010 annual donations SNP get more than Libdems if they are at 600k per qtr


  52. 171
    not now cato says:

    The measure is votes not cash.


  53. 175
    Loosehead says:

    I always come to this shit late – don’t you people have jobs? 170-odd posts already.

    My point? UKIP don’t need much money since all their advertising comes for free, from the Daily Mail.


  54. 176
    We'll See says:

    UKIP are the same bunch of twats as LibLabCon, look at Farage’s expenses. This blog used to be against all politicians….


  55. 179

    Who on earth is stupid enough to waste £600 k on the Lib Dems?


  56. 188
    Lezzies donate to UKiP, honest says:

    I like this video, for some reason,


  57. 192
    World gone Mad says:

    So if the Glib Dumbs collected ten times what UKIP did that means they collected £620,000 which is more than the figure shown for the Tories
    So on that reconing the Glibs are more popular than the Tories because more people want to throw their money at them ?
    And why are Labours figures not there in the comparison ?


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