November 20th, 2012

Fat Cat Flat Cash

As Tom Watson well knows, FoIs can turn up all sorts of gems. Like Labour MPs who rent flats from trade union officials using taxpayers’ money. Having previously lived with Len McKlusky, Watson currently rents two rooms from Unite official Jim Mowatt.  Between 2005 and 2009 Tommo and fellow Labour MP Iain Wright had claimed more than £100,000 on expenses for a London flat they used to share, now Watson is channeling taxpayer cash to a union pal for another property.

IPSA have yet to determine whether he is paying a commercial rent rate…

Labour wannabe attack dog Karl Turner is even more brazen, renting directly from Bob Crow’s RMT.

Yet more taxpayer funding of trade unions…


  1. 1
    What a twatson says:

    Fat greedy fuck.


    • 4
      What a twatson says:

      He’ll probably stand up at PMQs tomorrow to ask another of his self-important po-faced questions which he thinks makes him look a serious politician. No, you’re an oily, ugly fat c-unt who’s just desperate for attention.


      • 16
        V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

        Twatson is just as corrupt as all the other troughers. He should also visit his doctor for treatment for his morbid obesity.


      • 18
        Anonymous says:

        How much did Cameron claim between 2005 and 2009? As he was paying interest to a bank, one could even claim he was paying to his banker friends. But all these are idiotic comments.

        There needs to be an open and transparent system. Also as in many countries there could be a hostel to MPs with proper protection like security guards and CCTV.


        • 38
          Soho Pimp says:

          Would they be allowed to bring back young, “trainees” and “extra-special” advisors and unfortunate youths with no where to stay to ther State-Owned flat?


      • 25
        Peter Grimes says:

        And Luciana Berger pays her rent to a BVI landlord, probably a tax dodger. She is obliged to deduct tax from rent paid to a non-resident landlord, whoever that might be.

        It is, of course, notoriously difficult to get details of BVI company ownership. I wonder who Luciana’s landlord really is?


    • 8
      Cash Cow says:

      MPs should not be renting flats. Parliament should either provide accomodation in London for MPs or Parliament should be renting accomodation and dishing it out to MPs. In short MPs should not be handling money.


      • 20
        Seems only fair says:

        How about billeting MPs at houses/flats inhabited by asylum seekers and other immigrants that MPs were so desperate to let into the country?

        MPs wanted them, MPs can live with them.


  2. 2
    Karl Marx says:



    • 30
      The General Public says:

      The trade union “official” is UNITE’s Director of Education – whatever the fuck that means.

      (I’m pretty sure the job will mainly consist of attending all-day meetings in agreeable well-catered conference hotels where Tory evil-doing is the principal agenda topic.)


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Time to move these MPs to a ll hall of residence, or Bellmarsh as i call it.


  4. 5
    Ted Maul says:

    I actually believe McCluskey and Crow and their ilk dream of seizing complete control of the UK. This mega-union Unite cobblers should be nipped in the bud.


    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      Do these unions have links with Common Purpose?


    • 13
      Fran Dango says:

      Dream of it? Union politburo heads are colluding with tossers like TWatson and his ilk (Militwat, Ballsup and the other political Epsilons) to hand power to them, these dear and glorious pillars of the “workers collective.”

      One small word of caution – look up what the fate was for Quisling, you traitorous Bast’ards.


    • 27
      Vic Feather has Risen from the Grave says:

      The Workers United will never be defeated


  5. 6
    Champagne Communists says:



  6. 7
    i agree says:

    £100000k doing up a flat.
    Where the fuck have these bastards left their morals and decency?

    They all need the Ceasescu’d.


    • 10
      i agree says:

      take that k out.


    • 12
      Penfold says:

      Now there’s a solution……………… ;-)


      • 33
        Anon says:

        still believe this is going tobe fate for large numbers of the HoC thieves along

        others who deserve the same…….

        some believe it could not happen here…..I am not so sure !!

        as there behaviour is totally out of control & they believe they are not

        accountable to anyone…… its there divine right


  7. 11
    Penfold says:

    The fabled socialist money tree in action.

    It stinks, it’s immoral, and it’s firkin typical of politicians to feather their wallets and bank accounts even when they profess to be lefty proletariat socialists.

    Scum, thieving scum……….we need to ris ourselves of these people.

    No expenses for MP’s, at all.


  8. 14
    Ed Millibland says:

    This beggars belief. The only claimable expense for MPs should be having their perm done, or a new necklace.


  9. 15
    Art lover says:

    Why do all these Labour slobs look like mafioso?


    • 24
      Tom Fatson's ailing heart says:

      Tom Fatson doesn’t look like mafioso, he looks like the guy in Seven who was found dead in his kitchen with a bucket of vomit under the table.


    • 31
      John Gotti, (in)Famous Mob Boss says:

      Hold on a minute– I was no slob! They called me the Dapper Don, always well-dressed and groomed, never a hair out of place. You’d better watch it, mac. Stereotypes like that have no place in our modern world, so stott zeet, you finuke!


  10. 17
    Last Quango says:

    why don’t they stay at Unites mansion in Esher – reasonable commute?


  11. 19
  12. 22
    Tom Watson MP says:

    I shall be making a statement in the House about this shortly


  13. 26
    No shags Pressa says:

    The working class can kiss my arse

    I off on another cruise at last…


  14. 35
    keredybretsa says:

    Rent Rats of the Left Unite.


  15. 36
    CT says:

    Is this the same Bob Crow who lives in public housing?

    He simultaneously owns a flat and rents it out when he could be living in it thereby releasing social housing for someone less rich than himself?


  16. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Give them all the same salary with no expenses. See how many step down


  17. 41
    Dumb Nation says:

    Funding the union fat cats.


  18. 42
    Tom Fatson says:

    Tom Blenkinsop also ‘renting’ from Chris Matheson of Unite!


  19. 43
    Popeye says:

    Is it impossible to stop this money grubbing bunch of losers, or are they all complicit?
    Something for you to shout about tomorrow Dave?


  20. 45
    post hoc says:

    Guido, you might look at the council of ACAS – full of unionistas.


  21. 49
    Worker says:

    I just dispair at once again hearing how our public servants are abusing the system and twist us more and more for money. All this cash claimed yet the troughers have enacted harsh cuts to genuine benefit claimants who are losing more cash per month than MPs claim in a day. Awful people who think they are above us all.


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