November 20th, 2012

The Many Apologies of “Dr” Eoin Clarke

He’s sorry, he’s sorry, he’s so, so sorry… Eoin Clarke has been busy apologising again this afternoon. Clarke came to prominence with his seminal PhD study of the history of Irish feminism entitled ‘Feck arf, get me dinner’ and has now risen to the very top of his new field: conspiratorial online left-wing smearing. Last month he was forced to grovel to Ashcroft for smearing him with false allegations, then it was Health Minister Anna Soubry, and now the left-wing loony has had to apologise to Circle Health:

“In several posts on my blog “The Green Benches” in 2012, I made a number of defamatory statements about Circle Health. I now acknowledge that there was no truth to those statements … I would like to offer my sincere apologies to Circle Health for any inconvenience and damage which the untrue statements in my blog have caused. I have removed the offending posts from the blog and undertaken not to repeat the allegations which I made.”

You have to wonder what Eoin’s only reader – Ed Miliband – has to say about it all.


  1. 1
    Ed Millibandwagon says:

    He’th vewwy sowwy.


  2. 2
    Ed Milishambles says:

    He’s apologised – there is no need for a judge led inquiry.


    • 36
      Fishy says:

      Didn’t our friends at the BBC pick up on someof these allegations? I seem to remember the Toady programme’s sanctimonious, posh lefty, Sarah Montague, giving Circle Health’s Ali Parsa a really hard time a few weeks back on their financials.

      If I’m right, perhaps the BBC will also say sorry. I think I’ve only heard one apology from them so far this week. Given their current performance, they’re slacking.


    • 59
      Alistair McGrigor says:

      I’d give him five years.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:


    The Good Dr does seem to tell a lot of porkies.


    He gives Drs a bad name!


  4. 4
    Nonentitywatch says:

    Never heard of the fecker.


  5. 5
    Doctor Mick says:

    He’s not a real doctor.

    Trust me….


    • 78
      NE Frontiersman says:

      From his Green Benches blog: ‘ I took it as a given that people would realise that Lord Ashcroft is not a trained medical doctor…’

      What would make them think so? Lord Ashcroft does not put the monicker’ Doctor’ in front of his name, a practice some might consider a trifle misleading.


  6. 6
    Father Jack says:



  7. 7
    Beast says:

    Curse that Ashcroft for helping servicemen and women, setting up crimestoppers,giving people jobs
    Tory scum!


    • 11
      Beast says:

      May I further add that he looks like the sort of chap whoes father would feel a great sense of forboding when told “Im bringing my new partner for the weekend”

      Bonfire of the duvets on a monday


      • 80
        JH3 says:


        Eoewn’s Euewenion’s Ouewen’s What-the-fuck-ever’s parents are almost certainly your garden-variety progressive-on-someone-else’s-coin public sector lefties, and would insist on having a fucking garden party with sparklers if he brought a piece of rough trade home, punctuated with awkward silences as the happy couple disappear at regular intervals to ‘secretly’ fellate each other in the en-suite.



  8. 8
    Centre Parting says:

    What about this Lynch bloke (BBC non-exec), Autonomy, HP and the SFO then?

    (Careful, it’s a Peston story.)


  9. 12
    keredybretsa says:

    That was a full Monty of apologies there on ‘Green Benches’ or perhaps in his case ‘Red Benches’. Oim sorry so fecking sorry, won’t be doing it again till the next toime!


  10. 13
    Empty Ed's Press Spokeman says:


    There is some mishundertanding ‘ere

    We had a little too much of the white stuff

    You know all about that from time to time…


  11. 14
    Cicciolina on probation says:

    “Dr” Clarke is my only friend nowadays…

    He apologises as often as I do

    I support him…


  12. 15
    Jerf says:

    What kind of name is Eoin? Bejaizus.


  13. 16
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Ah Eoin Clarke, to the political world what David Icke is to Proctology.


  14. 17
    miller m says:

    the doctor said whats wrong with you?

    I said I’ve got a pain

    he said have you had it before

    I said yes

    he said you’ve probably got it again


  15. 20
    Common Purpose says:

    Ah Eoin Clarke, to the political world what David Icke is to Proctology.


  16. 21
    Spank Sinatra says:

    So what indeed would Ed say! Hope he has a dictaphone. Can’t imagine anyone will be listening. Ideally it won’t have a ‘play’ button and we will be none the wiser. Come to think of it, I have yet to hear him speak on anything with the same effect…


  17. 22
    The savant6 says:

    Dermot. Hegarty. Sings :

    Doctor. Mike

    Doctor Mike
    Come by train or come. By bike


  18. 26
    Michael Fucking Parkinson says:

    I’ve sold insurance to several Oirish people.


  19. 29
    The savant7 says:

    Paddy. Reilly. Sings. :

    Another bloody. Flight of earls.

    And in his case the farther he flies the better.


  20. 30
    Sue Brown says:

    Another smearing Hunt getting sued, I hope. Time to fight back!


  21. 31
    New Town Toff, Edinburgh says:

    How many sociologists does this country need?


  22. 34
    A Labour MP says:

    I prefer wife swapping to rent swapping


  23. 35
    Pooh Sticks says:

    Too late, the damage is done. You can’t undo it.Poo sticks. Sue the arse off him.


  24. 38
    Brendan says:

    Guinness gets you pissed.


  25. 39
    Sally DumbCow says:

    Don’t Eoin. It is right wing conspiracy to smears us.


  26. 41
    Owen Jones says:

    I caught my neighbours dog having a shit in my garden this morning so I posted it through his letterbox.

    Well, not all of it. Just the legs and tail.


  27. 44
    Jimmy says:



  28. 49
    Owen Jones says:

    I was jogging through the park earlier when I spotted a women breast feeding her baby.

    I stopped and said, “Do you mind!”

    “What? It’s perfectly natural,” she said.

    “I know,” I replied. “I just noticed that you had a breast free”


  29. 51
    Owen Jones says:

    Supercomputer creates map that shows where the angriest, most nervous and most excitable tweeters can be found


  30. 52
    He has zero subscribers to his youtube channel says:


  31. 54
    Enrique Masturbani says:

    Eurotophobia is the fear of female genitalia.


  32. 61
    BBC c*kehead employee says:

    Shaddup and pay for my white powder.


  33. 63
    A fine pair of Lungs and I can prove it says:

    Sue the smearing fecker.


  34. 65
    Spinal Damage says:

    Another socialist with the runs spouting their lefty crap and thinking they can get away it.


  35. 69
    Bobby Sands : Painter and decorator says:

    Fifty shades of bullshit.


  36. 72
    Hank the Cat says:

    Looks a bit inbred to me, the massive forehead is the give away


  37. 73
    BBC Talent and Vision says:

    Hmm, this chap seems just the sort for us. Excellent credentials, sound approach to fact based journalism. Newsnight anyone? We could start him on a simple Jersey based contract on 450K for an eight part series….

    Well, that was a months worth of work, must get off to Tuscany to relieve the stress.


  38. 74
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Eoin should be goin.


  39. 75
    generally_interested says:

    Wonder how he funds his ‘work’? Wouldn’t be surprised if one of the Unions paid his wages. I think we should be told.


  40. 77
    Edinburgh socialist junkie says:

    Rip him a brand new one. Sue the arse off him.


  41. 79
    Hypocritical Oath says:

    He should follow your lead Guido and never apologise for any of his lies and false smears.

    Seems to work pretty well for you.


  42. 81
    seamus o'nailbom says:

    Did you know that Eoin is the Irish-Celtic for “retard”?


  43. 82
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Why doesn’t Cereal Oink (that’s his anagram) just delete his offensive blog instead of deleting it post-by-tedious-post?


  44. 83
    Anonymous says:



  45. 87
    Anonymous says:

    I’m against the Tory NHS reform, but this guy is about as helpful to the cause as a Bill Clinton campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace.


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