November 20th, 2012

Rent Swapping Labour MP: I Had No Idea Who Riordan Was

One of the many rent-swappers revealed last month was Labour MP Linda Riordan. She claimed £1,473-a-month from the taxpayer to rent a London flat in spite of the fact that she rented her own London property to parliamentary colleague Iain McKenzie. At the time McKenzie claimed that he had no idea that his landlady was a Labour MP, absolving himself of all responsibility and ending the arrangement, apparently, as soon as he found out.

However, documents released by IPSA last night show that the payment for McKenzie’s rent was not to a holding company or estate agent like many of his colleagues, but instead straight to the landlord: Linda Riordan. So did McKenzie mislead us with his previous statement?

McKenzie has now admitted to Guido that he saw Riordan’s name on the lease document, but, and it’s a very big but, he didn’t realise his landlord was an MP because he had never heard of Linda Riordan before in his life:

“Payment was direct by IPSA, they advised they deal direct with Estate agent, the reason I used them. I signed the lease document, on it was landlord Linda – no indication of her employment. As I was only elected three months I did not connect the name, truth is I still do not know all MPs.”

Guido is sceptical, though in truth he’d never heard of her before all this either…

Thanks to @RossMcCaff for pointing out that it said ‘landlord’ on the FOI.


  1. 1
    Dominic Grieve says:

    It is entirely wrong I should get of my ass and do something to help a SAS soldier


    • 4
      Kebab Time says:

      You mean he should receive special treatment? are not all meant to be equal under the law?

      Besides, did he not plead guilty and admitted having live ammo on him?


      • 8
        Donna and her Kebab says:

        And who have you ‘shot’ recently with your ‘weapon’?


        • 91
          Plain and simple modern says:

          I rented a bit of room once, but AHEM!, it wos for a roof over my ‘ed, in that Ladndahn, but he wos alright about it, never bled I did, from my ‘arris, and he gave me good brekfast – now you could not complain after a good feeding, ey?

          And I met them buggers in Milano again, nice it was,

          And the modern song exposed, helped by them, Milarno, strange place at these times,

          Puts solar cells and windmills in the proper modern aspect, or are we going to continue to hollow our Earth, and ignore what comes from space to us, with pathetic earthling nimbyism? We infest this land, put up with the structures, slit your throat if you can’t accept it. We will be better for it.


          • Modern attitude adjustment says:

            six bill and increasing. Get it nimbys?

            Bulid as much windmills as you can, fuck special scientific places or National Trust, we are too far gone, if you want us to carry on.


      • 13
        The Public says:

        You should have some sympathy being also retarded


        • 42
          I wish nothing but a long slow painful death to all politicians says:

          He should be released immediately on one condition !
          He takes up position on a roof top opposite Westminster a picks off every one of the thieving fuckers as they exit the building


      • 44
        When Ally Met Sally says:

        He did plead guilty because he risked being jailed for several more years so his lack of faith in British justice was not unfounded.

        Equal under the law? An SAS trooper in possession of a gun?!! Whatever next?


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      It could be true. He never tried to hide who his landlord is.

      The problem comes when they ends up paying to a company based in tax heaven or refuse to name their landlord. For some reason even Nick Clegg doesn’t want to disclose his landlord, even though rent he charges is small compared to others.


      • 27
        HappyHour says:

        To be honest, I think I’m on the verge of not caring. I just wish they would change the system and stop being able to claim rent, utility bills and council tax at the expense of the taxpayer. I have to make my f*cking wages stretch to cover all that sh*t so why can’t they. They certainly get a better salary than I do and seemingly do a more pointless job.


        • 49
          Anonymous says:

          Problem is, they work from two places. Issue is how much is fair. Other issues are

          1) other jobs some of them have
          2) salary as its almost 3 times as much as average salary.


      • 48
        h says:

        Tax heaven. where?


    • 84
      Blowing Whistles says:

      read it you mongrels work it out.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    most dont know who ed miliband is….


  3. 3
    A N Other MP says:



  4. 5
    BournemouthDP says:

    There is always the possibility he thought Linda Riordan was not MP Linda Riordan, but a completely different person, could you tell from just a name with no pre-fix or suffix a name is the same as the person you know. I know without meeting i could not and an agent might have been the initial contact and he never met the land lord.

    It is pretty stupid as a land search would have told him the truth.


  5. 6
    BournemouthDP says:

    Creator do i wish people would comment on the post and not random crap, hint hint Dominic Grieve


  6. 7
    Iain Mckenzie says:

    You’re a Labour MP? So am I,what are the chances of that happening in a city with six million people in it eh?


  7. 10
    ed megaband says:

    i hadn’t heard of her either


  8. 11
    When will these bastards stop treating us as idiots ? says:

    WTF ! Did he get Tessa Jowell to read the lease documents before hand ? That would explain why they remained completely ignorant of the fucking contents. Fucks sake !!!!


  9. 14
    • 19
      Rub Their Faces In It says:

      To put it into context £1 billion is equivalent to £50 tax for the average taxpayer. So that’s £650 each you suckers.


    • 29
      JH3 says:

      Not fair to say Muzzies are ‘unproductive’. They reproduce like priapic fucking rats.

      No Westernised country can sustain it’s own culture and quality of life once the religion of piss’s population hits 30%.

      France is an interesting experiment right now, a double whammy of giving socialism another go and throwing itself into dhimmitude.


    • 83
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Not altogether a bad thing. I encourage them to come to Portsmouth, where my boys make millions from housing them, the LibDems and I get donations and most importantly,as a result, most of them vote for me. Boaz.


      • 88
        Anonymous says:


        funny place that.
        maybe it is because it is navel……..gazing.
        longtime since portmouth achieved anything. if ever.


  10. 17
    Alexsandr says:

    you would think these dozy f*ckers would check, check again and check for 3rd time to make sure this sort of thing doesnt bite em on the arse. That they are incapable of watching their backs in an intellegent way suggests they are not fit for their jobs.


  11. 18
    Dumb Nation says:

    Never heard of her either.


  12. 20
    Traffic Master says:

    I wish someone would post the traffic situation in London


  13. 23
    Subway (eat fresh) says:

    That’s what happens when you make a BTL sandwich without a letting agent filling.


  14. 25
    D L George says:

    “he didn’t realise his landlord was an MP because he had never heard of Linda Riordan before in his life”

    Linda Riordan MP not a big enough clue for you McKenzie?


  15. 26
    Superman says:

    Linda Who? Cmon no one has ever heard of her. Give us a break. Now if it had been Linda Lovelace !


  16. 28
    Beast says:

    They all know who each other are, just who they know who to suck up to or knife in the back


  17. 30
    Legal Beagle says:

    We now have the standard mafia response to any allegation of wrondgoing

    I did not know followed by

    My memoary is unclear

    And then I am responsible but not guilty of any offence

    This has all been been well honed by the Murdock family, the Chairmen of most British Banks, MPs peers, jornalists policemen ant tuti quanti..

    A clear illustration of a criminalised elite


    • 34
      Legal Beagle says:

      I forgot one other nasty habit these people have

      Getting bent lawyers to send endless threatneing letters which amount to criminal harassment to try and cover up their wrongdoings


    • 39
      Abu hava Qatada says:

      Wait till my brothers get going. Once we have taken over, (with your help of course) there will be a master class all run in the finest English traditions of shariah law.

      You pigs are fucking amateurs


    • 73
      The savant7 says:

      Did you mean to. Say memory tjhere. ….. Or mammary.?

      As in

      Mammary. Mammary. My little. Mammary.
      I d walk a million miles
      To palpate you a while
      My. Maaaaamary !

      Copyright Al. Jolson. 1938.


  18. 31
    dunstall says:

    Maybe he knew her as Linda Cnut Riordan


    • 74
      The savant7 says:

      Interesting name. Cnut

      Derives from the sanscit. Norse tongue of the early vikings led by a female warrior of great renown called Gunilla. Hunte.
      Roughly translated into modern english as

      Lax. Vagina


  19. 32
    Anarchists In Blazers says:

    Labour vote – get toff with red rosette.


  20. 33
    P l e b says:

    It is time to build them a big block of flats, kitted out just like student accommodation.


  21. 35
    # says:

    As a private individual and properbly more If I was an MP, I would be very interested who the Landlord was of the property I was living in.


    • 56
      John says:

      Really? Have you ever actually rented a property?


    • 76
      The savant7 says:

      I would nt

      Basically as long as i. Could pay him cash no rent book. And he gave me a discount to. Reflect no. Vat. Then i couldn t care if he was mephistopheles himself .

      Oh i m soooooo faustian sometimes ….


  22. 36
    Sue Brown says:

    Liars and troughers. What is new?


    • 78
      The savant7 says:

      Oh you mean the scissor. Sisters.

      Linda trougher and. Margaret liar

      Their new single

      Where did our debts. Go.

      Is a supremes cover and is out on the eleventy twelth of never .


  23. 37
  24. 38
    I wish nothing but a long slow painful death to all politicians says:

    ” he didn’t realise his landlord was an MP because he had never heard of Linda Riordan before in his life:”
    Typical politician , knows fuck all about politics !


  25. 40
    George Wetwhistle says:

    Give the Entwhistle Plea: never heard, saw or read anything, it was a busy lunch.


  26. 41
    dunstall says:

    Sunderland sends three MPS to Westminster,Hodgson who had form in the last Parliament for claiming up to 400 pounds a month for food,when you see her money well spent,Elliot and Phillipson.Following the publication of those MPS renting flats in London Hodgson and Elliott redacted Phillipson didnt declared all in transpaent way.Clearly Hodgson and Elliot have something to hide come on Guido lets know the details or anyone with info,given Phillipsons declaration they cannot use the security defence


  27. 50
    Labour says:

    We gave you child tax credits, now fuck off!


  28. 52
    Sir William W says:

    …….and the band played “Believe It If You Will”


  29. 53
    John says:

    Don’t understand what the problem is. If she lived in her property instead of renting it out she would not be able to claim second-home expenses, since mortgage interest is no longer allowable. Why shouldn’t she get her second home paid for like all the other non-London MPs? (I don’t really have to rehearse the reasons why my MP needs somewhere in London to live, do I?)

    Pleb’s big block of flats may be a good idea, but then what would she do with the property she owns, since according to you lot she shouldn’t rent it out? Leave it empty?

    Some people on this thread are suggesting that lies have been told and criminal offences committed. Neither appears to be the case. Be careful – you indulge your self-righteousness at your peril – remember McAlpine!


  30. 58
    keredybretsa says:

    No, ‘onest guv’nor, never ‘erd of her in me life. Rent Rats of the Left United again!!!


  31. 59
    Legal Beagle says:

    Is Margaret Hodge (or her lawyers) sending threatening letters by any chance?

    Be careful Manrgaret that smoeone does not bring a criminal complaint against you for harassment…


  32. 65
    Fack yew proles, I said..fa says:

    No really, my granny died,………..again


  33. 68
    Sam "Ace" Rothstein says:

    “Phil Green was the perfect front man for the Tangiers– he didn’t know anything, and he didn’t WANT to know anything…”


  34. 77
    piggiesRus says:

    Oink Oink… was all within the rule’s us greedy piggy’s put the new rules in place……grunt! oink! grunt!


  35. 80
    The savant7 says:

    Sorry to. Digress. But heard the latest ?

    Five large swiss ice cubes will. Be appearing around london till end nov. each stuffed with onethousand franc notes

    When the ice melts they will be completely un usable as thy have no serial numbers .

    Damn clever those gnomes …


  36. 82
    MarkT says:

    Now I am sure some enterprising reader can find a photo or other evidence that they actually DID know each other…..


  37. 90
    Soho Pimp says:

    Is this dispute of Rent anything to do with Rent Boys? If so, is Mr Laws being dragged in to it?


  38. 93
    eldoclear says:

    MacKenzie is my local MP.
    He proves the theory that you can stick a red rosette on a donkey and get elected in Inverclyde
    He’s as bright as a 2 watt bulb with the oratory skills of a carpet.

    He promised 100 new jobs in 100 days if elected as MP – one hundred weeks later he’s delivered fuck all.

    He employs his wife I hear too, as a researcher.


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