November 20th, 2012

More Charges For Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks

Another day and another charge for the PM’s old chums.  Andy Coulson and Clive Goodman have been charged over allegations relating to paying Royal contacts for the Palace phone book, while Rebekah Brooks & ex-Sun chief reporter John Kay have been charged over accusations that they paid MOD official Bettina Jordan Barber £100k for stories. Awkward… 


  1. 1
    David Camoron says:

    I’ve never met Rebekah or Andy. LOL. xxx


    • 21
      AC1 and smoggie's civil partnership says:

      Will no one think of the arse bandits and their nuptuals?


    • 26
      Palace Phonebook says:

      is Sir Jimmy Savile still listed?


    • 34
      Every one's a criminal says:

      This is getting stupid now. Reporter pays for story. If that now becomes a crime our prisons will be over flowing.


      • 45
        Lord Highmountain says:

        ‘cept me, mate. watch it!


      • 53
        The Mirror group and Guardian says:

        No it’s ok it’s only the Murdoch Journos who will get prosecuted for this. We’re tickety Boo


      • 114
        Carlos says:

        “This is getting stupid now. Reporter pays for story. – … crime …”

        Not quite that simple. Not a crime if the recipient of the payment is a member of the general public. However, if they are a public servant they commit a crime firstly by the unauthorised passing on of sensitive information and secondly by accepting payment for their actions. The reporter commits a crime for inducing the public servant to carry out illegal acts.


    • 64
      M says:

      Has piss organ been charged too ?


    • 75
      foppish twat says:

      good day to sneak off to Northern Ireland


    • 97
      Fishy says:

      All took place under ‘Godfather’ Bliar and Gordon who was chasing Rupe and Rebeccca round varoius kitchens trying to intgratiate himself (something that GF says LJL didn’t get round to investigate (on the recommendations of his (now exposed) advisers?)).

      Mirror Group have apparently declined to set up an inquiry and investigate allegations of their wrong doing in the way NI have. I wonder why.


    • 103
      The savant7 says:

      Does LOL in this instance sctand for

      LOTS OF LAGS ??


    • 124
      Old very poor Brit says:

      Mr Camoron Sir my 18 year old daughter asked me which exams to take I told her to txt you instead is that OK? she has big er hair and will do the time for you mate ;-)


  2. 2
    Call me Dave says:

    I have plausible deniability.


    • 41
      Dave the Rave, surrounded by criminals says:

      James Murdock told me that there was no crime within Newscorp

      So did Rebekah and so did my old Eton friend Charlie…

      I believed them…


    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      Time for Coulson and Co. to start looking all depressed and sad or as it is popularly known – The Margaret Moran Defence.


      • 85
        Ernest Saunders says:

        My ‘get out of jail’ card was better. And in gratitude to the doctors, I shall be leaving my body to medical science so that my miraculous recovery from incurable Alzheimer’s Disease can be understood.

        20 years after being ‘diagnosed’ and released, I’m still going strong.

        Getting out of jail? I even make Abdelbaset al-Megrahi look like a fucking amateur.


    • 59
      Rebekah says:

      Do you think it is time I spilt all the beans Dave ?



      PS It might bring down the whole Mafia but I could get a reduced sentence…


  3. 3
    Silent Bob says:


  4. 4
    Kebab Time says:

    I hope there is no horsing around!


  5. 5
    Duty Pedant severing Interns Since 1908 says:

    “they paid MOD official Bettina Jordan Barber paid £100k “


  6. 7
    Owen Jones says:

    They both deserve a second chance,or even a third or fourth chance.


  7. 9
    Sideshow Bob says:

    Is it true none of this will come to trial until next September?


    • 13
      Margaret Moran says:

      They just need to hire a rent-a-shrink to tell the court they’re manic depressives. Worked for me. Woop woop!


    • 76
      Joe Mercier says:

      With over three million people without work I find this revelation shocking .

      Even if there is no money in the Treasury surely we could get some public spirited unemployed people to work pro bono to arrange a speedy and quick trial for these people .


      • 107
        The savant7 says:

        I ll. do it.

        I used to watch crown court as a lad …..

        And i ve also seen at least one. Episode of both kavanagh and judge deed ….


  8. 10
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Now that Sally has gone…Borisido Boriswkes has lost 20% of his thread material…Careful what you wish for.


    • 118
      Anonymous says:

      we are going to need some one to educate and train us in adulthood come 2020.

      who will the public throw forward?


  9. 12
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    ….its slowly getting closer to Dave and Tory HQ.


  10. 14
    Bet Fred says:

    Taking bets on which prison they’ll be going to.


  11. 17
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Could you post a link to the Guido thread from 2009 in which Borisido Boriswkes stated that NOTHING would happen regarding NoW and hacking


  12. 19
    Legal Beagle says:

    This is the third series of charges against Rebekah Brooks

    She is now facing more than 20 years in jail

    Like Coulson

    And our Dave carries on as Prime Minister as if nothing is happening…

    The Stout Party has clearly collapsed


  13. 22
    The Murdock Family says:

    We were totally unaware that there was generalised crime being committed in our organisation

    It was all covered up…


  14. 28
    The hang Blair movement says:

    When is the Chilcot Report going to be published?

    Or has it been permanently buried?


  15. 36
    Riggsy Brown says:

    The CPS must be in possession of a shed load of what they believe to be substantive alleged `evidence’ to charge Brooks, Coulson et als on this one. (Have to be careful wording that). They are well aware of Brooks’ personal resources, NI backing and public profile so must be preparing for a real courtroom knock ‘em down, drag `em out! Can’t wait.


  16. 37
    Lloyd George says:

    So if this public service employee has had£100k stuffed up her pants down as the CPS claim I hope there is restitution order made in favour of the Uk taxpayer .


  17. 39
    Ed Miller Band says:

    Anyone seen a blank sheet of A4 paper? I have to say something soon and it has all my notes and witty remarks. I’ve got to pretend to condemn Lord Peter Lefty for being a banker now and need some fresh ideas.


    • 49
      Moral Collapse Blair, watching the rockets flying overhead says:

      For immediate release

      Lord Ponzi Mandelson is the unacceptable face of predatory capitalism

      And was the creator of New Labour

      And the Maximum Imbecile was responsible for the financial meltdown

      I was not informed…

      I am above all of this …


      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        when one pound of our hard earned cash becomes 7 pound in the banking system then we are all fundamentally part of ponzi scheme.

        there is no escaping it.
        unless you abolish money,
        not difficult if you barter for your product and services.


  18. 44
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    John Kay is a particularly repellent piece of work. A quick glance at the type of stories he writes will reveal someone who revels in popular loathing of those convicted of high profile crimes (Tracey Connolly, Jon Venables, Ian Huntley). Hatred of ‘lags’ and their easy time inside is another favourite drum he likes to beat.

    Not so well known is that he himself is a killer – having strangled and drowned his wife in the 1970s. He managed to get a murder charged reduced to manslaughter after several pretty useless suicide attempts and spent a couple of years in psychiatric care rather than prison. Now he faces more charges and engages in yet another ‘suicide’ bid.


    • 54
      ed martin says:

      isn’t it said that people in gaol tend to have very strong views about punishment for others?

      and this unfortunate was employed in the interest of what stuart kutner used to describe (R4) as ‘the great family of NoW readers – the sub-primes that can’t distinguish a .pdf from a paediatrician


    • 58
      It's a miracle! says:

      He strangled and drowned her? What happened? Did she come back to life after he’d killed her the first time?


  19. 46
    We need more transparency says:

    I can see clearly now…. They are all C*NTS


  20. 47
    ed martin says:

    so if newscorpse paid xK pounds for a tame MoD drone will there be post mortems in moscow and washington over how much they paid?

    i think we ought to know whether we were getting value for money


  21. 51
    Julian Assange says:

    I think there are some spare rooms here. Shall I ask for you?


  22. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Show me the money.


  23. 60
    Murdoch PR organisation says:

    The whole Murdoch family is entirely innocent of any wrong doing

    They were not aware of any of this


  24. 61
    Garstang says:

    So this just goes to prove that there is no need for Leveson to recommend new laws when present laws are more than adequate, if applied.

    Same for all those knee jerk terror laws that Dave has failed to repeal.


  25. 62
    Backbench MP says:

    The Sqeaker should be forced to resign


  26. 63
    Julian the Wonderhorse says:

    I bet Sally Bercow is fuming she can’t tweet now


    • 71
      Mr Logic says:

      You might think Slutty Sally’s useless, but this is far from the truth. There are about 50 MPs in need of housing near the Houses of Parliament, and Sally – who lives not a stone’s throw from Big Ben – has a cathedral-sized c*nt. So you see. Jobs could be created in the construction industry if 30 to 40 large maisonettes (and perhaps a small shopping arcade) were built in her tw@t. Furthermore, changes to the planning laws mean local opposition to the development (presumably from Sally herself) could be swiftly shot down, allowing construction to begin before Christmas.


  27. 66
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    News Flash

    Has High Street tsar Mary Portason verge of resigning.

    This one managed to slip under your radar Borisido Boriswkes.

    As the high street demise accelerates , it seems old Mary is beginning to get cold feet. She is on the verge of resigning, she has been openly muttering that she fears her high street review may have been a Government ‘PR stunt’….Never – Dave – PR stunts – surely not


    • 74
      Moronwatch says:

      “Has High Street tsar Mary Portason verge of resigning. ”

      Try that one again, in English this time.


    • 82
      overrated bullshitter says:

      you mean she cant cut the mustard


    • 92
      Kreatcherr says:

      So it seems Contrary Mary ‘ fears her high street review may have been a Government ‘PR stunt’

      Well…it also seems she was not exactly behind the pantry door when brains were being ladled out then?….(possibly hiding under the rudely shaped turnips, but that is another story!)
      That gal seems exactly what is needed…clear thinking, clever, incisive, razor sharp analysis, laser intellect and practical, frugal, and precise to a fault.

      No wonder blighty is fucked!


    • 96
      P l e b says:

      Probably her report came up with wrong answer


      • 99
        Mrs Duffy from Rochdale says:

        Anyone with half a brain knows that if you want to do retail these days you go internet with a couple of warehouses around the country . If you need employees you go to China .


  28. 67
    Nick says:

    The apostrophes are the wrong way round on ‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello.


  29. 72
    restore the monasteries says:

    A little cell is quite nice for quiet reflection,but,it depends upon the amount of time allocated.IN THE HOUSE OF A FIDDLER,ALL FIDDLE.


  30. 73
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Can’t wait for Brooks and Coulson to get in the witness box and spill the beans on Blair, Brown and Cameron.


  31. 83
    Michael Fucking Parkinson says:

    I’ve met 100s of interesting people


  32. 89
    Acting BBC Director General says:

    We are pleased to announce that phone hacking is back on our top headlines. This will give us the much needed opportunity to help the general prole public forget all about those pesky child abuse coverups by the BBC. We hope you enjoy our Hamas propaganda and profiles of Andy Coulson for the next few months.


    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      what everyone forgets.
      the backdrop is the power struggle for the assets of the beeb, between news international and the establishment.


  33. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Tremendous news.


  34. 93
    Centre Parting says:

    I thought you had to pay for Directory Enquiries – what have they done wrong?


  35. 98
    David Cameron says:


    Let’s have a prison supper sometime.

    LOL, David


  36. 100
    Perry Mason says:

    Even the CPS cannot be daft enough to call it wrong three times in row .

    A first year barrister should be able to get at least one of the charges to stick .


  37. 101
    Breathless in Corby says:

    Just had a quick look at the charge cheat and am a little sad not to see a charge of treason in there somewhere .

    What we do not want is any sort of Establishment cover up .

    It might be a good idea to appoint a couple of the registered disabled as independent state scrutineers .

    At least one of those failed Police Commissioners was talking along these lines .


  38. 102
    Fidel Castro says:

    Jordan-Barber .

    Is she a member of a Trade Union ?

    If so which one ?

    Has her membership been suspended ?

    British Press performance in this matter piss poor .


  39. 120
    Border Terrier says:

    Tabloid journalists charged for doing their job.

    Andy & Rebekah, please keep fighting. You’ve got to see off those f*****s at The Guardian & BBC.


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