November 19th, 2012

Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View


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    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Words fail me


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      AMAZED says:

      For the first time in ages I watched the BBC breakfast show a few mins ago . They were reporting on the Israel v Hamas thing and it was the most biased report I have seen on the BBC in years. Basically Israelis are evil and Palestinians are saints.

      Was this a one off or is it now the way of life at the BBC ?


      • 13
        Arse bandit of old England. says:

        Close to 5000 missiles have been launched into Israel from Palestinian controlled territory since January..BBC is a bit slow in reporting this fact. What do we expect Israek to do? Hamas maintains that these missiles are “manufactured” in Gaza (as opposed to being supplied by Iran!) ergo Gaza is a legitimate military target..


      • 17
        Adolf Hilter says:

        I’ve applied for a job at the BBC.

        I think my CV will impress them.


        • 34
          BBC HR says:

          Dear Mr Hitler,

          Thank you for applying for a job with the BBC. We regret that on this occasion, your application was unsuccessful. We are hoping to find a candidate with very strongly-held antisemitc views, and whilst your CV was unquestionably impressive in this area, with a proven ability to lie through your teeth about J*ws, we feel that you are not quite antisemitc enough.

          We wish you well in your search for a new job, and you are of course welcome to apply for other BBC positions as and when they become available.

          BBC HR.


          • Adolf Hilter says:

            Er,any chance of the DG’s job. I understand you have a sudden vacancy?


          • Twizzle says:

            No, the sudden vacancy resigned the other week with a huge payoff.


          • Anonymous says:

            sudden vancancy resigned.
            and we got aware of dante’s nine circles of hell.

            since then somehow money, which is an IOU, relattionship with the number 7 came to mind.

            when money is taxing, the emotional hit is to the power of 7.
            when emotions is taxing, the hit could be to the power of 9.

            so are we being proportional.


      • 29
        Sooty and Sweep says:

        Just seen same report and I too was amazed at biased reporting. Sombre report from Gaza stating how many killed and frequwncy of “rocket” attacks.


      • 40
        The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

        Why the amazement ? It is an accepted fact for the past 30 years that the BBC adopts a pro-arab/palestinian stance in regard to the middle east


        • 56
          outfoxing fox says:

          It can be as biased as it wants as long as I’m not fucking paying for it.


        • 76
          Twizzle says:

          That’s what the Balen report (suppressed by the BBC) is all about.


        • 77
          @# says:

          Send the Israelis back to the pre-67 borders and then we might get somewhere


        • 92
          ÁC1 says:

          “sheer racist supremacist” I think you’re projecting arab culture. The most racist countries in the world are arab.


        • 114
          Dick the Prick says:

          Now now Mr AC1, as we all know the arabs have stood full square behind the ‘Palestinians’ and offered them sanctuary in Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and have under no circumstances flat fucking refused to have them sully their thresholds.


        • 123
          ÁC1 says:

          Nor where the “palestinians” mostly those (who never lived there but were) booted out of Jordan for coup plotting.


      • 81
        Snaplegs says:

        sky news coverage of gaza just as bad, I take it that impartiality isn’t covered on most media studies degrees?


    • 12
      Tate modern says:

      Photoshopped high lighter labels could be the birth of a new genre. Ermmmmmmmmmm pseudo modernist graffiti critique?


    • 66
      A Canaanite says:

      It’s our land really.


    • 87
      ÁC1 says:

      Hopefully by 2017 most of the current MPs will be in wormwood scrubs..


    • 127
      ÁC1 says:

      From The Guardian

      David Gauke, the Treasury minister responsible for tax issues, told [Caroline] Lucas in a letter that it was already clear a land value tax (LVT) would be expensive (1) and an unfair burden on property developers,(2) which own undeveloped sites that currently escape tax.(3)

      From The Telegraph:

      David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary, made £67,000 in profit from the sale of his London flat, but under parliamentary rules is not required to return all the profit he made to the expenses watchdog…(4)

      Earlier this year, Mr Gauke said that it was “morally wrong” for people to negotiate discounts with plumbers and traders by paying them cash. He suggested that such a deal helped traders to break the law by allowing them to evade VAT or income tax.(5)


  2. 2
    1984 says:

    Good effort. I recognise everybody.


  3. 3
    illogical says:

    The “Taj Mahal” of Hammersmith and Fulham has never looked lovelier!


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I don’t get it. Again.


  5. 5
    ¦ says:

    Where’s Silly 8illy?


  6. 6
    Banksy Moon says:

    I am completely useless, and so is the firm I work for.


  7. 7
    restore the monasteries says:

    The great put the little on the hook.Quick believers,need broad shoulders.Hope its an interesting week.


  8. 11
    Thea Saurus says:



  9. 14
    As it is. says:

    But prisoners are not calling for the right to vote, they couldn’t give a shit about it..

    It’s bleeding heart air heads living in la la land who think prisoners should vote.


    • 22
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      As if their vote (the few that could be arsed) would make the slightest bit of difference if they did.

      Get on with sorting out the shit that socialisam/the EUSSR has put this country in in the last 30 years and stop ADDING to it, Mr Cammeron.


      • 97
        ÁC1 says:

        Camoron supports it.


        • 125
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Look, here are your choices.

          Socialist in a blue tie.

          Socialist in a yellow tie.

          Socialist in a red tie.

          Socialist in a purple tie ( to let their masters know they are still onboard ).

          Vote wisely.


  10. 15
    Abu Qatada tory candidate says:

    We can look forward to Abu Qatada using the millions of pounds he is going to get in compensation from the coalition via the taxpayer to fund his election campaign in 2017. Thanks to the wonderful and tireless efforts of the coalition to mess up his extradition to Jordan Abu Qatada safe and secure in his multi million pound mansion funded by the taxpayer Qatada can now start to play a valuable role in British society and all thanks to Cameron and May.

    Just another example of conservative government and how it has worked so well on behalf of Abu Qatada and his family, thanks to David Cameron Abu Qatada is here to stay and enriched with enough taxpayers money to keep him and his family in luxury for life and gifted with police protection. You can thank Cameron and his government for their all their work on behalf of Abu Qatada when you vote at the next election, I know Abu Qatada will be very thankful for all the efforts of David Cameron and the coalition on his behalf.

    So if you vote conservative you have made a friend in Abu Qatada, if you support the conservatives you fully support Abu Qatada and his soon to be fabulously enriched family. All you conservative supporters out there should urge your new friend Abu Qatada to stand for election as a conservative candidate. Thanks to Cameron the UK can now boast that it is so progressive it makes our enemies into multi millionaires and houses them in mansions.


  11. 16
    I used to be able to post as jgm2 - what is it with this fucking modding says:

    I’m far from being a lefty bedwetter but I agree with giving prisoners the vote.


    • 19
      Fabians are Evil says:

      There are circa 88,000 votes up for grabs from the ‘inmates’ – this will be VERY fertile ground for the gerrymandering antics of the Socialists – their votes will be ‘bought’.


    • 20
      Fuss over nothing says:

      It’s not even remotely important though. For 99.999% of prisoners and a growing number of free men .

      This is just an airy fairy issue for the Tuscany Toynbees.


    • 28
      @# says:

      Doubt if they’ll vote Tory.


      • 33
        1984 says:

        They can vote for who they like. Most likely Labour, Respect or B&P.

        We already allow the hard-of-thinking to vote and any number of postal votes from non-existent voters in our more ethnically enriched areas so real people, albeit criminals, will be something of an improvement over sacks of non-existent people voting.


    • 41
      jgm2 says:



    • 68
      Ex Ex Ex Ah! Monika says:

      Eleventh and counting


    • 102
      ÁC1 says:

      I wonder why Guido is trying to get rid of all the regular comment writers?


  12. 21
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Nope. Don’t recognise anybody again. I am too fick for Rich and Mark?


  13. 25
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Ed Miliband announces venue for a reunion of Labour Government 1997-2010 MPs.


  14. 26
    Nick says:

    The next PCC elections will be in 2016, and not 2017 as the cartoon suggests.


    • 43
      Someone in Suffolk says:

      I can hardly wait. I wonder if they’ll fail to send out voting forms again.


    • 46
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      Will they be on the same day as the elections for the new Fire Brigade Commissioners, the Ambulance Service Overlords and the Traffic Warden Commissars? These are only some of the potential sinecures available for low grade politicians and their entourages under the LibCon Spendthrift Coalition.


      • 78
        @# says:

        For once you can’t blame Labour


        • 165
          Labour voters are off their Ed! says:

          I DO blame Labour though! They kicked this thorny issue into the long grass when they had their 13 years of terror!

          Why people vote Labour is beyond me………..are they all ‘tards & arseh*les? Thought so!


  15. 27
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Elliot Moran (Wormwood Scrubs and Pentoville): I propose the removal of votes for all non criminals.


  16. 35
    stroppycow says:

    Most of them wouldn’t know how to do a cross FFS


  17. 42
    they just dont get it says:

    I believe Ed MIliband is about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by re-emphasising Labour’s desire to remain within the EU.
    What a tube.


    • 49
      Someone in Suffolk says:

      It looks that way, doesn’t it?

      He very sensibly kept his stupid gob shut for a week or more whilst the Abu Qatada nonsense blew up in Cameron’s face, and then he breaks cover to declare the EU “wonderful” and he’s never going to give us any say whatsoever on our membership.

      Way to go, retardEd.


    • 65
      The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

      He should take care as Labour’s record on the EU ….giving away part of the uK rebate for nothing in return and denying referendum on Lisbon….. could come back to bite him on tha arse especially since he was a senior adviser/member of that government


      • 89
        Twizzle says:

        I heard Tristram Hunt on the radio last night busily diigging Ed’s political grave, describing 56% of the population (those wanting to leave) as “zealots”.

        He is well named, though his forename ought to be “Berkeley”.


        • 131
          Universal Hiss says:

          I heard that too. He was behaving like a loud mouthed bully,flinging insults & interrupting constantly.

          He really lived up to his name. Why do people vote for such retards?


  18. 44
    The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

    Meanwhile Dave promises to do his very very very best to get the EU budget frozen BUT…………


  19. 48
    Kebab travel update says:

    Monday tube and rail services hit by long delays


  20. 54
    Dynamic Dave says:

    Clearly we must worship at the Altar of Growth. It essential that we shit concrete over the remaining countryside until it is all destroyed (excluding certain parts of Oxfordshire of course)


    • 70
      The Construction Industry says:

      Excellent policy, Dave. The envelope stuffed with cash will be on your desk tomorrow. And the sinecure’s lined-up for you in June 2015. £150k p/a, 2 day week? Hours to suit, mate.

      Right, lads – let’s bulldoze Kent.


    • 117
      ÁC1 says:

      Dear NIMBY,
      94% of the country is rural.

      So no need to worry, you rent-seeking scumbag.


      • 145
        Mother Nature says:

        More Wonderful Growth. More Cash for Politicians to trough and waste. More Fat Bankers.
        I’ll get you in the end, if not sooner, you surburban parasite, probably with a virus shipped around the world within 24 hours via your nice new airports, motorways and high speed trains.


        • 151
          ÁC1 says:

          Feck off Greenist shite, and take your mathusian nonsense with you.


        • 160
          ÁC1 says:

          Go live in a cave if you don’t like wealth. In fact if you hate humanity so much then “recycle” yourself into plant-food.

          Don’t ruin things for those who don’t hate their fellow man and all his achievements.


  21. 55
    Abu Qatada tory candidate says:

    Perhaps we could have a referendum on votes for prisoners? DENIED.

    How about an IN/OUT referendum on the EU? DENIED.

    Could we have a referendum on the foreign aid budget? DENIED.

    Well at least a vote on gay marriage? DENIED.

    Maybe a vote on banning COMMON PURPOSE from all public institutions and receiving any public funding? DENIED.

    The Tory coalition has become a government of DENIERS.


  22. 58

    Schrödinger’s cat presents his compliments and is grateful for recent enquiries about his existence/non-existence/superposition from fellow window lickers, friends and foes.

    He wishes to announce that whilst the automated symposiarch continues with its feline antipathy, he shall be using his time more productively.


  23. 63
    Sir William W says:

    Who’s it meant to be?


  24. 80
    28Gate says:

    We also advised on the BBCs middle east editorial policy.



    • 85
      dozy dave watch says:

      What happens when the BBC has evidently and serially broken the terms of it’s Charter? Not much it seems.


      • 88
        BBC says:

        Because of the unique way we are funded.
        Now pay your telly tax like a good automaton.


        • 159
          the pravda, the whole pravda and nothing but the pravda says:

          44. Accuracy and impartiality
          (1) The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due
          accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output


  25. 86
    Seriously, is this what you see in London? says:


  26. 93
    Moishe Galloway says:

    My life already !

    ‘Lord’ Mandelson wins role as the new ‘ethical’ banker [as he becomes chairman of investment bank Lazard International]


  27. 100
    Ex Ex Ex Ex Ah! Monika says:

    Another Ex added. Whilst trying to tell you old news.

    More MPs bill taxpayer for rent as they let out their homes
    At least 32 MPs have been found to be claiming rent for second homes on their expenses while simultaneously letting out property nearby, an investigation reveals. ( Mail )


    • 116
      I used to vote, but now what's the point? says:

      “The rules of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) state that “members of Parliament must not exploit the system for personal financial advantage”. ”

      No wonder the country’s in the mess it’s in when our MPs think it’s perfectly OK to do this.


    • 126
      My MP hasnt replied to my question says:

      any names yet?


  28. 103
    Margaret Moran says:

    Programme on Dispatches about thieving MPs. I might watch it – I’m beginning to feel a bit better.


  29. 106 says:

    Lord McAlpine’s lawyers have announced they are to issue a writ for defamation of character to Lord McAlpine after discovering he has publicly mentioned his own name in connection with false child abuse allegations.

    The Tory peer is reported to be taking actions against himself after his lawyers confirmed they had evidence he had implicated himself in a televised interview as the victim of false rumours alleging a senior political figure was involved in historic abuse in North Wales.

    According to the Sunday Times, lawyers for McAlpine are planning libel action against a ‘very long list’ of other people who may have repeated his name in public at the time of intense speculation – including his wife who recklessly named him while introducing someone to him at a party and a hotel receptionist who admits she may have written his name on a bill.

    The BBC last week agreed to pay Lord McAlpine £185,000 in an out-of-court settlement after admitting its Newsnight programme hadn’t named an unnamed name it didn’t name as Lord McAlpine – a name which they didn’t name.

    A spokesperson for the BBC said the broadcaster had agreed to reach an out-of-court settlement with the Tory peer after its lawyers advised them that the case was potentially so confusing they probably wouldn’t have a clue what the f**k was going on.


  30. 115
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Barking MP.

    If Richards thinks that Ed M is a conviction politician, someone forgot to tell that to The Independent’s picture editor.

    Ed M as Maggie Thatcher, didn;t know that a there was a remake of The Iron Lady in Drag.


  31. 124
    I have never been on a trade mission with David Cameron in my life says:

    If you cannot do the time then you should not do the crime so just put that Moran woman in prison where she belongs .

    Stop insulting us all with crap .


  32. 130
    philip schofielc says:

    My good friend tom watson has sent me another list. Can’t wait to show it on tv. Must get the camera angle right at rehersal.


  33. 134
    The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

    I have just watched a masterclass in bullshitting given by Dave at the CBI Conference……it has to be said no one does it better !!!!


  34. 140
    Universal Hiss says:

    O/T. I’ve just been reading a series of Guardian articles(yes,I know) about food poverty.

    Even for them it’s utter claptrap.

    Apparently people on incomes of 35K & above cannot afford to eat a healthy diet.

    If that’s the case I should have died years ago.


    • 148
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      I thought you did. We have only been putting up with you out of respect for the dead.


    • 154
      The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

      It never ceases to amaze me when you watch these programmes that are aired on TV from time to time where a so-called “food expert” presenter shows a bewildered family how with a bag of spuds, a bit of veg and good quality meat from the local butcher who can fed a family of 4 for around 70p a head and still give them better nutritional value than a takeaway pizza etc……of course it may be totally un-PC to say so to-day but when I worra lad…..girls were taught home economics and cooking or they learnt like my wife did(and our daughters later….)from their mothers how to manage a household and cook for their family. By all means let women have a career if they want it but a lot(which is anathema to the Guardianistas of course)are actually content to be mothers and wives but are not supplied with the basic knowledge to firstly identify various foodstuffs;how to cook or prepare a meal and to be shown that actually it is cheaper and better nutritionally to do so.


      • 156
        flubber says:

        I was behind a girl from a poor deprived background in Tesco the other day. When the fat cow gets through that trolley of shite, she’ll likely die.
        I think overall, the taxpayer should save a few quid in the long run


      • 162
        Universal Hiss says:

        It’s amazing that so many people come up with excuses how they can’t/won’t cook,including men.It’s not purely a female thing.

        It’s such an important thing to be well fed & should be a culturally enriching part of life too. A well-balanced diet is no more expensive than a diet full of ready meals.

        A sign of the times is that poorer people tend to have higher rates of obesity.Years ago poor people were thin.

        A surprising find was that fruit & vegetable consumption has risen in Scotland but fallen in England.How accurate are the stats?

        Is it the job of government to show us how to eat? Perhaps it is if the fatties are going to cost the NHS a fortune in years to come.


    • 164
      Sir William W says:

      Ethically-reared flamingo with organic samphire and artisan Moldovan ‘grrrj’ bread is jolly expensive, you know.


  35. 142
    Philip Scumfield says:



    • 149
      Judge Dread says:

      If you live in relative obscurity in a village in another EU country then how can you qualify for substantial damages for defamation from the UK ?

      I really do not understand the logic .


  36. 144
    SKY NEWS says:

    Breaking news !
    Shelling taking place 600 meters from a funeral in Gaza !
    Phew what a stroke of luck , if the funeral was 600 meters nearer to the target area we might have a news story


  37. 166
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Arab bias!! cos they don’t want their reporters killed


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