November 18th, 2012

See Guido’s Column in the Daily Star Sunday

See an unapologetic Sally Bercow singing the blues in a Westminster bar, find out why we haven’t heard the last of Prescott and read Guido’s apology to the socially mobile Andy Sawford MP. We’re never wrong for long.

Don’t miss this week’s Daily Star Sunday. Only 90p…


  1. 1
    prick tease says:



  2. 2
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

    I’ve almost stop buying newspapers altogether. Don’t know why as I can easily afford them with the benefits I’m on!


  3. 3
    John Bercow says:

    Do you suppose they might call it “justifiable homicide”?


    • 8
      East India Company Wallah says:

      Justice delayed is justice denied


      • 20
        Loopy Lou says:

        I heard your company went bankrupt many years ago so obviously has not been paying any corporation tax .


    • 10
      @Sally Bercow says:

      I don’t normally believe in conspiracies but if it muddy the waters and helps get me off the hook by suggesting one,get me a tin foil hat Xtra Large.


  4. 5
    Westminster Intern says:

    I still cant believe you sold your soul to this cheap sh/t rag.


  5. 7
    @Sally Bercow says:

    This whole thing about me the wife of the Speaker of the Commons pointing my 50,000+ followers in the direction of a political figure wrongly accused of child abuse has all got a bit…political in my opinion.
    I think it’s a conspiracy.


  6. 13
    Lester Piggott says:

    Frankel for Sports Personality of the Year!


  7. 14
    Jimmy says:

    Lynton Crosby. Seriously?


  8. 15
    Al Gore (The 'orrible truth) says:

    I would agree there was a problem of racism in football if at the end of every match black players were either lynched or dragged backwards on their arse by a pick up truck but what we talking here?
    Gestures and words by very few of the tens of thousands of white supporters who go to these matches.


    • 16
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What happened to that Hockey Stick Al? Did it somehow disappear up your butt end?


    • 19
      Bluebottle says:

      I saw a professional football match a few years ago .

      After the final whistle a black player picked up a smaller black player by his neck had him a couple of feet in the air and threatened him .

      The football was in the referees hand at the time .

      Does this have anything to do with it because the referee was white


  9. 18
    Blowing Whistles says:

    When something is published into the public domain – it is for the public to know about it. It might ruffle the feathers of many in higher places but ain’t that just tough.

    So please read it for yourself and understand it properly – again I Cite Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) “Freedom of Expression” – I cite it ‘again’ as some out there still fail to understand it


  10. 21
    Anonymous says:

    when ppl do not express themselves they can become ill.
    but, when they do express themselves thungs can get ugly.

    which side of the divide do we wish to be?
    the whole world cannot be responsible for a person’s illness. Having said that, we have a right to know stuff that is relevant and appropriate.


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Mycroft says:

Have you read the last bit of Animal Farm?

You know where the animals are looking through the Farmhouse window?

My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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