November 16th, 2012

Media Standards Trust: Unaccountable and Undemocratic

The Mail were bang on the money with this morning’s revelations about the cosy close-knit community of Guardianistas and tabloid-bashers advising the Leveson Inquiry. One of Sir David Bell’s previous endeavours that they highlight was founding the Media Standards Trust which gave birth to the Hacked Off campaign. According to their website the MST is “governed by a board comprising respected figures from civil society and the media”.

So just who are these respected figures?

The MST’s deputy chair is Julie Middleton, CEO of Common Purpose. Her superior on the board, acting chair Baroness Helena Kennedy, is a Labour peer and former chair of anti-Thatcher group Charter 88, who is herself reportedly associated with Common Purpose, Medical Aid for Palestinians and perhaps should not be described as a Guardianista given she sits on the Indy’s board. Then we have Anthony Salz, who is a member of the Scott Trust which controls the Guardian, and Albert Scardino, a Murdoch-hating Guardian contributor who is married to Marjorie Scardino, CEO of FT owners Pearson PLC.

In their mealy mouthed mission statement about the “news ecosystems” and “think-and-do-tanks”, the MST pride themselves on “promoting quality, transparency and accountability in news”. So just how accountable are they? They hold no elections and have no membership structure for supporters. Guido asked board member Mary Ellen Barker how he could get on the board, she told him that proposals are made and discussed by the board. The very definition of a self-selecting elite. They claim not to be a lobby group yet admit “we do seek to influence policy and will try to talk to senior figures in politics”Sounds like a lobby group to Guido.

The MST has a self-selecting, closed circle leadership structure that is accountable only to themselves. Essentially it is a clique of the usual chattering class suspects who are using their influence inside the Leveson Inquiry to try and undermine their more successful press competitors. They really are enemies of a free press…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    And many in parliament (for their own reasons) want the end to the free press as well.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Elections to the MST board? What do you suppose the turnout would be?


  3. 3
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Any news on the suing of sally bercow?


  4. 4
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Guido. Get over yourself.


  5. 5
    Common Octopurpose says:

    like some giant octopus, Common Purpose’s tentacles appear to reach into every cranny of the inner sanctums of Westminster, Whitehall and academia

    Read more:


    • 14
      Keel-haul an effigy of ‘Grocer’ Heath then the actual Camertwat, daily - pour encourager les autres says:

      Too bloody right! – the Fuckers are EVERYWHERE – and worse, – much worse, getting paid at our expense to spread their poison + the Seminars, Away Days, and all the other trappings Socialist Shit.


      • 48
        golli says:

        Interesting how only now has the MSM stitched them up (very good Pendlebury piece in the Mail). The interwebby has been warning about these Gramsci entryists for more than a decade. Ah well one more on the blogger scoreboard.


        • 114
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Interesting that issues now concerning the MSM, such as Saville and the cult-like CP, have been going the rounds of the internet for years. Does this reflect short-staffed papers trawling the Net for copy, or a withdrawal of collusion by a Press that may feel itself under attack from an establishment it thought it was part of?


      • 59
        Lord Stansted says:

        The BBC love “Baroness” Helena Kennedy.


      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        Yep, it’s all lefty conspiracy. And we know here you live.


    • 42
      Faq Defano says:

      Bit like the Chinese ‘elections’ isn’t it…


      • 68
        golli says:

        From the CP subsdiary’s website
        Posted by Media Standards Trust
        The Media Standards Trust will respond to the incoherent, misleading and self-interested reports spread over a dozen pages of today’s Daily Mail and MailOnline. But since we were given no prior notification and no questions were put to the Trust prior to publication (as opposed to questions sent to some individual Board members regarding their own interests) we are currently reading the articles for the first time and will respond soon.”


        • 104
          currently wearing CP purple says:

          Don’t be howwid about CP – Bell gets very upset


          • Bluto says:

            “I have a number of roles connected to media organisations. I am paid in my non-executive role on the Economist, the other work is unpaid. I have never asked for and have no influence over any editorial material they may produce. These organisations include:

            The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
            Institute of War and Peace Reporting Europe
            The Economist

            I am Chairman of Common Purpose, a registered charity which operates in the UK and some ten other countries and runs leadership and other courses which mix people from the public, private and NGO sectors. Common Purpose has had several dealings in the past few years with the office of the Information Commissioner in connection with comments that have been made repeatedly about it on the web without, in Common Purpose’s view, any foundation at all.”

            Pull the other one Bell. If it is all so innocent why the weasel words?


        • 122
          Anonymous says:

          Shame the Mail couldn’t be arsed to talk to the MST and got basic facts wrong (like they are secretive about their donors). Still, why should they give a shit: they just want to smear them.


  6. 7
    Bluto says:

    Keep at it. This conspiracy is real, has been long running and has done enormous damage to British values of democracy and integrity in politics and the public sector.

    Who is Julia Middleton? Why are references to her Marxist past expunged from the public record? Why did she rise so suddenly and so fast after 1989. Who funded/funds this organisation? Why is it so secretive and defensive whenever its activities are challenged?

    If Dave had tackled Common Purpose from day one with determination and resolution he might not be where he is. But then again, maybe he is a graduate.


    • 17
      The Tosser in No 10 says:

      I cannot respond to that unless you give me the special sign or answer.


      • 49
        Faq Defano says:

        Here’s a vucking sign, Dave! ‘V’! followed by Manchester Central, Cardiff South, Corby, and soon, Tunbridge Wells, Guildford, Richfuckpark, Soddorfbrussels, etc etc…

        Get a grip man, you’ll be clobbered unmercifully at the next GE, unless you get your finger out and stand up for the money-makers in the UK!

        Kinnock, Prescott and all the other failures, will be joyfully shrieking and leaping about about when you do worse that he ever did.

        I’ve voted twice for UKIP now and am on a roll. Bye Bye.


        • 93
          Really? says:

          Cameron’s role is to completely fragment the right and thus any cohesive opposition to the UN / EU agenda. So far he’s doing a bang on job for his masters.


    • 20
      Old geezer says:

      He probably is, he appeared in India in front of a screen with Common Purpose written all over it.


  7. 8
    Prince Rupert says:

    If this is all true then Leveson should be hauled over the coals for this, for it is HYPOCISY. How can Leveson judge fairly on a matter such as impartiality and standards with all these individuals aiding and advising him, who themselves have a vested interest. Should we not hold an enquiry on the Leveson enquiry?


  8. 9
    Commissioner Mandelson says:

    I have just eaten my own gerbil


  9. 11
    Red Len says:

    So what? They can exist however they like, it’s just expressing a viewpoint. Snooze button….


  10. 12
    JH3 says:

    Who funds these sanctimonious lefty cvnts?


  11. 16
    Chief Wiggum of Humberside says:

    Where are the results?
    I’m sweating so much have lost 10kg in the last hour


    • 39
      Greasy polls says:

      Greggs were doing a £3 meal deal promotion which could adversely affect voter turnout for Prescott.


      • 55
        Stan Stereason says:

        Lard futures have suffered today, while the grease is wiped from the screens in the Prescott camp – mainly from the splutterings and belches of the assembled crowd, anxiously waiting to see if their fat friend has become recipient of yet another drain on the public purse.


        • 60
          1984 says:

          Prescott won’t be able to hack it even if he does win. It sounds like it’s a proper job not an MP’s ‘turn-up-when-you-feel-like-it’ gig.


    • 74
      update says:


      In Humberside, Labour’s John Prescott and Conservative Matthew Grove will contest a second round of voting as candidates failed to get 50% of first preference votes.


  12. 21
    The Independent says:

    I want a newspaper I can trust….not to split when I wipe my arse on it.


  13. 23
    Commissioner Mandelson says:

    Interesting that you are so deep in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch that you describe anyone who defends the Rule of Law as “Murdoch-hating”.

    You have become a very twisted individual….so say the least….


  14. 27
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA says:


  15. 29
    Admirer of Guido and all his works says:

    Guido – a word of advice – beware of anyone who (publicly) is known as Mary Ellen Barker.


  16. 31
    LabourNutter says:

    Yeah well what attest you going to do about it?


  17. 32
    BBC employs a man called Jihad says:

    Common purpose, they work in secret using the methods of the free masons minus the ethical morality, a shadow government built under our noses for years and the MSM/legacy media was silent as the grave. A spiders web of interconnected establishment ruling class subverting the principles of democracy in order to progress their agenda. They are without exception some of the nastiest people you could ever hope to meet, the ends justify the means types.

    And ALL of them able to access public funding via quangos and local/national government/foreign aid(those billions dont go to poor) being pathological parasites they have attached themselves to the taxpayer and they are bleeding the taxpayer dry. The ultimate aim is a one party state modelled on the Chinese method, a ghastly marriage of political Marxism and corporatism.

    Across every publicly funded institution common purpose is represented and goes about its work in secret, they have the BBC/guardian/NUJ/SEJ/BIJ/MST as their media mouthpiece and protector. They network and they recruit and they plot and scheme and lobby and extort and blackmail and threaten. You may not be interested in common purpose but they are certainly interested in you and you will not like their plans for you one little bit.

    Common purpose is entrenched in the highest levels of the liblabcon, they own the likes of Hague and May and Clegg and Milliband and Cameron, the civil service is run by common purpose now. The ruling class have their own version of the masons and every day that passes more institutions are taken over and subverted, its like a real version of the body snatchers, and its just as scary.


  18. 33
    Pet Shop Boy says:

    If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear

    If you’re something to hide, you shouldn’t even be here


    • 57
      golli says:

      A very tired and trite justification for letting authoritarian Orwellians walk all over a free democratic society. Wake up and smell the warm tea.


    • 75
      Pooh Sticks says:

      Yoh! You sound like a Boosh monkeeey. Mong. People get damaged by these Hunts.


  19. 37
    None of the above says:

    Its such a great day …


    In West Mercia there have been 4,273 spoiled ballots.


    • 44
      The Independent says:

      ‘Spoiled ballots’.Sorry that was me,I ran out of copies of the ‘i’ to wipe my arse on.


    • 45
      None of the above says:


      In North Yorkshire 6,402 people spoilt their ballot papers, with 3,995 spoiled in South Yorks.


  20. 38
    lola says:

    Have we got their home addreseses? I have three big mates and some piano wire lying idle…


  21. 39
    The power of suggestion has gone a bit flat. says:

    Oh. I am having crisis. I’m all in a spin. Topsy Turvy. On a mind bend. Basil Brush. Fred Astaire. Oh my God! I’ve got the runs. Tell me ur shitting me. Blop Blop!


  22. 43
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Corby by-election: Tories says ‘looks like we are going to win’


  23. 46
    A little Buddha says:

    Ommmmm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


  24. 47
    Toby G says:

    Isn’t Dave supposed to have attended one of their brainwashing parties??

    I know that Cleggover has


  25. 51
    Brown out and pay me damages. says:

    Wasting my time!


  26. 52
    Blimey says:

    Given that Helna Kennedy is associated with the Indy, it’s probably as well that the Indy site is riven with IT problems. It’s difficult to register and disqus won’t let you post comments. A good start would be to fire their IT head honcho.


  27. 54
    Pooh Sticks says:

    The media does more harm than good. Fact! I can live without it. I don’t buy the garbage anymore. Guess what? I don’t miss it!


  28. 56
    Rootar says:

    The whole friggin thing stinks like a swamp. It needs draining to get rid of the stench.


  29. 63
    HappyHour says:

    With any luck this was thoughtt through by the cabinet, and set up accordingly so that when the report comes through it can be burnt away and classed as unsafe and irresponsible due to bias and whatever unscrupplious actions it can be branded with and we can continue ot enjoy and celebrate our FREE press.


  30. 64
    Call me Dave says:

    As the polling booths have not been used, perhaps it is a signal that I should just shut them down.


    • 69
      The Ignorant Toffee-nosed Twat in No 10 says:

      I say you jolly chaps! The dashed Common People have the narve to criticise me for the jolly Police Commissar Thingys – I’m sure Tony’s DPM would be simply lovely in the role ! What!


    • 76
      IMHO says:

      Get reinforcements in from the inmates of HM prisons to boost the voting for PCC elections next time, it’s the right thing to do.


  31. 70
    Bog Roll says:

    How can you defend the rancid crap that is both unaccountable and unacceptable? Well rid of it! Appalling!


  32. 71
    Sally *innocentface* says:


  33. 73
    Pulp (Fiction or fact?) says:

    I’m a member of the common purpose,
    I want to tell the common people what they can do,
    I’m a member of the common purpose,
    Nothing counts except my point of view,
    You can’t smoke or drink or screw and there’s fuck all you can do.


  34. 78


  35. 79
    outrageous says:

    @ 15.18
    ‘we need to be very careful before exploding with excitement that a rocket has exploded near Jerusalem’

    Seriously, Sky News, ‘exploding with excitement’?


  36. 83
    Not OK says:

    Wake up call to the media. They are damaging useless money grubbing Hunts. Who have absolutely no respect for other people rights or their feelings. They destroy people’s lives and don’t give a flying fuck about it. It is just a game to them.


  37. 84
    IMHO says:

    Beware any organisation/quango that puts the word ‘Trust’ into its mission statements, they are the usual culprits of deception.


  38. 85
    Cameron splits the Tory party says:

    Corby result: UKIP beat LD into 3rd place and poll twice as many votes. Labour win not surprisingly by around 8,000 votes…..5000 plus votes for UKIP 9ppp approx for Conservative…..”Dave” must be crapping himself…if this is repeated in a general election and LD vote collapses Labour could be in with landslide and previously considered safe Conservatives seats suddenly become marginal ones if mass defections of Tory vote to UKIP continues


    • 87
      Cameron splits the Tory party says:

      meant 9000 approx for Conservative


      • 90
        Watching and Wondering says:

        Thanks for that – yes, guessed ‘p’ was ‘0’ – just hope the supercilious shit trying to give away what remains of GB is humbled, – there again, no chance!


  39. 86
    bergen says:

    I think it is hard to overestimate how much undemocratic power these people exercise. Probably Leveson has done them little good in the long term because their effectiveness rested on their being always under the radar.

    If a right wing secret society operated in anything like this way there would be a hue and cry. Perhaps a few Tory backbenchers should start thinking about their own majorities and get stuck into them.


  40. 91
    Type23frigate says:

    Every time I hear that Helena Kennedy is chair or vice-chair of anything, my alarm bells start to ring. She is the archetype of New Labour entry-ism into positions of power and influence. As you say……self appointed and unaccountable power seeking. This is the professional quango-crat at its most accomplished.


  41. 95
    Ed Millionenquiriesdemand says:

    May I juth thay that we do not need yet another enquiry


  42. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Sneaky fuckers these lefties.


  43. 97
    David Crossdresser says:

    I know that in these straightened times you are all feeling the pain just as I,Samantha and our dead son are*grabs onion*
    So to cheer you all up Both I and my best freind Nick Clegg (the man with the third leg) Will be turning on a self powering christmas windmill on Oxford Street

    Festive cheer for everybody, a party to celebrate Sir Eltons second child with his lovely wife David
    Merry Christmas to you all


  44. 100
    George says:

    The Leveson inquiry is and was a fix from ;its very inception. It’s conclusios will not be commenseate with a free press as none of it’s members are advocates of a free press.


  45. 101
    Arthur of the British says:

    If there are any genuine and untainted Conservative politicians reading this please start demanding an enquiry into this Common Purpose conspiracy. For the sake of Britain and her people. Please. Don’t let this story go away.


  46. 105
    Cicero says:

    ‘We do seek to influence policy …’

    Hope they haven’t got charitable status, then, as charities aren’t allowed to practise politics.


  47. 108
    keredybretsa says:

    Are these also suspect Green Peas people as well as being Global Climate Change drongos. Probably waiting for a snarl up on the global cyber highway. So that we don’t get to know nuffink!!


  48. 111
    gramma says:

    Is it me or has Sally Beercow lost weight


  49. 113
    Clown Shoes says:

    “Helena Kennedy… …who is herself reportedly associated with …Medical Aid for Palestinians”

    So no Palestinians deserve medical aid? Sure some of them are psychotic arseholes, but so are some of any nation.

    When did providing medical aid in itself become a bad thing – isn’t that Assad’s policy?


  50. 119
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    Glad to see that the corrupt activities of Common Purpose are getting some exposure in the MSM.


  51. 127
    mikeyboy says:

    dont bother clicking the link its gone –

    Leadership Masterclash – 6 March 2009

    There will be Masterclasses run concurrently throughout the day with different
    hosts. Julia Middleton will run a drop-in class all day. There will be clashes
    in the middle of the day on two topics: “Positive discrimination is a necessary
    evil” and “Transparency must be complete”.

    Come face to face with wonderful leaders:

    Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre

    Charles Handy, Writer and Social Philosopher

    Janet Gaymer, Commissioner for Public Appointments

    Peter Tatchell, Spokesperson, Outrage!

    Dame Deirdre Hutton, Chair, Food Standards Agency

    Zenna Atkins, Chair, Ofsted

    Amy Fawcett, Chair, Pensions First

    Bishop John Inge, Bishop of Worcester

    Tarek Ben Halim, Founder, Alfanar

    Albert Tucker, Fair Trade Pioneer

    Oliver Nyumbu, Chief Executive, Carat

    Rudi Bogni, Retired Banker & Philanthropist

    Andrew Cubie, Chair of the Committee of University Chairs

    Sarah Ebanja, Deputy CEO, London Development Agency

    Peter Fahy, Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

    Simon Fanshawe, Broadcaster and Writer

    Sir Brandon Gough, Chairman, De La Rue plc

    Chris Mathias, Founder, Arbour Ventures

    Tom Riordan, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Forwar


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