November 14th, 2012

Exclusive: What Was Discussed at Secret BBC Climate Seminar
Coverage “Exaggerated the Risk of Climate Change”

Yesterday Guido brought you the list of names the BBC has spent six years trying to keep secret, revealing the “scientists” who set the Beeb’s editorial climate policy were nothing more than a crackpot assortment of pseudo-experts and hippy campaigners. Guido can now exclusively reveal what was discussed at the infamous meeting. Held under Chatham House rules, the quotes that have surfaced make for very interesting reading.

An academic paper containing evidence from previous seminars shows that “specialists” and BBC bosses admitted their editorial stance could be exaggerating the risks of climate change. An anonymous documentary maker explains: “shots might be set up this way, with the member of the public saying I’m suffering (from global warming) even if the causal link cannot be directly drawn”. According to one media specialist, “on account of the weak understanding of science, there are now instances of coverages that exaggerate the risk of climate change… this is unthinkable in spheres such as economics or politics”. Unbelievably, these unnamed journalists are admitting  exaggerating the risks of climate change.

The report concludes that the seminar highlighted the “tangled web” of the BBC’s editorial policy on climate change, finding that output would often form a “mis-translation” of the truth.  The extent of bias in reporting led to “comparisons with the evident normative stance in editorial lines on terrorism, human rights, and child labor”. The BBC spent a six-figure sum to keep this secret. Now we know why…


  1. 1
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    The BBC: Propaganda for eco fascism.


    • 7
      Flooded UK says:

      I’m suffering from Global Warming.


    • 21
      Engineer says:

      In a sense, it’s not really news, is it? We all pretty much knew this anyway; all this does is confirm what everybody knew.


    • 30
      Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

      Next you’ll be saying that dear old Auntie Beeb is full of biddable time-servers on enormous remuneration packages !


      • 145
        Kit says:

        I think you are missing an opportunity here Jeremy. One which the left will not miss the next time it is in power. From the right side of politics the argument goes something like this:-

        The science (economics) is settled, centrally planned economies do no not work! (ref several studies on the collapse of the communist bloc, several others on the success of the switch to capitalism in China) ipso facto socialism does not work. The reason the audience does not understand this is because we are not able to tell the story in an effective way. Each time we cover the subject we have to give equal airtime to a Free Market Denier talking about discredited theories. The way to get through this is to stop having left leaning campaigners / activists / ‘economists’ on at peak time. In that way we real people who care about real things can get on and explain the effect of socialism on individuals!


        • 166
          Di Abbott says:

          {sucks teeth, rolls eyes, makes sign of the evil eye}

          Gonna putta de curse oif de red legion oincha. Dat socialism has voodoo power.


      • 147
        Quentin says:

        And Peadoes.


      • 204
        fjpickett says:

        “dear old Auntie Beeb”

        In view of recent rather unsavoury developments, perhaps it should be not-so-dear Uncle Beeb…


    • 38
      Prime Minister. Your country needs you. says:

      This is if course far more serious than the Savile and McAlpine blunders as they were blunders. This is an effort by the BBC to misinform the public to form public opinion in the way which the BBC wanted it to be formed.

      They have also spent a fortune and used all means possible to prevent this coming out. But who of importance is prepared now to run with this? Almost certainly not Dave.


      • 45
        Fishy says:

        Very serious indeed. In fact so serious we should expect to see Newsnight cover this tonight, getting those responsible to account for themselves (or even a 1hour Panorama special?)


      • 57
        One-term Dave, leading the Tories to their grave, says:

        I think you need a little perspective. Man-made global warming is a fact. If my extremely rich daddy-in-law didn’t get £1,000 every day, tax free, for having a windmill on his estate, all the penguins would drown and the polar bears would have nothing to eat.

        I know my green taxes are wrecking our economy. I know they’re putting you into fuel poverty and ruinign the tourist industry. But please. Think of the fluffy polar bears. And all the very rich people who are getting decidedly richer out of this scam.

        Tood pip!


      • 176
        Don't believe the biased crap called BBC News says:

        I’m not sure the McAlpine scandal was a blunder, it looked more like a deliberate attempt by the BBC, orchestrated by Twatson, to smear a senior Tory and by association Thatcher, their greatest enemy.
        Don’t forget, the BBC/Labour Party have form over this from the smear campaign set up a few months before the last election.
        That’s twice they’ve tried this now, and twice it’s blown up in their stupid faces.
        We must be extra vigilant to ensure they don’t get “third time lucky”.


    • 47
      Sir William W says:

      A simple desire for money and fame can partly explain the global warming meme. Actual science, in the form of the interaction of the carbon dioxide moleculevwith infra-red radiation also plays a part. The sheer grip of it, however and the strong appeal of it to so many people, can only be explained by its mythic appeal. It is a powerful variation of the Prometheus/Frankenstein myth, mixed with the ever-popular ‘End of Days’ scenario. The latter has a natural appeal because it tells us that our own times are uniquely important and it chimes in with the fact that the future is uncertain, while the past is known. Stir all these together, add a measure of human credulity and you have a potent secular theology that can characterise all dissent as deliberate wickedness.

      It’s had a good run.


      • 91
        Social anthropology 101 says:

        Sir William you have hit the nail on the head.


      • 170
        Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

        The warmistas have indeed had a good run, at our expense, of course. I seem to remember reading a few years ago that some computer at the University of East Anglia had been hacked (or was it a disc being mislaid in public?), and the whole thing was exposed as one big scam, confirming what many had suspected for a long time. The fact they continued the scam as if nothing had happened just shows how lucrative it is for them.


    • 58
      Sarah M says:

      Not a penny more from me for the BBC.

      This is scary – these are fanatics bordering on extremists.

      If there are not mass sackings of those involved we will know that the truth means little to the BBC.


    • 193
    • 209
      No2IT says:

      Guido, there AREN’T Chatham House RuleS, but there IS a Chatham House Rule (singular.) which is:

      “When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed”.

      Just thought I would let you know.


  2. 2
    • 103
      Bill says:

      well i think that the BBC might find that newsnight and saville are the least of thier problems, if a current top exec or star is found with a underage rent boy.

      Lets hope the police dont decide to swab the bbc for traces of illegal drugs or it could get even messier if a start is on drugs a la richard bacon etc.


      • 123
        We have a name for lying in court don't we children says:

        Or if for example ( purely hypothetically speaking) a top executive was found to have misled a court on oath.


    • 136
      Alan Partridge says:

      Never met the guy.


    • 205
      Anonymous says:

      wasn’t some bishop arrested yesterday.


  3. 3
    Tuscan Tony says:

    End of para 1, delete “it makes”

    For deletion…


  4. 4
    The bureau of investigative supredoper journalism says:

    Very shoddy !


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Spelling mistake – “global warning”


  6. 6
    this septic pile says:



  7. 8
    Kevster says:

    Every BBC employee who knew about this has to go.

    Every BBC employee at this propaganda rally must be sacked.

    This is mind blowing – manipulating the news policy of the BBC to suit the green agenda.

    Welcome to the green talibans Britain. Doubleplusgood.


    • 25
      Global Warming Smear Campaign rolls into action and says:

      (a) but it’s so important we can’t risk doing nothing even if we turn out to be wrong
      (b) the science is settled
      (c) all activists self-proclaimed experts “scientists” agree
      (d) you don’t understand the difference between climate and weather
      (e) it’s a conspiracy between the energy producers and right wing fanatics
      (f) all of the above

      After all, we’re making far too much money to admit it isn’t happening!


    • 31
      smoggie says:

      A few on the list have gone already. Gorn with the wind. And a slack handful of licence payers cash.


      • 112
        Bill says:

        its amazing how many experts suddenly appear when thier are sacks of case to be spent on the issue.

        Look at aids funding, do you think if it only effected a few third world countries any would care. Its only when hollywood stars and other media personalities starting dying that the full fundraising bandwagen took off.


    • 181
      Don't believe the biased crap called BBC News says:

      And don’t forget they’ve also been manipulating the news policy to suit the Labour party agenda for years and years. Time for a root and branch overhaul of BBC “News”.


    • 212
      Anonymous says:

      all information is framed.
      just check to see if the frame suits you. The most important information could be distorted or even edited out.


  8. 9

    S’funny, I still can’t find mention of this scandal on the BBC, or in the Guardian. I wonder why?

    Oh, and does anyone know if a disinterested third party can bring a private prosecution for perjury?


  9. 10
    Dr Ken Livingstone says:

    And they wonder why the British public trust in the organisation is collapsing


  10. 11
    John Adlington says:

    And yet they continue with their bias in coverage of the subject.

    They really are shit.


  11. 12
    Jimmy says:

    The truth is a fluid commodity en route to the greater good.


  12. 13
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    Over £1m to try and hide this information… an obscene payoff for Entwistle… there can be NO EXCUSE for raising the TV tax any time soon, and shortage of money was clearly not the reason for editorial failings.


    • 92
      Jeremy Paxman says:

      The Savile -stain on humanity- debacle and the Tory peedo farce had nothing to do with the BeeBeeCee. It was the CUUUUUTS! Now go away you silly woman.


      • 117
        Bill says:

        well thier certainly is case for the continuing freeze on the licence fee. How many licence fees did the ex BBC chief executive get given to push off.

        next time someone is taken to court thya should state that the licence fee was given illegally to pay off the DG of the BBC against his contractual entitlement


  13. 14
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    UK risks a fucking triple-dip recession whilst George Osborne is Chancellor, Mervyn King warns


    • 41
      smoggie says:

      That would mean a Greek like recession – a serious shortage of tarimosalata, humous and tsatsiki.


    • 70
      QE here i come says:

      Mervyn King who does, of course, know what he’s talking about


      • 154
        Det Sgt 51 (Been promoted!) says:

        … which is more than can be said for many of those ‘economic correspondents’ who asked a few inane questions after his speech.


  14. 15
    Darth Murdoch says:

    I truly love this conspiracy theory from right wingers.
    “Oh why doesn’t the media give equal air time to climate change sceptics?!”
    The same reasong the media doesn’t give equal time to creationists, or people who think the earth is flat. Because they are delusional and ultimately wrong.
    Climate change, like evolution and gravity, is scientific fact. Take your tin foil helmet off and stop moaning.


    • 19
      Flooded UK says:

      And that is why the BBC refused to name the ‘experts’ they consulted, or reveal the ‘evidence’ they had. Because they and it was so conclusive.


    • 24
      Fog says:

      Smart arse. Everyone knows the climate changes. The question is whether human behaviour is drastically changing the climate. It used to be called global warming until it was re alised the temperatures haven’t risen. Now its called global warming so that people like you can twist it any way. Maybe you’re the delusional one.


      • 78
        Darth Murdoch says:

        “…temperatures haven’t risen”
        Except, they’ve risen by 1.5c is the last 250 years.
        And, with the exception of major volcanic eruptions, which actually caused temporary temperature decreases, there have been almost no natural factors that could contribute to a temperature increase. Making such an increase verifiably man made. So yeah, this is awkward.


        • 93
          Bluto says:

          Total bollox


        • 116
          Engineer says:

          We know from the archaelogical and historical record that climate has changed quite a bit over the last two millenia. It was warmer than it is now during the Roman occupation (they had vineyards in Northumberland), cooled during the Dark Ages (documentary evidence in the Anglo-Saxon chronicles), warmed during the early medieval, cooled again (ice fairs on the Thames during the 17th century) and is now warming up a bit. If it follow that pattern (and it is an ‘if’), it’ll carry on warming for a century or so, then level off and cool down again.

          We don’t know how the climate works, so we can’t explain why, or predict what will happen with any certainty yet. When we have a nice set of mathematical equations that describe climate, maybe we will be able to. Till then, it’s guesswork.

          We do know from ice-cores that rises in CO2 concentration do not precede significant warming events, so the idea that CO2 is warming the planet is probably erroneous.

          All this is from general reading – I’m no climate specialist. I’m not prepared to panic on the basis of what we do know.


        • 120
          Officer Dibble says:

          “No natural factors”

          Oh, except cyclic variations in solar activity (where nearly all of the planets energy comes from)


        • 156
          Mike says:

          Darth Murdoch.
          1. Temperatures largely stable since 1998 as shown my Met Office , ballons at Equator measuring troposhere and satellite measurement. Urban Heat island effect shown to have impact on land based thermometers
          2. Increase in CO2 since 1998.
          3. Models have not predicted temperature accurately.
          4. Out put from Sun varies and Earth’s distance from Sun varies.
          5. Cosmic radiation varies.
          6. Various cycles from 10 years to 10,000 years or more .
          7. Medievael Warm Period from about 950- to 1250AD was warmer than today.
          8. Mini ice age from about 1650-1850AD.
          9. Understand fluid dynamics well but aerosols and clouds not comprehensively understood mathematically.
          10. Climate complex,variable , moves in cycles and there is much further to understand.
          11. Increase in man made CO2 in atmosphere has little impact on climate.
          12. Models need to be calibrated against actual results to prove they are correct: if they fail to achieve this; they are wrong.


        • 187
          katabasis1 says:

          “Except, they’ve risen by 1.5c is the last 250 years.”

          – *250* years. Really?

          Which reliable global temperature dataset are you using for that. It must be an invisible one I haven’t heard of before.


        • 188
          Cicero says:

          1.5c over 250 years? Oh no!! 1.5 divided by 250 = 0.006.

          I think we can cope with 0.006 per year. It’s rather less than the difference between my kitchen and my hall.


        • 225
          LL says:

          “The same reasong the media doesn’t give equal time to creationists, or people who think the earth is flat. ”

          One more warmist that doesn’t know the difference between a scientific law and a theory?
          It seems Darth Murdoch you learned nothing at school.


    • 36
      Roscoe Rules says:

      Euro sceptics don’t get equal airtime either and I’m pretty sure the EU isn’t a fucking scientific fact.


    • 39
      Rob says:

      Gravity is verifiable by experiment. Even evolution is verifiable. A theory based on models constructed by the people who created the theory, and who refuse to publish how these models work, is not verifiable.

      The word you are looking for is ‘dogma’.


    • 44
      Officer Dibble says:

      There is no such thing as “scientific fact”.

      Real scientists continually check their data, review their hypothesis, repeat their experiments and publish all of their results and data so that others can review it and agree or disagree.

      Real scientists will also change their mind when new evidence comes to light (like, oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that it hasn’t actually got any warmer despite all the billions of tons of extra CO2).

      What you are describing is not science, it’s a “Belief System”


      • 60
        Darth Murdoch says:

        I’m fully aware of the nature of theses and how one concludes those which are verifiable and which are not. I chose to simplify to terms I used to make it understandable to the audience of this site.


        • 79
          Officer Dibble says:

          Oh we’re quite an intelligent bunch on here you know.

          I’m sure we could cope with some rational and intelligent debate, rather than just the usual “it’s a right wing conspiracy” smears.


        • 86
          Thicko says:

          I still don’t understand you.


        • 90

          Oh, sorry, we thought you were just a man-made global warming rube. Now we realise you are just a condescending arts course student who has just got up and thought you’d show us all how clever you are.

          Our mistake.


        • 102
          I recognise an extremist when I see one says:

          Dear Darth Murdoch, please enough, I do not want to join your cult please go away .


        • 107
          Bluto says:

          If what you assert is true then the damage done to your cause by the BBC clowns should concern you. The verifiable truth doesn’t need propaganda and has nothing to fear from challenge. It would prevail regardless, but especially, if assailed by incredible counter arguments. Unfortunately people like you chose to shut down and manipulate debate rather than let any inherent integrity speak for itself.

          You people have made a rod for your own back precisely because of the sort of “we know best” arrogance you display here.


        • 173
          bergen says:

          Darth, first law of holes. If you’re in one then you stop digging.


          • Onan the Rotarian says:

            It’s no good talking to this Murdoch fantasist – pretty much the same as debating religion with a Jehovah’s Witness at your front door. He’s a believer, without either the ability (or, clearly, the intelligence and courage) to actually look at different viewpoints (or, for that matter, observational data).


    • 66
      Darth Saddo says:


      Thick left wing students still trolling the internet thinking they know everything

      Stick to the Star Wars mate, it’s the only made up bollocks you clearly know anything about


  15. 17
    Toni Benni says:

    Deniers! Deniers! Climate Criminals! My beloved BBC would never do anything wrong, surely not?
    With such high morals and standards, we simply couldnt do something like this.

    You Plebs should get a grip on yourselves


  16. 20
    Anon & fcuk the B B C says:

    Al-Beeb has a over abundance of this substance, with no shortages forecast for the

    next 100+ years


    • 33
      Anon & fcuk the B B C says:

      Wind ……in every conceivable way… long as its used to
      distort & manipulate the truth……its what they do….& will
      continue to do unabated……investigations or no investigations
      nothing will get in the way of there pre-ordained mission given
      to them from on high… no one is allowed to question the
      distortions otherwise they are branded heretics & cast off to
      damnation for ever more…..


  17. 22
    BBC Waste says:

    It could seem like “shoddy journalism” is a BBC meme after reading this.


  18. 23
    IMHO says:

    Send in the BIJ swat team, they will get to the bottom of it all.


  19. 26
    Nan Taylor says:

    Shut the fickin BBCesspit.


  20. 27
    Roscoe Rules says:

    What sort of eco movement either ignores or rejoices in the fact the population of Britain is growing at such a alarming rate?
    Be honest they don’t really give a shit about the environment.


    • 49
      Bert Smith of Al-Beeb's Corporation ethical Sewage works says:

      Thats the problem there are to many people shi*tting far to much shi*t….

      if there was a 20% reduction in the amount of shi*t this would reduce

      global warming………

      and I should know I’ve been shi*tting all my life…..and there is still

      plenty of shi*t left in me yet…..


  21. 29
  22. 32
  23. 34
    Johnny says says:

    “An academic paper containing evidence from the seminar …”

    No, it doesn’t. Joe Smith wrote that paper before the January 2006 seminar had taken place.


  24. 35
    Snow Balls says:

    The BBC exaggerate climate change in relation to the Natural world all the time. They are like a stuck record. Every single time I watch a nature documentary, the creature being documented is always on the verge of extinction as a consequence of climate change. Not every single creature on the planet is at risk, surely? The BBC over eggs the climate change scaremongering tactic so much so that you either completely buy into it- especially if it is David Attenburough saying it-or you question it.


  25. 40
    Visiting from the real world says:

    This website really is a hotbed of climate change denying, Beeb bashing, ‘free’ market self-interested tosspots isn’t it? Fascinating in a slightly horrifying sort of way…


    • 54
      Moral high ground 4U says:

      Can I bath in the light of your reflected glow?


    • 61
      Engineer says:

      ‘Beeb bashing’ isn’t hard. It’s a bit of an open goal at the moment. Climate has been changing one way and another for several billion years. Too much self-interest kills free markets – you need mutual interest for those to work. Tosspot? Sticks and stones…


    • 69
      Rick the Roman says:

      This website exposes the hypocrisy of the political classes, the lies we are told by the State broadcaster and stands up for the “little man”. It is far more in tune with the real world and what real people think outside the Westminster bubble than anything in the MSM. Sits like this one are essential for democracy to work.


    • 71
      Flooded UK says:

      Most of us are along for the (occasional) good laugh. We bash the left and the right.


    • 72
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      The BBC has done nothing that warrants it being bashed?

      Jimmy Savile ring any bells, chump? Any false peedo accusations hanging around? You know, against “Thather-era ministers”? Any faking of man-made global warming guff?

      And has for those “free market self interest tosspots” you dislike so much, where would you socialist mutants be if you couldn’t tag along behind, grabbing as much of their money as you and your fellow parasitic subhuman cretins can get away with?


    • 98
      Lord Godzilla says:

      E.T. go home


    • 110
      A Socialist says:

      We want to regulate the internet, because we know best, and free speech is bad (unless you agree with us)

      Now if we can just find the evil millionare capitalist who owns the internet…


    • 124
      The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

      Ah yes …… Wednesday afternoons I remember them well from my time at “Uni”…… getting pissed in the union bar…BUT better get THAT essay in by Friday…no more extensions……and for Gods Sake REMEMBER THE REFERENCES this time !!!!


  26. 43
    Have a banana! says:


  27. 52
    BBC Spokesdrone says:

    Look, we’re the BBC.

    We are morally superior to ordinary people like you and if we lie, obfuscate and cheat it is utterly acceptable because our goals are so very worthy.

    I really do feel sorry for anyone who cannot accept this.


    • 104
      Lord Godzilla says:

      I’m thinking of rampaging through London early next year. New Broadcasting House is on my hit list so watch out


  28. 54
  29. 62
    learntousegoogle says:

    It’s been available online, like, forever.


  30. 63
    Snow Balls says:

    For a start, environmental scientists need to drop the word warming cos I am freezing my nuts off for most of the year.
    The debate is about man made climate change versus naturally occuring climate change. What is delusional about that? We need the truth in order to truly understand the problem and come up with real cost effective solutions.


    • 88
      Engineer says:

      Why does it need ‘solutions’? The world has managed well enough without them, including all the way through human history.

      As too ‘man made’ climate change, even the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change admits that evidence for man-made climate change is sketchy compared to evidence for change being due to natural phenomena.


  31. 64
    Anoneumouse says:

    Follow the money The BBC’s pension fund is invested in the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)


  32. 67
    Mr Netanyahu says:

    Rejoice ! Rejoice !

    Hamas confirms the head of its military wing, Ahmed Jabari, has been killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza


  33. 76
    dameireneward says:

    Surely your final line should read The BBC spent a six figure sum “of your money” to keep this secret.


    • 81
      I pay what it's worth says:

      To be fair, I’ve not paid the license fee for more than 10 years.


      • 131
        JH3 says:

        Three years and counting over here.

        There’s nearly £500 to spend over Christmas right there.

        On ME. Not YOU, you lefty Gramsciian fucks.


  34. 80
    Not Sally Bercow says:

    Is this trending yet ? ***ifnotwhynotface****


  35. 95
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Has Leveson seen the David Petraeus / David Cameron emails yet? Will they be made public?


  36. 96
    Things they won't TELL you:200 Wind Mills needed to power a 40 watt bulb says:

    Global Warming and Climate Change the last refuge of scoundrels


    • 106
      Middle class eco twat says:

      Time to make the working class honkies pay for the sins of my father.


    • 194
      Wind turbine designer (as used on yachts) says:

      A useful fact to remember – the absolute MAXIMUM power you can get out of an 80 cm diameter mini turbine is about 140 watts – if it’s windy.
      If it isn’t windy, there’s no power at all. Mine has produced no power in the past 48 hours.


      • 197
        M4 motorist says:

        Another interesting fact – the large wind turbine alongside the M4 near Reading produces about 1 megawatt – if it’s windy. I’ve been past it twice recently and on both occasions it was stationary. That particular wind turbine has never returned an operating profit.


  37. 111
    nellnewman says:

    The BBC exaggerating climate change ,concealing a weak and confused understanding of the science .

    Just yet another reason why we no longer need the beeb.

    Let those who want to watch it subscribe to it and allow those who don’t to keep their hard earned cash for better things.


  38. 119
    Windmills Turning Making Rich Men's Earnings says:

    What frightens me is that everyone knows CAGW is a scam but there is no political will to say so.


  39. 122
    Hurrah ! says:

    Major explosion close to bbc gaza office in last minute. shook building.


  40. 128
    IMHO says:

    So come on BBC, what is the big secret?, answers on a postcard please.


  41. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t we just change it to the D (discredited) BC ?


  42. 130
    kerching says:

    I’ve ploughed hundreds of millions into buying land for when the sea levels rise. Harrow on the Hill Island and the Chilterns beachfront development have already been planned. I’ll be buggered if some hippies are going to rob me to save a couple of polar bears too stupid to live somewhere warm.


    • 138
      TheBeastofDowning street says:

      Can high speed trains travel through water ?
      Its just that I have plans for the Chilterns and my father in law assures me that if he straps a windmill on top of one (for a grand a day) then the force generated by forward motion will make it self funding
      I’m a bit thick but it sounds like a jolly good idea


  43. 133
    Mr Netanyahu says:

    “Aside perhaps from the Hamas PM Ismael Haniyeh, Israel could not have targeted a more senior Hamas figure in Gaza.”

    Guess who’s next to be taken out ?


  44. 135
    HRBeast says:

    I am looking to recruit a large number of drug addled, mendacious, left wing sexual deviants

    Can any of you suggest any organisations that may have a surplus of such people?


    • 137
      Alan Rusbridger says:

      It’s just possible I may be able to help you out there.


      • 153
        IMHO says:

        Thanks Alan, as long as they all have a proven IQ of less than 70, that way our legal department can mitigate, in the light of any future problems, that they were on the balance of evidence not guilty but just insane.


      • 157
        HRBeast says:

        I am sorry
        Even I have certain levels to which I will not stoop

        I’m on the Ouija phone to Jimmy Savile , he has assured me that Prince Andrew would make a great Non exec Director


      • 182
        Nonce TV HR Dept says:

        Us too!


  45. 140
    Typically tranquil day in the middle east says:

    The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas says the head of its military wing, Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, has been killed in an Is*aeli air strike


  46. 146
    restore the monasteries says:

    most of the staff at uncle beeb,have had a good education.What on earth do they teach at these education places?


    • 175
      Det Sgt 51 says:

      Marxist indoctrination, the inability of 16 year olds to read, write or do basic arithmetic does not in my book constitute a good education.


  47. 149
    Get A Grip says:

    The BBC must now be terrified that any one gets hold of the Balen Report. They have spent a vast amount of money trying to keep that a secret too.


  48. 158
    Eunuchonomics says:

    Will my bright orange plastic shoes, save the world T shirt and matching canvas bag in which I keep my fold away bike in actually make a difference?


    • 164
      Sheik Abu Othman says:

      You mean the shoes made out of “Dino fuel”
      shipped halfway around the world having been made by slaves in a coal powered factory?
      The Aluminium bike smelted in a coal powered furnace and like so todaly welded withl noxious chemicals?

      No you Kuffur , get a donkey and a beard, mybe camel then the world is safe
      I have spoken


  49. 159
    Mr Abu Othman says:

    Come and have a go if you think your hard enough!

    Can I$%^l hit Luton?


  50. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry Guido but you are wrong :the BBC did not spend a six-figure sum to keep things secret. They used our money instead. Much more convenient.


  51. 177
    James says:

    The guy who wrote this “academic paper” is also one of the “expert scientists” who attended the meeting. In fact he, along with the BBC’s Roger Bin-Harra, organised the infamous meeting. (You’re probably aware of this but you didn’t spell it out).

    I love the way the paper talks about “Climate Change Storytelling”. At least they are honest about that.


  52. 178
    John Wood says:

    The quote on the BBC was

    “The rockets kept on coming. So he had it coming”. Quite clever for once.


  53. 179
    genghiz the kahn says:

    So have they been manipulating all their output on Europe.

    Oddly enough there are few history programmes about the Corsican Ogre and why Britain was at war with the French.

    Plenty of programmes on Hitler and the Nazis, nothing on the failings of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin or Mao. Have they ever covered the deaths in the USSR in the same way.

    The Euro and The Eurozone are paradigms of economic progress, yet little is said about why it is failing about, It isn’t austerity stupid. The BBC are so far up the EU’s arse, that only a colonoscope will find it.


    • 185
      BBC Accounts Department (outsourced to India) says:

      The BBC received 530 million euros from the EU in the past five years, so obviously all of our news output will reflect what a wonderful organisation it is.
      Now pay your TV tax.


  54. 180
    Jimmy says:

    Thank heaven someone is standing up against science.


  55. 184
    IMHO says:

    Suppressed and previously unseen computer modelled footage of projected climate change from the University of East Anglia.


  56. 207
    The savant6 says:

    Mhas The Obese One fallen on his ombelical chord yet .

    Or is this a physical impossibility as it is ensconced in endless folds of saturated body fat garnered over many years and vast intakes of many many many robust servings of Boeuf Wellington ?


  57. 210
    What fuckin democracy says:

    Questions should be asked in Parliament.


  58. 213
    Moley says:

    The BBC had their climate meeting in 2006, at which it was decided to exclude all anthropogenic global warming sceptics from the air waves and push A.G.W.
    on all BBC programmes wherever possible. They made a deliberate decision to bias their reporting.

    The Climate Change Act was passed almost unanimously in 2008.

    To what extent was the BBC’s deliberate bias responsible for influencing Parliament to pass the Act?


  59. 228
    david says:

    I am so disappointed at this news that global warming is probably a scam. I was so looking forward to g(r)owing bananas in my back garden and now I am bereft of ideas on what to do with my redundant cabbage patch. Any ideas?


  60. 230
    Cuthbert Gaddabout says:

    Thanks for some great work on this issue – It acts as a counter wieght to all the CLimate Change propagander spewed out by so much of the rest of the media


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