November 13th, 2012

Tories Go For Bureau’s Jugular

The Tories have upped the attacks on the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, mainly by pointing out the fact that their funder David Potter is a Labour donor. They have put down an EDM and circulated briefing notes on the troubled group’s finances. Nothing to do with this of course:

While the URL would suggest the that the small Labour/unions story was a last-minute attempt at balance, you can see where the grudge came from. Making party political attacks on the Bureau will have the opposite effect that the Tories want. One way to make the Bureau’s dwindling supporters group stick together is for CCHQ to go for their jugular. The Bureau was imploding by itself…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    You just can’t trust the Tories on anything.


  2. 2
    Swampy off his head on white lightning says:

    Doesn’t anybody think about the trees?


    • 4
      Aaron D Highside says:

      I’m thinking of posting a tree to the Grauniad to help them out in this difficult time.


      • 15
        Money Saving Suggestion says:

        - not a tree dear boy – a bush! – a Senna bush – or, if you’re in for the serious stuff, a castor oil plant! – both of course with full instructions for the health-giving-organic-drinks that can be prepared.

        They will fall for it – and from it – like shit flies round a pile of dung.


  3. 3
  4. 5
    Selohesra says:

    Anyone who gives to Save the Children should be writing to them today to see whether they plan to waste donations on BIJ – I’d have thought a lot of charitable giving would dry up if people knew how much was actually channelled into left-wing attack organisations. If I wanted to give to Labour then I would (but I dont)

    Has anyone ever done research as to which charities are really just there to do good work as I struggle sometimes to know who should benefit from my giving


  5. 7
    Margaret Moran says:

    Get me Abu Qatada’s legal team quickly please !


    • 19
      Just passin by says:

      Madge dear – you still sucking on the Great Socialist Tit? – and are you getting a regular good seeing-to in Sarf’ampton? – or was that your mate?


    • 28
      McShame says:

      Thieving woman. Hang your head in McShame


      • 43
        Anonymous says:

        So Qatada can’t be deported because of fears he’ll be tortured and yet he belongs to a movement that routinely tortures children through genital mutilation and shoots little girls who want an education.


  6. 9
    Owen Jones says:

    I joined the BOIJ today. I love rooting though shit.


  7. 12
    Dynamic James Murdoch says:

    Daddy tells me I should be Chairman of the BBC

    I will sort it out like I sorted out the News of the World…

    Arg arf…


  8. 13
    Hank the Cat says:

    he he he he chortle chortle laugh out loud, Mad Maggie Moran has been found guilty


  9. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Also funded by Oxfam, Stamp Out Poverty, Save the Children and The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. Nice.


  10. 22
    smo­ggie says:

    Perhaps they want to keep it alive. Or is that too subtle for GCHQ ?


  11. 29
    pen4old says:

    Bureau of Investigative Journalism……..

    Bit of an oxymoron that


  12. 35
    Russian Oligarch (and his bent City solicitors) says:

    Now that Britain is in self-destruct mode

    I think it is time to launder another few billion thru London, don’t you?

    No one will notice or do anything…


  13. 37
    Sir William W says:

    “We have the finest politicians money can buy” – Al Capone.


  14. 38
    The BBC says:

    The science is settled and there will be no debate.


  15. 40
    Rob says:

    I think the BIJ should be made a charity as they demand and financed by a reasonably sized levy on all adults, e.g. £149.99 per annum. Only by doing this can we have the master class on journalism and editorial standards we need.

    Also, what’s one more left-wing political ‘charity’ when we have so many already?


  16. 48
    Lizzie says:

    Come off it, guys, why do you think the supposedly ‘independent’, and rather pompously self-styled, ‘Bureau of Investigative Journalism’ ran such a story now anyway? The ‘story’ itself was already a just a dog whistle for leftist support?


  17. 49
    fruitbat says:

    it’s about time the useless Tories started fighting back against the Labour/BBC conspiracy to smear them, though I suppose drippy Cameron is dead against it.


    • 58
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      The BBC are getting crucified. You not been keeping up with the news lately?

      Why give the BBC and it’s familiars room to claim a government or right-wing witch-hunt.

      The BBC is finished. Grab the popcorn and sit-back and watch the car crash happen in front of you.

      Cameron need only show-up after the BBC brand has been destroyed and they have to announce the winding-up process.


  18. 50
    BBC Commissar says:

    We need a good distraction. Arrange a baying Trotskyite multikult lynch mob and get Nick Griffin back on Question Time.


  19. 52
    Helpful says:

    The Charity Commission needs to ask why IBJ should receive grants and stipends from charities. Monies spent by charities should be for charitable purposes; attempting to change government policy or party political attacks are not charitable purposes.


  20. 53
    MB. says:

    I was suspicious of this organisation as soon as I saw its name mentioned. It sounded immediately like some sort of political front organisation.


    • 59
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Organisations that claim to be politically “Independent” rarely are, least of all when they seem to spend nearly all there time attacking poliitical targets.


  21. 57
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    BIJ is another in the long line of Labour shill organisations, such as certain pressure groups, charities that have influential people connected to the Labour Party etc. That are there to spin anti-Tory bullshit that Labour’s media friends then headline. After-all an “impartial Charidee” or “fearless investigative journalists” are so credible and objective, aren’t they?

    When BIJ disappear up their own rectum, you can bet that there will be a replacement organisation set-up by more Liebour shills that will, of course, be impartially smearing the Tories.


  22. 60
    Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that the apologies only started after McAlpine defened himself. Being cynical if this hadn’t happened there would have been no apologies and when the inquiry found this they would all cried cover up and the slur would have been believed.
    It all seems similar to the Mc Bride smears, the BBC should be asked what the motivation was, this isn’t a question of who approved what but why as presumably any first year trainee would be able to see it was a smear.
    These characters need a proper grilling as to who drove this, how much the BBC pay this outfit and whether its just another front organisation syphoning off licence, tax and charity money.


    • 62
      BBC Spokesdrone says:

      Lessons have been learned, and over the balance of our output we think we got the balance about righ – oh fuck I can’t do this any more.

      We hate evil Tories, OK? We admit it. Don’t ask us to explain exactly why, we’re not exactly sure ourselves – most of us weren’t even fucking born when she lost power. We picked it up from our sickeningly ‘socially aware’ parents with their cosy little fucking public sector jobs, and ran with it.

      It became trendy to dislike Thatcher back in the 80s and we have never really shook it off, it’s sort of a Band-Aid Geldof Ben-Elton thing. You know how people never really faced up to how shit 80s music and fashion was? How they claim it was all so cool and kitsch at the same time? It’s like that, but expressed via political bias and a sickening, sanctimonious inverted bigotry that we expect you to swallow without smashing us over the head with the nearest solid, moveable object, over and over again.

      So ever since, we’ve had this sort of strident Thatcher-hate thing that operates in lieu any sort of genuine analysis, enquiry, understanding or self-awareness. It makes us feel good, with very little effort or intellectual rigour. We like that. Question us on it and we convulse into this sort of reflexive auto-hysteria where we spontaneously ask if you CARE about minors, or whoever it was she murdered or whatever yeah?

      Of course, most of us come from what we know are quite cosseted backgrounds which means we have never really had to struggle or face up to a cold, uncaring world in any way. So we compensate for this by being all fucking in your face about CARING for the disadvantaged, yeah?

      She is a milk snatcher you know. Yeah, whatever, previous Labour administrations cancelled milk deliveries for other school age groups first. But she was worse. Because she was.

      Thank you. Now pay your fucking TV license and fuck off.


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