November 12th, 2012

WATCH: Acting DG Walks Out Mid-Way Through Sky Interview

Here is the excruciating moment Tim Davie walked out of only his second interview as acting Director General:

Well done to the BBC for choosing yet another leader with such wonderful media and people skills.


  1. 1
    concrete pump says:

    What a fucking ‘tard…..!

    • 16
      JJ says:

      Davie had to go and wipe the manure running down the back of his legs

      Unbelievable, totally unbelivable

    • 23
      Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

      Looks like another biddable time-server.

      • 79
        Faq Defano says:

        I heard that Basil Brush was being lined up to do the job.

        He couldn’t be any worse…

        • 126
          Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

          Emu would keep everyone on their toes.

        • 157
          Msr Rennard says:

          Basil is, on the face of it, an ideal candidate (in comparison to the others). However, he did let slip his anti-traveller Racism a few years back and is therefore totally ruled out. Forever.

    • 29
      Tim Davie says:

      I’ve been in the job half a day and I’ve already earned £200,000. Result!

    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      Obviously the wrong side of the camera for him. He needs a minder.

      As a marketing executive he represented the product. He stands behind the product. As DG is the front man of the BBC. It was like watching a rabbit caught in the headlights.

      • 75
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        He did have a minder. There’s footage of a reflection in the window behind Davie of his media handler directing his replies to Murnaghan.

    • 60
      In A Flap says:

      now that was funny

    • 77
      Rat's arse says:

      An arrogant ‘tard too. Couldn’t believe it when he just bogged off. He’s typical BBC material – hope he does well in his temporary position (not) and also hope that Helen Boden (or whatever her name is) gets what’s coming to her, but I doubt it. She’s fire-proof by the looks of it!

    • 90
      God Preserve Us From Fake Italian Hand Gestures on TV says:

      You can tell he’s a twat by the way he waves his hands about in that ‘I am from the BBC and I have been on the management-approved hand-waving course’ sort of way.

    • 119
      BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

      Shifty, evasive, and conceited to boot. The personification of the BBC.

      • 217
        Pundit Too says:

        I think he is right.
        He has a job to do and not ponce about at studios giving bad impressions after two days in place. Let Lord Patten do that and cover for him while he cleans up the mess.
        He obviously does not have many fans on this website, BUT consider how many enemies he has in the BBC that he is trying to sort out.
        He will need a hit team and someone to cover his back from Patten et al.

    • 127
      Ehtch says:

      Donal Moinahan who has taken Cameron’s mate Murdochs fifty pieces of silver.

      Suck this Donal, and stick your repeated show Eggheads being constantly repeated on the beeb, at six o’clock each weekday, on beeb two, right up your jacksie, you two faced prize bellend.

    • 154
      Tim the new DG says:

    • 185
      Tony Ben's will says:

      Not wearing a tie is the socialist equivalent of a mason,s funny handshake
      And patten is playing “my turn next” with regard to the pay off

    • 201
      Anonymous says:

      You couldnt make it up, what a crying shame that these muppets are dragging the BBC down like this. Is he really the only person at the beeb who could step in ? if so, its even more worrying.

  2. 2
    Chris Patten says:

    I blame Murdoch, it’s all his fault.

  3. 3
    Tim Davie says:

    I wasn’t aware I was doing an interview. It never occurred to me to ask.

  4. 4
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    BBC, killed by its own bias!

  5. 5
    Bluto says:

    Ah, the quality of senior management these days.

    • 158
      An ancient playwright says:

      The quality of management these days is definitely (not) strained; it droppeth as the gentle…

      Oh why bother?

      • 218
        Pundit Too says:

        CIM in their last report stated that 60% of British management are ineffective.
        Strange that they missed the irony that this surely also reflects upon themselves and their policy some 15 years ago move from private sector to concentrate more on the public and NGO sectors.
        I also disagree with them. My experience shows a 75% decline of which 30% is terminal.

  6. 6
    None of the above says:

    Reminds me of George Bush. Did he then walk into a cleaning cupboard?

  7. 8
    Dennis McShane's Shed says:

    Not obvious from this clip but he spent the whole interview glancing at a PR ‘minder’ whose reflection was visible in the glass behind him. Woeful.

    • 170
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      Notice how the minder makes a pointing gesture (as if to say “enough! get off!” shortly before the hapless Davie stumbles. He then proceeds for follow his handler off the set.

      • 204
        Anonymous says:

        Presumably the minder meant he should change the subject, or like Ed Milliband give the same answer no matter what the question was. (ok he would have looked stupid ) but to walk off, ffs. do you think he will last the week ?

  8. 9
    who why what where when says:

    Like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

  9. 10
    Some Twat up North says:

    How much are we paying this arrogant fuckwit?

  10. 10
    Moby dick says:

    call newsnight nightnews problem solved

  11. 12

    Hang on, hang on – does no one see what he is doing there?

    he is *literally* “stepping aside”!

  12. 13
    another dickhead says:

    Why is Gareth Gates the new DG of the BBC?

  13. 15
    Entwistle is a useless cock says:

    Listening to Entwistle being slaughtered by Humphreys was joyous. Every other answer he gave was “I didn’t know, I didn’t ask, I wasn’t told, I didn’t hear”. This cock was Director General and, if he’s telling the truth, he never thought to ask anyone anything about what was going on at the BBC! Funniest moment was when he said something was brought to his attention, and Humphreys said “Brought to your attention? Didn’t you want to find out yourself?” “No, John, I didn’t”. Priceless.

    • 28
      lola says:

      Erm, Humphreys is part of the problem.

    • 38
      Some Twat up North says:

      I liked the bit where he was asked whether he watched the output and he said no.

      • 97
        The Teen Demographic says:

        You can’t blame him for that. Everyone knows the BBC is crap. Why shouldn’t he go and eat a bag of chips at a bus stop somewhere. Its much more interesting, especially if its raining.

    • 52
      Oberfeldwebel Johannes Schultz, Stalag XIII says:

      Strange, as that approach always worked for me.

      • 171
        Daniel says:

        As Director General of the BBC, I would like to make it clear that I do not watch the BBC, I do not listen to BBC radio, nor I do not contact the BBC. Ever.

        As such, anything that happens at the BBC cannot possibly be my responsibility.

        If the BBC wishes to contact me, they know my telephone number (or they did – I’ve recently changed it and gone ex-directory).

        That’ll be £450k, please.

    • 205
      Anonymous says:

      Who on earth thought George Enwistle was DG material ? surely he must have had more about him in his previous role ? its actually almost unbelievable, how things are panning out. We must be a laughing stock abroad.

  14. 18
    The Sleeper says:

    As noted on previous thread…..completely full of his own self importance…sanctimonious…


  15. 20
    Tim Davie says:

    It’s come to my attention that I’m the acting DG of the BBC. I was unaware and it didn’t occur to me to find out.

  16. 21
    GeoffM says:

    They don’t like it up em Mr Mannering..

  17. 22
    jgm2 says:

    Jordan promise not to torture Abu Qatada too much

  18. 25
    Disaster Zone says:

    So how many millions will it cost to resign this stand in?

  19. 26
    another dickhead says:

    So, I take it Patten appointed this mong too?

  20. 31
    this septic pile says:

    perhaps he had a luncheon appointment – one must have priorities

  21. 33
    lola says:

    Typifies the arrogance of the BBC. They really don’t think that Sky et al has any business disecting them by interview.

  22. 36
    robbie says:

    No- he said he was going and he left- he’s got a lot of work to do so let him get on with it. Those Sky guys just need to worry about how poor Rebekkah Brooks is going to survive on her settlement.

    • 48
      JH3 says:

      Oh, expert bit of distraction there.

      This whole affair is an ever-expanding unmitigated disaster for the BBC, and everyone knows it. The new acting Director General has just had an interview carried out with all the media know-how of the average vole.

      Wandering slightly off camera, pausing, saying thank you, and leaving. Just awful, awful, awful.

      Plus, he needs to put on a tie; it is not 1AM at Stringfellows. He is supposedly trying to rebuild the ‘reputation’ of an organisation which thinks it has the right to extract £3 billion a year from the population, with menaces.

      • 93
        will says:

        turning up looking like a typical soho leftie and not bothering to dress properly. As someone i knew well said that if you are being interviewed, at least put on a tie and look smart, you are not down the pub with your mates.

        Also try to give a straight answer about events and what you are going to do about it, not say you are busy etc. this is what done for tony hayward at BP by stating that it ruined his holiday when he forgot to put the people that died first and the livelyhood of others first.

      • 159
        Little Englander says:

        It was entirely his own fault for agreeing to have an interview in the first place – especially with his main competitor! Stupid stupid stupid. he should have just told Sky to get lost.

  23. 38
    Adam n Eve's uncle says:

    The BBC news correspondent is interviewing the BBC news correspondent who in turn interviews the BBC political correspondent about the interview given by the BBC director general, on the crises at the BBC. Unbiased reporting at its best.

  24. 40
    WastedJoker says:

    Embarrassing. I love the BBC and think they need someone who can fight back and push the focus back onto the real scandal rather than cede to the anti-BBC mob having a field day.

    • 55
      JH3 says:

      ‘push the focus back onto the real scandal’

      I presume you mean the BBC enabling child abuse for thirty years plus, despite knowledge that something nasty was going on?

      Or did you mean Thatcher and Ashcroft. So hard to tell.

    • 58
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The BBC is the real scandal, and has been for 20 years. They’ve finally been hoisted by their own hubris and are paying the price of living in their lefty dream worlds. Cammo now has the Beeb’s balls on a trowel, but that wet wonder will miss the opportunity to cleanse the Beeb of institutionalised Lefty bias.

      • 209
        Unhappy with Dave says:

        Yes very sadly thats likely to happen. He could get rid of the Bercows as well now and romp the next election if he had the wits about him.

    • 108
      BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

      Yes, I ‘love’ the Beeb too and in an ideal world I’d have a BBC which survived and was the acme of impartiality and lived up to its charter every single day.

      Such a restoration (?) is not going to happen, though, without a policy of reform which is more than a mere amputation, or a change of blood. This needs to reach to the very DNA of the moribund, corporeal centre of the corruption.

      One feature of the pathology, is that las in much of socialist thinking (as Orwell elucidated), is that the organisation at the centre of this debacle lives in a quasi-reality with the news depts having little to distinguish from their light entertainment depts. Amongst the joyful consequences we are treated to in consequence, is the conviction that comment on serious issues on serious news progs by card-carrying, establishment-lefty comedians is valid.

      Satire is dead.

    • 193
      Eeyore says:

      #40 WastedJoker – it is possible to deplore the incompetence of the current (and recent past) management without joining Rupert’s ‘anti-BBC mob’. To save the institution and render it worthy of support it needs root-and-branch institutional reform.

  25. 41

    Vis one can’t even speak proper.

  26. 43
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    “You’re keeping me from the vital work of maintaining the BBC as a robust institution which contributes immeasurably to our societal well-being,” or some equivalent rot, was what he was probably thinking to say, but something must have got in the way between brain and mouth.

    I mean, that IS the sort of standard BS they deliver over there, innit?

  27. 44
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Funny, I remember Davie primarily for launching the “not at all political decision” to close the extremely well patronised BBC Radio 6 Music and the BBC Asian Network when he got whiff there may be a few cuts to their seemingly bottomless BBC trough inciting some real bile towards the people who wanted them to reign it in from a passionate instant army of vociferous listeners in the process.

    I find it hysterical to see the BBC in so much tail chasing after their amateur dramatics, but not so hysterical to see them appoint someone so quickly who clearly loves playing a bit of the old politics.

    One has to conclude from this, they either don’t care or don’t know how this will be percieved in public or simply don’t have the ‘talent’ to fill the role with someone level headed enough to cut the bullshit and just run the place how it was meant to be run, from this, one has to further conclude it’s just more weight for them to be knocked on the head because they just.don’

  28. 45
    WastedJoker says:

    Also part-way would be more accurate than mid-way.

  29. 47
    The Sleeper says:

    Tim Davie…profile.

    “Appointed UK Marketing Manager for PepsiCo in 1993, Davie was subsequently promoted to Vice President, Marketing, Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa, holding several similar appointments, including in the United States, before taking up the Vice President for Marketing and Franchise post.”

    “Davie joined the BBC in April 2005, Mark Thompson’s first senior external appointment as Director General of the BBC, as Director of Marketing, Communications and Audiences”

    Says it all really….why did the BBC need a fucking marketing man?

  30. 50
    @Ohthisbloodypc says:

    I didn’t catch his name:

    Was it Pepsi Max?

  31. 54
    Hank the Cat says:

    When you think that it cannot get any worse for the BBC along comes Tim Davie

  32. 56
    Adam n Eve's uncle says:

    Maybe Entwistle could give him a loan to buy a tie, I hear he’s quite flush.

  33. 57
    Silly Sally B13 COW says:

    When can I start tweeting my twaddle to my millions of admirers again ? #lowprifile#shittingmyself

  34. 59
    Agile Eric says:

    Might as well shut the Beeb down for a rest. No point in them carrying on like this.

  35. 61
    Govt-By-Cluster-Fuck says:

    Anyone caught saying “at the end of the day” on camera is clearly not fit for a career in any kind of broadcasting.

    In fact the whole of that clip is just so full of cliches and plattitudes.

    It seems fairly obvious he is nothing more than a marketing jobsworth who has been promoted way too far beyond his abilities.

    • 65
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Agreed. At least he reads the Guardian.

    • 68
      JH3 says:

      Who does he keep looking at off camera?

      Some lackey frantically trying to mime what he should say, a’ la The Thick of it?

      I’ve never seen anyone look so uncomfortable on camera, only Devine trying to explain away his thieving comes close.

    • 81
      Hank the Cat says:

      Anyone caught saying “at the end of the day” on camera is clearly not fit for a career in any kind of broadcasting.

      I agree but what is worse is when they say “at this moment in time”

      • 163
        Poorly Educated Little Englander says:

        … along with: going forward, getting down to the nitty-gritty, thinking out of the box, a level playing field etc etc.

        Jargon Rules OK!

  36. 62
    Kreatcherr says:

    Not a brilliant start, if that is the quality of their top men then is is fairly obvious that Patton is a complete buffoon with flashes of imbecile woven in, how can one idiot make so many ridiculously incompetent decisions on personnel.

    That is a woefully inadequate response by the night-watchman, and possibly is not the auspicious start to a good cunning plan in reviving the trust of the viewers.
    So we now know it would be prudent to cross his name off the short list and bin the CV….Next!

  37. 69

    Crikey, what a pleb! Somebody give that man a fucking tie. Please.

    • 110
      The Public says:

      Somebody give him a P45. That is, if he is actually on the payroll and not billing the license payers through an offshore service company.

    • 123
      Kreatcherr says:

      Fuck the tie what about some humility, understanding and a modicum of intelligence regarding the failings of his company.
      Maybe before they set up the all singing all dancing circuses of the various inquiries for this that and the other they should be given compulsory instruction on how to handle the press and public.

      Stupid questions are one thing but given the seriously dropped bollix of the NN debacle it was not unreasonable in the circumstances to surely to ask that question, all he has to say was it was under review and such action might or might not be applicable or indeed appropriate.
      Flouncing out with a look of constipation is not a winning move!

  38. 70
    Centre Parting says:

    Saw him walking into work this morning with a cup in his hand – having watched that interview, we now know he is the tea boy….

    • 146
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      You do have to wonder, do they not have any tea or coffee making facilities in that £1.5 billion building?

  39. 73
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    What a dead loss he is. Who does he think he is.

  40. 76
    Black Cab says:


  41. 78
    Boudicca says:

    What an utterly appalling start.
    A marketing man who can’t even market himself properly.

  42. 80
    golfinggrannie says:

    No-one seems to have commented that Dermot Murnaghan was extremely rude and constantly interrupted the Acting DG’s answers. I think he was entirely right to walk out since he was not being allowed to answer questions properly.

    • 98
      JH3 says:

      Yes, that would never happen to a Conservative being interviewed on the BBC, particularly BBC Radio 5 Labour.

    • 130
      Kreatcherr says:

      ye gods is that not the nature of so called interviewers these days?
      Murnaghan is a cretin but if the Beeb think they are going to get a yes sir thank ee’ kindly & please they have another thought coming!
      These are folk running a company that were the masters of journalism and integrity…shows that they don’t give the legacy a stuff in a mattress!…absolutely amateur and a serious clue as to the ‘talent’ at the top they boast of!

      • 152
        golfinggrannie says:

        I don’t hold any particular brief for the Beeb but Sky could at least have let the guy answer the questions that were put to him.

    • 191
      Eeyore says:

      Your argument might have held water had the Acting D-G even tried to answer the questions properly. Murnaghan was, quite properly but unsuccessfully, trying to get him to do that.

    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      Diddums ! as soon as you walk out you are toast, the fool is now finished. I think for £349,000 a year he could at least answer a few rudely put questions!

  43. 82
    Jimmy says:

    Have Sky ever knowingly employed a competent interviewer?

    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Does anyone at the BBC understand the libel laws?

    • 106
      JH3 says:

      It’s amusing that the BBC claim to be ‘balanced’ and ‘impartial’. It is very simple to disprove that premise, by the simple observation that lefties defend the BBC so rigorously.

      They know damn well the BBC is of them, for them, by them. Knowing this, and thinking they have got away with it, makes them feel very, very clever.

      Having this stone suddenly lifted makes them panic and scuttle out the sunlight, as in this interview.

      • 214
        Anonymous says:

        I have never been able to work out why Ed x2 Hatttie, Yvette, Burnham (to a lesser extent) etc are an almost permanent fixture on BBC radio news bulletins.You know the thing, PM says something, or a “crisis ” occurs.Newsreader tells us, the usual suspects come on to rant about it. 99 times out of a 100, no Conservative gives their side, why hant this been stopped, its so blatent.

  44. 84
    Hank the Cat says:

    My mother told me when I was a kitten “never leave the room until you have finished licking your balls”

  45. 85
    Mad Frankie's Older Sister says:

    With this too the BBC is toast

  46. 87
    Corporal Jones says:

    They don’t like it up ‘em, Sir, they don’t like it up ‘em!

  47. 89
    Terrible But True says:

    Davie’s on the road again…

    On the basis… of… [looks left]… per..[looks right]…ormance… guessing what, about a week before we have to stump up for his retirement chateau too.

  48. 92
    Crazy Tony says:

    You forgot…… Ken Livingstone.

    Has all the correct left wing credentials, has run one of the biggest cities in the world. Huge experience. An outsider. Has media experience via his LBC radio show. Very popular.

  49. 94
    Mad Frankie's Older Sister says:

    All this shows the BBC to be a totally introverted and dysfunctional organisation.

    Dimbleby this morning couldn’t understand why the DG resigned. That David is a prime example of why the BBC Culture is a problem. There is no culture of responsibility or control or accountability. Looking at the goldfish bowl from outside the rest of us were thinking ‘this man is incompetent and has no control’. That’s why he had to go, nice chap or not. We dont need a nice chap to sort out this mess. We need a competent person who is a bit of a bastard when he / she has to be.

    • 107
      Someone with no media experience at all says:

      Why would Dimbleby broadcast a Newsnight exposing a pedophile at the BBC? Look at all the ones who have sat beside him on QT without being challenged.

  50. 96
    Ordinary Serf says:

    Here is the sword Fatty Pang. Kindly commit hara-kiri now, otherwise you will be found floating in the Thames tonight.

  51. 99
    Someone with no media experience at all says:

    Why are these BBC exec interviews called ‘car crashes’? They’re two trains full of orphans hitting each other at 100 mph.

    At least he turned up, where are all the professional communicators from the DJ community since the crap hit the fan?

  52. 103
    Call of Booty says:

    Duck n’ weave.

    I bet he’s on a fat cat pay packet too but he’s to haughty to speak to Sky.

    • 114
      The Public says:

      He’s just a twat. Still. He’s got the 10 minutes of fame now he was always dreaming of.

  53. 113
    Ehtch says:

    Tory puppet alert!

    Theyhave had their eye for a Goebbels since May 2010.

    • 117
      Ehtch says:

      …furthermore, why does some blog threads here not allow me to comment? Or have I answered it in my previous post?

      AH-HA – answered my own question…. flipping Etonians.

  54. 115
    BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

    Impressive. He has all the gravitas and intellectual rigour of a Richard Bacon.

  55. 125
    He only lasted two minute says:

    What an arse!

  56. 129
    They don't like it up 'em says:

    Pretty sure that was just the tea boy. He had about as much media training as this fella…

  57. 133
    Anonymous says:

    This joke is beginning to become a sick one.
    Is this creature really, I mean really the present Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation? Is this the best they can do?
    Merciful Heavens! This poor old country must be going to hell in a handcart.
    The only possible solution: close the BBC down and start again from scratch. Anything else would be pointless. The cancer is too widespread and is now terminal.

    • 136
      HenryV says:

      The BBC take on it is that it foreign handcart because Thatcher closed all the Britsh handcart factories. The fact that it is being pushed by a Pole and not a Brit is nothing to do with Blair.

  58. 140
    Mordechai Vanunu says:

    What is it with this Islington Mockney glottal-stop form of address? Send the man to a speech therapist.

  59. 147
    vervet says:

    All those wishing to see the BBC finally disappear up its own fundament, must surely be cheering Chris Patten’s brilliant strategy …. just keep appointing cloned beeboid manager muppets until it finally self-implodes. My money says he’s secretly on the Murdoch payroll.

    • 153
      And will those who have not attended a crisis handling workshop step forward !!! says:

      If it wasn’t a crisis before IT certainly is NOW…the gouy was absolutely terrible…Patten has actually achieved what people thought was impossible…he’s appointed someone who appears even worse at handling the media than “Incurious George”…..Tim’s performance is hardly likely to inspire the troops to walk towards the gunfire rather to jump in the nearest foxhole until the “All Clear” is sounded. Tin Hats anyone ?

  60. 151
    NE Frontiersman says:

    THAT was the DG? Please tell me it’s April 1st. It can hardly talk.

    • 155
      JH3 says:

      It probably ticks all the necessary boxes though.

      Left wing, trendy open collared shirt, knows all the green AGW buzzwords, pro-Europe, anti-English, preaches diversity while living in Lily white area, pro-comprehensive while kiddies are at exclusive private schools and so on.

      Perfect. Who cares if he is grossly incompetent in any objective sense? Only people who don’t matter, like the compliant little peons who pay the license fee.

      • 164
        Someone with no media experience at all says:

        Public school and Selwyn College Cambridge, not sure where the silly voice comes from.

        • 197
          Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

          But no doubt intensely embarrassed at the fact – and has spent his entire adult life trying make amends for his sins at having had such a “silver spooned” upbringing!

        • 198
          Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

          Plus the return of the national anthem at the end of broadcast.

          I particularly like the first few lines of our national anthem.


          Also, the ubiquitous red colour that the BBC currently use – this should be replaced wit a more balanced colour – purple perhaps ?

      • 166
        They don't like it up 'em says:

        Article 13199 of the Pan European constitution: ‘No person shall be prejudiced from employment in any capacity at any level by reason of age, race, creed, or incompitence’ (sic)

  61. 156
    Albion says:

    What a wanker, can’t even tie a tie.
    Just another slug emerging from the Beeboid Slugheap.

  62. 161
    PR Evert says:

    Davie seems like a right wassock. He should be sacked ASAP and replaced with David Dimbleby.
    Fat boy Patton should go and be sent back to Hong Kong. His only redeeming feature is that he had a pair of lovely Norfolk Terriers.
    I bet Rupert is pissing himself.

  63. 165
    keredybretsa says:

    Where do they find these BBClowns?

  64. 174
    Observer says:

    The television licence is counted as a tax by the National Audit Office and the BBC’s acting DG should not run from a television interview when the taxpaying public might like to hear some answers.

  65. 175
    Tangoedyouhavebeen says:

    Flip he was good. It was like watching the wicked witch of the west having water thrown on her.

  66. 176
    Winston Smith says:

    What arrogance! How can anyone take responsibility for something without taking the blame when things go wrong?

    This is so typical of the BBC – and of the British public sector in general. Public sector management and employees believe they are superior to ordinary folk. They never accept the blame for anything because they think they can do no wrong. And as they do no wrong they don’t see why they should be made accountable to anyone. And just to make sure they can’t be criticised, they make all of the big decisions by committee so that no individual can be identified as responsible.

    This all-pervasive attitude in British public sector organisations makes the public sector one of the most corrupt in the world.

    The problem is that most politicians are also tarred with the same brush….

    We need a revolution in this country!

    • 188
      Eeyore says:

      A revolution is a terrifying prospect. Once launched, it can take unexpected turns. What this country needs, IMHO, is a political class that recognises the urgency that you articulate, 176 Winston Smith, and makes the changes needed to avoid a revolution.

      In the absence of such leadership a revolution does seem the only way. Does CallMeDave know this? No. So heaven help us.

      I fear for my grandchildren’s future.

  67. 177
    Biff says:

    What a complete tosser; it’s the most amusing piece of comedy I’ve seen in ages…can’t wait for the next episode!

  68. 180
    Angus says:

    Clarkson for DG?

  69. 181
    fitzfitz says:

    “” I’ve gorra lorra do …”” : priceless – give him his 450k and let’s try another one …

  70. 182
    fitzfitz says:

    Why did the BBC hire a Pepsi salesman for sub Saharan Africa ? A story there perhaps. lads ?

  71. 183
    OIY, how many licence payers does it take tto 'sweeten' a DG resignation? says:

    My God, you should have seen the queque at the bank to cancel the television licence direct debit.
    Got a cunning plan, to get at the front of the line.
    Off with my sarnies and a flask and a sleeping bag tonight.
    That should get the job done.

    Mind you, last time the middle classes spoke up and demonstrated, Plod attacked them with batons outside the Houses of Parliament.
    Maybe a tin helmet might come in handy.

  72. 186
    Agile Eric says:

    I didn’t think Patten should resign until Davie opened his mouth. Now I think they should both quit immediately.

  73. 187
    Eeyore says:

    Estuarine, glottal-stopping, apparatchik twat.

    Reith must be doing 15,000 rpm-plus in his grave.

  74. 194
    Teddy Biff says:

    Fact: He was a staunch young conservative who spoke at one of Maggie’s conferences back in the day. Hugely ambitious. A great fit for Patten and Cameron I’m sure in amongst the left of center beeb. What deals are being made.

  75. 196
    Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

    The BBC must be dismantled.

    ONLY 2 television channels

    5 radio stations

    An end to 24hour news

    This will save loads of money

    And the fucking comintern agents that seep out of the BBC’s fabric can all fuck off back to CHERNOBYL.

    • 199
      Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

      Plus the return of the national anthem at the end of broadcast.

      I particularly like the first few lines of our national anthem.


      Also, the ubiquitous red colour that the BBC currently use – this should be replaced wit a more balanced colour – purple perhaps ?

      • 200
        Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

        Has anyone else noticed the vague “David Millband” look about this bloke – or is it just the amount of port i’ve drunk ?

  76. 216
    antenna says:

    What’s SKY?

  77. 220
    Journo says:

    This has got me thinking of the BBCs endless gloating of the parachuting-in of China’s new leaders lately. Talk about pompous overblown bullshit.

    The statist BBC want governments to run along the Chinese model – impose totalitarian socialist one-world dictatorships, destroy freedoms, manipulate and spy on people, install collectivism and basically consolidate control of society in order to bankrupt it.

  78. 221
    AnotherJourno says:

    This has got me thinking of the BBCs endless gloating of the parachuting-in of China’s new leaders lately. Talk about pompous overblown bollocks.

    The statist BBC want governments to run along the Chinese model – impose totalitarian socialist one-world dictatorships, destroy freedoms, manipulate and spy on people, install a shallow dumbed-down population and basically consolidate control of society in order to bankrupt it.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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