November 12th, 2012

“Googling REDACTED”: Another Guardian Hack Witch Hunt

Guido agreed with every word of Dan Sabbagh’s sensible piece on Twitter witch hunts today. Unfortunately the Guardian’s media sage hasn’t been taking his own advice. Just ten days ago Sabbagh tweeted that he was googling the name of a child abuse victim who has alleged online that he was the victim of an assault by a serving MP. The tweet has now been deleted…


  1. 1
    Auto Trader says:

    For sale

    One used financial vehicle trading as a left wing rag.

    Scrap value only

  2. 2
    concrete pump says:

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t ‘meshed’ twitter witch hunt into ‘twitch hunt’.

  3. 3
    Peter Grimes says:

    You could pay me to take it way and burn it.

  4. 4
    Peter Grimes says:

    I’m waiting for the TWat hunt.

  5. 5
  6. 6
    Peter Grimes says:

    And it won’t be found in Mad Nad’s bush either.

  7. 7
    Captain J says:

    You’re turning in on yourself, attacking the very lifeline you survive upon

  8. 8
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Anyone got a definitive list of BBC screw up over the last few years? I’ve listed out the ones I can think of but is there a better comprehensive list?

    Balen report being hidden

    Blue Peter scandal

    The Queen not flouncing out of a painting sitting

    Panorama for faking some photos of sweat shops or something.

    Jeremy Bowen getting picked up on anti Israel bias (can’t remember exactly why though)

    All the Savile stuff

    Dodgy Dossier stuff

    The Falklands war (attack on Goose Green being announced before it took place)

  9. 9
    lunatics have taken over the asylum says:

    Abu Quatada has won his appeal against deportation.

  10. 10
    Weird Ed says:

    Qatada wins his appeal against deportation.

    Mmmm. Fire up the bandwagon

  11. 11
    Philip Scumfield says:

    Oh, aren’t internet search engines 100% reliable ?

  12. 12
    Greg Dyke says:

    Hutton Inquiry

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Rush Limbaugh for DG !

  14. 14
    eh? says:

    Typical Guardianista: shameless two-faced hypocrite.

  15. 15
    Tom Watson says:

    Very good. Now mesh the tory into Twitch hunt. Twitchuntory.

  16. 16
    Harriet Harman says:

    Leave Tom Watson alone, his information has gone to the police, you know. So that’s alright then.

  17. 17
    Wet says:

    I can see a Patten beginning to form here.

  18. 18
    Guido Mod Bot says:

    We dare not question Tom Watson.

  19. 19
    From Bangladesh now in Essex! says:

    Simple solution for a great many people would be not to use twitter. What good is twitter doing, all its providing is entertainment for us who don’t bother with it, as so called “responsible” people using it make a mess of their careers/lives.

  20. 20
  21. 21
    Tom Watson says:

    If McAlpine sues the BBC, who will pay? Surely not the license fee payer.

  22. 22
    William Hague MP says:

    “We are, of course, a sovereign nation.”

  23. 23
    Nooooooooooooo! says:

    Well, at least Hamza is out of the country and getting arsefucked with his own hook.

    Radical cleric Abu Qatada has won his appeal against deportation to Jordan.

  24. 24
    Reds under the Futons says:

    He’s a poor man’s Senator McCarthy

  25. 25
    Tom Watson says:

    You know you can trust me.

  26. 26
    A fine pair lungs says:

    The cancer that is the BBC needs to totally cut out.

  27. 27
    Reds under the Futons says:

    No Tom, it will come out of your pension pot.

  28. 28
    Tom Watson says:

    No I’m not, I’m a fat lying bastard.

  29. 29
    Anon......... says:

    who are these so called appeal court judges they always side with Abu Guitar…..

    about time they were all named & shamed……what about public’s HR we it

    seem don’t have any, & we don’t have any real political leaders, they are are all

    gutless, spineless & no balls…..the rest of Europe would not accept this fiasco

    but in the meantime just take Abu Guitar along with his family & all of his hanger

    on’s to the airport & put them on a plane……..bye bye…..

  30. 30
    The Public says:

    Why? Do you run a bank?

  31. 31
    Abu Quatada says:

    See that thing disappearing over the horizon? You see it? There! Small, smaller, getting smaller, disappearing.. and.. it’s gone!

    Dave’s chance of remaining PM after May 2015.

  32. 32
    The Public says:

    I blame the government.

  33. 33
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    The ‘Secret 28′ who defined the BBC climate change agenda.

    BBC refused an FOI request to name them on the grounds that it the consultation with the 28 was “for the purposes of journalism” – i.e. their usual get out clause. Fuckers!

  34. 34
    A fine pair lungs says:

    The cancer that is the BBC
    needs to be totally cut out.

  35. 35
    Philip Schofield says:

    Tom Watson is on my Christmas Card list

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Hiding attendees of dodgy seminar used as basis for promulgating AGW fantasy.

  37. 37
    Call me Dave says:

    Do I need to get a grip?

  38. 38
    another dickhead says:

    I see the new ‘acting DG ‘ of the BBC being interviewed on SKY news.

    Your job is to restore standards, not give the impression of being some lefty student going for a lunchtime coffee.

  39. 39
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    And just what did we achieve, that’s right nothing.

  40. 40
    One-term Dave says:

    Bally Hell! It’s going to cost millions to give Quatada round the clock protection! Now where am I going to get that sort of money.. unless.. I sack some more soldiers! Phew! That was a close one!

    Tally ho!

  41. 41
    Call me Dave says:

    With all this BBC malarky and now Abu Qatada not being sent to Katie Pr1ce land, I really think that people need to get a grip, and have some chutzpah to follow up on their promises and not do U turns all the time.

    But what do I know, I am only the PM.

  42. 42
    Cheroot Smoking leftie tosser says:

    By not wearing a tie, they look more ‘creative’

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Gosh, a hypocrite at the Grauniad, who would have thought it. I would not wipe my arse on that scummy commie rag. Hope it closes down soon and we can get rid of all the bleeding heart liebor luvvies. Any chance of pollyfilla shutting up too?

  44. 44
    One-term Dave says:

    And just what did we achieve, that’s right nothing.

  45. 45
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    Not many of them are what most people would consider to be a “judge” Fucktarda should not be allowed an in country right of appeal. He should be removed and allowed to appeal from Jordan.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off goat shagger. If they torture you to death in Jordan I don’t give flying fuck.

  47. 47
    David Cameron says:

    This is hard to justify. But I’ll manage: it’s his HUMAN RIGHTS, the hydra in our midst. I can’t do anything about it you know, I’m only the PM.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    The only true word the fucker has said.

  49. 49
    I've seen the police do it on TV says:

    No, I think they took his tie away so he wouldn’t hang himself with it.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Look up who is the Information commissioner. Ex BBC Journalist and secretary to the board.

    Why bother with the ICO? The BBC is protected.

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Sure I agree BUT- and it’s bloody big but- WTF will we get instead? More labour scumbags with their snouts in the trough pissing the country down the drain, allowing the unions to shaft what’s left of the country etc etc etc Dave might be shite but so far it’s th ebest we can do- pitiful but true- unless we elect Nige.

  52. 52
    Oryx Natural Resources says:


  53. 53
    Do Nowt Dave says:

    But let us look on the bright side. At least he will be able to vote at the next GE.

    Hopefully I can count on him

  54. 54
    BodMot says:

    It’s worse than that.

    They claim to be a private institution so no need of FOIA.
    Then claim to be a public institution when they want your earnings.

  55. 55
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    He is also, in fact, the poor man’s Tom Watson

  56. 56
  57. 57
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    No chance.

    Polly is a perpetural traveller through the revolving door that connects New Broadcasting House to Kings Place.

  58. 58
    Anon......... says:

    Now they are going to release this Mother Fcuker Abu Guitar on bail……

    what the fcuk is going on in this country……..

    lets hope that this piece of excrement meets with a serious accident asap…….

  59. 59
    Selohesra says:

    Could the BBC do a report claiming Qatada was a P**do – then he would probably want to leave country anyway

  60. 60
    Anon......... says:

    so its a Health & Safety ruling then, for no tie ??

  61. 61
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    And if you google his twitter handle along with the word googling you find out that nothing is ever deleted on the internet.

  62. 62
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Suspect if he put on a tie his Estuary English might change into RP. That wouldn’t do.

  63. 63
    In A Flap says:

    perhaps cameron was right

    Too many tweets DO make a twat

  64. 64
    Ed Balls Fisted My Hamster says:

    Careful – people have been kill’ed for suggesting that their pro*phet (pb*uh) was a p*a*e*d*o because of his alleged marrying a child bride (who he apparently didn’t actually shag until she was of a more acceptable age, i.e. 9 years old).

  65. 65

    7 years jail without trial nor charge?

    This ain’t North Korea, but it sometimes feels like it when the government and not the courts can put you in jail.

    Habeas Corpus my arse.

  66. 66
    BBC/ Labour Spot the difference says:

    Now Abu Quatada has won his appeal,the way is surely clear for him to be appointed as the new Director General at the BBC.His views surely would be a perfect fit for what the Beeb is looking for.

  67. 67
    Bucktoothed UKIP backwoodsman says:

    Hee haw hee haw, yuppity siree, Master Nige and his backwoods followers All aboard Hee haw hee haw

  68. 68
    Peter Grimes says:

    Why does Sabagh blame Cameron for setting up a new enquiry? Just think what the fat slug TWATson woud have made of Cameron’s refusal to act immediately.
    I just hope that FATWATson is the last victim of his own ambush.

  69. 69
    Right First Time says:

    “totally cut out.”

    That’ ll do as just as well!

  70. 70
    Spanky says:

    no, but he sure ruins a wank!

  71. 71
    keredybretsa says:

    Too many twats ruin the Tweet.

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