November 9th, 2012

US Think Tank Channels Farage in Attack Ad


  1. 1
    I do not want to share the same air as Labour voting dogshit in Edinburgh says:

    Both Fatson and Newsnight deep in the sh….

  2. 2
    Tom Fatson says:

    The biter bit.

  3. 3
    Jimmy says:

    Bachmann/Eastwood’s Chair in 2016!

    Fun fact: the individual mandate (aka “Obamacare”) was first put forward by the Heritage Foundation.

  4. 4
    Tachybaptus says:

    It seems as if the strongest attacks on Obama have been saved for after the presidential election. Is this so? And if so, how bloody silly.

  5. 5
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    UKIP and Nigel get my vote……….

  6. 6
    Tea Party Repuglicunts says:

    Tea Party loons.

  7. 7
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    another 4 years of certain groups withing America breeding more and more coming up to voting age….. it is what they do, the white population will soon be in the minority and therefore unelectable :)

  8. 8
    Matei says:

    Hollowing out America’s military is surely a Good Thing?

  9. 9
    tops up belly wobble says:

    i wonder if Fatson is familiar with the phrase ” who smelt it delt it”

  10. 10 says:

    The Democrats now have nobody but themselves to blame for their economically bankrupting policies.

  11. 11 says:

    The Democrats now have nobody but themselves to blame for their economically suicidal policies.

  12. 12
    Max Mosley says:

    The BBC employees involved in running this story should be sodomised with a rolled up copy of The Guardian.

  13. 13
    Max Mosley says:

    Most Americans are hollow in the head.

  14. 14
    Jog On Fatso says:

    I think Tom Watson should step aside and allow a grown up, level headed, less partisan individual address these sensitive issues. He is just getting in the way and making things worse.

  15. 15
    Sparkler says:

    BBC: We worked with the bureau of investigative journalism…?. The BIJ, is you avin a larf or what wankers!.

  16. 16 says:

    The ironic thing about those morons who said that Thatcher should have known what was going on about a high ranking Tory peedo when even the accuser now admits the photo of his abuser was not Lord McA is that they are the same morons who think that Gordon Brown had no idea what was going on with bank lending when it is was obvious to everyone what was happening and it was even pointed out by people like Vince Cable. Brown even gave the go ahead for 110% mortgages. I expect he didn’t understand what the implications of that stupidity was either.

  17. 17
    Sue Brown says:

    Cameron needs a rethink on Europe he looking weak in Europe and at home. Not good.

  18. 18
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Conservatives offer Nige to the Americans… for Free…. then include him in Export Statistics

  19. 19 says:

    If BBC Newsnight had shown a photo of Lord McA to his accuser from the outset it would have been crystal clear from the start that the person who abused him was not the same person.

    It now looks 100% certain that Newsnight are either dishonest, liars or incompetents and brought this up solely as a smokescreen to deflect attention away from BBC’s own child abuse culture.

  20. 20
    Politicians look after their own, whichever party they are says:

    The other Tory nonces must be pissing themselves from laughing at the way the focus has now shifted to a case of mistaken identity. There was never only one high ranking nonce. The perverts remain protected, both in the Tories and in Labour with Miranda Blair’s 100 year security order on Operation Ore..

  21. 21
    Sue Brown says:

    Comment of the day.

  22. 22
    The savant3 says:

    If the gop wan ts to stand any sliver of a chance of gettingn in in. 2014. Or 2016. Or indeed ever again it had better look to nurture the african americand and hispanic and latin american and asian constituencies as those will. Be the deciders of future elections as they were this one .

    The W A S P element is dying oFf and will. Be in the white rich minority in the next few years.


  23. 23
    paid for doing fuck all says:

    I see on the news that the UN envoy for Education was swanning about in Afghanistan today instead of attending his place of work in London.
    Mr Dorries and him have a lot in common.

  24. 24
    mooney says:

    Caps lock unstick – £2.99 from PC World.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Even when a party like LD which will support any policy (next time want to collusion government with Labour and reverse every thing they implemented with conservatives) can get MP but UKIP cannot.

    This shows that their is something wrong with UKIP. I believe things will only change for UKIP when it start to operate as an independent party and not an extension of conservative party.

  26. 26
    The savant3 says:

    Max. Dearie.

    Go. Self flagellate. Yourself will you .

    And. While you re aboUt try and see if you can self felllate yourself as well

    Given the bayswater ladies now refuse your enthreaties to do so .

  27. 27
    Sparkler says:

    What has happened to Mr Entwhistle?, the Gordon Brown of the media, BBC Truss.

  28. 28
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Americans realise our Nigel would be a better Presidential Candidate than Romney. Mit was a disaster, Meine Herren

  29. 29
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Unbelievable that according to Michael Crick on C4 news just now at no time did the BBC contact Lord McAlpine last Friday before they ran the Newsnight story. And remember the BBC made it clear they WERE talking about him. The BBC might try to backtrack now, but last week Newsnight were very bullish about “evil Tories” and “Margaret Thatcher”

    Also amazing was according to Crick no one at the BBC showed the accuser a picture of McAlpine.

    Seems to me the real story is once again newsnight that appears to be in its death throws. If the BBC is sued I hope the costs come out of Paxmans million a year.

  30. 30
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Spot on. I suspect it was hatred of the Tories which Newsnight in particular don’t hide, but also you have to ask if there was some unholy alliance between the BBC and the Labour party to divert attention away from themselves, especially as this week I understand the real investigation has started into Newsnight.

    What is even more surprising is it appears either the Guardian were not in that deal or even they found it so dishonest or sleazy they were the ones who ran the story today that basically put the boo into Newsnight.

  31. 31
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Gordon brown, Chris Bryant or Alistair Campbell would be perfect :)

  32. 32
    The savant3 says:

    Never go to pc world

    Or currys

    Or dixons

    Or know how

    When you walk into one of their. shops they re never quite sure waht name thy re trading under for that day

    If the staff are. Confused ………

  33. 33
    Martin says:

    So the BBC realise the depth of the hole they have dug for themselves. BBC News channel awaiting a statment from the BBC.i

  34. 34
    The savant3 says:

    Garrottte. Paxo

  35. 35
    Comedy Farage says:

    Don’t miss Nigel on tonight’s Have I Got News For You.

  36. 36
    Damo says:

    Now that McAlpine has confirmed he isn’t a bush dodger, what about all the other Tories who haven’t? We can’t draw a line under the issue until every Tory has confirmed they’re not a kid fiddler.

  37. 37
    Newsnight goes to the dogs followed by Watson. says:

    Did it not occur to the super sleuths at Newsnight to show the abuse victim a photo of Lord McAlpine?

    So they binned a programme exposing guilty Jimmy Savile because he worked at the BBC and ran a programme exposing a completely innocent man because he worked for Mrs Thatcher. I hope they have their arses sued off.

    Then there is Tom Watson to deal with.

  38. 38
    The savant3 says:

    Is he coming dressed as Barroso??

  39. 39
    Inquisitions are the new growth industry says:

    Meanwhile Dave was running around like a headless chicken setting up a deluge of inquisitions to investigate all the previous inquisitions.

  40. 40
    Sparkler says:

    Tricky one, contemplating your own navel is one thing but a beast with two heads?.

  41. 41
    Beast says:

    There isn’t a “conservative ” party

  42. 42
    The savant3 says:

    No. My mistake.
    He s comimg dressed as the limp rag with all the charisma of a low level clerk

    I e. mister herman van rumpy pumpy

    The next most famous belgian after. David suchet .

  43. 43
    Beast says:

    That would be an invasion of their right to privacy

  44. 44
    Mr J Paxman says:

    I find that pants bought from Marks and Spencer no longer give me the required support.

  45. 45
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Yea,while said employee dry-fists Twatson

  46. 46
    Beast says:

    Plenty of Republican spics in Texas

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron has behaved properly and with dignity throughout this affair.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting if he starts suing. Some people are saying they have proof, he says he is innocent. In civil courts the burden of proof is much less then criminal court, so there could be better chance for the truth to come out, this is what I think.

    Also this will be much cheaper and faster than inquiries, hope others who have been name also end up suing. In an open public court it will be transparent as well as everyone has to square to tell the truth. Hope there is live coverage as well.

  49. 49
    The wrird and wonderful world of David Icke says:

    How can we expect victims to identify their abusers when they can shape shift all the time ?

  50. 50
    The BBC plummets to new lows. says:

    Nor did they show the abused a photo of Lord McAlpine and asked the obvious questions. They are either incompetent or so full of hatred for Mrs T that all reason flies out of the window when they hear her name. Civil law will get them but I hope they have also broken criminal law.

  51. 51
    Breton says:

    You mean policies which are resulting in unemployment falling and tax receipts rising? That’s the best way to pay off the deficient.

    Would you prefer tax cuts for corporations and the super rich who already pay half as much tax as I do?

  52. 52
    East India Company Wallah says:

    That may be so,Mitt Romney introduced a similar scheme as state governor,the difference was nothing was totally free to avoid locking clientel into poverty,every user contributed something
    Neither did either option front load abortion as a mainstay

  53. 53
    Dr. Jethro says:

    Savlon 3: I have just diagnosed you as suffering from some pulmonary complaint (possibly Emphysema) which forces you to stop before the actual end of your sentences. You should consult your G.P. immediately.
    An alternative, but less likely, diagnosis is that you are a Robot, programmed by Japanese… a still less likely diagnosis, is that you are an Alien…

  54. 54
    Jethro Pedanticus says:

    28 …would that be ‘throes’?

  55. 55
    Beast says:

    Because you are a massive cock!

  56. 56
    Jethro says:

    Didn’t Gertrude Stein say ‘Pants are pants, is pants’?

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Funniest thing I’ve heard all

  58. 58
    HenryV says:

    That would be invasion of their privates, right?

  59. 59
    Sue Brown says:

    They are the masters of misdirection. So now they are going to misdirect on this massive steaming pile of poo!

    Cue for a new show . In The sh it of it!

  60. 60
    Jethro says:

    48 – besides, when you’ve been tied face down on a bed, it’s not necessarily easy to see who’s ‘Behind you!’

  61. 61 says:

    When are the Tories going to stop being an extension of the Labour party?

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to back alley Sally having our arse sued off

  63. 63
    Father Jack says:

    That would be an ecumenical matter!

  64. 64
    A Droyd says:

    The more likely answer is that today was not his turn for the family brain cell.

  65. 65
    Father Jock says:

    I ended boom and boom.

  66. 66 says:

    Bollocks. Even his sole accuser now admits (after belatedly seeing a photo) it was not him.

  67. 67
    BBC No Trust says:

    Dear Comrades. The BBC will be re naming Newsnight as Jackanory. We will be including all your favourite fairytales! Our star story teller t’nite is Thomas Watson. He will be reading The Nasty Tory Ogre .Enjoy.

    Best Wishes

    BBC Trust?

  68. 68
    Tom Watson says:

    I have been forced to eat humble pie.

    Which was nice.

  69. 69
    The BBC outsources it journalism. says:

    .he BIJ are a bunch of lefties pretending to be serious journalists. But why are they working alongside newsnight journalists?

  70. 70
    HenryV says:

    One of the Republican Spanish speakers in Florida says if the Republicans open the borders then the Mexicans would vote for the Republican Party!!!! Un-fucking believable. South and Central America are shit holes, you too can be like us…….

  71. 71 says:

    Unemployment is not falling and tax receipts are not keeping pace with rising debt. The debt mountain is not being tackled and jobs are being destroyed through reducing the incentive of employers (the job creators) to make money and take on new staff. That is suicidal. It has been proved so many times throughout history. Why should it be any different now? Look at France. They are already reaping the rewards of socialism with higher unemployment and a coming deep recession. Many employers are abandoning the country and you can’t blame them.

  72. 72
    A shit storm is coming says:

    You will be dished out some more. Fatson.

  73. 73
    Blowing Whistles says:

    To UKIaM – Browns ass – so to speak was and still remains owned by those who hold the dirt on him & Bliar.

  74. 74
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood US Politico-Economic Analysis Service says:

    Obama’s got another problem on his hands– if he does nothing to reach a deal with the Republicans in the House of Representatives (which initiates all tax-and-spend bills) by December 31st, taxes, which had been held down till then, go into effect, i.e., effectively, a rise in taxes, even though technically, only a lifting of the abeyance of their imposition and/or restoration to a previous rate. At the same time, spending limits kick in (or at any rate, are meant to do so, in the absence of any change in appropriations). When that happens the trajectory of debt accumulation will level off as the deficit shrinks. In short: Do Nothing = Automatic Austerity. It may be something the US needs in the long run, obviously, but the short-term consequences are, you will see smaller and smaller investment, smaller and smaller job growth, and everyone will bitch and moan, as both sides point the fingers of blame at each other for the sad conditions, and of course, the MSM will blame the Republicans. Of course, some sort of deal is always reached in the “Lame Duck session” (Post-election, but before the newly-elected Senators and Members of Congress are seated, on the following January third), and the putting-off and prolonging of the problem once again takes place.

  75. 75 says:

    What about every SOCIALIST in the country? This child abuse was all happening in Wales (a hotbed of socialism) and at a public sector establishment, loved by all socialists.

  76. 76
    Will Newsnight "empty chair" themselves tonight ? says:

    Radio 5 live did a report on this and finished by stating ” we have asked for someone from the BBC to comment but were told no one was available ”

    FFS ,could they not get someone from along the corridor , had they all gone home for the weekend ?

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    it appears that he was misled by the police into mis.naming his abuser.

  78. 78
    Kebab the right wing troll says:

    I never said it was a Tory Lord who abused me – I said it FELT like one.

    Anyway, he was behind me at the time..

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Paedophile was hacked to death and had his genitals mutilated ‘by vigilante mob’ after young girls were seen in his caravan.

    from daily mail. this happened in dec ’08.
    if it happens again and the community protects this time the killers….then I am afraid Cameron will have to pull his fingers out pdq.
    During the time of london riots British justice was swift.

  80. 80
    Mr M Clifford says:

    It’s a mad world when ‘every mothers son’ Schofield is attacked by a rabid right wing press to protect a handful of evil shits.

  81. 81
    Hattie Harman says:

    It is right and proper that people should fiddle with kiddies. That is why I worked tirelessly and selflessly to abolish the age of consent.

    The Pa*edo*phile Information Exchange was staffed with good and decent people. That’s why I worked for their cause.

    You should all celebrate this.

  82. 82
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Loving watching the filthy establishment tripping over themselves with threats to sue.

    Fuck them all, they have been shafting us all for years in one way or another and the internet is starting to expose all of the lying gobshites that infest public life.

    Add a recession with the public getting more and more skint and angry and you have a timebomb just waiting to go off.

    Bring it on.

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Some one abused him as a kid, the not all people who abused him been punished. He says hold loads of things happen, others are saying smiler things. He also said he broke into a building found loads of photos and gave it to the police. What happened to it?

    Because of Newsnight whole loads of things are coming out. Even with Savile most people don’t know whether he is guilty or innocent as nothing has been proven yet. With all the enquiries, lawsuits, investigations, etc more and more will come out.

    Also once it is in courts there is a chance a lot more information on number of other subjects could come out.

  84. 84
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Don’t let the suborned UK MSM deceive you again … The issue behind the Lord Mac A ‘bluster is that it was his brother / other all along a direct family relation -which poses the question as to How come a senior Tresuary Minister close to maggie – did not know and was not ‘informed’ that there was a miscreant in the family? Better still is – isn’t it suprising that ‘certain high profile “names” ‘ – were disappeared from the witness statements / reports such that – the authors of the reports the judges also involved damned well knew it was Macalpines relation?

    Macalpine ought to spend more of his dosh making amends for the damage done by his family relative rather than – giving it large with his big nob QC.

  85. 85
    Mad Hattie Harman says:

    Wrong. It is right and proper that people should fiddle with kiddies. That is why I, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, worked tirelessly and selflessly to abolish the age of consent.

    The Pa*edo*phile Information Exchange was staffed with good and decent people. That’s why I worked for their cause.

    You should all celebrate this.

  86. 86
    Hattie Harman QC says:

    Not so. It is right and proper that people should fiddle with kiddies. That is why I, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, worked tirelessly and selflessly to abolish the age of consent.

    The Pa*edo*phile Information Exchange was staffed with good and decent people. That’s why I worked for their cause.

    You should all celebrate this.

  87. 87
    Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

    They already do take the Guardian up the arse, figuratively if not literally.

  88. 88
    Dick Scratcher says:


  89. 89
    Dick Scratcher says:

    How much would it cost to make EVERY police officer in the UK sit an intelligence test?

  90. 90
    Sue Brown says:

    and he is eating own sh -it.

  91. 91
    Sparkler says:

    Salfords finest.

  92. 92
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Newsnight made a mistake when they listened to Tom Watson.
    Now Philip Schofield is another matter. Just who was behind the Good Morning stunt.
    Has there been any comment from Schofield since McAlpine has been proved not to be involved.
    What about Watson, loathsome shit, still skulking behind parliament?

  93. 93
    Dick Scratcher says:

    RC church, BBC, Bloody Sunday, child home abuse, Hillsborough, phone hacking, MPs expenses, super-injunctions.


    One rule for them, another for everyone else.

  94. 94
    Dick Scratcher says:

    R5 in Salford. But they do have a phone I am told.

  95. 95
    Sparkler says:

    Teaching them to sit could take a few weeks.

  96. 96
    Dick Scratcher says:

    £850k pa – fucking joke.

  97. 97
    Erskine May says:

    What exactly are you endeavouring to establish?

    You might as well search for the square root of minus 2

  98. 98
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Has anyone on TV mentioned Morrison today?

  99. 99
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Newsnight must name the nine. Tonight.

  100. 100
    Dave "Inbred mong" Camoron says:

    “One rule for them, another for everyone else.”

    We are all in this together.

    Except my multi-millionaire daddy in law, who gets £1,000 per day from your wage packets, to have a windmill on his vast estate.

    Guffff-haw haw haw haw haw haw haw! Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw!

    Tally ho!

  101. 101
    Albion says:

    yeah but did they knoe fatcher. thats the point

  102. 102
    The tit in no. 10 says:

    No need to get on your high horse, Dick.

  103. 103
    Ctesibius says:

    You don’t have to ask – it’s perfectly obvious.

  104. 104
    Albion says:

    so it could hav bin fatcher doin it then

  105. 105
  106. 106
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    They’d enjoy it more than you’d like them to.

  107. 107
    Brown Out and pay me damages. What is there to like? Bullying Immature Parasite! says:

    The BBC is just destroying itself now! Good!

  108. 108
    Expat Geordie says:

    And the other incidents involving our muzzie “friends” were in places like Rochdale, Rotherham and Bury. I bet that there is hardly a tory VOTER in any of those places, let alone Tory Party members.

  109. 109
    Albion says:

    sum of them wood hav nown fatcher, woodn they

  110. 110
    Monty Don is pissed again. Don't pay the alky peedo enablers on the BBC. says:

    Jackanory Newsnight!

  111. 111
    Expat Geordie says:

    Same with PM on R4. No-one from the BBC was available for comment.

  112. 112
    Asda la Vista says:

    Lord Sainsbury, perhaps ?

  113. 113
    Bliar says:

    Order-Order is truly the FOXNEWS of blogs.
    Geez its getting worse. Perhaps activate the Menchatron to write a couple of articles on Ruperts dime.

  114. 114
    Bottom I say bottom of this Boy. says:

    Rachel Foghorn Reeves on any questions said we must get to the bottom to solve this.

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    hysteria can easily be misdirected, those who are protected are part of a system. If the system has its tentacles in our emotional veins then nothing is as easy as it looks. Best we can hope for is upping our awareness.

  116. 116
    Beowulff says:

    Unfortunately it can not be killed. It is a multi headed hydra just like socialism.
    It will keep coming back because it thrives on gullible fools while the beast itself lives off the fat of the land.

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    A lot of people got abused. Victims doesn’t even know who all their abusers are, this is one of the biggest problem. But victims want justice.

  118. 118
    Comedy Farage says:

    Nigel on BBC1 now.

  119. 119
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    I don’t give two hoots about Watson and the other lackeys who rinse the prince for their pathetic tribal loyalties. As far as I’m concerned they are as implicit as the filth they claim to protest against.

    Fuck each and every one of them. If you have any doubts see how that thieving bastard McShane tried to blame his theft on his daughters death.

  120. 120
    Fabians ARE EVIL says:

    Yes – their liberal MSM were determined to have their man back in; so when the Libya lies were told about their Libya lies they ignored it.

    Now the fun begins for old Hilary, for if the democratic establishment get their way she will surely carry the can for the Libya cover-up and her chances of running in 2016 will be nil.

  121. 121
    Fabians ARE EVIL says:

    Well said sir!

  122. 122
    Comedy Farage says:

    Hislop’s laying into Macshame. Good stuff.

  123. 123
    The Inquisition says:

    You would have a have a heart of stone and all that…

  124. 124
    Redy Meel says:

    Watson is a skip of shit

  125. 125
    nellnewman says:

    Why has TomWatson gone to ground ?

    Nothing from him about the fact that MaggieThatcher’s right hand man has been proved innocent despite twatson’s hysterical accusations!!

    Wonder who he’s going to accuse next!!

  126. 126
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    The more there are ‘super rich’, the less there is tax for everyone else to pay. What have I missed?

  127. 127
    nellnewman says:

    You do tomwatson an injustice! He’s Great Entertainment!

  128. 128
    fuck the bbc says:

    Watson you are a despicable excuse for humanity

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    I think you will find several enquiries in to Savile and the BBC and one about the child abuse in wrexham, which hasnt been off the front page for 2 weeks. If he hadnt done anything you would have been whingeing about that.Is that you Ed ?

  130. 130
    nellnewman says:

    So what are labour going to do now to pin this abuse label on the tories? Any ideas tomwatson?

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    What on earth was steve messham doing, naming people when he didnt really knw who they were ? it makes you wonder who else has been named by mistake. He really should have had his facts right.

  132. 132
    guy says:

    Speaking at Carlisle, the PM said: “We must get to the bottom of the allegations that have been made.

    to give him credit, very droll..

  133. 133
    Monty Don is pissed again. Don't pay the alky peedo enablers on the BBC. says:

    No one likes a Spanish Inquisition.

  134. 134
    Tom Fatson says:

    Everyone agrees I am an excellent excrement MP.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    There have been a lot of comments like this one over the past few days, im sure tom must have recruited some unemployed people to send grubby posts to guido.Most of them are quite sick.

  136. 136
    nigel says:

    29 and counting

  137. 137
    Anonymous says:

    In that case, nobody will ever be charged will they ? there will be no forensic evidence after 40 years, and if as you say they couldnt see, its all over.

  138. 138
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Mr. Fatson, can we still demonise all and any alleged perpetrator(s) as ‘senior figures from the Thatcher era’ in all our broadcasts ???

  139. 139
    Monty Don is pissed again. Don't pay the alky peedo enablers on the BBC. says:

    The newsnight team called their tory story explosive. Blew up in the BBC’s smug mug. Teehee

    As for Fatson he is exposed for the political opportunist he is. When it comes to issues such as child a bus e. You cannot be partisan. There is a mess to be cleaned up and Fatson is not the one to do it. He is making a bigger mess with his partisan politics and delusions of grandeur. We are well rid of him. Idiot.

  140. 140
    The ruined country formerly known as Britain. says:

    Where is the surprise? The bbc as mouthpiece and publicity organ of the Labour party are so eager to slander and rubbish the Conservatives they are prepared to use any old rubbish as long as they can say “Conservative/Thatcher bad bad bad.”

  141. 141
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Chris Moyles was born in the Thatcher era.

  142. 142
    The Inquisition says:

    I do.

  143. 143
    The Inquisition says:

    The police photographer was a Tory.

  144. 144
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Keep calm and pay your Licence Fee on time.

  145. 145
    News of the World says:

    Let’s just shut down the BBC, shall we?

  146. 146

    Explosive story from Newsnight. Tom Watson has been eating too many beans. The Labour Hasbean is farting out the National Anthem live tonight.

    You will be a fool to miss it and an even bigger fool to watch it. Ffs if you record it you are clinically insane.

    Jingle>. We never get it right on Newsshite<.Jingle

  147. 147
    Philip Scofield says:

    A quick 3 minute search of the interweb proves there is a monster living in Loch Ness! This must be investigated and all prehistoric creatures prosecuted!

  148. 148
    It's all in Shakespeare says:

  149. 149
    nigel says:

    BBC backpeddleing faster than an Italian tank, apologies everywhere, another report and a senior man to supervise newsnight tonight.
    Licence fee to increase by 30 gbp to cover all expected claims.

  150. 150
    This is the BBC Home Service says:

  151. 151
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Mark Easton the BBC news just said sorry to Lord McAlpine live on air and so will Newsnight.

    Time for the BBC to STOP their Tory hatred nonsense,

  152. 152
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Is this the end of the BBC?

  153. 153
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

    Fuck off !!

  154. 154
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

    See comment 150 above.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    The interesting questions are being drowned out by the ass-covering. Given the detail of Messhams statement then either the police deliberately tried to frame McAlpine by showing a picture and claiming it was him, or Messham has lied all along, or he has been leant on very heavily by some very nasty characters. Which is most likely? And if Messham is not a liar then who was in the picture he identified as his abuser? This has got a lot further to go and I fear I already smell the black arts at work.

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:

    BBC Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton actually repeated the libel against Lord MacAlpine in a long rant earlier this evening.

  157. 157
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Bloody Hell Gordon Brown tuns up on the BBC news doing something about promoting education for girls. I notice the BBC didn’t ask him about his lack of attendance at the HOC.

  158. 158
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Mark Eaton joined the BBC during the Thatcher era.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    If he was shown a photo by the police and told it was McAlpine that would kind of explain his mistake.

  160. 160
    Mitt Romney says:

    Ken Morrison

  161. 161
    Saffron says:

    Watsonian is an utter self serving liebour fat tosser of limited intelligence as he continually demonstrates.
    His sucking up to the beeboids is disgraceful in the extreme,and I suspect in the long run will do him no good whatsoever.
    Sa-vile is the tip of the iceberg,and there are other high fliers who could be in the frame.
    Schofelds springing of his 3 minute search of the net onto the PM is beyond the pale.
    Cammoron’s responce whilst good was not what he should of said,linking gay people automatically with peed’os was not wise.
    The beeboids now seem to be in the cross hairs over their pulling of programmes,which they are now saying was for other reasons.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave,I would suggest folks that we will never get to the bottom of this abuse of kids and I repeat kids because the establishment has done and will carry on covering this up.
    When oh when will we ever get a person in this country who will get to grips with what goes on.
    The last person I can think of was many years ago and his name was CROMWELL-OLIVER.

  162. 162
    nigel says:

    He’s just reading from the auto-cue………………

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Irrelevant. The American people voted for it and that is the end of the matter.

  164. 164
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Norman Smith needs to get a made to measure suit

  165. 165
    Dibble says:

    Can we get the taliban to rub out Brown and Farage? It would be a better world.

  166. 166
    Father Jack Hackett says:

    Newsnight = Gobshite!!

  167. 167
    The Straw Man says:

    Good. I expect he is rich enough to be worth suing.

  168. 168

    Time for a fresh over-arching, wide-ranging, independent, judge-led inquiry.

  169. 169
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The BBC believed that they had got their Tory Scumbag. Even Tom Watson backed them up.

    BUT, the Guardian today impressed me. They clearly realised the BBC had lied.

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    This would never have been a problem in the good ol’ days of Lyndon B. If the useless prats got in his way they would have been the subject of an IRS investigation faster than you could say ‘Ayn Rand’s acolytes’.

  171. 171
    Bob Fleming says:

    Just cancelled my direct debit to the bbc extortion racket – no longer prepared to finance no marks mediocrities and institutionalised leftie losers. I earn my money, high time they earned theirs. And that’s before we get into their paedophilia enabling activities, EU promotion in return for EU grants and AGW promotion in the hope it will boost their pension fund

  172. 172
    me says:

    tom watson ought to be hauled into the commons and thrashed by michael gove

  173. 173
    Pop Psychologist says:

    He wanted attention.

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    I have heard a rumour that, as a senior ex-minister, Portillo will be asked to run an overarching enquiry.

  175. 175
    A British voter says:

    I voted for a party offering me a cast iron guaranteed referendum

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Mark Easton repeated the libel against MacAlpine earlier and tried to pin the blame for this almighty libellous mess on abuse victims and the north Wales police.

  177. 177
    albacore says:

    Nope. Those naughty boys are being sadistic
    So don’t raise you hopes and get optimistic
    Just when you reckon you can dance on its grave
    They’ve go all Bambi-eyed and sucker daft Dave

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    It may have been reasonable for them to assume that the police would have correctly identified the man in the photo they showed to Messham……

  179. 179
    Silly Sally B13 COW says:


  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    That is a dreadful slur. The conservatives are in no way responsible for the appalling levels of expenses corruption in UKIP.

  181. 181
    A British voter says:

    Time for the BBC to sack 80% of thier staff and replace them with people who are British

  182. 182
    Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t believe Smith if he told me the time.

  183. 183
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Heads Deputy Heads Assistant Heads will roll !

  184. 184
    who why what where when says:

    Eddie Mair on Newsnight has just said the burden of proof for internet allegations was zero.
    A phrase which could equally be applied to Newsnight reports.

  185. 185
    The Comedy Store says:

    Yes, he’s a real barrel of laughs

  186. 186
    Pyro Technic says:

    “Rolled up Grouniad” – correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you meant to add – ‘soaked in paraffin and ignited’?

  187. 187
    ToonBert... says:

    Same policy as labour opening our doors to all and sundry.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Newsnight desperately trying to implicate others in the MacAlpine libel scandal, including C4’s Guru Murthy and the alleged victim himself.

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    So the wife of the Speaker joined in the libel against MacAlpine.
    Surely she’s broken some parliamentary rules and needs to be held to account for her actions.

  190. 190
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood PC and Analysis Service says:

    Enough! Stay in your house, pack a SMALL suitcase, and wait, by your front door, to be collected about midnight. Do not attempt to communicate with anyone – or try to disappear!

  191. 191
    albacore says:

    Whoops! Try a “your” and a “They’ll” as appropriate.
    My pathetic excuse is that the sodding connection keeps dropping out.

  192. 192
    The Compensation Culture Labour Encouraged says:

    Pay up.

  193. 193
    Turn off the BBC says:

    Can’t believe the BBC are now blaming Messham for changing his story. All they had to do right at the start was to show him a photo of Lord McAlpine and ask him was this the man who abused you.

    And why the fook are the BBC contracting out their news gathering to an armature lefty organisation like the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism?

  194. 194 says:

    Nor was it mentioned in HIGNFY when Nadine Dorries was brought up.

  195. 195
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Are you Tory soft touches going to abolish the BBC license fee any-time soon? nope, so stop working yourselves up into a lather.

  196. 196
    The Long-Suffering Public says:

    Let’s take away her mobile, for a start.

  197. 197
    Pulitzer says:

    They could also have asked Lord McAlpine for his version of events before going on air.

    They are a disgrace to journalism.

  198. 198
    More Questions than Answers says:

    So given what we now know about BBC impartiality is the science on man made global warming really settled as they tell us it is?

  199. 199
    Bob Fleming says:

    Newsnight now hilarious – they are shitting themselves..

  200. 200
    Applecart says:

    “More and more Americans recognise the bankruptcy of Obama’s vision.” Well they didn’t make that obvious a couple of days ago, did they? Heritage Action just don’t seem to understand democracy.

    By declaring war on the Obama’s reforms just days after he has been elected with an unusually high turnout they are actually declaring war on democracy. They haven’t even stopped to think.

    In a way they’re advocating a kind of treason against the state, saying this so soon after a clearly won election. I may be ambivalent about Obama but I dislike these arrogant would be tyrants far more.

  201. 201
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

  202. 202
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I take it you’ve never watched left wing Greg Palast spout his crap for the BBC?

  203. 203
    Close the BBC says:

    Newsnight are finished. I hope they lose their pensions too.

  204. 204
    Pudsey Bear says:

    Too true Esther Rantzen just said she trusts the BBC, the same woman who said she trusted Jimmy savile.

    You just can not make this up.

  205. 205
    The BBC says:

    We make stuff up all the time.

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    Steve Hewlett made some good points, but I don’t consider that a full apology. News night trying to offload blame on the alleged victim, rather than well paid supposedly experienced journalists failing to do basic checks or seek legal advice.

  207. 207
    Bogeyman says:

    The Yank presenting that video looks like a psychopath (does anyone mind me sticking to the subject?)

  208. 208
    Anonymous says:

    Which editor sanctioned the Newsnight story and why haven’t they been sacked?

  209. 209
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Which Americans voted for Romneys healthcare package?

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    Same with Newsnight- no one from the BBC was available.

  211. 211
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    That was always Jimmy Sovile’s excuse.

  212. 212
    The pendulum of hysteria says:

    I swing one way, then I swing another.

  213. 213
    Anonymous says:

    Immediate suspension announced of all tie- ups between the BBC and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

  214. 214
    Father Jack Hackett says:

    Ditto Newshite!

  215. 215
  216. 216
    The Provisional BBC says:

    Yeah, sure.

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Twatson bears some responsibility for the feeding frenzy that resulted in MacAlpine being libelled.
    When is he going to be called to account?

  218. 218
    The pendulum of hysteria says:

    Are SKY heading for a similair fall with their Star interviewee today ?

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Nice to see the BBC self immolating on primetime. Eddie Mair on Newsnight sounded like he was attending a funeral. Sweet!!

  220. 220
    Hard Man Dave says:

    Now we have to be fair. Give the BBC time to put its house in order and I am sure it will re-establish itself as the public broadcaster we all love and trust and are happy to pay for.

  221. 221
    The Wife of the most important Parliamentarian in Britain says:

    Are arse jokes really appropriate sally?

  222. 222
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Sack everyone on Newsnight and bring in some ‘fresh, unbiased, ‘new blood’.

    Get rid of sanctimonious, smug Jeremy Taxplan et al and give some new talent a chance. Oh, and not on £ 1,000,000.00 a year either.

  223. 223
    Great British Public says:

    We all certainly hope so. We’re sure there is ample in the Bercow ‘piggy bank’ ( sic ) as hubby’s snout must have been in the Taxpayer-funded trough for many years now.

  224. 224
    I hope she does get sued. says:

    Sally is such a lovely caring Lady when she now knows that this innocent man, his wife, their children and their children’s children are totally devastated by her twattering and her twattering friends.

  225. 225
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Some of you should surf for the lists of all the “convicted” from all political partys.

    There’s one common denominator which screws all the child abusing politicals – none of them ever want to mention that they are freakmasons! the one school of where they all shut up and keep silent.

    The freemasons – only specifically cater for “after abuse” care – I’ve said it before they as the common denominator are where the light needs to shine.

  226. 226
    At Home with the Bercows says:

    “What the F**k have you done now! Can’t you leave it alone for 10 seconds you mental cow!”

    “Look..I’m a journalist and I..”

    “You’re not a Journalist! What paper do you write for? Tell Me? I can’t recall is it..The fu*king nothing paper? The invisible Times? The transparent Express? The fairy Mail?”

    “I am a journalist..people respect my opinions..”

    “People? What F*cking people? Internet weirdos who tweet “what colour knickers are you wearing?” Is that so important you have to tell the F*king World wide web? ..Here let me be a F*cking Journalist for the Made Up Mirror..”SHE WEARS NONE!” SEE..! Now I’m a journalist..That can be my second know, after my first one ..BEING THE SH*T*NG Speaker of the House…Remember that my papered little prom queen..”

    “Now look. I am entitled to a career..”

    “You idiot. Tweeting isn’t a career. Its barely a hobby. Is reading magazines a career? You self obsessed slag! Just for F*cking once will you not make my job harder than it is? I’ve had it up to here! I’m sick of it. Sally did this! Sally did that! Sally did him!
    People don’t read your tweet blather and think you’re some left wing intellectual texting great socialist profundities whilst reading Das Kapital. They think you’re an easy slut, wrapped in soiled bedsheets, spouting garbage you’ve seen in Hello!
    Can’t you be like a normal wife instead of a self obsessed, publicity whore?
    Take up F*cking sewing. Or Origami or start your 5 blokes a night shagging again. Just take your F*cking thumbs off your phone and shove ‘em up your arse!”

  227. 227
    Legal eagle says:

    Bercow must be sacked.
    His wife has made his position untenable.

  228. 228
  229. 229
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Rancid wheeled out on Newsnight – spare us the dartboard who slept her way up the greasy celeb pole.

  230. 230
    The Libor party says:

    Utter nonsense !

  231. 231
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Did anyone catch the ‘puke-making rhetoric’ of Macalpines Brief – 10/10 for acting / hamming it up there Reid you f-wit barraistard.

  232. 232
    Bercow 2 Go. says:

    Totally agree. An innocent person near the end of his life has had his reputation ruined, his family are devastated and in part it is down to silly Sally’s social Twittering.

    Has this Woman and her Husband no moral conscience?

  233. 233
    saynotochuckles says:

    That’s where I first read the name,on her tweet.

  234. 234
    Tom Fatson says:

    I might not be re-tweeting this..

  235. 235
    Judge Jay says:

    Yes heard his statement in full on PM, it was very powerful and I am sure you will agree that in this case an innocent man and his family have been destroyed by totally biased and none factual reporting by the BBC. And to make matters worse the BBC threw tasty morsels of their lying scoop out into the social media in order to amplify it.

  236. 236
    Pooh Sticks says:

    The newsnight team drew a match stick man on a piece of paper and showed it to Messham. He in turn said it looked similiar to the culprit. The news shite team informed him it was Mkalpyne. The matchstick man has Fatson’s fingerprints all over it. It is now been sent for analysis and may be used as criminal evidence of a complete stitch up- by newsshite and fatson- that has now unravelled.

  237. 237
    Silly Sally B13 COW says:

    Nope. None whatsoever.

  238. 238
    Pooh Sticks says:

    Eddie Mair can stick his NewsShite up his peedo apologist arse! Enjoy

  239. 239
    Arse bandit of Old England! says:

    I see you are still in “he’s guilty by association ” mode. Where is the evidence of a crime having taken place?

  240. 240
    Anonymous says:

    Quality – hope the bitch gets sued for everrything she has

  241. 241
    Watcher o' Midgets says:

    Piers Morgan “Terrible BBC journalism”

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    Zero genuine remorse – fucking bitch

  243. 243
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Baghdad Annie (Ann Clywd) was brought out from her crypt to speak on behalf of her Rhonda Cynon Taff et al constituents today – well knock me down that’s the first time she’s spoken up for her constituents for 500 years.

  244. 244
    Song for Newshite in Need says:

    All we are saaaaaaaaying is a give truth a chance.

    All we are saaaaaaaaying is a give truth a chance.

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe they could redeem themselves by investigating phone hacking at the mirror 2000 – 2004

  246. 246
    Breaking News says:

    Pudsey Bear claims Saville abused him in a BBC dressing room in 1993.

  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    Bad luck Eddie – you join just at it will be shut down

  248. 248
    Piss Organ says:

    I note that the dead trees version front page of my old rag, The Mirror, is devoted to the late Bill Tarmey, aka Jack Duckworth. Journalistic excellence at its finest.

  249. 249
    Your Friends From 73, For Purposes of Disambiguation says:

    73 @ 8:08 pm and 186 @ 10:45 pm — Different friends, from different neighbourhoods.

  250. 250
    not a machine reloaded says:

    As ever on this blogg we get the everymans way to look at NN journalistic problem , they interview victim who says it was a senior tory who did it and names him so does a Labour MP in another area , go to camera job done .
    Man when shown a picture of said abuser says opps no no it wasnt him , very sorry ….. NN left with jornalistic incomptence of the highest order for , not actually checking any facts before going to camera . I agree investigative jornalism can be frought with errors and risk , look at Sue Loyd Roberts gem on cheap big pharma testing in India , where nothing is done if it all goes horribly wrong , but this one you surely have to check out that what said is victim was saying was actually correct ie it could be identified as the named person and they did visit the home etc etc

  251. 251
    Vince Cable says:

    What, no VAT?

  252. 252
    Another Engineer says:

    The BBC should be charged for exploiting a vulnerable person in pursuit of a vendetta.

    I’ve just been watching ‘All The President’s Men’ this evening (OK, it is somewhat fictionalised) as an antidote. Whatever happened to getting several sources for serious accusations?

  253. 253
    Erskine May says:

    A response to your post of the night before last which was m0dded.

  254. 254
    The Ministry of Truth says:

    The BBC don’t need to worry about details like facts. All that mattters is the ‘news agenda’, the ‘big picture’ the ‘culural marxism’ and the celebration of diversity and global warming…

  255. 255
    AC1 says:

    The evidential weight of anonymong accusations is also zero however.

    I already believe the evidential reliability of the BBC is zero, but they come close here to admitting it.

  256. 256
    Rupert the Septic Digger says:

    So, are you and your mate Brian going to re-open the Inquiry, Bob? This time, to include how the BBC does the same things I’m accused of?

  257. 257
    AC1 says:

    Everything she has, has been extorted from taxpayers.

  258. 258
    Noe Schjt-Sherlock says:

    Anyone else noticed how quickly the komrades dug out some appropriate dirt for Goebbels-Fatson to hit back when other common purpose komrades were under pressure. Some with thing happened re McMental and phone hacking.

    There wouldn’t be a dirt box carefully concealed in Komrade Central I suppose – nah, course not?

  259. 259
    Dilligaff says:

    Sadly, it will be old news by then.

  260. 260
    What are the BBC playing at? says:

    At the very start of their investigation the newsnight team only had to do the obvious and show Messham a photograph of lord McAlpine and ask was this the man who buggered you.

    They didn’t and right from the start their report was holed below the water line.

    But was this actually a BBC journalistic effort or was it sub contracted to the far left leaning Bureau of Investigative Journalism?

  261. 261
    BBC -Master Of Misdirection. says:

    The BBC would like to make it absolutely clear it was the victim’s fault. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    Yours truthfully,

    Mr Trick
    Head (and Master) Of Misdirection Department.
    BBC Trust?

  262. 262
    AC1 says:

    99% of the police force.

  263. 263
    AC1 says:

    Try and be less irrational.

  264. 264
    AC1 says:

    >The BIJ are a bunch of lefties pretending to be serious journalists.

    So’s all the MSM.

  265. 265
    Broken Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Couldn’t believe it when the BBC blamed the victim for telling them them porkies.

  266. 266
    AC1 says:

    The BIJ is the Left.

  267. 267
    Pudsey Bear was abused by Savile says:

    Yes it is true. Savile tried to get his cigar up me.

  268. 268
    BBC -Masters of Misdirection says:

    Fatson will do what the BBC do and blame the victims. Fatson failed to keep us from looking at the mess and cover ups of the Labour Party and other parties. He is was far to partisan to be taken seriously. The shit storm is coming and they know it.

  269. 269
    John Bellingham says:

    By the nature of the act, he wouldn’t have seen the face!

  270. 270
    Thick Sally's Comeuppance says:

    FML? – yes, Lord McAlpine is very probably going to do just that, and rightly so. I hope Sally, he makes you destitute. For me the icing on this particular cake will be if Lord McAlpine, the innocent person you defamed, bankrupts the Bercow family coffers your odious husband will be forced, under Parliament’s rules, to step down as an MP! Bye-bye Mr Speaker! I will revel in your deliciously self-inflicted, fear, misery and penury. Ha ha ha ha…..

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    looks like the ex dg, now in the us, is the best bet for blurting out information in order to protect himself and his new job.

    why should the police in the case of a paedophile allegation?

    question: does paedophilia run in families? issues
    do tend to travel across generations…

  272. 272
    Anonymous says:

    that looks reasonable. however it also suggests an emotional bias. laziness. or .
    a paedophile is a scared beast and covers his tracks. this should be the subject of a documentary on the dark arts.

  273. 273
    Not Left u TIT, Right, turn right says:

    How the f**k do you view any vt’s on this site. Whenever I try to access media/video nothing happens. its like when politicians discover a problem and…………….

  274. 274
    Tachybaptus says:

    Mоddеd fіrst tіmе, trуіng аgаіn:
    Іf уоu’rе runnіng аnу blосkіng рrоgrаms fоr аdνеrtіsеmеnts оr sсrірts, thеsе mау bе stорріng іt. І’m runnіng еνеrу blосk І саn оn Сhrоmе, whісh аllоws thе раgеs tо lоаd quісklу but νіdеоs арреаr аs blасk rесtаnglеs. Іf І wаnt tо wаtсh оnе, І hаνе tо сrаnk uр fіlthу оld Іntеrnеt Еxрlоrеr, whісh hаs nо blосks аt аll, аnd wаіt fоr аgеs аs thе аd-іnfеstеd раgеs lоаd. But аftеr аll thаt, νіdеоs dо wоrk.

  275. 275
    albacore says:

    On Internet Explorer: Tools: Internet Options: Security: Custom Level: Scripting, if you have Active Scripting disabled, the videos don’t run.

  276. 276
  277. 277 says:

    But he did see his face and that was why he said it was NOT Lord McA who abused him when shown his photo. It was just someone (allegedly) with the same surname. This is ironic coming from Wales where millions share the same surnames, such as Jones, Davies and Edwards.

  278. 278 says:

    Plus if he didn’t see his face how come he could identify Lord McA in the first place? I guess that kind of obvious logic passed the morons by.

  279. 279
    Duane Myeddin says:

    Has HIGNFY been converted into a children’s home ?

  280. 280 says:

    The reputation of the BBC has sunk to a new low. Only its left-wing allies now support it.

  281. 281
    Paddy Moraz says:

    Plagiarist !

  282. 282 says:

    The BBC should be the same toast as the News of the World and instead of putting up with having it on our screens we should be eating it for breakfast.

    It should be taken down to funky town and sold off as scrap.

  283. 283
    Anonymous says:

    Which company is it?

  284. 284
    Sparkler says:

    Although I, sadly these days it seems , take an interest in political issues much to the detriment of my blood pressure, the rabid BBC has proven itself time and time again to be driven by blind political and social prejudice on every major issue.
    Incessant Tory bashing
    The whole rotten edifice should be dismantled.
    They are not Uncle Beeb or Aunty Beeb they are a national disgrace (not treasure).

  285. 285
    David Scamoron says:

    Right you plebs, I’m determined to get my EU sinecure come 2015.
    Here’s the next step in my plan to make sure I don’t get re-elected :

  286. 286
    nigelforengland says:

    It can be killed if it stops being fed.

  287. 287
    Susie says:

    But unfortunately, there won’t be any copies of the Guardian to roll up.

  288. 288
    XXX says:

    They still cannot believe they lost, it’s no good trying to wheel on Ronnie Reagan, it’s well over 22 years since he was president, if the Tea Partyers were so confident that the US electorate were so enamoured of them why do they not stand on their own ticket, especially as they seem to have no shortage of cash. I do not reckon much about Farage but at least he and his pals are trying to go it alone with their own party, so if folks do not like the the way the Tories are heading join Farage and chums. Liebore has always since I were a lad was a party of 2 halves the hard left and social democrats and in the early 80’s Liebore did split, they figuratively put their money where their mouths were. Call me Dave is in the same position that Wilson, Callaghan, Major-Ball were in trying to keep both sides on the Tory party together.

  289. 289
    Susie says:

    The first rule of journalism… you have to quit when you become the story.

  290. 290
    Anonymous says:

    Red Egg, I see a great similarity with the situation within the USA also developing within the UK.

  291. 291
    Anonymous says:

    “Newsnight are either dishonest, liars or incompetents ”
    Can’t argue with that UKIP.

  292. 292
    Susie says:

    I thought the most famous Belgium was Marc Detroux.

  293. 293
    Susie says:

    They’re all busy with their charity, Children in Need of a Good Sh•••ing.

  294. 294
    Anonymous says:

    He thoroughly enjoyed his appearance on HIGNFY & has noted that he was on the winning side.

  295. 295
  296. 296
    Raving Loon says:

    Was it terrible journalism when the Mirror published fake pictures of our troops abusing Iraqis?

  297. 297
    Susie says:

    The science is just like the weather forecast… “Unsettled with some mist and fog patches”.

  298. 298
    Susie says:

    Then Nigel Farage steps into his shoes. UKIP’s first Commons MP. Yay!

  299. 299
    Anonymous says:

    square root of minus 2 = 1.41421356i

    The “i” is a mathematical device/dodge for obtaining sq. roots of negative numbers. I recollect this from my school days & hope that my octogenarian brain cells are not letting me down.
    BTW, schooling was not of the “posh boys” variety.

  300. 300
    Susie says:

    We are friends of the chief fire officer — last year, his team spent 3 DAYS putting out a fire at a local recycling centre.

  301. 301
    this septic pile says:

    I wonder if they’d get anything for it – the high ratings programs are pretty well in thrall to their presenters/producers – at our cost too – unravelling their payments might be impossiby expensive

  302. 302
    Newsnight Production Team says:

    Look you rude people, we pulled out all the stops to spend your hard-earned cash making our program with all the highest production values.

    And now we’re back to school with nice new crayons

    Yours Bryony and Terry (both aged 10)

  303. 303
    this septic pile says:

    they are all coalitions – and at some time they are all unmanageable – whether there has been a time when the three major parties were creaking at the seams as noisily as today is a moot question

    its also true that to a great extent they do accurately reflect the views of the electorate

  304. 304
    The pendulum of hysteria says:

    With regards the picture shown by police. It is unlikely they would have told the witness that it was someone it was not as the same picture has to be produced in court for the witness to testify that was indeed the one he picked out. Options 2 or 3 seem the most likely.

  305. 305
    Hardly surprising says:

    If you can convince people that the Royal Family are shape shifting Lizards you can convince them of anything.

  306. 306
    The pendulum of hysteria says:

    So prey tell, if the narrative is now that they couldn’t see their abusers then where did the ” names” come from ? Its about time people started to engage their brains over this instead of the hysteria.

  307. 307
    Ehtch says:

    That is all the US Republicans would have done if they got in would be to manipulate World Capitalism for their own ends, again. The chickens will come home to roost eventually, and maybe Obama is the man for the US for them to see reality.

    But maybe the Republicans, if they had got in, would not mind a World chaos event to profit from, as per WWII. They frighten the life out of me.

  308. 308
    Ehtch says:

    Anyone that is sharp and has a lot of get up and go would not even think of working for the beeb, these days. That is not for them – with them maybe, on contract via own company. No, hold on…..

  309. 309
    Ehtch says:

    I’m a leftie, I’ll admit it, but I have always thought the beeb is infantile. Learnt my ins and out of the beeb from Blue Peter politics when young. Could have posted this exact same comment when I was ten, over thirty years ago, to the Beano or Dandy, or something.

  310. 310
    Ehtch says:

    ooops, EDIT – “over forty years ago” even – chroist, I am getting old… even started denying my oldish age.

  311. 311
    Labour like underage love says:

    Exept he usurped the monarchy, not the establishment. I get where you are coming from though, and whole heartedly agree.

  312. 312
    Ehtch says:

    They obviously started stomping their feet, and put out a story to try and divert “things” from their handling of the Savile Affair. Lasted a couple of days before it fell to pieces, didn’t it?

    As I said in a comment further on, more or less between the lines, the problem the beeb has at the moment is too much contract sfaff, who should be civil servants, which the beeb as an orgainisation is really – an arm of the civil service. It is the contract staff that is corroding it from within, with its inhouse jealousies and other basic human traits it results in.

  313. 313
    Well done says:

    Welcome to the revolution brother, applause. Now what about the rest of you. Are you prepared to starve the beast to death.

  314. 314
    Just cause says:

    Or her tongue.

  315. 315
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I say Rupee old man aren’t you as equally guilty as the bbc for mis-informing (Lying you rat-fink) the public?

  316. 316
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Are you Owen Jones? The evidence – there’s enough out there to bring many a prosecution save that certain journo’s appear to be playing the hand of the almighty – you’ve probably been given yer ‘attack dog’ orders from tother pillars of the state …. Orders orders – I’m only following orders ‘cos I’m a suborned little lickspittal …

  317. 317
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    Except for the part where the immigrants tend to vote socialist here whereas in the US they dont.

  318. 318
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    Hollowing out America’s military is surely a Good Thing?
    Not when you consider the alternative. How is your Mandarin these days?

  319. 319
    XXX says:

    How many mps do UKIP have in the HoC at present Susie

  320. 320
    XXX says:

    He’s a Tory isn’t he?

  321. 321
    XXX says:

    No Sally gives you something to moan about, just ignore her she might go away, all she is doing is she publicity.

  322. 322
    Hava Nastroke says:


  323. 323
    Ehtch says:

    Bugger it, have it all, whatever you call yourselves these days, romans angles saxons, even vikings, and especially you Hunt normans, have it fucking all, have it all, lock stock and bleeding barrel, with your warped fuckhead games of time, I am pissed off now, you have broke me, and what are you going to do with me now than Dave Cams, EY? fucking tosser mind pervert hasn’t got a clue now, has he! wanker!

  324. 324
    Ehtch says:

    bugger it, might as well post a vid of my friends in Ostterich/Austria, and noo, only Sigrid sat on my lap, so there was certainly not there trei in ein bed, ja?

    no sign of gobby Jamie Oliver about then, thank god – can’t get a word in edgeways when that mouthy speach impedimented fuck is about, even in german.

  325. 325
  326. 326
    Cat Out of Bag says:

    The difficulty for UKIP is overcoming the pro establishment BBC, who want you to believe that there are only two and a half political parties.

    With a Labour or Tory government policies don’t materially change, they’re both in favour of subjugation by Brussels.

    Also, there is no UKIP expenses scandal. This is purely a mud slinging exercise by their opponents.

  327. 327
    Ehtch says:

    Don’t want to give the game away, but a friends sister has a small fashion and machine shop, and on her site she has been advertising after my suggestion about a year ago for marketing drindls, you know, those corsets short sleeve blouses and long skirts alpino. Has had a load of orders for xmas and new year for coming from UK customers. Keep your eye out.

    How about some Melanie from Schweizzlund/Helvetica, ja?

  328. 328
    Ehtch says:

    bugger it, since Xmas and his pack of reindeers are coming to bother us this year again, might as well post some Sigrid und Marina again, one of my favorites of them, for this time of year.

    “Wie geht’s Sigrid?”

    “Ok, danke, Herr dirty old man”, she replies… O-O

  329. 329
    Shami Chakrabarti says:

    It is not helpful to say those girls were murdered. They were enriched.

    We all have to ‘grow’ together you see. Because I say so.

  330. 330
    Shut 'em down says:

    Scrap the BBC licence fee.

    Scrap it soon.

    Scrap it forever.

  331. 331
    Ehtch says:

    Sorry for previously totally off topic, but I like the fella Nigel Farage, always have done, So if I am “slightly” leftish wing, so? Would love to take him up in my twin seater glider one day, and show him the sights. Yes up a thousand or two up in the air, thermals allowing, in an aircraft without an engine. Up for it Nige?

    No, no Nige, let me educate you about gliders and drag – no banner, ok? : )

    mmmm, ey Nige? And of course Thomas,

    Just give me a shout Nige, but you will have to bring your own parachute though, but I could give you one of my very old ones, but I will have to get rid of the moths in it first, and thgen I am sure it will work. Might be a fast landing though, if needed if things go wrong. So next weekend then Nige?

  332. 332
    Upshot creek says:

    Wrong! … It was a ‘Home Office’ run ‘Approved School’..,,,,,

  333. 333
    The savant3 says:

    Why are my commegnts always awaiting fucking moderation

    Could it be they are too. Near the knuckle of unvarnished trumth???

  334. 334
    Mordechai Vanunu says:

    What makes you think if China take over the world they won’t be ruling Britain as a vassal state where the British are allowed to continue speaking English? Surely an orderly culture of hard work and sacrifice to the State would be preferable to the stewing shitpot of TOWIE, X-Factor and stabbings on night buses that we currently pass off as a country?

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:


  336. 336
    Luke says:

    Except Labour and Tory policies on economy are practically identical, so they wouldn’t be reversing much at all. At least they’re not idealogical

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