November 9th, 2012

Tory MP Slams Watson’s “Unsubstantiated Rumours”


  1. 1
    Disgusted of Taxpayer street says:

    How dare people try and get to the truth of a cover up by the establishment!

  2. 2
    None of the above says:

    Not bloody Rob Wilson again. First reporting Schofield to OFCOM, now slapping Watson down.
    Does he represent a constituency or his between things to do?

  3. 3
    Do your job as MP, you fucking fuckwit says:

    Does Rob Wilson actually do anything else apart from writing letters?

  4. 4
    PhilP says:

    Bit harsh describing the rumours as unsubstantiated. They may be incorrect but he had a lot more to go on that Icke-style internet loons.

  5. 5
    Selohesra says:

    He forgot to add

    PS you are a useless fat partisan git

  6. 6
    robbie says:

    When does Inspector Knacker chap on Watson’s door ?- he is a threat to public order.

  7. 7
    Research this - says:

    A 3 minute trawl of the interweb shows clearly that he is an MP


  8. 8
    Gordon Brown-Nose says:

    Any rumours about Tom Watson circulating we should know about?

  9. 9
    Tom Fatson says:

    I am now officially a National Treasure.

  10. 10
    Timmy Tour says:

    I thought Lord McAlpine’s denial was fantastic….all it lacked was a “sword of truth” line in there somewhere

  11. 11
    Gordon Brown-Nose says:

    Any rumours about Watson we should know about?

  12. 12
    Mitt Romney says:

    Did he?

  13. 13
    Fat Tom says:


  14. 14
    Selohesra says:

    Treasure should be buried on a desert island

  15. 15
    Selohesra says:

    I’ve heard he sweats a lot

  16. 16
    widening my circle of fwiends says:

    More accurately termed the pork sword of truth in certain circles

  17. 17
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Keep up the bad work Borisido Boriswkes… You and your crew are gonna regret trying to push back this story…just like you did with NotW in 2008.

  18. 18
    Happy Hour says:

    I hope one day that he’s emboiled in some nasty story so that some fat, slimy toad can stand up and denounce the smugness right out of him.

    I’m normally nice, but for Fatto Watson…

  19. 19
    fuck off and do one says:

    Er, so there aren’t 29 BBC nonces being investigated then?

  20. 20
    Pip says:

    Anything which discombobulates Watson gets my support. I just remember his association with those disgusting invented and totally false email slurs against top tories and their wives. What is it about these left-wingers, George Monbiot included who remind me of that film with Donald Sutherland where the people have been zombified and when they think they see someone who has not been zombified, they point and scream until the person is arrested?
    Hope Schofield is taken to court for that stunt yesterday – who in their right mind would do what he did after gleaning his evidence from trolling the internet for 3 mins. Smug idiot must have thought his employers would protect him.

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Of course he did. Morrison was cited by two former tory mp’s for example. Plus you have no idea what he has been told exists. Sian Griffiths interview makes it bloody obvious to even the most stupid that a cover-up took place.

  22. 22
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Finally even Newsnight is being put in the frame. You have to ask if the BBC didn’t cook this whole thing up with Tom Watson to divert attention away from themselves and onto the Tories. Note the BBC keep saying TORIES every 5 seconds. They don’t mention the BBC every time they say Jimmy Savile.

  23. 23
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I doubt it.

    You’ve got to be squeeky clean to throw the amount of shit around that Watson is doing and not have some of it splash back into your fat, smug chops.

  24. 24
    Border Terrier says:

    Best of motives? Watson is only trying to divert attention from BBC’s Savile problems ‘cos he sees the BBC as a bulwark agin the MURDOCHS. He has already mentioned hacking.

    Fatty is a disgrace and a humbug. Don’t listen to him.

  25. 25
    lick my spittle says:

    In the summer he makes his own man gravy. Yummy.

  26. 26
    Research this - says:

    A 3 minute trawl of the internet tells me that Schofield is toast.

  27. 27
    Leo Brittanica says:

    Boys boys boys!
    I’m looking for a good time!

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Why is he wrong ? why should he be expected to keep quite when fatty and burnme are running from media outlet to media outlet if they cannot be ar=sed why should he ?

  29. 29
    BBC Radio Rutland says:

    We have extensive coverage during our ‘night crawlers’ slot

  30. 30
    bbb says:

    Why what do you think he should have written ” I’m guilty there is no evidence but I am still guilty the internet and a fat git says so “

  31. 31
    Frank's son says:

    So why didn’t your beloved Labour government not act against the NotW when THEY were in power in 2008?

  32. 32
    Not or never was a representative from planet fuck says:

    Surely the sainted hero formerly known as Browns something or other, wouldn’t have used old and from the looks of it discredited accusations, in a deliberate attempt to smear the opposition would he? I am sure he has no form at all at that sort of thing at all.

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    As Quentin Letts might say “that boy Wilson, swatty sort, bit of a teachers pet, shame Mitchells gone or he might have been soundly thrashed the little creep”.

    On a serious note, beneath all of the politicising that’s flying around about who’s more vile than who, something seems to be overlooked. If we are looking at institutionalised activity and cover up (at government level) surely it can only persist with the active involvement of both parties? Put another way when has any government come to power and immediately (or ever?) thrown open the cupboard and let the skeletons out? It just is not done. For example what could Cameron do to Blair if he were so minded?

    In this particular case I suggest that one organisation knows exactly what went on and who did what with who and when. That is the intelligence services. Schofield would have put Cameron under far more pressure if he had asked him to allow the investigating officer immediate,unhindered access to all security files (un-redacted) related to the case and to the period involved. In the circumstances he would find it very difficult to refuse.

    Depending on the veracity of all of the rumours that might possibly shut everyone up or bring down the whole establishment. Take your pick.

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Does Mrs Watson have any views I wonder?

  35. 35
    Twatson says:

  36. 36
    lick my spittle says:

    They had to wait for this book burning git.

  37. 37
    beast says:

    This piece of filth is a known SOCIALIST!
    I demand that the olice investigate every single one of these filthy deviants, then have tried and imprisoned for the safety of society

  38. 38
    The CIA says:

    Maybe the nonce finder General would like to inform us who Charles Lynton is who was fined £500 by Bow street magistartes court for giving a ‘helping hand’ in a London public toilets.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus, another one bites the dust, your idiotic moderation on this site is now laughable and a disgrace.

  40. 40
    The staggers says:

  41. 41
    Nads Queen of the Jungle says:


  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    does watson do anything else but throw mud ?

  43. 43
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I should think she has a bloody awful view first thing in the morning.

  44. 44
    Osric Testacles says:

    Yes, he holds to account Tom Watson, a self imporatnt smear merchant and all round pie gobbler.

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    That’s the last time I go to one of his wine lodges. Or should it just be his lodge?

  46. 46
    A lynch Mob says:

    Exactly, we have no idea what he has been told exists. All we have is rumour and speculation to get hystetical about. Well needs must I suppose.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Well deserved.

  48. 48
    A voice of reason says:

  49. 49
    McWatson witchhunt says:

    Peds under the bed

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Your idiotic moderation stinks odiuG.

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Just wondering … was he also critical of Hague’s remit for the Waterman enquiry which presented Watson with this opportunity to stick his oar in.

  52. 52
    Adam n Eve's uncle says:

    If we kill them all then we will kill the guilty ones, QED.

  53. 53
    Bogeyman says:

    Some fat sweaty bloke with heavy glasses, wasn’t it?

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Am i missing something, when did it become Phillip Schofields job to ask the PM anything about child abuse, he went on the programme to talk about the new Dementia initiatives. Schofield behaved disgracefully in bringing the names out and waving them in front of a camera. Did he think nobody else had heard of them, i find it all very odd.

  55. 55
    Erns says:

    He’s getting his retaliation in first.

  56. 56
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Watson is one of those people that you automatically hate. It’s either looking at him or hearing him that does it.
    One of the many things that grate about him is when he changed from the loud mouth version to the quieter spoken version. No one was fooled though.
    His word carries no value at all.

  57. 57
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Don’t you wish someone would sing this to Fat Bastard?
    (I understand he’s a Holly fan– must be, with the hair and specs!)
    “You go your way and I’ll go mine
    Now and forever till the end of time
    I’ll find somebody new,
    And baby, we’ll say we’re through,
    And you won’t matter anymore…”

  58. 58
    HenryV says:

    I bet MI5/GCHQ have already perused Rt Hon Watson’s internet browsing history. One wonders what extremes can be found there I wonder? Isn’t there some strange fetish to do with throwing food or something? Being a gentle person who leads a sheltered life I don’t know much about such things.

  59. 59
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Watson is in danger of over fuelling his stomach.

  60. 60
    Ann Idiot in the Labour Party says:

    These allegations can damage and destroy lives? Do you think Labour and their supporters give a shit? They only care about scoring points at any costs. They are destructive incompetent arseholes.

  61. 61
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Maybe Watson should try showing some intelligence.

  62. 62
    Sparkler says:

    Also, under Thatchers government every 5 seconds.

  63. 63
    Jabba the Hutt mp for Mid-Sussex says:

    So fat boy is still up to his old tricks.

    He has far too much flab between the ears.

  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    I have always believed that Yates was compromised during the cash for honours ‘investigation’.

  65. 65
    I do not want to share the same air as Labour dogshit in Edinburgh says:

    Why doesn’t fatty go for a jog?

  66. 66
    I do not want to share the same air as Labour voting dogshit in Edinburgh says:

    It is a mess. A steaming pile of……

  67. 67
    Tom Watson M.P. says:

    I am The Pie-Finder General!

    They’re round here somewhere – I can smell them.

  68. 68
    bogtrott says:

    mr watson protests too much,i think he might be hiding something.Someone must have the dirt on him,are they too afraid to use it.

  69. 69
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve moved on from the Arctic Monkeys to So Solid Poo.

  70. 70
    Puppet Master says:

    It’s easy to give those mugs a headache, hold a contrary position on every website, join every political party you can find and leave weird messages or codes that mean nothing for them to try and decipher.

  71. 71
    dunstall says:

    The intelligence services ? yeah the ones who missed Burgess Mc Clean ,Philby and Blunt who didnt know Oldfield was a fudge packer and who had a hand in the Dodgy Dossier full confidence in them!

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    He is a fat sanctimonious opportunist slug.

  73. 73
    Darran says:

    I have to admit – if I saw Tom Watson walking down the street at me, I’d be inclined to cross over. The pic you have of him there is rather too corpulent, decadent and seedy looking to risk being in his near vicinity. And that’s talking as a middle aged bloke with an expanding waistline …

  74. 74
    Lard Pressclott - Laughing Policeman in waiting says:

    They’re mine ! All MIIIIINE !

  75. 75
    Giovanni Di Stefano says:


  76. 76
    Bluebottle says:

    When Mr Twatson spoke in Parliament I did not know of whom he was speaking .

    More importantly neither did Mr Cameron because he said so at the time although he did look rather worried and did not try to put Mr Twatson in his place.

    So if I Bluebottle did not know who he was speaking about and Mr Cameron did not know who he was speaking about then , apart from Mr Twatson ,how could anyone else know who he was talking about ?

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:


  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    When Mr. Wilson was PPS to Mr. Hunt, what did he see happening in Mr. Hunt’s department?

    He might have had credibility if has written letters to tell the people about the love up Hunt was having with News International.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    I think it’s just a reminder of Motorman, Hillsborough, Savile, Wrexham, cash for honours, etc.

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t he claiming that several top Labour politicians were named in the Operation Ore investigation? Rumours on the internet are rife and the list of names in Operation Ore is real. So come on Tom! What are you waiting for?

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    …to another.

  82. 82
    Tom Watson says:

    I do not take advice from Rob Wilson.

    Thank You

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t he claiming that several top Labour politicians were named in the Operation Ore investigation? Rumours on the internet are rife and the list of names in Operation Ore is real, So come on Tom! What are you waiting for?

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Bullshit, Twitter got to the bottom of this story in a week, a 15m quid inquiry didn
    t even get round to pointing the finger at Mcalpine. If it wasn’t for fatty this would have remained hidden.

  85. 85

    With my handiwork Watson would fill the pies to feed the world..

  86. 86
    History man says:

    In cases of witch-hunting someone needs to defend the witch.

  87. 87
    Jimmy says:

    Jeremy (unt’s gimp is exactly right, and congratulations to Guido for his sterling efforts in helping to damp down this hysteria.

  88. 88
    Philip Schofield says:

    I shall give the list to the PM, live on air

  89. 89
    Owen Jones says:

    The irony hasn’t escaped me that the person who looks most like a nonse in the labour party is going around shouting “nonse” at everybody else. It’s like being in the school playground.

    I just wish someone would give that tub of lard a wedgie or a chinese burn to make him cry.

  90. 90
    History man says:

    That’s because the twitter twits picked the wrong McAlpine.

    It’s the wrong McAlpine, Grommit.

  91. 91
    Jimmy says:

    Because by his the sheer force of his magnetic personality he made Guido publish Peter Morrison’s name. It’s witchcraft I tell you. He didn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to discuss this issue at all. Watson keeps making him.

  92. 92
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    Could we have an English version, please ?

  93. 93
    History man says:

    At least Icke had first-hand evidence of reptilians posing as humans.

  94. 94
    ITV says:

    This Morning on ITV next week is to be presented by Philip Schofield and Tom Watson.

  95. 95
    It's only someone elses money says:

    Aren’t said persons full initials ACLB?
    Is this actually just another load of BS, otherwise why hasn’t this story had more publicity given the person involved…..

  96. 96
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    They say he’s a pretty mean DJ.
    Well, actually, HE says he’s one, and his Twitter followers just re-Tweet it.
    Not a recommendation, in the light of Sir Jimmy.

  97. 97
    It's only someone elses money says:

    Are you referring to Anthony per chance?

  98. 98

    There has been too much noncing.
    the Gods are angry and must be placated.

    In ancient times a scapegoat would be found.

    The scapegoat was to be allowed to live for a year, all expenses paid, work free, completely unmolested and comfortably fed and clothed by the community.

    After that year the scapegoat was either cast out of the community, or thrown off a cliff and killed.
    The scapegoat was often a criminal, a cripple or a beggar or a traitor.

    I propose Gordon Brown as the ideal scapegoat.

    i. He has lived at the nation’s expense, work free, for 2 and a half years.
    ii. He is an emotional cripple.
    iii. Pension holders consider him a thief.
    iv. He at least looks like a scruffy beggar
    V. He already has the Jonah curse.
    vi. He is of sufficient stature to make a good sacrifice to the Gods, with the added bonus that no one will miss him.

    All we need now is someone to second the proposal and we can dress him in old animal skins and drive him with tall white rods from our lands and preferably onto the lands of our enemies.
    Our national sins are absolved.

    It’d be a lot quicker and cheaper than all these inquiries.

  99. 99
    History man says:

    The irony here is that this Welsh peedo thing is centred around a public sector establishment. And we all know who worships the public sector.

  100. 100
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Eh? You not witnessed the bare-face hypocrisy from Labour and their various cohorts then? From expenses to cash for questions to cosying up to the NI to donations to millionaires to tax avoidance etc. etc

    Labour are only concerned with partisan attacks. This may be a case of getting in first and geting their media chums to spin the headlines and create the anti-tory sentiment to stick in popular perception, before any sh1t hits the fan for Labour.

  101. 101
    History man says:

    Will there be toast?

  102. 102

    There has been too much noncing.
    the Gods are angry and must be placated.

    In ancient times a scapegoat would be found.

    The scapegoat was to be allowed to live for a year, all expenses paid, work free, completely unmolested and comfortably fed and clothed by the community.

    After that year the scapegoat was either cast out of the community, or thrown off a cliff and killed.
    The scapegoat was often a criminal, a cr-ipple or a beggar or a traitor.

    I propose Gordon Brown as the ideal scapegoat.

    i. He has lived at the nation’s expense, work free, for 2 and a half years.
    ii. He is an emotional cri/pple.
    iii. Pension holders consider him a thief.
    iv. He at least looks like a scruffy beggar
    V. He already has the Jonah curse.
    vi. He is of sufficient stature to make a good sacrifice to the Gods, with the added bonus that no one will miss him.

    All we need now is someone to second the proposal and we can dress him in old animal skins and drive him with tall white rods from our lands and preferably onto the lands of our enemies.
    Our national sins are absolved.

    It’d be a lot quicker and cheaper than all these inquiries.

  103. 103
    It's only someone elses money says:

    Some bloke called Anthony I think…….

  104. 104
    Bluebottle says:

    What are you doing in England Sir if you work for the Cooperative Insurance Association ?

    Can’t you find some poor pensioner to rescue on Static Island ?

  105. 105
    I do not want to share the same air as Labour voting dogshit in Edinburgh says:

    Fatso is trying to score political points for his beloved party. He is not interested in Labour nonces just tory ones. But lets all sit back and watch Fatson go into meltdown. It is not a pretty site. This is going to blow up in his fugly face.

  106. 106
    Rupert my Hero says:

    To avert attention from themselves, Labour follow the old Communist tradition, of blaming every one else.

  107. 107
    Jimmy says:

    Well if the irony of a blog which currently consists of 70% nonce related material complaining about the hysteria has escaped you, I’m not sure how to make it any simpler. It’s not as if I’ve used any particularly difficult words.

  108. 108
    jgm2 says:

    What a superb idea Gio !

    A polygraph is on its way over.

  109. 109 says:

    Thomas Watson is an anagram of ‘sham, now toast’.

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    If I remember correctly he was running around to protect Jeremey Hunt few months ago.

  111. 111
    yog a gog says:

    Tom Watson is a sex offender! I heard he bummed a kid over a bargain bucket in Luton in 1987.

    There! see!
    Its on the internet. It must be true.

    Someone send this link to Philip Schofield and he can call for an investigation into Big Tom’s whereabouts in 1987.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    If I remember correctly Mr. Wilson was running around to protect Jeremey Hunt few months ago.

  113. 113
    yog a gog says:

    Quite so.
    When did it become the prime minister’s job to become a member of the CSI team?

  114. 114
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Labour think if they shout loud enough, people will forget about the other Children’s Homes, closed for similar reasons but then, it is in no ones Political interest to look at what was swept under the Carpet.

  115. 115
    John john says:

    Lee-Harvey Oswald didn’t just shoot Kennedy. He did him over his grassy knob first. its all on the internet! Its all true!

  116. 116
    Rupert my Hero says:

    There was no Party whip, in Children’s Homes

  117. 117
    The Rumour Mill says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes has revealed he was once so high on drugs he tried to have sex with a TREE.
    Guido Fawkes had stripped NAKED with female pals after taking ecstasy on a beach.
    Spaced-out Guido then began to feel unsteady on his feet — and turned to mother nature for some support.
    The right wing political blogger recalled: “I found myself holding a tree to brace myself. The texture felt so good that I decided to rub my head and cock all over it. It was a tree I was humping!”

  118. 118
    D Attenborough Esq says:

    As a general rule, one doesn’t find trees on beaches.

    Unless it got washed up.

  119. 119
    The guilty McAlpine is now dead says:

    See you Jimmy…McAlpine!

  120. 120
    fruitcake says:

    That’s it, have a go at Jesus, poor bloke’s only filling in as moderator.

  121. 121
    Hank the Cat says:

    In Virginia we would as our God given right lynch that ball of lard Watson

  122. 122
    Martin says:

    Lord McAlpine to take legal action.
    Tom, Philip, Gavin better run for cover.

    Meesham retracts his statement of identification……..

  123. 123

    I suppose he was having a ‘dead tree press’ ?

    In other news the allegations against the internet named lord have just been withdrawn.
    So that’s pie face well and truly fucked.

  124. 124
    nellnewman says:

    edballs is currently running after the petrol price bandwagon, miliband running after any bandwagon that’ll have him, harrietharpic is clinging to the tailgate of the leveson bandwagon and now tomwatson is trying to attach himself to this abuse bandwagon .

    labour are like a herd of cats all pulling in different directions without knowing where they want to go.

  125. 125

    It started in America.

  126. 126
    Sparkler says:

    Must have been a Palm tree then, time you retired David.

  127. 127
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    Indeed but he is only abiding by the only policy that the labour party has.

    Bandwagon jumping.

  128. 128
    Tom Fatson says:


  129. 129
    So What? says:

    Ed Balls complaining that taxes are too high? Shurely shome mishtake?

  130. 130

    My thyeet of paper ith thtill mothtly blank.

  131. 131
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Good point. Guido, this star-spangled turd must have dead bodies buried all over the place. There should be a co-conspirator somewhere who can help you dig some of them up.

  132. 132
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    So Steve Messham has now apologised for wrongly identifying McAlpine.

    Come on all you fuckers who wanted to hang him up by his balls, where are you now?

  133. 133
    Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

    a 3 min trawl of the internet tells me Schofield instructed an 11 year old boy to put his penis in schofield mouth.

    Schofield was arrested for this in New Zealand in 1983.

    That’s what my search with bing brings up anyway – don’t shoot the messenger – it’s on the internet so it is true.

  134. 134
    Buy shares in Lynx. says:

    The useless fat bastard’s going to be sweating like Niagara Falls.

  135. 135
    Tom Fatson says:

    I am lard totally gutted.

  136. 136

    If what Meacham is saying now is true, it’s another triumph for our custodians of the law…

  137. 137
    Fenton says:

    McAlpine’s accuser now says he was “mistaken” hmmmmm?

  138. 138
    Tom Fatson says:

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Sponge cake with an artificial filling.

  140. 140
    wycombewanderer says:

    the fat lying bastard voted for the HRA.

    Parliamentary privilege breaches five yes five of the fucking articles of the HRA
    ^ Top

    Article 7.
    • All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

    ^ Top

    Article 8.
    • Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

    Article 10.
    • Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

    ^ Top

    Article 11.
    • (1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.
    • (2) No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

    ^ Top

    Article 12.
    • No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    put the bastard in front of a judge!

  141. 141
    Fuct says:

    Picture LIFTED from the mail ?

  142. 142
    tops up belly wobble says:

    Watson is a digitally incontinent gormless tub of fat

  143. 143
    tops up belly wobble says:

    or on a bacon slicer

  144. 144
    Watson's left tit says:

    Good stuff!
    I see that Lord McAlpine’s lawyers have Newsnight in their sights – good!

  145. 145
    dunstall says:

    Newsnight now damaged beyond saving,Schofiled should be a gonna too,between the two of them they have destroyed any chance of the real culprits ever being brought to justice

  146. 146
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Newsnight and Watson need to be held to account.

  147. 147
    Engineer says:


    Would you like to make any comment, Mr Watson?

  148. 148
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Problem is who do you report Newsnight to? Ofcom have no authority. The BBC trust does not care.

  149. 149
    Support Recall says:

    Has something gone wrong with TWATson’s twitter account? He seems uncharacteristically silent. I particularly enjoyed his suggestion that the Grauniad might regret this morning’s piece of corrective journalism …

  150. 150
    Martin says:

    Don’t forget the peadoes in the B B C

  151. 151

    Slapper Sally’s name has just gone out on BBC.
    One of those using the Twitter trial who may now face legal action.

  152. 152
    Operation Crossbow says:

    You think Newsnight might have shown his accuser a photo of Lord McAlpine. Journalism 101

  153. 153
    Camoron wouldn't know freedom if it punched him in the face says:

    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence”

    Well, that’s Camoron’s £1.8billion plan to bug everyone’s phone calls and Internet connections down the swanee.

  154. 154
    Blowing Whistles says:

    So is Wilson the current government stooge who has been tasked as the front to kill off all the allegations against many Parliamentarians past and present – involved in Child abuse?

    Is he as the current Government’s spokesperson also tasked with killing off any and all allegations all over the internet about the previous governments top persons Blair and Browns being involved in child abuse?

    For as long as Blair refuses [e.g. instigates a not on oath / Hutton inquiry] to come out from his lair – hiding behind both his legal and parliamentary privilege – over his actions and inactions during his time as PM – the smell of deception and cover up will continue.

    Please Note: Blair has been lambasted called a liar etc ‘millions of times’ in the published press – yet not ONCE has he issued defamation, slander or libel writs! The truth is he can’t because all the allegations levelled at him are true. The smoke ‘n mirrors may continue for a while but the truth will out ………

    As Abraham Lincoln said in 1858: see page 164 of “The Castle of Lies”.

  155. 155
    Ah! Monika says:

    Wonder who is paying for all the poppies on TV presenters / pundits. Not one person without one.

  156. 156
    Selohesra says:

    All it took took was to show the guy a picture of McAlpine to confirm it wasn’t him. How useless are Newsnight – or did they not want to find out?

  157. 157
    Silly Sally B13 COW says:

    AAAaaaarrrrrgghhh !!! Help me, Johnny !!

  158. 158
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    I’ve just seen Gordon Brown, the non attending MP, trying to get himself a photo op with the unfortunate Pakistani girl who stood up to the Taleban scum. I fear for her upon return to her native land.

  159. 159
    dunstall says:

    No discerning viewer will ever believe their ivestigation gone by easter!

  160. 160
    A spokesman for the BBC says:

    If the accused had been a Labour peer, we would of course have checked the story, double checked, triple checked and then dropped the story as “not in the public interest”.

    But because the accused was Tory scum, we just ran with it as quick as possible, high-fiving each other like the rabid Lefty mongs that we are.


  161. 161
    moby dick says:

    pity tom cant fix world poverty

  162. 162
    not a machine reloaded says:

    Germany wants to scrutenise Frances finances ……… mmm deduct CAP payments and you get ….. tra laa socialist wheezy economy stretching back to the 70s .

    I perhaps have a few thoughts on economic madness at this point , what is clear is that any cyclical pattern ceases to function when money is passed through beaurocaies and subsidies , it fails to refelct the real operations of a market . You have regional , national and then EU beaurocracy and it just acts as a filter . The cost of government has been one of the great missed ecnomic understandings about the problem , come to think of it the cost of banking ie anything else that is additional to the actual transactions in the real market , that lead to price cost increases . It seems of little use expecting the economy to pull then through , when the economy has been robbed of its true , prices .

    I cite this as different to taxation from the industrail revolution onwards , as taxation became used for economic better function , in other words it was justified and costed as to what was needed , town hall , new road relational and sensative to manufactured growth and products .
    When you end up taxing for expensive things or even fraud and corruption , you eventually end with an economy that has expensive producer trades , as well as inflation , until you borrow to cover the gap , or borrow to go bust.
    The realtionship of readable ecnomics is and always has been a middle class that never takes more out of the productive economy than is absolutely necessary .
    So for all those stupid pay rises that the , medical , lawyers , banks, beaurocrats get union voted through , it costs in the need to subsidise the real market prices , until it goes critical as you never understood the margin impairments and you are borrowing to keep prices and purchases circulating and you go bust .

    That was what made me laugh with Eds living wage , he talking about a figure that includes all his soft local taxes from bloated councils . That was also my concern when The libs triumphed in taking people out of taxation , as that requires taxation somewhere else to make up for it . Some costs are pure and simple per capita and the sooner we perhaps start accounting for public service and political costs in those terms , the better we shall see what the drag has been .

  163. 163
    Blimey says:

    So he has only seen Lord McAlpine’s photo now, and McAlpine’s photo is all over the internet and has been for years?

  164. 164
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Jimmy Savile ‘denied’ being a paedo and isn’t it strange how his legals won against The NOTW for making moves to out him!

    Perhaps Rupee was trading dirt with the powers that be at the time – for the result; and both Rupee and the ptb decided to move along thereafter for some or other resaons???

    There are newer revelations out on sky this afternoon …
    The Press started this ‘Public Controversy’ – The public are going to have the guilty convicted as the issues must now be resolved “In The Public Interest” (Which might not suit some suits but tough titties).

  165. 165
    Nads in the jungle says:

    Yep eat lodsa pies

  166. 166
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Tom and PIEs go together like a …………

    what a plonker !!

  167. 167
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

  168. 168
    The Sleeper says:

    Fuck me…The writs are going to be flying around now that McAlpines’ accuser has retracted his accusations.

    ITV must be shitting pure diarrhoea now because of Schofield and his producer.

    And,if Plod falsely identified McAlpine to Messham,they’ll be doing the same.

    Love it.

  169. 169
    Unreliable Witness says:

    Not everyone has internet access.

    This is going to be an easy one for the libel lawyers though…

  170. 170
    Timothy touch Winkel says:

    He touched me

  171. 171
    Unreliable Witness says:

    That was meant to be a reply to 151…

  172. 172
    Timothy touch Winkel says:

    Sounds like you been eating winkle

  173. 173

  174. 174
    Blimey says:

    Amazing the effects that a brief can have on the memory.

  175. 175
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Just let Tom the PIE master have his day……. but I think it will end in tears for him :)

  176. 176
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Poor old and obese Tom the PIE master, let him have his day……. but I think it will end in tears for him :)

  177. 177
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Just let Tom the PIE master have his day……. he is known as a rather ignorant pie eater, I think it will end in tears for him :)

  178. 178
    Go ahead says:

    I suggest everyone chill out and watch The Dead Pool on TV tonight. The least of the Dirty Hàrry films but still entertaining. “You forgot to read your fortune cookie, asshole. It says… you’re shit outta luck.”

  179. 179
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Steady on there…….. Just let Tom the PIE master have his day……. but I think it will end in tears for him :)

  180. 180
    Porta Lilly says:

    Lord McAlpine made me wear a blindfold when I sucked his cock, so I couldn’t identify him

  181. 181
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Just let Tom the PIE master have his day……. but I think it will end in tears for him. I just wonder if his mother loved him or tried to kill him with kindness :)

  182. 182
    A Passing Doctor says:

    You trying to kill him?

  183. 183
    taxi driver says:

    What is that on his chin ? Looks like a large boil just about to discharge copious amounts of pus.

    So about right!!!

  184. 184
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Jimmy is said to have granted a young child a Jim’ll fix it badge, for milking a cow whilst blinfolded :)

  185. 185
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Mac A – seems to have taken quite some time to come up with his ‘suggestions’ [see “one particular sentence” in the speccy article.] and his taking umbrage with all – and how convenient is it that it is ‘said’ that it was someone who’s ‘now dead’? This story is not dead yet and there are STILL those in ‘higher positions’ [referred to by Cameron across the press] who know where all the dirt is buried and who the guilty are.

  186. 186
    The savant2 says:


    He s. going on the next

    I m a celebrity outing

    For want of anything more constructive to occupy his time

  187. 187
    not a machine reloaded says:

    i dont know what to make of story yet , other than we clearly have somthing tragic and monstrous at a childrens home , that is of a different nature to the previous enquiry and a whole new london abuse scene in the 70s needing a police investigation . I mean you cant poke a stick at anyone until this new sordid story is investigated . I suppose a hidden high class peado scene could be covered up if it involved important people , but beyond that , you cannot really say . Jimmy savilve was doing it with girls , but what we seem to have so far is men doing it to boys in an organised way , which perhaps requires a whole different set of depravity charactures .

  188. 188
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Unless the tree was someone going to a fancy dress party.

  189. 189
    The first line of Bad by Michael Jackson says:

    Your butt is mine

  190. 190
    The savant3 says:

    Testing testing

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    None of you are even intelligent enough to realise that the case referred to by Watson is *A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CASE* to the one referred to by Steven Messham. But that’s what you Right-wing, paedo protectors are like isn’t it?

    Bet you fucking loved every second Jimmy Saville was sucking up to Thatcher while he was shagging his way through under-age girls in the 1980s, don’t you?

    Uncle Jimmy fulfilling your own sordid, nasty ambitions.

    Maggie Thatcher – leading a govt that covered up police corruption at Hillsboro and Orgreave; and keeping the lid on the paedophiles and child abusers in her own government.

    But it all goes into the pot together so you can cloud the issues and let the paedos carry on abusing.

  192. 192
    Gerry says:

    …Well let’s hear it from him then!

  193. 193
    Curious says:

    Out of curiosity, do you have specially re-inforced trees in your, ahem, neck of the woods?

  194. 194
    Anonymous says:

    no ne should be hung but.
    we would like to know who are protected in this country. and why.
    is it only bliar or are there others

  195. 195
    Tony_E says:

    Operation Ore should probably be left where it is – buried. It alleged that people in the UK were downloading ‘Child Porn’ from an internet site in Texas (i think) over a period leading up to about 2001/2.

    Just how many people had broadband in 2001? Dial up speeds were impossibly slow. Are we really sure that so many people in the UK gave their credit card details to a foreign web site?

    One reason for concern is that credit card fraud was rife in that period of time, it is quite possible that a great number of the credit cards were obtained through deception or fraud, sold in batches from a legitimate source for example. I have had my credit card cloned at a hotel, then sold to someone who used it on the web.

    An easy way to check might be to ask the simple question of the Ore inquiry ‘How many of the credit cards belonged to Women, or people for whom internet access was either impossible at home or at least difficult?’

    ‘What percentage of people were investigated who were never found to have any images or ip trace on their computers?’

  196. 196
    Tony_E says:

    Its convention that new governments only hold up the political and policy decisions of the previous government to scrutiny, and that they do not use priviledged information or information subject to the 30/50/100 year rule for party political ends.

    In most cases this is actually a recipe for good government, meaning that ministers and civil servants are allowed to speak freely in private without fear of that being used against them by their opponents later.

    Of course, in recent times, our civil service is so politicised and leaky that this has been a bit of a farce.

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    t “what we seem to have so far is men doing it to boys in an organised way”

    Which men? When? In what way organised?

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Did anyone mention, “Margaret Hodges.”

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    I agree. I’ve never seen a coconut palm lining a beach.

  200. 200
    Anonymous says:

    If the house of commons had a decent speaker rather than the twat who is the current incumbent Watson would be called to the bar of the House and suspended.

  201. 201
    XXX says:

    Rob Wilson has appointed him self the convener of the tory mps the rest of them seem very quiet at the moment, on the other hand he might be the stalking horse to ease out Dave

  202. 202
    Hysteria watch says:

    Where is the hysterical prick who thought he was being so clever posting under various phrases which sounded like MCAlpine ? Get a grip you big girls blouse.

  203. 203
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Bit like all those idiots who mistook a paediatrician for a paedophile.

  204. 204
    Phil says:

    I thought I was alone in thinking virtually what you just wrote. Watson appears to have been the trigger and therefore irrespective of slanderous and libellous allegations being protected by parliamentary privilege is it not about time that this particular scumbag was brought to book for the havoc he has caused?
    The BBC meanwhile continues to spit out it’s virtriolic, anti tory bile on a daily basis and we are paying for it.
    Radio 5 today started a half baked apology and the announcer had to correct herself by initially referring by phrase to “his victims” as oppposed to “his alleged”.Their mindset is utterly disgusting.

  205. 205
    XXX says:

    Plenty on this blog do that

  206. 206
    Mad Frankie's Older Sister says:

    In response, Mr Watson said

    “It was the police what done it after all.

    They showed the victim a picture of a man they told me was Lord McAlpine when in fact it was someone completely different.

    As I have said from the start, this was clearly part of an establishment cover up that went to the heart of No 10 and was designed to cover up wrong doing in Mrs Thatcher’s Government by blaming a totally innocent Treasurer of the Conservative Party.

    The devilish complexity of this scheme shows how determined the Iron Lady was to destroy the reputation of her own party in just the same way as she destroyed the coal industry”

  207. 207

    Will Alex Salmond launch an enquiry into allegations of cover ups of politicians involvement in cases north of the Border? Will we have an enquiry into political involvement in the destruction of the records of Humberside Police, including those covering Huntley’s past? Will we have an arms race of escalating enquiries until we get a “Royal Commission” led by a female judge (and therefore unlikely to be sympathetic to the bonding rituals of exclusive male only clubs, Masonic or other)?

  208. 208
    Anonymous says:

    This last week has been a BBC employee’s wet dream.Being able to place paedophile, Tory and Thatcher in the same sentence will have had them cumming in each others mouths.

  209. 209
    Harriet Harman says:

    I mentioned PIE once but I think I got away with it.

  210. 210
    what a wheeze... says:

    of course not …. bunters enjoying playing the one nation champion
    ….. known in the trade as ‘doing a vaz’

  211. 211
    Fish says:

    C4 news reporting that victim has withdrawn his allegation against McAlpine and apologises.

    Newsnight has serious questions to answer. They knew that McAlpine was the accused but ran the story with only one source.

    Newsnight should be closed down.

  212. 212
    Todays word "Credible" says:

    Gio is a bit of a” colourful character ” himself as a simple 3 min search on the web reveals. Hmmmmmmm

  213. 213
    Tim's Aunt Hilda says:

    I’ve told you about that before Tim…

  214. 214
    Tim's Aunt Hilda says:

    any more and the jellys going back in the fridge..

  215. 215
    HenryV says:

    By mugs I assume you mean MI5 and GCHQ? Believe me they are not mugs.

  216. 216

    That’s it you made me angry now and when I get angry I eat twice as much as normal

  217. 217
    Ed Millibandofbrothers says:

    I demand a judge led inquiry into this affair led by Judge Holly Willoughby.

  218. 218
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    How very true. Watson has stirred all this up, yet no mention of his name on any of the news channels.

  219. 219
    Fast moving story says:

    It has now been revealed that Guido has been mistakenly identified as the real perpetrator was his brother Harry Fawkes who has since died.

  220. 220
    Fast moving story says:

    Whats all this double checking, triple checking, corroboration, multiple sources, photo IDs etc I find 3minutes on the internet gets the best results.

  221. 221
    Damo says:

    Now that McAlpine’s cleared the air how can we be sure there aren’t other small bean regarders lurking on the back benches? Surely the only way to draw a line under the issue is for every Tory to publicly attest they’re not a bent ref.

  222. 222
    who why what where when says:

    Newsnight doesn’t allow the facts to get in the way of a good Tory bashing story.

  223. 223
    Anonymous says:

    does anyone know the truth. The abused are emotionally needy and can be swayed. The bigger issue is who are the people in this country who are protected. How are they protected.

    is there such a need in the 21st century, .. is the public still going to be treated as if we do not deserve to know.

  224. 224
    early bird..... says:

    you could mention pie a dozen times harriet … you still wouldn’t
    get anyone to share it ..

    I have to say I caught a particularly flattering camera angle of your fevered brow at PMQs this week…gosh you were dashing and that ascerbic shrew yvette beside you …gurning away.

    at least the public can see that in this One Nation …when we are not graced with a performance by the ‘Eddie Boys’ we at least have a
    couple of old boilers to keep the seats warm.

  225. 225
    stun says:

    He protests about fucking everything, if there’s the slightest chance he can link it to the baby-eating Tories, irrespective of evidence. Of course, he was all over the Mirror hacking story too, wasn’t he. Oh.

  226. 226
    stun says:

    Rangers shareholder. Say no more.

  227. 227
  228. 228
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Lord McAlpine didnt touch me says the UKs newest millionaire
    Mr Steve Messham .

  229. 229
    green ink says:

    grow up … we’re not living a ‘novel’ … and people wanting to harm us need stopping. After 9/11 …7/7 and many others the gloves came off big time …they have better things to do than monitor the mumblings of idiots.

  230. 230
    Expat Geordie says:

    Very good, except for the spelling mistakes and the occasional incorrect “fact”. William Hague MP could not have talked/ordered Leon Brittan MP to resign and become the UK’s commisioner in the EC as these two people did not exist at the same time. Hague became an MP AFTER Brittan resigned. Hague won the bye-election for Brittans old seat of Richmond in North Yorkshire in 1989.

  231. 231
    Dolly and Damien says:

    Nothing to do with us whatsoever

  232. 232
    The Little One at the End says:

    Err, he’s a slug not a toad, leaves a smelly silver trail of slime behind!!

  233. 233
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Alex Salmond and some other welsh assembly twat – ran a co-ordinated, managed and manipulated – campaign to give the impression that Bliar should be ‘impeached’ for his Iraq doings. The UK’s MSM promoted the Scot and Welsh ‘Charade’ of an attempt to impeach Bliar – to fool the public; to give the public the impression that no stone was left unturned in trying to impeach Bliar …

    It was just another Circus act – performed by the politicians in cahoots with the Parliamentary press circus to the detriment of the Public and I might add the assuage the angry families of the dead soldiers. Blairs pawns.

  234. 234
    MilibandWagonInquiry says:

    We need an inquiry into his activities.

  235. 235
    Expat Geordie says:

    I suppose he was having a ‘dead tree press’ ?


  236. 236
    Blowing Whistles says:

    There were many posting about MaCalpine – name names you hysterical knee-jerk reactionary? Oh btw and Macalpine didn’t have a clue whatsoever!!! that it was a family member even perhaps impersonating him who was up to lots of child abuse?

    It ain’t even half time in this matter.

  237. 237
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Vince Cable knows lots of things that several Reading MP’s are of a want to cover up – you gotta get up Early to out fox a fox.

  238. 238
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The 7000+ names on the ore list were “faxed” to every National newspaper – from Texas in 1999. Since that time what have all the proprietors of those papers done with the lists?

  239. 239
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The issue is not Schofield – IT IS Camoron’s “Reaction” and every quote published across the press today of what he said.

    Cameron – needs to get his Rse in gear.

  240. 240
    northern git says:

    well what a week… took to thinking about my young days and you’ll excuse me if I recall a particularly formative part of my life experience….

    When I werra a lad ma dad were a sardine slitter behind the fish sheds and his best mate a kipper slipper in the sluice next door..I think I was about 7 when he told me he was sending me to sea on a trawler as ‘boatlad’ …
    for many years thereafter I was regularly rubbed down by some salty seadog or other when I’d finish all three shifts and turn in cold hungry and wet. There was always something strange about that welcome… now its a smile and a werthers then it was sucking a fisherman’s friend.

  241. 241
    GUBU says:

    They’re all terribly sorry…No harm intended.

    Now move along and leave us in peace to rustle up some more poorly substantiated allegations, there’s a good boy.

  242. 242
    Jesus Christ, Fenton ! says:

    But it was on the internet ?

  243. 243
    GUBU says:

    Is that you, Tom?

  244. 244
    The Grimm Reaper says:

    Has Twatson looked in the mirror lately ?

  245. 245
    you can join our band...the Eddie Boys Bandwagon says:

    sitting there unblown whistles

  246. 246
    you can join our band...the Eddie Boys Bandwagon says:

    bunters on the tunes…

  247. 247
    Anything is possible on the interweb says:

    Look if the Lizards can shape shift they can also shift reality to make things fit . OK !

  248. 248
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Watson is a fat cnut. If he was serious about outing nonces he would be questioning Operation Ore, Islington Care Homes (hi Margaret) and the Greville Janner accusations.

    He isn’t and so one concludes this is all about:

    1) party politics

    2) deflecting attention from the BBC

    He really is a tw*t

  249. 249
    Arse says:

    In my view Tom Watson is a fucking moron. However, fair play to the guy. He managed to get elected whilst looking very much like a nonce himself. Does he protest too much?

  250. 250
    Arse says:

    I can’t wait to see McAlpine v Monbiot. I especially can’t wait to read what Monbiot thinks about the green tax on his electricity bill when he’s fucking bankrupt.

  251. 251
    G Janner says:

    I love Simple Minds

    … Don’t you forget about me

  252. 252
    Philip the Gimp Schofield says:

    I have a list of people who look and act like Paedos from the Labour party. i am desperate to hand it to Ed Militw*t. Unfortunately it has several thousand names on it so I feel like the Andrex puppy chasing him around with it.

  253. 253
    Philip the Gimp Schofield says:

    I have a list of people who look and act like P*edos from the Labour party. i am desperate to hand it to Ed Militw*t. Unfortunately it has several thousand names on it so I feel like the Andrex puppy chasing him around with it.

  254. 254
  255. 255
    dunstall says:

    Grovelling apology from the BBC and Newsnight this must be the end for ths useless programme long past its sell by date.ITV should be suspending Schofield and the producer who came up with yesterdays piece of s…

  256. 256
    HenryV says:

    One does hope you are not telling me to grow up. I am very well aware of what the security services are doing these days and their work load. Hence my remark that they are not mugs……

  257. 257
    early bird..... says:

    or have a large bowel movement whilst on his hind legs ‘doing a vaz’ in the chamber amply demonstrating he talks like he squits.

    bunters writing the tunes for the upcoming long heralded ‘Eddie Boys Tour’ already rehearsing for the Doom of Gloom Election Manifesto from which the light of wisdom will appear for a better nation…. One Nation ….and another fiasco in the making.

    If the ‘Old Boilers’ sign up this gig will be the stuff of legend….the ascerbic one is a definite as she knows shes got a job on keeping all these bands and balls in the air but she’ll neck it out till the bitter end…harriets lost the will.

  258. 258
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah standing up for the victims of rape is foul isn’t it.

  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    Well I for one find it very hard to believe that Mr Messham would not have looked up a picture of Mcalpine on the net before yesterday, or that BBC reporters would have shown him a picture either.

    You really believe that he’s only just seen a picture of the man and noticed the error of his ways? Really?

    All seems very well choreographed. I’d also like to know why he sent a lawyer to the enquiry to see if his name came up.

  260. 260
    Anonymous says:

    Mcalpine’s picture has been on the internet for years. Funny Messham has only just been provided a picture. Terribly convenient.

  261. 261
    DDC says:

    I think R4 has just said on news summary that man who accused Lord *** of abusing him has said he was mistaken. WTF – so it’s his fault, then?

  262. 262
    DDC says:

    interesting link, thanks, though I’m not sure whether Nick got to the bottom of it

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    Or he’s been helped to see the error of his ways…

  264. 264
    Average person in the street says:

    A few days on ………………….

    All very nicely packaged it seems.

    Not cross party collusion in an attempt to stifle t’internet surely??????????

    Only asking!

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    Why suspend Schofield? As a result if him passing that list McAlpine has been cleared in the space of 24 hours. Maybe the other names on the list should come forward and have their names cleared. It’s not like we don’t know who they are or can at least venture an educated guess.

  266. 266
    you can be in our band...the Eddie Boys Tour says:

    its a rolling runner …all aboard

  267. 267
    confused.... says:

    do you mean …as in give us the dirt son or your budgie gets it ?

  268. 268
    Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Hear, hear !!

  269. 269
    Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Fair comment – he does look like a paedo – it’s those glasses, the greasey oily white skin and his hair.

    I only voted for him because when he came round to my house doing canvassing he said If I voted for him he’d get me an extra £3 a month fuel allowance ! He’s a good man is that Tom Watson…..despite licking his lips and dribbling when me 3 year old grandson came to the door.

  270. 270
    My teeth are on edge says:

    Puppet Master you are a clown,not funny but a clown all the same!

  271. 271
    Ippikin says:

    I do have it on good authority that when you are close up to him, you can smell his arse!

  272. 272
    Freddy Krueger says:

    So will the Government now hold an enquiry into the BBC Newsnight smears. For the last week on the BBC News in all mediums, radio and TV, there have been claims that a ‘Tory paedo’ a ‘Conservative’ with close links to ‘Thatcher’ abused boys at a North Wales children’s home. Now, due to the diligence of the Guardian (WTF) we know it to be a lie.

    Did BBC Newsnight run this story to take heat off the Savile story, and did they run the story to smear the party they hate the most the Conservatives?

  273. 273
    Freddy Krueger says:

    So will the Government now hold an enquiry into the BBC Newsnight smears. For the last week on the BBC News in all mediums, radio and TV, there have been claims that a ‘Tory paedo’ a ‘Conservative’ with close links to ‘Thatcher’ abused boys at a North Wales children’s home. Now, due to the diligence of the Guardian (WTF) we know it to be a lie.

    Did BBC Newsnight run this story to take heat off the Savile story, and did they run the story to smear the party they hate the most the Conservatives?

  274. 274
    Blowing Whistles says:

    YCJOB – thanks for your incisive, intelligent, informative and content full comments – please do keep informing us all with your 5hit.

  275. 275
    moby dick says:

    some guy on SKY paper review just called guido a CHEAPSKATE

  276. 276
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Do you mean the Importuning Miranda he/she doesn’t do God straight kinda cleaner than clean, whiter than white, not beholden to JP Morgan and any other number of corporate greedy behemoths, I never told the truth actually because I wouldn’t dare voluntarily volunteer to take oath at the hutton inquiry guy?

  277. 277
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ever wondered if the press are also riddled with child abusing sickos – such that they come out in their smear merchant poo pooing numbers as well?

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    So in a week (almost, is it?) we have found out that someone didn’t do something. Importantly, for those of us who didn’t speculate, we only found out at the very end. I feel as if I have been handed the dust-jacket and the last page of a novel and asked to fill in the rest.

    I have seen no more useless a waste of time as this since the last European Union financial summit – or a G8/20, you name it: Middle East peace talks, a resolution to the Syrian conflict – in short we have got no further than a Bank of England interest-rate review.

    I’m going to bed now.

  279. 279
    green ink says:

    not at all Henry was replying to puppet master

  280. 280
    Tesa1945 says:

    That Watson fella looks a bit suspicious….. who do we report him to?

  281. 281
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:

    He didn’t repeat the allegations. He said there needed to be a better enquiry than the woeful Waterhouse one into the hell that was North Wales.

    Whereas here, there were more unsubstantiated allegations fling around than a David Icke blog.

  282. 282
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:

    CEOP and Childline say that around 20% child sex abuse allegations involve women. See Vanessa George

  283. 283
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:


  284. 284
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:

    Have you never been to the tropics?

  285. 285
  286. 286
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:

    Do you like mocking child rape survivors?

  287. 287
    Mr Reptile Illuminati Fawkes says:

    It’s a great link. Davies is one of the few proper journalists around. He is very careful about what he says. His concern is obviously with the victims and not the popular ‘guess the paedo’ game

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    the paedophile no. 1 asset, pride in his cleverness.
    his mind you could be her.

  289. 289
    Anonymous says:

    the paedo saga is all about fox hunting.
    trapping. and escaping.
    but here we are in the realm of the mind. what it is able to see and what not quite. the rest is childish stuff. known as ego games.

  290. 290
    Lord Angmar says:

    I’m not; not until I’ve finished this bottle of brandy that the moronic shopkeeper sold me for £25 instead of its retail price- £150.

  291. 291
    Martin Remi says:


  292. 292
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    or come forward so the British media can freely link them to kiddie fiddling for no more reason than some idiots on internet forums are bandying their name about. Twat!

    McAlpine was having a direct allegation made against him by a particular individual who had already back-tracked on it before McAlpine broke cover.

    I suppose you think all the Labour MP’s, whose names are flying round the Internet, should also break cover to clear themselves of internet rumors and innuendo!

    Fvcking idiot Liebour troll!

  293. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the malign spread of the PC mindset permits a blind eye to be turned the criminal activities of minorities.

  294. 294
    from hysteria to humbleness says:

    The BBC apologises to Lord McAlpine unreservedly for the Newsnight report

    “The BBC said that, on Friday night, director general George Entwistle had ordered the following actions:

    Sending in a senior news executive to “supervise” Friday night’s edition of Newsnight

    An apology to be broadcast on Friday’s programme

    An “immediate pause in all Newsnight investigations to assess editorial robustness and supervision”

    Commissioning BBC Scotland director Ken MacQuarrie to write an “urgent report for the DG covering what happened on this Newsnight investigation”

    An “immediate suspension” of all co-productions with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism which Newsnight worked with on the programme”

    On the subject of McAlpine’s legal action, from what I understand from my feeble knowledge of libel law, the BBC, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Sally Bercow, Tom Watson, George Monbiot,, David Icke and conspiracy blog site owners are all people or organizations who he could certainly potentially sue and would be the most likely targets. It might also be an idea for Guido’s little helpers to clean up the comments of the blog posts on the Newsnight story with prejudice. That idiot who kept posting stuff about McAlpine might get the site in trouble.

  295. 295
    The Fourth Official says:

    You sound really disappointed.

  296. 296
    Anonymous says:

    Cable knows sweet F A about anything!

  297. 297
    Anonymous says:

    I wish you wouldn’t refer to dear pld Tom un that way.

  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    Methinks you protest too much!

  299. 299
    golli says:

    “helpers to clean up the comments of the blog posts”…
    The interwebby is uncleanable. More power to McAlpine.

  300. 300
    Anonymous says:

    He has a face like a smacked arse.

  301. 301
    golli says:

    Err not quite
    Nine men appear in court accused of sexually exploiting underage girl in Rochdale

  302. 302
    golli says:

    ….and defending the libel writs and then paying the damages will all come out of captive license fee payers pockets. Scandalous.

  303. 303
    Anonymous says:

    Did Scallywag not identify McAlpine in the early 90s?

    Did he sue them or issue a denial?

    It certainly would have been a lot easier to have got to the truth back then, when people were still alive, memories were fresher and records still existed.

    Now it’s all just shrouded in fog.

  304. 304
    bergen says:

    I can’t make up my mind whether it is the Tories or the BBC that has a death wish. This open warfare between the country’s government and the opposition’s propaganda arm masquerading as the national broadcaster is unsustainable.It’s reach the”kill or be killed” stage.I can’t guess the winner.

  305. 305
    Pundit Too says:

    The usual Stasi style interrogation of Entwhistle on the Toady Programme by John Humphries this morning produced a startling revelation that the BBC senior executives will not be happy with.
    Entwhistle TELLS THE TRUTH, in spite of the fact that it counts against him concerning his managerial control of the sprawling BBC empire.
    Thus it is not a great leap in thinking that Entwhistle could be the victim of a concerted BBC effort to get him sacked.
    Of course this never crossed the mind of Humphries as a left wing BBC Guardianista, though of course he did bring up the fact that the Gruniard did have a front page article on it. Entwhistle did not read the Gruniard, so he must be the only senior BBC executive who does not slavishly read it, and follow its rulings.
    Perhaps the parliamentary commission should bear these facts in mind and assist him in clearing out both his and our enemies of the state.

  306. 306
    Pundit Too says:

    Monbiot is also rather silent. I hope he is talking to his lawyers and they are costing him a whole heap of dosh.

  307. 307
    St. Vincent of Cable - old man in a hurry says:

    I am the second saviour of the world. I know a hell of a lot.

  308. 308
    Pundit too too says:

    Who the hell follows Twatson except his enemies of course?
    The enemies must constitute 70% of his followers, and the rest Labour tribal followers.

  309. 309
    Pundit too too says:

    Is it the same Schofield?

  310. 310
    Johnie, Jimmy and The Today Programme Team says:

    Schofield is only copying my aggressive and OTT SHOUTING AND SCREAMING in my radio programme. Our agenda is to destroy the Tories and gain brownie points no matter who gets hurt (so long as it is not us).

  311. 311
    Mr Leader says:

    Well we all know what happened to Macarthy – but only after he broke many lives.

  312. 312
    Pundit too too says:

    Am I the only one that finds the “victim’s” testimony misleading to say the least.
    He admits to lapses in his remembrance of facts concerning his treatement and time in the home, but was adamant that Lord McAlpine was the perpetrator and that the judge of the investigation was wrong when he recently stated he did not remember the victim naming McAlpine; which he said he definately would have remembered if said.
    I can’t help thinking this is a BBC – Watson – Labour stitch up gone totally wrong.
    Now I believe the “victim” has gone AWOL after issueing a grovelling apology. Perhaps the media should better investigate the motives behind this story.
    Having said this it could not happen to nicer people.

  313. 313
    Pundit too too says:

    Schofield should not be suspended.
    He and his editor should be sacked for not upholding the journalistic standards expected of them as a national news channel.

  314. 314
    Sir Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Ummm – well, I might have “miss identified” the TV presenter here.

    It does say Phillip Schofield

    It does say it was New Zealand

    It does say TV presenter

    It does say ” ….caught by police with an 11 year old school boy’s penis in his mouth………”

  315. 315
    The Sleeper says:

    This idiot Entwhistle is an utter moron.

    So!…Newsnight are planning to put out another child abuse story..considering it pulled the one that should have been aired..and as a result the DG is hauled before a Commons Committee…..He says then that it’s all beneath his level to get involved.

    Does the Plonker think that it might just be a good idea to see what they’re doing to say?

    No…it’s still all beneath him to ask…apparently!!!

    Fucking wanker…..You’re not fit for purpose and should be fired immediately.

  316. 316
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I might be worth researching Operation Countryman – start with the obituary of Arthur Hambleton published in the Telegraph Tuesday 6th November 2012.

  317. 317
    local wind says:

    bubbles kicked my tortoise

  318. 318
    David Icke says:

    Fatson saying his comments during PMQs wasnt anything to do with North wales.

  319. 319
    Happy Hour says:

    Standing up for the victims of rape is not foul. But I doubt sanctimonious Watson is doing it for the victims but for his own personal aggrandisement, sense of self-importance and to keep his ego inflating.

  320. 320
    BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

    Oh heck, our ‘I’m-a-corrupt-elephant-in-the-room-but-look-there’s-a-rainbow-now-you-can’t see-meeee’ initiative has been rumbled!

  321. 321
    M says:

    But with Labour Party’s mouth piece the BBC fucking up every investigation into these alleged crimes , (for the sake of deflecting abuse scandel on to the Tory’s , )
    The more remote justice for genuine victims becomes

  322. 322
    M says:

    Give everyone a tax cut shut the BBC

  323. 323
    M says:

    McBride & Draper ?

  324. 324
    Peter Grimes says:

    Guido has posted a few hints in the past, but seems to have clammed up. Perhaps the fat fucker TWATson has had Farter Cluck write to him.

    Where is the fat fucker anyway? TWATson I mean, not guido.

  325. 325
    Marmite says:

    I’ll put your blog down to you being extremely drunk anonymong. Hope you feel more lucid when you sober up!

  326. 326
    Expat Geordie says:


  327. 327
    Anonymous says:

    Common Purpose and the Leveson Inquiry

    “…Anthony Salz who is now Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild and was formerly Vice Chairman of the BBC Governors. Anthony Salz is also on the board at the Common Purpose controlled Media Standards Trust that launched the hacking inquiry. The Scott Trust and the Rothschild ‘Eranda Foundation’ have both funded the Media Standards Trust. Anthony Salz is a trustee of the Scott Trust which owns the Guardian Media Group. It was the Guardian newspaper that first published information about Milly Dowler’s phone having been hacked.”

    “Shami Chakrabarti is Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University…Joanna Foster was formerly Deputy Chair and Governor of ‘Oxford Brookes University’ and chaired the Lloyds TSB Foundation and the Equal Opportunities Commission. Joanna Foster is also an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford SAID Business School. Another Common Purpose graduate at the SAID Business School is Elizabeth Paris who has been Managing Director at JPMorgan and Managing Director at The Chase Manhattan Bank. Dame Helen Alexander is a trustee of the Oxford University SAID Business School and was Chief Executive of the Economist Group until 2008. Lady de Rothschild and Chair of Common Purpose Sir David Bell are on the Board of Directors at The Economist Group. Dame Helen Alexander is also on the World Wide Web Foundation Board of Directors along with Ex – Prime Minister Gordon Brown.”

  328. 328
    Eddy says:

    Brilliant! +100 internets for you.

  329. 329
    Eddy says:

    is that even possible?

  330. 330
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t understand your post, but as I mentioned Lord McAlpine told the Telegraph ““When the inquiry was taking place I hired a lawyer to watch it in case there was any mention of my name.”

    Would you send a lawyer to a child abuse enquiry to see if your name was perchance mentioned?

    Rumours about this man do not just originate from Messham but police sources – look up the Scallywag article which names him directly. He never sued for that.

  331. 331
    As I said to the missus yesterday says:

    Just what I’m thinking too Anonymous.

  332. 332
    George O says:

    Send him to Room 101

  333. 333
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, but they allowed him to only use his middle names in the conviction and fine, was the point.

    I think though that the undercover policeman he helped out was not a child bought for cash and then often the information was used against the purcheser later on in exchange for favours.

    Chalk and cheese.

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

    False-flag coat-trailing exercise.

    Discredit the truth by spamming the comments with subtly anti semitic NWO conspiracy theories.

    Just because Langley does it, doesn’t mean that we should too.

  335. 335
    Maisiew says:

    What could Cameron do

    Release the files that Blair put a D notice on just before the Iraq war
    this is supposed to be all about Liebours shitbags

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    he looked bloody terrified in his apology. best messham doesn’t go for a walk in the woods alone. poor guy. shameful the way HE has been treated.

  337. 337
    Anonymous says:

    And a threat,

  338. 338
    Labour is evil in it's purest form. says:

    Loving the meltdown following Entwistle’s resignation by Lefty twats like that Ubër Wanker Ben Bradshaw, reeling because one of their own has royally fucked up by being party political in most vindictive way. Another Wanker in total hysterics on Sky News: “What about Tom Watson? Should he lose Labour Whip? What about George Monbiot of the Guardian?”. No, I would say losing whip or being sacked is too easy, likewise shooting them is too quick, just let them have the shit kicked out of them, day after day…………………..

  339. 339
    Upshot creek says:

    History Man……. The peedo establishment was a ‘Home Office’ ‘Approved School’. Stop trying to rewrite history………..


  340. 340
    Upshot creek says:

    Wasn’t Broadmoor a ‘Home Office’ run establishment?

  341. 341
    Upshot creek says:

    Now that’s Irony!

  342. 342
    cynic says:

    So who appointed the DG who couldn’t Direct?

    This isnt over yet

  343. 343
    Derp says:

    I love that photo of Twatson sweating like a bastard. Probably think of having sex with a great big sausage roll.

  344. 344
    Jimmy Savile says:

    he’s probably finding other nonces to take the focus off himself

  345. 345

    Something my father said to me this morning has made me wonder. ‘No smoke without fire’ is a bit of a cliche, but could it be that people were more inclined to believe that McAlpine was a promising suspect due to independent evidence, and so more inclined to cut corners and make this kind of mistake? We know that’s exactly the kind of thing our police force do, after all, and unarmed people have been gunned down as a consequence, let alone wrongly accused of a crime.

    If this is the case, I would imagine there will be a lot of people fuming in the background about this person or that getting away with ‘murder’. They would need to take their own share of the blame for that, though.

  346. 346
    Joined up thinking says:

    …. a big Mac and fries….?

  347. 347
    Anonymous says:

    Well, He Would, Wouldn’t he :)

  348. 348
    Pmaxted says:

    I pronounce you guilty !

  349. 349
    Gordon F Brown says:

    “PS you are a useless fat partisan git” and full of shit, from what I can remember.

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