November 9th, 2012

Labour Let the Ket’ Out the Bag

Faced with an uninspiring candidate at the Corby by-election, Labour’s campaign manager Ian Austin – not a man well versed with the truth – hyped up the  mythical threat of closure to Kettering Hospital. When it was pointed out by the NHS that the hospital was in fact not going to close, the “Save the Hospital” spin campaign was heavily watered down. So, just how much does the Labour Party care about the hospital, and how much of it was guff from Austin?

Well today possible options to downgrade some services at the hospital was debated in Parliament. Just four Labour MPs bothered to turn up. One walked out half way through and the rest just sat on their phones. All hands on deck!


  1. 1
    Selohesra says:

    The fools up there will still vote Labour though

  2. 6
    The savant2 says:

    For god ssake gweed this more boring than bbc parliament on a sunday afternoon

    Who the fuck cares

    I know its friday but jeez if you v got nothing better than this

    Let s all just watch the porn channels and masturbate

    Bye ….

  3. 8
    Abbott top Twatter says:

    See that fat Bl@ck woman at the front?

    This is what she was doing during the debate and it had nowt to do with Corby.

    • 15
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      The great and the good of the labour party are all there, surely you can see them too :)

    • 22
      Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

      The daft cow is still moist from her ‘Boyfriend’ winning the American thing the other day going by the passion of her Twitting there.
      You’d vote for a showroom dummy with it’s head missing before you voted for any of that shower of opportunistic gainsayers any more surely?

    • 62
      Lou Costello says:

      She has form for Tweeting at inappropriate moments:
      H-e-e-e-y-y, Abbott! Poppy Day is Sunday– got anything planned THIS year?

      • 101
        Obama Beach says:

        The fat shit obviously didn’t lose too many relatives in the World Wars who fought to keep the nation free so that she can stuff that mingelike cakehole of hers.

  4. 11
    Tom Watson says:

    They care about as much for that hospital as I do about hacked phones and abused kids….not a lot.

  5. 14
    Ed learns how to Cut says:
  6. 24
    Ed Miliband says:

    I really wanted to attend an NHS rally but I had an invitation to lunch with a millionaire owner of a rugby club.

  7. 25
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Murdoch likes them young doesnt he !!!!!!…LOL

  8. 36
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Really lovin the coordinated push back regarding Tory pae*dos from Tory HQ

    Press the panic button….LOL

  9. 43
    Steve Miliband says:

    Next Ed Balls will be demanding the fuel duty rise he introduced for 2013 to be held. Oh wait….

  10. 45
    Leo Brittanica says:

    Well, bugger me!

  11. 49
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Has Andy Sawford the credentials to become a labour MP?
    He will need the following attributes,
    Deny the labour defecit
    Have no memory of the years between 1997 and 2010
    Fiddle expenses
    Swap houses with another labour MP
    Shout in the commons
    Say that cuts need to be made but state none

  12. 52
    Sir WW says:

    For one moment I thought you meant that Mr Austin was back on ketamine, which would of course be impossible.

  13. 55
    Latest News says:

    A security guard is reported to have shot and killed himself inside the Swedish prime minister’s residence. Police have not yet given many details about the incident at the Sager Palace in Stockholm, but said “there are no signs of any crime”. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was not in the building at the time, a government spokesperson said.

  14. 59
    Arthur Atkinson says:

    I say, madam, do you like Kettering?

  15. 60
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    How does poor old Iain Dale ( close mate of Borisido Boriswkes )feel about Call me Dave conflating homosexuality and child abuse. He must be furious.

  16. 61
    Fred says:

    Labour are a bunch of lying leftist/liberal scumbag traitors and the Tories are no better with the exception of one or two decent MPs like Phil Hollobone.

  17. 67
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    Mongo Murdochs wife is 33 years his junior. Dirty b*astard

    • 71
      None of the above says:

      You posted some similar message when you were trading as SAS-SNOT, although the last one was in very bad taste if you remember, even for a piss soaked bed wetter.
      So just mind how excited you get eh?

    • 87
      The History man says:

      What was the age difference between Prescott and the secretary he was sexually abusing?

  18. 74
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    It’s a fact, Daybreak Dave, took a break from his usual TV slot, to appear on This Morning.

    During the interview HE linked homose*xuality directly to pae*dophilia.

    Iain Dale is a very close friend of Borisido Boriswkes, I’d say they are incandescent with rage over this comment…Or they should be.

    …But alas not….keep on apologising for this useless twat of a man.

  19. 78
    Gordon Brown says:

    I missed the bus otherwise I would have been there.

  20. 79
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    I see Lord MacWankStain has come out all guns ablazin.


    PL and

    are still silent !!!!!!!!!

  21. 83
    Moussa Koussa Mark 2 says:

    When The Witch commented that every cabinet “needs a willie”…she either knew more about what was going on, or she was just plain stupid.

    • 89
      The History man says:

      Or as it now turns out, she didn’t know what was not going on.

      • 92
        Gonk II says:

        I think they should have known what wasn’t going on. And failing that had a pretty good idea that nothing was going on.

  22. 94
    Lard Pressclott - Laughing Policeman in waiting says:

    I feel sick

  23. 99
    NHS patients given Death Row drug says:

    I wish they’d take up the scandal of palliative sedation and witholding fluids and food under the Liverpool Care Pathway instead.

    what some in the palliative care world refer to this as “slow euthanasia or terminal sedation”, suggesting that patients’ lives are shortened by this practice.

  24. 100
    They're All Liars says:

    Hollobone is just as hypocritical as the rest of them. All in favour of cuts until it’s the hospital in his constituency.

    There’s always ‘special circumstances’ that mean they shouldn’t happen there.

    Where were the other Northamptonshire Tories? Nowhere to be seen, because they don’t really give a fuck.

    • 102
      keredybretsa says:

      Exactly, you hit the head on the nail!!!

      • 108
        Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t agree more. If it wasn’t for the campaign by andy sawford hollobone would have ducked his head and let this sail by him.

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