November 7th, 2012

Subtle Boris Slips Over to See Troops

David Cameron hiding from hacks and selling arms to dodgy allies is the perfect opportunity for Boris to peacock his way around the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

Tonight he has managed to find time in his no doubt busy schedule to address the backbench 1922 Committee.

While the cat’s away…




  1. 1
    g says:



    • 3
      caption winner says:

      Boris responds to being asked who is the worst Tory MP since Ted Heath.


      • 9
        Big Beast Ken says:

        Don’t worry Dave, I’ve got your back.


        • 102
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          “Subject matter – How to win elections”

          That lecture should take all of ten seconds.

          “Hold an In-Out Referendum on EU Membership.”


          • lojolondon says:

            Good job, Boris, nailed it in one!

            But what if I want to earn £250kpa plus expenses and no tax and unlimited travel and hotels and opportunities to take bribes and influence people and employ my family and give Sam the same position? Then I HAVE to support the EU at every opportunity like Klegger. So the answer is ‘NO’. But I won’t say ‘NO’. I will say “I believe that what the British people want is to be in Europe, but with more say on Europe”.

            A cast-iron wetsuit is what he needs!


        • 125
          The Golem says:

          How reassuring!


      • 30
        Anonymous says:

        Boris way of governing “Do nothing”. It will be a wasted 8 years for London. Boris didn’t win Ken lost. London would have voted any body to stop Ken.


        • 43

          If Boris promised to ‘do nothing’ for the next eight years, I’d agree to that.
          if he promised not to faff about with disability regulations.Children’s meal planners for child minders. Extending CB checks to shop workers. A royal commission to regulate the height between shelves in a fridge to ensure safe storage of products, maybe even a law requiring meat and fish to be stored in separate fridges. The resulting increase in fridges in the UK domestic market draining our power, requiring a new energy tax.
          A decision on bagpipe playing in a built up areas. A national living wage. A national comfy wage. A national comfy + living and a bit extra wage. A top down, bottom up, cock up revision of the NHS.
          Part night lighting. Part daylight heating. High speed train link from Bolton to Blackpool. Winter fuel allowance to be means tested and all associated costs taken from the allowance rendering it pointless.
          Maximum tolerances for fish tanks in living rooms to be discussed.
          Special religious freedoms for Druids enshrined in law. P
          Pasties to be taxed by heat.
          Cars to be taxed by height above the kerb.
          300 new quangos for European integration/non-integration/trade/wine tasting/ craft making….and on and on and on.

          8 years of Boris doing bugger all except chasing interns around a big desk has much to recommend it.


        • 47
          Red Ken Lyingscum says:

          I lost – TWICE. Get over it.


        • 54
          Pundit too too says:

          Reading the header I thought Boris had gone to visit our troops in Afghanistan – ha ha.


      • 31
        Anonymous says:

        An American financier who bought Comet for £2 could now make millions from its sale, despite leading it into administration.

        Henry Jackson bought the electricals company nine months ago and now more than 6,600 staff are facing redundancy.

        Yet because his company OpCapita are secured creditors, he could rake in a large portion of a potential £50m liquidation sale of Comet.

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


        • 45
          ÁC1 says:

          Face it. Comet was crap. Henry Jackson managed to give comet staff 6 months more wages, hopefully they used the time wisely to look for other work.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            All anonymong can do is cut and paste. Analysing why rubbish chain stores fail, is beyond him.


          • pissed off voter says:

            Yes, Comet was crap but that in no way justifies the legal fiddle that allowed Jackson to profit in the manner that he did.


  2. 2
    Mitt Mormoney says:

    He needs magic underwear!


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Our favourite Bimbo out to kick ass.


  4. 5
    Digger says:

    News Corp profits up threefold

    Fuck you Watson


  5. 6
    None of the above says:

    Boris do us all a favour and stitch up the arms dealer while he is away


    • 66
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      “France unveiled Tuesday tax breaks for businesses worth up to 20 billion euros a year in a bid to address the flagging competitiveness at the heart of the country’s economic…”
      (H/T Expatria).

      Typical volte-face from the socialist internationale. to be paid for in part by our contributions to the EUSSR no doubt. This must count as a small victory for Dave.


  6. 7
    Paddy says:

    What’s wrong with supplying these countries with arms? They are key historic allies of the UK and we have a massive dependency on oil. Britain was responsible for their defence until December 1971 when we unilaterally withdrew from the commitment.

    Given that we can’t do it any more. surely the least that we can do for these Wallahs now is supply them with the means to defend themselves? It’s really not as though they can’t afford it…


  7. 8
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Very tiresome.


  8. 10
    Sally Bercow says:

    I’d let Boris run my co̶untry anyday [@SallyBercow]


  9. 11
    Scousers Utd says:


    • 34
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

      If she really wants to cause a stink she could do a Lauren Booth, convert and end up working for Press TV. Didn’t she see the light in the jungle?


  10. 12
    Kebab time says:

    While it’s brilliant that an openly gay senator has been elected in the US, it’s troubling that 18% female senators is a record high.


  11. 18
    Spotty Lizard says:

    Poor show from Boris.


    • 82
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      Yes, he’s a cheeky little tick. Dave should give the little blighter a clip round the ear and send him to bed without supper.


    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      clearly boris has nothing to do. bit like the other celeb in the jungle. is it wierd or just a blond thingywingy,


  12. 19
    Justine Thornton QC Wife of Millonaire Ed says:

    I think that my Ed would be a great leader, but just between you and me he is a rubbish shag


    • 74
      Kaz Ewell-Racism says:

      Don’t worry love – your off to the land of “yaki dah” soon, where men are men and sheep are fast. (Or scared) Get yourself a sheepskin coat, both your legs down one welly, head stuck in a hedge and Rhobert is your shepherding Uncle.

      Don’t forget the foreplay though…. BAHHHH!! BAAAHHHH!!

      There’s lovely.


  13. 20
  14. 26
    Bald Rick says:

    This shows how treacherous Johnson is.


  15. 27
    I'm a hasbeen/neverbeen, get me outta here! says:

    Day two in the jungle. The lions have already eaten Nadine. Everyone is celebrating.


  16. 28
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Go for it !!!!!!! The disaster in the making….LOL


  17. 29
    Mars Attacks says:

    It could have been worse for Dave – he could have popped round “Just to see if Sam Cam’s OK while your out of the country”….!!!


  18. 32
    Grauniadista says:

    Borris is a hard right rascist homaphobic mysogonistic buffon who always referrs to black people as picannies, always every day.


  19. 35
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

    I thought for one moment he had gone to Afghanistan.


  20. 36
    Ehtch says:

    1922 committee is full of seven year old spit roast kebabers, I have heard, alegedly.

    Would like to look at their minutes of past meetings over the years, to read them deciding who’s turn it is for a “holiday” to North Wales.


    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      is 1922 the hard establishment world of secrets.
      perhaps after free.mason.ry we can learn about this secretive organisation.
      Great Britain.
      for all your secrets,


  21. 37
    Anonymous says:

    How did Guido get ‘реасосk’ through the modbot?


    • 41
      typoed says:

      “David Cameron hiding from hacks and selling arms to dodgy allies is the perfect opportunity for Boris to cock his way around the Parliamentary Conservative Party.”


  22. 39
    Mormon Morons says:

    I guess all those Republicans who said Obama would turn the white house into a mosque were proved right. Oh, wait, no they weren’t.

    But those who said he’d nuke Is*ael were proved correct. Oh, hold on. No, not that either.

    At least those who said he’d abolish capitalism and make it illegal for anyone to earn more than $100 were right. Uh, wait a second… nope, not them too.

    Well, I guess he’ll do all those things in his second term, during which he’ll make himself president for life and change the name of the country to United States of Islamistan.


    • 46
      Ehtch says:

      Someone post the first photo of Dave Cams shaking hands with Pres Obama, when he asks Dave “how are your perverts doing in your ‘fine’ country”


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        It’s lucky for Dave that Romney didn’t get elected to show up what a true socialist he is.


        • 67
          Ehtch says:

          WHARRR! Joe 90 brainwashed or what?

          And some young ladies for you, dancing to the Joe 90 theme tune a couple of years ago, in that Lahndahn, mmmmm….

          the one in the long dark hair and multi pattened dress for me, please Boris…


          • Ehtch says:

            notice she is covered in poppies – lost her grandad in the Battle of Britain I was told on youtubby, so could be, maybe. Could be her ggg dad in WWI, but it is something like that.


          • Bogeyman says:

            That’s not sixties. You can see someone in the foreground holding a digital camera.

            Also in the sixties, film was captured on celluloid which meant you had to compose your precious shots. Now every arsehole thinks he’s a cameraman but can’t even hold the fukin camera still, let alone pay attention to the rules of composition.


          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            Was “Joe 90″ about a boy who lived inside a Giant Electric Terry’s Chocolate Orange?


          • Ehtch says:

            Good grief Bogeyman, Joe 90 even had a laptop in 1968, that is the whole point of maevellous Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. And Quiet Bat Person, yes, Terry’s did rip it off.

            More Gerry Anderson here, with Ed Straker/Bishop, the yank, and Jane Merrow, and then Jane Merrow in Torbay England, their then Riviera, i the early 1960s, with Ollie Reed the great, with Michael “Death Wish” Winner behind the camera, enjoy my friends, as Winner no doubt would say,

            Notice the gormless blonde at the start there? That is Julia Foster – mam of Ben Fogle, the gormless whinging beeb plonker! : )


          • Ehtch says:

            WHOOOPS – this second vid, try again, with Ollie,


          • JH says:

            My word, young women looking unstressed, feminine and with a bit of joie de vivre.

            And thus, very, very attractive.

            What a novelty these days.


          • Archie says:

            Mmmmmmmm! Jane Merrow …………..followed by Francesca Annis did it for my as a callow youth back then! Anyone see the latter starkers in “Walkabout”?


    • 48
      Robert the Biker says:

      Many a true word is spoken in jest!


      • 57
        Ehtch says:

        I try. : )

        But funny that it is tory whities that are the perves, no matter how hard we try to dig on others? Just look at the deep south whities…..

        If you are planning on visiting the US, and have a fit male arse, of any race, make sure it is a democrat state, is my Huw’s own foreign office/orofice advice. But if you are after action of the dangerous bum kind, do other.


        • 62
          ÁC1 says:

          Er San Francisco and cape cod are massively democrat, and both centres for arse banditry.


          • Ehtch says:

            True, but they don’t exactly hid it, do they. AHHH, you get it now do you.

            A Brighton England song for you friend, to roagd map/GPS you,

            Just let me know when you come down to Wales, I have some kosher above board directions for you for if you want such. Takes all sorts to make the World up, as long as everyone is over the age, and not hypocritical at their wedding vows….


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            L.A. and Noo York ditto.


          • Ehtch says:

            i Remeber Yoo Hoo, Chester York and Edinburgh, and growing parts of Cardiff. Good luck to them I say. Like to see people happy, whatever their wotsit pecadillos, I’m happy with it.

            What do you say Maldwyn?

            There, see, no problem at all friend, if your just say what street you want to go up see.


    • 51
    • 52
      • 64
        Reagan, Bush Sr, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clinton and W Bush says:

        We love the Saudis! That’s why they nicknamed Dubya “Bandar Bush”. And we loved doing business with the various despots of Egypt, Jordan, Libya and pre-1990 Iraq where we sold Saddam chemical weapons. But we weren’t n*****s, so it’s ok. Toot toot!


    • 59
      ÁC1 says:

      By the way. If Obama is such a genius, why has he hidden his school records?


      • 96
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        Because most of them are Nolan Sisters LPs.


        • 114
          Ehtch says:

          and other disco, AHEM!

          I’ve seen clips on the disco dancefloor from back in his day, and let me tell you, he had or even still has some moves man. Can see now what Michelle saw in him, apart from his obvious, with his lycra skin tight pants on.


    • 60
      Obama Nobel says:

      Now that the election is over, if Iran does not cease its nuclear production, then it’s war.


      • 94
        Magaluf Engerlander says:

        I think you find that what will happen to their underground nuclear facility will be more accurately described as a “Shitstorm”.

        A war is better described as a STATE of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.

        After Iran’s new centrifuges (this time loaded WITH McAfee! ) have become so much molten scrap, buried back in the rocks, then as far as the rest of the world is concerned – job done.

        It’s not the Iranian people that are the problem, far from it. It’s the sky fairy/ pedo prophet worshipping nutters who control the political landscape.


  23. 55
    Bryant's Y-fronts says:

    I can understand why Dave finds it necessary to hide from the hacks. Whenever he makes a foreign tour, the British hacks ask him stupid questions about domestic trivia, instead of dealing with substantive issues.

    It is all to do with celebrity culture, mindless hacks and a lack of intellect in the media!


  24. 63
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Is that the official line to cover Boris’s lack of commitment to his current job in London

    “””Tonight he has managed to find time in his no doubt busy schedule to address the backbench 1922 Committee”””

    Not fooling anyone Borisido Boriswkes


  25. 72
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    This obsession with Boris is very amusing. Wake up neo nuts. Boris only narrowly defeated Ken, in London and London alone.

    Outside of the Boris London doughnut he would be battered electorally. This is why the Boris camp are very reluctant to commission polling data for Boris. Oh yes Borisido Boriswkes…I know more than you think.


    • 75
      moussa's gay hamster says:

      If you’re the Mark 1 version, fuck knows what the other Marks are like.


    • 92
      Bogeyman says:

      Wrong. Every poll shows Boris as the most popular politician in Britain. Or do you think every poll is wrong?


      • 111

        Certainly not the poll (sic) who is the current leader of the LieBore Party, Mousey – if Mr Ballsup sees where you have have lead yourself with this poorly thought out argument, he’s going to scream “CU.NT!!!!!” in your face over and over again…. again. And you remember his cholestoral laden spittle was so hard to get off your band aid repaired glasses the last time.

        Silly Mousey.


  26. 76
    Theresa May says:

    Child abuse is an abhorrent, hateful and disgusting crime. Except when it’s committed by party grandee friends of ours who raised millions of pounds for the party, in which case we warn the police to back off from investigating them for violently torturing and buggering boys in a Wrexham hotel on Sunday nights in the 70s and 80s. As we said at the time, they’re just care home bastards, no one will miss them, so let the Lord have his fun.


    • 100
      None of the above says:

      Simply not true, in fact here is a picture of a judge led enquiry producing its riveting 10,000 page report …


    • 103
      Ehtch says:

      Yes “Theresa!, the chickens are finally coming home to roost. A joke for you, : )

      Q. Why did the pervert cross the road?
      A. To get to the otherside.

      Q. Why did the chicken cross the road.
      A. He was stuck on the end of the pervert.

      : )


    • 121
      JH says:

      …or if it is at the BBC, whereupon saved-for-a-rainy-day stories about evil Tories are magically conjured up.


  27. 89
    Ah! Monika says:

    Caption Comp.

    Boris pointing to the Left.


  28. 101
    jimbo says:

    Can someone please confirm one way or another whether arms dealers helped fund Cameron for his leadership challenge and was it not arms dealers who have donated to the Conservative Party. Was it not Cameron who led the charge against Libya (what a mess now) and now Syria ? I wonder who benefits at getting involved in these wars, certainly the British tax payers end up paying for them.


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