November 7th, 2012

Denis MacShane Apologises to all MPs
Blames “Hate Campaigns of the Offshore Owned Press”

From: MACSHANE, Denis
Sent: 07 November 2012 16:29

Subject: RE: Backbench Business Debate – Tues 13th Nov – Child Sexual Exploitation

I asked for this debate along with Nicola and others as combating internal as well external trafficking of children, grooming, all forms of the sexualisation of childhood has been a campaign of mine and I was half-way through writing a book as the axe fell when the BNP complaint against me was upheld.

I apologise to all ex colleagues for once again allowing publicity on all the wretched expenses problems dating back to the old regime to surface. Thanks to all, led by the Father of the House, for the wonderful messages of solidarity, support and best wishes. I am winding up my office as fast as I can but helping staff and sorting 18 years of paper takes a day or two. An ex-mineworker friend from Rotherham wrote to say “I cannot condone but do not condemn.” I do condemn my stupidity and foolishness and the damage it has done to Parliament and its MPs who work far harder over longer hours and serve the people better than anyone else in public life despite the endless hate campaigns of the off-shore owned press. I wish you all the best and I urge you to support this debate and all future Parliamentary work to allow children and women to live in Britain without fear of sexual abuse or exploitation by men.

Denis MacShane



  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    He is sorry for getting caught!

    Its just a shame another piggie will take his place.


    • 10
      13eastie says:

      He ought to have included these people on the distribution list:


    • 11
      nickleaton says:

      I wish you all the best and I urge you to support this debate and all future Parliamentary work to allow children and women to live in Britain without fear of sexual abuse or exploitation by men.


      I’ve been exploited.

      In this case by him for his expenses.


      • 72
        Toni Benni says:

        Yeah what a scum bag, playing the “women” and “Paedo” scare cards to try and get his arse off the hook and then blaming the BNP for it all.
        If he was exposing some minor mis demeanour by the BNP he would be full of righteous indignation.
        INstead the BNP pulled his chain— good on them!
        He was the bastard who put his snout in the trough– Nick Griffin or other right wingers didnt force him


      • 152
        Captn P says:

        He’s going to get some first hand experience of sexual exploitation where he’s going.


    • 20
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      The man is an odious lair and a theif of the public purse.

      Even when caught red handed, he has neither the guts nor the decency to admit his wrongdoing.

      As KT says, it’s an apology for getting caught.

      I hope he has his day in court.


      • 23
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        sorry… ‘odious liar and a thief’

        My fingers appear to be on backwards.


      • 24
        Peter Grimes says:

        ‘Wretched expenses problems’ indeed! The man is an odious fucking crook. Don’t let the cell door bang your arse on the way in, McShame!


        • 165
          Sarge says:

          ‘I am winding up my office as fast as I can but helping staff and sorting 18 years of paper takes a day or two’

          Yes, the ‘expenses claim’ folder must be rather full……..


    • 25
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      You should have known better Denis. Firstly you should not have been caught, secondly and most importantly, you should have taken my advice and joined the Brotherhood for the Grand Master’s protection, look what he has done for me! Boaz.


    • 27
      Chutney Hoespipe says:

      lying thieving Labour SCUM


      • 121
        Dan Foote says:

        As opposed to back stabbing, self serving out of touch Tory scum


      • 127
        Anonymous says:

        he did fraud in our name, we did not authorise. we did not suggest, so he was autonomous. who are his best friends in parliament.


    • 69
      You are a thief, deal with it. says:

      Thinking that his alleged campaign against child abuse should excuse his thieving is like Savile thinking his charity work should excuse his child abuse.


      • 112
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        “You can’t go after Jimmy Savile, think of all the charities he’s raised money for, who will now be tarred with his brush undeservedly!”– many unnamed persons in politics, media, and plod for the last few decades

        “You can’t go after Denis Matyjaszek for mere property crime when he’s needed to fight the good fight to end human trafficking!”– Denis Matyjaszek, now that the game’s up.

        Sounds like a Scooby Doo villain, right? “And I’d have ended the trafficking, too, if those Nosy Parker Bee Enn Pee types and Johnny Foreigner media types hadn’t stopped me!”


      • 138
        My teeth are on edge says:

        Well said my friend!


    • 74
      Anonymous says:

      What a vile specimen, still not admitting that he is a common thief. Can you imagine if he was a conservative what would be happening ? Ed demanding an enquiry, Yvette shrilly denouncing him at PMQs, Hattie shoehorning the subject in as well and the crowning glory of the police federation putting in their two pennorth,Jeez i love this country !


    • 107
      M says:

      Does he ever think of all the public money that could of been spent on preventing exploitation and abuse of “all vulnerable ” people . But he trousered in fraudulent claims ,
      isn’t abusing all vulnerable people , not just women & children


    • 113
      Fish says:


      I wish you all the best… allow the taxpayer to live in Britain without fear of abuse or exploitation by MPs and people like me.


    • 122
      Fenton says:

      Did he really have to use the “grooming and sexualisation” bandwagon as some sort of mitigation? If anything that just adds to the cynicism.


      • 153
        Anonymous says:

        How disgusting to use abused children in a pathetic attempt to explain his fraudulent behaviour..
        If he and others like Twatson, were really so concerned about child exploitation, why didn’t they use their 13 years in power more productively?


        • 166
          Sarge says:

          Quite agree. The desperate attempts to deflect blame are pathetic. Dennis got caught with his hand in the till; you and I would have been dismissed immediately and prosecuted. Dennis gets the luxury of plod taking two years to figure out the evidence was subject to Parliamentary privilege,even when it was not. Plus he kept his salary and generous benefits.Worst of all ,he kept claiming expenses.


  2. 2
    Grommit says:

    I’m so very, very sorry (that I got caught)


  3. 3
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Fuck off and good riddance!


  4. 4
    Ben Fellows says:

    Did Cuddly Ken get a copy ?


  5. 5
    chris1943 says:

    Lying txxt! Good riddance to him, he’s a plague on society. Bang him up!!


  6. 6
    Evan Alaugh says:

    Let us know when the visiting days are when you go down, Denis.


  7. 7




    Now begone.


  8. 8
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Fuck off and leave us alone.


  9. 9
    left,left,nothing left says:

    So according to him , MPs who work far harder over longer hours and serve the people better than anyone else in public life despite the endless hate, he and his MP mates won’t have a problem getting a real job with a company then, maybe he can get a job with Comet or McDonalds they serve the public, no doubt he’ll get a job in the the uncivil service where his expertise not serving the public but himself will get him to the top again.


    • 13
      Feeling down says:

      Typical labour mp , fairness justice , equality and as much wonga as I can get my fucking hands on.


    • 48
      Eeyore says:

      He used to be a journo (like most Labourites, never had a job where he actually had to make something or do something useful); wrote a book on handling the media, so he can probably go back to scribbling. But who’d take his stuff?

      Interesting bit from Wiki:-

      “He worked for the BBC from 1969 to 1977…….was fired by the BBC after using a fake name to call the radio phone-in programme he worked on at the time. During the call, MacShane accused leading Conservative politician Reginald Maudling of being a crook, with the MP threatening to sue as a result.”

      Pot? Kettle?


      • 77
        Anonymous says:

        Obviously always been dishonest.


      • 78
        Archer Karcher says:

        Denis MacShane, a Potted History:

        Joins BBC, who later discover he is a dishonest, lying, smearing journalist.

        Get’s sacked by the BBC, becomes an MP, spends his time as an MP, bullshitting, lying, smearing and stealing taxpayers money.

        Get’s sacked by the Labour party, attempts to distract attention away from his theft, by distorting, lying, smearing and self adopted victimhood.

        Anyone spot a pattern here?


        • 117
          Fish says:


          Despite being a fraud continued to regularly get invited on to BBC programmes

          Future?: A regular BBC pundit on the News Channel and Marr doing the paper review


          • who why what where when says:

            The Grauniad employs useless twats who rake in the cash while pretending to empathise with the poor.
            He’ll feel right at home there.


    • 89
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      For McShame, the EUSSR beckons. Just the sort of lying, thieving hypocrite they like to recruit.


  10. 12
    Mike Brighton says:

    Note the words “BNP complaint” to lessen the complaint that he was stealing taxpayers money with false invoices commonly known to m’learned friends as fraud. Notices also that he condemns his own stupidity and foolishness and blames the hateful offshore-owned press aka news international and the torygraph not once does he apologies for theft.

    What a total and utter….


  11. 14
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Mendacious, arrogant twat. He wouldn’t know what a mineworker looked like if he shoved his pickaxe up his arse. Bang him up.


  12. 15
    BBC/ Labour Spot the difference says:

    Go straight to jail,and if you go past ‘Go’ you should be able to collect £200.


  13. 16
    David Laws says:

    Disgraceful man, bringing us all into disrepute, and without the excuse that he’s gay.


  14. 17
    Steve says:

    And hopefully no more unresearched statistics on trafficked women.


  15. 21
    Denis MacShane says:

    ps thanks for the all the laptops


  16. 22
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Get the excuses in early, Denis, then get a half decent barrister to help you with your defence. The BN P ate my homework excuse won’t convince a jury.


  17. 29
    Truthteller says:

    Thief, prison is the punishment.


  18. 30
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Talking of k’iddie f’iddling, the BBC Bias Unit were at it on WATO today. Some cub reporter interviewed the old boy who investigated the allegations 20-odd years ago: “were there any Tories?” she asked. Not “politicians”, or even “Conservatives” but “Tories” – with a hint of menacing glee.

    Interview starts at 25mn, with the offending phrase at 29mn.


    • 36
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      It’s nice of the BBC to make their agendas so transparent these days.


    • 46
      Aunty Matter says:

      She could have asked if any of them were from the BBC, wonder why she didn’t? I love the way the BBC try to move the Savile story on.

      What we know if the Tory party like the BBC is or was full or pervs, I bet the BBC are proud of that one.


      • 55
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        But happily they can’t ‘move it on’.

        It’s like a big stubborn turd in the bowl of the BBC toilet that just refuses to flush.


        • 149
          Ted Maul says:

          29 of the evil abusing Guardian reading fuckers and not a waft of it on the BBC headlines. Just one ‘tory’ instead.


    • 108
      Kevin says:

      Don’t forget the peadoes in the B B C


  19. 32
    Aunty Matter says:

    Hubba Hubba Sarah Jane Mee is doing the Sky 5pm news. Now that is totty


  20. 33
    Eeyore says:

    Well, Denis: I can’t claim the folk-wisdom of your coal-miner correspondent, so I don’t condone but I do condemn all you expenses-fiddling liars.

    Never thought I’d ever find myself saying this, but three cheers for the BNP’s public-sprited work!


  21. 34
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Shut yer lyin’ f’kin trap and fcuk right off out of it, you stinking mug-faced cnut.

    Or words to that effect.


  22. 34
    Anonymous says:

    There are campaigns like “Just say no”. They are intended to stop children taking the wrong path and following the seemingly populist crowd.

    Yet here we are seeing an MP blaming an old regime. Did it not occur to him that he was always being set up.

    Psychopaths do all they can to make normal people cross the line. Once across they have their control. The ones they do not like are exposed. The rest are protected for gain.

    Look carefully at your friends and advisers there are many that play by different rules. The non-violent intelligent psychopath.


  23. 38
    Al Zymers says:

    Tory MP agrees with another MP, but can’t remember what about…


  24. 39
    The BBC are cunts says:

    The ‘offshore owned Press’ sprang up in the Thatcher era.


  25. 40
    Aunty Matter says:

    What can the Tories learn from Obumma’s win? Well it helps to buy voters off for a start.

    I’m sure the women and children of northern P@kistan will be delighted that the endless drone strikes will continue (note not reported by the western media these days although during the Bush era the BBC reminded us of all those wedding parties wiped out)


  26. 41
    Fidel from Cuba says:

    So a slimy greedy thieving Socialist is getting words of support from the Conservative Father of the House .

    Let us all hope and pray that this is a lie .


  27. 44
    The Last Of The Few says:

    Aye sorry for getting busted.
    Yep its all the BNP’s fault………………they falsified the invoices did they Dennis………you thieving bastard.

    Next stop “The Scrubs”


  28. 45
    The savant says:

    Does hismail. Belie. His seeking a cosy sinecure when he exits chokey in some. Six months after good. Behaviour ??

    Hows. About. Prick tester for arse. Bandits . Denis ??

    You ll. have gleaned invaluable experience for this Role. During your time inside ….


  29. 49
    Kebab the right wing troll says:

    In the USA nothing has changed. You still have a black man and his family, living in a house that doesn’t belong to him and everyone else is paying the bills !


  30. 52

    *sob* what a moving letter. I can only wish my colleague all the best in the his retirement.

    If its any condolence Denis, your pension is 22 times the national average for the contributions you have made. That should be a comfort to you.
    And your chief whip has a list of boards of 3rd sector organisations that labour are keen to stuff to the gills with placemen.
    4 hours a week for £35k is usual, although you generally cannot claim for your office, slash,garage.


    • 100
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      As I said earlier, The EU beckons. Shameless liars and hypocrites are always welcome in Brussels, and I’m certain the Kinnocks will help him find something.


  31. 53
    dickiebo says:

    Excellent restraint, Guido!


  32. 58
    nellnewman says:

    Hardly contrite is he? It’s the fault of the offshore press for exposing my thievery. I condemn myself for getting caught.

    About the only thing he got right is that he has brought more bad publicity upon the HoC and eroded public trust in it even further, if indeed there’s any public trust left which I doubt.

    This man must be prosecuted.


  33. 59
    Pardon My English says:


  34. 60
    Cressida's Dick says:

    No amount of weasel words can hide the one actual word to describe you MacShane.



  35. 61
    Bogeyman says:

    He was campaigning against paedophiles? That makes it a different matter entirely. Anyone who fights for the welfare and rights of our precious, vulnerable children must be a Good Man.

    I’m so sorry, Denis. I hadn’t realised.

    Release him immediately.


  36. 62
    Pardon My Engl1sh says:


  37. 63

    Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    “wretched expenses problems” indeed !
    How about apologising to the rest of us for your despicable expenses charade, Dennis ?
    Your “ex-miner friend from Rotherham” is next on the list for departures !


  38. 65
    Raving Loon says:

    The way he has tried to cloak this “apology” in the abuse debate and other tidbits like “ex-mineworker friend” goes to show what kind of scumbag he is.


  39. 66
    Anonymous says:

    On the subject of the sexual exploitation of children did McShane ever utter a single sentence which included the word Bradford? It is not that far from his former constituency.


  40. 68
    Timon says:

    Sanctimonius Thief.


  41. 70
    fnar fnar says:

    Pass the bloody sick-bucket.


  42. 75
    dunstall says:

    There are Ho;ocaust deniers,Deficit deniers and thieving expense deniers but this sh……. beats the lot the hubris of the man knows no bounds I can see the Moran defence being deployed because he lives in another planet


  43. 79
    Stuntcuffer says:

    Where are the gallant boys in blue when you need them? Surely there must be something slightly illegal in stealing from the public purse?


  44. 82
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Can the black lawyer society club thingy bloke not ask for him to be prosecuted?


  45. 84
    Ben Tasall Getout says:

    MacShame campaigning against exploitation. Bless.
    Such a shame he ‘allowed the claims to surface’ rather than keeping them quiet as he tried to.


  46. 85
    Ehtch says:

    Apologise? Well, he would say that now. But I understand where he is coming from, he’s been through “things”, and maybe no doubt he had no social support system in his life.


  47. 87
    Macshit says:

    He blames others for wilfully and intentionally submitting fraudulent expenses forms which the committee said was the gravest case of fraud they’d ever seen? What a fucking c-unt. I hope he gets cancer and dies slowly.


  48. 88
    Clive Dunn RIP says:


  49. 91
    Mighty Mucky Westminster says:

    If he really has had received support from the Father of The House, then that clown, one Sir Peter Tapsell, according to Wiki, should be out on his ear as well.

    My, my, doesn’t the dirt stick together!


  50. 92
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    What a wanker he is.


  51. 93
    What an oik says:

    ‘I am winding up my office as fast as I can but helping staff and sorting 18 years of paper takes a day or two.’

    This is the equivalent of cleaning out the (expenses please) garage for us ordinary folk.


  52. 95
    Kevin T says:

    Thieving cu nt.


  53. 96
    Macshit says:

    Does this man have ANY integrity or honesty? He shows no humility and actually tries to paint himself as a crusader against child abuse. The man is completely shameless.


  54. 98
    Mighty Mucky Westminster says:

    “Offshore” press, twat! if it was not for offshore blogs, then the pocket liners and peados that pack both houses at Westminster would continue their dirty work unhindered!


  55. 101
    PitPony says:


  56. 102
    Ehtch says:

    Think he went wrong in giving himself bills, and paying them. Needs treatment – classic pcshyizo symptoms. Section him and give him therapy, now. He needs help, and I am not joking!


  57. 104
    Well done Liebour, well done MacShame. says:

    Thanks to Liebour flooding the country with muzzie immigrant vermin, the day when “women live in Britain without fear of sexual abuse or exploitation by men” is further away than ever.


    • 114
      nellnewman says:

      I didn’t realise savile was an immigrant!


    • 163
      Labour's cognitive dissonance says:

      OY! QUIET!

      You should NEVER mention the VERY slight disparity between Labour’s supposed rights for wimmin credentials and their hell-bent, spittle flecked, rictus-smiled obsession with importing a hostile culture that treats women like property.



  58. 105
    Digger says:

    “I apologise to all ex colleagues for once again allowing publicity on all the wretched expenses problems dating back to the old regime to surface.”

    Forget the fact that I stole thousands of pounds.

    What a low life cretin.


  59. 106
    john miller says:

    If you took every foul discharge, intentional or otherwise, from my ancient body and voodood it into a semblance of a human being, it would still be nicer than Denis McShane.


  60. 109
    the fish says:

    Mr MacShane, you are an odious, troughing crook who blames everybody else, and the only reason you are sorry is because you got caught.


    • 118
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Spot on sir. May I add that MacShane is a greedy hypocritical money grabbing piece of shit.


  61. 115
    Labour"Mole" in CCHQ says:

    Boris has just addressed 1922 Cttee. Urged MPs to get PM sacked. Urged new PM to hire Guido Fawkes. “Very on message,” I’m told.


  62. 116
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Denis DENIAL MacShane
    Ed DENIAL Balls
    Andy DENIAL Burnham
    Tony DENIAL Blair
    Gordon DENIAL Brown
    Harriett DENIAL Harman

    See the pattern?


  63. 119
    Shameless MacShane says:

    Well, you know how it goes– a few tens of thousands here, and a few tens of thousands there, and before I knew it, it added up to real money. You can understand that, can’t you? I know I can’t help myself. I’d just like to apologise to all my mates for not being able to be as discreet in thievery as they are. I suppose I’m like the one on the group pisser who gets nicked for trying to punch out the copper and ruins it all for everybody.


  64. 120
    Bugler Bert says:

    MacShame is an oleaginous miasma, with a stench far worse than what we, when at school science classes, made some real stonkers…….


  65. 123
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Will it be one or two young care home boys for supper tonight m’lud?


  66. 125
    Sir WW says:

    It stings, don’t it, Denis?


  67. 126
    Anonymous says:

    just trying to comprehend his reasoning, nah


  68. 128
    McShane glove puppet says:

    Oh please MacShane you piece of shite


  69. 130
    McShane glove puppet says:

    I love you anonymous


  70. 131
    Erskine May says:

    So what we thought was turning out to be a New Romney was in fact a member of Dymchurch and who condemned the USA into a further Dungeness.


  71. 133
    Dennis MacFuckwit says:

    “And I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky BNP kids”


  72. 135
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Denis ‘Staples’ MacShame. Viscosity to be established.


  73. 136
    Ehtch says:

    Comrade, there is a moos loos in the hoos,


  74. 137
    dunstall says:

    McShame telling everybody the BNP did for him will go down well with the large white underclass in Rotherham if only they get off their fat a…. to vote


  75. 139
    Beast says:

    Kiddie fiddling smoke screen
    Ex Miner (minor?)
    And it all happened offshore
    No wonder that his daughter jumped to her death and Carol Barnes (also arrested for taking kiddie fiddling pics decided that death was a better optio than having this puke stain hold her hand
    What a low life


  76. 140
    Denis McSemite says:


    It normaly works for us, failing that may I just add that Nick Griffin posted ZykonB through the letter in my garage/office


  77. 141
    An Ex Minor says:

    Mr Denis sat me on his lap and told me all about his Ex miner freind Jimmy Savile , he then got out an onion,rubbed his eyes and forced me to watch Shcindlers list as he ass F%c%e$ me


  78. 142
    cynic says:

    Big boys made me do it


    • 147
      The BBC are cunts says:

      The big boys were growing up in the Thatcher era. This explains their feral behaviour and bad attitude.


  79. 143
    Weygand says:

    Just like the lawyer who defended “Dr MacShane” so pathetically on the BBC (NB being well educated only increases his responsibility), he slips in the reference to the BNP being behind the complaint.
    It was the Committee on Standards and Privileges not the BNP which found against him in such unambiguous and condemnatory terms.
    MacShane is still in denial – a prosecution is essential to get the penny to drop for the not so good Doctor.


  80. 144
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    Just a few words Denis : fuck off you thieving c unt.


  81. 145
    robbie says:

    Thought the offshore controlled Guardian liked him?


  82. 150
    I am not living a lie for a violating exploitive, bullying, lying, immature, ugly,.magic gaybo says:

    He should have gone long time ago! He is an idiot and a chancer.


  83. 158
    Tonish says:

    I don’t condemn your stupidity and foolishness either.

    I do condemn your lies, your fraud, your greed and your refusal to acknowledge that you are a greedy, hypocritical lying fraudster.


  84. 168
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Sorry, but your headline is misleading. I cannot find an apology for defrauding the public purse there. I only see a whinge about being caught.


  85. 169
    Tom Catesby says:

    Sanctimonious, humbug. A pathetic attempt to use these issues as a ‘smokescreen’ to cover lengthy wrong doing. To be expected I suppose, as professional politicos of all parties tend to be experts in the ‘smoke and mirrors’ department!


  86. 171
    Penfold says:

    Good byeeeeeeeeeeeee,

    No !

    F U C K O F F C N U T


  87. 172
    David B says:

    If it handn’t been for those presky kids he would have gotten way with it!!

    Denis if you had been honest and not made the claims the axe would not have fallen. It does not matter how nasty the BNP are or how much of a vendetta they have against you, they did not force you to make false expense claims. Looking for someone to blame, look in the mirror


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