November 5th, 2012

Watson Poised to Criticise Hague’s Abuse Inquiry “Cover-Up”

A Labour source whispers to Guido that Tom Watson is this week planning to attack William Hague over his handling of the North Wales child abuse scandal. Hague set up the Waterhouse Inquiry in 1996 when he was Welsh Secretary under John Major. The report eventually found no evidence of a paedophile ring in North Wales care homes, despite the testimony of hundreds of victims. Downing Street are this afternoon attempting to pre-empt the Watson strike by revisiting the Inquiry:

“Child abuse is a hateful crime. A senior figure will lead an independent investigation of claims of care home abuse in Wales, and will report urgently.”

No. 10 are said to be looking for a judge…

UPDATE: Watson has written to the Prime Minister alleging “a concerted establishment cover-up”.


  1. 1
    Mirror says:

    Well done Tom!

    • 22
      Old Holborn says:

      this little rabbit hole goes very deep indeed

      • 74
        Gordon McMong, Bilderberger says:

        This is what you are up against:

        • 106
          Funny handshakes and the rest says:

          From that list, it certainly seems to help to be a right cnut to become a freemason.

        • 164
          Anonymous says:

          In a posting on his blog Mr Watson said he had been reduced to tears by some of the allegations including claims abused children were marked with knives to show “ownership” or driven to gold course car parks to be exploited by paedophiles after they had finished a round of golf.

          • Anonymous says:

            More and more this takes on the hallmarks of the satanic abuse furore of the 80′s, where a lot of innocent people were destroyed over things that did not happen, no matter how fantastical the claim the “children would never lie” mantra was touted to suppress honest unbiased reportage and destroy anyone speaking any kind of common sense,l as well as locking up innocent people, McMartin, anyone ?? .

            I hope the bbc employees and politician who orchestrated this to smear the tories by linking the brand to all paedo activity ever since the dawn of time, have wiped away all the evidence – but I suspect they havent, wonder when the emails and txt messages will come out ?

        • 170
          Anonymous says:

          First of all Hague should not have been allowed near the inquiry. John Major should have ordered it and John Major as PM should have appointed a judge.

          There should be an investigation on the judge who originally headed the inquiry as it seems he was just heading a cover up.

          There has been too much cover up in this country and it needs to stop.

        • 304
          steve smith says:

          Omg this old sh*t has been doing the rounds for eons. No mention in the list of Hitler or Himmler or Goering they were on the list in the 30s funny that

        • 308
          2+2=4 says:

          How many freemasons are currently in prison?

          Is there a FOI for this?

        • 319
          Dave S says:

          I am beginning to believe that our country is essentially feudal and ‘Droit du Seigneur’ prevails, all this Parliamentary stuff, free press (Ha!) and our apparent ‘democracy’ is just a sophisticated illusion, which has fooled us for all this time.

          • ttreen says:

            “…our apparent ‘democracy’ is just a sophisticated illusion…”

            Not even a sophisticated one – Central control over MP selection, the whip system (vote as told or you’re out), only the same-old same-old two “choices” from which to choose, and they’re accountable to Party HQ – never to us, and there might be a difference in the window dressing, but there’s not much space between the two parties anyway.

            It’s as near to genuine democracy as I am to a wombat!

      • 90
        Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - former MI5 Wet-Ops Team says:

        Remind me again why Leon Brittan was suddenly and unexpectedly ‘elevated’ to a job in Europe around the time of this enquiry?

        Just askin’…

        • 110
          Lobster says:

          They had to get the kiddie fiddling f_cker out of the country pronto and ‘pay off’ one particular youth who was giving trouble, I thought everyone knew that? You where here in the 80s?

        • 121
          1984 says:

          If what you’re saying is true then a posting to Brussels would be the equivalent of sending Gary Gli*tt*er to Vietnam.

          Belgium. Where they forty different words for children you keep bricked up in the cellar.

        • 220
          Prescott's chippolata says:

          D notice

    • 23
      1984 says:

      To think there were people here who thought Watson’s sudden interest in all things p*a*e*d*o was because he was truly concerned about the welfare of abused children and not because he was a cynical partisan opportunist.

    • 23
      Tony Bliar resplendant in his white robes says:

      The D-Notice was and still is a requirement to prevent us getting sidetracked from the 1raq war.

      • 160
        Anonymous says:

        There was nothing wrong in bring down saddam and his gang. Bush and Blair should openly said this type of monster cannot be in charge of the country and finished him off. But both of them went and messed it up.

      • 167
        ? says:

        cant a D-notice be rescinded?

        • 210
          Anonymous says:

          In the UK the original D-Notice system was introduced in 1912 and run as a voluntary system by a joint committee headed by an Assistant Secretary of the War Office and a representative of the Press Association.

          Any D-Notices or DA-notices are advisory requests so are not legally enforceable and hence news editors can, in theory, choose not to abide by them.

          However, they are generally complied with by the media. In 1971, all existing D-Notices were cancelled and replaced by standing D-Notices that gave general guidance on what could be published and what could not, and what would require further advice from the secretary of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC).

        • 317
          Skoolteecher says:

          I think it is only fair that this D-notice is regraded to a B-notice (at least). The marking was unfairly harsh.

    • 32
      W.W. says:

      Don’t even compare the nice cuddly Labour nonce’s with those nasty old Tory nonce’s


    • 45
      Close to home says:

      So that’s two of Guido’s most prolific commentators in the spotlight now.

      B1lly and Jimmy.

    • 69
      Tom Watson says:
      • 86
        1984 says:

        This is Labour. This is Watson.

        Completely untrue = trivial spelling mistake.

      • 94
        Jimmy says:

        Why would he need to say that about this story specifically?

      • 184
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Parse what he said accordingly. The story that he will implicate Hague this week is what he’s saying is untrue, not that he won’t possibly implicate someone else this week, or that Hague won’t ever be implicated (maybe he will be, just not this week). Of course, when you start down this road, you’re going to need good legal advice as to what to say, how to say it, and when and where, if you’re an MP. “B!lly Bunter” may be a self-absorbed self-important blowhard of Biblical proportion punching well above his actual intellectual weight, but he can’t be stupid enough not to have a brief telling him just how much he CAN say, just as well as another gentleman of our acquaintance does (I should hope).

    • 73
      Twatson says:
    • 75
      Lincolnshire says:

      I have never trusted Hague. I still remember his big lie about drinking 14 pints and knew even then he was covering something up.

      • 205
        XXXX says:

        Did you see the size of him at that tory party conference his stomach couldn’t hold more than a pint. He probably did get rat though and the guys that were with him, after he passed out probably put 14 empty bottles around him in the back of the lorry, when he came to, Willy asked if he had drunk all those pint bottles and the guys told him, yes.

      • 206
        Anonymous says:

        His own father said it was true in a radio interview. William Hague worked for his Father in the holidays delivering soft drinks .His Father said he “probably did” drink 14 pints throughout a long day working all over the country.He wasnt driving, obviously.

    • 83
      Twatson says:
      • 88
        The Crux of Tom's letter says:

        My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services. If they have documents suggesting politicians in the Commons and Lords or others in positions of power were involved in child abuse then they should make them available to a new inquiry team.

        • 103
          Old Holborn says:

          Dear Tom,

          There are NO unaffected Police Forces you can rely on to investigate the allegations. The past 30 years have been spent doing exactly that.

          SO MOTE IT BE

          MA HA BONE

          • XXXX says:

            OK if that is so call in MI5 or MI6 (which ever does homeland security) if the ordinary plods cannot be trusted.
            If a minister was involved there would have been some sort of security policeman there to safe guard that minister

          • Anonymous says:

            d notice is to do with the defence of the realm. It is voluntary i.e not legally binding. Why the media blackout.

          • Cyril Smith says:

            And MI5 is riddled with freemasonry. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        • 105
          Red Egg the National Socialist.... says:

          Gizza job, I can do that :)

        • 236
          Anonymous says:

          Take the lock and key off Operation Ore. Oops, that’ll finger a few labour nonces as well – better keep it in the vault then.

      • 153
        Fish says:

        An interesting unguided missile that Tom has launched.

        I have the feeling that on it’s journey it will acquire another target and explode, not quite where Mr Baggie hoped and expected.

        I hope he’s got a decent tin hat, there may be collateral a bit closer to home.

    • 218
      Partisan Politics says:

      Strange that he showed no interest in Operation Ore or the Islington Care Homes scandal despite his close colleague Margaret Hodge being instrumental in the cover-up

      • 279
        Driberg Oppenheimer says:

        Yes, if watson is just playing party politics, it’ll soon blow up in his face.

        All three parties are heavily compromised by noncing scandals and their cover ups.

    • 235
      Anonymous says:

      If No10 are looking for a judge I can recommend Lord Greville Janner QC.

    • 280
      Peter Grimes says:

      I suppose that the grossly fat fucker Watson is aware that the Waterhouse Inquiry ordered by Hague reported in 2000 and that his disgusting kiddy-fiddling corfing party was in power then.

      Or perhas not, he is thick enough!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I dont lick Watson

  3. 3
    Lord Alpine will be on the phone to his friends in the police says:

    PM orders sex abuse inquiry probe

    The prime minister is to appoint a “senior independent figure” to probe how claims of sexual abuse at north Wales children’s homes were examined.

  4. 4
    Fatso watson watch says:

    so far so good the smoke screen is working

  5. 5
    Justine Thornton QC Wife of Millonaire Ed says:

    I’m Free

    • 48
      W.W. says:

      Well actually you are not free, but very expensive.

      Where I to have some toxic waste to dump in Africa you would be the first person on my list.

      But I don’t so piss off.


    • 50
      The savant says:

      Not for long though leon …

  6. 6
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The Waterhouse Inquiry report was published in 2000.

    Perhaps Watson would tell the world why a Labour Government headed by Tony Blair did not question the findings.

  7. 7
    None of the above says:

    Come on Murdoch, time to drop the bombshell

  8. 8
    Beast says:

    Wanker with bad hair and a penchant for having sex with those much younger than himself poses with Jimmy Savile

  9. 9
    Aunty Matter says:

    But didn’t the report come out in 1999 or something? Who was Welsh secretary then?

  10. 11
    Agent Zig Zag says:

    So it’s going to be hush puppies, mirrors and cigar smoke, is it?

  11. 12
    Logan says:

    Nothing will come out of this – a small fry, but that’s it.

    They all knew. Nothing changes….

  12. 13
    Do Nowt Dave says:

    We are all in this together

  13. 16
    The savant says:

    Come. On gweed for freak s sake just name the tory kiddie fiddler

    We. All. Know it was. KEN tucky fried CL. Icken

    sorry was i too forthright or did i get he spelling wrong

    Develop some cojones for god s. sake. ..

    Ohh. .. And to pre empt yr question :

    Yes … I. DO know this is going to be moddied

  14. 20
    Anonymous says:

    To think there were people here who thought Watson’s sudden interest in all things p*a*e*d*o was because he was truly concerned about the welfare of abused children and not because he was a cynical partisan opportunist.

  15. 25
    Laney says:

    This is all NONCEsense!

  16. 26
    Abu Qatada says:

    You’re a nonce,the ideal choice Your Honour.

  17. 29
    Epursimuoveee says:

    What a splendid and informative picture, no cover up here then. Where was Jimmys other hand?

  18. 30
    Stuffy says:

    Take your pick, they’re all a bit odd.

  19. 31
    Call me Dave says:

    Any more of this insolence and I shall issue a 1,000 year D-Notice.

  20. 34
    Epursimuoveee says:

    Were they talking Jazz or Jizz me wonders?
    Pass me my hush puppies and a cigar please

  21. 36
    Stevie G says:

    I wish all MP’s were like Tom

  22. 51
    Samantha Cameron(I married a bastard) says:

    No 10 on new child abuse probe: “The PM is very keen to ensure that everything is looked at properly… and that no tweet or blog comment is left unturned.”

  23. 53
    Eileen Critchley says:

    That bloody Berners-Lee chap has spoiled everything with his interweb thingy.

  24. 59
    The all singing all dancing crap of the world. says:

    Why is so little done and so very late.

  25. 61
    Mrs T says:

    I object!

  26. 63
    Where Is Matthew Paris When You Need Him says:

    No, he peeked around the corner of it and didn’t like what he saw.

  27. 64
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And on page 7 of the scum today – piccy of rancid

    They want a judge!!!

    part quote from the scum:-
    “A Childline spokesman said “Young people find it extremely hard to talk about.” … One adult survivor told ChildLine (sic) of the abuse by her father … nobody else would have believed me. He was a judge.

    …. another said: “My father was a policeman and a Mason. He was liked and respected in our community …..”

  28. 64
    P*edogeddon says:

  29. 66
  30. 71
    Tomo says:
  31. 78
    Miss Direction says:

    I have noticed BBC have been going on about this for weeks. The masters of misdirection don’t want us to be asking the following question: WHO ARE THE 9 SUSPECTED PEEDOS EMPLOYED BY THE BBC?. We have a right to know.

    • 92
      nellnewman says:

      You’re a bit out of date – latest statement from beeb says 29 employees have now been implicated and the number is growing daily!

      • 149
        Miss Direction says:

        Thanks Nell. Give us a linky please cos I can’t find it on google.

      • 248
        ÁC1 says:

        Might be easier to exonerate the small number of staff who slipped through the recruitment process and are not deviants.

    • 95
      Diane Fatbutt says:

      Pay attention, it’s 29 now.

  32. 91
    moby dick says:



    back to serious—-JUDGE—PMSL

  33. 97
    Ore yr Creditcards Belongto US says:


    the list is long on the fiddlers implicated in ore. Someone needs to report the Charles Lyton caught cottaging and fined.

    Two things are, however, relevant. Gossip did abound about Blair’s sexuality during his time in the rock band Ugly Rumours at Oxford. And while nobody has ever stood them up, it is widely accepted that Derry Irvine (Blair’s boss in Chambers) regularly referred to him as “the star closest to Uranus”.

  34. 99
    • 127
      1984 says:

      The French are the same. They don’t want anybody looking too closely at who was compiling lists and organising road transport for the J**z. Or how a nation of 50 ‘heroic members of ze resistance’ was kept under control by an occupation army of a few hundred field cooks and wireless operators.

  35. 100
    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      Good evening Al..

      • 257
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Anyone who sings Al Soup’s praises – can be considered as a thick [Or mendacious] Journo hack-type duper of the ‘stablishments.

        They still don’t get it – the days of ‘spinning up that kinda 5hit’ “ARE OVER”.

    • 283
      blub says:

      A more reliable witness than an MP.

  36. 101
    nellnewman says:

    “No10 are said to be looking for a judge” – Even judges are not beyond reproach these days so finding one that is decent might be difficult. It sure won’t be hutton!

    • 125
      1984 says:

      Particularly judges are not beyond reproach.

      Behind every good cover-up is a compliant Judge Cocklecarrot. Later ‘Lord Justice Cocklecarrot’.

      • 180
        Blowing Whistles says:

        It takes real people to stand up against bent and corrupt judges. The press packs will not and lesser legals certainly will not and nor will plod or the CPS.

  37. 102
    Call me Dave says:

    Quick throw Hague under the bus.

    Protect *** ****** at all costs

  38. 104
    The savant says:

    Congratulations. Mister fawkes you are still. With us

    Today of all days I i thought you would hanging from tyburn tree in anticipation of being drawn and quartered as a consequence of your dastardly attempted deed .

    But i guess i am getting ahead of myself ..

    The show trial has to come first of course ..

  39. 107
  40. 109
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Wouldn’t trust Hemming as far as I could throw Schrodingers cat.

    • 117
      daveyone1 says:

      He does to child welfare however!

      • 258
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Hemming does F All but keep the matters “kicked into the long grass” – that’s what his task is FFS. And as for others [some have been duped] who play along with the long grass game well … We’ll see about that Ian of Monaco.

  41. 112
    Red Egg the National Socialist.... says:

    “Harriet….Harriet” ……… where the flock is she when you need some PIEs ?? :)

  42. 118
    Thatcherite crook says:

    A City financier who admitted conning investors out of tens of millions of pounds to fund his extravagant lifestyle has been jailed for 13 years. Nicholas Levene, 48, took investors’ money to buy shares on their behalf but spent it on luxury cars and yachts, Southwark Crown Court heard.

    His high-profile victims included the founders of Stagecoach, Sir Brian Souter and his sister Ann Gloag. The judge said the scale of Levene’s fraud was unprecedented. Levene, from Barnet in north London, admitted 12 counts of fraud, one count of false accounting and one of obtaining a money transfer by deception.

    Other high-profile victims were Richard Caring, the owner of The Ivy and Le Caprice restaurants in London’s West End; and Russell Bartlett, director of the R3 Investment Group and former owner of Hull City Football Club.

  43. 119
    Dudley Zoo says:

    I have been very critical of Tom Watson, he maybe partisan, but he is rhino thick skinned and maybe what is needed to bulldozer through the wall protecting these vile people

    • 155
      Kebab and lard lover says:

      Thick skinned, and so much of it.

    • 286
      JH says:

      Trouble is that if the Lord of the peedos happens to have a red rosette on, Watson will mysteriously completely ignore their transgressions.

  44. 122
    Uncle Mac says:

    Letter to the PM in response to the announcement of an investigation into child abuse allegations:

  45. 123
    Anonymous says:

    Might have to book a weekend with the children, maybe leave the boys behind though

  46. 124
    Watson's letter in full says:

    Dear Mr Cameron,

    Congratulations on ordering a review of what information government departments may hold about organised child abuse at the heart of government 30 years ago.

    In acting swiftly you have sent an important message about how seriously you take this matter. You have done the right thing and I commend you for it.

    And the inquiry that you have announced performs a useful function. It is certainly important that government departments trawl their archives to see what documents they hold. But my experience of uncovering massive establishment conspiracies leaves me in no doubt that what you have suggested does not go anything like far enough. Its limited scope may even slow things down, muddy waters, damage trails. What is needed is a much wider, but equally immediate, investigation.

    Since sharing my concerns with you at PMQs, a number of people have come forward to say that they raised their suspicions with the police, but investigations were not carried out. One allegation involves alleged child abuse and a former cabinet minister. We both know that many untruths are told about politicians, but this allegation was specific, informed and appeared well corroborated.

    Cutting through a concerted establishment cover-up requires meticulous, diligent, fearless commitment to uncover the truth, whomever it unmasks.

    My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services. If they have documents suggesting politicians in the Commons and Lords or others in positions of power were involved in child abuse then they should make them available to a new inquiry team.

    The forces so far known of be affected (Met, Surrey, West and South Yorkshire, West Mercia, Dorset, Kent, Essex, North Wales, Suffolk and Sussex) need to have their archives systematically searched for intelligence from witnesses/victims making claims which were not investigated; investigations which were closed down, and so on.

    If what you really want – and I believe that it is – is the truth, then you must draw the terms of reference such that the police inquiry has licence to follow any lead it finds in what will be, after all, a serious criminal investigation. There should be no historic sexual abuse of children which is off limits to this investigation. The police should be supported by a dedicated team of child protection specialists, many of whom have been raising their concerns for years. Your advisers will tell you to be wary of “opening the floodgates”. They are wrong. Their decorous caution is the friend of the p*edophile. Narrowing the inquiry equals hiding the truth. That is the reality and it is not what you want.

    Detailed recommendations about how to organise an investigation is in the possession of the government. The 2002 guidance on Complex Child abuse investigations: Inter agency issues (Home Office and DoH) continues to be relevant and is referenced in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010 Investigating complex (organised or multiple) abuse (p194 6.10-1.6.13).

    A dedicated police unit is essential, investigating the organised abuse of children, wherever it happened – from the seediest backstreets even to Downing Street – without fear or favour of exposing the rich and powerful, or those who covered up for them.

    And if it opens a floodgate of misery, then so be it. We will all feel dirtied and sickened – as we should. Victims have an absolute right to the whole truth.

    I know you want to do this and ask that you give it your urgent attention.

    You have no choice.

    Yours sincerely

    Tom Watson MP
    Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East

    • 137
      1984 says:

      But my experience of uncovering massive establishment conspiracies

      What ‘experience’ is he referring to?

    • 138
      bunterwatch says:

      pathetic wanderings …saying what ? …the obvious which everyone will agree with….let those enquiring have free rein to go where the investigation takes them….bunter the HOC’s own slimeball can’t resist the gleam of a spotlight but adds nothing either to the debate or the resolution of problems from the past

      • 139
        1984 says:

        Plus his ‘You have no choice’ is bound to raise the hackles of Cameron.

        Gobby pip-squeak trying to make out that he’s some grand inquisitor ordering the PM around.

    • 142
      1984 says:

      The ‘affected forces’ aren’t going to be best-pleased as being identified as nonce-protectors either.

      Watson appears to be having a mental breakdown.

  47. 126
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    If Downing Street are looking for a Judge best to keep them as far away from Leveson as possible .

  48. 130
    tryagain says:

    Cameron is mates with Golly. How can he be impartial?

  49. 132
    jgm2 says:

    Clearly inviting people to add a few comments to his Tripadvisor page.

  50. 133
    Kinnochio says:

    I’m totally and utterly disgusted that there is still an investigative press in Britain free to expose kiddy fiddling. On my orders Twatson did his best wiht Leveson to turn the British press into a proper civilized European mouthpiece for establishment thought. Twatson is only sounding off now because I told him to cover up the G*r*on B*own link with Dunb*a**

  51. 134
    nellnewman says:

    For once I can say I wholeheartedly agree with TomWatson and what he has written in his letter to the PM.

    It’s time for the truth over this horrid scandalous affair but the subsequent inquiry should be non-partisan and look at all possible members of the political elite who have been involved in this.

    • 141
      bunterwatch says:

      do you think bunter is doing this out of thought for the public good ? …no purely to keep himself in a dimming spotlight….wake up nellie or stick to packing your trunk.

      • 150
        nellnewman says:

        The thing is it doesn’t matter why he’s doing it – it needs doing!!

        • 156
          bunterwatch says:

          you’re stating the obvious Nell …no-one would disagree these things need investigating…but being lectured on the righteous needs of the public by bunter is a joke…the man doesn’t have a genuine thought in his soul.

        • 169
          Miss Direction says:

          Bliar has questions to answer too.

        • 182
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The truth will out – “The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” and watch out Tony Bliar.

    • 159
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      But it won’t. It will be dominated by the narrative that the anti-Tory media (BBC) want to set. I.E. “it was evil Tories and Labour really had nothing to do with it”

      Labour know if political rocks are over-turned then their shit will be discovered but their media friends will direct it at the Tories. Like phone hacking, which was a Labour cover-up scandal but their media allies point the finger at Cameron for employing Coulson.

      This is a media scandal that they are turning onto politicians because they don’t want the media’s own scandal to sink themselves so they use their own control over communication channels to divert attention away from themselves.

      • 193
        1984 says:

        Exactly. Watdon, flushed with the success of turning Labour’s covering up of phone-hacking while Murdoch was supporting Labour into a T*ry scandal is going for a repeat with these p*a*e*d*o allegations.

        With the BBC onboard I wouldn’t bet against him pulling it off either just as they did with phone-hacking.

        • 221
          Anonymous says:

          now imagine if the man of the ppl murdoch ignored the d – notice. there is no defence of the realm issue, and imagine the subscribers that he would get if he were to publish it in the Times newspaper. This story could run, well actually, forever, it affects the country deeply.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Murdoch has been part of the ‘problem’ for decades – haven’t you read Bruce Pages Book The Murdoch Archipelago – get effing reading numbnuts.

        • 285
          blub says:


  52. 135
    1984 says:

    Clearly inviting people to add a few comments to his Tripadvisor page.

  53. 140
    What is sauce for the goose..... says:

    When is Fatso going tackle this?

    • 172
      quelle suprise says:

      real shame the lists weren’t published years ago…no doubt the implications were so explosive to those concerned and consequently they weren’t leaked.

    • 211
      Mrs Dromney said says:

      In 1978, Harriet Harman became legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), which – in its evidence to the Criminal Law Revision Committee in 1976 – had said the following:

      “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage… The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.”

  54. 143
    cynic says:

    Bring it on Tom. The enquiry began sitting in 1997 and reported in 2000.

    Now let me think. Just who was in power for the majority of that time?

    Will Ron Davies, Alun Michael and Paul Murphy be clear on what they were told and when? Given the clear and deep concern of those who were abused I also assume that as they were so dissatisfied with the enquiry that they and their lawyers protested bitterly to later secretary’s of State in Wales eg Pater Hain, Paul Murphy (again) and Cheryl Gillian.

    So again what did they know and above all what did they and the Welsh Office actually do about it?

    I am therefore delighted to see Watson make these allegations. So let the truth be told and let’s see just what Labour in office did on this issue. I am sure that all Tom’s colleagues will be right behind him on this

  55. 144
    Ed goes Wonky says:
  56. 145
    Samantha Cameron(I married a bastard) says:

    Last time David Cameron held the regular/monthly press conference at 10 Downing Street: 8th July 2011. That’s July 8th LAST year!

  57. 146
    cynic says:

    Watson says

    ” My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services. ”

    but does Cameron have the power to do so? Its a devolved matter so surely a matter for the Welsh Government

  58. 147
    Enemy of the State says:

    Guido – I was told apocryphally that when Hague WAS WELSH SECRETARY he went to some EXTREMELY BIZARRE PARTIES IN WALES before scuttling home to his London residence he shared with Alan Duncan………………. go figure.

    • 162
      Beast says:

      Be fair , its perfectly normal for a happily straight man to share a homo with the likes of Hunky Dunky

      Fuck me! even Elton John can tub a woman but not 14 pints a night Hague it seems

      14 pints?????
      Google the Mark Almond story

    • 202
      alpine pursuits says:

      bummed senseless me thinks

      • 263
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Bar Maggie – none of them have risen up to high office without their Rses being controlled since at least Teddys days.

    • 246
      Anonymous says:

      You must have had a very sheltered life! William Hague was dating his now wife almost all the time he was Welsh secretary, she was his PA. Why are you trying to make something out of nothing, its quite nasty, actually.

  59. 151
    Kebab time says:

    Shake Yer Arse!

  60. 158
    Glad to be out of it says:

    Google ‘Common Purpose’ if you want to know why these things get covered up.

  61. 166
    Anonymous says:

    His beloved Beeb is in trouble.Time to deploy the smear machine to make it about Tories.

  62. 168
    Ken the Beast Clark says:

    Now you know why I am so lenient with rapists

    Your Honour I was in Wrexhan on business relaxing in my hotel when this young lad knocked upon my door in a state of some distress
    “Come in I said” gently leading him by his handcuffs
    Sadly,I tripped over the laces of my Hushpuppies and somehow fell on top of him with a part of me entering his body, at that point I removed myself and strangely enough the same thing happened to my 8 companions
    Pure coincidence
    I rest my case

  63. 171
    Yucky Watson says:

    Eff off Watson. Hague’s report reported when NuLabour were in Government. What did you’re effing lot do for 13 years???

    • 250
      Anonymous says:

      Whats the point of having a report and then another one 12 years later ? what evidence is there that the original report was wrong ?

      • 266
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Ahem! Hillsborough – was it 12 years or 23 years Dohh?

      • 289
        blub says:

        The original report wasn’t wrong about the children’s homes. It just left out all the bits involving children from those homes being brought to a hotel in Wrexham for visiting VIPs to abuse.

  64. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Google Mark Trotter (Labour party) Hackney,
    Child abuse is ok if done by a lefty!

  65. 177
    Living in 99% white North Wales says:

    Cameron has no option but to call an inquiry. But what will be its terms of reference? Will the D-Notice be rescinded? Will the enquiry sit in secret?

    If the names being bandied about turn out to be correct then the Conservative Party will self-destruct.

    I feel the damage to Labour will be far less.

    And the Lib Dems might come out squeaky clean.

    • 192
      dig it up says:

      Let’s have a proper inquiry in to D u n b l a n e : G e o r g e R o b e r t s o n included.

      • 219
        Backwoodsman says:

        Ah, I tried to post that last Friday, but the modbot didn’t like G*rge R*bertson being mentioned at all. Think that nice mr bliar put a big fat dee notice on that one – apparently because he was a seriously nasty nonce.

    • 292
      Cyril Smith says:

      Cyril Smith was reported to the police for kiddy fiddling very many times. But as he was a freemason they did nothing.
      As bad as Savile.

  66. 179
    Damo says:

    Fair play to Watson. In Ireland the horrific child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church had been hinted at for years but those involved deemed too powerful to be held to account, but once it came out it became a flood. Although the names mentioned all appear to be Tory I do hope the media and commentariat can remain bipartisan on this one, as political affiliation is here nor there. This is a bigger issue than point scoring.

  67. 185
    Eddie says:

    Should Watsin also concentrate on his last Labour government., and of former Labour Nato Secretary General toom many names thee too.

    • 186
      Eddie says:

      Sorry typos, hit the submit too quickly.
      Should Watson also concentrate on his last Labour government., and of former Labour Nato Secretary General too, many names there in that bunch too.

      • 196
        Living in 99% white North Wales says:

        He won’t need to. The genie is already out of the bottle. If Cameron’s ‘enquiry’ doesn’t name names the Interweb will do it for him.

        • 204
          Jerry Walton says:

          The Sunday Times FBI list of Labour MPs who used credit cards to pay for internet child pornography needs to come out.

  68. 187
    daffodil says:

    I wonder why Billy Hague arranged the cover up? It’s not like there’s anything queer about Billy is there? I wonder what that young male friend of his thinks, the one photographed with Billy while they were mincing round London like a couple of love-struck schoolgirls.

    • 312
      Anonymous says:

      The enquiry reported when Labour where in power, peter Hain was mentioned in a post earlier. The male friend you seem obsessed with was an intern as i recall, are you jealous !

  69. 188
    Gulp says:

    A close friend of the Camerons, a rampant arse bandit, and the chief pimp to the paedophilic powers that be.

  70. 189
    eh says:

    How can he judge himself?

  71. 190
    eh says:

    One of Camerons bezzy mates.

  72. 195
    Ian says:

    Don’t forget the 29 kiddie fiddlers in the B B C – allegedly.

  73. 197
    Yucky Watson says:

    Cameron is the PM, he doesn’t need an inquiry, he only needs to ask MI5.

    That should include questions about Operation Ore of course – we need to know what NuLabourites may have been getting up to as well!

  74. 198
    cynic says:

    Can we trust Ca m e r on to have this investigated properly when one of his ‘close friends’ is the sordid D e r e k L a u d?

  75. 199
    Jerry Walton says:

    Tom Watson. The person who did everything he could to shut down the newspaper that did the most in exposing paedophiles. Oink.

    • 267
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Murdoch’s got his people on here now – huh. Murdoch had the full list of Ore since 1999 – he used it for his own financial gain F-wit.

  76. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Never thought i’d say this but tom watson is a hero. brave man indeed considering how many of the witnesses have come to early deaths.

  77. 201
    Anonymous says:

    Not true, shadowy, unaccountable bodies like to promote dodgy characters so they are compliant. Same as MPs.

    • 254
      ÁC1 says:

      Exactly! You don’t get the job if you don’t have a flaw they can leverage.

      The biggest jobs go to the most flawed.

      Why do you think parliament takes so much time of trivial nonsense? It’s because all the important decisions have already been decided.

  78. 213
    Eddie says:

    So will be Labour. See Jerry Walton’s link. This is floating around a long time. Blair and his chums have a case to answer.

  79. 215
    Tom Heroson says:

    Who are these ‘others’ who were murdered? Please name some names concerning who exactly was murdered? Why didn’t Blair resign when one of his top chums Philip Lyon got nabbed for kiddy fiddling? Blair just issued D-notices.

  80. 216
    Anonymous says:

    I am curious, for any legal eagles. If the accused person (as revealed by twitter) instructs his lawyers to pursue a libel claim, what happens next? What would stop the defendant calling forward a string of his alleged victims to come to court and give evidence? Could that actually happen? Is this not just a rather large bluff? Could a libel case be pursued at the same time as the Inquiry announced by Cameron today?

    Essentially, is this not simply a giant bluff calling exercise, would his identity not HAVE to be revealed if he went to court?

  81. 223
    Anonymous says:

    Some of the comments on here are fucking amazing. The gist of them is that our paedophiles are not as bad as your – FFS where on earth do you get these morals. Are you so fucking blinded by party politics? I don’t care if they are red, blue or green with yellow spots if they have abused children in care (in CARE FFS) they need to be hung drawn and quartered. As does every single person who covered it up. Politicians fiddle expenses and we set up a fund to prosecute them – people abuse young children and we shoot the messenger.

    • 226
      North of Watford gap says:


    • 290
      JH says:

      Er, nice try at distraction.

      The point people are making is that all a p*edophile has to do to evade prosecution in WatsonWorld is have a red rosette on.

      • 294
        Anonymous says:

        Distraction? – you fucking idiot. You just don’t get it and never will. Political parties thrive on idiots like you.

  82. 224
    Sig Hansen says:

    Hmm sometimes MPs do the right thing for the wrong reasons

    I fear Watson is one such MP

    It should now all come out even if it will destroy all Political Parties and looking at what they have to currently offer that may be a good thing.

    A fresh start is now overdue

    • 229
      Anonymous says:

      Watson will never get a Ministerial post even should there ever be a Labour Government .

      His attention to detail is not good enough . He has no power base in his own party . His role in political life is to agitate against abuse of power .

      If Cameron has learnt anything in the last two years then it is that you cannot hide anything these days . If a train is heading in your direction it is pointless trying to stop it . Cameron is invariably “astonished” “amazed” or “truly saddened” in his desire at all times to ” be perfectly clear” .

      When faced with incessant 24/7 Media and the Internet even Churchill would suffer.

      It is the way things are these days .

      • 230
        dunstall says:

        My bet is that Watson will bottle out the contagion spreads across all political parties

        • 231
          Yucky Watson says:

          Watson knows not what he has started, but he is in for the ride of his life.

          It is too late to bail out now!

          • dunstall says:

            If you look at some of the names being bandied about on this and other sites it would only take 10 per cent of those named to be proven and the whole British Establishment will face collapse he will be leaned on and he will crumble

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Dunstal – The whole establishment is rotten to its core – and it beyond time it was stopped from bleedin the masses dry.

  83. 225
    Anonymous says:

    labour party will not.
    conservative party will not exist.

    so what next?
    maybe democracy reborn.

  84. 232
    Saffron says:

    I agree Twitson is a political chancer and exploiter of situations.
    I think like you that when the going gets tough the tough (although in his case the chancer) gets going.
    The can of worms has been opened and he will bottle it as he is all mouth and no substance.

  85. 234
    Jagbulon says:

    Where is Cameron going to find a judge that isn’t a freemason?
    There is a long history of enquiries involving freemasonry being fudged. Shipman, Dunblane, Haut de la Garenne etc
    Maybe Savile will lead to some truth coming out but I doubt it.
    The freemasons in the UK are a parallel power structure that includes most of the criminal justice system, many politicians, many civil servants, top journalists, and many businessmen. All who have sworn blood oaths with daggers, skulls, coffins etc to look after each other before everything else. And that perjury is OK if it helps a brother freemason.
    Many freemasons, especially plod, are just pawns that the whole evil empire is built on. But their membership supports the whole evil edifice.

    • 265
      gabbyjulie says:

      Lord Gill?

    • 269
      Blowing Whistles says:

      They are in the minority – they do not outnumber the masses who they thieve and feed off of – their days are ‘numbered’. Do not be fearful of the fuckers – they rely on the fear factor.

    • 293
      blub says:

      Micks? Seeing as they’ve had recent practice with the priests?

  86. 238
    Ex Yard 'tec says:

    Hmmm, beginning to wonder whether the allegations I made about a perverted senior Yard police officer (and a household name) whilst I was in The Job might be reinvestigated! Ultimately, the hierarchy closed ranks and I was toast. Always knew I should have applied to become a Freemason . . .

  87. 240
    sheepshaggar says:

    Ask Mr Watson to confer with G. Brown as to whether or not the ‘Fettesgate’ cover up should be re-investigate

  88. 241
    Anonymous says:

    Poor scum get a prison sentence
    Rich scum get a libel lawyer

  89. 242
    A N Other says:

    Two names have been mentioned.

    I would be most amused if there perpetrator was an Old Etonian

    In mentioning Leon Brittan wasn’t is protege Nick Clegg?

  90. 243
    Leftie lying bastards says:

    It was fucking JACK STRAW that finished that enquiry and said no further action FFS

    How far can this be fucking twisted to get a Tory in the frame??????

    I fucking hate this country sometimes

  91. 244
    Paddy Power says:

    I’ll lay you a bet that every reasonably senior, long term detective, in virtually every Force in the Country has knowledge of a serious peudo enquiry involving the ‘great and the good’ that was quashed or otherwise ‘disappeared’ when reported to ACPO/ACPOS or prosecuting authority level.

  92. 247
    Whaddabout the Labour Peados? says:

    Will Fatso Watson now please name the “two former Labour ministers” who in 2003 were caught by Operation Ore after having used their credit cards to pay for access to a child porn website?

    • 256
      Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you name them?

      • 270
        Jim Beam says:

        A laughable attempt to try to shift the excrement onto ‘thatcher’ as usual. Top story on the Beeb is ‘inquiry about evil Tories’ basically. Where the fuck has the top headline been about 29 lefty BBC staff under suspicion. Frankly, where the fuck has the inquiry been about the Blair ban on information concerning Labour cabinet ministers caught during Operation Ore ( ‘family reasons’ *cough*) ? Why the fuck is Tom watson just bleating on about Conservatives when the evil runs deep in his own party. What is this ‘progressive’ left mentality- that it’s ok to attack the Catholic Church or the Tories for evil crimes against kids but it’s all fine if you’re a member of the Labour Party? Sick.

  93. 264
    Ehtch says:

    A nursery rhyme for your kiddies, to be told when they are young, to prepare them for life in the brit jungle;

    Look out look out,
    there’s a tory about.

    Under stone, in bed,
    search faggot of dread.

    Paddington Station, marmalade,
    could be anywhere, under grass blade.

    Insects of perversion, give you incecticide,
    for your young arse, beeb and tory spread aside.

    That perve town paved with gold of scum and shite,
    if stuck in mouth, not asked before, give it a good bite.

    Penis with fried onions for breakfast, with black pudding and kidneys – mmmm, with some fava beans and a nice chianti, fuff-fuff-fuf, etc.

    smell my fishfingers……

  94. 271
    peter davidson says:

    Murdoch has chosen to be very careful regarding accusations of homosexuality in light of the more than occasional dalliances within the Murdoch “stable” many years ago. Not under-age I should add, but not exactly something to be shouted from the rooftops.

    • 272
      Ehtch says:

      His daughter is the only what could be called stable of them lot. Murdochs son seems a perve, and Murdochs and his young oriental Singaporian wife flags some alarm in my brain, don’t exactly why. Maybe she is ac/dc, who knows. She looks it, especially when she threw a punch at that bloke last year, the shaving cream incident.

      Fucking hell, who isn’t a perve that has influence in this godforsaken world. Even the Pope is suspect. Last person I would want to babysit my kiddies is the fucking Pope.

      What do you say Father Jack, guide me, oh thou,

      Pardon Father Jack?

  95. 273
    peter davidson says:

    Not sure the proclivities of said Murdoch junior were that secret. He certainly did little to hide it in the mid 90′s.

  96. 275
    zoompad says:

    Try getting access to a copy of that document in Staffordshire and you will be dissapointed.

    I had to get my copy of it second hand from Amazon, a withdrawn library copy.

    They have deliberatly stopped Pindown victims from reading that document. To me, that is disgusting, that is just an extra layer of abuse.

    Let Tom Watson talk about that if he has something to say!

  97. 281
    Rinka Scott says:

    Before reading this blog I did not know that William Hague knew Jimmy Savile .

    How did they meet ? Did they do anything together ?

    I know they are both Yorkshiremen but never knew they had anything in common

  98. 282
    Mcbasher says:

    This establishment is putrid to the core.
    They have to go, all of them, judges MP’s Lords, cops, totally corrupt as a whole.
    If their not troughin’ their pervin’.
    This ones got legs, tip of the iceberg, how many more times do these things need to happen before people wake up to the disgusting state of the establishment.

    • 306
      Cyril Smith says:

      We need a member’s list of all the freemasons published on the internet.
      That would raise a lot of eyebrows with all the local government snouts in the trough.
      And all the politicians who answer to a higher power than their party or constituents.
      And all the policemen who have sworn that perjury is OK in the cause of freemasonry. Never, ever believe a copper.

  99. 291
    Do not trust any part of the establishment says:

    It’s more than possible that MI5/MI6 are themselves running noncing rings to compromise our politicians/or foreign politicians/diplomats etc..

  100. 296
    perspective says:

    Reasons for anonymity of witnesses are given in the preamble to the enquiry document. Basically it’s the law anyway, and witnesses might not have come forward.

    It seems standard stuff – not a cover up.

  101. 299
    rats arse says:

    why were gary glitter and freddie star, named and filmed, for all to see. yet these tory mp’s are kept secret

  102. 301
    Grand Master says:

    There must be at least one politician who is not a perv and/or a trougher- name him now, I say

  103. 302
    Philmaxted says:

  104. 303
    Upshot creek says:

    Wasn’t that the one where an ex police officer was sent to prison for 18 years?

  105. 305
    steve smith says:

    Omg this old sh*t has been doing the rounds for eons. No mention in the list of Hitler or Himmler or Goering they were on the list in the 30s funny thst

  106. 309
    Anonymous says:

    The Conservative Party is in the gutter and it’s looking up someone’s skirt.

    • 314
      Anonymous says:

      You really do need to take more water with it old chap, you are becoming a pain in the arse with these drunken comments of yours.

  107. 313
    Anonymous says:

    I have to say its really not normal to say you hate a total stranger, you really must get a hobby and /or get out more.

  108. 315
    Polly says:

    Time the whistle was blown on the ” Atlantic Bridge ” that was a great cover up

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