November 3rd, 2012

Saturday Seven Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1 says:

    Funny how the pee*do story in the Tory party comes out right after the BBC one. You’d think it was done as a desperate act to deflect blame away from the Beeb.


    • 2
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      except it didn’t come out!

      Frantically fishing with the aim of deflecting the narrative on to the Conservatives in the future.

      The same tactic the BBC and Labour used whenever scandal was engulfing the previous government, Find any excuse to body-check the Labour story with an anti-Tory one.


    • 44
      BBC runs scared says:

      So what happened to explosive newsnight in the pipeline?


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      The Beeb never had any intention of revealing the paedo’s name. It was just a shot across the Tories bow – effectively, ” Lay off us or we’ll show you for the kiddy fiddling nonces you undoubtedly are (whilst we all wallow in a cesspit of filth and depravity)”

      Don’t expect the MSM to run with it either. Unfortunately that loathsome slug, Tom Watson seems to be the only guy with any balls to raise the subject. Maybe Guido could write one of his letters to Scotland Yard again?


    • 83
      John Bellingham says:

      Wonder why the BBC emphasised a “Tory” political figure and also sexed that up with a montage of newspapers with headlines screaming “Tory…..”!
      I wonder if it was anything to do with Mc Shane’s McShame?
      We still hear nothing about the former Leicestershire labour MP or the man with the cheap housing loans who dances the Samba or the Great One-Eyed MacFiddler himself–could it be that the BBC (BumBoyCorporation) crowd all belong to the same paedophile/paederast society?


    • 104
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Do you get the feeling the public’s been had, as far as the “Could it have been a Tory Minister, who’s still alive, who was the biggest one of them all” story goes? I mean, could it be possible they never had any intention of revealing a name, but that they said they might, simply to see whose name came up in connection with the announcement? This way, people on the blogs would come up with a panoply of names, giving the impression that the Tories of days of yore were all nonces? A bit like the gossip rags who say “Guess who got picked up for operating a vehicle whilst intoxicated? Yeah, it was HIM– AGAIN! Details to follow,” which could be anybody, but you’ve just run through a mental checklist?


  2. 3
    Fenton says:

    Ok BBC, just for balance and since you apparently feel so strongly about this issue now lets have the Labour story/stories?


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      jonathan dimbleby, protector of prince charles.
      is on the warpath.


      • 55
        Anonymous says:

        Paedophilia is a huge national problem that no one thought about 50 years ago and is now something that concerns everyone, but this has become a witch-hunt against the BBC.

        so says Jonathan.
        Is he saying that the scale of the problem is vast. if so, how does he know.


    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Why are you trying to protect peados in Tory party?


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    So Guido, when are you going to tell us that the police are going to prosecute McShane, or is her going to get away with it?


    • 5
      Janet Street says:

      Deport the bastard whence he came.


      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        MacShane was born in Glasgow[7] as Denis Matyjaszek, to an Irish mother, Isobel MacShane, and her Polish husband, Jan Matyjaszek,


        • 10
          Spode says:

          Exactly. Deport him to Glasgow — a fate worse than any prison term.


          • Fartravelled and not bigoted says:

            Glasgow is a paradise compared to some English shitholes like Bradford, Aldershot, Swindon, Stoke, Birming-fucking-ham etc etc


        • 15
          LOL says:

          Well split him in half then. Send one half to Ireland and the other half to Poland.


        • 17
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Deport the treacherous thief back to Jockistan and seal the borders.


        • 128
          Ruled by foreigners in the interests of foreigners says:

          MacShane was born in Glasgow[7] as Denis Matyjaszek, to an Irish mother, Isobel MacShane, and her Polish husband, Jan Matyjaszek

          So he’s just another politician with f-all connection to England and the English, yet having power over the English.


    • 11
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Something in the papers this morning about incriminating letters that cannot be used as evidence as they are protected by Parliamentary Privilege.


  4. 6
    Graham says:

    Nothing about Tom Watson ?


    • 7
      Tommy Boy says:

      I’m too busy trying to figure out, just as in Corby, how I can make a Labour victory in any Rotherham by-election look like an upset I was responsible for pulling off.


      • 23
        Well it's a thought says:

        Why bother, everybody knows just show the braindead a red rosette and they will vote liebour and follow them over the cliff edge.


  5. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Guido Fawkes wrote to Scotland Yard yesterday claiming that the matter of McShane was not subject to paliamentary privelege;today,the meeja are saying it is.
    Where do we go from here?


    • 24

      Everything legal is arguable. My bet is police will prosecute if there is enough public pressure.


      • 28
        Erskine May says:

        Parliamentary privilege applies to proceedings in Parliament. It does not protect against prosecution from criminal acts.


        • 84
          John Bellingham says:

          The letters are now in the public domain and are therefore no longer priviliged.


          • Erskine May says:

            Non-sequitur. Parliamentary privilege applies regardless of the public domain position.


          • Dont be distracted by the privillege smokescreen says:

            The letters are a red herring its the expense claims themselves which hold the evidence. They are not even arguably protected by any privilige. Any half assed investigation into their contents will reveal the falsehoods and fictions. The Case for the Crown does not require a written confession by MCShane in whatever form.


      • 35
        Anonymous says:

        Thanks for that GF. That’s a bet I hope to lose,provided of course the case is not manipulated by the politicons to get him off & away with the swag.


      • 82
        ? says:

        when did the police decide who or who not to prosecute?


      • 86
        Rat's arse says:

        Again, well done Mr Fawkes.

        Now can you upset T.Watson please? You must have enough on that ‘person’ to fill a wheel barrow.

        Come on Guido, make it our Christmas present!


  6. 13
    Big Willy says:

    Big Willy writes

    Yes, when is the courageous Guido going to name and shame the pervert?

    Because, Lord, Britain wants to know…


    • 14
      Des says:

      Guido’s very quiet on this Tory perv story. Why’s that?


      • 21
        Another nutter passing by says:

        Don’t blame him, accuse someone who is alive without them being through a court of law then you better have the evidence and money to prove it, here-say doesn’t count.


        • 48
          Cicero says:

          True. And even worse, you could simply be smearing someone innocent while distracting attention from someone guilty who can then get off the hook.


    • 88
      John Bellingham says:

      Leon Brittan groomed Nick Clegg for many years. They were very close.


  7. 16
    National Socialist says:

    ‘The Slog’ reckons the BBC were served with a superinjunction yesterday afternoon.


    • 19
      Ex Ah! Monika says:

      Hmm. In which case they would be unable to mention an un-named person.


      • 34
        Rt.Hon. K. Clark, Minister for Injustice says:

        Secret injunction issued in a closed hearing in a secret court. Clearly necessary on the grounds of National Security.


        • 42
          Moral Collapse Blair says:

          Try a D Notice…

          I shut all these buggers up with one during Operation Ore


        • 46
          # says:

          Well Peter Morrison won’t have issued it so there’s one off the list.

          And if Newsnight was referring to Thatcher’s government then is can’t be KC and the Sunshine Band as he’s the present Gov.


    • 65
      Anonymous says:

      This supposed story was never going to come to anything, they’ve all got too much on each other. If all else fails, the security services will ensure silence.


  8. 20
    George Osborne says:

    I’m going to play with my train set today.


  9. 22
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    Reggie Perrin abused me at Beeb
    Legend Leonard Rossiter named in sex attack at BBC HQ



  10. 25
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    The Saudis are bulldozing Islam’s heritage. Why the silence from the Muslim world? Telegraph. Worth a read


    • 41
      # says:

      Telegraph owners = tax avoiders


    • 52
      Sheikh Ted says:

      That would be an ecumenical matter


    • 75
      Aunty Matter says:

      If only we could bulldoze all of Islam into history.


      • 115
        Religion is Krapp says:

        God is all omniscient. God is omnipotent. God is good. Therefore there are no wars — but there are.
        All religions are total bollux. Bulldoze all of them.


        • 120
          Another Sky Fairy reductionist watch says:

          Apart from the key doctrine of the Fall of man and he ravages of Sin in the world, you’ve got a very basic grasp of Christian theology. If I was you Id shut the fuck up about it until you knew what you were talking about.


          • Religion is Krapp says:

            Christians Good — Mooslims Bad — My Sky Fairies Good Book is the Truth– My God is bigger than your god(s) — What utter garbage.


  11. 26
    BBC Newsnight Interviewee says:

    Edward VII sat my great grandmother on his knee when he was Prince of Wales in 1893. I demand a meeting with the Prime Minister, a full Public Inquiry, and more to the point, substantial compensation for the continuing distress caused to me and my family.
    Also I’ve been approached by a no-win-no-fee lawyers saying that I can claim against the Italians because I am related to Boudicca and the Romans raped her daughters.


    • 32
      Spycam says:

      You are Paxo and I claim my €25 quid


    • 38
      Defrocked Shillings and Pence says:

      We are no win no win lawyers

      Since you bastards on Guido’s blog blew our cover…


    • 68
      Ernestine Tentions says:

      If you are serious about this, I think your best strategy is to campaign for Tony Blair to be the next Emporer of the EU. When in office, he is sure to apologise for both of the crimes that you have reported. This will bring ‘closure’ for you and your loved ones and allow you to’draw a line’ and ‘move on’.

      If you are interested in this strategy, we could start up an action group as my family have been traumatised also. Our gerbil caught a cold and died. Whilst Dickie was in a coma, the NHS refused, 17 times, to send an ambulance to administer life giving oxygen. After writing countless letters and making 32 phone calls, our daughter Rebekaa, 8, has received no apologies from the local Primary Care Trust. She has no closure, is unable to draw a line and definitely cannot move on.

      She won’t eat corn flakes either. To be honest, she wouldn’t before the loss of Dickie but we are hoping that an abject and typically sincere apology from Saint Anthony of the miracle of the Spontaneously Shredding Claim Chits would change her dietary preferences.


      • 85
        PC Dave says:

        Dear Rebekaa,
        Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mummy Ernestine at this difficult time.
        Eat your corn flakes up darling — otherwise the lady from Social Services will say you are underweight and take you into Care.
        Never forget — The Politicians and Public Service Workers will always make sure you are Safe — and have wisely banned dangerous things like conkers.


    • 72
      A claimant says:

      But can I get a new house?


  12. 29
    nobody expected the spanish inquisition says:

    Good old Ivan Pavlov was on to a winner when he investigated ‘Conditional Response’. A couple of rings of a bell and dog salivation commenced. The media plays us exactly the same way via our ability to read newspapers / blogs or view the world according to their delivered visual stimuli. Even Guido is no exception.
    For us readers, the intelligensia?, today the trigger response necessary is mostly via the viewed or written word and dependent upon our political persuasion we react accordingly. Toff, posh , banker, pleb goes over most Tory’s heads where the words invoke a greater response from LibDems and Socialists when words like benefits, immigrants, debt and deficit invokes a Tory response leaving most Socialists or LDs [with the inability to do economic sums] cold .
    Fortunately for both media camps, tits, bums and associated despicable acts generates a world wide reaction irrespective of one’s individual political leanings, AC or DC coupling.
    With that in mind, we are now played by the media suffering from the aftermath of the JS inquiry, visible by yesterdays BeeBC no show re peedo and corrupt politicians anxious to cover their own backs . When will we and they ever learn???
    Maybe I am just suffering from information fatigue.


    • 60
      Lucretius says:

      No, you make a good point. It is hard to stand back and be distant in an age of manipulative liars in the media.


  13. 30
    Newsnight Producer says:

    This announcement is to inform you (who pay us) that Newsnight
    will be wound up. We have been unable to “grwow a pair’ as
    some vulgar sod said we should

    Jerermy Paxton is being put out to grass in his Oxfordshire paddock and
    we have recommended that he becomes the official spokesman for the
    Chipping Norton Set (on the same salary)


  14. 33
    Oxford PPE student says:

    AQll these names I keep hearing

    Mandelson, Janner, Brittan and co…

    What do they have in common?


  15. 36
    BBC flunky says:

    We have put Paxo out to grass in his paddock in Oxfordshire

    He says he is joining the Chipping Norton Set


    • 102
      Ernestine Tentions says:

      That bastard Paxman is a class traitor and utter hoon to boot.

      It is not widely understood, even in the most concentric circles, that the origin of the naming of Chipping Norton comes from the prediliction of the local youth for chucking stones at motor bikes. They do not like the working classes in that part of Oxfordshire and they certainly do not like their appalling modes of transport.

      Stone chucking at moving targets is on the syllabii of all the major public schools and all boys are required to achieve 92% accuracy before their chins are removed at the age of 14. Girls are excused stone chucking as they are more interested in ponies.


  16. 40
    Ed's wife says:

    No one will act for me in defamation proceedings

    Can someone help a poor innocent girls like me?


  17. 43
  18. 45
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    Late screen legend Leonard Rossiter accused of performing a sex act as three BBC staff tried to ra pe 18-year-old TV extra
    Man claims Rising Damp star, who died in 1984, watched attack on him
    He said attempted rap e happened at BBC Television Centre in west London
    Alleged victim brands BBC a ‘cesspit of depravity’ as he recalled assault
    It is the latest scandal to hit the Corporation.

    PS Jonnathan Dimbleby Says ” stop the witch hunt” !!!!


  19. 50
    Makka Pakka says:

    Mikka makka moo


  20. 53
    Stuffed says:

    Richard Murphy, 54, head researcher at the Tax Justice Network, has hit out at BBC’s Newsnight for choosing blogger Poppy Dinsey for their debate on company tax. Even 25-year-old Miss Dinsey, best known for posting photographs of herself in revealing outfits on her blog, said she believed she was chosen because she ticked the ‘young, female box’.


  21. 54
    Fog says:

    An Explosive Newsnight – Not.


  22. 67
    fnar fnar says:

    Elliott Morley, the Jockish homunculus and two others tried to claim Parliamentary Privilege about their scams and the Judge threw it out:

    Judge Judge (sic): said: “In our judgment no question of privilege arises and the ordinary process of the criminal justice system should take its normal course, unaffected by any groundless anxiety that they might constitute an infringement of the principles of parliamentary privilege.” He went on: “The stark reality is that the defendants are alleged to have taken advantage of the allowances scheme designed to enable them to perform their important public duties as members of parliament to commit crimes of dishonesty to which parliamentary immunity or privilege does not, has never, and, we believe, never would attach.”

    Precedent, shurely?


    • 71
      Cicero says:

      Seems reasonable. Why would any judge, even one not bound by it, fail to concur?


      • 107
        We the People demand real justice says:

        Very good legal point which should prevent Mac*Thief attempting to use as

        his escape from Justice

        Then it only leave the Mar*gret Mor*an type defence as his way to not to be

        prosecuted in High Court & given a real prison term, once found guilty !

        but certainly not a Butlins style couple of months holiday as the other

        thieving bas*tards received, at out expense !

        If you can’t do the time, DON’T do the Crime!!

        Or will he use the ECHR act as a final desperate route to escape justice ??

        Nothing would surprise with this arrogant self important piece of

        ZanuLieLabor shi*t !!


  23. 81
    Moral Collapse of Gwido says:


    Just for balance

    Here is what Gwido’s employer is all about


  24. 90
    Dave the Action Man says:

    The BBC Licence Fee is to be cut by 20% per annum in perpetuity.


  25. 91
    Lord Gayville Spanner says:

    It’s about time all these appalling Tory arse bandits were outed already


  26. 97
    Aunty Matter says:

    Does anyone know what fat plod is actually doing about the BBC? I’ve not seen a single plod at the BBC carrying off black bin bags of information, or seizing computers. I’m not even aware of any beeboids being informally interviewed.

    Yet the BBC tell us every day the police are investigating. Really? Seems to me plod is helping out the BBC by hoping it will all go away, especially with Christmas coming up.

    I’m hoping we can all post links to the BBC’s Savile Christmas specials and get them trending over Christmas just to remind people the BBC really is a piss hole of pervs and nonces.


    • 103 says:

      The BBC is a much respected state-owned, monopolistic organisation and so can not conceivably be likened to filthy private companies which rely on their reputation for business when competing against other private companies. The BBC like the state care homes, that allowed so many children to be sexually abused in the past (and no doubt is still happening in the present), must not be subjected to criticism and witch-hunts and must be censored (as they do in China) to protect the honour of the state. Public sector good. Private sector bad.


    • 105
      The Fog of War says:

      To be honest dude, I would think the James Saville thing is just a distraction from far worse things.

      I know nothing but reckon that DJs and pop stars getting their legs over with girls just under or over the legal age was and probably still is common in the show biz world.

      The law has now changed though in that the adult should make efforts to ascertain that the minor is not a minor but in the 70s and 80s that was not so. But a lot of stuff in the DM is actually about groping adult staff anyway.

      The really sickening stuff which in a sense is being masked by the Savile case, is the world of the rich and powerful abusing children and children mainly in the care of the state. Rich speaks for itself but powerful ranges from police, judges, staff, politicians, the church, teachers, medics, masons, charity workers and many other forms of the establishment.

      Don’t let the Savile case hide the wood from the trees.


  27. 106
    HSBC gangstas says:

    Crime pays boys and girls

    Roll up and let us launder all your money

    You will get away with it as well–stay-anonymous-HMRC-refuses-500-Britons-Lagarde-List.html

    The Rule of Law broke down in Britain years ago…


  28. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Is it true that the Obama administration has provided millions of free mobiles so that all his supporters can be reminded to vote on Tuesday?


    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      Yes. Many `poor` and `black` voters have been given these as part of the social welfare equalisation program. The fact that they can also be used to text vote reminder messages is of course irrelevant.


  29. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Vote for the Tesco party – no chance of corruption if they de-regulate everything!


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