November 2nd, 2012

Written in the Stars

The award for the most bitter moan of the day goes to archaic socialist rag the Morning Star. The under-pressure daily splashes on the news that Whitehall has stopped taking the paper, with Downing Street recently telling Guido they now take the Daily Star Sunday instead. In true Morning Star style their ‘exposé’ reels off a withering paranoid rant that the evil Tories are trying to silence them, throwing in some pretty tame digs at their  more popular rival for good measure.

More likely Ministers and their minions decided they wants news, not Marxist rants…


  1. 1
    Col Nut says:

    They need a tits page.


  2. 2
    Selohesra says:

    And who pays for Downing St to read Daily Star Sunday? – Whilst your column may be worth 90p of taxpayer money – they could read it for free on Monday when you post the link


  3. 4
    Guido Fawkes says:

    I have been dropped from being a parent this weekend after my daughter made an official complaint of Racism against me following an incident in which I called her “a cheeky little monkey”


  4. 5
    smoggie says:

    Let the Whitehall commies buy their own papers.


  5. 6
    Pundit Too says:

    Don’t worry Morning Star, the BBC at great taxpayer expense has as predicted, sent that old biased Marxist Jim Naughty to represent the BBC in the USA, to show the Americans how to do interviews; and to follow and root for Obama in the forthcoming election.
    Today he paid homage to Obama by visiting Chicago very close to Obama’s real home; promoted racial tension by interviewing biased Democrats, and surprise surprise interviewed a Democrat Senator (“Democrat of course” were his actual words) who blamed most difficulties on the Republicans.
    The Star should simply follow Jimmy the Red Naughty and report on his progress in promoting Obama – a new Pilgrim’s Progress.
    I wonder if Marxist Jim will report on why the Democrats are not endorsing and helping their female candidate in the 3 way Maine election – answer on a postcard please.


    • 9
      Man o' the People says:

      ‘… Marxist Jim Naughty…’

      Seriously Pundit, do you know what a Marxist is?


    • 29
      Tom Catesby says:

      Why has the BBC sent several extraordinarly well paid reporters including, in the last two days, Bill Turnbull, to report ad nauseam on the American elections? When it’s coverage of the crime commissioner elections on the 15th November in this country, not unimportant to us I would have thought, have had scant coverage and analysis.


  6. 7
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Why do we have to buy any newspapers for mandarins and politicians?

    Can’t they afford to buy their own dead tree press like the rest of us have to?



  7. 8
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    The Morning Star?

    Surely that bonkers student trot rag cannot still be going?


    Is Ed Millionairebland secretly bankrolling it? Having a circulation of 40 addresses North London cannot be commercially viable.


    • 11
      Kim Ying Tong Iddle says:

      Must be being funded by North Korea now the K G B have turned half way ‘normal’.


    • 13
      Uncle Joe says:

      How dare you call it a ‘Trot rag’. We are Marxist-Leninist and know what to do with Backsliding Trots. Ask Leon about that ice pick piercing I arranged for him.


    • 18
      Moussaka Lussaka says:

      Rather lost its way in the nineties.
      What with the collapse of the soviet union and the abandonment of world communism by every nation on the planet.


      • 22
        Archer Karcher says:

        Communism was not abandonded, they merely morphed into the green movement. Their war aginst capitalism continues under the enviro-commie banner these days.


        • 23

          If it wasn’t for the Communists and their policies that led to mass starvation in the USSR and China, there would now be billions more people on the planet emitting CO2. No wonder the greens worship communism.


    • 21
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Students still buy it, well old farts who were students in the ’60s.
      Seriously, if you ever happen to witness the rare event of seeing anyone buy a copy, they are usually past retirement age. Even older than the Telegraph’s readership.


  8. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The Morning Star needs a relaunch, using smaller, softer, more absorbent perforated paper.


  9. 16
    Morning Star says:

    You can’t blame us for wanting to be rich Marxist Trotskyite anarchists


  10. 17
    Citizen Smith says:

    Freedom for Tooting!

    Power to the people!


  11. 24
    Aunty Matter says:

    They need a pair of massive tits on the front every day. Ge0rge Ga11oway and T0m Wats0n would be ideal


  12. 25
    Red Ed Miliband says:

    The peasants should only be allowed to read the glorious Morning Star!

    Every issue can show how the glorious all-mighty Party has produced record numbers of tractors and bumper turnip harvests!

    Rejoice! An extra ration of turnip soup for the peasants!


  13. 26
    SFG says:

    Probably find that the government subscription was the only thing keeping the red rag going

    The loss of that tax payer subsidy will hopefully see the sorry thing folding


  14. 27
    keredybretsa says:

    Plebs of the World rise up and Unite etc…etc….!


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