November 2nd, 2012

Explosive Newsnight in Pipeline

If the lawyers don’t spike it, tonight’s Newsnight could be pretty spectacularly explosive. Bureau of Investigative Journalism hack Iain Overton has been working on a major story that is currently being legalled.

Hopefully George Entwistle has not commissioned any forthcoming Christmas specials about said politician…


  1. 1
    Oddbod says:

    Are you lying low Handy? Might be a good idea to get away to Spain right now.

    • 5
      Sandalista says:

      Can’t be Hancock because the description was “a very senior political figure”.

      Probably a Tory because the Beedoids would not go after one of their own (Labour).

    • 7
      Selohesra says:

      Presumably a Tory – otherwise they would not be covering it

      • 25
        Archer Karcher says:

        Almost certainly, though heaven knows the filth is across the spectrum of the eminently blackmailable and malleable political elite.

      • 28
        junkkmale says:

        If so, guessing ‘it was a different time’, ‘all were at it’, ‘just the right wing rags making a fuss’ or ‘why didn’t anyone in the media raise it until now’ will not be entertained as points of order in certain quarters.

        Any more.

        But the trade in losing a one term party via ballot along with an unaccountable media monopoly that one is forced to support may be worth the moral equivalences that will doubtless ensue.

        I think many could be well advised to have caution with what they wish for.

        Grabs popcorn.

      • 40
        Anonymous says:

        I think he / she had been already named on certain blogs but name was taken out later. If it is him and true I will be very sad as I thought of this person as a great man / women.

        Still hope its some one else.

        • 63
          Selohesra says:

          Although judging by his wife he always preferred the more mature lady – I hope its not him too

          • Anonymous says:

            There is another one who is always on heat, very popular but hasn’t done anything useful for voters. Had loads of women problems but not sure whether he chases young girls as well.

      • 98
        Flocking useless.... says:


        I wonder where the balance will come from?

        Pick one from each side perhaps?

      • 109
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Based on an idea by Tom Watson?

        You don’t expect Newsnight journalists to expose Labour politicians, do you?

        • 222
          Anonymous says:

          why ? are they at it too?

          • misterneddy says:

            Hell Yes. There are paedo filth in all parties.

            Some of them just like the kiddies and are mere perverts

            Some of them rape and then kill them for the energy charge and are Satanic and evil.

    • 26
      Anonymous says:

      If he / she is the one I guess he / she is, it will be a big blow to lots of people as he / she is well liked by people of this country.

      Hope Newsnight had carefully looked into it to see that there is evidence rather than basing it on one man / women’s story.

      I will be very sad and hurt if it turns out to be true.

    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      If it is going out there might be a resignation if he / she is a minister as that person cannot continue with the job until cleared. Not sure what will happen if its a MP.

      If that person is a minister and Cameron tries to hold on to that person he will be tossed. Even Clegg would not be able to pretend that he is in this government for national interest.

      • 113
        Top Slander Lawyer says:

        I await the BBC programme with bated breath.
        The public are not with the BBC so could be this person is slandered without evidence applicable to a high court? Oh the fees and costs, yipee.

        • 129
          Fish says:

          Got to be a Tory. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (ha ha ha) doesn’t go for its own either

          • Llareggub says:

            Bloke with the same name as a “prominent Tory supporter” apparently. What the heck that means..

    • 227
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      It ain’t me. I have removed all references from my biography of being Chairman of the NSPCC southern Region, Director of BBC South children’s programmes, formerly worked for Mencap and membership of the Parliemntary Global Sex exploitation and Prostitution Committee and Thailand Committee. So I must be innocent innit? Boaz.

    • 244
      Anonymous says:

      William Hague and lord mandelson

    • 376
      OscarJones says:

      so is this how Britain is now?.
      Nothing is reported as “alleged”?.
      Perhaps we can just do away with courts, juries and judges and hand the accused over to the mob.

      Overton’s Tweet is outrageous and his salivating about a (non alleged) “pedophile” is as worrying as the countries appetite for sordid sex stories.
      Thank God I emigrated.
      The Savile affair has sent half the country bonkers.

  2. 2
    Sandalista says:

    If there is evidence of wrong doing should the Police not be the first stop?

    • 30
      Edwina Milipede says:

      Certainly not. There should be an independent judge-led inquiry in which all the witnesses can be grilled by colleagues of my wife.

    • 38
      Peter says:

      The police ? Don’t you want this investigated ?

    • 128
      blub says:

      Plod won’t risk their career investigating VIPs unless they have media aircover in advance.

    • 362
      roger says:

      The Wrexham /North Wales pederasty story is over a decade old, i’m sure there is nothing not yet in the public domain. The police investigation was hamstrung (a masonic metaphor by accident) by the handshake, shirt lifting cabal.

    • 377
      OscarJones says:

      No every alleged victim now wants a personal meeting with the PM. Possibly The Queen next.
      Perhaps that’s part of this “finding closure” business.

  3. 3
    Mr Nowinnofee LLB says:

    If it is an elected MP will we be able to sue his constituents who voted for him and endangered our children ?

  4. 4
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Oh no, please let it not be Father Christmas.

    • 27
      James says:

      Nothing dodgy about white haired old men who let children sit on their knee in exchange for presents, is there? Now then, now then!

  5. 6
    Bluebottle says:

    Anyone for popcorn ?

  6. 8
    George Osborne says:

    I’m going to play with my crayons today.

    • 324
      XXXX says:

      Are going to be a good boy and let David play with you, no tantrums, now then, it’s in your minds

  7. 10
    PlatoSays says:

    I assume its a Tory since the BoIJ is a lefty organisation.

  8. 11
    JustSaying says:


    • 55
      Pointless Speculation says:


      • 66
        JustSaying says:

        No idea.

        Politicians have been accusing the Beeb of covering up over the Savile thing recently. Splendidly ironic (whichever party) if the Beb are about to reveal politicians doing just the same (or worse).

        • 148
          Tiger Tiger says:

          This may be just a BBC attempt to prevent themselves from being penalised over Savile d their lefty bias by catching a Tory, so they can later say it is unfair if the Tories try to act against the BBC.

        • 149
          Spacker Brown says:

          Abolish the licence fee.

        • 326
          XXXX says:

          It seems to be a a whole paedo ring which included politicians, as big money would have been involved it would have included a cross selection of rich influencial people, there was apparently an inquiry in the late 90′s

  9. 12
    junkkmale says:

    Well, if there’s substance to it, whoever is in the spotlight can surely just get a few mates to whip up an internal investigation and the Chairman of whichever party they belong to can mutter darkly about not asking questions… and pretty soon all will be about right.

    That’s how it works now power account holding-wise, isn’t it?

    Or will this be, somehow, possibly uniquely… different?

    • 329
      XXXX says:

      “Or will this be, somehow, possibly uniquely… different?” Are you going to hold your breath?

  10. 13

    I shiver with antici…


  11. 14
    Lord Loinwash says:

    Is it Ted Heath?

    • 31
      Ferret says:

      Don’t be digging that one up again..

    • 33
      Dick the Prick says:


    • 50
      Selohesra says:

      Tweet said ‘is’ not ‘was’ – doesnt Guido normally run a book or quote odds on these occaisions to add a bit of spice – could I have some money on Twigg – he looks a wrongen to me

      • 71
        Gawd Help Us says:

        Crikey if you’re going on who looks a “wrongen” it’s going to be a long list.

      • 210
        Arse says:

        I’m guessing this goes back to Thatcher or Major’s government. So whoever it is is probably in the Lords now.

        And yes it’s almost certainly a Tory MP or ex-MP. I don’t think Watson or the BBC would cover it otherwise!

  12. 15
    alien says:

    Yep, nuclear :)

    • 114
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Details supplied by Tom Watson and his ego? Has he supplied any details of all the Labour Party registered sex-offenders yet?

  13. 16
    we always knew says:

    It’s not an MP it’s a PM!

  14. 17
    Airey Belvoir says:

    I have sent every male MP an anonymous message simply saying ‘Flee at once – all is discovered.’ I expect traffic jams on the M4 Heathrow spur, and the approaches to the Chunnel.

  15. 18
    Brittan will try to escape from Britain says:

    Everyone knows it’s about Leon Brittan.

    • 188
      Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

      Ooh I didn’t but then no-one tells me anything. Is there anyone in public life who is not a pervert :-(

      Come on, there must be one or two……………………

      If it is the person I hope it is, it will be all my Christmases come at once.

    • 201
      Jack Ketch says:

      Wasn’t Clegg Leon’s “protege”?

  16. 19
    Ben Fellows says:

    I couldn’t possibly confirm that !

  17. 20
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    deflect attention from the Beeb then!

    • 117
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Exactly. Just like Watson was trying to do the other week at PMQ’s. What’s the betting?

  18. 21
    Aunty Matter says:

    Hmm, must be a Tory or Newsnight wouldn’t go near it. Still doesn’t explain why Newnight spiked original story about Savile. And if we’re going to start outing kiddie fiddlers, perhaps Newsnight might like to investigate operation Ore being spiked.

    • 248
      misterneddy says:

      Newsnight have spiked the story again.

      BBC The broadcaster who have repeatedly, time and again, covered-up known cases of paedophilia, from Holly Grieg, to various children’s homes investigations, to Savile, to various politicians. The BBC time and time again cover up the paedo filth that they discover.

      Who the fuck are they working for?

    • 295
      Sammy Conn says:

      its a member of the current cabinet who was an aide around the time of thatcher

  19. 22
    Sue Doughty says:

    Peter Mandelson? Surely not

  20. 23
    J Adlington says:

    This doesn’t seem right. If they had the evidence it must have been given the police. If the police thought it worth pursuing we’d have heard about it by now. If they didn’t think it worth following up there is a huge risk that the report would result in a huge libel payout.

  21. 24
    john mackie says:

    please let it be a 4×2

  22. 29
    Ian E says:

    Some Hag who has reversed his views on the EU?

  23. 32
    Mark Reckless says:

    I thought viewing figures went down on a Friday night because all the plebs are out binge drinking .

  24. 36
    Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing former culture minister C**** S****

  25. 37
    Cash For, Whatever and Whenever says:

    If there is a God, it will be the wily snake Mandlescum.

  26. 39
    HenryV says:

    A current MP or one from the Thatcher era who has been dead for a decade?

  27. 43
    George Osborne says:


  28. 45
    Black Cab says:

    Have win-win bet with self that it’s not a LAB pol.

  29. 49
    Airey Belvoir says:

    This might be a cunning ruse by Newsnight – announce that a senior politician is to be unmasked as a kiddy-fiddler,, then sit back and see who panics and gets their lawyers to issue threats. Might produce some good leads!

  30. 54
    Blair is an evil cunt says:

    If it’s Blair, I will hold a year long party.

  31. 56
    Mehdi Hasan is a racist says:

    How is Kauffman these days

    • 211
      Anonymous says:

      Good question.

      • 263
        The Decameron says:

        I’m so glad someone else named Gerald Kaufman. Now it wasn’t me who broke that story.

      • 265
        The Decameron says:

        Nor did I mention the existence in 2004 of a (short) list held by the Met, naming paedophile MPs who were NOT to be arrested because of their position, with Kaufman at the top of the list.

        Oh no, not me. No such list existed. Ever.

  32. 58
    Grate Brittan says:

  33. 59
    john hill. says:

    Please let it be Huhne….

  34. 62
    Engineer says:

    The dead can’t sue for libel. Unless their evidence is totally incontrovertable, they won’t dare to name anybody living. The libel trial would be news of the century if they did.

  35. 70
    Leon Brittan says:

    I’d like to book a one way ticket to Timbuktu leaving at 10.30pm tonight. Thanks.

  36. 74
    blub says:

    Bound to be a Tory to deflect attention from the PBC and probably a europhile as blackmail or an EU pension are pretty much the only reasons left for that and probably not ecky-polaroids as he seems inclined more to adults.

    Still, one less in a position of power is good no matter the motive imo.

  37. 75
    Another Victim says:

    I ate Freddie Starr’s hamster.

  38. 78
    David Rose says:

    It does appear to be those who you most suspect that are being outed. That thought occurred to me as I stroked my chin while looking to the sky.

  39. 79
    blub says:

    The fact that there’s probably about a dozen viable candidates is sadly not shocking at all.

  40. 81
    Jimmy's So-vile says:

    Are the rumours about Greville Janner true?

  41. 82
    Crazy Tony says:

    Whose not married and does lots of charity work? Any ideas?

  42. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Please let it be Berkow.

  43. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Hopefully that Labour ex-vicar who poses on the net in his underpants.

  44. 85
    Bugler Bert says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour it is a Liebore MP that persists in dropping his lipstick in the gents?

  45. 86
    JustSaying says:

    “Senior political figure” rather than “senior politician”?

  46. 90
    Fan of Who Dares Wins says:

    Anyone got recordings of Who Dares Wins edition where the wheel of libel sketch concluded with “Julie Andrews is the ugliest Home Secretary we’ve ever had”, and where the camera crew were led down the lower gents toilets to see grffiti on which Government Minister was involved with little boys?

  47. 91
  48. 94
    sarah says:

    my husband, my nonce

    • 221
      Archibald The Dog says:

      On a serious note I remember Michael Heseltine making a speech at the Tory Conference in the early 1990′s ridiculing Gordon Brown’s economic policy and slotting in a reference to GB’s `convictions’. On asking my elders and betters I was bewildered to learn that these `convictions’ related to public lavatories. Totally bewildering.

  49. 100
    Roger The lodger says:

    The Hush Puppies deaden his footsteps on the stairs…

  50. 101
    Orsin Broom says:

    What does “being legalled” mean?

  51. 102
    Technomist says:

    What is almost as interesting as reading this list of potential usual suspects is the trouble one has thinking of people who could not possibly, ever, be thought of as being in the frame. Its very sad.

  52. 103
    Wait and see says:

    This is well sourced

  53. 104
    Ming says:

    A senior?

    So it could be an aged one such as Vincent Cable.

    Or it could be one senior in rank such as Vincent Cable.

  54. 105
    That Bigoted Woman says:

    Explosive cover up by Bliar…

  55. 115
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Please let it be Boris………..

  56. 116
    joolz says:

    well a certain ex-minister was fingered for his part in the cover up of the Holly Greig case, Robert Green went to prison so just so the powers to be could shut him up.

    They paid the girl compensation from the criminals injury board, even though there has never been a court case.

    Her mother moved her to England and whilst campaining for justice the local council tried to remove Holly sayng she was in Harm, when this did not work they sent the Scottish police in and ransacked the house and took all her evidence away.

    Read all about it on the web, as you wont find a single piece in any newspaper, COVER UP


    • 257
      misterneddy says:

      The BBC did an extensive investigation into this case, had all the evidence, n=made the programme and then, mysteriously covered it up…

      Nah, the BBC would not cover up a paedophile scandal would they?

      They are frikken serial offenders!

  57. 120
    Anon says:

    Surprised Jill Dando’s name hasn’t sprung up on here with regards pedo’s in high places.

  58. 121
    Flatcap Army says:

    I bet a fiver that being from the left-leaning the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (motto: “we investigate wrong doing but only from right-wingers”) it’ll be a Tory, despite strong rumours about at least two former Labour ministers I’ve heard

  59. 124
    Spare The Rod (Liddle) says:

    A cracker from this weeks’s Private Eye

  60. 125
    The Donkey of Untruth says:

    Could it be L*** A****** M*A*****? Old news from Scallywag days.

  61. 133
    Anonymous says:

    I want it to be because he didn’t use enough


  62. 134
    Bob Fleming says:

    Could it be someone the good old beeb regularly employ on certain late night political programmes..?

  63. 135
    BBC man says says:


  64. 136
    Cambodian Tourist Office says:

    We still have Glitters house up for rent is anyone is interested?

  65. 138
    Rinka Scott says:

    Why hasn’t Macshane been arrested ?

    • 164
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Because he is a well connected politician, of course! No doubt he needs another couple of years troughing to fill up his retirement funds. Laws are only for the little people.

  66. 140
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    We need Paddy Power to open a book on this , who is the odds on favourite ?

  67. 142
    Jac_spark says:


  68. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Remember Operation Ore, and the rumours of how Labour leaned on the investigation team?

  69. 144
  70. 145
    Cherie B LIAR says:

    Tony B LIAR.

    • 167
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Surely his teflon coating hasn’t worn out yet? If it has his money will protect him.

  71. 150
    Ian E says:

    What – Ben Dover?

  72. 153
    Moby dick says:

    I hav it down to two

    Both were for minimum wage

  73. 154
    anontoryboy says:

    I though Ian Duncan smith looked a bit dodgy klunk unzip every trip! :)

  74. 155
    Anonymous says:

    If this Newsnight is not aired it will result in the English Establishment showing itself to be protecting its own at all costs (which of course they have never been known to do). Even in prison pedos get the sugar treatment for they are the low of the low. For the political class and the establishment to maintain credibility in terms of drawing the line at what is right and what is wrong the program must be shown.

    That said if anyone has watched Spiral Series 3 (French police drama) you will see how people can be easily led into becoming pedos by criminal gangs seeking to influence powers that be. Sad how easy it is for criminals to gain undue influence in such a manner, but it no doubt goes on. If this is how it happened to the senior MP he has my sympathies, but he should have gone to the police as soon as he knew/was blackmailed.

    More to the point, and again this may be me being nieve here, but surely MI5 must know about all sexual kinks of all MPs so if they knew why did they not “have a word” with his party to have him quietly resign from public office?

  75. 157
    Observer says:

    A man from Construction and a couple of PR guys IG and DL

    • 171
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Nothing new then. Why would the BBC be making a fuss about them now? Is it a snokescreen to distract attention from worse lefties, or just a self protective move by the BBC?

  76. 165
    Anonymous says:

    leon brittan

  77. 172
    AveubenBorisised? says:

    It aint about me IS IT?

  78. 173
    BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

    That PIErahna Hattie Hatemen?

  79. 174
    Howard Kirk, a sociologist says:

    Harriet Harman being done by Glenda Jackson wearing a strap-on.

  80. 175
    The Beeboid says:

    Let’s be clear, this fellow will be a Conservative – no doubt about it!

    Unfortunately, given Tom Watson’s Commons intervention, rumours in the press and the fact that the Beeboid is doing an investigation, it has to be a Tory.

    The Beeboid would not chase down a senior Labourite for this.

    Regardless of that, if there is a paedo to be exposed in the Conservative Party, he deserves whatever is coming to him!

  81. 177
    Bullying Buggering Cunts BBC says:

    What about the 9 BBC employees who are suspected peedos?

  82. 183
    Orbilius says:

    Is this the BBC doing Labour a favour by outing a Conservative paedophile to distract attention on the day that McShane gets his come-uppance?

  83. 190
    Anonymous says:

    I started making a list but gave up on the 5th.

  84. 191
    AveubenBorisised? says:

    Mick Crick Ch 4 Honcho pouring cold water on it. Subject hasn’t been approached by Newsnight and will sue them if try to run with it.

    Gotta believe Mick.

  85. 193
    Indigo says:

    Please let it be the Prince of Darkness. Or, if not him, then let it be TB.

    Whoever it is, won’t he “take” a lot more down with him?

  86. 198
    Doooom says:


  87. 200
    General Sir Philip Michael Hunt says:

    you mean Derek almighty.

  88. 203

    Isn’t it George Robertson, or is that too obvious!!

  89. 204
    Susie says:

    Reckon I know who it is. A while ago in the 90s a relative was chummy with an MP who was a bit of a gossip. He recounted this tale of how child porn had been found in the Commons office desk of a senior minister (not saying who or which party) but they hushed it up as the opposition parties had the goods on them as well.

    • 259
      misterneddy says:

      The top levels of politics of all parties are RIFE with this activity. It makes MPs very blackmailable and allows the corrupt elite to get any legislation through they like.

      The BBC, the Judiciary, Social Services, NHS…. thick with kiddy fiddlers and worse. Kiddy murderers who treat children’s homes like sex toy catalogues.

      • 281
        Susie says:

        Ok BBC if you’re playing hardball. This person was not a Tory and is still a serving MP on the Labour backbenches.

        • 290
          The flying Gribble says:

          Come on Susie – dish the dirt…..

          • it's always the cover up which gets them in the end says:

            according to Susie, this person was a labour senior minister in the 1990s who is still a backbencher. In another post she says he never married and does works for charity (though if its who I think it is, I’m not sure they’d be classed as a charity outside the loony left). That’s more than enough to work out who she is hinting at if you work at a process of elimination. (its not Chris Smith, as he left his seat in 2005).


            I also agree with her that if the labour friendly hacks at the BBC and BIJ starting outing tory nonces, then you can expect tory friendly hacks at the telegraph, mail and news international to start outing labour ones.
            The newspaper industry would like a retort to the Leveson witchhunt and there’s no better one than this if they can make it stick to all three parties.

            If only a few of the rumours about senior LibLabCon politicians are true, then expect the expenses scandal times ten. If all of them are true, expect carnage at the ballot boxes. The people can forgive parties for having expenses cheats eventually, I’m not so sure they can forgive paedophiles and those who cover their deeds up quite so quickly.

  90. 205
    Lord Chancellor says:

    let’s hope the evidence doesn’t compromise the trial!

  91. 209
    Moby dick says:

    why do dail mail show a pic of TW

  92. 214
    Jac_spark says:

  93. 218
    iainspaton says:

    Gee… I wonder who will cough… man… to the knighted senior MP’s name I heard a few years ago… plenty of Silent Men of Westminster.

  94. 220
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if it concerns the rumours flying around concerning Ted Heath

  95. 223
    Synic says:

    Preferably after one of the secret trials when you as defendant could not hear the charge against him. As proposed by yourself Ken. A terrible elimination of one of our basic liberties. You should be ashamed.

  96. 225
    Anonymous says:

    Simon Hughes

  97. 229
    Mark oaten says:

    Tony Benn

  98. 230
    Douglas Herd likes anal says:

    Ted Heath ei? My my.

  99. 231
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    if they have the evidence then they should give it to the cops to investigate and charge. If what they have is insufficient for the cops to follow-up then they won’t have enough to defend a libel case.

    The BBC might consider it has nothing to lose by libeling Conservative politicians as the BBC won’t exist to defend the allegations by the time the allegations come to court.

    The Left see this as a political war. Phone ahcking was an attempt by the Left to assert the Left’s moral superiority (via the BBC) over news dissemination. The Savile scandal has wrecked that. The will throw all manner of crap around as they sink under the waves.

  100. 234
    Anonymous says:

    it is mandy

  101. 237
    Tonto says:

    Without fire no smoke .

    Bed wet .

  102. 239
    Joe Blog says:

    Nigel Lawson?

  103. 241
    S.T.U.N says:

    Selwyn Gummer?

    Just asking

  104. 242
    Popcorn anyone? says:

    Please let it be Gove or Hague. Whoever it is Newsnight, publish and be damned

  105. 245
    Jean Paul Redmond says:

    But a fashion icon nonetheless

  106. 246
    Jeremy Thrope says:

    I’ve gone all a quiver

  107. 249
    Anonymous says:

    lord Mendelssohn and William Hague

  108. 250
    S.T.U.N says:

    But a fashion icon nonetheless

  109. 255
    dunstall says:

    I will lay long odds they dont broadcast this story

  110. 258
    Anonymous says:

    I really wish it would be Gordon Brown though…!

  111. 260
    Observer says:

    Both plus Ian G

  112. 262
    Anonymous says:
    • 267
      Euroblue says:

      Thats fucked the tory party then

      • 278
        Susie says:

        That’s fucked the Labour Party too. Mutally assured destruction is the way these things work.

        • 289
          Euroblue says:

          Not sure about that plague on the both your houses stuff. This looks a made in downing Street full on tory sleaseathon. Sounds and smells familiar

          • it's always the cover up which gets them in the end says:

            Nah, M.A.D is how it will work. There are allegations about senior members of both parties dating back years. All you have to do is get one to stick and there’s bigger fish than the one mentioned being accused online.

  113. 264
    Anonymous says:

    Sir Michael Grylls

  114. 270
    Anonymous says:

    Not really, they’ll just come back with Labour25.

    They are all as bad as each other

  115. 271
    dunstall says:

    Looks like its and old Fusilier

  116. 272
    moby dick says:



  117. 273
    moby dick says:



  118. 274
    Anonymous says:

    Labour, Tory, blah, blah, blah. Two sides of the same tarnished coin…

    Plenty of Labour in there.

    If that doesn’t make you sick then:

    for some more Torys.

    Don’t even want to think of what the ‘liberals’ get up to..!

  119. 276
    moby dick says:

    well they also went for a badger watcher

  120. 277
    The Beeboid says:

    So the BBC target a Tory.
    What a surprise!

    • 283
      Anonymous says:

      Should be outed whoever they are close to

      This shouldn’t be made political

      • 285
        The Beeboid says:


        However, there are similar stories relating to senior Labour and Lib Dem politicians.

        It would have been interesting to see a BBC news programme have a go at them as well!

  121. 280
    moby dick says:

    4/7 on newsnight exclusive ends up like donald trumps announcement

  122. 287
    Hadrian (Emp.) says:

    Capn Poldark?

  123. 291
    Anonymous says:

    Lets hope they do name the sicko

  124. 293
    bumboys and nonces says:

    Disclosure that a filthy old pervert was Treasurer of the Conservative Party is inconceivable.

    A man that close to Baroness Thatcher would be beyond reproach.

    • 392
      Gary says:

      You’d better start conceiving, then.

      Ken Clark was Health Secretary at the time Savile was visiting Broadmoor, the same Ken Clark who fondled a teenage boy during an undercover Cook Report investigation. Hmmm…
      The police let off Thatcher’s PA, whereas any ordinary person found in such a situation would be prosecuted. Gee, I wonder why he was let off?

      The police, the Thatcher govt, and the Murdoch press were a human centipede, eating each other’s shit. Same with Blair govt as well.

      Savile was very close to Thatcher and moved in Tory social circles, you have to remember the ruling class, regardless of their political leaning, regard children in the same way they look at the poor and working class; they see them as serfs.
      They, Thatcher, Blair, etc, see themselves as above the law, superior beings who should not be concerned with the law. The law is for the little people, not the elite.

      • 393
        Dave S says:

        Yes, ‘… all are equal before the law …’, is a complete fallacy, you can reach a certain level in society where the police are just a nuisance, a word in the right ear and the security services warn them off.

        Where you or I would languish in jail for some heinous crime, those in the inner circle are send to the EU as a commissioner etc.

        That’s why the current situation is so interesting, within a few weeks it will be obvious what kind of country we live in, given David (anything for a quiet life) Cameron is in charge, I think I know what will happen.

  125. 294
    moby dick says:

    Michael Crick talked to the suspect today & he denied the allegations & threatened to sue if Newsnight expose

    how does crick know?

  126. 296
    Shakyboat says:

    Rumours been rife for a while, neK kralC?

  127. 298
    Michele says:

    I saw him picking up a rent boy in the Shakespeare at Victoria once. No attempt at all to be discreet. I was amazed at the time.

  128. 299
    Brave old BBC says:

    And Newsnight named ….. nobody.

    Move along everybody, get on with your lives.

    • 303
      A senior Conservative figure from the 70s and 80s says:

      Popcorn duly cancelled. What a pathetic waste of time.

  129. 300
    Hadtolookuptheword Backthen says:

    Should be Leon Brittan, if not – can they do him next week please? Family member was unwillingly involved in the late night/early morning cover-up/injunctions back in the 1980s, imagine having to help “protect” a paedophile Tory Home Secretary simply because it fell under your job description.

  130. 301
    Anonymous says:

    @BBC – unacceptable.

    cue anonymous…

  131. 302
    Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

    What a crock of shit. Gutless beeb.

    • 305
      Anonymous says:

      Non one named! Newsnight smearing everyone who was there at the time. They should put up or shut up.

  132. 304
    Anonymous says:

    @BBC “There are two types of people in this world. Those with great big balls and those with little mincy faggot balls” (SNATCH MOVIE QUOTE before some idiot screams libel/racist/homophobe).

    BBC – you are the latter.

  133. 306
    moby dick says:

    Viz in the 80s “WE NAME THE TV LESBIANS” *small print* “In a future issue”

  134. 308
    moby dick says:

    i see the defence

    once is rape

    12 x person enjoyed it

  135. 309
    gram64 says:

    You could tell right from the start of Essler’s intro that Newsnight had bottled it.

    • 322
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Perhaps, because before you publicly accuse a living person of being a kiddie fiddler, you need damn good evidence, the type of evidence that the police would use to lay charges. If you don’t have that, no way could you defend a libel action.

      The BBC are fishing, much like Twatson last week. The are throwing this stuff about in the hope that somebody comes forward with hard evidence and they can deflect attention from themselves and turn it into a political war with the Conservatives, which is how the Left view this scandal.

      • 335
        AnalStatistician says:

        Problem is, it’s been known about for years and nobody has done a damn thing. One law for the powerful, another for the weak. We know from other countries that pedo rings often include politicians, bankers, senior policemen, etc. Even royalty.

      • 352
        childrapistsgetawaywithit says:

        But if an adult alleges rape when adult, it is investigated. When someone who was raped as a child does, the mud is thrown at them. If the rapist is powerful and can threaten and blackmail the media, then they get away with it. No wonder bastarts like M***ine think they are above the law. they are.

        We live in a disgusting society pretending to be civilised.

  136. 311
    Tezza says:

    I knew as soon as the headlines of the ten 0-clock news made no mention of it that Newsnight was going to be a damp squib. If they were going to name anyone they’d have trumpeted it in advance.

  137. 313
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve always liked the fusiliers

  138. 317
    Rusty says:

    So who is it?

  139. 318
    Anonymous says:

    @BBC – we pay, we own. Your Fired.

  140. 320
    Anonymous says:

    George Robertson

  141. 321
    Anonymous says:

    All of them

  142. 336
    Obvs says:

    This Newsnight report was purely a shot across the bows of government, i.e. you take us down and we’ll take you with us.

    Just a warning shot.

  143. 337
    dunstall says:

    Newsnight was all hype and no smoking gun veiled accusations and im afraid a key witness who would be torn to shreds by counsel.if this is investigative journalism then its time the Beeb removes Newsnight its past its sell by date and no longer relevant

    • 338
      Obvs says:

      It was just a warning shot.

      Don’t underestimate the power of the BBC.

      Rupert did.

    • 380
      Pillsbury says:

      This comment is exactly right – any good counsel could chop this up.

      • 385
        Paedogeddon says:

        That’s not the only thing that “good counsel” chop up. The street price has halved in the last five years, I hear

  144. 339
    Testudo Private Bank / EIG EuroLink Investment Group says:

    The global banks are criminal enterprises.

    We are insiders exposing the next big banking scandal involving private banking fraud, asset hiding, black money,money laundering + tax evasion.

    See + keep up to date with our library of Press Releases until we break out this story in the headlines:

  145. 340
    Dave S says:

    Yes, but only in Jersey

  146. 341
    Anonymous says:

    re: Newsnight wonder if they’re now trying to show that they don’t mind exposing people connected to some of their most popular programmes… a close relative of a certain pulchritudinous telly chef was the subject of many rumours in the late 80′s/ early 90′s.

    • 386
      Paedogeddon says:

      Pulchritudinous. adj. Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal.

      Errrrm. Nigella Lawson……..Nigel Lawson.

      Do I win €5?

  147. 342
    Anonymous says:

    Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC

  148. 343
    Dave S says:

    When you have everything that society has to offer, wealth, status, power, fame, you may decide there is something missing in your life, direct power over a fellow human being, to do what you will. Perhaps even the power of life and death itself, the Romans understood that.

    Maybe you would pay serious money for that experience and go to a ‘fixer’, one who could slide effortlessly through all stratas of society, recognised everywhere, equally at home with serial murderers, government ministers and royalty.

    You would hope that if that person were no longer around, that no records were kept.

    • 346
      Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

      So, that person would Fix It for them?
      Money, power, fame, status. A recipe for evil.

  149. 351
    Anonymous says:

    Maggie luvs Jimmy
    Maggie luvs Augusto
    Maggie’s had quite a thing for bad boys

  150. 354
    Anonymous says:

    If or when this ‘comes out’ it will be the end of the tory party. Too many knew and did nothing. UKIP would have to take over.

  151. 355
    Anonymous says:

    Yes this was clearly about blackmailing the government.

    But now they have effectively smeared the whole Conservative government of the time – with a guessing game going on of who it was. I’m sure there are plenty senior labour and conservative child abusers – politics seems to attract psychopathic deviants – but this ‘programme’ was clearly politically motivated and completely unacceptable because it puts the spotlight on plenty of people who will be completely innocent.

    And the difference between the Julian Assange case could not be more stark. He was branded an alleged rapist in the most appalling manner when neither woman has in fact accused him of rape – and yet a credible man (and other victims) come forward to tell of harrowing experiences of violent attacks and repeated rapes as children and the POLICE and BBC and GOVERNMENT are complicit in letting the rapists get away with it.

    This after the BBC intentionally built up a rumoured child abuser as their favourite children’s TV presenter, when they bloody well knew about the accusations. This points to very high up people giving him this position so he could procure children for rapists. Utter bastards.

    SCRAP THE LICENSE FEE! What a cesspit.

  152. 357
    freddie fraud steer says:

    Interesting posts on here. An old story from 30 yrs ago reheated to smear, Watson up tonis armpits in it and then these very odd posts on Guido. This has more than a whiff of Red Rag to it.

  153. 358
    Anonymous says:

    Why the reticence from Cameron at PMQ then,

  154. 360
    Anonymous says:

    Will there be a state funeral if the shit hits the fan.

  155. 361
    Jagbulon says:

    Cyril Smith, freemason paedophile. Jimmy Savile, freemason paedophile. Both reported to the police (who are mainly freemasons) multiple times without any action being taken. Alleged masonic paedophile children’s homes rings in North Wales and Jersey. Both with investigations that look like cover ups.

    The big scandal waiting to blow up isn’t the BBC, it isn’t the individuals named thus far. It is the alternative power structure of freemasonry in the UK that seemingly gives its members impunity from the rule of law.

  156. 363
    Ehtch says:

    If he was in the shadow cabinet in the mid to late seventies, and in the Thatches first 1979 ministry, and is still alive, it could only be about half a dozen people being tarred. Don’t think Hezza, surely not. So that makes it five…

    • 364
      Ehtch says:

      and saying that, Dennis Howe!?! surely super surely not, so that makes it four.

      Say we continue in this practice of discounting, detective sergeant? : )

      OH YES SIR!

  157. 366
    Anonymous says:

    If you are a tory you will probably more likely be in power than not, pedophiles are quite able to make this simple calculation, in the same way they get involved in the church,youth organisations,and politics generally the point is not that were these people conservatives but will the modern tory party cover up and protect,I say this as a small businessman,christian and consertative

    • 367
      Ehtch says:

      Always been suspicious of red nosed day, and comic relief, “for the kiddies”! Reminds me of Jessie Yates on Stars on Sunday, when I was young. My paedo young alarm was going nuts when watching that “religious” bullshite. Clip, copy paste,

      OOPS – that was before the Jessie, but still YTV land, where JS comes from.

  158. 368
    Anonymous says:

    Have to admit, I’m really enjoying reading all your lunatic right-wing conspiracy theories.

    Never change!

    • 369
      Ehtch says:

      Are you one of these child bum fuckars then?

      If you say not, it does seem to me, with your smokescreen comment.

  159. 370
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    What’s Tony been upto NOW??

  160. 371
    Timon says:

    Tebbit, it’s obvious.

    • 372
      Ehtch says:

      Know who it is, by a process of elimination, but I am not telling, because I am a bit Sheldon Cooper,

      Yes people, E equals mc squared – bazinga!

  161. 373
    Dave S says:

    Progress on Operation Yewtree has been painfully slow, unclear whether this is thoroughness by the police or the deliberate dragging of feet, given that only a couple of elderly ‘celebs’ have been arrested.

    We will all know within the next few weeks, what kind of country we live in, if there is a cover up by Commander Peter Splindler and the CPS, then what we will see is a couple of elderly people from the entertainment industry thrown to the wolves.

    If the black heart of the establishment is not fully exposed, I for one will not vote again, never sing ‘God save the Queen’, take no interest in any of the national pageants, and look to retiring abroad.

  162. 374
    Anonymous says:

    I want the BBC to act like any other organisation, and the only way this is ever going to happen is for it to become a PLC. I am tired of paying a enforced license in a time of subscription choice. what might have been a good idea in the 194os to have the Public pay a license to help launch Television in the UK now looks outdated. No one should be fined or inprisioned for not wanting to watch eastenders or strictly come dancing. its this time of austerity the public should not be milked to fund wealthy executives and celebrities. IF the BBC is as good as it keeps telling everyone who will listen, then I am sure subscription will be a success. I dont like the BBC’s overtly political agenda, I don’t like Fox new either. The thing is, I don’t have to pay for Fox and neither does anyone else. The BBC rams its unsolicited views downs their throats and then demands payment…or prison. BBC by subscription not license

  163. 375
    Anonymous says:

    the BBC with its back against the wall resorting to mutually assured destruction.. You expose our kiddy fiddlers, We will expose yours

    • 381
      suet says:

      Notice the Grauniad has gone very, very quite.

      • 388
        Paedogeddon says:

        Yup. I was looking in the Guardian today for articles and editorial regarding their columnist and employee Dennis McShame.


        But that is no surprise coming from that lying toilet roll of a “newspaper”.

  164. 378

    It would be rather more productive if, rather than going back to 1992, some-one (who – perhaps CEOP, but if so give them extra budget necessary) were to do a data matching exercise, perhaps using the Operation Ore files (1999) to find out which political (all parties) and media (not just the BBC but the Guardian and others) pederasts were still active at the turn of the millennium. Who was the “famous newspaper columnist” who was apparently known to, but not named by, the Sunday Times. How many have subseqeuntly featured in CEOP investigations

    • 391
      Anonymous says:

      We all know who became the Fixer when Jim retired .

      Soham worth a mention too , in terms of cover ups , particularly considering the circumstances.

      Wasn’t Jill Dando involved with some paedophile investigations

  165. 379
    Mack says:

    Some 10, or more, years ago I received a letter (may have been a fax) from someone unknown to me regarding a scandal involving a North Wales Children’s home. The letter named a Conservative Lord as being a kiddy fidler at the home. I arranged a meeting with an MI6 guy who flew into a panic and accused me of letting him unwittingly handle the document. He told me never to contact him again and did a rapid QFO. So, I sent the letter to one of our leading shit-stirrer mags and would you know it – the document was stolen soon after from the magazine HQ in a burglary. The next thing I knew was that a London lawyer contacted me who had come into possession of the said burgled document with a threat to sue me if I repeated the allegations. After several conversations with him, I convinced him that the letter didn’t originate from me and I heard no more.

  166. 382
    Alice out of Wonderland says:

    David Mellor

  167. 383
    Balbuzard says:

    Does not surprise me if it is a senior tory. As they get plenty of practice at Public Schools like Eton.

  168. 396
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the big deal, it’s only another Tory return to Victorian Time and Family Values.

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