October 29th, 2012

Sir Jeremy Wormtongue and Other Tales

Guido’s favourite bit of this week’s Daily Star Sunday column was giving Sir Jeremy Heywood’s whispered nickname a wider audience:

“DISQUIET about Downing Street’s shambolic grip on the Government machine has given way to open speculation about the No.10 team. Whispers are growing about the amount of power seized by slippery senior civil servant Sir Jeremy Heywood. With him having the PM’s ear, insiders have nicknamed the pasty-skinned Sir Jeremy “Wormtongue”, after the sinister character in The Lord Of The Rings who whispered poison to the king to further his own agenda.”

Don’t miss Marr, Bryant and Balls in the rest of the column, now online here.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    oi, what is going on here then


  2. 2
    Nan Taylor says:

    They’re ALL worm-tongues, The lot of ‘em. Ought to be strung up!


  3. 5
    Liar Liar Pants On Fire says:


    • 9
      anonymous says:

      I think you should say a prayer for every single one of them, about 40 million, should keep you occupied for a while, talking of being occupied, when Is hubby likely to bother next to represent his constituents in Parliament?, ker ching!


    • 10
      G.Brown - confirmed heterosexual, not a nonce. says:

      +1. Especially the Cape Cod scout troop.


    • 15
      Who says:

      You can be very sure that none of them ever think about you.


    • 18
      genghiz the kahn says:

      from wormtongue to browntongue.


    • 27
      Gordon's Diary says:

      After ringing the New York opening bell, I will be heading to Belfast to launch the Titanic before paying a flying visit to Atlantis.


    • 37
      Touch of Jonah says:

      Just needs an endorsment from hubbie and they are fucked


    • 46
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Don’t worry about it, Sarah, all your poncy New York friends left the Hamptons weeks ago, right after Labor Day Weekend. (Ditto Cape Cod and Fire Island for Gordon’s nelly boys.)


  4. 7

    Sir Roger Jones, former chairman of Children in Need, did not want Savile anywhere near the charity. It shows that there were some associated with the BBC who were able to display judgement, unlike Mark Thompson.

    Jones want on to state: I think the seed of this misfortune is deeply planted in the separation of the governors from the trust.

    Very true, if unfortunate in its expression. The seeds of Savile were meanwhile planted elsewhere…


    • 12
      Sir James Savile - purveyor of little boys to Britain's Great and Good says:

      Roger Jones? Fuck, yes! Dozens.


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      was it the BBC who enabled Sa.vile.
      was it the Trust who enabled So vile S.
      or does it go even higher.

      is this moral crash the same as the financial crash of ’08.
      it’s no one’s fault and everyone’s.


      • 38
        Ed balls says:

        Look the crash of 08 was the banks fault . I & Gordon were in complete control if the economy but the figures we were given were incorrect . We can’t be expected to to do everything , especially be responsible for our actions .
        321 and you’er back in the room


      • 41

        Absolute Bollocks!

        You are right to say there was a moral crash. But even to suggest it is no one’s fault makes you sound like a Guardianista on sub-standard Chianti.

        Let us see what the BBC did do:

        1.) Paid Savile

        2.) Provided the premises

        3.) Procured children

        4.) Covered up

        That is not to say that no other person or corporation behaved well – that was not the point. But the BBC is supposed to have held a special place in the nation’s and manifestly it failed. For that it should be held to account.

        My point is that other people did show good judgement so that quality is not unattainable.


      • 49

        …nations’ consciousness…


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        if crimes are committed then the law should take care of it.
        BBC were neglectful, and they will pay a price. Fred Goodwin type.
        were the Trust neglectful? they will fight their corner.
        what about those who appointed the trustees. They will come to the fore. These are the ppl who are being fiercely defended right now.

        BBC has a royal charter. a royal link. we have been innocently trusting. Only in that sense it is no one’s fault. If we as adults behave like children…ultimately pre ’08 was a anything goes private and secret world. In that sense there was no moral crash. We lived in a world without morals. and now we are standing up to those who wish to continue in that way. In that sense we are in our teenage years.


  5. 11
    Another Kebab says:

    ITV order gay sitcom starring Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen: http://www.comedy.co.uk/news/story/00000952/itv_gay_sitcom_jacobi_mckellen_vicious_old_queens/ … Omfg, it’s called Vicious Old Queens!!


  6. 14
    Party Political Broadcast says:


  7. 17
    He's in Gary's gang says:


    • 34
      noolamaC says:

      What has happened to Will Hague’s wife Ffyon, when they got married they were always in the news, now she is not even mentioned


      • 67
        BaldRichmondtory. says:

        Eeh lad, its nowt to do with thee,Appens folksround these parts know arter mind theer own business.Anyway being a tough macho yorkshire bloke i,ll be bahn dahn to,t pub now for me daily 14 pints er bitter.


  8. 19
    Sir Jeremy Wormtongue says:

    I think I will go back to Morgan Stanley where I already earned a fortune as you all know


    “He emerged to become the Managing Director of the UK Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley where he became embroiled in the Southern Cross Scandal that almost saw 30,000 elderly people being made homeless”

    Such a lovely bank which is bailed out by the US taxpayer whenever it goes “over the top” !


  9. 22
    McPoison says:

    I have the monopoly on poison in Downing Street.


  10. 24
    Labour hypocrisy says:

    Labour went ballistic over Cameron’s “calm down dear” joke, so will they go ballistic over what Austin Mitchell claims was just a joke?

    No. There’ll just be a deathly silence.


  11. 26
    Another fucking Labour hypocrite says:


  12. 36
    Bored barman in the House of Commons says:

    Anyone for a bit of badger spotting today?

    Sign up at the Stranger’s Bar please


  13. 42
    Saint Tone in the Indian Ocean sunning his balls says:


    Thank you for giving me some needed attention


    Of course I am an ideal candidate to be President of Europe and, for that matter, of the World

    Please save me from spending the rest of my life deep sea diiving and trying to avoid Slotgob…


    • 60
      CCPAS says:

      PLEASE NOTE: When posting a link which goes directly to a photograph of The Antichrist, please give suitable warning!! Pictures like that are as scary as F**k and that to an adult, supposing a child stumbles on that image!


  14. 44
    Sparkler says:

    One ring to rule them all,
    one ring to find them,
    one ring to bring them all,
    and in the darkness bind them.


  15. 45
    Dudmaston says:

    i guess Balls’ & Brown’s spunking of the UK’s gold reserves can be now put down to witt and irony, how foolish of me to think they were a pair of bell ends


  16. 51
    Another Kebab says:

    The pope is said to be appalled at Jimmy Saville after recent events.

    He said ” The fucker never did invite me for a threesome with little Graham “


  17. 54
    Moral Collase Blair and Ponzi Mandelson says:


    Our servants have just informed us that you are being rude about our friend Sir Jeremy

    Please do not foget what Bill Clinton taght us

    The Revolving Door Principle

    Fill the government with bent “bankers” and “consultants”

    and when the Ponzi scheme blows up

    Bail out the banks and co and then join them to get filthy rich



    • 58
      Lordier Than Thou Lord Mandlesum of Boys in the county of somewhere or other. says:

      If I were not so rather busy in Marrakesh at the moment on a spot of “Tourism” I would reply to your scurrilous comment.


  18. 63
    ed martin says:

    who is this iago geezer anyway?


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