October 29th, 2012

Cooper’s Cash from Shamed ‘Expenses Queen’

You might have thought that any self-respecting ambitious shadow cabinet minister and future party leadership contender would want to keep a safe distance from the sleazy world of expenses cheats. Not Yvette Cooper.

The shadow home secretary trousered a donation of nearly £5,000 from shamed ex-Labour MP and so-called ‘Expenses Queen’ Barbara Follett this month. Follett lost her job at the last election after she was exposed as one of the worst expenses troughers of all, amongst other things claiming £500 to clean a Chinese rug. Her novelist husband Ken bankrolled Ed Balls’ leadership campaign, and overall the Folletts have donated almost £60,000 to the Balls-Coopers this Parliament. Last time round public pressure decided that Barbara Follett had no role to play in public life. Ed and Yvette clearly disagree…


  1. 1
    Call me Dave says:


  2. 2
  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Load of Balls.

  4. 4
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    Daddy. Is it true that when you became an MPs you swore the Hippocratic Oath?

    No, Darling; Mummy was just saying we have become a swearing hypocritical oafs.

  5. 5
    Jimmy says:

    And yet the dead tree press refuses to lead with this scoop. It’s a conspiracy of silence I tell you.

  6. 6
    Nan Taylor says:

    That Cooper woman looks like she’s got her mouth jam-packed full of money. Or something ….

  7. 7
    Trusting voter says:

    Yvette (@ Premier-in-waiting) has no compunction in taking money from any source in order to advance her overweening political ambitions. She would even dump Mr Blinky if it served her purpose.

  8. 8
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    It’s a Ball-Scooper.

  9. 9
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Taking care of the books for a number of SME’s I am always struck at how incredulous small business owners are that Ed Balls has survived the economic wreck that Labour left behind.

    Not one business owner I know believes that Ed Balls as one scintilla of economic credibility.

    Shows what Labour really think of small & medium sized businesses – invisible cash cows even though they employ the vast majority of workers in the private sector.

  10. 10
    The General Public says:

    People who are so thick that they enjoy Ken Follett’s literary works are frequently thick enough to inhabit Labour’s core vote. It’s a logical partnership, to be fair.

  11. 11
    Gonk II says:

    I’ve decided that it would pay me to go around doing good.

  12. 12
    Jimmy says:

    The 53% are important too.

  13. 13
    Tony Ginza says:

    I don’t think the phrase “Jap’s Eye” is used enough when writing about Ed Balls

  14. 14
    Yvette says:


  15. 15
    I Agree With Ed says:

  16. 16
  17. 17
    Mr & Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPERS says:

    It’s nearly Remembrance Sunday. Time to claim for those poppy wreaths.


  18. 18
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    The 53% – paid for by a diminishing 47% of taxpayers in the productive side of the UK PLC economy.

    I thought you would recognise, given the vast & historical evidence available, that even utopian sixth form small time opportunist political pygmies like Labour have to balance the books & be believed by the international markets to have credibility & sustain a nations growth.

    We all cannot be North London property millionaires working in the public sector you know.

  19. 19
    Historian says:

    Will the last honest MP please turn the lights out?

    We have had enough of this

    Come back Cromwell, all is forgiven

  20. 20
    Roscoe Rules says:

    Miss,Ed Balls said the ‘C’ word.

  21. 21
    Gold medallist in the triple flip event says:

    I or my master have never heard of Barbara Follett

  22. 22
    King George the third says:

    Yvette, thats a damn Frenchie name isn’t?

  23. 23
    Sparkler says:

    LOL, £500 to clean a Chinese rug, send for Max Headroom.

  24. 24
    Piers Corbyn says:

  25. 25
    Q says:

    You are nothing but a labour familiar, and I claim my 5 free tax exempt house sales

  26. 26
    SpAd says:

    Barbara Follett looks a bit like Emma Harrison – another fat Labour-supporting bint who retired to spend more time with £8m of our money.

  27. 27
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Ed, whatever happened to ‘too far, too fast’ ???

    I thought spending cuts were what the nasty Tories did ??

    Please send us clear instructions for the 6 o’clock news as we are confused.

    Love and kisses.


  28. 28
    Shucks the media want a monster storm that will monster all storms that have ever been says:

    There must be some mistake. I just saw a Sky reporteress stood in half an inch of floodwater down by the the NYC waterside.

  29. 29
    North London Property Millionaire Working In The Private Sector says:

    God, you’re SOOO right-wing!

    *takes another forkful of couscous with roasted red peppers and chargrilled halloumi*

  30. 30
    Leon Brittan says:

    I’m in Gary’s gang.

  31. 31
    A hard Pressed Tax Payer says:

    Point of Order: Is there a legal requirement to declare ALL of this influx of

    readies to HMRC ? or are Mr & Mrs BA*LLS exempt from being accountable

    because of who they are ?

    “Some are certainly more equal than others……….”

    Oink……. Oink ……………Oink………..Oink………….

  32. 32
    Q says:

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  33. 33
    Primrose Hill set. says:

    But keep those unslightly wheelie bins off our patch.

  34. 34
    Crispy Pancakes says:

    Kick them both in the balls. Put them both in the stocks.

  35. 35
    The Beast says:

    Just what do the children of Adolph Balls and Eva Cooper look like?
    Hard to imagine what that pair could pump out

  36. 36
    Sparkler says:

    Is he from the University of East Anglia?, Stanley Unwin.

  37. 37
    bergen says:

    Ultimately Milliband will dump him-he’s far too toxic and if worst came to worst he might find himself used by the Tories like that murderer Dukakis released whose picture was used on so many Republican billboards that there was a joke that he was his running mate.Remember, he wasn’t Milliband’s first choice anyway.

  38. 38
    Primrose Hillibands says:

    Chinese dustman-‘Where’s your bin?’

    Ed Milliband-‘I’ve been keeping a low profile till this Jimmy Savile shit calms down’

    Chinese Dustman- ‘No,where’s your wheelybin’

    Ed Milliband- ‘Oh,no we don’t want them ghastly things round here’

  39. 39
    Tony Ginza says:

    Is “cleaning a chinese rug” a euphamism?

  40. 40
    A tw*at from Ed's (dis)organisation says:

    Sorry Ed is unable to reply in person as he is heavily promoting

    Mental Health problems on behalf of his life long patron

    Gordon Fcuking McMental who is due out on day release very soon

    hence the urgent pressure on his time…..

    How ever he has said to Please use your own B*B*C inventive slant

    as usual…..

  41. 41
    Labour are off their Ed says:

    Is Yvette a man or a women?

  42. 42
  43. 43
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    So how many millions do Ed and Yvette Multimillionaireballs-Cooper own?

  44. 44
    The Beast says:

    Socialism in action
    All bottom feeders

  45. 45
    Gonk II says:

    A hen.

  46. 46
    The Beast says:

    Nope thats a Prescott, or in fact any denizen of Humberside

  47. 47
    Welcome Good News says:

    BREAKING NEWS: A number of MP’s from all parties have just taken off
    on a luxury private chartered 100 seat jet bound for Kennedy Airport,New York.

    This will enable them to get 1st hand experience of a major natural
    disaster and is vital for there early total demise

    More Good News later

  48. 48
    Mark Oaten says:

    Ding dong

  49. 49
    Oscar Wilde, "posing as a 'somdomite'[sic]," says:

    An exchange of mine with a minor novelist whose newest work wasn’t being reviewed:
    “It’s a campaign of silence, Oscar, what can I do?”
    “Join it.”

    Words to live by, Jimmy.

  50. 50
    Illegal Payments says:

    Why are we giving a single penny? I would consider it illegal to donate British taxpayer money to an organisation that has never been audited.

  51. 51
    The Beast says:

    Labour party conference
    The Millibands should be very worried if Adolph Balgets his hands on the lever of power , it will be rail road trucks and camps all around, he does of course have form

  52. 52
    ancientpopeye says:

    Why are the current bunch or Labour “lovelies” such a strident bunch?

  53. 53
    The Loony Ethnics says:

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    I think its wrong to cut child benefits for families on £50,0001 and still pay to

    1) families who make almost £100,000.
    2) people who have 10 kids.
    3) Cameron and Osborne’s parents and in-laws who are some of the richest in country. They are still getting winter fuel allowance, free TV licence, free travel, etc. Some even get millions for having wind turbines as well.

  55. 55
    Sarah says:

    Is millionaire Chucka talking about those who work within the mental health care system or its customers?

  56. 56
    Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

    There’s no money left.

  57. 57
    The Beast says:

    balls only had one ball
    his mother the dirty bugger
    ad it for supper when e was small
    an now the other is in the free trade hall

  58. 58
    Ol' Crummy says:

    Well, all right, I shall do it, but this time,

  59. 59
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    There is more chance of the career shirker, Chris Patten, finding a ‘real’ job one day, than Ed Balls knowing what he is talking about . . .

  60. 60
    The Beast says:

    Maybe it should tell you a thing or two about your DNA Mr Ommuna

    That or maybe the copius consumption of psyochactive drugs in your “community”

    Every black person that I mix with doesnt take any such things and are perfectly normal pleasent people

    You on the other hand are an exploitative c$%^&

  61. 61
    Kenny says:

    Wunce upon a thyme their was a …. …..

    Babs babe, I’ve got writer’s block.

  62. 62
    Dr Knows says:

    Do her friends not suggest she have a facelift?

  63. 63

    One brother ! One knife ! One Nation !

  64. 64
    David Laws, gayer and Thief says:


  65. 65
    Ed Balls MP says:

    She would never, never! And I’ll… and I’ll… and I’ll kick…kick your ass if you keep talking about her that way!

  66. 66
    Charles Craberry-Bellend says:

    I think the Cooper woman would be a great addition to my herd, my heffers are in need of bulking out and a shorting of the legs

  67. 67
    The Green Kebab says:

    Obscene that govt. plans to spend hundreds of millions on nukes, while slashing welfare & benefits http://bit.ly/S8jMnh

  68. 68
    Jack (feel sorry for me) Straw says:

    I was first.

  69. 69
    Pudsey says:

    So if the BBC was not aware of Savile’s behaviour, why did they ban him from Children in need because they were aware of his behaviour?


  70. 70
    BLI NKY and FL1 PPA says:

    5000 is chicken feed compared to the stash we made flipping our taxpayer-funded properties.

  71. 71
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    Hypocrisy and mendacity. It’s in Libor’s D-N-A.

  72. 72
    Prezza and his girl over the desk says:

    Please don’t forget my Mock Tudor beams

    Only I could have invented that

  73. 73
    Itz only waycist when YT does it says:

    Is Chuka concerned about the OVER representation of ethnic minorities in things like politics, BBC, sport etc..

  74. 74
    Prezza and his girl over the desk says:

    I see an add on your site Guido


    Learn the busines of fart

    Quite original

  75. 75
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Savile was a BBC employee, and had been abusing minors on BBC premises, but somehow it has become the actions of a rogue, an odd ball, an eccentric, acting on his own without the knowledge of others.

    The BBC must have employed all three blind monkeys at board level, Mr Speak-Noevil, Mr See-Noevil, and Mr Hear-Noevil.

    If only the UK had had a regulated media, none of this nonsense about Child Abuse would have ever seen the day.

  76. 76
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Mr. Balls, sir, we’re getting confused again. Is it still ‘too far, too fast’, ‘much farther, much faster’ or …….???

  77. 77
    No Balls At All - Obviously The Best Option says:

    Cooper and Balls are dead ringers for that famous pair of National Socialists, Hitler and Eva. Obviously similar scruples as well!

    Can that guy get to look any shiftier, it gets worse by the day!

  78. 78
    BBC in need says:

    Please give generously, cos we desperately need some good publicity…

  79. 79
    Mad Men Gone All PC says:

    …and Halifax adverts! Well ok, all adverts, but particularly the crappiest of Halifax adverts

  80. 80
    Really? says:

    But the E-ewe have been audited many, many times and every time the auditors found massive fraud and theft, and every time the E-ewe just shrugs and carries on as if nothing is untoward. The real criminals are the enablers, who keep taking nations taxpayers money and giving it to their partners in crime in Brussels.

  81. 81
    Doppelgänger says:

    Bloody hell, nice clip, It’s Blinky with a tash!

  82. 82
    Bent City solicitors says:

    And don’t forget this shady bum who has tried to whotewash his reputation

  83. 83
    Lard Pressclott - Laughing Policeman in waiting says:

    Two Jags, two bog seats, two dor beams, two inches, two shags.

  84. 84
    Tony Blair, self-appointed king of an offshore island says:

    Please do not forget me

    I am still the PM and want to be King of Europe

    As you all know, Britain is the most pro European country in the EU…

    PS Slottie tells me that I am, in fact, even more deluded than the Maximum Imbecile…

  85. 85
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Racists !!

  86. 86
    Advertisers r us says:

    Oh, we love putting people of colour in adverts to show what lovely people we are, so in touch with the Zeitgeist.

    We particularly like to have idealised black men depicted in relationships with highly, highly attractive white women.

    But never the other way round. That just doesn’t feel right.

  87. 87
    Nu National Socialists says:

    Neither, she is an asexual pocket lining opportunist, she thinks Blinky and her are on the road to riches, a la Blair, the original straight sort of guy!!

  88. 88
    One fcuked nation says:

    Amazing how the political classes have spent the best part of 70 years balkanising Britain, and are now starting to get a little concerned about inevitable consequences.

  89. 89
    tweat says:

    some hope

  90. 90
    Really? says:

    Actually, Corbin is usually very accurate, unlike the cabal of liars and climate alarmism activists at UEA.

  91. 91
    Really? says:

    There’s a surprise. Now what about the rest of your gang, when are they coming out of the woodwork?

  92. 92
    tweat says:


  93. 93
    Really? says:

    Welfare and benefits need slashing. While they are at it, they can change the law requiring people to have paid in, before they can get a payout.

  94. 94
    Peter Grimes says:

    The collective term for the Balls-Coopers is either ‘Gonads’ or ‘Bollox’.

  95. 95
    Backwoodsman says:

    Can you dig up the mrs balls’ car crash interview, where she keeps gabbling the party line over and over in a screechy voice ? The first time I saw it, I thought it was an out take from the ‘Chicken Run’ animated movie !

  96. 96
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The Balls do not understand financial affairs.

  97. 97
    The bent Italian Justice system which refuses to jail corrupted criminal politicians says:

    They better get this one right or we will have a cell waiting for them.

  98. 98
    Those who live by other rules says:

    Just remember the standards of behaviour expected of rank and file Police officers DO NOT apply to wannabe Police commisars.

  99. 99
    seriounsly says:

    Heh, I come here to laugh at fictitious truths and the first comment sums up the kind of people that believe them. Thanks for proving my point, you homophobic fuck.

  100. 100
    Ernestine Tentions says:

    An admirably concise and accurate summary of why the UK is so utterly fucked!

  101. 101
    Stephen Nicholson says:

    You seem terribly angry for a man having a laugh

  102. 102
  103. 103
    M says:

    When commentators say labours narrative must change if the economy starts to pick up.
    Does that mean Ed balls has got to change the bollocks he talks on the economy to anther load of bollocks ,
    Then we’ve got to forget everything said before .

  104. 104
    Prescott's chipolata says:

    Bet they can’t speak properly. Neither Balls or Cooper can say their r’s.

  105. 105
    Max says:

    I seem to remember Labour MP Andy Love claiming £800 for the cleaning of his curtains, £600 for the cleaning plus £100 for taking them down and another £100 to put them back up.

  106. 106
    LOL says:

    There used to be a story on here about her giving a journalist a blowie but it all went quiet. Telegraph wasn’t it?

  107. 107
    David B says:

    Call it “fair” tax

  108. 108
    Hadrian (Emp.) says:


  109. 109
    Hadrian (Emp.) says:

    No full stop Chucky .

  110. 110
    Saucy Agnes says:

    So what legal avenue do we go down to challenge UKs contribution to this corrupt edifice?

  111. 111
    unejekatid tit says:

    Maybe that Avenue in Paris called the Chancers Leezay?

  112. 112
    You jest, sir! says:

    Whew! Is that really your name? Seriounsly? You cannot be seriounce!

  113. 113
    unejekatid tit says:

    You are of course assuming they can actually read then?

  114. 114
    keredybretsa says:

    Troughers of the World Unite.

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