October 26th, 2012

Europe Labour Chief Calls for EU Referendum

Meet Hannes Swoboda, president of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats of which Labour’s MEPs are proud card-carrying members. In a withering rant about British attitudes to Europe, Labour’s European Parliament chief announces their new referendum policy:

“Why should we be accommodating with them and not with the pro-Europeans? He [Cameron] is not a child with whom you have to be patient. They should decide what they want. It is not for me to push Britain out. I want Britain in, because without Britain we are weaker, but finally we cannot hold someone who wants to go. Or we have someone who doesn’t want to go but always tries to go. We have make it clear he has a choice…We should have a referendum now.”

That puts Labour’s bonkers Brussels crowd in an interesting position… 


  1. 1
    Nick Clegg says:

    Excuse me but its my place to throw toys out of prams !

  2. 2
    Tom Tomos says:

    How’s Carswell’s commons wheeze going this morning?

  3. 3
    Dennis McShane's Shed says:

    Bloody hell, never agreed with a Socialist before.

  4. 4
    Kebab Time says:

    Surely Two Eds can have Two different positions on the same policy?

    Or are Labour dipping there toe in the water over this?

  5. 5
    Beast says:

    bye bye then you commie arse wipe

  6. 6
    Selohesra says:

    How about the EU call/organise the referendum instead if Dave hasn’t the Balls to do so

  7. 7
    Do Nowt Dave says:

    Nothing to see hear move on sheeples

  8. 8
    Do Nowt Dave says:


  9. 9
    TTS Dan says:

    When will we see a revision of socialism?

    How many more millions does it have to kill and enslave before it is recognised as the gateway to oppression, tyranny and communism?

    Calling yourself a socialist should be akin to calling yourself a nazi, or fascist, or national socialist.

  10. 10
    UKIP.i.am says:

    They don’t like the British in Brussels. They’ve started shooting us now.

  11. 11
    Ah! Monika says:

    It has always been LibDem policy to hold an in or out referendum. They only when quiet on this when it became apparent that they could well end up with an out result.

  12. 12
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Being talked out by another bill – as expected.

  13. 13
    Snaplegs says:

    Could the EU do something useful and force an in/out referendum on us?

  14. 14
    What Socialists keep having to tell themselves says:

    It will work next time comrDe, next time I tell you.

  15. 15
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    BMW, VW, Siemens….just three massive German companies who would make sure that their good relations with the UK market was not put at risk by vindictive EU socialists when we leave.

    Not if, when.

    Cameron will again be on the wrong side and further despised for it.

  16. 16
    Tom Tomos says:


  17. 17
    Hannes Swoboda says:

    I shouldn’t want to keep you, if you don’t want to stay
    Until you’re gone forever, I’ll keep holding on for dear life
    Holding you this way, begging you to stay

  18. 18
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    One final heave? One final slaughter?

  19. 19
    Sophie says:

    Dont let those red glasses fool you, deep down he really is a prat.

  20. 20
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    It’s time to leave this corrupt club of Socialists.

  21. 21
    Kebab Time says:

    labours EU Policy

  22. 22

    Shake his hand and you will have to count all your fingers afterwards.

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    The whole population , both for and against the EU, want this in/out referendum so our postion si established once and for all.

  24. 24
    Eric Hobsbawm (in hell) says:

    Any slaughter, even of millions, will be worthwhile if the Glorious Revolution reaches its goal!

  25. 25

    True. But much more sensible to use it as a bargaining chip to beat the EU over the head first.

    * Name me one EU budget that has shrunk?

    * Name me one year that the auditors have signed off the accounts as OK?

    * Name me one act repealing bureaucracy by the EU?

  26. 26
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Could turkeys vote for Xmas?

  27. 27
    Sir WW says:

    How inappropriate: ‘Swoboda’ means ‘freedom’.

  28. 28
    Marcus Van Chutney says:

    “finally we cannot hold someone who wants to go. Or we have someone who doesn’t want to go but always tries to go”

    reminds me of a particularly bad BBQ meat based impacted stool

    in the end it had to hit the water, it was a hard decision to flush such a shiney beast

  29. 29
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Fucking cowards.

  30. 30
    Peter Grimes says:

    Commufascist covers them all, as they all have the same aims, the subjugation of the people whilst they crow from the top of the shitpile.

  31. 31
  32. 32
  33. 33
    Farmer Giles says:

    is thaat not Timmy mallets glasses

  34. 34
    Handycock says:

    I’m pro-Europe, pro-Russia and pro-young girls. Jahbulon.

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    25% unemployment in Spain and the devastation of the country previously known as Greece(now just a part of Germany), is a price well worth paying to save the Euro, and of course the face saving of the rich European political elite.

    These politicians will never starve, but the Greeks and Spanish are starving now! Who gives a shit though, it’s well worth it if it saves the Euro!!

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    toffe nosed rich elite fat slag!

    living off the state!

  37. 37
    Farmer Giles says:

    Is that Timmy Mallets glasses

  38. 38
    No respect for J3ws from Respect says:

  39. 39
    lojolondon says:

    And the rest – Mercedes, Porsche, T-Mobile, EON, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post (DHL), SAP, BASF.

    Instead of walking away like a man, Cameron will be grabbed by the throat, slapped around the face, his hair will be pulled until he cries, and eventually he will be chased away with a series of sharp kicks.

    And the same thing will happen if he comes to speak at our village, where everyone used to be Tory, now we only vote Tory for fear of the damage Millipede will do.

  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    I have an idea. Why don’t the people who want to leave the EU vote for a party which wants that too. Job done!

    I’m amazed no one ever thought of it before.

  41. 41
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    What about a national populist?

  42. 42

    A great leap forward?

  43. 43

    Hold on! I left the EU and they bought me back…

    It doesn’t work, Jimmy.

  44. 44
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    …yeah but that’s what Cast Iron Cam & the toffs are doing isn’t it? Aristoliberal tyranny?

  45. 45

    This is the same Sally Bercow who gave up tweeting?

  46. 46
    Respect's offensive Tweet says:

    “It’s such a shame that the history teachers in our school never taught us this but they are the first to start brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler. What have the J3ws done good in this world??”


  47. 47
    Ed Millibland says:

    Gweat idea Jimmy, I shall make it a pwolicy

  48. 48
    UKIP.i.am says:

    I like the amended GG quote ‘RESPECT and BNP are two cheeks of the same arse’.

  49. 49
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Christ! Was it her I shagged last night?

  50. 50
    Ford says:

    We keep leaving the EU but they are forever expanding and taking over democratic countries, turning them into inefficient communist satellite states.

    When they drive us out of Turkey, Iran will be refreshing.

  51. 51
    JH says:

    Try never.

    99% of the world’s population could die in squalid terror trying to reach Hogsbawm’s golden dawn, in the aftermath you would still have lefties in the surviving 1% claiming that we didn’t have enough socialism or it wasn’t proper socialism or we were diverted from the true path by evil Capitalists and people clinging to outmoded concepts such as ‘reality’ and ‘consequences’.

    Belief in Socialism is a fundamental vulnerability in the human mind, a cultural version of Herpes that flares up the second you think it’s cured.

  52. 52
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Why don’t the people who want the EU fuck off to the continent? Why don’t the people who want Labour and more socialism fuck off to Scotland or Wales and let’s see how they get on without being subsidised by the English?

  53. 53

    Has she ever taken up boxing as a sport? – she has the look of one who’s had loads of blokes give her a right pounding ’round the ring.

  54. 54
    Jimmy says:

    An odd suggestion. Why don’t the people who want to be outside fuck off to Belarus?

  55. 55
    Jimmy says:

    You have until June don’t you?

  56. 56
    Jimmy says:

    You’re going to have the Galloway fans here on your case any minute now.

  57. 57

    I thought you would keeping a low profile at the moment, and just be Jachin off, Handy mate?

  58. 58
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Created a true democratic country, looked after their people and made their country prosperous. What have Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Russia etc done?

  59. 59
  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Either with us or against us mentality.

    This shows that debate on a different direction is not allowed in Brussels.

    All this stupidity is just a road to the ultimate end game. They only want our resources and our ability to vote with them. They are taking advantage of the crisis caused by their own policies to overpower the state governments. It is like throwing sweets to a dog and leading it off a cliff. All those hand-outs (bribes) we saw while travelling around the EU states in the 1990’s all encouraged the entitlement idea. It took the EU 20 years to train these states and it will take 20 years to correct the problem.

    Get out while the going is good and make it a positive move. It is early days at present and it can only get worse. We are just seeing the start of the general state based strikes. Industry sectors (coal) did hold the UK to ransom why not a states holding Brussels to ransom. The “I want more culture” will continue to grow.

    Why not? EU has set it self up as a system to redistribute wealth so why not fight for more.

    I assume if the EU makes a proper success of its program and becomes democratic they will gladly want us back. But let them sort out the growing pains. There is nothing stopping us supporting the decisions of the EU to further their goals, but let it be support for the EU without the downside of being part of the experiment. If it is considered that the EU would not let us back in, then the EU, by definition, is not a place to be.

  61. 61
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Because the majority of people do want Britain out of Europe. I know you don’t understand the concept but its called REAL democracy.

  62. 62
    I do not want the same air as the meddling, scrounging Edinburgh arsewipes says:

    Yup! It is time to go!

  63. 63
    Jimmy says:

    5% at the last election. Not a majority.

  64. 64

    Nein, nein, nein!! You dwarfish Engerlanders are not untershtanding zat zis iz alles über der Grrreater Chermany!! Ze more zey owe us, ze more ve OWN ZEM!!

    Der EU vill last ein 1000 Jahre!! For you – der krieg ist über!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Danke für Ihren anruf der weiblich fuehrer.

  65. 65
    old git says:

    Henceforth November 22 2015 will be known as “Capitulation Day” the day when Cameron surrenders to his EU bosses on budget reform an also to the European Courts on votes for villains

    Initially Cameron was talking about vetoing ANY rises, now its been watered down to above inflation. But fear not Cameron WILL give in to Rumpy and pay whatever Rumpy demands. There will of course be buckets of spin put on his surrender to make him sound tough but we will still pay up, The convicts WILL get the vote too just you watch

    Oh yes they will get the vote, Cameron will capitulate. A couple of weeks ago he said he would veto ANY rise in the EU budget and would push for a reduction. But he is now in discussions with Rumpy about a rise in line with inflation at 5%. You can bet he will capitulate on this as well, However for some reason he thinks the electorate will believe his promise of a referendum AFTER the next election, you couldn’t make it up, Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!

    The Spinmiesters will pull out all the stops on this one, Just watch this space

  66. 66
    Peter Grimes says:

    All right, I’ll fall for it!

    Which ring?

  67. 67
    Peter Grimes says:

    I understand that Spain is to bolster employment by giving masses of unemployed a comb and dustpan each and is requiring them to sweep the runways of the 48, I’ll repeat, 48 new regional airports built in the last 20 years, paid for mostly by EU money, including ours, of course.

  68. 68
    PLEBiScites R us says:

    for a poli that’s a reasonably straight proposition

    perhaps mr swoboda would like to suggest the wording of the referendum

    would that be safer than leaving it to the uk’s poli’s – they’re likely to pull the wool by asking us if we don’t like the bad bits of the ec – which doesn’t solve anything

    if we’re in the ec, then surely we join the emu – correct mr swoboda?

    so its in (totally) or out (totally)

  69. 69
    Lou Scannon says:

    Is there any club of Socialists that’s not corrupt ?

  70. 70
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    Beastie, I left a yarn for you at the end of the last thread. Just for you!

  71. 71
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    Just seen on the news that the boss of the Chinese commies is reckoned to be worth over 2 billion (yes, Billion) bucks.

    Now that’s how to trough proper. Blair is not even in the same league!

  72. 72
    Rodski says:

    Well that don’t work do it! Its the same political shite, being told what to do by the “Boss in Brussels”

  73. 73
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    Well, I saw O’Barmy vote for himself this afternoon….

  74. 74
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    But Mr Henry Ford-Transit is getting out while the going is good!

  75. 75
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    All true – but if the Brits get out, that will surely encourage others such as Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain etc. to also seriusly consider getting out from under the iron heel. Let the others who want to stay just get on with it while those outside begin again to prosper.

  76. 76
    Rodski says:

    Its like an upper class council estate, they’re all paid by the state and live in state provided housing…. Sounds very err commie

  77. 77
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    See me at No73 (2.58pm) posted before I saw this from the lovely Tubby Angler Fishpaste.

  78. 78
    Waltzing Matilda says:

    Teeny correction. Most people quite like Europe, its scenery, ambience, food, etc. , but hate the guts of the crooks and parasites who work in the Berlaymont building in Brussels. Now, if we could only get rid of them. Where are those splendid Irish bearded wonders who know a thing or to about fireworks when you need them?

  79. 79
  80. 80
    Jimmy says:

    They have an MEP now.

  81. 81
    Mal says:

    Agreed. Now if we can get back to the EU, we don’t need a referendum, only someone with guts enough to say we are going to withhold all payments to them until their auditors are able to sign off the books (I think it is something like 16 years since they were able to do that) – no problem, they will ask us to leave – job done!

  82. 82
    Oh, Matron! says:

    No but I bet she has taken something in her box!

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