October 26th, 2012

£20 Million-a-Year Blair Refuses to Pay Interns

Last year jet-setting former Prime Minister Tony Blair trousered an eye-watering £20 million from his foreign interests advising the likes of JP Morgan and the authoritarian Kazakhstan government. He is even sniffing round a £70 billion deal involving the Qatari royal family in the hope of taking home a slice of the pie. Surely the man who introduced the minimum wage to these shores can afford to put his millions where his mouth is and pay his interns?

The Office of Tony Blair runs an internship programme promising “valuable experience in a high profile and fast moving work environment”. The scheme runs for three months and it very much looks like a real, if temporary, job. Just how much is Tony coughing up for the lucky candidates? Merely a few quid a day for lunch and a bus ticket – the position in the multi-millionaire’s office is expenses only. Those who can’t afford to work unpaid are swiftly told where to go.

If we use the £20 million-a-year figure Guido has calculated that Blair would have to work for just twenty minutes to earn enough to pay a young staffer minimum wage for three months. That’s twenty minutes too long for our Tone…

H/T Graduate Fog.


  1. 1
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Do my tits look big in this?


    • 2
      Tom says:

      I thought the same


      • 74
        Tony Blair, Millionaire says:

        Hey guys……it’s little old moi…..Tone…..the People’s El Presidente!

        Guess whom, I’m on the phone to!? Pope Ben? Prez USA? Some murky dictator? The BBC Trust offering to replace Fat Pang with a right tit?

        Cherie complains that it never stops!

        Raining money that is!


      • 121
        Mr I M Notsojollie says:

        Just another tight-wad, greedy Millionaire who doesn’t like parting with money. Perhaps he should have introduce Slave Labor to Blighty. F*cktard (alleged of course…. what a nice Man!!) LOLOLOLOLOLOL

        Hmm, One wonders if he advises Mi Lards like Coe, etc how to Off-shore their riches to avoid paying a fair whack in taxes. Tw*ts…. (alleged of course, such a Nice Man) lololololoilioloiloi !!


        • 128
          oink says:

          he has reintroduced slave labour, what are you talking about?


          • Bally says:

            More to the point, just where is this vast income coming from?

            Realistically, it seems unlikely that Blair’s advice and contacts- a declining asset- are worth that sort of money. He doesn’t strike me as a particularly effective deal maker either.

            So just what is the origin of all this money? Methinks a forensic audit might be rather useful.

            It ocurrs to one that he might be using his “business” to recycle the bribe money he took when in office- an old mafia trick.

            eg the chunk of money the Americans paid him in 2002 for Blair supporting them in the invasion of Iraq.


    • 12
      Rotherham Person says:

      I think they are supposed to be pecs but they just look like a cup saggy boobs, is Tone on hormone treatment for a sex change or something


      • 117
        Lord G says:

        Enough of that; what we really need to know is how much tax the champagne socialist prick paid on that £20m. Then let Ed Milliprick comment on that. Bunch of counts (with silent ‘o’s)


      • 137
        Gordy Brownstuff says:

        He likes to get them out for Mandy.


    • 32
      Slot Gob says:

      I like a man with tits.


    • 41
      Backwoodsman says:

      All that fuss about the Dutchess going topless, you’d have thought the old queen would have learnt a lesson.


  2. 3
    Thribber says:

    What do you expect? The guy has always been a Hunthole.


    • 86
      lojolondon says:

      Ironically, if Tone paid his intern then they would be in the position of paying more PAYE than their boss! – Can’t have that.

      I wonder if the BBC will ever call him out on the old ‘offshore tax dodge’ issue like they do for the offshore Tories?


  3. 4
    Tom says:

    What about all the debt he left not paying the bills or balancing the budget


  4. 5
    JH says:

    Pure Champagne Socialism.

    They do with impunity what they would vilify less ideologically pure others for.


    • 21
      Rotherham Person says:

      Come JH, the whole genealogy of B’Liar is Tory he spent his early university years working out which side to go for, by that I mean which one could he rise to the top fastest, he chose Liebore. Do you remember when John Smith became leader of the Liebore party, a crowd of people around him, and who was jumping up and down on the peripheries none other but B’Liar doing his look at me act


      • 34
        Bluto says:

        No, he was New Labour through and through. I know it is the socialist way to blame Tories for everything, including their own crimes, but this assertion of Blair as Tory is simply wrong, wrong, wrong. He was and is the beating heart of socialism. Just a bit more blatant and a bit more shameless than your average “caring and sharing” socialist shit.


      • 59
        Archer Karcher says:

        Bliar is no Tory, much in the same way as his heir Cameron is no Tory.


      • 68
        JH says:

        As usual, when the results of socialism are laid bare it is because it was never ‘proper’ socialism in the first place.

        What a luxurious little belief system lefties have. Never own up, never explain.


        • 77
          UKIP.i.am says:

          Blair is your typical champagne socialist looking after himself first, like Polly Toynbee and Ed Millionaireband and all the other expense fiddlers such as Ed Balls. Says one thing that others should do and then does the opposite himself. If you cut them open it wouldn’t say ‘socialist’ inside them but ‘hypocrite’.


  5. 6
    Uncle Joe says:

    Why has he got breasts? Is he a deviant? Would you like me to have him shot?


  6. 7
    Snaplegs says:

    And this news surprises who exactly?

    Exploitation of the young and vulnerable is a socialist trait and has been for years


  7. 9
    Tony B£iar says:

    Did my friend Bill pay his interns? No, he just groped them. So my interns can grope my breasts if they want.


  8. 10
    Aunty Matter says:

    He’s a socialist, what did you expect?


  9. 11
    Question Crime says:

    If you missed it, last night’s Question Time wasn’t your typical audience. UKIP’s P*ul Nuttall and Claire Perry got applause. Emily Thornberry’s false indignation over a child benefit cap and Mehdi Hasan’s attempts at one liners went down like lead balloons. Even Dimbleby got a round of applause when he ridiculed Fatbelly’s comments on child benefit being capped at 2 children. She ranted “How dare this government tell people how many children they can and can’t have?! They have no right to tell people the number of children they can have!” Dimbleby interrupted “That’s not what they’re saying. This isn’t China, they’re not telling the public how many children they’re allowed to have”. Applause, and Fatbelly was left looking a total fuckwit.


  10. 13
    Greychatter says:

    Power and influence = Dirty Money.

    As my mother used to say – there are no pockets in Shrouds.


  11. 15
    Dee Cupps says:

    Blair always surrounded himself with tits!


  12. 16
    Tony Blair says:

    But jesus he knows me
    And he knows I’m right
    I’ve been talking to jesus
    All my life
    Oh yes he knows me
    And he knows I’m right
    And he’s been telling me
    That everything’s gonna be all right


    • 35
      Niel Kinock (another labour millionair) says:

      Well, allright . . .Well, allright . .


      • 82

        These people do not believe in anything – they surround themselves with a patina of humanity, even pretending some form of “faith” ( which is in itself a double bluff – pretending to believe in something that people blindly believe in without any supporting evidence) in order to control the sheep.

        Look no further than the USA – you cannot be elected without being “of faith” – and that’s a secular country by it’s constitution!

        It will not be long before the creeping cancer of institutional “religionisation” reaches these shores again.


      • 145
        Euan Bliar says:

        Just don’t fall in the sea.


  13. 17
    A_Pleb_at_Court says:

    Can I go for my lunch break now, Sir Tonee?
    OK – but I will time you and deduct the relevant amount.
    But you don’t pay me nuffin’!
    Look – there’s plenty of “kids” that would’ve given their back teeth to be sitting where you are!
    Can you lend me five quid for a sandwich then?
    Sorry – all my notes got unfortunately put in the paper shredder.


    • 19
      I hope Tony Blair gets cancer says:

      You left out the last bit:

      Mr Blair, I’m going to report you for exploitation.

      That’s fine. But first I need you to go to Harrowden Hills and meet one of my friends who’ll write you a cheque.


      • 115
        John Sawers KCMG says:

        To Let

        Flat in Pimlico, Newly Refurbished Bathroom… Bag Optional. (tenancy may be terminated at short notice)…


      • 148
        Anonymous says:

        blair is small fish.
        who protects him?
        what’s in it for them, those who protect the kiddle fiddlers of this world.
        How can blair be of use to them?


  14. 18
    SaVile says:

    She looks like a nice girl. Nice boobs.


  15. 20
    Bob Fleming says:

    Off topic, but some boot faced bint on Radio 5 now – epitomises everything that’s wrong with this country


    • 46
      JH says:

      Bob, Radio 5 (Labour) as a whole epitomises what is wrong with this country. Coke-fuelled chippy left-wing presenters, the whole shebang.


      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Is it the one who’s had a meteoric rise since she started shagging a BBC executive?


        • 98

          Look, I know that it’s becoming de rigueur to kick the BBC about everything in the light of the Jimmy Savile revelations, but we have to put this into perspective.

          Radio 5 Li(v)eBore are a vibrant, popular and relevant radio station. There are very strict controls about how much coke they can snort on expenses. And what happens between consenting adults, during company time, to either further their careers or to prop up the libido of an ageing married BBC executive is no business of anyone else. Perhaps we can now draw a line under this/ lessons have been learned/ I didn’t interfere with editorial decisions/ etc…..

          Now, pay you licence fee and fuck off.


          • BBC Executive says:

            You forgot to tell them to vote Labour, then they can fuck off. I thought we agreed there was no point trying to hide the nakedly partisan nature of the majority of our broadcasts any more?


          • Yes we did, but this is the 10.23 entry – only read by the unemployed Jeremy Kyle viewers. If you remember that £20m focus group we set up and ran, these are 95% Labour voters, and 5% non English speaking.

            So vote Labour is a given, via “postal votes” for the 5% as well!

            Don’t worry, our print edition, written by darling Polly, will remind the intelligentsia of their duties!


  16. 22
    Lucifer says:

    The red hot poker is all lined up ready to skewer Tone for eternity.


  17. 23
    Priti Patel says:

    Did someone say travel expenses?


  18. 25
    tick tock tick tock says:

    So what do you expect , only the brain-dead support Liebours super rich.


  19. 26
    bergen says:

    Not a man keen on redistributing his own wealth.

    Perhaps one day the dock in the Hague will beckon.


  20. 27

    Come on Guido, be fair. He’s a socialist. He spends everyone else’s money, not his own!


  21. 28
    A Pleb says:

    I never ever voted for Blair,which is something I’m extremely proud of.


    • 36
      I believed Labour's lies and so helped f*ck Britain says:

      I did vote for Blair (once, 1997). The shame will weigh heavily on my conscience forever.


      • 50
        Johan Hari says:

        Luke adjusted his robe, and leant forward.

        “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance,” he said, holding my gaze. But I knew he was holding something back.


      • 102

        That is likely to be the defence offered by those about to be arrested during operation Yew Tree.

        I’m unsure which is worse.


      • 149
        Anonymous says:

        beyond glory blair,
        did you believe the lies of those who are the kiddie fiddlers or support or have supported the world of kiddie fiddlers.


  22. 30
    What you sow.. says:

    Perhaps it’s not salary that’s the problem, but Labour’s insufferable employment legislation that deterred Blair from creating a real (if temporary) job.


  23. 31
    Crispy Pancakes says:

    I can see a right tit.


  24. 33
    dumbo says:

    The candidate states that Tony Blair was his idol when he was growing up.
    Now that he’s been shafted right up the arse by Blair, he’ll maybe realise what a stupid boy he was.


  25. 37
    Nick says:

    Off canvassing in Corby, eh, Tone?


  26. 38
    Tony Bliar resplendant in his white robes says:

    I say chaps , all this talk of me of me not wishing to redistribute my wealth is nonsense nonsense I say . I say this is untrue untrue because the wealth once belonged to poor folk who did not know better and I distributed the wealth to me through my dealings with corrupt dictators just like I used to be.


  27. 39
    Southern Scouser says:

    I feel this is all very unfair on St Tony. Guido clearly states that expenses are paid. So we all know that the interns can claim a few thousand for renting flats where they don’t live, they can charge for any porn they or their partners watch and employ any members of their family whom they wish. As long as TOny adheres to the standard he followed in parliament no-one should leave his employment less than well off.

    Of course, if the tax man has any questions about receipts, they can follow the example of the dear leader and shred the lot.

    I have got the right idea, haven’t i?


  28. 40
    tacksmahn says:

    How much tax does old tone pay on his £20m pa? Last time anyone looked, he had buried his income into a company so deep in a nest of holding companies that no-one could work it out.


  29. 42
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Need some money fast ?

    Go short on the FTSE,normal downward trend is resumed

    FTSE 100 5773.18
    -31.87 -0.55%


  30. 44
    Martin Day says:

    Anniversary of one of my favourite FPTP dysfunctions today. 1951 election: Labour got c250k more votes than the Conservatives… and lost!


    • 48
      No to permanent LibDem government says:

      Thank god for FPTP.


      • 123
        Cecil and Cuthbert says:

        With the ‘electoral college’ system in the States, the same thing will happen in next week’s electilon. Just you wait and see.

        Never could understand why, in a straight A v B fight the one with the most votes in a simple count stands to lose after electoral college machinations. Stupid Septics.


  31. 49
    cattle, badgers and TB says:

    Pull the udder one.
    Unpaid interns are probably just a tax fiddle / avoidance tools for Bliar.
    3 months- 65 days work . £20 lunch, £10-15 travel – £2000 total
    Am sure Tone’s accountants can happily rack up deductions far in excess of this amount via his multiple business dealings the interns might participate in and the triple / quadruple bookkeeping involved.


    • 55
      Sir Jimmy the Decomposer says:

      Young internal virgins queued up for entirely voluntary work experience with me as well.


  32. 53
    Mike Jones says:

    So he could pay for 2 interns by working for the same amount of time it would take to say, react to a missile attack from Iraq.

    With a 5 minute break.


  33. 56
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Anybody see ‘Lord’ Patten yesterday – sweet as a nut with Leftie Jon Snow, spoke to Sky reporter as if she were a thick pleb because she asked a question he didn’t like. He is the personification of the BBC – arrogant, condescending, and unwilling to accept any criticism. No doubt this will be reflected in the BBC Trust’s response to the ‘impartial’ inquiries which the BBC has set up to investigate itself.


    • 76
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Just found out that the reason he doesn’t like anyone criticising George Entwistle is because he appointed him to the job of Director-General !! Nothing wrong with Patten’s judgement there, then.


      • 95
        Sir Jim, purveyor of pleb kiddies and blackmailer of the British Establishment says:

        looks like a nailed on guilty kiddie fiddler to me.


      • 142
        Where's all the money gone? says:

        Let’s not forget that a few months ago it was widely reported that the BBC had paid a recruitment agency £400,000 to “head-hunt” and come up with a shortlist of candidates for the post of DG. They ended with somebody who was staff anyway. What an incredible waste of money, but then that’s what the public sector specialises in.


    • 79
      The Golem says:

      I’m sure he can rely upon No.10 to see his point of view.


    • 81
      The little black book of secrets says:

      “Fatty Pang” is like the proverbial little boy sticking his finger in the dyke(now then ! now then !)trying to stop the tsunami that is approaching the BBC and the establishment…..wait until the arrests start……..it’ll make Hackgate” and “Expenses Scandal” look like a minor fracas..


      • 92
        This Fat'un says:

        Don’t bother me – I’m going out to have a very long lunch. Everything at the BBC is wonderful. Leave us alone and keep paying the telly tax.


        • 113
          QT Cuties says:

          …and no doubt you will keep inviting ranting nutters like mad Mehdi Hasan onto Question Time for the sake of political balance!


          • sssh, no invcenvenient questions please says:

            Dimblebumbleby couldnt shut that long haired audience member up quickly enough on QT last night.
            Just becasue the bloke was spot on about the so-called independent investigation team appointed to look into the BBC kiddyfiddling cover ups


  34. 57
    FAR TOO FAR says:

    This girl for Prime Minister!

    “The problems we face
    today are there because the people who work for a living are
    outnumbered by those who vote for a living”

    This was written by a 21 year old female who gets t. It’s her
    future she’s worried about and this is how she feels about the social
    welfare system that she’s being forced to live in! These solutions
    are just common sense in her opinion.

    Put me in charge . . ..

    Put me in charge of benefit payments. I’d get rid of cash payments
    and provide vouchers for 50kg bags of rice and beans, blocks of
    cheese, basic sanitary items and all the powdered milk you can use.
    If you want steak, burgers, takeaway and junk food, then get a

    Put me in charge of the NHS. The first thing I’d do is to get women to
    have birth control implants.
    Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If
    you want to reproduce, use drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, then get a

    Put me in charge of local authority housing. Ever live in military
    You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair.
    Your “home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions
    will be inventoried.
    If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own

    Put me in charge of compulsory job search. You will either search for
    employment each week no matter what the job or you will report for
    community work.
    This may be clearing the roadways and open spaces of rubbish, painting
    and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you.
    We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your dooff
    dooff stereo and speakers and put that money toward the “common

    Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realise that
    all of the above is voluntary.
    If you want our hard earned cash and housing assistance, accept our
    Before you say that this would be “demeaning” and ruin someone’s “self
    esteem,” consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone
    else’s money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered
    self esteem.

    If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at
    least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current
    system rewards those for continuing to make bad choices.

    AND While you are on benefit income you no longer have the right to
    For you to vote would be a conflict of interest….. If you want to
    vote, then get a job.

    Now, if you have the guts – PASS IT ON… BRING ON THE REVOLUTION


  35. 61
    Grimy Miner says:

    No matter which colour stone you turn over, Red, Blue or Orange, you will see the same slimy scuttling creatures, trying to avoid the cold light of day.


  36. 64
    Lord Anji Boulton says:

    Is that awful influence peddlar Blair avoiding UK taxes as well?

    We have a right to know…


    • 67
      Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

      Hi !!!

      Taxes dear? Not me – I’m a net receiver – for services rendered and reneged upon.


  37. 65
    John of Hulk and Damnation says:

    something wrong here but plain too me now why anyone asking me why i sucked up ter tone is obvious innit his got tits – i’m a tit man meself – but blimey can’t imaging spreading that over a desk like wosisname mind you put a skirt onit and hoo knows – oh fer chrissake where’s me second breakfast??


  38. 66
    lojolondon says:

    Yes, he really is filth. Are we still paying for him to be guarded around the clock??


    • 69
      Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

      Certainly! – becos I’m worf it!!


    • 127
      A Bean-Counter says:

      Can’t an ex- serviceman who has served a couple of tours in Iraq and the Stan, and has now been kicked out sans pension on his backside by Dave after years of loyal service, find out from his mates how to go about infiltrating a ‘friend’ into Tone’s security detail? We seem to lose a lot of good folk in ‘friend on friend’ attacks out that way so this might have possibilities. Think of the money we’ll save (or does the guards’ pay and perks contribute to iour lobvely 1% increase inthe figures?).


  39. 72

    NewLab dictum:

    Leadership isn’t about having to practice what you preach.


  40. 85
    I'm a straight sort of guy hahahahahahahahahahaha etc says:

    Urrrrgggh Hairy pig titties on a Friday morning, nooooo


  41. 89
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    So you come out of university owing tens of thousands of £’s due to the introduction of tuition fees by Tony Blair.

    He then expects you to work for him for nothing.


  42. 93
    Wally Wombat says:

    Most “socialists” become rabid capitalists in later life. Being a member of the Labour Party is means to an end.

    But Bliar is a minor player, an amateur, so to speak. A true “communist” like Wen Jia Bao in China has managed to put aside a tidy $2.7 billion.

    Every Labour voter should think very hard about his/her political idols.


    • 112
      Blairite National Socialism says:

      “Being a member of the Labour Party is means to an end.”

      My thoughts entirely whilst watching Emily Thornberry on Question Time last night, came over as thick as the shortest of fat planks, but she was a barrister, so in theory cannot be as thick as she pretends! Always dangerous people.

      Mad Mehdi was on as well, always good for a laugh!


    • 131
      Waltzing Matilda says:

      Hi Wally,

      Do we know each other?


  43. 96
    Newsnight says:

    So what if we are openly biased against the government? We don’t give a fuck.


  44. 99
    Erns says:

    According to the Daily Fail, he’s been shot outside an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of Brussels –



  45. 118
    Charles Hardon says:

    A bullet hole between the fuckers eyes would be an improvement to his looks, the shirtlifting money grubbing bastard.


  46. 134
    AveubenBorisised? says:

    When I am PM there will be none of that.


  47. 147

    What do you expect of phoney tony full of baloney?
    The biggest crook to get away!

    Didnt anyone ever wonder why Mandy and Miranda were such ‘close friends’who forged
    An invisible link that won’t ever be broken…..lest they forget!

    Not so much an old boys club age didn’t matter!


  48. 150
    dunstall says:

    His mate Silvio just been sentenced to 4 yrs in the slammer this c… should get 10yrs just for this pic


  49. 151
    darth vader says:

    I always thought there was something odd about phoney toney – now having seen those breasts we now know why he got on so well with Mandy


  50. 152
    SaltPetre says:

    John Smith RIP. Dr David Kelly RIP. What’s the link?. TB of course ! The money comes rolling in.


  51. 153
    keredybretsa says:

    This is the original whatsinnitforme man, the others are just new born babies in comparison. Not even in his Mean League.


  52. 155
    Gripper Stebson says:

    What is there to like about this money grabbing, country ruining, smug looking lying twat.


  53. 156
    David B says:

    And tax? Only plebs pay these avoidable costs


  54. 158
  55. 160

    An agency wants you to appear your best to potential employers so it is in their best interest that your CV is tip-top.


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