October 25th, 2012

Guido Android App

Some 20% of Guido’s readers now come view the blog via mobile phones and tablets. This new app gives a richer experience – with interactivity. The blog feed on the app is light-format, you can click through to the desktop version with all the comments. Twitter is integrated into the app, as is a tip-off via email function if you have any gossip for us. If you are using the app on a phone you can now call and speak with us just by double clicking. If there is big story we will send users a push notification alert of the breaking news straight to your phone…

It works on on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry as well as iPad and Android tablets. How much for all this functionality? The first 5000 downloads of the app will be free. The Android native app can be downloaded here. For all other devices you can download it here


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Could you please leave the simple site up for us stoneage blackberry users.

  2. 2

    It works on BlackBerries too.

  3. 3
    tick tock tick tock says:

    I have a phone that’s just a phone a Nokyia 100 or something, can I install your andyroid app :-) .

    PS thought I would ask first as somebody else will.

  4. 4
    Hope it works on Cameron's Ipad as well! says:

    David Cameron claims he is not happy about multinational firms like Apple not paying enough tax in Britain – but that has not stopped the Prime Minister from accepting a free iPad from the technology giant.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223135/David-Cameron-accepts-free-iPad-Apple-despite-saying-happy-global-firms-avoiding-tax.html#ixzz2AKhI9Kg1
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  5. 5
    Gordon the medicated says:

    That’s a coincidence. I have a 100 Nokyias.
    they are all in a box under the bed. I keep them there to throw in case of burglars. Burglars wanting to steal my Tupperware box of broken Nokyieas.

    You’d have to get up very early to outfox me..Very early. As I never go to bed.

  6. 6
    wobble says:

    Not nexus 7 compatable

  7. 7
    Aunty Matter says:

    GCHQ would be impressed by the access this app wants, please fix that and put the comments in

  8. 8
    Aunty Matter says:

    Hi Gordon, still using a Nokia?

  9. 9
    Aunty Matter says:

    Tony Blair accepted a free job from America

  10. 10
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    you seem to have had your monika for some time now. Even nell was blocked for a time.

    Got Ah! Monika back yesterday blocked again today.

    But I take your point

  11. 11
    The rich immersive app experience says:

    Top Tip! Desperate marketing people: if your product or service is a pile of boring shite (or you simply lack any imagination or independence of thought) just describe it as “an experience”. If you’re really stuck, notify the whole world that you’re a total c*nt by describing it as a “rich experience”.

    ‘Moving forwards’, let’s check the permissions this ‘app’ needs:

    “take pictures and videos – Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera.”

    That’s not very good, is it?

    “Storage – modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents
    Allows the app to write to the USB storage. Allows the app to write to the SD card.”

    Why would it need to do that?

  12. 12
    dog says:

    I’m not installing an app that wants permissions to use the camera.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    a BBC free sky tv app (on my sky +) would be sweet.

  14. 14
    Call me Dave says:

    Arrests to follow in the Jimmy Savile case. Freddy Starr and Gary Glitter will be doing a Porridge special on Christmas Day….

  15. 15
    Penny Red says:

    I think it’s like well disgusting that these companies like don’t pay tax and stuff. And what about them companies that like have slave labour in like China and stuff? That’s well like so bad.They like pay nothing and stuff. It’s well wrong. Protest and stuff, comrades!

    Sent from my iPad.

  16. 16
    Spode says:

    Sorry to hear that. Can’t you get it out of the box?

  17. 17
    Spode says:

    No no, surely not. Mr Starr protested his innocence the other day and I for one believed every word.

  18. 18
    Jimmy Savile says:

    Neither would I

  19. 19
    Jimmy Savile says:

    Eating Hamster meant something different in my day

  20. 20
    GCHQ says:

    Guido’s Contents Hacking Quackery.

    No need to back up my phone with this app installed, all my data is now on Guido’s servers.

  21. 21
    ÁC1 says:

    and TV Tax free.

    Don’t want to fund a p43dophile and drugs ring? Then don’t fund the BBC

  22. 22
    ÁC1 says:

    My Google Nexus 7 is great. Don’t think the iPad mini attempt to copy it will do too well.

  23. 23
    Not sinister says:

    Write to storage – could be for caching content

    Taking pictures – maybe to take pictures of documents for guido

    Phone calls – call guido and whisper to him sexfully

    That said, dark blue text on black background makes my eyes hurt

  24. 24
    Get Down Shep says:

    Amazing what some would do for a Jim’ll fix it medal. I dread to what they were charging for a Blue Peter gold badge.

  25. 25
    Spode says:

    I’ve got one meself, AC1, damn fine gadget it is too.

  26. 26
    Mike Hancock says:

    Nor me.

  27. 27
    Tachybaptus says:

    My last comment was manually deleted. I feel honoured to have inspired our hosts to perform an old-fashioned hand job.

  28. 28
    Ah! Monika says:

    Works here

  29. 29
    Ah! Monika says:

    And here

  30. 30
    Diddley says:

    Nex7 is great

  31. 31
    nellnewman says:

    All this technology is leaving me behind!!

    microsoft have brought out touchscreen windows 8 – but question is does my laptop have the ability to use it. I don’t know how to find out!! ++Sigh++

  32. 32
    PermissionsSlapper says:

    Not working on my android 2.2 tablet. Probably because its wireless and has no sim/phone functions, so it cannot read phonecalls, access GPS or the other permissions it asks for which an app like this shouldn’t be asking for.

  33. 33
    Engineer says:

    Have they got an App for my recycled baked-bean tin and taut string?

  34. 34
    ÁC1 says:

    Amazon Cloud Player is good.

    The voice recognition is mostly good. I use the “set alarm for” all the time. Maybe it’s because they nicked the voice of IronMan’s electronic butler.

    Skype’s useful to have on there.

    The GPS is quick and accurate, and pre-cacheing in google maps makes it fantastic.

  35. 35
    LOL says:

    Posting too much?

  36. 36

    Dear Jim’ll Fix It
    Can you fix it for a girl in my class to come on holiday with me as i really fancy her?

    Yours sincerely

    Jeremy Forrest age 30

  37. 37
    Ah! Monika says:

    on an Android phone, allow installation from unknown sources/ non market apps has to be enabled in security settings.

  38. 38
    ÁC1 says:

    No. oh and don’t buy windows 8 (it’s looking like Vista version 2). In fact NEVER buy a windows OS till at least SP1 comes out.

  39. 39
    "now come view the blog"? says:

    You in America then? I’ll pass, thanks.

  40. 40
    Smolt says:

    Is it true that Harriet Harman uses Gynoid?

  41. 41
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Somehow Jimmy – One thinks that Esther has a lot more to own up to yet; what with your visits to Isreal and various free appearances in around Leeds at some synagoges etc

    Oy vay bits have been revealed / published in the JC – who also seem to be trying to protect themselves. Now who is this Greville Janner bloke?

  42. 42
    nellnewman says:

    I don’t like change AC1 – I’ve got the three of us working 2 laptops and one desktop really well on Windows7.

    I know the problems that come from trying to upgrade or change systems. In the past after such experiments I’ve spent days getting all three computers back up and running.

    So I think I shall avoid windows 8 and apps thingies – at least for the time being!!

  43. 43
    Some 20% of Guido’s readers says:

    …..20 fucktards read this shite on their phones.

  44. 44
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am a Nexus 6.

  45. 45
    Guido Fawkes says:

    We’re still number one for internet shite, though.

  46. 46
    Jimmy Somerville says:

    I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail recently.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Jim was fixed.
    given abundant freedom to love the dead. and fix it for charlie and andy what with their difficulties in their married life.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    fixed it

  49. 49
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ed Balls has definitely lost it. David Millionaireband to replace Balls as shadow chancellor? As Ed Millionaireband the bottle to sack Balls?

  50. 50
    Tantric-sex Pest says:

    Less is more. Keep them panting.

  51. 51
    At second homes with the Cooper-Balls says:

    New BBC Sitcom
    At second homes with the Cooper-Balls.

    Yvette “Hello Darling, how was your day?”
    Ed – “Hmmm, Not bad. A lot of Tv. I’m a bit tired.”
    Yvette “Lasagne is in the oven. Shall I put Sky News on?”
    Ed – “no.”

  52. 52
    Gaff says:

    I have ordered your retirement.

  53. 53
    Aunty Matter says:

    Doesn’t Guido have neo Guido to call him up and whisper sexy messages?

  54. 54
    Aunty Matter says:

    Westminster dog of the year. How come Harriet Harman didn’t win?

  55. 55
    Aunty Matter says:

    Replace Balls with Chuk us ya money !

  56. 56
    Ah! Monika says:

    And for the real AM

  57. 57
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    It wasn’t free. The UK Taxpayers had to spend billions of £’s in bombs and equipment plus innumerable lives PLUS the 24 hour bodyguard bill you mugs pick up every year.

    P.S. What recession ??

  58. 58
  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Guido blocks the IP address

  60. 60
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Because I’m a bitch.

  61. 61
    Ah! Monika says:

    BBC radio 4 started the 9pm news. “Labour say that Britain’s economy is still weak” and did not report what the PM had to say until the end.

    Surely this can not be correct procedure? They certainly did not report what the Conservatives had to say first about any GDP announcement when Labour was in power.

    I would think announcing the official figures first, then a comment from the government followed by comments from opposition parties should be the neutral policy.

  62. 62
    Saffron says:

    Cammoron,one nation state indeed,in fact the last time we had a one nation state was under Disraeli.
    This state concerned England,but when eventually we embraced the other three we started to go downhill.
    The welsh assembly,the scottish assembly and the northern irish assembly should never have happened.
    As long as this situation is allowed to go on we are the losers,the one nation state was set up by the english and it involved as well a commonwealth.
    This one nation state was administered by the english and was sucessful and we prospered.
    Devolve powers to the other three and you have got a mis-mash of who wants power,which leads to what is national identity.
    Then you need to put into this mix the peoples who have come here from other countries and you then have a problem as to what is ONE NATION.

  63. 63
    Not now Cato says:

    Does it work on Nokia Symbian?

  64. 64
    nellnewman says:

    This of course is militwit’s problem. There is no real competence or talent within the present opposition.

    Who could he make shadow chancellor ? tomwatson – chuckusyamoney, eagle??!! He hasn’t got a single person on that shadow front bench that any of we ordinary plebs would trust with our kids pocket money!!

  65. 65
    c.eng says:

    Neutral policy has little meaning to the Beeboid machine, but you would have thought Dave would have taken these little slips up with Fat Pang by now, but doubtless he has other important issues on his mind.

  66. 66
    Desperate Dave says:

    Use Linux instead, the various GUI choices you have (e.g. Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE) are very good these days and as it’s Open Source there are *lots* of sources of information on the net about how to do things with it.

    Unlike Windows, you can try it out before installing it, by using a “Live CD” which.

    I recommend the Mint version of Linux (Mint) with Cinnamon GUI which is one of the choices of GUI that come with it.

  67. 67
    nellnewman says:


    O/T tom watson the other day said in parliament that no10 was connected to
    ch ild ab use.

    Was he referring to this and his old boss?

  68. 68
    Aunty Matter says:

    He could bring back one eye !

  69. 69
    Aunty Matter says:

    We’re they downloading child porn at the time ?

  70. 70
    Tom Fatson says:

    I’ve never heard of Gordon Brown. Who is he ?

  71. 71
    Aunty Matter says:

    Brown abused 50 million English at least

  72. 72
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We’re just immensely grateful that everyone’s learned the lessons, drawn a line under it and moved on from the Jimmy Sovile accusations.

    It all happened under Fatcher, anyway.

  73. 73
    The Public says:


  74. 74
    James Saville, MMA fighter says:

    You think YOU have it bad?

  75. 75
    nellnewman says:

    It was interesting tonight that the Scotland Yard chap reporting on the savile scandal said about ‘ people in positions of power’ – ‘we are coming after you’

    He obviously was conveying a hidden message to people that they had identified even though he did not name them tonight.

  76. 76
    nellnewman says:

    And then of course there was that Scottish pa ed o ph ile scandal that was so big in gordon and bliars day that bliar apparently slapped a D notice on it.

    Who were they trying to protect there??!!

  77. 77
    Another Engineer says:

    I use linux too, but I wouldn’t recommended changing to anyone who has a working system!

    Keep Windows 7, it’ll be good for a long time yet.

  78. 78
    nellnewman says:

    We no longer need an EastEurope@n communist style state broadcaster for which we are all forced to pay a license fee.

    We are all fed up with their attempts at leftwing propaganda. For instance Youngnells tonight was watching attenborough and polar bears and being told that anthropogenic global warming is going to destroy all the polar ice and hence the bears.

    I had to intervene in the end and explain that actually attenborough had been conned by leftwing folks like jones of the uea and that actually polar ice , as shown by satellite, has increased over thee last 16 years , not decreased as the beeb keeps trying to tell us. And actually we now know the polar bear population in on the increase not the decrease!

    And if the beeb can lie over that they can lie over anything including savilegate!!

    And frankly since they have lied over those two things and much more besides the value of their output is derisory!!

  79. 79
    Beg off says:

    There was a time when fake beggars made an effort to look genuine. Today’s fake beggars can’t even be bothered to do that. The other day I saw one in nice, clean clothes and wearing lipstick sitting outside a Sainsbury’s asking for change. Is there anybody really thick enough to give money to someone who’s so obviously not homeless?

  80. 80
    marvin TPA says:

    is that all your android can do?

    it wouldn’t be worth my while getting out of battery dock to do just that

    i’m amazed at the small-mindedness that pervades the universe about me

    i suppose you’ll be wanting a cup of tea next

  81. 81
    nellnewman says:

    harriet harman is a very sinister creature – she spent years of her life campaigning to make child abuse legal.

    As a mother and grandmother I find her completely repugnant!

  82. 82
    Go sock it to them. says:


  83. 83
    marvin TPA says:

    can’t you all just use your brains – as i do?

    all this belly-aching about technology being difficult is getting me down

    and as for my battery that wished be a ‘good day’ after charging me up – well I just ask you

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    I still prefer semaphore, but sadly its a dying art. Plus the eyesight is getting a bit dodgy so the range has come down to about 25 yards. Still more reliable than Windows 7 though.

  85. 85
    Aunty Matter says:

    Ha wanker Mason on Newsnight claiming all the growth was down to the Olympics.

  86. 86
    The BBC Music Workshop (Porno Div.) Jingle goes . . . says:

    ♫ A Finger of Fun is just enough
    ♫ to give your kids
    ♫ A TREAT ♫

  87. 87
    marvin TPA says:

    he probably read it in some cheap detective story

    depressing the language to which these people resort -then again perhaps he’s just a vogon in disguise

    wretched – just wretched!

  88. 88
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fucks sake, Newsnight, doom, doom, doom.

    Stick to hiding stories about BBC perverts you c u nt z

  89. 89
    Question Crime says:

    UKIP’s arse kicking P*ul Nuttall on Question Time now. I already want to punch Mehdi Hasan after just seeing his smug face.

  90. 90
    Aunty Matter says:

    What a shock, Essler siding with the Liebore mong

  91. 91
    Question Crime says:

    It’s not been ten minutes and someone in the Question Time audience has already blamed Thatcher! Ironically she began by saying she’s tired of this government blaming the last Labour government! You couldn’t make it up!

  92. 92
    Question Crime says:

    Clare Perry tearing Emily Fatbelly a new one.

  93. 93
    You sound everso suprised says:


  94. 94
    You sound everso suprised says:

    Is everso one word? Oh, FFS. Who gives a toss?

  95. 95
    Question Crime says:

    Someone should tell Emily Fatbelly it’s a bit hard to swallow her pontificating about cuts and the plight of the poor when she clearly likes to eat between meals.

  96. 96

    It’s wanky Do Nowt Daves own fault As yet again he lied to us when he said he would get rid of quango’s
    his failure to do so will come back to bite him on his little toff arse
    and make sure he loses the next erection

  97. 97
    Question Crime says:

    I must say, I’d never taken Clare Perry seriously before but she’s doing a storming job tonight taking on Fatbelly and Hasan.

  98. 98
    Annoying Cunt Spotter says:

    that bloke makes me turn over

  99. 99
    Question Crime says:

    Emily Fatbelly on government plans to cap child benefit: “People have children for love, not money”.

    Sorry, I have to call an ambulance. My sides need stitching back together.

  100. 100
    It's all kicking off down here says:

    Newsnight must know its days are numbered so it doesn’t give a fuck how biased it is. Tonight’s edition was so blatantly anti-government it was laughable.The BBC must have something really juicy on Cameron if he doesn’t take the present opportunity to abolish the licence fee.

  101. 101
    Question Crime says:

    Not the typical Question Time audience tonight. Applause for Nuttall and for comments by audience members condemning benefit scroungers.

  102. 102
    Diogenes' stand-in says:

    Newsnight desperately looking for every possible economic negative, then Gavin Estler puts a token request to typically ignorant Labour c*nt to apologise for Labour’s ruining our economy, allows him to waffle and avoid the point, yet lets him constantly talk over Conservative Business Minister.

  103. 103
    garden shed says:

    This audience doesn’t sound particularly W. London. I thought Slough was still in Middlesex?

  104. 104
    Aunty Matter says:

    She has a face like a Bulldog’s arse cheeks when it’s taking a dump

  105. 105
    Diogenes' stand-in says:

    + lots

  106. 106
    Question Crime says:

    Talk about a rolling tumbleweed moment. Hasan just made an utter twat of himself with a miserable attempt at a joke, calling the child benefit cap “tough on babies, tough on the causes of babies”. He obviously expected to get a round of applause and enormous laughter. He didn’t get either.

  107. 107
    passing through says:


  108. 108
    Question Crime says:

    Anyone looked into Fatbelly’s expenses? I have a feeling a fair few bars of chocolate are on her expenses forms.

  109. 109
    passing through says:

    What’s nell?

  110. 110
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    The Government should simply refuse to allow ministers to appear on Newsnight – it is so biased as to be shocking.

  111. 111
    Labour are the enemy of Society says:

    That stupid Labour woman does not or does not want to understand that IDS is not attacking anyone who does their best to find work. What IDS is atticking is the system that encourages people not to work.

    Stupid Stupid Thick Labour COW

  112. 112
    garden shed says:

    Agreed. I’ll go and do something more intersting.

  113. 113
    Question Crime says:

    Savile question!

  114. 114
    Arabs don't do jokes says:

    Yep is was not his finest moment. A Sarah Teather performance.

  115. 115
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Too far, too fast. The economy is flat-lining. We need a Plan ‘B’. It started in America. I am an economic genius.

  116. 116
    What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander says:

    Mehdi Hussan says Entwistle did not sexually abuse Children


    But neither did Rupert and James Murdoch hack phones.

    Why should the BBC be treated any differently to the Murdoch press? Is it because they are a bunch of Lefties?

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    abolish the licence, not the licence fee.

  118. 118
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I love Emily Fourbellys !!

  119. 119
    Tony Blair says:

    No one will ever know if I did a Savile. I’m well protected.

  120. 120
    Tom Fatson says:


  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    beeb’s crime is worse. Punishment will be worse.

  122. 122
    ÁC1 says:

    More Mumbai than Middlesex.

  123. 123
    ÁC1 says:

    and between snacks.

  124. 124
    Lordy! says:

    Nothing sadder than someone who has to big themselves up by slagging someone else off. (This post excluded of course, because it is not slagging but raising a reasonable point, you know?)

  125. 125
    nellnewman says:

    During bliar’s and brown’s day there was a mega p@edophile scandal in scotland. bliar slapped a D Notice on it to protect powerful scottish people. I wonder who they could have been?!

    Some blogs are suggesting that brown is associated to HautDeLaGarenne.

    And tonight Scotland yard spokesmen has said they have uncovered evidence of people in power abusing children and that the Met will be going after them. Who can they mean?

  126. 126
    uknow says:

    Question Crime

    UKIPer looking the best on the panel.

    Merdey Arsean looking an arse, but no surprise there.

  127. 127
  128. 128
    ÁC1 says:

    Puffing up Keynesianism is the narrative. Anything outside the narrative is not reported.

  129. 129
    An Old Lag says:

    They call it rattling people’s cages. It usually means they don’t have enough evidence and they hope someone will confess.

  130. 130
  131. 131
    uknow says:

    Abolish the fee. I don’t give a f*ck about the licence.

  132. 132
    An Oxfam Tin says:

    Yes. You have no idea how gullible the middle classes are these days. They think that because soomeone says they are ‘deprived’ they must be.

  133. 133
    nellnewman says:

    Entwistle may not have sexually abused children but he did try to cover the abuse up as did many of his predecessors. And not only that but they facilitated savile’s access to hundreds of children knowing he was a serial abuser.

    Yes they did know that!! And yet they kept giving him more and more children’s programmes and more access to vulnerable children to abuse.

    No doubt they were advised by HarriettHarman the campaigner for making child pornography and sex with minors legal, that this was best leftwing practice !!! Since she is also a mother – I regard her attitudes and actions as immensely evil!!

  134. 134
    Diogenes' stand-in says:

    Did Labour’s Shadow Attorney General really say that “the EU is is beginning to realise that different countries have different cultures”?
    What a pillock!!

  135. 135
    u sound like a dik says:

    Everso is not a word.

    You probably think it’s Thatcher’s fault.

  136. 136
    nellnewman says:

    Abolish the License Fee!!

    If folks want to watch then pay a subscription as you would for Sky. The beeb then will have to be balanced and competitive .

    I doubt it will survive and that would be good!!

    At best it’s unbalanced, biased, worthless and tell’s the most awful lies!!

  137. 137
    East Ender says:

    There have been rumours for years about a Privy Councillor.

  138. 138
    Brillo Time Now says:


    You are well on form tonight Nell. Unlike Mehdi Hussan who made a complete tit of himself (again).

    Yhe abuse occurred on BBC premises and BBC staff were aware of it, end of.

  139. 139
    Ultimate Gaffe says:

    Its too bad he will live..but then again, who cares?

  140. 140
    ÁC1 says:

    Be less money to fund the BBC drugs and child-abuse ring…

  141. 141
    Rog says:

    Immigrants’ Expenses Not Taxed

    UK staff are taxed on expenses, but some immigrants’ expenses are not taxed.

    HMRC should tax expenses incurred by immigrants brought into the UK by Intra-Company Transfer, in the same way that UK staff are taxed.

    It’s called Fairness™.

  142. 142
    Jimmy Savile says:

    She wasn’t fat when I knew her, when she was a little girl with braided hair and tinsel teeth and she called herself “Eliza.” (I bet you didn’t know she knew David Miliband back then either!)

  143. 143
  144. 144
    And for posterity when she wakes up sober and deletes her latest Twatisms says:


  145. 145
    Jim E Sovile says:

    It’s a wonder Harmann didn’t end up working for the BBC.

  146. 146
  147. 147
    Good point says:

    .. who else would employ her?

  148. 148
    Good point says:

    Sky also run a daily puff piece (as a space/time filler) about the opening of the north west passage as being a/the direct result of the global warming which hasn’t been happening for the past 16 years.

    Comes complete with the fabled furry endangered polar bear diving off a very small piece of ice floe.

  149. 149
    Marmite says:

    Well said nell. It’s nice to hear a Mother actually talking to a child. You don’t see much of that nowadays. :)

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Responding to the remarks, David Cameron said the MP had raised “a very difficult and complex case”, adding he was unclear which former Prime Minister Mr Watson was referring to.

    Cameron claims to know that the case is very difficult and complex but not no more. wierd.

  151. 151
    Anonymous says:

    she is unfazed.
    clearly she is even more protected than the excitable Blair.

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    what belief system anyone holds is their biz.
    we should not be funding the BBC.

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    no licence. no beeb. no licence fee.

  154. 154
    Anonymous says:

    anything goes for our so far safe establishment.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    privy to what? councillor.

  156. 156
    albacore says:

    When you start asking questions about who knew what
    What about all those James Bonds and Sherlocks they’ve got?
    Does it scan that the whole gang couldn’t find an elephant
    Or, perchance, that what they’ve fed US were placeboes and cant?

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    d….is a downer.
    for the daddy’s of this world.
    if we grew up a bit we would need ‘em less. Their freedoms depend on our inabilities.

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    The issue is the culture of innocent trust.

    Patten says of Newsnight editor “I could not have been expected to disbelieve a senior editor”.

    children are innocent.
    teenagers are a bit more grown.up

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the Banner homes add below be in either Russian or Arabic?

  160. 160
    macloid says:

    I am totally agree with you …I think HMRC do a positive discrimination

  161. 161
    macloid says:

    Reblogged this on Macloid's Weblog.

  162. 162
    But, Sally says:

    You already do fuck a diddly duck. His name’s John.

  163. 163
    oink says:

    cant post wont post

  164. 164
    oink says:

    according to you everything is labours fault including thatcher and cameron FFS get a life

  165. 165
    Le Grand Projet says:

    That was always the plan.

    Population replacement means no more of those awkward English troublemakers and lots more people thankful and grateful to the EU, for allowing them to escape their third world shitholes and recreate them here.

  166. 166
    Meatloaf says:

    I endorse….errr…..Ed Miliband for Prime Minister after thw 2015 General Election.

    Thank you all so much.

  167. 167
    Pongo Pete says:

    We’ve basically been invaded by what were our enemies of the 19th and 20th centuries and they got us to pay the fare over. If you want to see the future of the nation pop along to Newark in Nottinghamshire it’s typical of many old market towns. An utter shite hole of East European Baby Boomers the benefit bill is outstanding! Even the ‘posh’ bits of the place now have gangs of Chavski roaming about. Wait till they let the Serbs in!

  168. 168
    him says:

    Doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!!

  169. 169
    Mike says:

    Er… on iPhone this isn’t an app at all. It’s simply a version of the webpage that’s formatted for mobile devices. It not being in the App Store, it is not an App and in this form will always be free. It’s simply a webpage link that you can stick on your home screen!

  170. 170
    Jimmy Savile says:

    Could you make the app child friendly?

    I had a child friendly app on my phone.

    Tap the app and hey presto.

  171. 171
    Jimmy Savile says:

    They’re saying I shagged dead bodies now.(R5 live.)

    I had my enemies, but I didn’t think I had perverse one’s.

  172. 172
    Experienced Android Person says:

    It probably really is. It’s just the stupid Google play store telling you it isn’t…

  173. 173
    Ed Balls says:

    I was just experimenting with some of Mrs Balls stuff.

  174. 174
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Works on an iPod Touch as well.

  175. 175
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    So true Nell, she was an officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) which morphed into today’s Liberty. During her time there they spent their time campaigning for civil rights for paedos and promoting PIE the Peadophile Information Exchange.

  176. 176
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties)

    In March 1976, the UK’s political pressure group Liberty, under their alternate name National Council for Civil Liberties, (NCCL) called for an equal age of consent of 14 in Britain. Its submission to the Criminal Law Revision Committee generated extensive newspaper coverage. Albeit the report recognised the merits for the abolition of the age of consent, it proposed the retention of a prohibition upon sex below the age of 14 “as a compromise with public attitudes”:[8]

    “Although it is both logical, and consistent with modern knowledge about child development, to suggest that the age of consent should be abolished, we fear that, given the present state of public attitudes on this topic, it will not be politically possible to abolish the age of consent”.[9]

    The NCCL argued “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage”, suggesting more harm was caused when the children retold their experiences in court or to the press. The submission was signed by Harriet Harman who later went on to become leader of the House of Commons and deputy leader of the Labour Party.[10]

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