October 25th, 2012

Full BBC Savile Cover-Up Email to Grant Shapps


  1. 1
    BBC Waste says:

    If the BBC has *any* credibility left it will discuss this tonight on BBC Question Time.

  2. 2
    Fuckminster Buller says:


    Here’s a spade, Beeboids. Keep digging!

  3. 3
    junkkmale says:

    Are we all still feeling the ‘trust’?

    Maybe Lord Patten can chip in and tell anyone left who might still pay a blind bit of notice to him that the BBC expects only to broadcast leaked information TO it from ‘sources’ that Nick Robinson can allude to and gossip about.

    Anyone publishing or broadcasting email FROM the BBC can expect the boys from Capita round to explain the error of one’s ways before you can say ‘unique funding’.

    Maybe Ms. Ockenden should change here title to Head of ‘Not Private Anymore’ Affairs?

  4. 4
    Mathew Corbett says:

    Its easier to just stick your hand up their arse and not move your lips

  5. 5
    Diane Fatbott says:


  6. 6
    Disgusted of... says:

    Talk about being ‘warned off’, they are like just like the KGB.

  7. 7
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    Just how much is she paid to bully Government Ministers?

    I feel another saving coming on

    But of course we cannot interfere with the independence of the BBC. SO I feel there is a a better way. Every pound they spend on Seville should be docked from the licence fee in perpetuity

  8. 8
    nickleaton says:

    I tend to agree.

    At a bare minimum they should have all children’s programs taken away, along with a large chunk of the license fee.

  9. 9
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

    Enough! Can we please now get back to how it was before all this fuss and palaver?

  10. 10
    Spinal damage says:

    The BBC are a disgrace.

  11. 11
    Dead Dog Bounce says:

    Standard for the PBC, no?

  12. 12
    JabbaTheCat says:

    The ongoing AlJaBeeBa implosion is such a pleasure to behold…

  13. 13
    Ivor Biggun says:

    “Every white person is racist” – a genuine quote from Diane Abbott, the well known racist, from a couple of decades back.

  14. 14
    Alexiovitch says:

    Totally clueless, that kind of attitude is what got them into this mess in the first place.

    When will they realise that as soon as a excuse has been thoroughly trashed and vaporized they have to reveal the actuality.
    Mistakes and miscommunication can happen…maybe Rippon’s blog was written under a misapprehension maybe it was written to conceal, but what was written was according the DG…factually wrong!
    ‘Editorial reasons’ was NOT the reason it was dropped it was…apparently because Rippon decided there was only the ‘Women’s story’ and no collaborative police investigation at that time…besides it was too long ago!

    This was not editorial this was evidential, but Rippon and the journo’s working on this story knew that from the beginning otherwise it would have been just a ‘revisit a dead pedo’ piece so WTF is Julia doing peddling bollix…again!

    Are the Beeb trying to emulate the theist stance of ‘say it often enough and it might become true’?…or are they just jerking and jitterbugging every-which way trying to stamp out the fires of the pyre they are slowly but irrevocable building themselves?

    Nearly three weeks and they still have not got their story straight, none of them have got it together to sing from the same song sheet yet..(whether that story is truth or lies matters not a jot but at least make it coherent…first law of deception 101)…what a pathetic shambles!

    Even the beeboids from yesteryear are dazed & confused apparently Thomson has not quite sorted the chronology of events out by all accounts and he was actually there.
    And the Savile memorial prog was one of the last big projects on his desk before he jumped ship..surely anything that threatened that he would want to know the details, a BBC icon for 40 yrs being investigated by the BBC…WHY?…but he seems to be playing as dumb as Entwhistle or as curious as a rusty nail. Absolutely stinks to high Everest!

    Don’t buy it at all, it is a fabrication must be it is the only explanation that would make any sense in this debacle !

  15. 15
    Jon King says:

    Elected representative Grant Shapps being PAID to appear on QT and no doubt claiming travel and subsistence, too.

    So just remind me why MP’s who are paid from the public purse to do this are paid AGAIN to appear? (Take a bow Vince Cable).

    If Mr. Shapps isn’t being paid and claiming expenses I shall stand corrected…

  16. 16
    Selohesra says:

    I expect you may remain seated

  17. 17
    Harry Krishna says:

    Im wondering how much license money is going to be lost over this debacle.

  18. 18
    Bill says:

    My my what have the BBC lefties got to hide. After all they are straight players and not in the labour parties pocket.

    The brits must wake up and realise they are funding a bunch of rats in a sack who have not interest in anything except themselves.

  19. 19
    Pundit Too says:

    I loved the last sentence mentioning a “number of journalists” which is another way of the BBC distancing itself from Savile and said journalists should things go pear shaped, as most of us believe they will.
    The BBC should shortly be reaping the reward for their constant attacks on the police, even stating that the Savile enquiry programme began as a police cockup enquiry.
    Based on Boarden’s in the shadows act and the idiotic antics and statements of Patten, Ockendon, and the new appointed DG (long term insider); this long running BBC disaster to them could get even more interesting.
    BBC must be using a huge amount of resources to ensure that all their services are using the same terminology and singing from the same hymn sheet – people should not forget WE are paying for this.

  20. 20
    Pundit Too says:

    The bbc’s latest propaganda wheeze is to tell people that it was all SOOOO long ago and circumstances have changed in our culture and that of the BBC.
    Such a pity then that this latest revalation of a nasty beeboid women bullying a man who later committed suicide should surface. Him being the son of a former Chief Constable will not make it easy for the BBC to get the dirt under the carpet again.
    Events dear boy, events.

  21. 21
    dogsled says:

    Interesting that overnight all references to Savile have been removed from the front pages of the BBC website. At the moment, you have to dig very hard within the site to find any reference to it.
    Rumours last night of super-injunctions flying around and Twitter went very quiet on the issue.
    I’m sure all these events are totally unrelated.

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