October 24th, 2012

Tom Watson Alleges Westminster Paedophile Ring

Tom Watson failed to mention that the big ‘bombshell’ he let off in PMQs was actually mentioned by the Sunday Times this weekend. The paper reported that Edwina Currie’s autobiography carried claims that Sir Peter Morrison, a Tory MP and aide to Margaret Thatcher, had sex with underage boys during the 1980s. Morrison’s lovers were sixteen, with the age of consent for homosexuals at the time standing at twenty-one.

Funny that Watson didn’t say “as printed in the Murdoch press this weekend and exposed by a former Tory MP”.

One to watch though, rumours are swirling around about all sorts of politicians…

UPDATE:  Nick Davies first made the shocking allegations about Morrison in 1998

Fleet Street routinely nurtures a crop of untold stories about powerful abusers who have evaded justice. One such is Peter Morrison, formerly the MP for Chester and the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. Ten years ago, Chris House, the veteran crime reporter for the Sunday Mirror, twice received tip-offs from police officers who said that Morrison had been caught cottaging in public toilets with underaged boys and had been released with a caution. A less powerful man, the officers complained, would have been charged with gross indecency or an offence against children.

At the time, Chris House confronted Morrison, who used libel laws to block publication of the story. Now, Morrison is dead and cannot sue. Police last week confirmed that he had been picked up twice and never brought to trial. They added that there appeared to be no trace of either incident in any of the official records.

The full Nick Davies article is genuinely shocking: The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain

UPDATE: Tom Watson says his allegations are not about Peter Morrison:

I am not naming the person for obvious reasons but for clarity it is not former MP, Peter Morrison. This afternoon my office has been bombarded with calls regarding Morrison, I think because he was named by Edwina Currie at the weekend as having inappropriate sexual relations with teenage boys.


  1. 1
    Xbox Live says:

    You are banned for being a cretin


    • 7
      Jim Fixing it for No10 from his grave says:

      See told you I could Fix It


    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Watson was right. Strong rumours circulated that Tory grandees were involved in the Bryn Estyn Boy’s Home scandal.

      Watson should push for the details of Operation Ore to be made public. Again, allegations abounded that there were politicians of all hues caught up in child pornography .


      • 52
        Kathryn Laing says:

        Gyles Brandreth succeeded Morrison at Chester and had some comments to make about him, as I recall. Worth asking him again…


        • 201
          Anonymous says:

          Brandreth does mention this in his autobiography “Breaking The Code”.


          • Engineer says:

            Brandreth was a damn good constituency MP. Morrison was an oddity – I met him once (aged 15) on a school outing to the HoC. His homosexuality was an open secret, but I heard nothing at the time about other peccadiloes. Mind you, the supervising master did stay very much in attendance whilst Morrison escorted us around.

            Never understood how Morrison secured the candidacy for the Chester (or any other) seat. There must have been better people willing to stand.


      • 62
        UKIP.i.am says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised either. And to think it wasn’t that long ago that these perverts were saying that Murdoch’s businesses were a disgrace.

        Now we have the police, the BBC, the NHS and even the Houses of parliament exposed as having a long-lasting culture of cover-ups and serial, organised child abuse.


        • 256
          Anonymous says:

          The full Nick Davies article is genuinely shocking:::::we see things only when we are ready. our intellect is a hindrance.


      • 77
        jrand says:

        Watson’s one to talk. There are at least three websites detailing the alleged disgraceful activities of Liebour Councillors, party mandarins, even Mcboomnbust along with a former Nato sec general — Dunblaine etc etc . Take a stroll around the interwebbies. No-one is untouched … allegedly…


    • 73
      ÁC1 says:

      If we’re making wild accusations then I have to say watching “Justin’s House” makes me want to dob the entire cast into the NSPCC.


      • 170
        Anonymous says:

        there is a layer of society right at the top, the most protected.
        The thrill seekers in this layer will be drawn to the most unprotected.
        Human nature.

        Should we have institutions who give this layer unlimited freedoms?


    • 174
      Tom Thumb says:

      Tom Watson is slow on the uptake tehn.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Tom Watson misleading people? Whatever next!


    • 44
      Rotherham Person says:

      A bit strange coming out now though Edwina Currie’s book has been out a long time now, are more peolple reading her book now or is it a case of delayed action


  3. 3
    Plato says:

    Is it a bombshell because we want the fat f’ucker to blow up?


  4. 4
    Fish says:

    He asked a question of Entwistle about this at the Select Cttee meeting yesterday (or got one of his stooges to do it for him).


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t Cameron have had a clue what Watson was referring to then?


  6. 6
    chris1943 says:

    Useless fat thug, can’t stand him.

    Plenty of it on both sides of the House


    • 16
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

      People such as Watson, and that morbidly obese racist slob Abbot, should be barred from Parliament for the simple reason: because they can’t look after themselves properly, they have no right to pretend they can look after their constituents, or the whole frigging country.


  7. 8
    Henry Crun says:

    I doubt he would have asked the question had the same revelation been about a Labour Prime Minister’s aide.


    • 33
      Peter Grimes says:

      Well there are certainly some very senior ZaNuLieBor politicians whose predelictions Guido doesn’t allow to be aired here.
      Presumably Fatso Watson’s quest won’t want to go there either!


      • 71
        Selohesra says:

        give us a clue


        • 258
          Anonymous says:

          kiddie fiddlers and the one’s with the greatest privilege unite. via charity. kindness is most wonderful but when it is abused…blah.blah.blah.

          nothing outside of us is sacred.
          Better be sacred than…


  8. 9
    Fatman Strikes Again says:

    Coded Message..????????????


  9. 10
    Labour are off their Ed says:

    T.Watson is trying to deflect attention away from the BBC, which, let’s face it, is the communications wing of the Labour Party.

    T.Watson = Fat, greasy, sneaky, slob, and that’s being very polite to the trougher!

    I feel better now. :)


    • 40
      UKIP.i.am says:

      I expect there to be much more to come out about the BBC and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to read that the culture of the grooming of young people at the BBC is still rife. Can you imagine what temptation there must be for an intern to suffer a pervert’s attentions in order to get a permanent job?


      • 79
        Just trying to help says:

        More to come out at the BBC
        What like drugs ring supplying the kiddy fiddling ring . drugs bought on the licence fee ( telly tax ) .
        Allegedly .


        • 126
          Richard Smackhead Bacon says:

          Imagine putting a class A drug abuser and gagging for it knob jockey as a presenter on Blue Peter. It’s almost like the British Establishment are deliberately laughing at the plebs and their to be abused children.


    • 41
      Bent British Establishment says:

      No, concentrating on the BBC deflects attention away from Jersey, other children’s homes, the various Hospitals, Broadmoor, connections to politicians, royality, criminals, senior police, the press…..

      The corrupt BBC is just one piece in a far larger and nastier picture. The british establishment is rotten to the core, from top to bottom.


  10. 11
    Morning Cloud says:

    I really expected this to be a case of calling out a former PM who has been linked to the Jersey Scandal and therefore to Savile


    • 34
      Jersey Orphan says:

      What’s the difference between a Jersey Orphan and a Jersey Royal

      Jersey Royal’s get dug up every year


    • 48
      Lord Stansted says:

      Didn’t Private Eye many years back have a picture of him removing a cardboard cutout of a (overage) young lady on his boat after they were out of sight of land? Was he of the other sort?


    • 84
      ÁC1 says:

      I wonder how they blackmailed him into making us join the EUSSR.


      • 122
        Archer Karcher says:

        Apparently Heath was a believer and so no pressure at all was needed to sell us out. A bit like Cameron really.


    • 274
      welshwiz says:

      People like Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile believed that they were invulnerable, and probably were and probably still are.

      Doesn’t surprise me in the least. David Icke has been banging on about these people for years and for once I’m beginning to believe the bonkers old blighter was right all along: many people in power, derive their power through occult practices that involves ritual abuse of children.

      Don’t forget, it was politicians who shelved “Operation Ore” when it was found politicians, police, and judges were on the list of those downloading child “porn”.
      Lets hope that all the allegations come out especially ones revolving around Tony Blair and his liberal use of D notices


  11. 13
    Ian Greer says:

    +666! Establishment satanic buggery of plebs’ children.

    It’s fucking everywhere in buggery-central UK, thank fuck!


    • 23
      Marc Dutroux says:

      Come to Brussels, mate. We’ll give Britain a run for its money.


    • 26
      Jersey Tourist Board says:

      Ahoy there, kiddie fiddlers!


      • 116
        Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac says:

        Bugger me. If all this happened on my watch. I can only say I must of been very busy kiddy fiddling myself, all in the line of duty of course.


        • 246
          Ford Fitter from Sarfamtern says:

          You must ‘of’ dodged your English lessons too, Jim. I must say though that I did like that auto you used to have for your peregrinations around the island.


    • 27
      Kathryn Laing says:

      The comments are a complete fabrication and highly defamatory. Mr Clarke has never been involved in any incidents of this kind. He was not involved in Cash for Questions – at the time he was a Minister and therefore could not ask questions. He is firmly heterosexual. Like most parliamentarians he vaguely knew Ian Greer but had no dealings with him. The most charitable interpretation is that it is a case of mistaken identity


      • 57
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        I hope you are right (and have no reason to doubt you). But as a whole, the Establishment has clearly covered up the repellent conduct of public figures. When the dam bursts, innocent people get damaged too. That is the unintended consequence of cover-ups and lack of candour, particularly in politics.


      • 58
        Robin Cook says:

        Hold on, I’m just looking through my videotapes.


      • 88
        John Prescott says:

        “He is firmly heterosexual.” And how would you know?


  12. 14
    will says:

    Tom Watson should know that labour have more to fear than the tories on this subject. so you open a can of worms especially for labour MPs who (ahem) retired before the last few elections. Its a case like the expenses scandal of omerta on both sides as they have issues on this subject


    • 20
      fuck the bbc says:

      Watson is despicable – an attempt to deflect attention from beeboid and mirror problems


    • 22
      horehound says:

      I doubt Tom Watson actually cares much about the labour party


    • 65
      Harriet and Ed strangely quiet for once says:


      • 123
        jgm2 says:

        I think I saw the same woman that was whining about Guido tripping over her when he was trying to question Ken Livingston (was it?).

        The Labour party obviously surrounds their people with professional fall-girls OAPs in order to try and limit public scrutiny. Lifetime bedwetters prepared to be ‘barged into’ or ‘knocked over’ so as to create a diversion and allow the likes of Harman and Livingston to escape questions. The same kind of media operation that had ‘em bussing ‘spontaneous’ crowds around the country for Blair.


  13. 17
    fuck the bbc says:

    Pray tell more?


  14. 18
    Ed Moribund says:

    Did you see me at PMQ’s? Good wasn’t I?
    I could do the job..please let me be PM. I’ve got loads of ideas about predistribunation and not spending too much more than the markets will lend us.

    Let me be PM. I’d be really good at it.


    • 24
      will says:

      no ed i would not trust you to sort out the deakchairs on the titanic especially if tom watson did not tell you beforehand about the issue he was going to raise. It means you are not in the loop.


    • 264
      Anonymous says:

      pre…anything pre is living in the past. now matters. all preparation for now is rubbish. Just be nice to each other.


  15. 19
    ancientpopeye says:

    Why would you expect anything else from this fat fool?


  16. 25
    Ed Moribund says:

    He hasn’t resigned from the Labour party.


    • 96
      Rotherham Person says:

      He’ll resign from the Labore Party the same time as Eric Pickles resigns from the Con. Party which won’t be any time soon Ted


  17. 27
    Fuct says:

    [FXscotch accent] Tell me, whit de ye Ken? [/FX]


  18. 29
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    It’s that time of year again. Scary decorations, terrifying adverts, and random people going door to door.

    Election season.


  19. 30
    Anonymous says:

    What is it with hags called Pankhurst? Another one wringing about how hard done by women are.

    Will she start handing out whit feathers to 14 year old boys to shame them into going off to war so some fat bitch can sit on her arse?


    • 175
      Labour are off their Ed says:

      I expect Mrs Jack Dromey will support her, anon. After all, HE was selected from an all womens short list.

      Labour = two faced barstewards.


  20. 31
    Centre Parting says:

    Chap on Boulton now – ‘Head of sexual abuse’ at the NSPCC.

    Why don’t they think about what their titles imply when they are supposed to being doing the opposite?


  21. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Holly Grieg anyone?


  22. 36
    ..Silicon Implant!! says:

    You could argue that it shouldn’t have been illegal at the time (I would agree with that view) , but I don’t doubt that the name mentioned in regard of these allegations would have been grossly hypocritical about the law as it then stood, merely because he was a senior Tory of that generation, so that is no useful defence for him in this case. Nevertheless, even if it had been entirely legal behaviour, late 30’s/mid 40’s man knobs 16 year old boys (or girls come to that) is always going to look creepy as f@ck and render him unelectable. Also, easy to see how men at the highest levels of government who are having sex illegally might protect others doing likewise. Even if the ‘others’ are doing far more stomach churning things than sleeping with 16 year olds…


    • 78
      jgm2 says:

      late 30′s/mid 40′s man knobs 16 year old boys (or girls come to that) is always going to look creepy as f@ck and render him unelectable

      You’ve obviously not heard of Mike Handcock MP.


  23. 39
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    It’s that time when politicians wear red poppies, as if they give a shit about veterans and servicemen. Ban the pricks from wearing them!


    • 56
      Ed Moribund says:

      They are photoshoped on automatically.


    • 68
      Quisling bastards says:

      It’s that time when politicians wear red poppies, as if they give a shit about veterans and servicemen. Ban the pricks from wearing them!

      I’d go further.

      I’d like to see Remembrance day services open to service personal, ex-service personal and Joe Public ONLY. The political class should keep the fuck away. They disgrace our war dead.


      • 252
        Ugly whinging feminist (why was I born so beautiful? says:

        .. and were largely responsible for the reason for the Cenotaph in the first place.


  24. 42
    Fatso watson watch says:

    read this, sums up the labour part perverts



  25. 50
    UKIP.i.am says:

    The HoC and all other state institutions – full of expense fiddlers and kiddy fiddlers.


    • 83
      The bribed and the blackmailed says:

      Great way to run a country…..wide open to blackmail from foreign powers (so called ‘allies’ as well as hostile powers), organised criminals, business interests etc..

      Maybe puts into light the bizarre policies and decisions the political class has imposed on us down the years.


      • 107
        jgm2 says:

        David Icke has been saying as much for years.

        Mind you, he thinks the earth is hollow.


        • 125
          Are we expected to believe everything on the internet ? says:

          So its the Lizards who are at the top of this ring of child abuse ? Have I got that right ?


          • How the world works says:

            Actually if you were to be concerned in a such a ring it would be in your interests to promulgate rumours of satanic and alien abuse which would have the effect of masking what was really going on under a smokescreen of bizarre conspiracy theories.
            These have the effect due to their ridiculous nature,of making the public incredulous to all rumours particularly those which might be true ( and which obviously dont involve Lizards and aliens).
            This is a well employed tactic to deal with damaging accusations in all walks of life. ie exagerate and add to them causing the whole issue to be discredited and you live to fight another day.


          • jgm2 says:

            Oh yeah. Forgot about the lizards. Although he may have a point – Blair’s missus does remind me of Randall Boggs in Monsters Inc. So does Mandelson. And Blair himself.


          • jgm2 says:


            Cherie Blair (in purple)..



          • Anonymous says:

            our intellects can easily be fooled.

            Just exxagerate so much that nobody would believe you. our psyche’s cannot cope with much that is outside our belief system. Does everything ultimately come down to capability and competence.


    • 142
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I would like once again, to categorically state that I never met Jimmy Savile, nor did I ever appear on Top of the Pops even though I was a member of the BBC south’s children’s panel, a fact that I have now removed from my biography on my website, together with the fact that I am Chairman of the NSPCC Southern Region. Boaz.


  26. 51
    stun says:

    Of course the accusation is about Peter Morrison, openly gay MP for Chester and PPS to Maggie for a couple of years. Two things spring to mind, however. Morrison died in 1995, aged 50, of a heart attack, so this isn’t exactly current – at lease Savile died recently. Even if he were alive today, it would be hard to imagine a prosecution as the boy he allegedly buggered was 16 – illegal then but not now due to the perverts in NuLab (though that’s a different story).


  27. 54
    fuck the bbc says:

    Very interesting stuff in there


  28. 61
    Timmy Tin Foil says:

    Now let’s see: Tom Watson, born 1967, would have been 16 in 1983. Sir Peter was first elected in 1974, so the time frame fits. Not saying, just saying. But circumstantial evidence is sometimes very strong, such as when you find a trout in the milk, as Henry Thoreau said.


  29. 64
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Exiting a state institution is a breath of fresh air.


    • 254
      Ugly whinging feminist (why was I born so beautiful? says:

      … except if it is the NHS when you are likely to be somewhat dead.


  30. 66
    eagleash says:

    Police confirm he was picked up twice but have no record of either incident. Weird


  31. 69
    JustSaying says:

    There is also the possibility that Watson was referring to allegations against a different high-ranking mover and shaker from the Heath/Thatcher era who is still alive (hence Watson did not name him) and wasn’t, therefore, simply re-packaging the Sunday Times story.


  32. 70
    Anal Duncan says:

    So….it’s NOT Jonathan Powell? Bugger.


  33. 72
    Stephen Fry & Ted Heath says:

    Hello boys!


  34. 74
    Thrasher Mitchell says:

    The school phoned me today and said, “Your son has been expelled after he was caught having sex with a girl.”

    “That’s fantastic,” I replied, “Probably the best news I’ve had in ages.”

    “Are you being serious, Mr Smith?” he asked.

    I said, “Yes, I thought the little Hunt might be gay.”


  35. 76
    Use by 22 Oct says:

    Five Labour women MPs siting in a row, trying to syncronise their PMT.


  36. 80
    Twatson says:


  37. 81
    Ken , member for Bilderberg ( home counties) says:

    Hello buoys!


  38. 89
    Usual Suspect says:


  39. 90
    Flatcap Army says:

    Peter Morrison used to frequent the offices of a well-connected company I worked at in the early 90s. He was a huge, scarlet-faced mountain of blubber, usually pissed and always stumping outside for a wheezy cigarette. Even in those days I remember being told that he a) “liked little boys” and b) had lost Thatcher the crucial vote when he was her PPS – instead of pressing the flesh with backbenchers he was found feet up, pissed, asleep at his desk.

    I can think of at least three former ministers (one Labour, two Tory) who’ve been rumoured to to share his sexual tastes and that’s just the ones about whom the bullshit mill has produced its gossip.


  40. 91
    Anonymous says:

    ‘D’ Notice in 3….2…..1


  41. 93
    Peter Tatchell says:

    Leave me out of this please.


  42. 95
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    If ‘Captain Britain’ wants it out in the open, he should bring it ALL out in the open, otherwise he’s just wasting everyone’s time…Again…


  43. 97
    Shining a light says:

    On Labour peado’s it seems, is a cardinal sin on this site. Can’t even use my own name now, as posts are automatically deleted.


  44. 104
    Sean Connery says:

    There was chaos last night at the premier of Skyfall.

    Guido managed to get to the hot dog stand before anyone else.


  45. 105
    Michealangeloo says:

    is a Piedophile someone who likes pie?


  46. 113
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Jimmy Savile pimped children for ex-PM Edward Heath on Jersey.


  47. 114
    Nan Taylor says:

    Wasn’t there some rumour about Gordon Brown being a bit partial to a bit of illegal on here? I know big boys made him do it, but I think we should be told. Thank you very much.


  48. 115
    another anon says:

    Just stick a full stop after your old name


  49. 117
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Is this Fucktober?


  50. 121
    Old Etonian says:

    Dennis Grain worked in Doncaster for the same group of private schools as Terence Hoskins who went on to become headteacher of St Aiden’s Community Home in Widnes, where he liked to thrash naked boys with a cane, which he then pushed into their backsides, while his housemaster, Colin Dick, indecently assaulted those who caught his eye. Dennis Grain had previously attacked boys in Danesford childrens’ home in Congleton, opening the door to three others, John Clarke, Joseph Smith and Brian Hudson, who set about the boys with relish. Dennis Grain, in the meantime, went off to work at Eton, where he became a housemaster. The web is almost endless.


  51. 124
    richg310178@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Ted Heath?


    • 133
      richg310178@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Jeremy Thorpe?


      • 236
        Jeremy Thorpe says:

        I was waiting for my name to crop up.

        Now look this sort of thing has been part and
        parcel of the establishment for hundreds of
        years. When you are told to bend and take it,
        you comply and take the jolly-rogering.
        Then you pass your new found skill on to
        others. Now please leave me alone the Devil
        wants me to bend over again.!


  52. 135
    Wow, never thought i would see the day. says:

    When my posts would be automatically deleted for posting widely available information, video’s etc, if i use my real name. Could use different tags, could hide behide pseudonyms like anonymous, but that’s not me.

    I prefer to stand behind my posts, take any critisism/abuse straight on the chin. It seems i cannot do that anymore, so whats the point. Last post/visit for me. Shame. And shame on you Guido.


  53. 147
  54. 151
    Incoming missile says:

    He has just set up another circular firing squad. His mistake is he thinks he can control it because of the partial and temporary sucCess he had with News International. Of course the Mirror allegations surfacing this week show that eventually it all comes out.


  55. 154
    The woman who has given up her Twitter habit says:



  56. 155
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    And now for something completely different

    David Cameron is accused of breaking law by hinting at market-sensitive growth figures http://tgr.ph/SshAr5


    • 165
      ToonBert... says:

      Ffs …..next they will be telling us that Mervyn King deserves a place in the House of Lords for turning on the money printing presses and making us all poorer !!


    • 166
      jgm2 says:

      Or he could be hinting at another three years of opposition (at least) for Labour during which time things are bound to improve.


      • 184
        ÁC1 says:

        >during which time things are bound to improve

        Only if they actually cut the size of the state.


      • 186
        Larry Livingstone says:

        Buy on the rumour , sell on the news .

        It is one if the oldest and best sayings on the Market .

        I do not understand how Cameron could have been so stupid particularly as he is the son of a stockbroker .


  57. 173
    ToonBert... says:

    Just waiting now for the Eagle sisters to come out and tell us they were abused…… or is that stretching it all a bit far?


    • 198
      Jimmy Savile circa 1976 says:

      Now then, now then, as it happens we’ve got a letter from two young ladies in Yorkshire, Angela and Maria, who write in to say, “Dear Jimmy: All the kids at our school think we’re the ugliest pair of identical twins they’ve ever seen and say that it’s a horror that there are two of us. We’d like to get makeovers from the same people who do all the supermodels– can Jim fix it for us?” Listen, dears, Jimmy can do a lot of things but I can’t do miracles. A pig with lipstick, as it were, and all that. Anyway, I’d like to invite you down to Leeds and give you a pep-talk about how it isn’t what you look like that’s important (and God knows I would know), it’s what’s in your soul. Somewhere, somehow, you’ll meet someone who will accept you for what you are. I don’t judge teenage girls by their looks– to me, they’re all lovely. We’ll be in touch with you, Angela and Maria, to set something up.


  58. 176

    Just got a piece of shit through my door on Police commissioners telling me to go to http://www.choosemypcc.org.uk to find out who is standing in my area
    only to find a message saying the information will be available from the 26/10/2012
    what have these bastards got to hide ? oh apart from the six figure salaries the position will command
    I am stunned that Do Nowt Dave , Who promised to get rid of Quango’s and so called Non Jobs , has decided to create yet more of them


  59. 179
    Use by 22 Oct says:

    If I was PM I would make a retrospective law to make Pa edop hilia legal, and move on


  60. 180
    Hang them from lampposts says:

    What about the rumours of New Labour cabinet ministers?

    Which labour lord was investigated by the House of Lords over an underaged boy Greville?


  61. 181
    Loopy Lou says:

    When Tom Twatson was speaking the House went very quiet .

    I don’t understand why .


    • 188
      Baron Hogwash says:

      In case he farted and killed everyone in the chamber.


      • 243
        Dave PM here says:

        Well I think they all felt the same as me.

        To tell you the truth which is very rare.

        I almost shat myself, and that would
        have made me look very stupid indeed.


  62. 185
    Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac says:

    I was on the case for a while, well thats until I just got stuck in. We were all paid by the BBC to produce a Bugger of a case on Jersey.


  63. 187
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Sir Thomas Watson of West Brom to you lot.

    Old Tom, shafting neo nuts again !!!!!


  64. 190

    Only a few hundred yards from the houses of parliament in Victoria Street is that masterpiece in neo-Byzantine architecture, the brick built Westminster Cathedral, the largest Catholic church in the land.

    The Stations of the Cross, a feature of all Catholic churches, are by Eric Gill and very fine they are too. His art is world renowned.

    What is not as generally known about Gill is that he had sex with two of his sisters and two of his daughters. He also had sex with his dog. This did not become known until Fiona MacCarthy published her excellent biography having researched his personal diaries.

    The more one searches, the more one finds.


    • 223
      Hannibal from Carthage says:

      And if you go into St Peters Church in the Vatican there is a very expensive tomb to Bonnie Prince Charlie .

      This tomb was actually paid for by Protestant taxpayers and plebs in England .

      Perhaps this is the next very important scandal to break .


    • 226
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Michael Buerk had the balls to mention that in his intro to last week’s Moral Maze:


      I bet that went down well at Broadcasting House.


      • 233

        Thank you for that, MM. You have to laugh. When I left the UK, I had an excess of cash from the sale of my house and a puzzle about where to invest it, due to my feeling that the whole thing was about to collapse. I put some of it into fine art and that included a small wooden block by Gill, the imprint of which is in the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is worth the equivalent of a reasonable second hand-car, so not a fortune but a good hedge. I have to say that it delights me whenever I look at it and I have to admit that I don’t have that moral dilemma. Some p4dos will have made roads no doubt. Does that mean they must all be ripped up?


  65. 193
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Borisido Boriswkes….. I’d keep some distance between yourself and Iain Dale. You cant be toooo careful these days…..LOL


  66. 194
    Farmer Giles says:

    I wish everyone would stop having a go at Jimmy Savile

    At the age of 8 he fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded


  67. 196
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Has all-round Murdoch Lickspittle Mongo Mensch emigrated yet !!!!!


  68. 200
    sixupman says:

    Watson will be quoting David Icke on the subject, next!


  69. 202
    Morrocan Mandlescumoftheearth says:

    Someone mention boys! I’m here


  70. 203
  71. 207
    Check out the history to that Surname says:



  72. 208
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    WHAT !!!!!

    “”””Funny that Watson didn’t say “as printed in the Murdoch press this weekend and exposed by a former Tory MP””””


    Could it be that you are an apologist


  73. 211
    Handycock says:

    I likes ém young. Boaz.


  74. 213
    Johnny says says:

    From the update: Nick Davies wrote “Fleet Street routinely nurtures a crop of untold stories about powerful abusers who have evaded justice.”

    To use as leverage? Or as something to trade with chums (including those in Westminster)?


  75. 214
    Pat for PM says:


  76. 215
    HenryV says:

    “had sex with underage boys during the 1980s. Morrison’s lovers were sixteen”

    Lovers? Really? What a choice of words.


    • 217
      Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

      errrrrr didnt The Sun reveal in the Bill Wyman and Mandy story in the 80’s


      • 218
        jgm2 says:

        Tee hee. You think mentioning ‘The Sun’ in relation to Bill Wyman is going to get the BBC off the hook over Savile?

        Tee hee.


        • 227
          Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

          errrrrr BBC not on a hook.

          But I think the Sun did try to get sexy tit bits from Mandy, and didnt they offer her a job at 14 to reveal all..in detail !!!!!

          You are barking up the wrong tree neo nuts


          • Fake Blood says:

            Oh yes it is! One of their biggest stars was a torturer, molester and fucker of children. Their editors, producers and executives not only covered that up but procured victims for then offender. So, aye, the BBC is in trouble.


          • Frank Words says:

            Not on the hook? What planet are you on.


  77. 216
    Too little too late says:

    So we have to wait for a peedo to die before investigations happen and charges brought. It is disgraceful.


  78. 220
    Fuck off, Twatson says:

    Ironically, Twatson himself looks a stereotypical nonce. Before the fact c-unt gets his lawyers, I only say he LOOKS like a stereotypical nonce, not that he is one. We know he can’t be a nonce because any kid would kick the living shit out of that fat, oily, greasy fuck before he could even touch him or her.


    • 230
      Ironically? says:

      The Fatson list:

      creepy smile – check

      childlike mannerisms – check

      a bag of sweets in his pocket – check

      yoof obsession – check


  79. 224
    T1ckl3m0u53 says:

    So Murdoch finally catches up with a story run by the Guardian in ’98.
    How silly of Mr Watson not to thank…er….Edwina Currie and Rupert Murdoch…err


  80. 229
    Enemy of the State says:

    That article is really depressing. The only cure for a pedo is a Federal 9mm hollowpoint in the head.


  81. 232
    Anonymous says:

    Watson continues to make a “prick” of himself whenever he opens his big fat mouth. It’s time his constituents told him he’s there to look after and protect their interests not to spend his time grandstanding and making a complete arsehole of himself.


  82. 234
    Jimmy says:

    What was it with Thatcher and kiddyfiddlers?

    Not too late to revisit that whole state funeral malarkey.


  83. 238
    Anonymous says:

    I hope fatty Watson will be looking into former Labour MP Greville Janner.


    • 293
      Fake Blood says:

      And his links with Frank Beck in Leicester? Oh I do hope so, it is high time this was exposed. Sir Peter Soulsby?


  84. 239
    Saville's Ghost says:

    I just would like to say that there may or may not be any truth in the rumour that Snot Gobbler smuggled rent boys into no.10


  85. 241
    Fish says:

    Watson says it’s ‘not Morrison’. He says he’s looking for evidence from the ‘mid 90’s – or fishing for evidence, morelike.


    • 245
      Fishmonger says:

      Smells very fishy if you ask me.


      • 285
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        smells like an attempt at deflection! the BBC are fvcked and Labour can’t handle it. and there is a by-election so their spinning anti Tory smears with no evidence. What a surprise.


  86. 255
    Filly Campbell-Smith says:

    It isn’t Morrison. You may wish to consider another ‘Update’.


  87. 263
    Andrew says:

    Whoa there. By under-age do you mean under sixteen or do you mean under eighteen or twenty-one, which was the legal age at various points?

    If the former, all you say is right.

    If the latter: be aware that men who were convicted of offences against males who were sixteen and up – but illegal at the time – are now entitled to a pardon, by an Act passed earlier this year. And a good thing too.


  88. 266
    Holly says:

    Don’t forget me!


  89. 268
    Anonymous says:

    Mrs Thatcher should be told to report to the police for questioning about what she knew about Morrison and when she knew it.


  90. 273
    Sqaw says:

    Wasn’t Lord Tonypandy involved in nonce craft? Something about a childrens’s school in Wales.
    Seem to remember Tam Dayell hinting about it in his obituary.


  91. 275
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    So BBC shill Watson tries to deflect attention away from the BBC and blame evil tories! Usual left-wing defensive mechanism.

    Labour’s most influential friend, the BBC, is finished. So the Left are trying to smear the Conservatives. Liebour’s media friends then report the slur without any evidence apart form fat-boy twatson’s. Oh! and there’s a by-election soon.

    Given all the devaiants on the Labour benches, talk about pots and kettles.

    Mr Watson’s past-times will, no doubt, come back to haunt him


  92. 278
    Jim says:

    The Grantham Spam Hoader, – Breeding an international terrorist, appointing a child sex abuser to a key role in her government operating from No10, falling in love with Rupert and Knighting Jimmy
    No the wonder the Tories stabbed her in the back and booted her out.


    • 283
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      How many friends does Labour have at the BBC and in the world of luvviedum in general?

      Hmmmm.. that’s it quite a lot.


      • 287
        Jim says:

        A former chairman of the Tory party as chairman of the BBC Trust.
        A former Tory student leader now political editor.
        His assistant an ‘Old Etonian’.
        A former Murdoch hack hosting a daily politics show.
        Labour bias – are you a proper idiot or just learning.


        • 289
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          A couple of token front men who do what their told to get paid.
          BBC Trust means nothing to editorial control.
          Having been aware of the obvious left-wing bias at the BBC for about 30 years, I thank you for putting me straight and making me realise that they have in fact been pumping out right-wing propaganda for all that time. Radio 4 is like the Daily Mail for broadcasting.


          • A concerned Professional says:

            Do you not think it might be agood idea to lie down in a dark room and relax? I am concerned about you.You are showing all the signs of irrationality that recreational stimulants bring about,also the agitation.Please calm down and relax a bit more.


        • 302
          Frank Words says:

          Keep it up Jim.

          The more rubbish you post the more you’re laughed at.

          Stick to your happy place in the nut house.


  93. 282
    JH says:

    How I hate twatson.


  94. 286
  95. 288
    Anonymous says:

    i wonder if watson will be asking which labour minister was involved with operation ore


  96. 295
    Denhaag says:

    This could get messy – we will hear more about Hewatts & Harmens campaigns in the 70’s that’s for sure


    • 297
      Vikingresister says:

      If you are not english I will excuse your crap spelling.If you are english or british ,there is no excuse.


  97. 298
    Anonymous says:

    “Funny that Watson didn’t say “as printed in the Murdoch press this weekend and exposed by a former Tory MP”.

    This could be why

    ‘Writing later on his blog, Mr Watson said the Downing Street aide was not the late Sir Peter Morrison, the former MP named at the weekend by Edwina Currie as having had inappropriate relationships with teenage boys.’


  98. 299
    Anon - long ex-central office and ASI researcher says:

    Tom Watson’s remarks must I presume refer to Alistair Cooke (now Lord Lexenden) and his coterie at the Conserative Research Dept. (very long rumoured – and indeed known about – by many researchers there) and also perhaps his chum Madsen Pirie (someone whose activities in this regard certainly deserve very close scrutiny)


    • 310
      The Decameron says:

      The visits to Cambridge University Conservative Association and Peterhouse of both Madsen Pirie and Alan Duncan have certainly evaded the level of scrutiny they deserve.

      Remember, not *all* students at university are as old as 18…


  99. 300
    Moby dick says:

    Tom Watson and Donald Trump are different sides of the same coin


  100. 304
    Cath says:

    All I can take from Tom Watson’s ‘bombshell’ question at PMQs is that the left must be rattled by the criminal investigation and inquires into the BBC. Why else raise something that, by reading various comments above, has been out for a while, if not to try and deflect from the dending doom of the BBC and try and link the story to ‘F’atcher’ .


    • 306
      K.D. Fiddler says:

      correct. Have you noticed how the Left operate. Watson has been the BBC/Guardian stooge throughout phone hacking inquiry, he and Labour’s media friends want an excuse to deflect onto the Conservatives.


  101. 305
    Icebergs... says:

    He totally had nothing to say about Maloney’s film – http://www.pienmashfilms.com/page9.htm


  102. 307

    Breaking news: St John International head office in London have this week made the decision to grant awards to two known members of a paedophile gang in New Zealand. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.



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