October 24th, 2012

Morgan Hacking Hits States

CNN are said to be “twitchy” this morning following yesterday’s Piers Morgan hacking claims. There is a growing feeling both here and across the pond that it’s getting real for Piers, and judging by his out of character Twitter silence yesterday Sven’s nemesis is feeling the heat. Good to see Kier Simmons making waves stateside, as well…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Tears for Peirs!


  2. 2
    Thick as a Planck says:

    John Bercow; a man who will never know the joy of pe eing in the sink


  3. 5
    Thick as a Planck says:

    The Beeb really are imploding. Paxo not wearing a tie !!!!


    • 35

      What do you expect – it’s April!


    • 62
      Lord Stansted says:

      The Licence Fee payers should demand a rebate for the Savile years.

      Interesting on this morning’s Today, Savile not called “Sir” – yet it was “Sir” (Christopher) Bland. Ok, the latter may not be a pedo and the former is dead, but they’re both tossers.


      • 81
        M says:

        Don’t think you’ll get a rebate but you’er more likely to be paying the bill for the compensation to the victims through a rise in the licence fee
        You don’t think the BBC should pay for this shit , surely not !


  4. 7
    2 Para says:

    We look forward to the crosshairs.


  5. 10
    Tory voter says:

    Was Clarkson right to punch him then?



  6. 11
    Tom Fatson says:

    Hang on, the Mirror is a Labour supporting paper.

    I didn’t approve this enquiry. What’s going on?


    • 59
      Anon E Mouse says:

      Shouldn’t you be working on your next book ‘Dial P for Piers: Trinity Mirror and their invention of Phone Hacking’ ?


  7. 12
    Thick as a Planck says:

    Now they can’t count.

    George Entwistle said that “between eight and 10” former and current BBC staff and contributors, including Jimmy Savile, had been named by alleged victims. The BBC later said the exact figure was nine, but could not specify how many of those people were still working for the corporation.


  8. 13

    So is Ken Clarke a fiddler or has someone gone over the top? Difficult to know what to believe nowadays.


  9. 15
    Thick as a Planck says:

    Where To Watch Fireworks In London: Bonfire Night 2012

    No shortage of sights I would have thought.


  10. 19
    ed martin says:

    it could of course just be a desperate publicity stunt on morgan’s behalf


  11. 20
    Twitter is for tw@ts says:

    “judging by his out of character Twitter silence”

    Maybe he’s just growing up.


  12. 27
    jgm2 says:

    Maybe the yanks will refuse to extradite him as revenge for Gary McKinnon.


  13. 28
    Well it's a thought says:

    The BBC have a new show called ” it’s whitewash time” , watching 24 they seem to me to have gone into not us/nothing to do with us mode, why haven’t they waited for all the investigations to finish.


  14. 31
    Call me Dave says:

    I carry a photo of my wife with me everywhere.

    Just in case I get one of those awkward erections that I need to get rid of.


  15. 37
    • 49
      Sir Jimmy Savile OBE says:

      I loved dead bodies so much I decided to become one. And get buried in a field full of them. Now then, now then, little girl, just stand above my grave, just so I can look right up your skirt. Could you squat for me?



  16. 38
    Lord Sugar says:

    Piers Morgan

    If I were a bird, you would be the first person I’d shit on.


    • 61
      nigelforengland says:

      Given his position at the Mirror he must have known the full results of Operation Ore before Blair slapped a 100 year D-notice on it, yet he still supported Brown and regarded him as a friend.

      Scumbag, it seems what goes round comes round. The BBC are getting theirs, time for Morgan and others to do the same.


      • 87
        soapy says:

        Since one government cannot bind its successor, why doesn’t Wavy Dave un-D the papers? We need a bit of excitement round here as there is not much happening at the moment.


    • 85
      Just trying to help says:

      Red bull gives you wings


  17. 43
    Rodger The Lodger says:

    I think the fragrant Celia will come to regret her choice of life partner.


    • 48
      Dusters At Dawn says:

      She must have been under the influence of a Morgan supplied substance when she said yes, ie the balance of her mind was disturbed.

      For God’s sake her father is still alive as well, where was he when sound advice to a naive young lady was required!


    • 64
      Marion Shalloe says:

      Piers Stefan Pughe-O’Meara does not do life!


  18. 45
    Call a taxi for Dave. says:

    Guido Fawkes : “I think there will be…” a Tory leadership contest before the 2015 election: http://huff.to/SrdOhL


    • 56
      Mehdi is a Mong says:

      You see the bit at the top of the article? Where it says, “Mehdi Hasan”? You see it?

      That’s the exact point where I stopped reading.


      • 68
        No Place In A Reputable Journal For A Nutter says:

        Why is he not in Syria doing a bit of jedi or whatever it is that those nutters do.


  19. 46
    Michealangeloo says:

    Hey Watson you fat lazy lard bucket, stop cooking those Greggs from Iceland sausage rolls and start twittering about the Mirror


  20. 52
    bergen says:

    I just wonder if Pier’s luck is finally running out. He rode out the viglen business years ago and the police enquiry into hacking concentrated on the Murdoch papers. He must have thought the worst was over.


  21. 55
    The PRick Posing as PM says:

    I say! One can only admire Aunty Beeb for hanging on to a hopeless, hapless course. I certainly do! I suppose that goes for Piers too. What?


  22. 58

    Piers for Fears
    Songs from the big snare.

    Very Sad World
    Sowing the seeds of doom
    Everybody wants to fool the world
    Man in chains
    Bail Shelter


  23. 60
    M’Lard Prezza of Hull and Damnation, musing on issues of the day says:

    I’m a pier – I say ter tha gals – tie up to me missus – my bollard can take it! Phwoooaarrrhh!!!


  24. 63
    Are we seeing the final days of the BBC? says:

    Culture Secretary Maria Miller has warned that the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal raises “very real concerns” about public trust in the BBC. In a letter to BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten, Ms Miller said it was vital that two independent inquiries were “able to follow the evidence wherever it takes them”.

    In his response, Lord Patten wrote: “You know how seriously the Trust takes the allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile and the need to maintain public trust in the BBC.” The peer said the inquiries would be “comprehensive and independent”, but also delivered a thinly veiled warning that the Government should not wade into the row. “I know that you will not want to give any impression that you are questioning the independence of the BBC,” he wrote. The exchange came after the BBC revealed it is investigating nine allegations of “sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct” among current staff and contributors as the fallout from the Savile scandal continues.


    • 69
      Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP says:

      We know that the BBC, the broadcasting wing of the Labour Party, continues to knowingly employee páédophiles. Consequently, I regretfully advise you all to stop paying your license fee.


      • 73
        Ed Moribund says:

        I would never say that.

        The only person who needs to go from the beeb is Andrew Neil.
        He was horrid to Chukka. He needs to get on the liberal socialist message or go work for the evil Murdoch.


    • 74
      The Golem says:

      Seems to me Lord Pattern is making a clear attempt to put the Culture Secretary in her place.


      • 80

        Step up to the patten.


        • 82
          ToonBert... says:

          Independent inquiry is one thing but independent BBC ?? What a joke !!


        • 84
          will says:

          lord pattern has gone native happens to them all at the BBC. If current members of staff are charged by the CPS and the BBC is cupable, then i reckon the licence fee is up for question, as the fact that they have the licence fee and are not subject to public disapproval like the news of the world was.


  25. 71
    Mature student says:

    “Throughout the latter part of the twentieth century, the BBC was perceived as representing traditional family values, but now we know Jimmy Savile regularly indulged in anal intercourse with underage girls during this period, what do you think the BBC stands for now?” asked my Media Studies tutor.

    “Buggering British Children”, I replied.


  26. 72
    Black Adder's Codpiece says:

    There is a hack in the States called Piers
    Whose life is now dominated by fears
    For the hacking of phones
    Caused many celebrity moans
    He may yet end up in chokey for years


  27. 89
    keredybretsa says:

    Shed no tears for Piers.


  28. 90
    Tom Catesby says:

    Fingers crossed! The dirty little piece of shit, Morgan, may get stuffed even yet.


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