October 24th, 2012

LEAKED: Tories Planted Questions Against Carswell Bill

Tory MPs have all been sent the following awkward questions to ask during Douglas Carswell’s Private Members Bill, chosen by the readers of this website, calling for EU withdrawal that is set to be debated on Friday:

  • The Bill, which seeks to repeal the European Communities Act 1972, was presented to Parliament  through the ballot procedure on 20 June 2012. It would have the effect of withdrawing the UK from the EU. The Government does not support the Bill.
  • Does the Minister agree that the passage of such a Bill would lead to a constitutional and political crisis within both the UK and the EU?
  • Does the Minister agree that now is not the time to take such a drastic move, given the economic turmoil that Europe is experiencing?
  • Repealing the EC Act would be a dramatic move. Does the Minister agree that the people of the UK should be consulted on such a move?
  • Does the Minister agree that, as the British people now have a vote on any future treaty change, they should also be counselled on a move as severe as withdrawing from the EU altogether?
  • Does the Minister agree that the audit of competencies should be completed before any major decisions on the UK’s future relationship with the EU?
  • Does the Minister agree that it is far better to consult the British people through the audit of competencies, rather than making a rash decision to unilaterally withdraw now?

As Guido said this morning, it’s time for the Tory backbenches to get organised and have some fun with this one…


  1. 1
    • 4
      old git says:

      Does the minister agree with the opinion of the electorate that priminister Cameron is an arrogant out of touch twat?


      • 6
        ToonBert... says:

        It is going nowhere but will be interesting to see who is pro and con :),


        • 73
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          So the Tory whips have been busy to sabotage a Bill to discuss the UK leaving the EU, demonstrating that Cameron’s promises of a referendum are, YET AGAIN, empty words, as he has no intention of this issue ever being voted on.


          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            ..or have I misunderstood, it is not the whips at work, these questions are genuinely intended to put Cameron on the spot?


          • Archie says:

            I’m rather confused here, Guido, old sport, let’s see if I’ve read this correctly. If I’m right, then Doug Carswell’s Bill is the product of your co-conspirators, i.e. good; but then these questions that you list above have been foisted on Tory backbenchers by the Whips’ Office to sink the Bill, i.e. self-evidently bad?


    • 8
      Supertit says:

      I’m positively shitting myself with excitment at the prospect of them asking these questions…oooooooer what a wheeze..naughty boys


    • 29
      OnBenefits says:

      I wish they could send you to the Tower


    • 89
      ÁC1 says:

      Waiting for the Referendum on Dave’s government.

      I think I’ll vote “No”.


    • 132
      Rodski says:

      It’s coming through a hole in the air,
      from those nights in Tiananmen Square.
      It’s coming from the feel
      that this ain’t exactly real,
      or it’s real, but it ain’t exactly there.
      From the wars against disorder,
      from the sirens night and day,
      from the fires of the homeless,
      from the ashes of the gay:
      Democracy is coming to the EUSR

      Sorry L Cohen…. Oh so kin true


  2. 2
    Westminster Massif says:

    Does the Minister agree that we are all a bunch of crooks?


    • 72
      Anonymous says:

      Does the Minister agree that the government of this country is basically a huge great delaying tactic.

      It is common practice to have to suffer the ridiculous Ombudsman delays when individuals are injured, but when it is the whole electorate, we have to suffer “audits of competencies” to avoid the need for strong immediate action.

      I wonder why we call it a government, when it now admits that it does not know the impact of the EU. Must have been to busy fiddling expenses not to notice the EU.


  3. 3
    oddly helpful says:

    It’s something of a tradition at this time of year, I understand.


  4. 5
    Dennis McShane's Shed says:

    Other than the fact that they have an eye on a lucrative job in Brussels, can anyone explain to me why our lords and masters seem determined to keep us in the EU?


    • 10
      Labour...filth...just filth says:

      perhaps because its not the right time to pose the question ?


    • 14
      Camermoron says:

      Because we must have ‘power’. Never mind that the French, Germans, Spanish, Italians and almost every other EU country are at odds with our opinion and will out vote us, or that we are already a member of NATO, the IMF, the UN security council etc. No, we will only ever have ‘power’ if we are a member of the EU.


  5. 7

    A conspiracy against Democracy , orchestrated By Door mouse Dave and his Pro Europe cronies
    Just like giving prisoners the vote
    He will obey the EU courts and give them jurisdiction over the British parliament
    who voted not to
    because he is a Spineless nobody ! Roll on the election


  6. 9
    Cameron's Id says:

    Does the Minister agree that a permanent coalition with the LibDems would be so much more rosy than agreeing with those mean old UKIP people?


  7. 11

    Briefing against something he promised when in opposition , and which was in His manifesto which he has constantly lied about

    “Be gone you two faced traitor”


  8. 12
    Plato says:

    To be fair, this is a decent question:

    “Repealing the EC Act would be a dramatic move. Does the Minister agree that the people of the UK should be consulted on such a move?”


    • 26
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

      I think borrowing £32 billion and using it to build a loss-making railway that nobody needs (right across the English countryside) is a drastic move, too. But Cameron’s not too interested in what the public think on that one. Same goes for borrowing about £11 billion every year and giving it away as foreign aid (to nuclear-armed countries). Spending £1.8 billion bugging everybody’s phone and Internet connection is also a drastic move. Dave’s not too interested in what the public have to say about that.

      Why this sudden interest in ‘consulting’ the public? Will Cameron’s ‘consultation’ be in the form of an in/out referendum, like the one he’s granted Scotland? I bet it won’t. This ‘consultation’ sounds like nothing of the sort.


  9. 13
    Mad Frankie Maude says:


    Cabinet Office Shuts Up Blogs Naming High Profile Tory In Savile Scandal: – http://wp.me/p1U04a-34B


  10. 15
    Jake says:

    Any finger prints on these letters we can ask questions of?


  11. 16
    Play dirty says:

    Getting out without a referendum is politically smart. It would unite the right and bear trap labour.


    • 136
      English Heretic says:

      OK but do you believe that is the plan? I find it hard to believe this government has ANY plan other than building up a gold plated pension pot and looking for a nice EU or consulting job a la Kinnoch or Mandelson.


  12. 17
    Jimmy says:

    Planted questions? Another scoop! Whatever will they think of next?


  13. 18
    Aunt Hilda says:

    and now the weather…. drizzle..drizzle…wind…wind…rain rain…more wind…sorry that was tim


  14. 20
    Ban the beeb says:

    Latest from the media rumour mill is that another former bbc celebrity is alleged to have abused children, this time in the mid-90s. Mr Blobby is said to have groped kids while saying in a creepy gurgling voice “Blobby Blobby Blobby”.


  15. 21
    Aunty Matter says:

    Why is anyone surprised?


  16. 22
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:



  17. 24
    hmmm says:

    “Does the Minister agree that, as the British people now have a vote on any future treaty change, they should also be counselled on a move as severe as withdrawing from the EU altogether?”

    Isnt this an absolute crock of steaming hot shite, given that the vote on any future treaty changes hinges on the opinion of the Prime Minister, who can simply deem that the treaty change proposed doesnt affect the UK.

    Fuck off and die deceitful Tory traitors.


    • 30
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:


      Cameron also supposes that we’re all as happy as can be with the existing treaties. And that borrowing £19 billion every year and giving it to Brussels, never for it to be seen again, is all tickety-boo, too.


      • 117
        pierre blimp says:

        at what point can the British people morally use force against those who have stolen our sovereignty? is lynching MEPs self defence? if you could have assassinated Hilter in 1935 would you have felt justified in retrospect? what about Barosso or Rumpy Pumpy or Blair?

        were the French resistance a bunch of little Frenchies – Monsieur Blimps? Or legitmately defending their land against foreign rule?


    • 78
      fruitcake says:

      Yaa they’ll not change that one, they’ll create others so DC will be able to weasel out of that. Oh here’s a proposed one, fiscal & budgetary control/unity.

      Just give us a straight in/out vote Dave.


  18. 27
    HoC Shades of Blue Fat Thieving Pigs & we only care about US !! says:

    Oink ……Oink …….Oink…….Oink……

    Guido we are to busy troughing even on a Friday

    to risk upsetting the apple cart on this one………

    plus we have to find ways to slip in new scams as old ones

    keep being exposed by your very unhelpful website !!

    Oink …..Oink……Oink…….Oink…….Oink……….


  19. 28
    EUuugh! says:

    I have a simple question for those of you calling Cameron every name under the sun over this. You do remember that Mrs Thatcher never held a referendum either, don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, I think we SHOULD have an in/out referendum, but why accuse Cameron of being a traitor etc when the Tory governments between 79 and 97 did nothing over our membership either? Could it not simply be the case that, without getting too conspiratorial, the system or establishment, for want of a better name, tells every new pm that the risk of losing a referendum is too high and that we have to remain in the EU? If it was feasible, Mrs Thatcher would have done it.

    As bad as it sounds, we may have to just accept we’re stuck with being in the EU. UKIP can never form a government, Labour will never hold a referendum and they should never be allowed back in power anyway, and any potential replacement for Cameron wouldn’t hold one either.


    • 38
      Call me Dave says:

      I say spiffing reply EUuugh!. Mind if I nab it for some PR work I am doing?


    • 45
      Rude Cherub says:

      It’s an enduring Myth that Thatcher ran a dictatorial government. In fact she was constrained by Cabinet, hence her battle with Lawson over the defacto ERM he forced UK into by shadowing the DM, and lest we forget her downfall occurred precisely because she was opposed to the ever closer union, and was seen by the Swivel eyed crazy Euro fanatics as an obstacle to their ambition, so Howe savaged her in the Commons.

      Remember the consensus has changed, what was not possible now has become inevitable.


    • 66
      jgm2 says:

      UKIP can never form a government,

      That’s what they thought about the SNP. Look at them now.


      • 74
        ÁC1 says:

        The conservatives didn’t form a government either, and they were up against the most useless PM ever.


  20. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Its time for them to get organised and replace Dave before he takes them back to 1997


  21. 32
    Nigel Farargo says:

    I support this bill.


  22. 33
    albacore says:

    Does the Minister think Dave will wet his knickers
    And there’ll be flutterings in Nick’s and Ed’s tickers
    That’ll resound from Land’s End to John o’ Groats
    IF and when the British get to cast their votes?


  23. 34
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Camerons true colours.

    The Conservative Partys true colours.

    What is Douglas waiting for? He should resign the whip & either stand as an independent or join UKIP – LIKE THE REST OF US!

    Utter bastards – Europhile fanatics like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband will stop at nothing to get their Superstate.


    • 39
      Just thinkin the same as Sandra. says:



    • 40
      WVS says:

      The pro EU extremists are letting the mask slip.

      Next there will be EU tanks in Whitehall “protecting” the elitist progressive federalists from the people.

      The 4th Reich is here.


  24. 35
    Jimmy So-vile says:

    I like em young and I like em decomposed.


  25. 36
    Just thinkin says:

    Time for Douglas to switch to UKIP before Friday.


    • 44
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      He should do it on Friday – in the House.

      Denounce those quizzling so called “Tory” bastard traitors from the floor.


    • 64
      hmmm says:

      that would involve putting principle over party/expenses.
      Too much for the eurosceptics.


      • 68
        jgm2 says:

        But surely Farage would find Carswell a place well up the MEP list even if he (Carswell) is deselected.


  26. 41
    Sacré bleu! says:

    I’m selling two vintage French rifles from the Second World War which are in perfect condition. Never been fired, dropped once.


  27. 42
    Aunt Hilda says:

    Sooty has just said he was regularly abused…and sweep is a mere shell these days


  28. 43
    lastofthesummervintage says:

    Come on lets all vote UKIP, kick these traitors out


  29. 46
    Traditional public witch hunt committee says:

    who are the BBC 9 ?


  30. 47
    tlillis4 says:

    Ooo! Ooo! Let me take a stab at answering these:

    • Certainly not! Parliament held these competencies in the UK since 1801 and in England for more than 400 years. We shall merely pick up where we left off both here and on the continent
    • Now is precisely the time. One does not wait for the ship to go beneath the waves before manning the lifeboat
    • The last time the British people were consulted they were asked to join a European free trade area. At the passage of this bill they will be a member of a European free trade area. Rather, the honorable gentleman should explain why they weren’t consulted for the intervening steps
    • I refute the premise of the honorable gentleman’s question. If it is considered “severe” to revert to representative government then he ought reconsider his “gentleness”
    • No, one does not list the symptoms of the cancer before excising the tumor.

    I’m sure Mr. Carswell MP will do much better on the day.


  31. 48
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I be president of the EU? They didn’t allow me to become president of the IMF. How about the EMF? Or the KLF?


    • 61
      All of the UK says says:

      Go fcuk yourself you mad jo*ck………………


    • 63
      Gordon Brown ..the forgotten years...period says:

      we wouldn’t let you chair a meeting of the kirkcaldy bog brush society you talentless c’unt


      • 70
        jgm2 says:

        Why do you think he created his own charity? So that he could be in charge.

        That and to launder his after-dinner speechpayments tax-free.


        • 98

          “…unaccustomed to speaking as I am, I was surprised and pleased to be invited to talk at this 5th annual meeting of the “I saved the world” club.
          Sadly, once again, President Obama could not be here to present me with my award for saving the planet, but thankfully, as he did very generously last year, Mr McTavish from next door has agreed, for his usual fee, to do the awards, make some of his excellent cheese and pineapple sticks, open the pomagne, take some photographs and be the audience at this year’s amazing ceremony.

          I was first aware of the necessity of me, the Prime Emperor, Gordon Brown, a humble son of the manse, called to save the galaxy from forces of turmoil, that started in America and were nothing to do with me, i was aware that i alone had the great moral fortitude and inner strength to prevent the universe imploding. it was a cold Februray morning when I first monetised the reserves and …

          {continues until Mr McTavish turns on the telly for the footie.}


  32. 50
    Ian Corby says:

    Looks like a PRU briefing or a “Policy Research Unit” briefing as its now known so that Ian Corby can have even more security against FOI requests!


    • 113
      Iain Corby says:

      When impersonating me, please spell my name correctly.


    • 114
      Iain Corby says:

      I should address the substantive point too. We are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act as a matter of law, rather than any choice, because we are a company limited by guarantee, not a public body. We were previously an unincorporated association, and similarly not covered by the Act.

      I am, however, very happy to respond to enquiries about our work, funding etc. although there is plenty of information on our website. We also have an open door policy for the media. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have equivalent pooled resources, and we are all regulated by the IPSA.


  33. 52
    Enemy of the State says:



  34. 54
    HoC All Shades of Blue Fat Thieving Pigs & we only care about US !! says:

    Oink …..Oink ……Oink….. Oink……

    Can you lot Please just Fcuk Off & leave us to the

    only matter that units us all in being here

    Getting our Fat fcuking Snouts into the Trough in every which

    way possible & of course all within the rules

    OK…satisfied ….now fcuking pi*ss off…………..


  35. 55
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Whilst those rent swapping troughing bastards binge on our cash and accept foreign coin for their treason, the victims of Cameron & Blairs vanity war in Afghanistan mount up:


    Cameron really is the heir to Blair – dead British troops blood on his hands & he does not give a shit about their children.

    Cameron OUT.


    • 83
      Let's wait and see if he does anything about it first shall we?? says:

      In fairness to “Dave” …it was apparent from his face at PMQs when asked the question(and Clegg’s)that they were equally appalled by this and din’t seem to have heard of it…..he was clearly shocked….and say what you like about his policies I think he is basically decent


      • 119
        pierre blimp says:

        well what the f#ck are we doing in Afghan land?

        The US should have hiroshima’d the c#nts after 9/11 and left us out of it.


  36. 56
    Recipient says:

    For the record, the neutral brief ALSO contained “points to make” in favour of the bill, and was not drafted with any involvement of government whips.


  37. 58
    Raving Loon says:

    Why is it “rash” to leave the EU, as apposed to being stark raving bonkers to remain in it?


  38. 59
    Alastair Campbell says:

    I have refrained from saying too much about the Jimmy Savile saga, not least because any time I mention anything to do with a BBC ‘crisis,’ out from the woodwork come those who continue to defend the Beeb’s false reporting and grossly unprofessional handling of the WMD dossier issue a decade or so ago.


    • 62
      Use by 22 Oct says:

      Quote of the Year?


    • 65
      Annon but will soon be very happy says:

      Hope your suite case is ready & packed for your sudden unexpected

      trip to the ICC in the Hague along with Saint Toxic Tone….


    • 94
      nellnewman says:

      Don’t get me started on the untimely death of the decent D r D av id Ke ll y and the lies perpetrated in no10 about wmd by bliar and alycampbell!

      gilligan’s exposure on the beeb of no10’s disgraceful behaviour of manipulation and lies to get us into an illegal war should have been their finest hour – the beeb’s craven attitude towards no10 after the event rightly destroyed the beeb’s credibility and sadly led to D r K e l l y ‘ s death.

      The savile affair has continued the demolition of the beeb’s dimishing reputation and destroyed public trust in this flawed and failing behemoth!


  39. 71
    Anonymous says:


  40. 79
    nellnewman says:

    “Does the Minister agree that the passage of such a Bill would lead to a constitutional and political crisis within both the UK and the EU?”

    The UK Constitution is tough as old boots and would be strengthened by withdrawal from the EU.

    The EU has a Constitution? Are they sure – far as anyone can see it’s only objectives are to make the EU political elite aka the kinnochios – rich!!

    If the UK withdrawing from EU would create a constitutional and political crisis within the EU – that is a positive outcome not a negative one.

    Let’s hope tory MP’s grow a backbone over this and stand up for us the ordinary public for a change – but I’m not holding my breath!


  41. 93
    Use by 22 Oct says:

    Takes one….


    • 106

      You are not trying to flatter me, by any chance?


    • 109
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      Huh? Hobsbawm should have been, and was, free to express his idiotic views. And any decent society should bad-mouth him. So why do you feel you are running against the flow to bad-mouth him?

      There is a difference between tolerating, on the basis of free speech, Hobsbawm’s defence of Stalin, and agreeing with the little shit.

      On the same basis, it is fine to bad-mouth him; it would not affect his right to hold, and express, his barmy (read: vile) views.

      People can disagree with Hobsbawm. That does not make them opponents of free speech.

      Those who have been eulogising the bastard should not be silenced either, I would agree. But they should certainly be attacked for supporting the disgusting apologist for the murderous Stalin.


      • 111

        I just sense a bandwagon, or perhaps two, QBP. The normal thing that goes on in politics.

        You draw the distinction perhaps better than I did.

        My parenthetical remark was meant to be the sting, though…


        • 129
          Blowing Whistles says:

          SC – Have you read the book “Under the sign of the scorpion” by Juri Lina? It’s one hell of a read despite attempts (by many) worldwide to ban it.


  42. 97
    Backwoodsman says:

    ……Your fault, you twats, told you to vote for the ‘reform bill’ option !


  43. 99
    nellnewman says:

    I found hobsbawn’s assertion that ‘had the death of 20million people resulted in the world being taken over by communism it would have been a worthwhile sacrifice’ was just a little extreme for me!!!


    • 105

      We all did – and that is my point. He turned millions of potential supporters off in a way that no one arguing from our side could have done so effectively.


      • 110
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        You did not make your point well, apparently conflating ‘bad-mouthing’ of Hobsbawm with the idea of restricting Hobsbawm’s freedom of speech.

        Bad-mouthing him does not necessarily entail censoring him.


        • 127

          Now you let yourself down. I acknowledged your point above which I must presume you read.

          However, the very construction of your last sentence which contained the caveat necessarily entail, allows that there are those who would have censored him, thus making my original point.


        • 131
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Your acknowledgement was posted a minute after my post. So, obviously, I had not read it when I posted.

          Your original point was about bad mouthing, not, explicitly, about censoring.


    • 108

      the beatings will continue until morale improves.


  44. 101
    Eric Hogwash says:

    I could beat Starkey in an arm wrestle.


  45. 112
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    “consult the British people through the audit of competencies”

    Typical civil service twat speak. Any member mouthing this garbage should be shouted dopwn


  46. 115
    Boris for PM says:

    Guy Fawkes day is coming 11 days early this year. Fireworks in the House!


  47. 116
    Living in 98 percent white (and 99.9% kuffar) Merseyside says:

    I wish they would shut the f*** about the EU. It’s never bothered me and I doubt it has particularly bothered most other people. I voted for it – right!


    • 122
      pierre blimp says:

      i was too young to vote on it. I’m in my 40s now and still haven’t had the chance. The EU will go the way of the USSR one day. We’ll look back and wonder how people can have been so stupid. Might take a civil war in Greece first though


  48. 121
    pierre blimp says:

    i wouldn’t allow free speech for a f#cking traitor who would have sold the english into soviet slavery. I’d have had the c#nt deloused. I want a liberal, tolerant, free speech society – but we’ll have to round up and murder the socialists in order to get it.


    • 130
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Anne Applebaum – perhaps regrets publishing her book “Gulag a History” – it is an excellent book. However I do not agree with her views about Polanksi.

      She is married to Sikorsky – who was the only person in the Polish Government to not be on that plane which crashed a couple of years ago as it headed for a long standing memorial to Polish soldiers murdered by Stalin.


  49. 123
    Linda Hudson says:

    This is the time to answer all questions that come up regarding the E.U. awkward questions or not. queries on leaving the E.U. of today should hold no fear for the likes of U.K.I.P. who have researched, and studied this very concept. what we know, see and understand of the E.U. today, we have a very convincing need to have our country withdrawing from being part of a European parliament, and we are ready to return to self determination, our country’s sovereignty, and own ability without having to pay billions of pounds a year to a foreign interfeering, undemocratic, political system for the privilege!


  50. 124
    Tom Catesby says:

    What we need is an audit of incompetencies!


  51. 126
    Mercian says:

    Does the minister agree that Heath was a traitor and the 1975 referendum was a sham, promising us cheap booze and fags that never materialised.


  52. 128
    Peter says:

    Farage: “I am making a list, and their names will all go on this list. When the UKIP have won this war they will all be brought to account.

    Clegg: “UKIP aren’t going to win this war.”

    Farage: “Your name will also go on the list. What is it?”

    Cameron: “Don’t tell him, Clegg!”


  53. 135
    Disgruntled of Eastleigh says:

    If Burns thinks he’s landed at the ‘DCM&S’ – HIGNFH.


  54. 137
    haddock says:

    I asked my MP if he would be representing his constituents in the debate……

    he replied;

    Thank you. I will, as usual, be in the constituency on Friday. I do not know what Douglas is proposing.
    Andrew Murrison


  55. 138
    Loco! says:

    To those that mention that Maggie Thatcher didn’t have a referendum either well here’s news for you she was shafted by her closest friends i.e. John Major et al when she finally said enough is enough to the EU, she wanted to have a referendum but her “friends” betrayed her to solve that problem, I really think there is a power that we don’t know about yet that has bought and owns all these politicians, like some secretive powerful group of old money, hey they could be the old vampires taking over the world for the world government!


  56. 139
    Loco! says:

    We should renegotiate and be part of the European Free Trade Area that would allow us to negotiate our own trade deals with anyone we want that way we can do business with the EU and we could do our own business with the other countries of the world on our own which we can’t presently!


  57. 141
    Anyoldiron says:

    1) I no longer trust any of the three major political parties to hold a true and fair referendum on the issue of an “in or OUT” of the EU, referendum.

    2) Our Constitution does not allow foreigners to make laws for the United Kingdom that even an elected British Government has to obey. “…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.”

    3) The people therefore cannot encourage foreigners in any way what-so-ever, even financially, to make laws that even a British Government has to obey.

    Either this Government takes this OUR Country out of the European Union themselves, or the people will indeed use their long standing Common Law Constitution for themselves.


  58. 142

    The daily assault on our beleaguered finances to prop up an ailing/illegal EU has to come to an end.
    We did not vote for this, because Heath knowingly lied to the country and as a result committed treason against the people. The fact that we cannot be governed by a foreign power, seems to have escaped the notice of every leader since. Luckily i voted against this in the 70’s but others were not so intelligent, failing to see through Heath’s blatant lies.
    Each successive Govt had the ability to scrap what he did (no Govt can bind its successors) but none of them ever did…so it stands to reason that they too committed treason, which makes the whole thing null and void and those guilty should be arrested.
    Given these facts…we have never actually been in the EU, so to Repeal the 1972 Act, is a mere formality.
    This Cameron must do – it is the will of the people, or be made to pay for ignoring our wishes.

    This country does not belong to them, it belongs to us and they have no right to give it away without our consent.



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