October 22nd, 2012

Rowan Atkinson’s Defence of Freedom of Speech


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    Kebab Time says:

    Freedom of speech and expression are under attack in this country, look what happened the other week, that bloke wearing a t-shirt? 8 months (will serve 4) , people getting banged up for “offensive” words.

    Yet apart from twitter joke trail (one case where common sense won) we have gone back to old ways of someone being “offended” followed by a twitter mob and then an arrest and charge.

    Where are the politicians defending our freedoms? They are restricting them instead all for “safety” .


  2. 2
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Just sign this, you bunch of knobs.



  3. 4
    George Young says:

    “I got chucked off my Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course ‘cos I gave the wrong answer to an easy question.”

    “What was the question?”

    “They asked what the difference was between a stag and a swan.”

    “That’s a pretty easy question …”

    “Yeah, I told them The Stag shuts at 11 but The Swan’s got a licence until 1 a.m.”


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    Socialism = Starvation says:

    There is no freedom of speech in the UK, there has not been ever any legal basis for claiming freedom of speech as a right except for proceedings in Parliament, it is simply the fact that it hasn’t been abolished entirely yet and that people still have this wistful idea that it would be a good thing to have freedom.

    All freedom has to be fought for, won, and preserved with eternal vigilance.


  5. 8
    Synic says:

    Probably too much to hope that Dave will pay any attention — “DAVE IS A WEAK PC BXSTARD” — is that accurate or just insulting?


  6. 9
    Some Twat up North says:

    Can’t we have fat bot and fucka ya mummy arrested for being insulting?


  7. 11
    Mohammed the Pineapple says:

    I go well with gammon.


  8. 14
    keredybretsa says:

    10 Excellent minutes well spent. As a cartoonist I was once subjected to censorship. Self-imposed censorship is OK I guess. But not, when outside imposers are at work forcing and threatening.


    • 79

      This problem is so constricting that it became a main reason for my emigration. I now comment from where I happen to be without concern about such laws. I also comment in other places.

      Though it is not necessary for me to take care of this for my sake, I make every effort not to post something that is libellous out of courtesy to my hosts who provide the forum. I still feel responsible for my utterances and if proven wrong would withdraw and apologise.

      Isn’t this the type of self-censorship that everyone should be happy with? The long established English concept found in the law of Equity, that of reasonableness applies.


      • 85
        Rotherham Person says:

        Well said cat


        • 111

          Thanks RP. Know Rotherham well. I used to run a finance company there for a certain motor group.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I left you this on the Norman Green blog of earlier today – no need to link over – its below.

            138 Blowing Whistles says:
            October 22, 2012 at 8:16 pm
            Oh come, come, SC – is that the first time you’ve used the I am flattered retort? It’s the first time I have noted you using it.

            Imitation is the best form of flatterey!

            And btw people do not on a blog like this want to know about the deeper and finer details and meanings of quantum physics / the higgs bosun or 101 other things about history – which they can learn elsewhere – they’re predominantly concerned with the scurrilous, criminals, frauds, cads, commies, liars dupes and general low-life who – pass themselves off as politicians & journalists these days. They’re also interested in their pensions having been robbed and their taxes going to fund pathetic men and women who are ‘seen & heard’ to say many things in parliament but who actually do the complete opposite [Across the political spectrum]. They do not practice what they ‘preach’ – and when found to be hypocrites – should fall on their swords.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I have now listened to Mr Atkinsons speech – have tape recorded it and will be presenting it to many many people who have done me wrong. The Courts, the police, the CPS, Politicians, Local councillors and several persons from religious backgrounds

            N.B. Mr Atkinson mentioned atop his speech of those who – like him have celebrity status – yet there are so many innocents have been done so many wrongs – by virtue of that they are drowned out by bigger organisations who portect themselves from accusations which they deem in their organisational view as ‘intolerable’.


          • Well you haven’t looked very hard. The last five year’s posts of mine are all here for you to read. I suggest you find the numerous times I have used this line.

            You are free to say what you like. However, don’t pretend to speak for others – unless you are prepared to instance their comments. How dare you even attempt to define what other people want to hear or not – or what I am allowed to say. That is exactly what Rowan Atkinson is talking about – chilling effects.

            There have been plenty of other people here who have posted comments to the effect that you appear to be off your trolley. Dr Nuts, Bruce from NY, AC1 Kenobi, smoggie and many others.

            I have perhaps attempted to entertain you for too long.


          • Look at this! BW posts his previous comment before watching the video.

            Blowing Whistles’ approach:


            Don’t blind me with the facts! I’ve made my mind up!



          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            SC emigrated?

            I would have thought he could be in two places at once.

            Or, perhaps, you can’t be sure where he is.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC says: “Don’t blind me with the facts! I’ve made my mind up!”

            SC – You are free to make up your own mind and have your own view and perceptions of matters – however if you as an older man have had life long ‘blinkers’ attached and are unwilling to listen to or properly discuss views that others like myself contend; then it is you who remain blind to many unpalatable truths that have only in the past 20 years come into the public domain.

            Voltaire – It was the “content” (note: similar uses By Rowan Atkinson of ‘content’ V attacks upon the speaker/writer) and wording of his classic statement and not what you previously led off onto beyond the content.

            There will always be a younger man who will come along, whom you will not agree with – but don’t be a sad old man by resorting to the “I’m older and therefore “must be” more experieced than you retort”. It behoves ‘Intolerance itself’.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – “There’s something about Mary”. Ho hum.


          • The following quote (which you have so artlessly misinterpreted) was paraphrasing your position. I now realise you don’t have the marbles to realise that…


            Don’t blind me with the facts! I’ve made my mind up!



          • Is that ho hum

            1.) an air of resignation
            2.) or the the vibrating humming sound a ho makes whilst performing fellatio, Blowing W*****s?

            Who knows?


          • JP says:

            Blowing Whistles is a commie retard, best to ignore him.


          • Guildford says:

            Blowing Whistles is an even bigger retard than TAT was and that is saying something.


          • Anonymous says:

            un.ncessarily horrible.
            Saville no doubt abused those who were seen as retards in some way.
            what is the point of emotional abuse?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC and ‘agent provacateurs’ – nice try; save that you ignore the content AND continue to ‘attack the man’.

            You attackers show – your own ignorance. And BTW I didn’t need to quote any number of other bloggers to try and ‘emphasise my arguments – whereas – some cats prefer to try and get others to defend their dwindling position with pitiful smear attacks.

            I noticed that at the near end of Panoramas programme – the words “Unpalatable truths” were mentioned ……

            “Blinkers” steer a horse in one direction and they don’t really have a clue what is going on around them.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – for you blindness – The classic line in “There’s something about Mary” was “I’m fucking with you” ….. Touche.


  9. 16
    Doris says:

    Excellent Rowan, wondered why we have not seen either him or David Bellamy on our BBC TV screens for such a long time.


  10. 22
    Lizzie says:

    Can somebody explain to me who was supposed to be insulted when the guy called the policeman’s horse ‘gay’? The pro-‘gay’ lobby maintains that being ‘gay’ is both natural and common in the animal kingdom, so why would they be ‘insulted’? In fact, only a homophobe would find being called ‘gay’ an insult … but i thought that being homophobic wasn’t something the law was intended to protect from insult. I’m confused …

    I did note though that even in that speech Rowan Atkinson couldn’t actually mention the commonest/most prominent claimers of victimhood who paradoxically seem to think that they are free to insult everyone else, especially the majority in this country.


  11. 27
    Brown out and pay me damages! says:

    People are resorting to insults coverty.


  12. 29
    Leaving Edinburgh says:

    Sick of having my intelligence insulted by PC Cocks!


  13. 32
    Aunty Matter says:

    The only way to protect free speech is a written constitution. I’ve always been against it believing we didn’t need one because our rights are entrenched in our great history.

    However, we now have garbage politicians more interested in ripping us off and shutting down anyone who dares to oppose them, the MSM can no longer be trusted and our hopeless police make the Gestapo look like children.

    I used to laugh at the yanks, but now I fear Europe is having the blood of freedom drained from it by a corrupt useless political elite.


    • 42
      Fog says:

      Correct. There’s false pride in having no written constitution. We need it desperately now.

      Rowan Atkinson is so right. This self-pitying, victim culture has to stop.


    • 71
      John Roberts, CJ, US Supreme Court says:

      Written Constitutions are only as good as the judges interpreting them. Half of the time we Supremos are making it up as we go along, anyhow. I declared the Obamacare individual mandate un-Constitutional based on the Interstate Commerce clause but refused to block its implementation, saying as long as you call it a tax (which point was only barely mentioned as a “f’rinstance” when the case was argued to us), it’s kosher. I tried to split the diff, and now everyone wants to split my skull. But it’s always nice to have something to point to, anyway, whether it really means anything or not.


      • 218
        Anonymous says:

        The Soviet Union had a written constitution full or rights. Unfortunately, the Soviet government neglected to obey the constitution when it clashed with the needs of the Communist Party. The gulag and the psychiatric hospitals were filled with citizens who attempted to exercise their constitutional rights.


  14. 34
    David B says:

    There is a good saying “the road to hell is paved with good intenshions”. MP’s need to keep this in mind when they legislate and police and judges should keep it in mind when they arrest, charge and prosecute people. Lets not forget people were afraid to speak out against jimmy savel because they did not want to offend him or damage his charity work. A good intenshion but what did it cost those that where abbused


    • 39
      British Blubbing Corporation says:

      Our road to hell is paved with flagstones mined from our very own quarry.

      What have we done?

      Tonight a special investigation into how great the BBC, despite one or two mis-spokes. With Miranda Hart, Al Murray and Ralf Little.

      See..we are serious. We picked our least funny talent to demonstrate the sombre nature of the wrong doing.

      Boo hoo…boo…hoo..


  15. 35
    Black Cab says:

    First rate.


  16. 43
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Absolutely first rate Mr Atkinson.

    Clearly, here is a man who puts his principles before his career prospects.

    I suspect there is a little black book at the BBC and Rowan’s name is in it.


    • 63

      Agree completely. It was a well constructed and proportionate speech. It did not rely too much upon humour but contained a substantive argument which should surely be unassailable. That in practice it is not is an indictment of our political process. Our parents and grand parents did not go to war for our country’s freedom simply in order to allow us to be overtaken by this ludicrous state of affairs.


  17. 45
    sweaty sock says:

    You can tell that things had changed for the worse when the system and those involved in it ceased to be targets for humour “respect ma authoritay!”
    Humour like the following disappeared:

    The BBC was considering this a suitable punishment for Savile before be died.


  18. 46

    I see MPs are tweeting to GF and making their excuses.
    Fools! What defence does not sound like “it was all within the rules’ ?
    Why have your free ipad, self justifying, tweets posted on these pages?

    I learned long ago to say and do nothing. Don’t turn up to vote unless its against some major socialist lunacy or Lib Dem fluff-puff.

    By all means take on as many overpaid Quangos and select committees as you like. Just don’t do anything with them. Don’t report or pass any legislation or make anything but the most banal recommendations.
    The public are much more tolerant if you don’t believe your own hype about how wonderful and righteous you are and just keep out of the public’s bloody way.

    They only ever care about how much cash you stuff in your socks if you get all moral and start lecturing them about ‘fairness’, ‘sacrifice’,’community’ ‘prudence’ or any kind of one nation -big society bollocks.

    Just say ‘sorry’. or better yet say nothing at all. Let Sally Bercow, Rio Ferdinand or Alan Sugar run their gums off online. Its not for us.


    • 54
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      Wise words Bill.

      It is the quietest of troughers who get the most swill.


      • 74
        Otis B Berger the Third from Maine says:

        Just call the Police in .

        6 went inside last time .


        • 83
          Loopy Lou says:

          What is wrong with paying the money back .

          That is what Mr Cameron did last time when people started asking questions .


          • I try to avoid dodgy bergers if I can says:

            The Prime Minister has set a truly honourable example .

            Lets talk about Jimmy Savile and do a bit of prisoner bashing shall we ?


          • nellnewman says:

            The problem of course with savile is that he was employed by the beeb therefore paid by us the license payer.

            And sinisterunclebeeb kept using our money to fund children’s programmes for evil jimmy to keep finding more and more vulnerable youngsters to abuse. Big question is how much did the beeb know when they kept giving him those children’s programmes?

            All paid for by us the license payer.


          • A comparable situation says:

            Imagine a senario where Police Chiefs are inreceipt of rumours and it is rumoured that some actually possess evidence that a Police officer working with children is abusing them. What do you think would happen if it came to light that they chose to ignore these allegations and infact promoted him to a position where he had even more access to children ?

            Pretty serious state of affairs Im sure you would agree.


  19. 50
    The savant says:

    On this showing. Mister bean. Should be propelled into. Downing Street. Immediately. To. Run. The. Country. On his. Own. Without the sycophants. Calling themselves. Cabinet. Ministers. .

    On this performance. He. Could solve the. Country s. problems in a week. And still. Have time to. Record. A new. Series. Of. Blackadder .

    On. Second thoughts. Perhaps. He does need. Just one. Assistant in. Case. He is taken poorly. . How. About. Stephen fry. The. Brain. The. Size. Of. Kent. As deputy pm ??


  20. 57
    Just saying... says:

    Will it mean I can call my dog M*****ed and not fear for my life?


  21. 61
    Just saying... says:



    • 99
      barrowboy says:

      If a centipeed a pint & a millipeed a quart, how much would a precipice ?


      • 185
        His Lardship John Prescott says:

        Right– are you trying to take the piss outta me? I eat up barrowboys like you for breakfast, lad. No, really, I mean it– I eat up barrowboys like you for breakfast and I don’t spit ‘em out neither.


  22. 64
    Just saying... says:

    “On this showing. Mister Bean. Should be propelled into. Downing Street.”

    I thought he was already there…


    • 72
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      I hated being called Mr Bean Hated it!
      You may have seen my lips quiver and my bunched fist banging on the podium. But what the cameras didn’t show was I sprained my Butt-Tocks and damaged my furiously clenched bladder.


      • 82
        King dong sarah says:

        I think you’ll recall I ‘sprained’ those areas for you Gordon and don’t forget the sofa lectures you got


  23. 69
    Dick Head from the Lamb and Flag, Hammersmith says:

    I had to take my cat to the vets today. There on the wall was a big sign saying ‘Dog Grooming Here’.

    Bloody perverts


  24. 78
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    Lord Blackadder sounds about right


  25. 90
    This is why I love Rowan says:


  26. 91
    Raving Loon says:

    One should never be arrested for one says.


  27. 97
    This is why I love Rowan says:


  28. 98
    Mr Justice Cocklecarrot says:

    The Law will not be made a fool of in this way. We insist on making fools of ourselves. Why, if you permit ordinary, lay people to insult each other, who knows? They might take it into their foolish heads to insult a member of Her Majesty’s Judiciary, whence it is but a small step to anarchy! Yes, they might say “That old buffoon in a wig doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and wouldn’t know what Justice was if it bit him on the bum!” Oh yes they might!


    • 305
      Blowing Whistles says:

      “Might” – should – ought to; or could – they’re supposed to know lots; but when it might impugne upon their higher than thou status [self presumed-probity] – they go in for the kill with the mental smears angle and get some shrink-type snake oil salesman to back them up – at arms length of course M’lud.


  29. 100
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Most of the laws passed in the last twenty years have been bad ones. If they were needed so badly why were they not thought of in the past 300 years? Certainly those dealing with new technology have been needed but I can’t think of many others. Most of them that are passed through our government are to appease Europeans.


  30. 103
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Bravo, Rowan.

    What a wonderful counterpoint to those political poseurs, Coogan and Grant, whose sole aim is to censor free speech. Eurgh … I feel contamined just thinking about them.


    • 110
      nellnewman says:

      I didn’t think those celebs appe@ring before leveson were there so much to censor free speech as to make a case for suing murdoch for large sums of money.

      Parasites !


      • 116
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        I was thinking more, Nell, of these repellent political poseurs’ self-publicising bandwagon, ‘Hacked Off’, which they claim is nothing to do with censorship of the press, but with high-minded concepts such as ‘accountability.’ (When what they are really interested in, of course, is keeping their degenerate sex-lives off the front pages.)

        But yes, of course, they are after their ‘compo’ as well.


      • 129
        I don't need no doctor says:

        110. How much did the recpients of Murdoch money give to charity? After all it wasn’t about the money, yeh right.


    • 334
      shouting phil from hounslow says:

      hang on. atkinson doesn’t need all this approval. anyone who willingly gets involved in talking about old sketches involving griff rees and all those other unfunny wankers should be treated for what he is, a comedy character-twat who makes a Hunt out of himself and others in exchange for money, he is not some great moral bastion with impeccable socialist credentials. what the fuck has he got to say except thanks for laughing at me and my twat mates, we mada shit load of money.

      listen to the sycophants in the audience…the big moment is when he makes some kind of right on point about harrasing a poor honest law abiding black man. in other words, BUY INTO THIS MASSIVE GUILT TRIP! say sorry to every effnik yopu meet as your despicable forefathers probably tortured/sexually abused his noble ancestors on some god awful slave plantation and YOU ARE GUILTY.

      fuck em all


  31. 105
    Aunty Matter says:

    Great to see ITV’s Lucy Manning making Paxman look an ignorant mong. Paid your fucking taxes yet Paxman? Or are taxes just for plebs?


    • 112
      nellnewman says:

      Well sinisterUnclebeeb in all sorts of trouble now isn’t he? Not least for aiding and abetting savile and his mates to build and maintain a p@edophile ring par excellence over 50 years.


      • 118
        Aunty Matter says:

        I love the way all the mongs who said that Murdoch couldn’t be trusted are now telling us that it’s not fair to pick on the BBC and that the BBC have done nothing wrong.

        The real story is as you say not the Newsnight cover up , but the kiddie fiddling that went on and may still do.

        One of the women who was interviewed by Newsnight was on ITV and reckons as soon as she told them Savile did fiddling at the BBC they dropped the story.

        The establishment will try to bury this story


  32. 126
    I don't need no doctor says:

    What stands out is how pathetic and incompetent is the BBC. Entwhistle is so out of his depth, it’s embarassing.
    What’s more worrying is how they misuse our television license fee.
    Hope Guido doesn’t forget about the tax avoidance at the BBC.


    • 136
      nellnewman says:

      I laughed when they appointed entwistle as director-general (& what a ridiculous title that is!!)

      Remember what a fiasco this man made of the Queen’s Jubilee coverage for the beeb. And then they gave him to top job!!

      You couldn’t make it up!!


      • 140
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Entwhistle is just a puppet for the sinister few that really run the BBC.
        Strings are pulled directly from there, the news programmes are not independent.


        • 291
          Anonymous says:

          who are these few, does it include the chairman of the BBC Trust.

          BBC Trust implies trust me, I am the BBC.
          This is the layer that needs to be watched, carefully.

          chairs, direct. who is the chair of all the inquiries and will she be reporting to the DG in December?


      • 196
        Aunty Matter says:

        I suspect Boaden has stitched him up, she wanted the top job


      • 287
        Anonymous says:

        the person who knows where the bodies are buried is?

        certainly the last DG would be a man in the know.
        and now that he has left our shores, he would have no hesitation to open up, when he begins to be questioned intrusively.


  33. 128
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Why is the BBC carrying out it’s own investigation via Panorama, incidentally why is it on so late?
    Its seems there was one rule for Murdoch but a different rule for the BBC. Why?
    And labour show there true colours, a deep shitty brown.


  34. 133
    Technomist says:

    Rowan Atkinson seems like a decent bloke. I wonder when he is going to get his knighthood.


  35. 142
    BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:

    Advance reports of tonight’s Panorama special on Savile reveals it will say “we found no evidence of a cover-up by Newsnight”.
    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


  36. 143
    Pollytwaddle says:

    For a minute there, I thought the Archbishop had said something sane.

    Then I realised it was the other joker.


  37. 146
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Just watching Nigella on the tv. Now there is one affected woman.


  38. 149
    nellnewman says:

    Guido you’ll like this one about our dearly beloved piers – just appe@red on twitter – sorry I can’t pin down quote sources.

    “As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me…I’ve always loved Jimmy Savile.” Piers Morgan, 2009 And then recently 2012 “I never met Jimmy Savile”



  39. 154
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    the Independent has the following headline:

    “Cameron says BBC has ‘serious questions’ to answer over Savile scandal as Peter Rippon steps down ”

    Doesn’t Cameron have some serious questions to answer to Leveson re the emails he kept locked away??????

    Cameron is a cunny


    • 161
      nellnewman says:

      Leveson and his army of egocentric celebrities trying to cover up their disgusting lifestyles and maximising their chances of compensation from the hacking scandal is not in the same league as SinisterUncleBeeb using licensepayers funds to keep giving savile children’s programmes to run when they knew he was abusing children and then tryng to cover it up when the truth starts coming out.

      The leftwing leveson campaign against free speech is dead in the water now and the savile scandal exposing leftwing liberal , anything goes even abuse of children ( hatty harpic has much to answer for!) is just going to run and run!


    • 256
      Medusa brookes. says:

      That is not true we are just good friends.


  40. 155
    George Young says:

    You know you’re getting old when you’re genuinely excited about an edition of Panorama!!


  41. 159
    BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:

    Panorama starting now


    • 162
      BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:

      Oops, sorry, starting at 10.


    • 167
      nellnewman says:

      The BBC said it found no evidence of cover up by Newsnight. That is not the same as saying ‘it found no cover up by the BBC’.

      Newsnight was attempting to expose the beeb funded savile and his abuse of children through kids programmes that BBC kept giving him even though they knew he was abusing children.

      It was not Newsnight who attempted to cover up the scandal it was the higher echelon’s of Sinister Uncle Beeb who had nurtured jimmy and his pals and employees of the beeb who had formed a p@aedophile ring that functioned for more than 40 years at our expense!!


      • 172

        It is the Newsnight programme that was smothered.

        No one ever accused Newsnight of smothering anything in this respect.

        Straw man argument! One of the oldest tricks in the book. Come on Quentin, if you are reading this. Do your worst!


        • 174
          nellnewman says:

          Yes SC but if they think they are going to pull the wool over our eyes they are very mistaken. SinisterUncleBeeb is now very much in the headlights of public attention.

          If they are found, as I suspect they will be , of funding childrens programmes for savile knowing that he was abusing children, the Beeb has to be finished!!


          • Have you seen the piece by Martin Bell in the DT?

            I happen to believe that the BBC will survive – not because it is too big to fail – but because its survival is in the public interest.

            Like it was in the public interest for all those hundreds or thousands of children to be abused by Savile? Is that what you are saying, Martin?




          • nellnewman says:

            These Idiots are self servingly unbelieveable aren’t they?!!!

            I’m beginning to think the SinisterBeeb is so corrupt it will be impossible to even sell it off. Toxic . Poisonous . Child abusing. Who would want to buy it??!!


          • Anonymous says:

            The question will arise.
            do we need a public service broadcaster and why?
            what is the value of the existance of the BBC, in any form, to the UK.


          • As a voice for the Labour party?


          • nellnewman says:

            Well SC hattyharpic has amazingly been a strong voice for lowering the age of sexual consent to 13 and advocating that p@edophiles who can claim/frighten consent from their child partners should not be prosecuted!

            I regard her as one of the most evil women of our time!!


          • I would suggest that, if she had a brain, she would be evil, nell. The evidence for that is somewhat sparse, however.


          • Anonymous says:

            Lord Longford is linked to Savile.
            He appointed him to some commission on porn.
            Harman is a niece of Longford?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Watching the Panorama – I noticed the Nationwide t-shirt worn by jimmy. Didn’t Frank Bough used to front the programme?

            There’s rumours of Consett police ‘n ‘tothers ooop north as well.

            Wonder if jimmy ever did any gigs for the Masons?


  42. 171
    nellnewman says:

    Of course if leveson had finished his enquiry and persuaded government to put his controls in place we would never have heard of the savile scandal!!


  43. 173
    just sayin says:

    That Fingerbobs bloke always concerned me


  44. 175
    Grant Shapps aka Michael Green says:

    Just seen on bbc that Jordan uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot. Good on her, if only more celebrities were as helpful.


  45. 177
    nellnewman says:

    Another twitter snippet about piers :

    “Sven Goran-Eriksson alleges phone hacking happened at The Mirror when Piers Morgan was the editor Sky News reports”


  46. 184
    Dave Camoron (one-term PM) says:

    I say, chaps! What do you call a dinosaur that loves gay marriage even more than I do?

    A Megasaurass!!


    Must go, got to prep my £53million EU payment for tomorrow! It’s easily affordable – I just close a few hospital wards.


    Tally ho!


    • 202
      nellnewman says:

      Interesting that militwit’s leftwingers are desperately trying to avoid talking about the savile scandal and how the leftwing SinisterBeeb has knowingly funded child abuse for more than 40 years from our license fee and then frantically tried to unsuccessfuly cover it up!!

      I bet hattieharpic, who wanted to legalise p@edophilia for the liberal left , is hiding deep in her luxury weekend home in rural suffolk at the mo!!


  47. 187

    Manganese Bronze has gone bust. The firm that makes the London Taxi which sells in nearly all large cities in the UK.

    Having squeezed the ineffective Jamie Borwick out in 2003, they still could not cut the mustard even after the only opposition, Metrocab, had failed.

    Can’t make money from a monopoly? What a load of wankers (as Sue Cameron said the other day on the box.)


  48. 199
    Gordon McNutcase, hearing the shutters closing on the locked Ward at CurrrrrCudeeeeee Lunatic Asylum says:

    Aye nurse, – keep me safe from all the spies who want tae know ma secrets aboot how I achieved so much!


  49. 201
    ed martin says:

    its worth almost exactly approximately nothing!


  50. 203
    Saffron says:

    Rowan is exactly correct,when the establishment tries to outlaw free speech,you must know that we are on a hiding to nothing.
    Free speech is supposed to be a bastion of our society,well folks afraid not,we now have within our society a bunch of assholes who are afraid of free speech and all that entails,exactly what are they afraid of.
    Based on current status and I will not go into this,you will know that the establishment has a lot to answer for.
    Watch this space.


    • 212
      nellnewman says:

      Actually Saffron the only good thing to come out of savile scandal is going to be realisation that free speech is important for society.

      The hattyharpics and pollytwaddles of our society who wanted to shut things down, stop us finding out what was going and legitimise p@aedophilia are now disgraced!! Thank God!!


      • 261
        Ex-voter says:

        “Free listening” is more important.

        This country stopped listening long ago, now it is trying to stop free speech.

        It is afraid that someone might just start making sense and create a following.


  51. 211
    ed martin says:

    i’m even older than RA – its as though we’ve returned to the suppressed society pre nineteen sixty something –

    sans theatre, sans ethics (sorry about that) sans everything


  52. 219
    Saffron says:

    The Beeboids are currently under the spotlight and they don’t like it one little bit.
    It upsets their cosy relationship as to what they are about.
    It seems to me that they are trying their level best by whatever means to excuse peedo’s within their ranks,hopefully investigations into their antics will expose them as to what they are.
    Also I hope that tomorrow when they have the DG in front of a select commitee that they will take him to task.
    But we will see.
    Finally if certain things come out which shows the Beeboids up for what they are that Cammoron will break this outfit of liars up.
    On that I will not hold my breathe.


  53. 228
    The BBC should be privatised says:

    Almost time for the bbc’s Panorama in which their in-depth investigations by bbc journalists into the bbc will reveal the bbc did nothing wrong.


  54. 229
    Eve Droppers says:

    Sky news reporting that Mirror group are being sued for phone hacking



  55. 235
    Saffron says:

    Sa-Vile is now being exposed as to what he was from all and sundry,despite this the Beeboids are trying to protect themselves.
    If they had had integrity at all they would hold their hands up and say that they knew of the accusations against this peedo and that they did zilch.
    My licence with this band of overpaid lying assholes called the national broadcaster corporation is now at an end I cancelled it today,I will not subscrible to this bunch of LIARS anymore,and I would ask people to do the same as me.


  56. 236
    BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:

    Panorama starting now on bbc1


  57. 238
    BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:



  58. 239
    BBC says it found no evidence of a cover-up by the BBC says:

    Labour will do anything to get control of the inquiry into Savile so they can protect the bbc.


  59. 240
    nellnewman says:

    The biased leftwing SinisterUncleBeeb finally exposed as utterly corrupt and rotten to the core.

    It must now be sold off in bits to highest bidder. Not sure there’ll be any takers!! Just lets get rid of it !!!!


  60. 246
    MB. says:

    Surprise, surprise … Daily and Sunday Mirror now accused of phone hacking.


    Let’s hope the Daily Mail is next.


  61. 248
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fuck me, Panorama is destroying the BBC in front of us. Spin this one Nicky Campbell


    • 276
      Fish says:

      You’ve been taken for a mug Aunty.

      What you saw tonight was little more than a ‘find the lady’ scam. Did you not see all of the ‘now you see it now you don’t’ escape routes for the Beeboids to wriggle out of this

      Lots of hand ringing, lots of shaking of heads, but plenty of holes to exploit.


  62. 250
    Aunty Matter says:

    So what other stories have the BBC spiked? Anything about climate change perhaps?


  63. 253
    Aunty Matter says:

    Just so fucking blatant!!


  64. 254
    Anonymous says:

    Should this free speech extend to government paid agencies insulting and harassing individuals that point out their errors.

    From my experience the Police and the Judiciary refuse to listen. Had everything recorded and the a senior Police inspector resorted to going on the offensive so that they did not have to record the complaint or even listen to the evidence.

    Judge refused to listen, repeatedly interrupting the answers I tried to give, and even answering his own question. All on the court transcript, but no one will care. Now they want money for justice, even when the injustice is the justice system.

    As with the other UK institutions it is impossible to be in the wrong if you are paid by taxes. That is the unwritten law of the country. (e.g. BBC) Each UK institution is given what looks like minimal powers that do not require the courts. They use them as a way to silence criticism. So it could be your pay you lose. It could be a freedom you lose. It could be a service. Even if there is no lawful power for their retribution, it does not stop them threatening. If you stand up to them they “create” accusations and threaten court action.

    These laws are just there so that we can be threatened and silenced. They were never meant for use between the public. They were meant to protect the institutions and their corrupt officials from criticism. A nice open ended law to be used at their discretion. Just a few convictions in the press and the threat of action is all they need.

    Individuals should be free, but the state should be gagged.


  65. 265
    Aunty Matter says:

    Have to laugh at lefties claiming this is BBC at its best. No it’s a turf war, like rats fighting for the last piece of food. Heads will roll and some at BBC want to be onlookers at be headings, not participants


    • 270
      nellnewman says:

      The Sinisterbeeb leftyliberal at it’s best. Using licensepayers money to fund jimmy and known child abuse to front childrens programmes and then when truth comes out try and cover up the p@edophilia.

      Oh indeed the beeb at it’s best!!!

      hattyharpic,margarethodge and hewitt who all advocated making p@edophilia legal would be proud of that boast!!


  66. 266
    just sayin says:

    Time that Mark Thompson was sent back across the Atlantic to answer some questions …


  67. 268
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We are a emphatically NOT a Bolshevik, bunch of left-wing, overpaid, champagne-swilling scumbags.

    Please continue to cough up your Licence Fee every year or we can’t pay Paxman his million quid a year or ‘Handy Andy’ Marr his £ 600k a year.

    If you don’t comply, we’ll send round Pleb Plod to arrest you.


    • 271
      nellnewman says:

      I hate bad language . But I have to say , for once, that you are right in every word!!

      I can’t believe the evil of these leftwing liberal #SinisterBeeb people!!

      So Angry that they did not protect our children!!


      • 275

        Can’t post on your blog, nell so will post here what I failed to say about your last delicious looking post:

        Just had a curry myself tonight.
        Suggestion: Tikka the meat will lift it another two points.


  68. 273
    PeedosRus says:

    It is essential that the Britsh people keep paying the licence fee. We need it to finance our activities.


  69. 278
    Onlooker says:

    If Cameron doesn’t use the present crisis to completely reform the BBC he’s even more spineless than we all think.


  70. 285
    The Modbot is out of control, hope this beats the droid. says:



  71. 286
    Certain Labour MPs (you know who you are) says:

    Mirror Group, Piers Morgan, Phone Hacking?

    What did you say? We can’t hear you…sorry got to go to a meeting


  72. 289
    not a machine reloaded says:

    It perhaps may be the only time I will say this , but for a brief few minutes I actually had a bought of belief that Kevin Macguire had more integrity than I have given credit for , for tonight on sky news papers review in the face of hacking allegations at the Mirror , which he obviously wasnt going to comment on , he informed that he left the Daily Mirror when Peirs Morgan took over by choice . I perhaps admired that in the grand scheme of things through the Peirs years even the devout lefty ,took a quite difficult choice , strange world .


  73. 299
    catsup kitty says:

    It seems the media are deservedly getting kicking from other media outlets is this just showing us plebs that they care for us or are they looking after themselves as the storm of sh*t is flying from the fan, the public want answers that they were supposed to provide but instead colluded with the establishment in keeping their mouths shut as to what was going on.


  74. 302
    Tron says:

    “Just the women” line in Panorama will be the downfall of the Beeb.

    No evidence, “Just the women”.


  75. 310
    The Greater Crime says:

    Recall Barry Leveson.

    The News of the World was only listening to a young girl’s voicemail, while at the same time underage girls were being shagged and defiled at the BBC.


  76. 314
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Panorama – don’t you just not pick up on the way they [PTB] tried to pass it off to the Surrey plebs?


  77. 320
    Garry Glitter says:

    I want to be in the BBC underage gang bang.


  78. 325
    Entwistle says:

    Do you wannabee in my gang?.


  79. 333
    Not Kenneth Clark says:

    A blog by former child actor Ben Fellows alleges that the right dishonourable Kenneth Clarke MP, “groped his penis through his trousers” and tried to get him drunk but the Cabinet Office have made him redact Ken’s name from the blog. This Ben Fellows chap claims to have caught the whole thing on camera though.
    Also mentions Murdoch, Sky, Esther Rantzen and others.


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