October 19th, 2012

You Are Subsidising Andy Burnham’s Property Portfolio

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Andy Burnham is a rent-swapper. They accuse him of letting out a London home while renting another property in the capital at the taxpayers’ expense. It’s a bit odd given that the Guido did some digging around Burnham this morning and found that he has been claiming thousands of pounds worth of mortgage interest for his home on expenses. Either way a member of the Shadow Cabinet is taking public money to subsidise living in his London flat while renting out another London property at the same time. The people of Leigh should remember that in 2015. Many, many more to come…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Andy Bung-ham you mean?


  2. 2
    Helen Goodman says:

    He’s a poor widow, living on a pittance……….


  3. 3
    The Evidence M'Lud says:

    Land and Property

    Flat in London from which rental income is received. (Registered 29 June 2012)



  4. 5
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Guido is only having a go at him because he is a male. Guido is a sexist barsteward.


    • 8
      Fuct says:

      Guido is doing a fucking good job at routing out the throughers.

      Why are the MSM are so fucking lame when it comes to this sort of journalism?


    • 74
      Lady with Big boobies says:

      Pawn you do talk a load of Bollocks


      • 103
        Labour voters are sick in the Ed says:

        No he doesn’t L.W.B.B. Pawn Sandwich has made a very good point. Oh, and don’t expect the BBC to report on any of these MP filthers.


      • 107
        Gilbert Fiddler says:

        He really is one of the same approved school that bred gits like Sion Simon et al.

        Bunham’s only ‘commercial’ experience came from a little time in ‘work experience’ with some union, and this qualified him to become a minister for health with that arsehole Brown’s failed cabal.!

        Luckily, his spineless activities are now being looked at by far more powerful people than he is capable of dealing with, and as said here somewhere, a few well aimed clouts at his ugly face may well ensue while he tries to figure out where it all went wrong.

        These little jumped-up prats need some more thumps, and forget a bit of journalism, just get round to his place and give him a fucking good hiding.


  5. 6
    Winston says:

    Dave. Action this day!


    • 17
      The Toffee-nosed Tit in Number 10 says:

      I give you a cast iron guarantee that I will stop this. Just like I did in 2010.


      • 45
        Downing Street Spokesperson says:

        Unfair, CMD is only the PM and he has a lot of very important issues on his plate.

        Like gay marriage.
        Increasing our taxes and giving as much money as possible away to third world dictators.
        Destroying our energy capacity and de-funding the armed forces to pay for it.
        Building hundreds of thousands of houses on greenbelt and farmland ( sustainably of course ) so the imported millions will have somewhere nice to spend their benefits on.

        Maybe he will be on it as soon as he can, possibly after say, 2015?


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          I might as well tell you now, that your mates ED, ED, barney Mcgrew etc will not get in, in 2015. we have seen right through them after the damage they did for 13 years, and mentioning immigration, considering tony opened the floodgates is hilarious.


  6. 7
    Aaron D Highside says:

    Today just keeps getting better. Anything on Bryant?


    • 16
      Backwoodsman says:

      Fark, don’t mention him – I get flashbacks to ‘that’ photo !
      However, taken in conjunction with the internal bbc memo about managing their current problem (pbuh) and I agree, a satisfactory day.

      Then raise the scarlet standard high.
      Within its shade we’ll live and die,
      Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
      We’ll keep the expenses troughing here


    • 24
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Yes, a big Albanian rent boy going for it.


    • 80
      Lady with Big boobies says:

      Only that he is still a tosser


      • 100
        Where is my helmet says:

        He’s a mate of Tom Watson’s; both big on smearing others making out they are Mr Perfect. I have to laugh at Bryant being caught. What a sanctimonious twaat!


  7. 9
    Last Quango says:

    How can an mp afford a second property? Not inherited wealth is it?


  8. 10
    jgm2 says:

    He spends all the proceeds on make-up.


  9. 12
    WIKI says:

    The Daily Telegraph’s revelation of expenses claims by Members of Parliament showed that Burnham requested the Commons Fees Office for the £16,644 cost of renovations and work on a London flat he was buying. The claims, which included a new kitchen were at first rejected. Burnham had written three notes asking for the money to be paid, including one at Christmas 2005 complaining “Otherwise I might be in line for divorce!” Ultimately the Fees Office accepted the claim and reimbursed Burnham. The Fees Office refused to pay a June 2006 claim for mortgage interest which covered both the Lambeth flat and Burnham’s constituency home, and also a mortgage claim which included capital repayment. The rules allowed reimbursement of mortgage interest only and on one home at a time. Burnham also attempted to claim £19.99 for a bathrobe and £0.99 for a toothbrush from IKEA, which was rejected by officials; Burnham said it was a “genuine oversight



  10. 13
    Albert Hall says:

    The people of Leigh will have forgotten this within five minutes. They will then vote him back in at the appropriate time.


  11. 14
    Sob story says:

    Shortly before Christmas 2005, Mr Burnham even wrote to the fees office that he “might be in line for a divorce” if reimbursement for his expenses was not forthcoming within days.



  12. 18
    Dick Scratcher says:

    The people of Leigh are fucking morons.


  13. 20
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Our 650 MP’s are very entrepreneurial, they are pooling their cars and forming a car rental company.

    HoC Car Hire Ltd.

    To cover them for their losses they will be given allowances to hire a vehicle in place of the one they have lost.

    I am just telling you this now before shorty gets his D notice in.


  14. 25
    nellnewman says:

    Are you saying that he is claiming rent and mortgage payments? Surely that’s not legal?


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      He could claim mortgage payments up to August this year. Presumably, when that was no longer possible, he started claiming rent.


  15. 27
    Hertz van Rental MP says:

    Here in The Netherlands, we share beds as well.


  16. 30
    The weirdie beardie party says:

    A former Liberal Democrat candidate for Parliament has been found guilty of 25 counts of fraud at Coventry Crown Court following a Sky News investigation. Dr Vincent McKee, 56, used his national tutorial agency, ICUT, to get clients’ credit and debit card details, then he systematically raided their accounts. Some of the fraud against students took place when he was running for election to become MP for Coventry North West in 2010, while campaigning against tuition fees.


    • 114
      The savant says:

      Did you misspell his company name…

      Did you omit an extra. Consonant …..say….the letter. .. N


  17. 33
    Anonymous says:

    The excuse given on the world at one, is that the mortgage repayments are more than the new allowance. I dont really understand that. Could there be an element of truth in it. (i dont thinkso, but want to be fair.)


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      If they cannot afford the mortgages why don’t they sell up and move into cheaper property. The rest of us have to.


      • 47
        Archer Karcher says:

        The rules the rest of us are forced to live by, do not apply to westminster parasites.


        • 54
          Tent dweller says:

          Then they must have unnecessarily large properties for their job, considering that mortgage rates are at an all time low and they will in most cases have bought well before the 2007 peak in house prices!


          • The savant says:

            I do not. Understand any of it .

            If you have a mortgage worth. Say 200. And the new rules only give you say 150 then arithmetic ally you can no longer afford to pay the 200.

            So…you rent the place out for say 250 which allows you to pay the original 200 plus a 50 profit .

            Yes. ….. But where are you going to rent something for 50 unless its a shoebox ????


          • Slimy Chuck-a-Butty says:

            savant, you dont rent something for 50, you rent another pad for 250 which the taxpayers pay for.

            So you get your mortgage paid and your rent paid and you have 50 quid in yer pocket.


  18. 35
    Pigs says:

    If you wish to let Linda Riordan know what you think of her troughing, email her: riordanl@parliament.uk

    Her office number is: 01422 251800

    Or you can contact her through her website:



  19. 37
    LOL says:


  20. 39
    Got a new crayon says:

    Doesn’t their Green colouring in book say that their expenses have to appear beyond reproach or something like that?


  21. 41
    LOL says:


  22. 49
    Mr N Griffin says:

    I coughed up a big lump of phlegm onto the pavement.

    My mate said, “That’s looks just like the Prophet Mohammed.”

    I said, “Yeah, it’s a spitting image.”


  23. 53
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised by all this. The political class are basically a bunch of self-serving spivs who have no interest in taking responsibility for the people they are supposed to represent. They sit idly by while the EU grabs more and more power and waste ever increasing amounts of money on witless projects such as wind farms and international aid where much ends up in the pockets of the corrupt and well-connected.

    Whilst many of the members of the main parties are stupidly tribal on most issues they immediately unite when their pampered and privileged lifestyle is threatened by public scrutiny. Loyalty to the political class it seems trumps party, public interest and the responsible use of public money.

    Cnuts to a man and woman they deserve nothing more than our contempt.


    • 55
      A student says:

      Good precis of the British Consitution!


      • 65
        Tiger Tiger says:

        There should be a body to examine the financial affairs of politicians and senior bureaucrats and generals, to check that they and their associates did not make any financial benefit beyond basic salaries, before during or after their time in office. All crooks should be eliminated from the body politic, preferably by hanging them and their scummy lawyers. We know the current crowd are a bunch of s.h.i.t.s They should be flushed out, not allowed to be flush with our money.


    • 72
      Tristram Smallbore-ffipps senior says:

      And Guido is absolutely the right man to expose them – being a self serving spiv…..


  24. 56
    Andy Burnham. MP's Advice Centre says:

    Looks a nice place. LOL



  25. 57
    Scrounging and meddling fuds allowed says:



  26. 58
    Good night children, everywhere! Now then, now then! Steptoe and Son! says:


  27. 59
    grumpybumburp says:

    Vote UKIP and march the lot of them out

    We have nothing left to lose

    Good stuff Guido and any bets on how long it will take for the BBC to go with this ?


    • 69
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Those who voted for crooks should be disfranchised at the next election. The crooks should be executed and their party organizations disbanded. If there were only honest people voting for honest candidates political life would improve – which is why it will not be allowed to happen.


      • 124
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        I live in Sadiq Khan’s constituency – the place would be a wasteland if we applied those rules – LOL.

        The sleazy spiv is Shadow Attorney General FFS


  28. 61
    MB. says:

    “A man who disrupted this year’s University Boat Race has been jailed for six months for causing a public nuisance.”

    Unfortunately nothing about deporting him after he is released.


  29. 63
    GUBU says:

    They do do that thought don’t they though…


  30. 66
    moby dick says:

    anyone get the feeling no one gives a monkeys about leveson anymore


    • 89
      Gawd Help Us says:



    • 97
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Well, they’re playing the whole thing down so the Report, when released (which you’d expect should be any time now), will be a headline story. If everyone were talking about it, all the “findings of fact” and “recommendations,” apart from “Hang Murdoch!”, would seem small beer, as in “Is that all?” Rt Hon Lord Justice Leveson: “Oh dearie me, these sorts of things just won’t do– naughty, naughty, now say you’re sorry and that you’ll behave from now on, and we’ll say no more about it– except YOU, Mr Septic Digger, we’re not quite finished with YOU yet…” Unfortunately for the life of Brian, he’s been overtaken by a scandal having emerged which highlights the incestuous nature of how (print and broadcast) Media, Plod, and politicians took care of each other and never lifted a rock under which a viper was hiding, which sort of nonfeasance, “as it happens,” was within Brian’s remit. Now then, now then, what’s going to happen?


  31. 71
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps senior says:

    I see UKIP Guido is doing the bidding of his paymasters again and barring posts from anyone who dares question him – so I have to amend my handle for the second time in a week. Keep trying Guido. No better than the troughers and tossers are you – or can’t you control your modders?


  32. 75
    Hoaxed says:

    ITV has admitted that This Morning was the victim of a hoax following a story about a new celebrity sperm bank. CEO Dan Richards discussed FameDaddy, the “first celebrity sperm donor service”. But the broadcaster said it now appears Mr Richards did not run the website but was “an actor working for a TV production company”. ITV has apologised to viewers who were “deliberately misled by this stunt”.

    FameDaddy’s website states its “soon-to-launch service” will offer a list of “celebrity donors from the worlds of sport, entertainment and finance – all leaders in their fields, with a proven track record of success”. Its sample donors includes “a rock star with annual earnings of £40m and an aristocrat in the House of Lords with an income of £5-10m”.


  33. 77
    Euroslave says:

    Usually wholly supportive of this blog but what is all the fuss about?
    We elect MPs from distant constituencies and require them to spend a lot of time in London. Expenses wholly incurred in working and living in London are allowable. If I have a property in Wales and rent it out so what? If I have a place in London and rent it out again so what? Are we saying all MPs with a property in London MUST live in it and incur no expenses? If so they will all sell up and buy in Wales (or wherever) and we the public are no better off.


    • 81
      reports from behind says:

      the proper location of pariament is Milton Keynes


    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      But surely we shouldnt have to pay a mortgage or rent for an MP who already has a property he could live in ? We arent talking about the property being rented out before the MP needed it, but a scam that has arisen this year apparently.


      • 109
        Euroslave says:

        I argue we should give all out of London MPs the same daily allowance, plus receipted travelling expenses. If they have a London property and choose to live in it then they get the expenses. If they choose to rent it out and use the expenses to rent another property then so what – cost to us is the same.

        All MPs are expected to have a property in their constituency or near it to be maintained at their cost.

        All MPs are expected to have admin assistance to be paid for by us and if they choose to emply their wives, partners or whoever then we should not care provided they are suitably qualified.

        I despise MPs troughing in so many other ways but this at least to me is within what we should expect.


  34. 79
    a non says:

    Unfair Guido.
    Revelations like the above will cause Andy’s mascara to run.
    Have you no heart?


  35. 83
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the betting that these MP’s haven’t moved properties at all. It will be a swap on paper only.


  36. 88
    Halifax voter says:

    Halifax MP Mrs Riordan also employs her partner as a senior researcher, with taxpayers paying his salary of up to £42,500 a year. Nice to know you keep it in the family theeving bouffanted baitch.


  37. 93
    MajorFrustration says:

    I do hope that all MPs who are renting out have told their mortage providers – usually when a property passes from owners use to rental income the mortgage comapny ups that interest rate.


  38. 96
    Kitty Fiddlers says:

    They’re at it again. I thought “lessons had been learned”.


  39. 120
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Burnham, just like Bryant, is lying scum.


  40. 121
    keredybretsa says:

    I mean they’ve got a nice little fiddle going on between them. Pay my mortgage I’ll pay yours and it goes on exes and the tax payers pay us. Now if this little dodge gets closed down wait for the next one. Won’t be long. heftier farts all round!!


  41. 125
    evad666 says:

    It really is high time the Labour members woke up to the arrogance of thjeir political representatives. Justw atch the BBC focus on the spin out of Labour HQ.


  42. 131
    My MP also steals says:

    This dodgy arrangement certain MPs are embroiled in, its interesting when you identify the dates they chose to activate this arrangement. If it was after the practice of claiming mortgage repayments was ended. This would determine beyond any reasonable doubt it was never a ‘misunderstanding or within in the rules’ defence, its prima facie attempting to defraud. A criminal act and as such be tried in a court of law as the MPs were in previous cases of expenses fraud.


  43. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Read the the truth on Burnhams twitter before coming out with all your bile but I suspect the truth wont fit your bitter minds!!!!


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