October 19th, 2012

+ + + Sir George Young Returns as Chief Whip + + +

Yet another job for an Old Etonion.


  1. 1
    Tuscan Tony says:

    He must be about as old as a chinese egg. Good luck to the fellow of course.

  2. 2
    OnBenefits says:

    Another toff?

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      Anonymous says:

      “Twelve people have been injured in a series of hit-and-runs in Cardiff which have led to the arrest of a van driver.

      Both adults and children were hurt, and the 31-year-old man is in custody after a number of collisions in the Ely and Leckwith areas.

      Eyewitnesses have said pedestrians were deliberately targeted by someone driving a van in five or six locations.

      The A&E department at the University Hospital of Wales is shut to anyone not involved in the incident.”

      Mitchell was pedestrian once, was he deliberately targetted too?

      • 124
        HenryV says:

        You know what will happen now don’t you? They will ban cars. Or restrict them to certain engine sizes and weights. Cars are evil. Those who say cars are just tools and it is humans who kill humans are in league with the Devil. You know the sort. They are probably white, male, employed, no criminal record, and heterosexual. The bastards. BAN CARS! CARS KILL!

      • 245
        Anonymous says:

        I think you are on to something, it will be interesting to see if a pattern emerges. Milliband has really gone down in my estimation over this. (admittedly, he was never very high ) hounding somebody out of his job, nice.

  3. 3
    anonymous says:

    Is he a virgin?.

  4. 4
    Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    So much ‘not a pleb’ that he wouldn’t dream of calling anybody one.

  5. 5
    dunstall says:

    A safe pair of hands but two weeks too late

  6. 7
    Fish says:

    So what if he went to Eton? He’s a good bloke

    • 34
      CEO Sense says:

      I too am sick of this anti-Eton / ambition / wealth disease that plagues us these days. Does my head in.

      • 127
        bucephalus grime says:

        Yeah, rite man, i wuz idukated at eton didnt do me any arm

      • 249
        Anonymous says:

        Its jealousy, usually people who over reached themselves borrowing (if truth be told ) now they mouth off to cover their own stupidity. (in my experience )

    • 38
      Ted says:

      Lets see if the Police Federation have any dirt on this latest one or maybe there’s a little something in the News International archive ready for a rainy day. I’m sure together they can do the legs of this one if they put their minds to it.

      • 47
        UKIP.i.am says:

        Lets hope he doesn’t need hospital treatment. I am sure there will be some arsehole there with a grudge against the Tories.

      • 122
        R Sole says:

        A safe pair of hands but not a particularly good driver when he has had a drop or two. Plod have already nabbed him in 1987 for this. good job they didn’t have tasers then.

      • 125
        HenryV says:

        Police Federation? You mean the shadow HQ for the national police service ACPO don’t you?

        • 225
          Archer Karcher says:

          +1 As with most things, people are looking at the pointing finger, rather than what it is pointing towards.

  7. 8
    illogical says:

    Never in the field of human endeavor concerning reporting media gossip and facts has it been known that Guido and Neo have ever worked past 6.00pm.
    Have the pubs run dry?

    • 27
      Anon Voter LMFHO says:

      Unbelievable, as Victor used to say I step out for a couple of hours & the shi*t is

      flying around in all directions……….

      I didn’t realise that so many of the Tof*fs & pseudo To*ffs in & around SW1 all

      seem to be positively effected by the Rodney Trotter syndrome…….

      what a right bunch of fcuking plonkers they all are……………

      All we need now is the Dave & Beccy e-mails to be slipped out……along with

      more details on all of the Rent Swaps……

      But Mr Ed of course will take the immoral high ground with One Nation one

      complete utter balls up by a bunch self serving egotistic righteous thieving

      pimps…..liars….. & leeches…….NEXT one please

  8. 9
    Tooth fairy says:

    “In 1982, Young and his children appeared on a British Rail poster alongside Jimmy Savile[citation needed] to promote new measures to allow people to take their bicycles on trains more easily.” Wiki

    Just saying !

  9. 10
    Bus Stop says:

    A good man. He should have had the job in the first place.

    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      indeed a good and polite man. he would never behave like Mitchell

      • 39
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        Yes, I met him a few years back. A very courteous man.

        I’m not sure he did a great job of the railway privatisation though.

        • 270
          sekwaf odiug says:

          Too quick, too fast, too quick, too fast, too quick, too fast, too quick, too fast
          Just thought it would get that in, first big casualty, Railtrack

    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      So to recap all the information so far posted:

      Sir George is a very polite man but he made a total hash of Rail Privatisation ruining that old much loved national treasure known as British Rail.

      He has a connection to Jimmy Savile and is a convicted Drink Driver.

      He is also just like Mitchell an Old Etonian.

      • 264

        Mitchell an Etonian? Public Schools do not get much more plebian than Rugby. THen Mitchell spent a teenage year in the Army before going to Cambridge. Hence the Police Federation charge of “Eton and Bullingdon and disrespect for the Plod by calling them a Pleb” was never credible. But hence also his unsuitability for Chief Whip (requires Francis Urquhart, alias Ted Heath or John Major, not Tom Brown nor Flashman).

  10. 11
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

    Cameron sensibly draws the wagons into a tight circle.

    While Guido agitates the circling rabble.

    Guess who’ll win.

    • 55
      illogical says:

      No idea.
      Guido has his DUEMA -Don’t unseat ED.Mili.Assoc
      Neo Guido had his DUAMA – Do unseat Andy Mitchell.Assoc
      And people say you cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

    • 272
      sekwaf odiug says:

      No wheels on my wagon and I’m not rolling along………….The Cherokees…

  11. 12
    Should be a cracker says:

    Sally Bercow, Bob Crow, Sally Bercow and Anna Soubry on Any Questions now.

  12. 14
    moby dick says:

    What happens when the PM runs out of Etonians?

  13. 16
    Abraham Lincoln says:

    Government of the Etonians, by the Etonians, for the Etonians.

    • 107
      Mary Todd Lincoln says:

      Which goes to show, Abe honey, you CAN fool SOME of the people ALL of the time. Now, about my charge account at Garfinckel’s…

    • 140
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Assissinations and conspiracies:

      Page 154 “For a hundred years John Wilkes Booth was America’s most notorious assassin, but he led two lives. He was the leading conspirator who succeeded in murdering perhaps the greatest president the United States ever had, but he was also a much-admired actor; it is often forgotten that, unlike Lee Harvey Oswald, he was a well-known figure on another stage, even a minor public figure, before he killed the president.

      Like many actors before and since, Booth came from a theatrical family. His father, Junius Brutus Booth, emigrated from England in 1821 and made a big name for himself on the American stage.”

      Actors! Barristers & Lawyers – not much difference.

  14. 18
    Aunty Matter says:

    I notice the pigs federation have been very quiet over a couple of their mongs tasering a blind man.

    And the pigs wonder why the public wouldn’t piss on them if on fire.

    Here’s a tip to the pig forces around the Country. Shut the fuck up and concentrate on catching rapists, murderers, thieves and terrorists.

    Fucking bell ends.

    • 21
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Most of the thieves are in the House of Commons.

    • 22
      Bill D'Sarse says:

      … but call one of them a pleb and they unleash the dogs of war (well a couple of 70′s throwbacks that don’t call themselves a union, we’re a fedration dontchaknow).

  15. 23
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Just wait until Sir George cycles up to Downing Street and waits for the plodsters to open them….

  16. 24
    Alec Douglas-Home says:

    In 1987 Young was banned from driving after being caught drink driving. It was reported that he smashed into a motorway barrier and continued on until stopped by police.

  17. 25
    Madabootcoos says:

    He’ll have to move onto old Harrovians

  18. 28
    Carlos says:

    The appointment of Sir George Young is one of Call-me-Dave’s better decisions. Sir George is an effective operator and is greatly respected by all sides in Parliament.

    Unlike Gideon Osborne, he wouldn’t dream of trying to defraud Virgin Rail by sitting in a first-class carriage with only a standard-class ticket.

    • 43
      The Big Man says:

      So what are you saying? He’d try and hide in the toilet near the buffet car?

    • 48
      Pleb ticket collector says:

      If you buy a pleb class ticket sir,then you have to travel pleb class.You must be either thick or dishonest . Or is it both?P

      • 56
        UKIP.i.am says:

        Never heard of passengers upgrading to first class, have you? You’d think this was the first time in history anyone had ever upgraded their seat. FFS this is getting absurd.

        • 90
          Charles says:

          There was an ITN reporter present on the train. She spoke to the guard who told her that Osborne and co had demanded to stay in first class without any additional payment. They paid up only after arguing the toss,

          • The History Man says:

            Gideon said the same to Merkel. Travelling 2nd Class in Europe and not paying into the Banking fund. Von Rompuy, the guard, is having none of it.

            You’ll see the size of the bill soon enough

        • 110
          Expat Geordie says:

          I have. The train from Poole/Bournemouth to Waterloo occasionally has announcements that you can upgrade to First Class. Usually it is the old “Weekend First” but I have heard it mid-week.

      • 59
        Blowing Whistles says:

        A simpler explanation encompassing thick and dishonest is – oh you must be an MP.

        • 222
          Sobvious innit says:

          Has anybody else ever had a discussion with a member of a railway company about such matters? Surely the inspector should have told her to mind her own business. He deserves a good bollocking too.

  19. 29
    Mungo says:

    Alec Douglas-Home says … “In 1987 Young was banned from driving after being caught drink driving. It was reported that he smashed into a motorway barrier and continued on until stopped by police.”

    Very insensitive to mention such things in Guido’s presence.

    • 142
      Sid says:

      So to recap all the information so far posted:

      Sir George is a very polite man but he made a total hash of Rail Privatisation ruining that old much loved national treasure known as British Rail.

      He has a connection to Jimmy Savile and is a convicted Drink Driver.

      He is also just like Mitchell an Old Etonian.

    • 275
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      It St.Mungo the Smug?

  20. 36
    John Page says:

    Way more significant than Sir George being an Etonian (so’s Boris, voters evidently don’t care):

    1. He’s someone Dave had just sacked

    2. His style is likely to be the opposite of Thrasher’s

    What do these about turns tell us about Dave’s conviction in his own judgement?

  21. 44
    Archibald The Dog says:

    Look sorry to bring a bit of sense to this blog but Sir George is a thoroughly decent chap (I should know as I am a dog) and as previous Leader of the House was superb at batting away Angela Eagle. I can now sleep in peace knowing an adult is again in charge.

    • 49
      The Public says:

      Nonsense. Angela Eagle and the rest of her ilk were able to operate an evil oppressive regime. He just farted around in the House of Commons like the rest of our ‘ruling class’ while the rest of the country suffered miserably.

    • 51
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Who gives a flying feck if he is a decent chap? What government needs is not decent chaps but people who know what they are doing (other than fiddling their expenses, of which there are many experts). That excludes most MPs.

      • 63
        anonymous says:

        Point of order ukip.i.am, but I would say our Governments could do with a few decent chaps, even if they don’t know what they are doing, 1 out of 2 is all we can hope for these days.

        • 177
          blub says:

          incompetent and decent > incompetent and indecent
          incompetent and decent >>> competent and indecent

          the competently indecent ones are why we’re ruled from abroad by unelected, incompetent and indecent ex-maoists

    • 72
      not a machine reloaded says:

      In the grail cup dilemma , the PM has choosen wisely

  22. 60
    Hadrian (Emp.) says:

    You only get that which you pay for, minor plebian public schools are poor economy.
    Now, back to rebuilding that Wall to shut out Bravebelly.

  23. 62
    Guacamole Mandelson says:

    Hello boys

    I’m getting filthy rich with one of my oligarchs and his tame dictator in central asia

    Just to tell you that Mitchell is coming back to join us at Lazards

    No plebs in our neck of the woods if you know what I mean…

    • 71
      anonymous says:

      Blimey!, that reminds me, whatever happened to Sarumen of British politics?, The Hobbit coming out soon.

      • 86
        not a machine reloaded says:

        As architect of new Labour and a great deal of EU , probebly not happy how history has turned out …………….

    • 75
      nellnewman says:

      Bliar tonight is dining with that Kagame chap to discuss how to get £millions out of the UK to wage wars in Africa and plump up his trust funds!

      gordon is dining with that EU foreign minister person he appointed to discuss how to get monies out of eu for that gordon and sarah charity thingie that’s funding his lifestyle.

      Lovely people these labour troughers!

      • 119
        Expat Geordie says:

        Thanks Nell, but no-one is interested in that. Not when you can get a cabinet minister sacked for allegedly calling a policeman (was it a man?) a pleb.

        No, no-one’s interested in Tony and Gordons current (mis) adventures, are they?

        • 143
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Isn’t it strange / odd / bizzare [Not to some] how the whole of the political circus of journalists have remained ‘distinctly silent’ about the effing Copper – at the centre of this Plebgate debacle?

          One wonders about the actual pleb coppers – political leanings / sexual persuasions / blackmailability and how much he is going to make from his being handsomly PENSIONED off etc etc … It all stinks right into Rupees Front room.

  24. 65
    not a machine reloaded says:

    I think Lady Penelope will be pleased , well done Parker ….. FAB

  25. 66
    Joey Jones says:

    Why do these Hunts resign on a Friday night FFS?

    I had a cracking bird lined up to give a good piping tonight.

    Supposed I’ll have to stick it in Anna Botting in the stationery cupboard again.

    Ahhh well.

    • 74
      Lord Anji Boulton says:

      I prefer Sophy Ridge when I am on duty…

    • 77
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Now now just because Tom Smith , is Andrew Marr stunt double …..

      New Anna on sky papers is pretty smart , but previous Anna made Pearce and Mcguire show most fun paper review going .

      Clearly youve not seen Pippa in breakfast at tiffanys ,look …..

  26. 69
    lying pigs f says:

    I hope this is the final coda to a very boring comic opera.

  27. 70
    curious says:

    George Young?…..oh yes! he forced through the railway privatisation..pity really as Osborne could have announced ‘I own it…f”k off!)

  28. 73
    nellnewman says:

    Young is a safe pair of hands. Decent . Hardworking. I really couldn’t give a toss if he’s Eton!

    Would we rather have prezza? or someone of his ilk?!!!

    • 78
      not a machine reloaded says:

      My thoughts exactly Nell

      • 82
        nellnewman says:

        Exactly! I was mortified when margaretbecket became Foreign Minister and then gordon appointed THAT useless woman as EU Foreign Minister. Huge Embarrassment for the UK!!

        We need sensible, able People! And Young is all of that !

  29. 80
    nothingsfixed says:

    Is this the same Sir George Young that once said “the homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera”?

  30. 81
    UKIP.i.am says:

    A five minute rant on HIGNFY against Mitt Romney. Apparently Mitt is a stupid name. Unlike Barak. At least the BBC have given up the pretence of being balanced these days. And when they were going on about tax avoiders there was one glaring omission, the BBC itself.

    • 85
      nellnewman says:

      The beeb balanced? That’s a laugh!!

      • 221
        Selohesra says:

        Two weeks in row this programme has been a complete fail – have they changed the producers? It used to be one of the sharpest progs out their taking pop at all sides but the first two in this series purely focussed on supporting BBC agenda. i’ve cancelled series link so will unfortunately have to watch some dull cooking or home makeover prog that Mrs S wants

        • 234
          Gogglebox says:

          Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t watched the BBC for a couple of months now. There is nothing much on worth watching.

    • 89
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Oh I dont know, someone used to post on here as a USA contributor under the name of Chad Whacker , still musnt judge , he probebly was a nice guy .

    • 109
      Frankie Boyle says:

      The BBC is a Big Back Cock in a BBW.

    • 179
      blub says:

      The devil-nonce cometh.

    • 277
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      And don’t forget Hussein. That’s not silly, that’s scary.

  31. 84
    An Etononion, fuming, says:

    You’re all a Shower, – that’s what you are, a Rotten Shower! Well I’m going to jolly well make you pay for this!

    • 87
      nellnewman says:

      You are of course talking about the beeb shower and their protection of savile as they have helped him through the years to abuse many children. Rotten indeed!!

    • 93
      not a machine reloaded says:

      with what , after Labour compulsory treasure emptying policy , with what …..

  32. 91
    George Young says:

    I ordered a meal at McDonalds and got asked if I wanted to go large.

    So I pulled out a couple of light sticks and popped an E.

  33. 94
    dunstall says:

    I hope this doent take the steam out of the rent swap issue we want the names of all these thieving bastARDS

  34. 95
    Moby dick says:

    does he like boris?

  35. 96
    Grollace says:

    You heard the story of the three little piggies that sat together and copied the same story between them for homework?
    Well the teacher next day spotted the collusion and told them – never, ever, to do it again! What naughty piggies in this made-up story.
    (Teacher realised the collusion by the same order of words, together with the same correct spelling of all those grown-up words).
    What clever teachers we have, but what a pity they don’t tell off grown ups too!
    End of this totally made-up story.
    What a relief!

  36. 98
    anonymous says:

    • 120
      Tom Watson MP says:

      Very funny. I went to King Charles the First Grammar School in Kidderminster, which was actually a comprehensive by the time I went there in the 80′s. And it wasn’t the kind of comprehensive Ed Miliband went to, either. I didn’t go to Eton or one of those posh schools, and I still became a big-time politician. What’s that old adage about silk purses, again?

      • 139
        anonymous says:

        I went to school in the sixties, It was called a County Secondary School so spare me the sob stories, , “I still became a big-time politician” how much of other peoples money have managed to rip of today then?.

      • 188
        Lou Scannon says:

        Socialists always make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse.

  37. 100
    nellnewman says:

    What was the name of that man again? Who said ‘We’ve spent all your money – there’s none left?’

    • 101
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Liam Bryne …..

      • 102
        nellnewman says:

        That’s him!

        So who cares what education Young had only so long as it means he can do a good job – Well and Honestly!

        • 104
          nellnewman says:

          Truth is others educated in the comprehensive system could do a good job too – unfortunately for labour they seem to attract criminals or con merchants out for themselves – who have no interest in public service only self service like andyburnham etc!!

  38. 105
    Spineless Dave says:

    So why the fook didn’t Dave resign him in the first place?

  39. 106
    nellnewman says:

    At least Young will not be throwing expletives at people. That is a definite improvement!!

  40. 111
    Mitchell puts in writing that the police are lying. says:

    So Mitchell in his awful resignation letter is calling the policemana liar?

    This is not the end of the story and could result in him standing down as an MP.

    • 117
      Camoron is a useless pile of crap says:

      Hmm. All police are shit. All politicians are shit. Question: which is shittier?

      It’s a tricky one.

    • 133
      Police liars says:

      Yeah like imagine a police officer ever lying! Like imagine they caused a stadium disaster and then tried to pin it on the 96 people they just murdered and kept the pretence up for 23 years.

      • 144
        Blowing Whistles says:

        + 96 x 23

      • 171
        not a machine reloaded says:

        Yes by why didnt Labour do anything for the 13 yrs when in office on Hillsborough I mean cabinet was stuffed full of layers and bankers or for that matter on peado crime accuracy …. missing so many

    • 237
      Judge Dreadful says:

      Or it could result in the policeman been found a liar if the matter comes to court. Unlike the public, most judges have experience of coppers who tell fibs.

  41. 115
    Spinal damage says:

    Who the hell is he?

  42. 121
    Mad mitchells pissed off bike says:

    Here,s hoping mate.

    • 135
      Expat Geordie says:

      /I miss the original “Mad Mitch”. War hero, war reporter and Tory MP. A man denied .the spoils of war because he re-took the Crater in Aden (with the help of Royal Marine snipers) and upset our beloved PM Comrade Wilson. If our beloved Harold hadn’t handed Aden over to the Arabs/communists the world would be a much safer place today. You could even argue that by abandoning Aden/South Yemen, Wilson was ultimately responsible for 9/11.

      • 147
        david says:

        I’m more inclined to think it was Thacther and Reagan supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan with weapons to oust the Russians that led to 9/11 myself.

        I served in Aden the day I left that shit hole was the best day of my life.

  43. 126
    Moby dick says:

    Newsnight bbc

    Big Swinging Dick


  44. 129
    Miss Direction says:

    More of a diversion from rancid crap.

  45. 130
    Article 38 says:


    Lots of dots, is there a pattern that joins them?

  46. 132
    Jack the Students Wankst@in says:

    Want to bet he is a useless trougher?

  47. 141
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Does the job come with a bike?

  48. 146
    Alex says:

    Funny thing is when Young’s seat in Ealing was due to disappear in the mid-90′s, he was parachuted into a safe seat in NW Hants (where he had no connections) with the sponsorship/ support/ fixing/ connivance of the retiring MP who just so happened to be Andrew Mitchell’s dad.

  49. 148

    George Entwistle was told the BBC had issued repeated misleading statements by Liz MacKean. Therefore Entwistle became part of the cover-up.

    Mark Thompson claimed During my time as director general of the BBC, I never heard any allegations or received any complaints about Jimmy Savile. He was DG at the time Newsnight investigation was dropped. He is clearly a lying bastard and, if not then he was unworthy of his £850,000 salary, the highest of any public employee at the time.

    Thompson left the BBC earlier than expected and left the UK too. Did he foresee this scandal looming up and jump ship to save his skin?

    • 149
      Morris says:

      Pussy cat’ You can’t say ‘clearly’ and ‘if not’ in the same sentence and make sense.

      Either it was clear or it was not clear.

      • 151

        You are quite correct, Morris. I typed the first bit as a complete sentence and then, out of deference to our host’s responsibility for the site, added the second part as a fall back position. I should have removed the word.

        I stand by the sentiment though and believe that the BBC needs to be completely refashioned, preferably out of public ownership, after this prolonged and major failing by its successive leadership who have been hell bent on self-preservation over any pretence of moral propriety.

        • 158
          annonymous says:

          Pardon?, you mean high time we got shut of the \Huntry file once are for all.

          • If there are any alive who need to face justice over their role in this episode, whether directly or otherwise, clearly (definitely this time!) this should happen.

            If there was ever an example that the BBC Trust/BBC arrangement simply does not work satisfactorily, then this is it. Accordingly the whole apparatus needs to be swept away. I favour a public floatation for the programme making parts and possibly a retention of the World Service as a completely separate entity. We need a paydown of public debt and £25bn or so would be very welcome.

      • 154
        Your Friendly Neighbourhood Jump-To-Cat's-Defence Service says:

        Oh, give the Cat a break, he’s half seas over as you’d expect any good expatriate Englishman to be at midnight of a Friday-into-Saturday. Sometimes the syntax slips in the making of one of his obscure points when he’s had a snootful of single malt. We know what he’s saying, for the love of Christ: Mark Thompson was a waste of space who was either mendacious or incompetent and in any event didn’t deserve his 850 large.

      • 156
        annonymous says:

        Dear morris minor, perfectly clear to me , perhaps a lying bastard, or not, but in receipt of £850,000 per annum, I would happily make up a few porkies all day for a fraction of that cost.

      • 207

        I am sure that Guido will want to thank all the Trots and other misfits for boosting his blogging figures during the night.

        Ironic that they are helping to line his pocket…

        • 232
          Waltzing Matilda says:

          Cat, not all of us live in the UK time zone, so we have to add out 3pennyworth during the dark hours. That’s why everybody should re-read the entire thread the following morning to catch up with our overnight contributions before going off on one when they switch on again. It is not unusual to find our contributions repeated separately towards the foot of the post when folk omit to do this.

          Must say that I do enjoy catching up with your pearls when I deign (ie find the time) to log in again.

  50. 150
    No smoke without fire says:

    Guido writes.

    ‘Sunday papers were also getting very close on another aspect of Mitchell’s life…’

    Is this the real reason why he has gorn?

  51. 152
    Tom Watson 2007 says:

    I’m trying to find out more about a company called Flying Lion Ltd. Do you know this company or can you point me in the right direction?


  52. 160
    • 183
      Lou Scannon says:

      What Dave needs to do is stop driving people to drink in the first place.

    • 228

      Well as “we’re all in this together” maybe we should all pop round to Dave’s place and sample a few bottles that We have bought for the troughing bastards


      First class rail tickets , and a First class wine cellar

    • 244
      A wino says:

      To be honest, I am also fed up with these offers. They do my head in. I wish the supermarkets would post up the correct price of their wines and leave them alone, instead of doubling the prices and then doing this silly 2 for £12 offers a week later. The only solution to all this confusion is to stick tothe 2litre plastic bottles of cider.

  53. 165
    anonymous says:

    Officer Down!, Pleb! attack, he is looking very weak, if he gets called a complete c*nt as well he could go into cardiac arrest, but not before contacting ACPO.

  54. 167
    not a machine reloaded says:

    mmm quite a mixed bag on Mitchel character , form best Overseas minister ever, to vaccuous ambition merchant with quite a few injured colleagues used to get there .

    Oh well that story now over , slightly bemused by incomplete story on train trouble we all thought the £150 odd was for an upgrade from standard to first , as Sky news papers review inadvertantly revealed , there is fine for wrong class ticket of about same ammount , so was it upgrade or was it fine ?? if upgrade from Wilmslow to Lon EUS being at was off peak , seems very expensive …..

    Still looks like been a nice day , go for walk or whatever only Eds and Unions march against the cuts to watch …… what a delightfull gathering of bongo drums and less for more that will be , Len fixed it for me ….

  55. 173
    blub says:

    Young always struck me as a more pukka Etonian though. You could imagine him going over the top first. You can’t imagine the others doing that. They’d be s**king off the generals as far behind the lines as possible.

  56. 175
  57. 181
    albacore says:

    So, the guy’s one more of them patricians?
    Well, ain’t the job to whip politicians?
    Such sadomasochistic deviance
    Ain’t for the likes of rustic plebeians

    • 182
      The Buck stops here says:

      It’s a disgrace really.

      Everyone in Westminster including the Westmister press knew this was actually about his shagging habbits but they all chose not to report it.

      Was it fear of Brian?

  58. 185
    They only come out at night says:

  59. 186
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve just made the acquaintance of a gentleman named “Old Mr Scratch” (he tells me I can call him “Ned”), a gentleman with a long blond wig, with a big cigar, wearing an athletics warmup suit and wearing rose-tinted spectacles. He tells me he can fix it for me to become the PM again. I told him, “Ned, you remind me of Jimmy Savile,” to which Old Scratch informed me that Savile had stolen his routine, even after all he had done for Jimmy– but anyway, I told him, “I’m not one of Savile’s children, you know– you get nothing for nothing in this world, laddiebuck, what must I give you in return?” “Oh, just your immortal soul, Mr Brown.”
    To cut it short, I made the deal, and I know I’ve got the better of it– when I die, he’s going to come for my soul– and there won’t be one! Mwahahaha!

  60. 187
    D LaDeaction says:

    Andrew Mitchell ‘felt he had no choice but to go’.
    He really is a bit slow, isn’t he ? Just about everyone else knew that a month ago.
    That’s yet another nail in Dave’s coffin.

    • 246
      The public says:

      The thing about people who hang around in Westminster is that they don’t get out and about much.

  61. 189
    Good job Fatbutt ain't around says:

  62. 190
    Anonymous says:

    highlights the appallingly empty barrel at the disposal of cu-nt cameron hey

    what a shower of fucking doombrain etonian tosspots

    • 208
      UKIP.i.am says:

      But it was the incompetent Tory party itself which chose him as leader. They couldn’t have done much worse by drawing lots and picking one from all the MPs at the time.

  63. 191
    Come in Dave, your time's up says:

  64. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Plebsgate: one of the few scandals actually involving a gate.

    • 214
      Well it's a thought says:

      Scandal?, it’s just an argument kicked off by an arrogant overbearing tw*t, who thinks he’s above the people who are forced to pay him whilst they are serving him, he got what he deserved, but no doubt he’ll be returned in a few months to carry on being an obnoxious tosser, he’s lost any value he had PR wise and deserves to go.

  65. 193
    Anonymous says:

    well who’d have thunk it, eh?

    Cameron kicks off the week with his comments about fuel prices – about which nobody else knew anything – surprise!!!
    Then we have the Brookes email nonsense and our Dave getting angry and rude at PMQs
    Not to be outdone Dave’s star turn ‘Thrasher’Mitchell calls it a day because he far too good for the plebs
    And surprise surprise wee Georgie Osborne fucks up his train fare.

    Not a very good few days for our enigmatic leader, the head of the upper fourth caught with his pants down, again, oh how I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    In fact I’m still laughing now, rolling all over the floor kicking my legs in the air, laugh laugh laugh ….

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer C’UNT – fuck off Cameron, fuck off NOW

    • 194
      Anonymous says:


      Where’s Grant Shapps when you need him ……???


    • 195
      Time's up, Dave, you waste of space says:

      It’s like Ben Brogan says – a bunch of amateurs playing at government.

      • 198
        UKIP.i.am says:

        That just about sums up every government since Thatcher.

        • 199
          UKIP.i.am says:

          Never forget that politicians are in the public sector so it should come as no surprise they are all fecking useless.

          • A reporter from the Daily Planet says:

            The debate Labour have called in Parliament next week should be interesting viewing .

            Sunday papers may be worth a read too .

  66. 196
    Not David Battenburg says:

  67. 200
    National Council for Civil Liberties says:

    “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage… The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.”

    National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) evidence to the Criminal Law Revision Committee, 1976.

  68. 203
    Synic says:

    Never mind the Eat Onion school, he is yet another Oxford PPE graduate. Both the Tory and Labour hierarchy are crawling with these fxckers. No wonder the U.K. is in terminal decline.

    • 248
      Pol Pot says:

      Oxford PPE has done for this country in a less spectacular but just as effective way as politics at the Sorbonne did for Cambodia

  69. 204
    Guido(I love the Nevis tax regime) says:

    I urge all Libertarians to join me today as we march shoulder to shoulder on the TUC demo in London.

    Thank you comrades.

    • 206
      UKIP.i.am says:

      What do we want? Predistribution.
      When do we want it? Yesterday.

      • 209

        I am sure that Guido will want to thank all the Trots and other misfits for boosting his blogging figures overnight.

        Ironic that they are helping to line his pocket…

      • 212
        Spot says:

        Labour party announce that the £1.1iT deficit has been cleared yesterday due to the glourious effect of Predistribtion, todays march in the capitol has been cancelled.

        • 220
          Realist says:

          Not enough people are doing real productive work. The banks and financial services sector just churns phantom money, producing nothing. The public sector wxnkers just stand in a great circle wiping each others arses in a caring PC manner. We are in the shit and sinking brothers and sisters!

          • Spot says:

            Spot on Realist.
            None of the tossers in charge listen, if the guys in the IoD can’t get thru to their “supposed” alies in political terms in the gov what chance do the likes of the Fed of small Business have.

    • 215
      Sir Merv (soon to be Lord Threadneedle) says:

      How much cash would you like Comrades? 10 Grand each? 100 Grand? No problem, I’ll get the lads in the Bank of England Forge to Q.E. it for you today.
      In the meantime just keep on with your unproductive public service pretend work, and ignore the deficit and Debt.
      You are all ignorant fxckers who deserve what’s coming to you.

  70. 205

    Wheres the Saturday 7 up Plebs ?

  71. 210
    The Dirty Rat says:

    The man who described the homeless as “those people you step over when leaving the Opera”.

    Thrasher mark 1.

  72. 211

    I’m sure that these troughing bastards were told by Camoron that they should not automatically travel first class , and should only do so if they got a free upgrade ?

    “We’re all in this together ”

    Camoron must feel like he has Saddam Hussein as his PR man

    • 216
      Spot says:

      Blue labour Blair managed to get over the effect of his wife getting a fine for not paying for her rail ticket, didnt go to well for the trainguard though in the end.

    • 217
      Well it's a thought says:

      It’s getting too close to tell if Camoron or Brown is the winner of letting the most crap from his toadies hit the publicity fan, it tells you how much control they both have/had over these inept, money grabbing tossers, leaders maybe they are in La La land but in this land never..

    • 229
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Apparently Osborne paid for the upgrade out of his own pocket. The big story is that Osborne got on the train and because he had not had time to reserve a seat and couldn’t find anything suitable for himself his security man and his assistant then went into 1st class and got the security man to pay for the upgrade. Normally this would not have been a big deal but because it was Tory toff it was exaggerated into all manner of things. The class obsessed British media saw to that.

      And that is why having ANY Etonian or toff in government is a bad idea no matter how competent or incompetent he is.

      It has been a terrible week for the Tories but on the economy, unemployment is down, borrowing is down and retail sales are up. All of this has been forgotten.

      I heard Sajid Javid, a Tory Treasury MP, this morning on BBC and he was very good. It just shows there are far better people available to Cameron than Etonians.


      Keep your eye on him, he is moving upwards.

      • 231
        Aunty Matter says:

        It’s a joke. Only Sky pointed out that red Ed sat in first class and had the first class seat covers so he could do his “man of the people” shit.

        Osborne did nothing wrong, so long as you pay the upgrade to go first class.

        The BBC of course have not run the true story even once yet. Sky have.

        • 241
          soapy says:

          No Sky have been firmly on the side of that mendacious “reporter” who heard and saw everything from another carriage. Is her name Clare Voyant by any chance?

      • 267
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and CODFATHER of SOLE says:

        Yes until he gets his hand near the till !

  73. 213

    George Gideon Osborne “Get on down and boogie

  74. 218
    Anonymous says:

    and, one more time for old times sake

  75. 226
    Call me Dave the Compassionate Tory says:

    I saw a homeless man sleeping inside a big cardboard box outside the train station this morning.

    Not wanting to disturb him, I crept over and put a Starbucks coffee cup on top of his box.

    He immediately woke up and said, “Thank you.”

    “No problem.” I smiled.

    He looked at me again and said, “It’s empty.”

    I said, “I know, it’s meant to be a chimney.”

  76. 230
    for all sinners everywhere, including frankie, bless him says:

  77. 233
    K 2 says:

    How do I complain to Guido about tax avoidance?

    You don’t. Don’t blog on “Order Order”. Ask for a full refund.

    With the time you’ve freed up from not spending hours on” Order Order”, learn about the taxation of multinational businesses. Then, when you’ve convinced yourself that Guido is doing nothing untoward, start blogging again..

  78. 260
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    bye andrew …welcome george..steady pair of hands who knows how to squeeze his collegue’s nuts in a gentlemanly persuasive manner

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I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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