October 19th, 2012

Lobby Hacks Divided on Covering Rent Swapping Scandal

IPSA say MPs renting out property they own “is an issue of their own private financial affairs over which we rightly have no authority”,  hinting that they will review the loophole that allows MPs to rent from other MPs. It will be part of a public consultation next month and Guido suspects that the public are not going to like the fact that some 124 MPs have income from renting property they own and 27 of them are renting flats in London despite the fact that they already own property in the capital.

Despite this, Guido hears the more feeble parts of the Lobby are hesitant with hacks divided as to how heavy to go on this taxpayer subsidised property racket. Hacks for the popular press are grumbling that ‘the FT and Bloomberg are behaving like hand-jobs’ for MPs while the Telegraph, Sun and the Mail want to gun for them over the latest expenses scandal. The argument that because IPSA signed this off it must sounds dangerously like the defence employed in 2009. It didn’t last long that time either…


  1. 1
    JH says:

    If papers want to soft-soap MPs over this, it’s their business.

    They’ll just lose readers to the ones kicking arse.


    • 10

      This must be a problem of quid pro quo.

      Cui bono?


    • 14
      Plato says:

      If M.P.’s are rich enough to afford multiple properties then yes, they shouldn’t be penalised for that. If it’s their own money they’re using.

      What is objectionable is that the system allows and even encourages complicated arrangements that are clearly perverse, at taxpayer expense. That should be stopped.


    • 15
      Anonymous says:

      Some are renting flats / houses / rooms for even for around £575 a month while for others its even costing 3 times as much (seems what is good for one MP is not good for another).

      I don’t know what happened to right wingers like Mr. Fox and Mr. Cash, they they had their own flats in London used to be paid (interest) by the people like us, now they are also renting flats!


  2. 2
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    Lobby hacks need to stay in the Lobby to be able to afford their flats. Catch 22.


  3. 3
    Only in the Graun says:

    I wonder what the Guardian’s position will be on this.

    Hand job and a rimming I expect.


  4. 4
    Linda Riordan says:

    I’m a socialist!


    • 12
      Backwoodsman says:

      Obviously :
      Then raise the scarlet standard high.
      Within its shade we’ll live and die,
      Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
      We’ll keep the expenses troughing here


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      Seems like the right wing pilers like Mr. Fox and Mr. Cash are on it as well.


    • 19
      RetardEd Miliband says:

      Yeth, and I hate millionaireth and their un-earned wealth. Dethpicable thcum!


  5. 5
    Johnny Bercow says:

    Its all within the rules.

    The rules we made! Hahahahah!


    • 61
      Darth Varder to the rescue says:

      Bercow’s silly radical wife Sally of our alley was on QT this evening saying she did not agree with this flat (not wife) swapping etc but her man John was right in that it is an IPSA problem and MP’s addresses should not be made public – what an airhead.
      Strangely Bob Crow did not agree and stated he had been stalked, beaten up 11 years ago and his tenure of a council house made public.
      I am beginning to think it is time to remove myself from this planet.
      The chairman was at his most biased yet and Bob Crow and Bercow brought in their followers as usual. And there was I thinking Shropshire was more civilized.


  6. 6
    Rich raghead thinks he can do what he likes says:

    They should have shot the fucker.

    A billionaire Arab prince has been charged with being drunk on an aircraft after being arrested on a passenger jet by police officers armed with Taser guns at Heathrow.

    Mubarak Hamad, 29, believed to be a close relative of Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, lives at one of London’s most exclusive residences, Eaton Square, Belgravia.


    • 7
      Rich raghead thinks he can do what he likes says:

      I wonder what his neighbours think of him. Typical fucking arab fuckwit with lots of money and no sense or good taste. Probably one of those arabs who has everything in his house coloured gold because he think it’s stylish. Dickhead.


    • 65
      The Mong Harwood says:

      Just as well he wasn’t a working class white blind Brit, then he would have been tasered for sure, just to be on the safe side.


  7. 8
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Screw Reuters, the FT and Bloomberg – irrelevent. This is going Savilesque.


  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

    And many more Destructions played
    In this ghastly masquerade,
    All disguised, even to the eyes,
    Like Bishops, lawyers, peers, or spies.

    Shelly, “The Mask of Anarchy”


  9. 11
    T Rougher says:

    Don’t forget us councillors:

    Councillor Ayesha Chowdhury a Member of the London Borough of Newham give notice that I have the following financial interests

    Do you have land or property in Newham?

    Address / description of land Nature of Interest in land
    82 Downing, Beckton, E6 Co-Owner
    95 Lonsdale Avenue, East Ham, E6 Co-Owner
    6 Truesdale Road, E6 Co-Owner
    100 Park Avenue, E6 Co-Owner
    199 Tollgate Road Co-Owner
    10 Harrier Way, Beckton E6 Co-Owner
    27 Trader Road, Beckton, E6 Co-Owner
    5 Hogarth Close, Beckton, E6 Co-Owner
    47 Plymouth Road, E16 Co-Owner
    205 Tollgate Road, Beckton Co-Owner
    39 Albert Roase Close, E6 Co-Owner
    59 Fourth Avenue E6 Co-Owner
    16a Forest Side E7 Co-Owner
    18 Eric Close E7 Co-Owner
    96a Plashet Grove E7 Co-Owner
    5 Chelmsford Close E6
    203 Tollgate Road, Beckton Co-Owner
    5a Hogarth Close, Beckton, E6 Co-Owner



    • 42
      A councillor from elsewhere says:

      Bloody hell! They must have great allowances in Newham.


      • 48
        T Rougher says:

        It’s easy to save a deposit for my next BTL empire acquisition when I’m living in a council house.


      • 62
        Pundit too too says:

        22 years ago I returned to the uk and answered an advert to rent a rather nice house. Next door was a boarded up 3 storey house. The Asian owner escorted me in as it shared the same road entrance, to reveal it as an asian sewing sweatshop.
        I asked him if he did not get complaints from the about 30 houses in the street and he replied “No as I own all the houses in the street”.
        My first lesson in how UK white working and “lower” middle class have declined in influence, ownership, and education – this certainly explains Millepede’s road to Liebor party “leadership”.


  10. 13
    JH says:

    BBC, corrupt MPs, Guardian all roasting slowly over the coals.

    They all face being kicked out from under the magic other-peoples-money tree.

    I like how this is going.


    • 30
      Ex-Conservative Voter says:

      If Alex Salmond can beat the odds and swing the referendum in England’s favour, getting Scotchland off our backs forever, and the cretins in Downing St finally wake up and pull us out of the EU, I will be a very happy bunny indeed.


      • 39
        Synic says:

        One minor detail — that crafty bxstard Salmond will probably con Weakling Dave into the Scots leaving the Union without taking their full share of the National Debt, circa £150bn, with them


        • 41
          jgm2 says:

          Still worth it to be rid of them. They’ll run up another 150bn of debt in no time.


        • 58
          Rob Roy says:

          You English under the Union have always reserved banking matters to London . The Bank of Scotland has always been subservient .

          Upon independence primary responsibility for debts will rest with the Bank of England in London .


  11. 21
    Chris Bryant 's underpants says:

    What is the average I .Q; of a lobbyist ?

    What has been going on is criminal .

    It should be reported to the Police and the public made fully aware .

    People have been imprisoned for a lot less .


  12. 22
    Derek McCulloch says:

    Goodnight children, everywhere!


  13. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Do these crooks pay tax on the rental income or there many other expenses – I cannot imagine that they pay any Tax. Why don’t the Tax authorities investigate this


  14. 26
    Helen Goodman says:

    Don’t forget your admiration for Linda

    Write – 2-4 Shaw Lodge House, HALIFAX, HX3 9ET

    E-mail – riordanl@parliament.uk

    Phone – 01422 251800


  15. 29
    Fiscal Cliff says:

    # Come on pretty baby lets a move it and a groove it
    # Well shake oh baby shake oh honey please don’t lose it


  16. 38
    Pederasts'R'Us - formerly the British Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Beeboid: Mister Bryant, have you been fiddling expenses?
    Underpants: No.
    Beeboid: Thank you very much.

    The headlines this evening: Labour trimphantly quashes Tory claims of impropriety; the economy remains mired in deep recession…


  17. 44
    ShurdyRover says:

    Effing go for the lot of them…….name and shame! Scum politicians!


  18. 45
    the poor bloody tax-payer says:

    how much does the IPSA cost us?


  19. 53
    optional again says:

    Watch out folks, the dirty mac man is still around.


  20. 60
    keredybretsa says:

    So now the lobby geezers want to soft glove them, Is this the future of the dead tree press?


  21. 63
    Everyone says:

    You can’t disentangle one part of an MP’s finances from another part, each needs to be assessed as part of the whole.

    No sympathy, they can’t trusted, let’s get ‘em.


  22. 66
    Saffron says:

    Guido what an absolute loasd of crap,get to grips as to wish going on in the name of the voter.


  23. 67

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