October 18th, 2012

Revealed: How MPs are Rent-Swapping

Another batch of politicians, another expenses scandal. This morning’s Telegraph reveals that John Bercow is attempting under the cover of “security reasons” to cover-up the publication of another round explosive expenses documents that would expose a property merry-go-round between rent-swapping MPs.

Here Guido gives the “How-To” low-down on how sleazy MPs are swapping their rent to line their own pockets:

The first and most simple method of rent-swapping involves the MPs who make money renting out their own previously taxpayer-funded properties while claiming expenses to rent out homes nearby. According to The Telegraph Chris Bryant rents out his mansion flat in Bloomsbury while claiming £2,000 expenses for rent on another London property. We have repeatedly asked him for an explanation this morning without receiving any reply. The Speaker claims the truth cannot be released because it would pose a security risk. Laughable, Guido and anyone else who wants to know, already knows where he lives.

The second, far more serious, category of rent-swapping covers a handful of MPs suspected of renting out properties to each other, effectively an “I’ll pay yours if you pay mine” scheme. MPs are banned from renting homes to relatives but a loophole in the rules allows them to trouser huge sums of money by renting out properties to other current and former MPs. Bercow cites security reasons for not revealing the address or names of landlords, but there is absolutely no reason why he cannot release the names of the MPs involved in this form of rent-swapping. It is a cover up.

There is also potentially a third category: the so-called “phantom” rent swap. This involves the possibility of MPs telling the authorities they have moved when in reality they have not, and then swapping their rent on the quiet.

If these people were claiming housing benefit “Rent Swapping” like this would fall into the category of benefit fraud plain and simple, it is in the parlance of welfare fraud investigators a “contrived tenancy” punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

Stay tuned. There is more to come…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    If Martin had to go for trying to cover up expenses (1 ) then surely Bercow has just handed out his resignation !


    • 2
      Henry Crun says:

      Rent-swapping? Rent-boy swapping probably…


      • 11
        Jack Ketch says:

        Do they get that on expenses too?


        • 37
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Another thing, these shites are probably getting these fraudulent expenses paid to them TAX FREE.


        • 125
          Julian the Wonderhorse says:

          Mark Oaten got his new mattress on expenses. The old one might have been a bit stained


          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            Bercow could find himself in the cabinet if he does a good cover up job – look at Laws. He had a pay rise to be back in the cabinet after fiddling his expenses!!! What did Clegg and Cameron claim they were going to do?????

            Martin ended up in the Lords- he got effectively sacked for his cover up and then three months later promoted.


      • 111
        Rent Boy with gapping Hole says:

        Will this affect my income…….?


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      It might be better to make news papers politically neutral and let them do all the rest of the thing they did in the past.

      With everything that is happening I am losing the confidence I had in our political system. Up to now I have voted in all the elections, now I am thinking whether I wasted my time.


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Is there any point in voting or getting involved in the politics?

      I am starting to realise how much time and energy I have wasted. Suddenly realised Conservative, Labour, LD, etc are all the same. They are all friends and they are into gather.

      There seems to be only one policy you work and give money to people who will not work and the rich.


      • 47
        Ex-Tory says:

        Time to vote UKIP


        • 61
          Anonymous says:

          They had there expense cheats as well, MEP. I will be surprised they will be any better.

          Its looks like we elect dictators every 4 to 5 years. They say some thing we vote they go and do some thing else. Before or after next election Cameron, Clegg and few others will be gone to make millions we will get another lot and the same old story will happen.


        • 75
          Anonymous says:

          Ahh there speaks a mug. Don’t you get it ? They’re just the same.

          There are no honest politicians, and anyone who is honest when the enter will be corrupted pretty damned quick. Politics turns decent people into crooks just like a slaughterhouse turns cattle into steaks. Regardless of party affiliation, once in they go bad. There is nothing that anyone can do about this it was always so.


          • Working Class Tory Boy says:

            You’re wrong. I’ve no illusions about UKIP but voting for them will hurt the people you really want to i.e. the three established parties. Since all three are the same in essence now I’d sooner see Millibean in for a term that will make the Tories really reform the party and get rid of this EuroFop leadership it has now. They are all the same because they think they can get away with it. See UKIP as a weapon to smack the arrogant c_nts in the chops!


          • Rent Boy with gapping Hole says:

            That is only true of the last 4 decades.


          • blub says:

            Corruption has gradually become normalized among the political class. Ths is probably normal and inevitable over time. The solution is a massive steam clean every 3-4 generations or so where you sieze their assets, put them all in jail for 30 years and start fresh with a clean slate.


          • cun*ts r us says:

            Wouldn’t it be more humane to execute them all?


        • 166
          Mild man says:

          Time to shut the fuck up.


    • 45
      Ding ding move along the bus says:

      Chis Bryant is immune from prosecution because he says so

      so fuck off plebs


      • 68
        The Sheikh Of Arabee says:

        That fucking weasel Bercow…. that fucking arse-bandit Bryant… fucking lying fucking thieving jizzmops the whole fucking lot of them.

        Piano wire & lampposts. Coming soon to a street near you. I can’t fucking take any more of this.


        • 76
          Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

          Calm down dear. You sound like a Geordie in an art gallery.


        • 77
          Golden Boy says:

          Have you noticed the similarity between Bercow and Quilp from ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’?
          I think they are closely related.


          • Calm down says:

            You must have a Deep Screen TV. I can see nobody talking whenever Bercow’s voice appears. He should borrow Alan Sugar’s cushions from The Apprentice.


          • I would have thought you might have just spotted his cuckold’s horns bobbing up and down in his HoC high chair when he gets exited – he looks like a spoilt, red faced child wining for sweets. All he needs is a pelican bib, and Sally will be claiming child support for him.


          • Golden Shower says:

            Bloody hell are two of them


      • 107
        Jack Daw says:

        He has bum chums in high places.


    • 134
      pissed off voter says:

      Dave took care of a couple of thousand looters in two weeks so dealing with a few hundred thieving MPs should be a doddle – oh wait, he let them all off first time round.

      Guess Dave thinks honesty is just for the plebs.


  2. 3
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Didn’t take long for Liam Fox name to come up in another scandal.


    • 5
      Legal Landlord says:

      Or David Laws


      • 12
        Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

        Can you please tell me why Dr Fox resigned in the first place ?

        There was never any satisfactory explanation given .


      • 41
        Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

        There is one key difference between Fox and Laws. Fox’ claims have increased the cost to the taxpayer. John Lyons stated that Laws claims actually reduced the cost to the taxpayer compared with the expenses he could have claimed had he been prepared to be open about his relationship.


  3. 4
    Lampposts and piano wire ready says:

    Attaboy, Guido! Go for the jugular!


  4. 6
    Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

    Nothing at all wrong with this. I got the taxpayer to pay for my accommodation in London for 4 years, after I took up with my dear Katya. Previously I had lived at home in Portsmouth. It is all within the rules you see and it is the duty of the taxpayer to look after the political elite. Boaz.



    • 153
      Katya says:

      And a very nice apartment it was too Handy darling. Please thank all the kind UK taxpayers who paid for it on our behalf’s. The UK is a great place, this would never be allowed in Russia, that is why I wanted to stay in the UK. All my love, my teddy bear, my King Louie.


  5. 7
    Tuscan Tony says:

    It really is quite pathetic the time they seem to spend maxing their income: do they really have nothing better to do?

    Well done Guido and Neo, keep ferreting away at this.


    • 34
      Dave Camoron (one-term PM) says:

      Do we not have better things to do? Why, yes, and they’re getting done. I borrow £53million every day and give it to Brussels, I borrow £30 million every day and give it away as ‘foreign aid’ – to countries with nuclear arsenals – and I play Angry Birds quite a lot.

      Ooh, and I’m going to borrow £33 billion and spend it on a ridiculous loss-making railway that no one needs and which will ruin areas of outstanding natural beauty.

      Plus, I’m legalising gay marriage.

      So there you are. Snaffling your money is but a sideline. It isn’t interfering in any way with the Big Important Decisions.

      Tally ho!


      • 66
        UKIP.i.am says:

        You forgot spending billions subsidising energy companies to build wind farms and then blaming same companies for high energy prices. And the Liblabcon trio are all in on that subterfuge.


        • 102

          Bwilliant thtuff guyth!! Keep it up and I’ll be Prime Minithter qwicker van you can thay “Ve BB THEE ith good to me, but the Gruniad ith fucked” – !!!!!!!


          • All of them are absolutely untrustworthy. They do not care a jot about the UK. They would sell us all into slavery to Brussels, have our children gassed, or at the very least make them work up chimneys – EUROPEAN chimneys, not British chimneys!!

            Vote UKIP.

            Or just vote for me…..Please……I really need to get my head in the trough soon or I’ll miss the gravy train. It’ll just be a Jous Jaloppy by the time I get there.

            Or a Béchamel Bus.



          • cun*ts r us says:

            Nige – so not so.

            Didn’t you read little Benny (cocksucker) Brogan in yesterday’s Telegraph explaining how they work 70 hours a week and had to give up highly paid jobs to serve on our behalf?

            We have been so ungrateful not to give them a massive pay rise, which is why – quite reasonably – they have had to come up with these bendings (not breakings) of the rules.

            We, the British public, should apologise for treating them so badly.

            Isn’t that right, Benny – you arselicking cun*t?


          • Nigel "Crash Bandicoot" Farage - misuser of European Expenses, Spiv and trougher says:

            Fair do’s – you’ve got it bang on.

            Please vote for me, I’m fucking desperate for power before I’m 50!


  6. 8
    Legal Landlord says:

    I hope they have told their mortgage company they are renting out the property rather than it being owner occupied ?


    • 130
      sekwarf odiug says:

      One thing that would stop all this rental/homeswapping scam, if an mp wanted london accomodation a block of flats should be bought, all those living within 11/2hours travelling time would not get one, they can travel on public transport like those they despise, the flats would be rent free therefore no expenses paid, the little darlings would not like it but as far as the electorate is concerned it is clear and not hidden


      • 136
        Crash bang wallop says:

        Do you know the price of property in London? If one and a half hours is your criterion, then the flats can be bought much cheaper somewhere just short of that travel time, say Faversham or Swindon, and they can all live and travel like the rest of the plebs do. No need to clutter up the centre of London with these crooks and it wouldn’t cost us a bean.


        • 168
          Tiger Tiger says:

          It would be even better to make MP’s pay us rather than the public paying them. There’s no difference in their policies. They wouldn’t bother to go into politics unless they expected to make a lot of money, so seats could be auctioned to the highest bidder, starting at say £250,000 p.a. Their bankster friends would be happy to advance the money.


  7. 9
    Kebab Time says:

    But you would have thought Bryant would want to open


  8. 10
    genghiz the kahn says:

    If they want to make laws, its about time MPs obeyed rather than ignored laws they inflict on the rest of us.


    • 20
      Baroness Scotland says:

      Laws are for little people.


    • 30
      Archer Karcher says:

      It’s about time the police cracked down on the criminals in westminster too. Though for obvious reasons ( they are corrupt themselves ) they will not.


      • 62
        genghiz the kahn says:

        I was always amazed that the police could clock Harman speeding at 99 mph on two occasions four years apart, it was odd that she never managed to do a ton. Perhaps the equipment was faulty.

        “Ms Harman was banned from driving and fined £400 in February 2003 for speeding at 99mph on a motorway.” Autocar article.

        8 Sep 2007 “Solicitor General Harriet Harman was today banned from driving for seven days and fined £400 after admitting speeding at 99mph on a motorway.”


  9. 13
    Andrew"Untenable" Mitchell says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry.

    You’re still Prime Minister until 2015 Dave.

    More tea & toast,Prime Minister ?


    • 122
      Ed "unbelievable" Balls says:

      If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie and lie again!

      More Champaign Ed? Yvette? Polly?


  10. 14
    UKIP.i.am says:

    There are many forms of corruption in Westminster like this that the public are finally getting to hear about in contrast to the many scams in the Brussels. When are we going to hear all about them? If you being conned by one group it doesn’t mean you aren’t being conned by another at the same time.

    Merkel was right to compare the UK to Stadtler and Waldorf but only because they watch the performance of a bunch of muppets, thieving muppets at that.


    • 27
      Hugh Janus says:

      The Muppets were entertaining. This bunch of thieving, self-serving bastards are anything but.


      • 133
        Working Class Tory Boy says:

        UKIP are not better but they are a real weapon to hit the f_ckers with. Millbean or Fat Toff Cameron same policies different C_nt so use UKIP to give the Eton Clown a good twatting!


  11. 15
    Dave Camoron (thief, liar and one-term PM) says:

    I give you a cast-iron guarantee that we will have openness and honesty in Parliament. You, the people, deserve nothing less.

    Suckers. Mwa-hahahahahahahahaha!


  12. 16
    Taxfodder says:

    Take a walk in any constituancy and ask where your local MP lives or holes up, you will soon find somebody who knows and, will be happy to direct you…..

    Security my arse!


    • 137
      soapy says:

      Doubtful. I suspect 95% wouldn’t know who their MP was , let alone where he/she might reside.


      • 150
        blub says:

        5% is all you need


      • 151
        Taxfodder says:

        Constituants are not nearly as daft as you think and in any case you don’t need to be that bright to find out if you want to. You make a common mistake in thinking disinterest means stupidity, it does not, not by a long chalk.


  13. 21
    Anon really Hacked off Voter !! says:

    Keep going Guido exposing these PPL to the oxygen of publicity……

    & they will use every ruse possible to prevent from happening

    What we need is a website of all those PPL partaking in this scam plus all

    those who attempt to block this information being put into the Public Domain

    An named online reference of all the PPL scams so we know who & who not

    to VOTE for………


  14. 23
    DSK says:

    I have heard of wife swapping but never rent swapping .

    It sounds like fun but how does it work and how much does it cost ?


    • 31
      Sunday Sport says:

      A load of MP’s get together make some cheese fondue then chuck their front door keys into a bowl.


  15. 25
    Hugh Janus says:

    Good stuff Guido, particularly your highlighting the con being perpetrated by the two-faced Bryant.

    That odious little jumped-up arrogant pipsqueak Burke-O has obviously been taking lessons on accountability, openness and transparency from Gorbals Mick, who is well-versed in such matters. He has learnt his trade well. Let’s hope that, like Gorbals, we can send his successor packing before long. Anyone who demeans their high office in the way that he has is beneath contempt, and so are the MPs who, strangely, seem quite keen to keep him there. Presumably they regard him as their union leader when it comes to thieving public money.


    • 39
      Archer Karcher says:

      Unfortunately, unless Cameron develops some previously invisible balls, sending Berc*nt packing entails making the wretched dwarf a Lord of the Realm and on the public payroll until he pops his minature clogs.


      • 72
        Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

        For once Cameron, of whom I am no fan, is not the key player. The issue of the Speaker is meant to be one for the House, not the government or Prime Minister.


  16. 26
    Mr De'ath...from the village! says:

    Where there be troughs, there be little piggies with long snouts!
    Absolutely breath taking, they have absolutely no shame and no conscience in fact they seem to want to rub the peoples noses in their financial astuteness, they are twisting their own laws to win a bit of extra dosh…well the poor sods are only on the national minimum…oh wait?


  17. 28
    Bluebottle says:

    I feel one of Mr Cameron’s famous U turns about to happen .


  18. 29
    Little John Robs from the Poor to give to the Rich says:

    Quite Guido.

    Anyone can find the address of any MP within 15 mins using the free data out there and within 30 secs using the paid for data.

    Speaker Bercow like speaker Martin before him is trying to use so called security as a reason to cover up MPs fiddling their expenses.

    He is a Shameless Crook.


    • 40
      Gladys says:

      Why has Martin not had his knighthood revoked ?

      I mean to say Cameron has had over two years in which to deal with this .

      The only time Cameron had a good word to say about him was when he was giving his farewell speech .

      This is another scandal which should be happening .


  19. 33
    RobvsNature says:

    Ah Bryant….why am I not surprised. Not surprised to see my MP feathering his own nest rather than working tirelessly on behalf of his constituents back in the Rhondda again.


  20. 35
    the furry fish says:

    Is there no-one who has oversight on these corrupt practices who can represent the population ? The speaker is clearly unsuitable for the job.


  21. 38
    Bluebottle says:

    I have just bought a new lightbulb .


  22. 49
    Aunty Matter says:

    The BBC is silent on this , so I’m just guessing it’s mostly Liebore MPs scamming


    • 55
      Pederasts'R'Us - formerly the British Broadcasting Corporation says:

      The headlines today: Syria, Syria, Tory cuts, Tory cuts, Andrew Mitchell, Plebgate…


    • 85
      Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

      Highest profile name so far is Liam Fox – so I guess your paranoia has let you down this time.


    • 152
      blub says:

      Nah, the PBC not reporting on Labour MP’s financial shenanigans means they can’t report Tories et al doing the same thing so the whole lot can then do it under the aircover of PBC omission – mutually assured corruption.


  23. 51
    Mickey Gove says:

    Finally the Government have sorted the school exams out fairly without elitism and staying politically correct for the Lib Dems. From 2015 the new exams will revert back to ‘O’ Levels, CSEs and instead of the old ‘Remedial Class’ there will be a new level with learning difficulties called . . . “X Factor Fans”


  24. 56
    Andrew "Untenable" Mitchell says:

    Two more victims have come forward in the BBC abuse scandal. They claim they were regularly fisted and fingered by elderly men on a weekly basis and then locked away until the next week. Both Sooty and Sweep claim they were so traumtised it left them speechless.


  25. 58
    Gordon Brown says:

    I don’t need a flat in London as I am never there…. oh wait a minute


  26. 60
    Gordon's Cleaning Contract (unredacted) says:

    Bercow is Bullshitting. Finding an MP’s address is easy.

    For example. Everyone knows Gordon’s North Queensferry address but not so many know his London address where he carried out expenses fiddles. Solution is Google and the answer is.



  27. 63

    Of course it is a security risk. We might want to slap him round his smug cheating chops the next time we see him smirking as he minces along.


    • 170
      Tiger Tiger says:

      That’s why they cower behind barricades and armed guards in Parliament. They’re afraid the voters might catch them, but not so frightened it’ll stop them stealing..


  28. 64
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Cracking down on benefit cheats. Vigorously pursuing couples who pretend to live apart to achieve an income they can live on, even though Dave promised to reform this so people wern’t penalised when one side of the partnership lost their job or whatever.

    Such moral righteousness, such indignation for these scum who cheat the taxpayer, do these people show, whilst themselves cheating the taxpayer on a daily basis.

    MP’s are pond life. They will never change. The die is cast. Protest is pointless, they do not care what we think, they will carry on regardless. They are as equally devious as Starbucks, Amazon etc when it comes to lining their own pockets and finding new ways to do it.

    The only way to stop them, is to cause such national outrage so as everone who bothers to vote, no longer bothers to vote. An unlikely scenario, not impossible, but unlikely. Therfore the status quo will be maintained.

    They will plot and scheme to find ways of enriching themseleves, and their families, mates etc, and ultimately there is f*ck all we plebs can do about it.

    I’m not saying we should ever give up, but the best you can do, is to tell them where to go when they or their representatives knock on your door, making it plain that you KNOW! every MP is a thief, every MP is a liar, every MP is corrupt, and that they will never get your vote.


  29. 69
    Mathers says:

    Awesome work, spill the dirt on the squirming little scumHunts.


  30. 71
    Friend of Andrew Mitchell'S NEW MP's charter!! says:

    We the elected of this country have the divine right to do as we wish, not to represent our electorate, but to trough to a maximum, to fill our own pockets to the maximum, to assist serious crime, reduce the effectiveness of border controls, allow financial services and banks to be corrupt and totally unaccountable. To persist with bureaucratic red tape to the detriment of this country, to give priority to the demands of the minorities and to finance the third world and other foreign despots including the E.U and to kiss the arse of the U S A ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VERY GULABLE BRITISH PEOPLE!!


    • 119
      Plod says:

      Our hands are tied in this matter! OH! And we love it, together with the flagellation and other forms of bondage!!


  31. 74
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ah the dispicable Chris Bryant. What a vile little man. Bryant is a hypocritical liar.


  32. 78
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Hope this story appears in the Daily Telegraph like the last lot did. If not there is always Guido on Sunday.


  33. 80
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Bercow and the BBC, both cover up fiddling.


  34. 83
    nellnewman says:

    C’mon Taxpayers Alliance we need another FOI request to open up this latest can of worms!!


  35. 84
    I don't need no doctor says:

    What happened to the BBC tax avoidance story. Update please Guido, but keep at Bryant, and make him squirm.


  36. 87
    An interesting site with an admirable agenda says:



  37. 89
    Chris Bryant says:

    It’s poo sticks for me.


  38. 91
    Moby dick says:



  39. 93
    Gok only knows says:

    Howzabout a trouser swap and a frock swap to claim a whole new wardrobe collection for the winter 2012 and spring 2013 season?


  40. 94
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Brillo has just mentioned it on DP.


  41. 95
    50 Calibre says:

    Leopards and their spots. MPs and their corrupt, self serving, pocket lining habits. Bent bastards.

    Time we had an English Parliament at Westminster with no more than 200 well paid MPs who sign up to a set of legally based rules which provide for their instant recall if they are shown to be on the fiddle, immediately followed by automatic prosecution.


  42. 98
    Gordon F Brown says:

    I don’t fiddle. I just take all the money I can get and never turn up for work and guess what? They don’t seem to mind.; What a wonderful system. I’m so pleased to be part of it. I recommend it…


    • 100
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Bet Gordon Brown has been to Africa more times than he has been to the HoC since the last election!


      • 146
        soapy says:

        Ah, that must explain all the mayhem at the Seth Ifrican mines then.


        • 173
          Tiger Tiger says:

          Obviously he should be donated to them as a substitute for foreign aid. Let them pay for him. He and the local pols could give each other tips on incompetence and corruption.


  43. 104
    smoggie says:

    Even if Bryant has a mortgage on the flat he is renting out, does he not get tax relief on the mortgage payments which he would not if he lived in it himself?


    • 112
      Anon says:

      Only on the interest portion. So if the interest is 2k a month and the rent 2k a month that’s quite a chunky tax deduction on an MP’s salary (Not an expert on the subject)


      • 114
        Anon says:

        So we pay the rent on where he lives AND the mortgage interest on the place he rents out.


        • 118
          Legal Landlord says:

          No i dont think we do this any more since the expenses fiasco. We now pay the rent on where he lives, the rent to the other MP who lives in his Bloomsbury flat (if true)which is paid to Bryant, and Bryant claims tax relief on the mortgage interest – kerching and everyones a winner apart from the taxpayer !


  44. 105
    Ding ding move along the bus says:

    Chris Bryant looks like A post-it note


  45. 110
    YorkshireLad says:

    I’d be intrigued to learn of the “security reasons” that Bercow is referring to!


  46. 121
    Geordieboy says:

    Chris Bryant “Poof the Magic Dragman”


  47. 124
    HenryV says:

    The local authority that covers the constituency should provide a house, a car, an office at the LA’s office, and 2 staff for the MP. Simples.


    • 148
      soapy says:

      Maybe, but in several places the local authority comes from an opposing/different political party from the MP.

      Still, a hut behind the municipal dustbins would suit quite nicely for these greedy troughing baastuds.


  48. 131
    obvious reason says:

    Or perhaps at the point that many could no longer claim for flats they owned and didn’t want to sell in downturn, they put it on the rental market to ensure they could cover their mortgages; at the same time looking for a handy for Westminster flat to move to themselves (and guess who else was entering the market at the same time – yes, you guessed it, every other MP who’d previously being paying a mortgage for their London home rather than renting). As long as the rent is not artificially inflated, nothing wrong with this at all. The error was IPSAs in not allowing MPs to continue with their mortgages (cheaper than rent!)


  49. 138
    blub says:

    rotten to the core


  50. 144
    moby dick says:

    MPs that dont rent are outing themselves on TWITTER

    they know this scandal fails the SMELL-TEST


  51. 154
    bofl says:

    anyone caught should do 10 years in prison.
    no exceptions.

    these fockers have the gall to steal from disabled children yet keep lining their own pockets.

    i suppose if the Police,judiciary,cps etc weren’t all bent too something might happen?

    all mps should be publicly shunned.


    • 155
      judge from another planet says:

      I can only speak for the judiciary and say that one offence is insufficent to warrant prison time except in exceptional circumstances.

      Only last week I had a wonderful young chap in with 178 previous offences, I warned him I was losing patience with his offending and gave him a five pound fine payable in 10p installments.

      At the other end of the scale I had a vile evil scrote in who had the temerity to tell a rubbish joke that offended someone, despite his previous good character and a guilty plea I gave him 6 months.

      This week I am dealing with 3 members of the religion of peace accused of raping a 13 year old girl but don’t tell anyone it’s a secret, ooooh look over there jimmy saville.


  52. 156
    keredybretsa says:

    Trough is full. Ready snouts down now!!! All the Dishonourable whatsinnitforme’s can’t fill their wallets fast enough!!!


  53. 157
    youthpasta says:

    3 things need to happen if this is true:

    1 – Bercow MUST go. He MUST NOT go to the Lords, like Martin did, and he MUST be sacked as an MP. He is bringing the House into further disrepute than it was in the previous scandal because he is only Speaker BECAUSE of the dodgy money goings-on. He knew the score when he signed on, so if this is true he hasn’t a leg to stand on!

    2 – ALL the MPs who are involved in this AND who were also involved in the previous scandal MUST go to jail. They have already been caught with their hands in the till before and knew what was expected of them when they apologised for doing what they already knew to be wrong! They have NO defence for their actions. They have stolen from the nation and deserve the punishment of repeat robbery!

    3 – All those who are involved in this but weren’t involved in the last scandal MUST face a by-election, IF they are chosen to do so by their local party. They might not have been around for the previous scandal (or if they were, not involved in it) but they knew the reaction to this sort of behaviour before the last election. They came in with their eyes wide open. They should be forced to prove to the electorate that they deserve to remain in the Commons (and hopefully all would lose their seats by their local party getting rid of them!) and live with the result, with NO financial support from the tax payer if they don’t get chosen by their party and decide to run as an independent!


  54. 163
    Obama up a creek without a paddle says:

    Now this scam really is criminal fraud & as for Bercow what do you expect honesty!


  55. 164

    It’s obvious why they don’t want the landlords names revealed
    because the landlords are all Mp’s renting to other mp’s who live in other rented properties owned by yet more MP’s
    They don’t have to reveal addresses , just the Thieving fuckers name and “He owns a property in SW10 , which he rents out to —- —– MP who owns a property in NE7 which he rents out to —— —– MP who owns ——————————-ETC


  56. 165
    NOW THEN , NOW THEN , NOW , THEN says:



  57. 175
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    They are using tax-payers money so they have to reveal who’s getting what Also the dead tree press seem to be running this big-time. Well done Giudo


  58. 176
    Dean says:

    Peter Luff MP responded to my email, expressing my disgust, to say that I had been mislead “by a newspaper with an agenda to boost its sales by promoting alleged scandals and with no regard for the full facts. The truth is very different. If you have an open mind, as I am sure you do, please read my statement below”. I accept that I have been mislead, by whom, we shall see.
    Mr Luff seems to consider that he was forced into this position by the Government’s expenses system. Now who could have approved that system?


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